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V 1
It wis a Very Successful Affair
Jasper Sent a loud Delegatlon
Notes uf the Contention
Tlio Picnic Convention held by the
Huniliiy schools of Prrslnn township
lvt Suturilny nt Laiiderhnughs grove
i mile fir so east uf Preston was n vcr
successful nirair Almost every Sun
ihy school in the tuwnsblii mis riu
Hentesl mid took part on the piogriiin
Jasper hunt quilt 11 largo delegation
oier The Prtbtcrlaii and Methodist
schools path chirtertsl a lin wagon to
take their delegations ami represent
tl n nun t h other si hoots w e nt ov i r in
irivnlri conusance
Seats hail been prepnrrtl in thn grove
just e into Mr Liuderb Highs house
An orgm was alto on thu grounds unil
eveitHng nee ossary In mnkn tho con
vention u suit ess hnil been prciirctl
anil ver thing unit till without n hitch
Iliu program commenced at about llH
under lhi tlirtctiim of Township 1rifi
lHutt Mr Wheeler Devotional exer
cises were conducted b Parker Moon
prob ilily tin inus wiM knuwn Him
l iv m html worker In the count lie
lead a pissage of stiipluru nithiuut
luetilsui the same
In n short addit s Mr t W 1 houi
as of thi Preslon Uiiniii School wcl
lointtl tho fcchtsilsof tho lowuihlp ami
bade tin to in ilii theme i at homo
vyhich tin- ehel The couuuliou thou
adjourned for dinner IIih diuiier was
spreiiloun lot g tiiblii which hail be u
pifluipilforlhit purpose Ittrboil
uteied into this uit nf the program
with the utmost eiilhoisasin ami if
llier were mi that neutmvay huuir
it wis lluir mu f mil
1 he iifl inooii Sssinu began at about
1 b anil of iliscu piojs n d
tmgs fruin lht various vluli Tin
lUFltlolll lllCUxt ll Welv IIS followj
1 Hon iun wo develop the one lal
-lit in the Suiiihi liMilv
J What irw the iii ihlieitions of a
tSuudi school teicher
Goods at
Cut Prices
5 c
6 l4c
7 aC
IO c
These Figures Repre
sents the Reduced Prices
on Summer Goods to
Close Out and are Values
See them
at Hastings
4 a
Thrown out of a ISuggy lart
I lenliiK
Mrs John Ward liviw east of tonti
I Inirl in n ruiiiua lujt in emu i
c5ilAt h Jriml rom SHOT HIMSELF AND WIFE
1 What benefit isn Silinta school
to new born balm lu ChrMr I
Among tho speaker wcro Mr nmlJTIli llKKIHII ULT0 OP UMAN
Mrs I Matthews of Dewey hoIumiI ji KlkllV
Mrs UK Chrk Mr Wheeler nid Oi
Thomiin of lhr Pretton Uplon -
HoUooJj J K VelN Hnd aria Amlrenn j 0larreej wtn s wife ovcrllic
of thiJunper Preabjterian cmx John nivUlon if Pmnrriv int Set
iiuni oi me illinium vcmxii linn
Monroe of tho JunperMelhutlitl huIicoI
Parhor Moon nnil CIiih Spaid fnmi
other tonnilpi
Tho munieiil numlx M fiom tfio ari
oua hc1iook wrre ven pliaiiiij featured
of the Iuinintion AtnoiiK tlio koIiooIh
Hhich risiMiiieiilto their e ill e- lre
toa Union Lnnland Diutj Jnsper
Presbyli run and MetholiMt school
Tim Iinve Hchool sniir an niitlirm
IU U It by ltkliiu ltotli
Thn insipid of this vicinity wrrn
dlmilceU Tuemlay HiAf nlni b the nnnii
Hint Kirb a furnior well known
eitiji n of tins viiclulty had killed him
self and wifnftt Dodge fit KauaSi at
about noon Momiiy Tho dvwlus
dime wltkn roroWer Mm Ivirb nns
which naitixiMlent IImiiIph the conn throat and liutli did instantly
by their chool u nuirlet fiom tho Jas
per Preshvteiiin tcliool K plulnj
Miss Cn to Suit of the Jnsper Pn shy
terian ochcol rciteil a beautiful kjhih
A O llll of Wheitill 1 mint ileitKllt
f ill in inner which gicitly uupres isl all
who heard L
Tho nliunst ooii filling prevnileil
throughout I ho d iv and each sehoul
ditllhiir ulinoat low ird iliilciuK tlio
lumeutlou itraud nueiess
Ihe two Iny wn un In ids fruni Jisper
liul a lllel tiiui on the wavtound
from the enineution The in in tul to
kiep Miinethiii koiui so 1 hut iho ndn
i did not huouiK wearisnuie
hot In the fori head and lin In tl
It hns been tmpnss bin to L t tho full
ai tiiiil irn uf th IriKsl up to 1ie
pruiiit tiuiii but il is undersliHxl toil
the trouble wai oiLr n ihsiKrci jrent
ovir prupert As his Imsjii till Mr
Klrbv was wellknonn in laspir Hh U
livisl Just west of thn cit fir man
ears Thriojtir hrj he tridtsl Ills
farm to Mr Units for fume Kansas
land lie motel out to Kansas hod
w ut into tlio tteck builrea which ho
fnllowid till list Kebru irv whin they
nuitiil to PxUjo City where thfv hirn
linn IouducMiiir jn hit is known as the
Park Hotel
Mr Kirb li id liei n unrriid once be
fore IHs first ilfo was a duiujhtcrof
Iheold k nth m m Rankin Thnv hid
All Houda school wokers e filid I
hen they see Iarler Moon h beinim
1 jlth f
oounteiuuce fur thet luo that u
i ceiHfulcumeulinu is iiMiurid
Mr CJ W Tiinnias alvv ivs hns u Htor
ready to illustrate his mint The slur
alwis hits the piiiut too
hoi still liviut
lint wife ho nnr
I rieil n uiilnu wilhonn child
lloth Mr aud Mm Kuny were mem
birsnflhn Irnternil Aid Akoi iilinii
carrluKtheirmrmherbhipiii I lie Jasi r
I lislK and the only dinet niiimiunica
lion fnmi the scene of tho traid was
rtteievisl In A II Dra lecretii of
the local lodfe from V II tlill mcrol
Blatint that Mr and Mrs Knby were
dead Kacli cajrusl a r5iKK pnhe
MrKirbjti policy mis piaMiito his
ir i i iru ta i
Const iueutl ttie fiitljl Insuriiice will
She with her huh ind were ennui to prnbalil koiltiUIisl rotwoen
town and when uonf Ml rishers resi 1 and Ler dauijliter
ills ion
dpnio a dog uin out iidu scurtsl the -
hnules which tlun ro dining to n Cliss Uutts MnMlial
bute Mr Ward jumped out til lulih
hi i Iutts thn ilistn
riclitbntnhenMrsiWini Jumped lllusolr Mh
1iuiiitieiiKinffHOMsv in i mm wnitBatchiinu thilthi liMnllenfilt
hurt One of her thumbs was dM ml
lr s Umu MnrMl
ed and vtirril huimenls in hei arm h i n Mi r it in vi
were torn Is e Dr Goidn ilrvJ lr Mr r Uroadaud lie turned
th injur mid she wis tnlii n lo the
r t m
huueof Win W itdwlieie lu taod
mirBMH nti 1 1 Ml Mutts to act ml
illiiDiht She was able to r turn to thU otv until hU ii turu
J her hoiuu thu uuuniii I
Hack lb his 6lJ Stand
K I inner tlm t Jloiirth
trim vinitli itb rdnpiircliusul i
II SW 1Mb again tNlim llHC t nvmrtt It - Atv r wttnl imr
oii of th Hour aiil feeel lunatics Iho pnperty nils mvmdlij Mr
which ho mjIi uuUoinetuue Mu hu I ftrJBstr c aud H in tho reir end of
in bought tbtJlmiiiiuiq from L
M IaiiHeri loSuliip e uu Westr Oak
jbcutt whohsbfeuruliniiit for Ihe sl na in giod oi
pnt two months crit
Mr mid Mm Poo antl h tve sold their f
htlln pitcli of gmuml Mitithivest of the
i it and In tiled their clfects in their
buggy ami elepirted foi other juris
It is h id that the went tu Kich
where Mrs Poe Ins a dtughter living
- -
Clns Th it leer lit rberf Iil Krmv 1
Til telter James Wever Mr Winter Ad
iih iipand everll others uft Muiith
night fill Itnolll llln wlit le tlu v
to nol u ii railroad
At My Old Stand
I l ilcsiro In cull the iillentitm of
j tho public tu tho fact Unit r nm
i upaiii ut my ultl i taml with o niro
lino of
Flour Feed
When in need -of liny thiiio in
this line ivt mu n rail
Mr I U Teeters public sile quite
oil luntl hursla it Ins farm south nf
tliecih Ihein was ijutti ii eiowd prey
eut The things bruuglit faiilv giuil
puces cnuiileriiig Iho I lino of tlio vim
j Mr MeMinn tin oltl genllennn hiliig
j ntui AvilK was ill tile t ily vusteithi
lisikmg for u place to bii with the
rospect of moling lo tins pi tee
1 Hnrry Whitlaker Is up frnm Car
tliagn for a few el ivs visit Willi his pir
ents Delias been working in it res
ttuant at th it place y
Mr Ti Scott and Win Teeter left te
d ty for Minnesota where the will look
for n location
I Mrs 1 W Mardiek of Gulden City
visited with the fulnil of liev Ilruner
this week
I Dr loexliug has been in Kansas Cit
this week on a business trip
fr Mi hi Dupe of nur Columbus
K ilisu is vKiling his pan uLs Mr and
Mrs W A Dimii and siMer Mis lio
ii it i r n
il r in lllisenj linn viiihi i liaoii is
uu old uciiu i mlance of thuttlilor of this
pipei and made thisollleu i cr
while m the cit
Tliert Is evideutl n back door thief
abroad ill Ihe I mil as siitnl of our
mt rch uius h ivn hu ii missing goods lor
Mvtral tltvs It would he a goott plnu
f ii lite imrchaiits to ltup their eves on
i i i
lin place em Second stitvt ju
Chae llendrixs Tin Co
I k 1
Mr and Mrs I tins Witrdl Misses
Hem ih Waul ami Muttio Correll n turn
et jesti ritt fn in u c imping trip on
oetiler craek ullurest d Cailh ue
Mrs Hill has bought the McLiugh
USt MHltll Of
consult at ion
was J UK
Iev nuilMrs Ilruner vislled friends
near Ktuuiua u couple of dais this
vv ek
r y
Dr iocdiug lias moved iuto the L J
Pills residence on 1 ii st mill Mhk
K N Arnolil dtovo over from Xeck
City yewterdiy
I Dooii netsl a Creim Spirior If
I so cull on or w rito J W tSt irrett Asst
i Prill id Jasper schools
- -
i You can get Ice Cream livery
Day nt the Star Restaurant
j Tills l lilgllt
Thers is nno giioel thingibout Mothers
Worm Syrup uud that is it will never
do Hiiono uny hurushouid it ail to du
liiiu good It U a Kooel idea to try thu
remedy U ou ferl bad and dpat exat t
ly know what nils you There may be u
tape worm HK feet lenig thlt is causlug
your loss nf health if tuj h 25 cent bot
tle of Mothers Worm Brup Mill kill
and tcuuvo it from jour bnely
A Pew Opinions as to the Crop Out
In view of the teiernl ropiou t showers
iurm the past week in this section a
Nmh rewrler hai Imsii moved to biter
view a number of farmrrs as to the
tut piospists for the firmer for pulllui
j tliroiiii the winer Hero lie home of
j tlie opitions
James Iotlorir tlm well known farmer
I livhnr vvistif Ihecltv when lokisl us lo
what iTeet the rain hail out his wav
j lid I dont know that tho rniu has
helped the corn vtry much but it has
j put the tanners in better H iritis How
ever theie die several piieesof corn be
tween here and m pliicu tint I nm
I pretty Kiirn will maku fair nop
j Frank Jullok Ins iot uu cxoulleut piece
j and Hill St Johns dont look so Ind 1
IhfiM Junlhnshid about 100 bushels
jof wheit Mud I have pigbabl euoilitli
old corn In list through Ilia winter nuel
Hinee I have only a small piece of eoru
Ibis ar ou bin I wont be nut
Ilmt lnii h on acesiunt of the drouth
Mr I V Wnmpler I tin not
li i n uuer uu oar oi e oru jiom in
liulil hut I icpict te pull through all
nxht We Imvo abvum nnuajiil to get
UniHinli li tufure and I dont m vviiv
we cannot this eir Of courho wo will
have to tconumue on fud It is
intomshinK with how little we can Kt
through on when wo have to I have r
ijl rop of win at aud ttoimi old esirn
I and 1 am not uorijlug about nut Ket
tin lhiutiih
1 P W Cook Tliodronthhas iilnnil
had the eltee t of iiiilciiitf tho fiirmon
ecutionilze m tt wav of feisi And that
is n tood thhnr Aieat mail farmre
feeel their mrucs cutirclv too mm h jaln
I Islii ve the ic aro a groat man hor en
nioiatiinll killisl hie iiUC fed loo much
i nun Some f irmi r fusl their hones
fieun 12 to lri bin i -us oleorn at a lime
I never feiel 111 horses mom tlmn or 8
eats at a feesllnu and 1 tiud that they
i hre geneially in kloel eoiiditioii
I II iuuht be mii rbrht hrrn tint Mr
Cik has ilsitit ns linn looking homes
as ciu be founil iinwhe re and his opui
ion on the Mibjcet tf feisbng theauim lit
oiight lo car bomo wt iht vith it
bought Some laind J
I Mr I V Teter Ins bought from
liLs onD W Tetter l no acres of I mil
I In the noi tin nut part of own moth of1
deo leiils lesiilenio The old gtnth
nnn otpee ts to build on the I mil m tin
Mr I W Tei ter in turn iurcha cd
two mid two fifths acres lviilg east nf
Iho Wallar 1 1 ice from JI M llarker
Moro ruin more grass fur the mis
mom grss iiioie milk moro milk mum
labuitbi Inure ltuU anil lalsu the
inoio nied fur ti e ream ve J W
iStnnelt will sell oii nno of tho besi
i Si aritorsiuatle the only oio on the
mirkut that huj in iusaln vtntilaling
jtiibe Pi ict range from tM to H
llio o inli ri steel in butter miking will
j do well to U ii i in before puruhasiii
elbi n here
Mrs Lamiuvti und f mill Mrs Mi I
tun and family Mrs biiiilh und Mr-
lliszespint ihoelay with Mis liaird
last Irul ly nt her pleasant home noi th
eif the ell
Chns Kcrnej ono of tlie iopultr
clnksut Haibui i Ciiekrull is enjoying
iv vuuilleu at LI Dorado Hpripgs
Mrs C Sldth and sou or JopIIn ine r
visiting her mother ilru Jtnbyits noil
BiStei Mrs UiuidvrHoii
MisiNeva iiLson of Heeds illation
is v lilting her friend Mlsi evll llouck
Vast of tins eil
CI mil Wk1 enme down from Knluws
Oil Momiiy far a visit vvitti friends mf
tills fil
I bo ladies of tho M K church n ill
give nn lee cream boiiil Huluiilay night
August 10th
Mr Cockrell visited his mother ar Ui
inar oierHundny
Mrs Luther Arnold is visiting reiu I
tvos in Jasper thlsnenk
Go lo the Star idotuuiuul fur Ie
cold thinks of nil kiuels II
A suro Irevontltlvo
It is better to prevent consumption
lliuu to aftetR arils be looking for it
uuiu Muuy cisoh bfcoiiu IncnrnbV
simply beciuse nrglewtisl too long
Whm j6u flrt catth cold when you
lirst begiu to cough links ha te to use
Moxicun 8rup It may envp our life
It hns proven n quick and never failing
lure for eorennd irritates lungs tick
ling in the throat etc resulting rum it
cold accidentally taken It is only Va
cents a bottle und is sold at drug stores
Sledge and Sweet Mash Tobiceo 23 i
cents a pound Hondncks fKif
Up to Last Night No Name of a Citi
zen of Jasper Has Appeared
in the List of I ucky
Ones In Drawing
Jasper si ems to be left coniplelelv nut
III the colli in the drawing for Iodiiii
lands at HI Keuo this week Although
Jasper h id about twenty live who rtgis
te red for claims up to last night the
wheel of fortune has filled to stop nt
any of lie ir n Hues Portum has f Hi n
ill around her but has fuleel to alight
on an of her wirm
Tbontarpst she has approached in
four miles the lucky mm being Charles
Kt rfoot who lites four miles south
Ills liumler Mas 12i in tho ll leno
district Iiiley A King of Iantha
Cluis J PatUrwin of dnldcn Cit
K i Idling D rltng Ins J Smith
i Williams Ilerls it A Wnlcotl Jiaues
T Whltu ell and John lleikel of Car
thage M II Heurv of Alba and Insl
C Who and James A Can of Lunar
weie ili o among the luck ones
J Iih drawing is expee teil to cloie lo
tin and tlin Jaseriius linvi nlsuit Itrnt
hope Kieu if nil ehoulel be fortiiu ite
enough to draw a cltim vt this slagn of
Uin gnmn thev reallio Hi it Ihe would
stand n mor cli into of getting it claim
llint Is worth nn thing
Most nf tho Jiupt r party n ho went to
HI Ki mi I iht week are t til Hit re ami
will prob ibl htay until the miction of
town lots which will tike plat eon Aug
list iih
The aro Ivvkc llnpii
A fine mir of twin bibieA alio anil
a girl weie born to Mr and Mm John
Ctlur stt rtla morning MiCatlur
has been at Il lie no for the past nt i k
and a tle im was vnt to him lelling
of his gH d fortune ami il h epwtsl
that ho will lie home in tlouhlo ipiitk
A flm bo atrivcil nt the home of Mr
and Mm Ins tiulW list Iidnj arid
Clj is in esiiriimlingl hnppy
Merinu Cathir nnil J W llouiher
went to Ll Ieiiiu tignlher and if thrv do
mil et li el inn Hue I in inngratul lie
tin melvt f in the fet ihtt mm nf
till III lh lie lithe i of i pur of II HI Mini
tlienthillil Income i grnrnlf ttlier
NO 17
round by a Lady Who has Iji
Ihefjulil wall h which Miss
Karl lost li week or sj ago 1 is
hi aril from but the list heard fit
wui elow ii in Oklahoma It we p
up ill the load east of turn by t
iniii mid a woman ahoitly nft
Karl dropped il
I hey evideiitl raw Mis Kan i I
for it bill the Haiti nothing Tl
wtiiiinn loeil possession of thewil h
a ihi or so afterward shoivcel it to i
friends from whom Mfss Karl hi
uf its its w hereabouts
Wilt n the begin lo bunt the
thty found i lie had gJiio to Y
worth Mr Karl telephoned to
pliio rml leninid that tho w email
left that place and gone to Oklalu
Ko it is huril to tell n briber tho wi
will over be tcctnrrtil The won
gave her name ns Hull
on Ttin hove
Many families Change their Lot
This Mn tns to be tlio mov lug wink ft
Jnsptr Win ltalch itml ftinil h t
moved into Mrs Ilalrtlj property r
Park stroet and C S Peterson hi
inoritl in the jiropi rty vaeatisl liy Mi
llaleli on Mniili u Lane
Mr 1 W I dine has moved mm lh
Arnold pioperly forinirly occupnsl 1
Mr Iett rou
Mr I R Hill has moviri his fain I
into the reur of his store in thu fee him
craft building
Ii Cllnn has inovrsl into his recently
puriliisrsl prfipnrly on tho conur el
Lexington avt nil antl Heeonel strei t
Mr I U Teetei i toiliy moving
frnm thn country to the placu ho rt ct nt
Iv bought from Rno Cllne Mr Teett i
MS that he is iultH an old nuin but
thih will In his first t xperiiuei at hi 10
hi inw n
Sliced Hi lfg
Rnv liotu lirr who iv in the habit t f
ahouu hog inett ihanged tho program
Morals and shod wvrtif of his own
meat Hh nas shiipenmg a butclnr
linifenntl hs lie gnre it n jerk lo throw
the vntT olT the minc enleiml hu
right leg iboio Iho knee It cut a gash
about an inch long clear to the bone
The wound is heahug nitely however
and aside from making him a lit 1 1 lamo
his caused linn but htlln ineonvenK net
llimis Improved Ventilated
Cream Separator
What My Patrons Say
CAiiritvtii Mei Jul -1 1WI1
To whomsoever il mil toricorn
This is to et rtify tliit I have In i n us
mg Hunts Iuipiotcel Cream Spuru
tor suit e about tin Iht of last Teh
Wogtt more ire tin unel miko firuu r
sventtr nnd Istter butler thin we did
bv the crock and n Hiatrni Out Sep
ar itnr has inoio tliitu tiid for itself this
Miinn In the extra amount n butlri it
hauiiiHileus CuvKk nK P lrNp2
Cmitiiu I Mo Jul 11 lKl
This is to nrtif that I b ne beu us
lug tint of Hunts imp ovisl cruuii Hep
iirntois 1 can tluerfull recrmninitl
it In all nail desiring In make pire
good nm el bultei It abilutrl gits
till thn i ream regileltss nf Ihn dr not
wtatlici Wm VimNii rT
Jvhjvii Mo
I luivcuraniiniel limits Impmvisl
Cream Seimritorauil ishevn it to be
ns re nsonleel antl were I not going out
otlhetbilr businesH 1 would hnieone
IniN HurcK
AlllllAUl Mil
I have been using two of Hunts Iln
proveil Cieim fapj arators binco thn Or t
ifhtstlpb I ufotiltl not tnito io for
tin m and tin williuut thi m I sold
fro pigs bntn een f and G months old
iv huh weights 15 pounds apice i They
hid been feel nolhing but separator
milk autl drv nun My calves nre ilo
ing Cue on the s inv kind of milk
Itespeetfull fin Miurn
CAiniiAii Mu July 20 1101
To tluiKO Inlrrexlisl m butter making -1
desiie lo slain Ihtt 1 hive been us
ing one of lliiiilt Improved Cream Sep
urators autl lind it just what it is rerin
tnendnd to be We would not tin with
out ours We get about one half nmro
e ream than wo did by the crock and pan
sslem Wm Au
Jakcmi Mo Jul ST lKH
I liavo etamineil Hunts III proud
pain Si nrilur aud believe it would
Im of glen I udvantago to nnj butter
linker lUnniiMis Hist
For N Sale by
Jasper Alissouri
Special Line of Coffees
10 to i t ents Try a of Mills Sjii1iiil nt 20o
Big Reduction in Summer Goods Complete
Line Canned Goods at Reduced Prices

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