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vol hi
t w 1
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Will Prosecute the flan With a dun
Hunting on their Premises
Without Permission
from Owners
I Passed Away at Home of Her Son
Burled in Illinois
Mrfl H Lauderbaugh mother of
i Jisse and Isa 10Lauderb wgh died Fri
il iv afternoon at 2 oclock at the homi
of the former sit nulls northwest of I
Avilla at tho ago of eight twoears j
Til deceased wns u mtiiibir of ono of
the btt known fanilligsJu Ju jjit
1 1 it - n
uiiu iiaki i v
I 3 X
Tin public salo held by J J Shoe
maker in thu Zicu neighborhood last
Thursday was very well attended and
the ai tlclta brought fair piiccs consider
ing the seacon of the jear Mr and
Mrs Shotmaker left Sunday morning
for Ohio wher Mr Shoemaker expects
to work iu the oil regions
Omcr Wobtfnnd S D Appleby drove
upto tbehoms of Cha Webb east of
Lamar Tuesday evening tp look at some
of Omers fine stock
Dr Junkins of Cartilage came up
and prwehed at Hoe Presbyterian
Church last Sundny morning
Mr Sweet is gerlouslv ill nt the home
jot bis daughter Mrs Uallartl cu east
Uraud avenue v
A nice line of street bits to select
front tf
41 w w 1
I ltx j V Ju J u tVt
Mr J P Bradford the prominent far- ousnana nau prccoueu ner to in ie i The trials of a depot agent are man
tliMom1 ul 9h lelv h1Jri p and sometlmi Mr It
merhvmgwet cf thecitv is tit s vrv exciting
head of a movement ainoiif tho far f h111 Isc aul JMJJ LlldtrbUib O JJAer lm acts a that e pint for
meis in his neighborhood wilh the ob- Mr RappofNehiaski Mr Roland the Missouri Pacific at this place comes
jet of protecting tho game on thir I lmm nu Mri am ruwu in for his biiare but jou gcuer ill find
p emiss from tin ravages of tin n ltl lives last of Carthage neeompani I mwuiBBout with colors lljmg
with the gun The farmers lire but hei
ed great deal bj hunjers wnni of
whom are 90 ri kless that they frequent
iv mjuru stock oj Itheir indiscriminate
shooting Comequeutly they hart de
cided to orgjuizo as the Uiost effective
way to put a atop to it
Theorg nizition will be known as
The Jasper County Protective Aseoci
ution and will be comprised of fariueri
of Preston Duval andjHSper townships
ed thu remains to Illinois where the in
terment took pine The fum rd nm
held f 10m tUeiauiieLauh In me Sit
Same fine Peaches
Mr D H Wnmpler the prominent
A putltion is beijj circulated urdJt is faimer living southeast oftho city has
lYpecied tha OP farmors ih the threo ur thanks for a basket of as line peach
township nan ed will join tho orgsniza s havo ever hid eyes on They
tion A membership fvecf JB Cents willlweiogreit big jellow fellows lich and
charged which will bo used to keep up I Jmc uud were of tho Yellow Alberta
the orgaortitiori assessmei t also being I Chinese Cling nndBalle of Georgia
levied as nuedtd Regular rules will b 1 varieties Mr Wampier has onl a fen
drawn up and sinned at 3 tEeetiug whfih 0 these laige peaches this veal but he
will he held saoii to complete the oiga 1 has a largo ore nrd whch will socn be
v gaias wardea will to npiointed and
the members auree tp piostcute aiiy jer
ton found hunting on their premUes
without permission
Prof M A Mitchell a nell known
former Jasper citizen who has been con
nect sd with tho schools ut Black Dia
mond Woshiugtou w rites that he has
been elected principal of the schools at
Newcastle In the same state Mrs
old ejuujh to Lear
Will Return
Mr S W llisOD the mail carrier
apiointed for ruralrout Xo 0 to boes
tabliahtd fom Carthage has written
that ho will leturn from D iko
ta to accept tho phot Hi grew tirm
ofwaitJup and Uoally decided that thq
route cculd nver be est ibllsh after he
had made application and had gone to
Dakota to look for a location Siuen the
Mitchell will have charge of the Dimarj 3 riloTi h hai decided tb
aepartment in toe same scnoois
Mm J Pr Leis andAlrsr A M
Crandall left Monday for Chilhcothe
where they are attending the annual
convention of thofcftate Sunday School
association They will be the guests of
Mr and Mrs P P Romeiser during
theis stay ju that t ity
Mr nnd Mrs d Grifllti who have
been visiting their son In Nebraska fur
thu past several months bnfe returned
to their homo In this city Mr Griffin a
health has somewhat Improved -
Mr V S taue of Webb City visit
4 over Sunday with his parents north
nstof the tit
Kvv Pcliuer attended the BuptistAs
Hociation near Rlvt rtoa in Dade county
hint Hick
If you want our teutli lixe4J n
tlrst class dentist call on Uf WKej
utDr Sulivanr ofllco iigxtwi ek
Owl See Oars opiljV JStar
f i vIV r it if
r 1 u
I come home
The Attn Didnt Want to Pay the
Express on Sum Chickens
But Changed Hi Mind
UieUeceabi Ulina relators and frlemls I preear The chickens pruvsl to be
111 muij parts of tho county Her form- of 11 oIj lem Hut
er homo was in Illinois and Use ntmnins
were 1 lid uway in llie f unily gaveyuid
was the cast last Saturday
I An old gentleman got oil of tlm utter
uoon train on tint iui likiuw 11 bo
of elm kens were put on from the ex
wliuiihe w lit to get them hi was in
foiinilthat thore was 40 cents epres
due lhaold mm etplodtd ur d the
Missouri Pacihe 1 ulroid gut one of the
worst roasts thai rer piociukd fiom
an irroto traveler It was even insiuii
ated that tlm railroad lompaiiv would
rob a dad man of his lm penii
Yiucapsij what you pi vm about
the railroad taid Mr Ilaker but
there none thing sure the mpress on
that box will h ive to l paid itid if von
dont pay it it will fill ujk u nr and I
want ou to timlerstiud that t do not
propose to pi for
Ill fee the luihoad rvt befoie Ill
pa a cent answered tho mm a h
began to shy arouud low aid the crate uf
chickens Reaiuitig the mans inten
tiens Mr 15 ikei mnile fur the m
Both nVii reached it nliout the sime
time and u ohutfle ensued Things
t gin to look prett berious about this
time and s oiurouo called for the mar
shal This biought the old man to his
senses and ho hid hi 1 tiocketlKMik out
inaulfv laid the bill and tool tho
chielteus I
If lio had gotten the lox k ud Mr
Bukcr he would havo had me but I
had ono experience where 11 man gut
box in bis josfcession before pn mg
fhe freight and I h id to pa it and that
has caustd me to bo more careful
Itrappiars that the old gentleman had
aken the box of chickens Into tho pas
songpr coach when lie got on tho train
and intended to brlug it through as bag
gngo Hosas that when he was nut
awaro of it the porter took it to the ex
press car consequently the extra express
charges is what aroilod his Iro to such
alhigk pitch
High grade dental work at reasonable
prices by Dr B IV Key the Nevada
dentirt who wil be iiLispix next week
at Dr Sullivans otllce
Hills speeiai coffee oul 2Jo Ibf
Crandall now hnmllffi tlieycule
lirnleil Tujigif bri ml from Jdplin
JThp RWalJxfaue
fW flour
If yon want a jjood Clpar go to
to the Star Restaurant mid call
Owl onJ su
1 Have Jusl Received a Large
jliijjl Ur fall
Mrs Rice l ntcrtnliis With a
Mrs Iic very delightfullv uileitain
nl at hi r bemtifiil hiiliic seven miles
east of the 1 ity Aug 10 11 nuniler of
h r fi lends with n quilting The guests
arnveil nlxiut ten oclock where the
found two quilts awaiting them Ihn
ouiig pisiple were ushcieil up stans
when the biMlitc work viry ludus
triousl not mil their ltaiul but tin ir
longuis equally as fa t Tho ilderly
peiiple had a quilt down t lnlrt which
tlie did 1H111 justice About noon the
guests wuu invitid tt a largo table
vvhin awailcd them a bountiful dinner
of all the ih licious eatabli s w hich oould
bo prtxiuued After dinner the wun
my pliasvntly uutertained with iniinie
afKr which wink wm ag lin begun
Alwut 0 oclock uppir wus annomicul
vv huh was equally us gmxl as the dm
ner Iheie vveie al out tl irt present
aud all d elared thev hid spent a er
pleasant aud art e ible d iv
Home drown Apricots
Mr Burns presented us with 11 num
ber of genuine upneots which were
gtowiioohis place east of the clt
The arovtr much like a jeach with
tho inception that the hkin is smooth
like a plum There 1110 ver few of
them grown around here and are quite
a ciiriosit Mi Hums savs h his
ore trie which has produced quilo a
CIOJI tills K 1 011
Preston I ownhip Corn
Jer Hiwnrth brought lo this oc
esti 1 day a tie inutility developeil eir of
10m grown this jear It came from tlie
field of Kd Owens on the Widow Ill
gersplaie lr Owens has thirl itorit
lhat good judges st will murage ten
ty bethels ter acie Tin firm is north
of Caitlmgn on Bud Hraiuh Car
thage Diinocrnt
Uncle Tom Sal Mirprtsivl his fa
terville friends ono day this woek liy
coming down town in 11 pair of white
lint n pants that had shrunken almost
to tlu uckets He looked like a con
testant at a wading part Laithige
Dr Hooding and Ralph Kairllcld left
last Saturday evening for Louisville
Kentuck where they attended the
Knight Templars Conclave The Car
thage bind went through on the suine
tram emvute for the samu place
Mr and Mrs Krmk Cliue J V
Boucher John and Klniei Bealty uud
W II Ward are among tint Jasimriau
who are attending the Baxter Springs
IIuuiuou this week
Kor millinery of all kinds goto Mn
J W Boucher
There has heuo a number of apple
bujt rs Id the city negotialicg with tho
apple growers for their crops this week
Settle Up
1V want every body Hint owwi
us to Bottle by bopt 1st 1P01 by
rtull or noti
V3bDU2Hl7 Qj
With a Complete Assortment of Styles
My Prices will astonish you I do noc intend to Carry any of my stock over so have put the Prices
SO LOW that they aie bound to Sell I invite You to Compare Prices and also Quality
WiTffnT1 1
Air ami firs Peebles the Victims
1 tic- Ipvvorth league lakes
a Hay Ride to the
i ft
The members of llie MiIIkhIisI churli
give a f inwrll ilinurr last hridiy 111
honor of Mr and Mrs II M Peebles
who leans llus wills for ioklen fit
vvheintlie will make their future homn
It was pi inued as a surprise and was 11
compli to succes The ptsiple met at
the church at ten ncloik mid went to
the Peebles home in a boil The tables
wuc I in the glove nollli of the Smith
Methodiit cliiiiih and iibdiit tistv pco
pie nat down to a feast
and the time was speut 111 u mo- de
hghtfiil iiiinijcr
Mr mill Mrs Peebles have Iihu Invnl
work m 111 the Mithoditt church 111 thii
pi 10 and will lie greall mlrsHl in
hurch circles Th best vvUliex of their
fuends go with them to their new home
Oi Pi Ida ivcuing the joung pejple
ofthediureh surprised Miss Meggiu
Ii ebles by npjm iring nt hor homo abuut
fort strong vvithoit an speciil invitu
lion fiora her The crowd gathered to
gethei up town and with a gojd supply
of watermelons mirebcd to tho hojvn of
tin ir victim and without a moments
vvureing iulnsl in tho house and dejs
I itod tho waterniilonsoa that unaiispect
ing oung 1 ulys lip Tliev then pro
I civ dod to have a good time with ginies
and wafriiielois
thiis LiForco and Troy Masters de
ligbtfnllj DltertilDcit a pirtj of vonng
people at the homo of Mr and Mrs
Jasper Wilson on Lexington Avenue
Saturdav oveuingThcj veiling was spent
mginies Refreshments of ica crean
and cake vveie served All who attend
eil rejxirtan eujojablo time Jhosn pn
cut were MSa3 Kllie Ilnvlra Kloreueo
and Cora Widding Anna and Mr tic
Winder Donla 1mbiee and Mable
Hughes Messrs Bert Shoemukcr Mail
011 VaiiDliiMii Miiston Huh Juste
Johnson Wiiiiu Tallmau Levi Kilter
man Cluis and Herman LiForce I
gan Baylis Troy and ki Masters Mr
and Mrs Jas er Wil sm Mr and Mrs
Unas Wilson and Mr mid Mrs- Mas
ti rt
Tlm rpworlh League ut the Melho
dist church held a tocial at the heme of
Mr II Fox fast of the- elly last
night Th crowd went out 011 a haj
wagon and to uy the hud a g o1 timu
is putting it 111 Idl aiues of various
sorts were plajeil uin the hull and at
nbout 10 aclock a ftutt nf vvatermelors
was indulged Io
Thoje who are iu need of dental work
will bMluteresii to know lhat Dr R
W Key tho Nevada DentUt will be in
Jasper again neit week at Dr Sulli
vans office
U idles for sroot vvnr gits Mrs 1
W Uuuclxr
I FlVHi Bffllll lit till Mlir Rfetutl
wAiMMtk nr
Sheriff Harlows Hounds
Sheriff John M Harlow has recti ved
ruin will merited congratulations over
the recent auci ess of his blood hounds
at Pierce fit in trailing tho riuishcr
and murderer of the girl there last Sun
da The wink of the dogs was the
connecting link 111 the evidenci fur
the follow eil tho trail from the tcenn uf
ciime to and along the Hue uf travel
whkhe vvltneshes testify to having
si en the negro No witness saw the uo
gui leavo tho seno of the murder but
they s iw 1 1 1 lit utter ho left the house 111
an oichard in a graveyaul and in a
I field The dugs went directlv fiom tlm
bridge where the girls thioit was cut
Ui tins negros house thence to tin or
child to tlm gravejard and into Ihn
field over the identical pith where Ihn
I negio hid been seen to go Lunar
1 Demooart
1 A Long List
The following persons have now
bought a Hunts Improved Ventilated
Cream Snpnituor Sol Miller Clnrk
I Ale Win le LihbioAlo Wm Wind
gen MR Johnson Willis Johuson
Urnest Preston O rrosl Geo Bnn
met Then Fuller O M Billard II D
Smith Jas Orendorf Mary Mullrn
hour Jn Penhale J K Ciaun C C
Monroe Allen Kite W L Stairrt C
A Covert Geo Cook S Fullmer deo
Patterson Peter Wakefield Mr Zoo
S I Brown L C HendersouWmMtl
ler I C Paxon U S Lowenstein U
S Grifllu F M Ovvlngs D M Johns
S V ShoopnianJ Lang Jam Weiforcl
E F Keid W A Strieker J L Bur
nette John Weston J S Rose M Con
waJohn Hinamou W T Simmons
V II Hoover H W Cronshaw A A
Lamkin Geo T Bennv Ario Fstcy
R S Tulhs and Jacob BrulTet
Thej are for sal bv J W Starrett
During his last visit to Jasper Dr K
I W Key the Novida dentist did a great
deal of work to the entire satisfaction of
his p ilrons Ho will be hero again ruxt
week At Dr Sullivaus office
For an up to dale stret hat oil
at Mrs T J Simpsons
Lunch goods of ull descriptions
at tlio Star Iteitiiuroiit
Remember we carry a full lino o
Groceries Boots aud Shoes
II HfmikuKS
Try our Coco Coin when wnnL
ing 11 drink Slur Kestuttntnt
Fruit Jars
Reduced to
Pints per doz SSc
Quarts - eSc
Half Gallons - 90c
At Hastinirs

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