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The Jasper news. [volume] (Jasper, Missouri) 1898-1924, August 15, 1901, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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-Ml 10o Dimily
go nt
All 20c Dimity
go ul
All lijo Dimity
or culling on
JJ ufci
lias atBulldlnj Almost Completed
and Will go Into tlieFced
Business Other
perianj There
Messrs Jako MeQaslin anJ A Steward
tVoin Okbilioruu
Wlirro thy hnvs bel ll for tlici it tlrreu
ttiks taking In thn sights connected
with the opening of the Irdim land
Mera Mcdashn find Stewart were
1 litro h ill bo an ico cream social at i
the homo of Kraal L it U near 1restou
next Saturday bight Aillim 17 under
the aiMpici s of the Motbodist chuich of
Preston Tho 1reiton baud rtillurniU
nuitle for thu otcasion Everybody in
t ilcl to attend
lVislox left Mondu mjruiiiR for Is
1 md City Oregon where he till tench
hchool thpeomiug trm hating already
w cureil a s1hhI His biuther Clay is
itl s locato1 at Iiaud Citt
Hnte leinotid my KUH k of Milium
Notions to the Hendricks building
tthcro 1 will Li pleaseil to inlet idl qus
turners Mia T J Bimcoi
Jcc eTOiuti mill tea creutn hwlab
fiurj ilny at tlio Ktnr Jtestmtrmi
Cruulall nutt liutullos tlio
luuge briilfrotiiJejiJii
ThealaHe prills will be givesl till ne1
1 1 tt Ll i
In Echoeilernft Hlock
Wo lire having u speoJajMir jco on our
Uev ISurnli iiii Returns from n De
lightful Trip
Rev I K Ihirnhnm returned last
Situidfiy from histrip toSiu lrnlieiseo
Culifornin where lie atti niloi the Inter
iialinual convention of the Kpworth
League lln rcports a moat delightful
trip nnii an interesting and inspiring
contention He Has ininy thiugs to tell
about what lm saw on tlio coast anil
on Ills Journey to and from tlm ron en
tiou Hr picked upfouttiiirsanil relics
nil slung Ilia vrrymnd by tlio tinm lie
got lirulf tin bail gnthcred together iiiltt
1 collection of curiosities of tlio west
Ho remembered tlm editor of Ihji
among the last of lh JnsjHTians logot Nkmi with n monster orange wliiutt li
tncK ami urirwnui rinr -from tlin tn with liar own
Irr m tin city trim Hive tuna fur invest
1 In the new country
Mr Stewart bought it business lot In
An idarko on of tlm new county M at
towns lie bought it at auction and
got it for Siyj It i i within a block o
the court house squire mid it it s dd
that ho liny hicu olTernl comidernble
mom than hit aid for it lie has nl
Inns completed 1 bullclln 21 x 40 feet
on it and expects to open a fcxl tore
hands It nm undoubtedly the lirgebl
orange ever brought- to JuspT It
lncisunsl 111 inches around Hid was
imleisla beauty
Twexlubllc Sales
JiTmiHinitLer who liven on Untold
Iiul Folleis farm BU links east of Jas
per till hivii a pthhe stle at his home
ncuWulnesdii August 11 at which lin
will otter nil of his Itvo stock and farm
Mri Steiuirt moti d lin family U their nR uteutVli fef Me Mr Shoeiiitk
iwtv homo Tuiwlnj ei expeets logo to O no where ho ttlll
Mivu PIt Duiningand his brother- wrlt m tliu oil IIuUh
ii lan Mr Uvilie nml tholttterV father
hnto alio loettisl nt Anadaiko Tlm
Mliior Mr I die is a contractor mid
liuihbr and hi- tlm continct for erect
ing Mr Stewaits Imllding
- f
flllss Sndcr to Marry
Invitations hare been recoitcd by rel
atltesln this city to tbo mirnign of
Miss icrtrtidu Hntder tthieh ttill taKti
lilaciiTuc4ilitr August tl nt tbo Kirsl
M U Church in IisAngelea Cnhfor
ilia Tlm groom is 7 S LtUMdcrtille
Mij Snjder is Ilia duuliter of Mi and
Mis Joseph Sntdir nud n half ulster to
Mrs A M Cranddl of this city SIih
is well kuotrn hi this community
II W Colder Hihv on tlm I K ltiw
Mini plaot lour nilh s o iht and U nules
Win Tenter nho went uptoXortllern
Miiine siifi a ei nje of weeks ago pre
tumably to grow up with the couutrt
returnisl MuLilit without accompluhing
that feat Ho almost reachisl the Ca
nadlan line and W ri it luuto chilli
up theie His arlni r M 1 Scott m
cunsl a posltim in thu car shots nt
I Drainer hi that state and ttill stay up
lb re
l i t 1 1 Li u nn i Li ni l nni t ni i i n u Tri3ri -
Carthage Mo
Owl See Oars only 5c at Star
- Lnst Resort for
Cut Prices in Summer Goods
All Lawns 2nd Dimities at Half price -
All 12 n Dimity
go at
All dimity
go at
All V elimity
i teiinnco f
Wnldron Buys Airs
locutu In th Promlsu Land
Tin- fraterNal aiduk
Held n
Mm Hoots Iuk wild Iut rcitdciiuc
pro erty on tin corner of Lexington nvo
nueand Kimt street Mr John Wnl
dron win th purchaser ami tlm consid
eration tfii70J Mr Wnldron a ill take
possession Svptember 1 and ttill occupy
it IilmsMf
Sen IissJ his fold hs tlaco on thrr
tory Men eiii Tmrtis n ntV mi nibers
tiernMlmnn tlio mtslerls of the order
After the nynhr work a b m jnet was
spiead by the Jispcr association lit lion-
orof tin iMlnituM All report a
- 1
It Was an Awful litploslon
Kd Slioeniakerlitst ttrek reoeited n
inper from his daughter liiimr in Ohio
ii iuwji 10 aioiiis uten tsmo piej et oi
money tiliieli ttis in the l iter s poeket
weie titisti d all out of slmpe anil one
of the shoes from one uf the hows
hixf4 was blivvn lhniih lh walls of a
houte neailir nnil fou id lilng on a best
Poultry Pointers
Tho time to buy is when co In want
to tell The truth of tins is so uIiviih
thnt it seems linidl iiete barr n tluell
mi 1 iiixiTi urciMO munuiii ocrt lyui nature to tluow off inibiiieuts lo the
proper pcrfwmincvi of her duties HHK
CItol Tnnii rnln 1 r T LiNIillW iulait nature in her
OnUIUIttllll IJlltttlUIII tt UUlllIIICltiai CUIIISUS iaiJgiVornndcnhuresknIfarind beiu
j tifulcntlrolyfreejfom allimperfecsions
u 1 1 tl f 1
iruiivui 111 M anum uie vjniiu yvuu0jnr flJUIMJS t I lrico COy
r 4- - - -
the mtjst thorougli jjiveu in any nuamc fjjllegQ and our
grathiafes arc oliiinently siiccossful in securing good pay
ing positions upon graduating- We men
and women for real life Lf 1-
Pargnts ytuothorfl whoicontemplatd sending their sons
and daughters to bul5irieicollgo will do Well by wrjtjng
About SeNcnty flve YotinR People
Spnd an Unloyable Ihenlnj
-Christian lndcaor
t -v I - u itrg iiiiiL niiL
or UKia
blother Kicd ttlio li ft Monday for Ore-
nwi tviry loom mott isiultry ruieis
have their ground jnettt well taken up
tilth their lrehir stuik and v u win
ter but a limilid numjcr of extra fowjs
It net er pi s to croud Lick if limn
to cue for the etra Steele it Is tti ll
known that much tune i mcessary to
kis p this flock in Ruyd concUtioa Li k
of cipitiil It takes money to winter rKI
cjhlelss If one 111 111 has it Witii hp will
ueisl 11 long ur se to kw p up foul bills
K nml his friend Vneo Crisi of
BlilillLtleld ttlio was vititini htm
- - --
Htinn tt iii luiitf uuiiiii llui
AlptW I I K
i SM lnV prcw nt n ttngonette load from
A - j Tm
Krnternil AM Am einllon held a bl
neeting nt the Woodm m hah last night
Just bcim amoiij the guest
11m In u was iM autifull deeoriteil
Willi Iiuihsc lanterns The IkwIik had
n i t - i i i i
uf mm of the
their Tires
ui umii i ui iiinmiinvii in l pteparetl amimber of iutcresuig gnnies
and ok charge of tliulnitln 1 n lob the uunir folks enioved to the
uiinost rruiM were ouir sl tlm win
ners in ono of tlm gaiuoii Mitnes Celi i
Dodd Iraee Ilarlter mid Mil Rliuades
Mere tlm uinneis and Klmer L iuder
haiigh ciptuiitl tho booby prie
ItiriHliments were tertotl in tho din
lug room tthieh tins alto bmiulifullt
di ooratisl Tlm color seienm tvis blue
and hile KiblHiim of that color ttere
suspendul from th four corners of the
Miss Mnble Knrpnnd brotlu rSliule 1
who lime bueu vi iting their sister
Harbiir for the past mouth eft for their
hoiii in Wiehitn last night Mrs Hnr
bur accompaninl them as far as Lunar
If ton want good fresh can omIs go
to Hills
1 Try awkol Snottlljke high patent
Hoftwlieit Hour Kien sick gu irau 1
Moon the siiiin otls aro
llt ku
tend among a hundred niters each one
does not notice the exiensu of winter-
It is much In tter to bo eirl fir one
Try our Coco Cjla vliun want
1 ins 11 tlriiik Star Kcstutiritiit
Roostcrtil TaUoIiccky Mountain Ten to night Ask
Thoroughbred Iltmouth -- Kock your di UKgit
Kooslers at half prion for 1 short tinm My babt was terribly rick will the
l 11 CloiiMf lite lulls cast of ihurrlitna says I 11Doik of Williams
IfT K t H Oregon We were linablo
01 1 4 i - C wth thnilo tors assist J ns
inoiuurit null cpriiseuufs tviiiou so ili it 1
v i4l oijnr4iu v cuiic
- ru r
era nud
niUU rbiugh Drug Co
Health l ooils
P11I 11 liiUun Lto 1 UurUun
4f It Is nrpni lit thewe op
Dinrboii Ilemrcry
pleteeuro rorsaleby Vebb liro
Go to tho Star Restaurant for Fee
ttnj sulfermifiomdiipepsii when 1 evnn
Oripo Kriiits 11 fsslfor brain Mid H l taking Kodol lspepskl cure 1
eerie IWimi Celul Ilnrtl M tOpk WTfTal UlUleS nlld f in digest lin - I
tlon K I Uiudi rbaugh Hrugifl
It the act ion of tour bowels is not Insy
ferpinortoliainAQOounelfl when andtwiilirurliliu miiiliilbni m11
Oooahs Quick Relief only oost9 85 con u i0 flnil a neWitts Utile Knr
u bottle Best i urt for craniii and col y RtJitri w milovl thisS jjnger Safe
pleasant nnd ircliir V I Lauimrbaugh
Uo to Cramlalls furfiesh bread 1 If Iro Co
HOOHl a Ii rriOiO OtplOSlOU UI HhiMI llllll ni li 1 ur ttr 1 1 nl - i
south of Jasper ttiil h u ui piibhu hale nitro
glteerine tthieh occurred imar her the able Sjiitenir bailgos r blue and
nt his homo next TuewUj August 31 1 home The gljcer ne was b i haulO tthlte rlblo ttere ls usI lo ivdi
Jiiunii iiiwiMipvuu uiiiiiitiKiiuininoin piuo to anotmi Kmt tthieh ttill iilnnts remind them
umhs Mr Loiucr lias Im kksi in tjuu unit tlm otplo ion loilcplaoo just as the
flirming but Is lis jet undecided it hat nnuoa ttis a railroad The
in ttill turn I is att nliun to driver ois and uncoil vere lilcrillr
lrortl ilejunt ctenls of
Ihn Christ in Endfater Soejett of
the lreubt terian chiirih gave n sicial
at the homo of Tims Uodd justnoith of
the clt last etenuig Quiic a hre
crnwil was i re i nt who uijotid them
nlnni with gnniHM elr Itefrishlneiits of
siulliil orniiK s 01I11 and icetalir
w re heiNjil at It oclock
Mr I J Clliek who has been nt
tending thn titHiioriuil i hoil at War-
rensourg fllo lor tuo pat tear re
rtli IblneWJrS 1 Illtl n r lKH -I M
i r mi on ii e cperiCuce as a brreder and
ofMr and Mrs MunU Kuirllelel who ihistneation It ttlll lake another tear
V seller of tmiruiifchhreilpiiullr I find i i
lus been in a cutieal condition fur thei tiieompli te tho tsmrve and he till ie
tint n Iirge uumlier of the buteisilo
pistsetiril diiH is still teiy low 1111 1 turn loiirren lHlrg next lnontli
though thero me still faint ho is of hisi
i1iuines mr tiiucK 1 tic III me Hi u i
Tom Hnrdawnt is taking a weeks vo8 iig which 1 nu of Uti unible to lill I0Jm nlK KHns t tt tHl lit pleaeell
cation from his duties mi sale min nl l1 1W 1I1 iht3M rrs to Ii am of hif promotluu I nn clerk of
eteral elts in Juphn waiting his broth
r Luther
IIV I lF IJUI IIIlTl 111 illAtt
Vear after tear I am b iegsi Tin mim fnenl f Mr IV V n I
Webb Ding AHardwaiu Co He spent KU uiei imn oeen llsl jc im2 tric WIc f pUhsJI Willi
pruiiifjiiy nnu at iiiueii lower eost 10 itin
bujer Kt ery lire oiler of note can in-
Lite a similar expel letnv and the fin 1 1
his for 1
mer sahrt of iiXXl men il isl to 10U per t
annum 1
Hate ton trusl The Rival fancv Tl K1 01 outers win ue Uwm Joints ttis dun 11 fiom Lamar
patent Urn NVinla Milling CoV Hour Iu estauiisiiiti Monday He has mid his 1 roperty M
Eteo sackjiuarnnttedut Hills 1Jlf 1 1ut nt - nht do neit breeilers Lunar and also seiu hud Imowntsl in
I hnkl n large stock for this litrV trailer Tevis Lsiintt and is making piep111
THE SNOWFLAKE lilGH pATnJTrjmrinl1 reaon trU nds UoitetomuvetoCleneva lona his old1
Amorg them 1110 Hie tullujtlng Lick of
tlnvo 011 Tried Itv
run over his right arm and side broke
his right arm and cut his left thumb oil
It tlirntv him out touni side He lived
K mimitw his right lung being crushed
He i nl spoke two words lm d 1 turn
me oier and was Mr Culbeisou
once a Well known anil resperlel toling
man of llirtou csiuuty but nl tlm time
of Ills death he III il nl lurestIII lloleft
li wlfn and four children to iiioiirii his
M Culberson nt lh time of his
eli nth he was a memlx r of tint Knights
of Pythias nnd Modern Woodnnn of
Atiicripi Ills funeral was held it the
Methodist Church mid wu tviudultil
by Km Dins His rem diis tine hid to
nst in tliilorrsl cenuteii and the great
niiicolir e of people pres ut tins evi
lb nee of the high IStiiin in which he
was held
Onccngiin the image of death
II is cist a slmdott hero
And taken one uiuong nor midst
eii ttnom nil was runniy ilenr
He left his task nnllnilisl
And will never foruotten be
Vor all his deeds hate heio on eirth
rilooniid in eternity
Then den wife childieu do not weep
Nor mourn thy f illmr n dead
Hut in lm lests and nieetlt nlntM
In Christ our lot bur hisd
lhet ttill meet him when their life is
When all their puiw and ciresi are
oi r
To him has conm lifes setting sun
lie is not loit but g me before
Ut not grief bir d inn
Wipooif ihat rising Itnr
Unit up tn where tht fntlier h is vmn
And strive to uirtet him there
Tor he ttnlfe thi street of
not 1
Ills triis and grief- am nil cast
now nt
And there hu waits forhis frii nils to
And intrnd of a
crow 11
Mil hit
Settle Up
Wo wmit iivory lindy
lis tu hultle I11 Kitil 1st
It to any me desirini
gooitsist butter
nil tin eio1111 ncui
tllllt OWPM
lKH by
eish ui unto
Weld Drill lUlilw Co
Hills Jpeci d mlTeo unit JiKi lb
thcr reason not of
generally thought
M iP M ik 11 imti
CCtUTh7llrnUmtr Ihpro is on gtKidthiugaboit Mothers To tthomsoevr it mat concern
AJC WaUUvptlnall Jftlw finer will
Wirm syp and that is it will netr1 This Is to certify that I hate n us
mt il itivunii ui idlin U UIU lir T inir lllint lllllirdl isil I nil Unnnr 1
1111 aiiiiu 1 11 v i ii 11 s ui 1 11 1111 111 tin - - ---- -
NO ii
ennur of Jackson nrcnuii nud Sueondi v
MissNorn box vi delig itfu
xfrert to Mr tj Uf Ltttson tlm consid 1tlK ry von ir
erition being eiwMrIVl expects to r
Killed by the Cars In Illinois On U x i Cuther Miippetl a car of I
August Third ilotlaj
i ho friends of John A Culberson trill - -
Ih pnintsl to learn of Ills nail death Mm- Ifanl Runion luci hc noi tl
tthieh oeeurml Atnr inl Hi nis I el list this tti k
carpenter on the railroad
iii ont wn are ttsit1
and ttis ttlthln t
i I
inlln of home Ho got oil to ins eel a
bridge and ttmtsl for the net taln 1r Schnler lins returnsl from I
47 I trip to the neit Indian lands in Oknh
Illicit nil lop of the cars to the caboose 13
and hen he teiit step from ono car to
another it ln im io dik he cteppiil oir
nml fell bet rt ecu tlm imm Tito tiheels
Mr 1iank Coekrell went to his 1
in fiiuir toitorJiy on account otr
Deputy Assessor V H llriggle 1
svss Jnp r persjntl proper It
tt is k
Mr nnd Mrs Theinpson of Lami
tilited Chjs Masters and fuuil la
Hi nry Robinson left AVcdwMlsy ft
lioumlllii whero ho lull work on t 1
Mr nud Mis Am Crauilnll haie 1
tisltlngCldu Wall ir and wife at t ir
coxie this Week
Dr Schooler has di eideil to return
his former piactice at Nnsht die and
mute to that pi ice next week
Mih Hthel Kricder of Cnrthngi
tisilingMrs Chas llille of this
and ilim Miry llille bouthiicbt of to
W M Harlow and daughter in li
Mrs Hirt Hiliwof Kt Smith rk
ire tisiting his daughter Mrs W L
Pislicr In this city
Mrs T J Himpson and tl in r Miss
Lisher will leave Sundi night for St
Louis to gt tall the Intest styles iu fall
Lnml winter tnilhnert
Missen Alice Cunler and Anna let
eng r who halo len tisiting the lit
ters p irents hi Illinois for the past ht
eril mouths leluruid last TuomIi
The ico crenni sunner Liien liit Kit
uiibiy night iindir the auspices of the
Heuven Metbodist church tvns 11 tery enjoyable
fioH lm benrs
illiilr About 41l was taken in
fesirs Hardenbrook and Merrill went
f to Oirthnge Tuesday anil entered a 1 id
with the Cnrthago Oil and Jns Co Mr
drilling on their leases west of tho citt
Mis Heur Cather nnd daughter Al
berla left yesterdiit for llesper luna
tinisit luTMstcr Mrs Cather will vis
I it about three week but Alberta will
sjiind the winter theie
ilavo You TrloU ItV
Hunts improved Ventilated
What My Patrohs Say
Ctitiiiti Mei
I hnto been using two of Hunts lm
protisl Cream Sepal atoi s biuco thn llrst
oflastleb I would not take fmfir
t t 1 in r 1 iii 1 111 r iir 11 11111111 riu 111 1 a nun iim 1 1111- iiiiit 11 1 miit 11 it iut t int b j 1 111 1111 iiii 1 111 11 11 nnnt t hi 1 1
yaw 111 t ini iiiiern 1 - a i i i iu uii r - - - on
n - - -1-- - j m -- a v kwvi hi 11111 1 1 1 1 i rn iiimi ii AnI r i
I 1 - - 1 tilil lot WW look inucli IhBvlioatTiu a 1 iko iieji iiisiiu iiiiii iniiiio iiruier iri 1 nnu u inonim 011
3 i I i y iI1nh the Inre flnek r v m sitteler ana lietter nutter than we did e weiinsl Jin uncls npioce They
f f M r a A ----- 1 hv - t 1 1 n - n l u I Ill Itln IIHt4 11 nan u jt L7 II fill lilxn tu I tlnni 11
tlis iiJ isinceitH tlio U st of nttculionApabi fii n woim lCKIfivt Ion that Is ornlor has more tluin paid for itself thU milk fid drv corn Mycalics lire do-
-- tellers can maKen mui 11 1 tterseiection seawm 111 ttie clra niuount i bnltir it llg ui 011 tno same kind of milk
1 jour loss 01 u aiui 11 ni 11 ci m not 1 1 1 t 14 1
W II TT - j - 1 f ti 1 uiiim tlidlr U10X1 urn large I ttouil is 1 uiimuriirFti KeswctJu t Sol Miiive
BT IB 1 iihoi iiioinvis worm Srup will Kill
Model City Business
t t
Mwrdfo Way South Side
11 ULousEi
and remove it from tour IkmIi
1 Do llii4 tlupt luoli like a fright
Mil lull LM llllll
lbW llreeders usuall neisl some To those intenMl in butter makiu
caShnrlyintheseisonnUdonrunusdbrahefhaserBUtay uJ i JllZWl 1 Ir state la I hate bun -
at inducement to buyers tu it uuiessjouiinveuioriinpii suim rn0M axn rbfl rtully rtwtnnieiid I W one 01 tlunta Improveel Crenni Sep-
to make pure whirs and flud it ist what It is reCoin
It abtlutely yets r111 f W
rdlessof lliedrv not I ulur1 l iut ono half morn
weather Wm Wimk nt
I hue ttxaminrtl
laHlrrt M6 I
11 nuts Imiiioied
iienin thm we did liy tlm ernclt ai1 pin
iiu wi A li
JisiEii M11 July 23 lWl
I hivn Hintiiiursl Huutn Iniiuiived
itoems himiCValu Seiratormid bIuie it to Is Cream Hepurator and U lltu it would
and a lest re I JT r11 ue l f1 oln I1 nt Kt adrnutsge to any butter
busluesa I would
ofthedalry hatoone maltir Haiixison IlrNi
I nm hippy j
John Horck
II No 2 arlluigr Mo Aug 10 1
It V I No a Cjirihnge Mo Aug
I llctktllfla
tl dUI 1
I purehnsul iitmcf Hunts Inlpruieel Hunts pre am H inrntois wbicli I Sur
usiiuatMil cream separators fnmil W abased of 1 W Staiettl It nlsilulelv
HtirrtboiitlhiimddleofIult It is Igels nil the cream I hue lot my milk
giriug enure seiiuiaeupii tt v gt at uifler unloving cream Htninl tlhouiUkiul
cold driuks of nil kuds U leiist 11 mirn cream tliitli iri bt
I ITimnmiRiiiteiillle Al 1 Ibo riisk Kid mu fiMm 111 ing until
1 1 il1mii f I M lilwtr 11 iuim itu
U M Dai 1 Alii
Clnrytnwn Mi Ante 10 1101
Tp whom Jt limy concern I tsiught a
aronb Crystal FUkoTnius a awl Knox uinKi K vI Oys pii eiurp is tlio em cream separator freuii J W Starret It
Sparkling CloU Uno fnlo7Ualnt l twnlinlnirnll thu natund K -
OrinBr11 SUf 1 diswtlye uuls ItKives wKikslotnaohs j ALLKshn
-4 r i entiro rest robtoriu their natural l
mere wsimoiy no cream arises
Miu iui JemHDs
Carytown Mo
I am ikIiii mm of Hunts Iniprotul
tentilitnl cream e aralui which I pur
hase1 from J W Starrtrlt uUiut tlm
middle c f Jul Wn nro hitistlMl It
fivt tin oreum iu Ha hours
Jas I Chain
For -Sale by
Jflspei Allssour

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