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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, September 12, 1901, Image 2

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The Jasper News
LYNrfMuNROBEdltornd Publisher
lsjiinl ensry Thursday nnd devoted to
tho Interests of tho opl of Jimper nnd
vicinity Our tolitlcs The Kentest
Kood to theKrenfest number
Kntered nt tho Iostofllcw nt Jnsper
Mo M Second clais mutter September
21 IBM
NubMUrlptloil Rnte
One Venr 8100
Hlx months M
Threo month 25
HlnRlH cupliti 0
Wood Conl itml Potatoes tulion on
Ailve rtlslnR rain furnished on sppll
AIImhouW Pnclflu Tlm Tiiblo
Mllilll IIOlMI
No i K 0 t Toxns Kpri as 121 a m
No I K C St h Mill 1012am
Niil 2 1ienl Kri iKlit 2Klpm
No 1 and K J Kxpress 1238 a m
NoUl Wul Freight HUiiniu
No fi St L mid K V Mull TOO p in
No and Neb Limited 745 a in
All trains lintn through rhalr rnrs
Cloeeonnoetion in union debits
Tickets -mid Hiid Ihikkiiki ehecked
through to all principle points in tlm
ronntry II O lUKLK Agent
Gliur cli INotlcuM
IIAITIST Itcgultir en ices on the
h iliiriluy Lefore the wound Sunday of
nrh month at 1 oclock p in and on
ttin hoc nil and fourth rjunih sat 11 a
ji and 71ll p m Sunday tchool at 10 a
m ami prnjir mi etlinrTuesdiiy evening
O Ialmkii lnslor
MKTHODI8T Sunday services
Sumlay School 9J50 a in Junior
liKU2l p mi Kpworth LenguoiUX
pm Preaching siiieeH llrst and third
Sunday nights and tuvond and fourth
Sunday mornings Prijer and class
meeting ever Thursday night
1 K IIuiinimh Imtor
M K SOUTH- Punching 1st nmlTd
Huudii in each liionlh morning and
evening Sundiy school each Sundny nt
10 a in Kpunrtli Leignu iwcli Sundni
eietiing cordinteil by l W Spaiil
pr tycr iiicelIiigVichVcdneMlny evening
fJ llnuNKii Pimtor
Preiieliing 2d
and 4lli Himdtysof each niontli at 11 n
in anil 7110 p nt Sunday school 10 a m
1 I Suuda al TI pin prnjcr meeting
Tliursdny niKht M S Joiinmin lastor
Thin is ii frco country but it
ought not to bo mi freo im to linr
bor n clnns of iieoiilo whoho creed is
Death to tliu HulerH
Wlml tho niiurohit expected
to iiucoinplirtli by Inking tho lifo of
VreHidont MeKmloyH ih lmnl
for tho people to comprehend
Another profiMr linn romo to
tlio front IIu hns iliwoviTcd that
it is possible to hypnotize n
rus shopper What would tho
Iountry do without her pro
Iiidgo Kinliuo of tlio county
court does not propose to hnerilieo
500 for tho pnvikKo of ninkiiifj
ii onitul Htiuul piny Tho court
recently adjourned on n Thursday
to moot iiKnin on the following
Sntunlny Ah there wan no busi
inohM on lmnd to necessilnto thoin
iiitotiug on tlmt ilny IresidiiiK
Iiido Hickman protested ngnhiBt
it but old Htubboruess of tho
tho western district said yes and
ho they met As there was prioti
cnlly notliing dono on that day
Indies Hickman ami Adkins
wnivoil their allownico of 500 m
Halary for tlint day Judjje Hlstine
Htated that ho had no apologies to
niiiku and would draw his Kvo a
day lit other words that was
what ho was there for
Tho residents of tho Malty
neighltorhood seem to be boiiio
what divided as to tho most desini
bio point from which to get their
mail or Golden City The
question nt iwito is which town
gets tlio Kansas City papers first
The Kaiibas City Journal and
Times are printed botween ono
and two oclock in tho morning
arrive nt Jasper nt 7 15 und nro
delivered in tho country during
tho day If tho Times anil Journal
ure not dolivered by tho rural cnr
rier from Golden City on tho name
day they are printed Jasper has
tho best of it on that point How
ever Golden baa the route which
is tho causo of tho contention and
in all probability will keep it Tho
thing for Jasper to do if possible
in to mnp out auditor route run
ning to tho northwest and send in
unother application
I Ctlrt n PrrMAnt ni firtliilcpn
From Chicago Record Herald
Tho terriblo howh from BulTiilo
has made the whole country sick
with a common sorrow in which
poignant regret intense indignii
tiou nnd a certain feeling of ilia
may aru mingled
It may bo sjid of tho President
who was so murderously nssnultcd
that ho had no porsonnl enemies
Like Garfield who perished bj
tho assassins hand just twenty
years ago like Lincoln tho earlier
martyr ho has ever been the most
amiable of men Gentleness nnd
kindness of heart were n natural
endowment which ho hns retained
unimpaired throughout all the
fiorco storms of politics
Like his predecessors whom we
havo unined he nunc too from
tho common people who were ex
nlted by his exaltation Ho has
been our most populnr President
since Lincoln popular in every
section of tho couutiy and it is
well nigh incomprehensible how
any sauo person could have medi
tated his murder
Hut the anger against his assail
ant and ngaiiiht tho idti is and the
associations which ho represents is
at white heat Tho nation de
mands his exemplary punishment
und n stricter surveillance overnn
arch is t clubs and all threatening
enemies of tho government In
this hour tlio lewon is fenrfuly
enforced that wo are much more
likely to loso liberty through li
cense than through a calculating
It is an appalling thought that
tho great republic with nil it1
promises and till its deeds for op
pressed Immunity exposes its
chief mngislrites to moro deadly
chances than doe any empiie oi
kingdom 15nt seven men regu
larly elecled President in tlio lnsl
thirly six years mid three of them
brought low with tho nssas duV
Tho predominant feeling now
however is anxious hope for tilt
innocent and much levered suf
feror at Bullalo and of no less
anxious sympathy for hisstiickeu
An Iiikimious Treatment by ivhich
Drunkards am lining Ciipm Dally
In Spite of Themselves
No Noxioui Dines No Weakening of
the Nenes A Pleasant and
Positive Curo fir the IJij
nor Habit
It Is now cent rally known in d
that Drunkenness Is n disease and
not weakness A body llllid with poi
son and neries completely shatteritl by
periodic il or constant us of ititnvicnl
ok llinmrs rciuiiriS an autiilotocip ibl
of neiitrali7ini and eridjcitlug this i
on anil ili troiig tho cravinu for In
toxicTUts Slferera limy now cure
themselves nt hunin vvitle nt publicity or
loss of time from business bj this won
derful jiomk iOLl cuius which lias
been pel fiHJtitl after in in j ears of close
study and treatment of inebriates Th
faithful uso nccordlnK tn directions o
this wonderful dl sivery is positive
guaranteed to urn tlio most obstinate
case no mnttcr how hard a drinker
Our records show the mtnclous trans
formation of thousiuds of drunkards In
to sober Industrious and upright men
iifn cckk vovn tAiUKnsI This reined
is in no sense a nostrum but is n specillc
for this disease only and is so skillfullv
dnvlstxl nod prepared that It is thorough
ly solublo and pleasant to tun taste eq
that it can bo givnd In it cop of tea or
cotleu without tho know ledge of tho per
son taking it Thousnnds of Drunkards
have cured themselves with this price
loss remedy and M many niore have
been cured and made temperate moil bv
having the cuiik administered by lov
ing friend and relatives without their
knowledge In coHen and tea and believe
today that thoy discontinued drinking
of their ovvn frcn will uo not wait
Do not be deluded by npparnnt and
leading improvement Drive out th
dUease at onco and for nil time The
HOMR iioiil cckk Is sold at the ex
tremely low prico of Ono Dollar thus
placing wilhin reach of everybody a
treatment more cllectual thau othen
costing 25 e7 Full direction aooom
pany each paekago Special lulvicH b
skilled phjilcians when reqnostod with
out extra charge Sent prepaid to an
part of tho vvorll on receipt of One Dol
lar Address Dept 1 Kntvin n oilkh
cow ant 2333 and 2332 Market Street
All corresi oudcnce strictlj contidentlal
wife Upon her ho has lavished
such a wealth of raro tenderness
and devotion that nil women call
him blest He tins been her
strength and Iter shield through
many years of sickness tho very
ideal of what n husband should be
From thousands of homes tho
prayer is raised that he may still
bo spared to her and that sho inny
not bo completely shattered by tho
dreadful event of Friday
Something Now Under
tliu Sun
All doctors havo tried to cure CATnim
by the use of powders acid gases Inhal
ers nrd drugs in pasto form Their pnvv
dera dry up the mucuous membranea
causing them to crack open and bleed
The riovierfiil ncids used in the inhalers
havo entirely eaten away the same mem
branes that their makers have aimed to
cure while pastos and ointments cannot
reach the disease An old and experien
ced prnctitloner who has for many years
made n cluse study and tpeclalty of tho
treatment of catahiiii has at last per
fected a treatment which when faithful
ly used not oply relieves at once but per
manently cures catahiiii by r moving
the cause stjpplng tlm discharges and
curing all liitianinutlon It is the only
luedlclun known to science that actually
reaches the ntlllctisl parts This wonder
ful remedy is known us snu kkirs the
nCAKAMTKKtATAIIUH CLitiitnd is soldnt
tho extremely low price of One Dillar
each paekago containing inti rnal and ex
ternal medicine sutllclcnt for for n full
months treatment and ever thing neo
essar to its perfi ot use
sNLrERs is the only perfect c
rAisnn t lHK ever mads und Is now- reo
og icdiis the only safe and positlvocure
fur that annoying nnd disgusting dis
ease It cures all irtlanimatlon iplio ly
and ertiancntly and Is alsowomlei fully
pnick to relievo hay nvior com in
CATVUIill when neglected often leads
to will save
ou if you nut It at once It is no oidl
nn ry i eiiusl v but a complete treatment
which is positively L uaraiitisd to curo
CAiAitltll In any form or stage if utd ac
cording to the directions which accom
pany each package Donl delay but
send for it at once nndwrito full partic
ulars as to jour condition nnd viu will
receive seclal advic from the discover
er of this wonderful remedy rcgrrding
your cise without cost to oil heond
tlm tegular pneu of snufiias the
Sent prepaid tlm United Slates or Can
ida on reN ipt of Uim Dollar Address
PANY 2330 and 2332 Market Street
A Night of Terror
Awful anxeity was felt for tho wid
ow of the brave General llnriiham of
Micliigin Me wh n tho doctors said
she would die from pneumonia befire i
morning wiites Mrs S II Lincoln
who attended her that feaiful night
but sho begged for Dr Kiugs Now Dis
corry which had more than once savitl
her life and cured her of consumption
After taking she slept all night This
marvelous medicine is guaranteed to
all Throat chest nnd Lung diseases
Only Wo and 100 Ti ial bottlts free
at Webb Uros drug store
Geo V Lane Puwnmi Mich writes
Your Kodol Dsppsio curo is tho best
remedy for indigestion mid stomach trou
ble that I ever used Korears I suffered
froindysiepslu at firms comtelling me
to stay in bed and causing me untold ag
on I am completely cured by Kodol
Dyspepsia cure In recommending it to
my frieuds who sulTer from Indigestion I
always oiler to pay for It If it falls Thus
far I havo never imld K I Lauder
A diseased liver dichrrs itself by mor
rosemws mental depression lack of ener
gy rcstlessne melancholy nnd coustl
nation ilKliniNKwill restore tho liver to
a healthy condition Price COo E I
Lauderbaugh Drug Co
Norris Silver North Stratford N Hi
I purchased n bottle of One Jlinnte
cough curo whensntferlng with u cough
doctors told mi was incurable One bot
tle relieved me trjs second and third al
most oured Today I am a well man
E I Lauddrbaugb
vvitiTfcscnKAM VEsuimiK Is perfectly
harmless and will remove every worm
It 13 also a tonic and by Its strengthen
lug properties will restore to pale cheeks
the rosy hue of hinlth Irioo 2oo I I
Lnuderbaugh Drug co
Dont wait until yon becomo chrool
cally constipited but takeDeWitls Lit
tlo Early Hisers now nnd then Thejr
will keep your liver and bowels in good
order Easy to take Sifo i ills E I
Hare you a sense of fullnbssin there
giono your stomach after eating If so
you willbobenelttedby using chamber
lainsStcmachandLIver Tablets They
vlsocuro belching nnd sour stomach
Tbeyregulatn the bowels too Price 25
wnts Sold by Webb Bros
St Louis Exposition
One fare nnd ono third for roun it trip
- sell Sept 8-1012-1719-2120 Oct 1 3-8-10
return limit 0 days from dato of
St Louis Talr
Ono fare for round trip Sell Oct Cth
to 11th return limit Oct ltth
Scdalla State Pair
One faro nround trip Sell Sept 8 to
12th return limit Sept 14th
Log Rolling Nevada
Sept 20 1001 Spcclnl trnin going and
returutg 75 cents round trip
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea Aft J
Thirty Years of Suffering
I suffered for thirty years with diar
rhoea nnd thought I was past being cur
ed snys John 8 Hallownytof French
Camp illss I had spent so much tinio
nnd money and suffered so much that I
had gived up all hopes of recovery I was
so feeble from the effects of theoiarrhoen
that 1 could do kind of labor could not
even travel but by accident was permit
titl to find a bottlo of chamberlains col
ic cholera nnd Diarrhoea Remedy nnd
after taking several bottles nm entirely
cuicd of that trouble lain so pleased
with the result that I am anxious that it
bo In reach of nil who suffer as I have
For sale by Webb Uros
Stood Death Off
E H Munday lawyer Henrietta
Tex once fooled a grave digger He savs
My brother was vejy low with malarirl
and Jaundice I persuaded him to try
Electric Hitters and he was soon much
better but he continued their use till he
was wholy cured I am Biire Electric
Uittrs saved his life This remedy ex
pels inalnrla kills disease germs and pur
illes the blood aids digestion regulates
liver kidneys und bowels cures cotutl
pitlonilvspep ia nervous dUeasts kid
ney trouble female complaints gives
perfect health Only fXo at Webb Uros
A Pltlnblo Sight
Whnt Is more pitiable than to seen pu
n delicate little child absolutely dying
from neglect Them are mail llttloones
w hose cheeks would grow rosy whose
eyes would grow bright whose ilesh
grow pluinpand prettv if only the worms
that are iniwingnt their vitals were re
moved which is easily ellectisl wti Moth i
ers Worm S i up so nice to tnko thnt i
children usk fur lr ALua euro for tape
woini in grown iieuplo Try n 2J cent
When a cough or cold is long neglect
od consumption almost invariably fol
lows tteineinber Mexican Svriiy ouly
costs25 cents iv bottle and jet has prov
en In many thousand cases an absolute
cure fureoughs colds und consumption
Taken In tunc it cures quickly Chil
dren like it because in tastes so good In
sistonourdiuggistkeepiugit for sale
Uend thesiemiugly miraculous cures it
has i fleeted piiutod on the wrapper
around theliuttte
Chamberlains Cough Remedy A
Great Favorite
Tho soothing and healing properties of
thisri niedy its pleasant tasteund prompt
and peimaneut cuies have made it a
great favorite with people everywhere
It is especially prized by mothers of tninll
children for colds croup aud n hooping
cough as It always affords quick relief
nnd as it contains no opium or other
harmful drug It may given as confi
dently to n baby as to an adult For salo
by Webb Uros
Tlio Secret of Good
Thnsecretof beauty nnd good health
Is oleanliuess Uncleanliness breeds dis
ease IntM unl leaiiliuess is even of
greater Importance than external Keep
our liver active and your bowels tho
roughly clean by taking u Mexican root
Pill occasionally Their liso does tho
nerves kidno s cto good also Ouly 23
coutsn box
A Shocking Calamity
Lately befell n railroad laborer
writes Dr A Kellett of Willford Ark
His foot was badly crushed but Uuck
leus Arnica Salve quickly cured htm
Its simply wonderful fur Hums Dolls
Piles and nil skin eruptions Its the
worlds champion healer Cure guaran
teed 23o Sold by Webb Uros
Many physicians are now prescribing Ko
dol Dyepepslit curo regularly having
foun I that it is the best prescription they
can writ becausoitis theone prepara
tion which contains tho elements
sary to digest not only tome kinds of food
but all kinds and it therefore cures indi
gestion and dspepsto no matter what its
cause E I Lauderbaugb
tablkrs nucKKYB riLK oniTMEiT re
linves the intense itching It soothes
beats nnd cures chronio cases where sur
surgeons fail It is no experiment its
sales increase through its cures Every
bottle guaranteed Price 50 cts in bot
tles tubes 75 cts E I Lauderbaugb
Drug co
You may bridle the appetite but you
can not bribe tho liver to do its work well
You must be honest with it help It along
a llttlo now nnd then with a dose of hkru
ink the best liver regulator Price 60c
E I Laudcsbnugh Drug Co
If not all of these symptoms llien
some of therm Its your
this lino give mo n call
Physician and
Calls attended to dny nnd night
Office in Wells Hulldlnp
Residence Phone No 13 Jnsper Mo
Notary Public
Real Estate and Insurance A eat
In Dank of Jnsper Jasper
Fir 20 Yurs Mas Ltd all
Meat Market
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meals
Produce flour aud feed
jMMBHmi 9M
14 r m 2eMB Your anDetite is Door
UL O JLUll JLfflhvSrl vour heart flutters
you nave headaches tongue is coateu ona oreatn dowcis
lutiaiiLtiicu uau luaic in vnc uiuuuiii
i tmr vr
b a natural
vegetable remedy
containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons It will correct
any or all symptoms make your health
appetite and spirits good At drupgtsts 50 cents
wwwiminiinwi1v nwiraim r
Practical Blacksmiths
Wagon Carriage and Machine Work
The miirkot prico of nil iron mul steel is rontly reduced on tires
cnrriiipo nxols Wo im snvo you niouoy Call nnd jot prices iiiul wo
will tlo you good All work wnrrnntcd
Shops One Block North of St James Hotel
A New Line of
Steel Ran
Cast cook tniolinn nnd blue flame oil stoves Tiunnrn wushint innchlnes
pu 11 h screen wire stole rep dr croimi epnrators AImi nil kinds of
guttering apotitinn rtxifini heivy nulvanifsl iion Hnclt tankii
or imy kiud of uork thnt can be clone In 11 tmrhop AH
kinds of stales lnluliii k isoline nnd oil r piiritl 111
IVoxt Door to JD W Tooter Purnlturt Store
radical Horse Shoer
First Class Work Guaranteed
Opposite Lumber Yard Jasper Mo
At My Old Stand
I desire to cnll the nttontion of
tho publio to tho fact thnt I ntti
ngnin nt my old stnud with n nice
line of
Flour Feed
When in need of anything in
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you cat
It artificially digests tho food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing tlio exhausted dlRcstlve or
gans ItUtholatcstdlscovcreddlimit
antand tonic No other preparation
can approach It In eniclcncy It In
stantly relieves and permanently emeu
Dyspepsia Indigestion Heartburn
Flatulent c Sour Stomach Kaufcit
ullotherresultsof Imperfect digestion
Prlee5neKnatt IjinrosteecpntalnsSH times
Prsparcd by E C DtWITT A CO Cblcaoo
El Lauderbaugh Drug Co
Is now located In bis neiv building
whero you enn Ket otir repair-
Intc done nt nil times
Parlor Barber Shop
Shop in Lowe llulldine
Fine Stock of Cigars Alwaon Hand
Headquarters for laundry
Men Wanton ULT
MUlTlswal fwMI VUtlll f Uti
taa fj coa ortM
Ladies Wanted
T Inn
iatt nl
mm d akupoir Ob1 fiMir Mn
rrr4 TtWt wmm4 IhphMU
rf rwctkif
tad irtiii
U rruidMi
Dont Be Fooledi
Tk tl cnulnc orltloat
Md onlr by MuIImii Mf 41
clno Co Madlun Wli It
ketp you well Our trd
mark cut tub pack
Prlca is cnt Nvcr oJ4
In bulk Acctpt no utxtl
nuiHiHi lul Aik your drugjlit
- -yr r i WHITES cream
j A e jUBhiiVL uJU v iM fr
4Uu -

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