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The Jasper News
LYNN MONROEtMltornd Publisher
Ismcd orcry Thursdny nnd devoted to
lio Interests of the poop of Jimir end
lclnlty Our politics Tho greatest
pood to tuKHtest number
Entered nt the VtmtoKcn nt Jwiper
Mo na Seoond claui matter September
81 18B8
Huhiiurlptlon Mutes
Ono Year J100
KU months
Three months 2i
HInulo coulee uo
Wood Coil nnd Potatoes taken on
Advertising rates furnished on nppll
A1lHourl Pucllu Tlm Tiiblo
No J K O A Texas Kxpress 124 n m
No 4 KCt St h Mull 1012 n in
SnMi -Local Krchdit 2j5 pin
So 1Tox and K C Express 12T8 a m
No311 Icnl Freight 815 nra
No Bt h nnd K C ilaii 300 p m
No 0 Knn and Neb Limited 715 a ni
All trains linvn throiiKh chair rare
Close connection in union dniiota
Tickets wId and baggage checked
through to nil principle jxiinl In the
country II O UAKEK Agent
Church Notice
Itegulnr services on the
Hiturdny before the wconu Buncmy oi
n icli month nt 3 oclock p in nml on
the Hecend nnd fourth Bund iys at 11 n
m nnd 730 p m Sunday school at10 A
m nnd pra tr meetlnisTuisday evening
O IS 1aimkii 1iwtor
METHODIST Sunday servioos
Bunday School fluW a m Junior
lVvigue 2T0 p in Kpworlh Lengue 000
i m Preaching srvlcea Unit and third
Sunday nights and second and fourth
Htindny morplngs Prnjer and class
meeting effery Thursday night
1 K UliiNiiAH Pastor
M E SOUTH- Preaching 1st andlld
fcluudn in each month morning and
evening Sunday school each Sunday nt
10 n m Epworth League each Sundnv
ienitig cordueted by J V Spaid
pry er niwliiigJeachWiOnestUy evening
Uiiinkii Pastor
CHRISTIAN Preaching services 2d
nnd 4th Hundiyi of euch month at 11 a
in and 7 H p m Sunday bc1hm1 10 a m
E Sunday at OiW im prajer meeting
Thursday night AI S Joiinsok Pastor
Tlin Bin Rod Apple will Iiavo
the right of wny now for n couiilo
of niontliR
A united people mourn tho
lenlli of their beloved Prodi tunt
Nowhero in thu country do tho
nowi piipora express n inoro ilcep
fueling of Etymimtliy tliuii those of
thu South
The ordinary pcruou huldom nt
tciiiplH to pronounce tho iiiiino of
1resiilent Mclvinleys nasafeiii the
becond time
Tiwnor county fruit look first
premium ut tlitrHtiUo Puir nt So
dnlin lust week Ureeno county
will hnve to look to her laurels
Lincoln QurUcltlniuJ JfiiKiiiloy
tho three miirtyred 1reaidoutH
will live in thu liourbj of the
ienn pooplo us long ns tho nation
Hinco the Curtlmgu Democrat
begiui its wnrfnro iigninst tho Webb
uity foot nieerR tlin Sentinel nays
tit tit tho program has boon cTinngod
from ono to two races n tiny
A tidal wave of tho niostiutenso
feeling against tho pernicious doc
trine of anarchy hns swopt over tho
country Tho universal convic
tion is thnt tho anarchist must go
Tito blood of tho martyr marks
tlio completion of many of the
gronteyonts in history Tho North
and the Soutlf havo been united ui
heart by tho life and death of Win
- IL10 Lamor papers nre speak
ing the harvest m
sloro for the undertakers nt that
llOfe Tho Lender saysjhit Do
comxition nml death nre lurking
in tho muins of tho Lamar Wuter
Tho AujjutnntGeueraT lays ttjo
blame of tho reccnV Piorce
City outrage to tho sheriff
of Lawrence county shoriff
lays it on tho people of Fiero
City uud the people of Pierce Uity
place the responsibility on tho cit
isciU of Jloitutt
The Nation Mourns
The nntion mourns todny over
tho death of William McJUnloy na
It lm not mourned ninco the as
HiiBtiitis bullet deprived tho coun
try of the beloved biucoln As
tho deuth of Abruhnm Lincoln
marked the constiininntioii of the
great struggle between the north
nnd the south whiclijbrought about
tho political reunion so might the
death of William McKiuley be
said to mnrk tho consummation of
it much closer reuniting of the
two sections n joining of the
hearts of tho neoplo Indeed no
man has over received greater tri
bute from any source thnn has the
martyred President from tho peo
plo of tho south
It is hard for us to realize that
thisgrent nnd good man the nior
tul part of him is thiB afternoon
being conRignodto its last resting
place in n littleOliio graveyard but
wo may feol assured that while he
is dead ho yet spoiketh through
tho uoblo lifo which ho lived
With Dr Hejiworth wo can say
we rovero his memory because in
both his private and his official
lifo ho was n sturdy defender of
tho right n man with aeonBciouce
It is no flattery to say in this
hour of national bereavement that
u eeiiBo of personal loss increases
our sorrow but as wo think of him
toduy it Is not in connection with
tho oflieo ho filled so much as in
connection with tho courageous
manliness of tho man Simple
minded quiol in heart ho was at
first hopeful of reooviry l ml did
his part to stay tho progress of his
malady but when ho saw that it
hud been otherwise decreed he
looked through the window nt the
green trees nnd tho blue sky whis
pering how beautiful Then with
u peaceful ncceptnnco of his doom
bade us all good -by mid with n
Thy will bo done fell asleep
We shall cherish the memory
of our dead his lifeguii incentive
to the youth of his country Jhin
record uublemialiud y rttrets
He hat passed beyond the reach
of this life and his lust hours were
made radiant by a faith in Uod
and n certainty of the immortality
An Ingenous Treatment by nhleh
Drunkards are Ileing Cured Dally
la Spite of Themselves
No Noxious Doses No Weakening of
the Nerves A Pleasant and
PositlveCurefor tho Liq
uor Habit
It Is now generally known
that Drunkenness is adiseiuw and
not weakness A body tllld with poi
son nnd nerves completely shattered by
periodical or eonstautusoftintoxicnt
iug liquors rcqufres an nntidpto capable
of neutralizing nnd eradicating thia poi
son nud destroying the craving for ln
toxicants Btlerers may now cure
themselves at home wltheut publicity or
low of time from bualnessbyBthU won
derful iiomb cioldcurk which has
been peifected after mtny years of oIosh
study nnd treatment of inebrlites Thi
faithful uso nceording to directions of
this wonderful dlsooreryls positively
guaranteed to cure tho most obstinate
case no matter how hard n drinker
Our records show tho marvelous trans
formation of thousands of drunkards in
to sober Industrious and upright men
WtVKS curb voen iujsuandjU child-
Rd cure rouii rATiiEiull This remedy
is In to sense n nostrum but is n specific
for this disease only nnd is so skillfully
tovlsed and prepared that it is thorough
ly soluble had pleasant to tho taste so
that It can bo gived In a cup of ten or
coffee without tho knowledge of tho per
son taking it Thousands of Drunkards
havo cured themselves with this price
less remedy and na many more have
been cured and made temperate men by
having the curb1 administered by lov
ing friends nnI relatives without thlr
knowledge In cofTee nnd tea and believe
today that thoy discontinued drlnklnu
of thMr unn free -will uo not- wait
Do not be doluded by apparent nnd mli
leadlog Improvement Drive out the
disease atonee nnd for nil time The
homk OOLD cl re Is sold at tho ex
trtmely low price of One Dollar thus
placing within reach of everybody a
treatment inoro effectual than others
OOStlDg tS6 ISO Full directions lumvn
skilled physicians when requested with
out extra charge Sent prepaid to any
part of the world on receipt of One Dol
lar Address Dent 1 xnnrix n i v a
Companv M and 2333 Market Street
which awaits ns all Such an ex
ample suoh n deathbed speaks to
us with an eloquence which can
not bo resisted
That kind of religion loads ono
in the footsteps of the Masierbath
when He entered Gethsamano nnd
when Ho ascended to heaven
Something New Under
the Sun
All -doctors have tried to cure CATnmt
by the ua cf powder Held gaiea Inhal
ers nd drugi In paste fornf Their
ders dry up tho mucuous membranes
causing them to crack open and bleed
Tho lowrrful nelds used In the Inhalers
have entirely eaten away the snmo mem
branes that their makers have aimed to
cure whllu pastor and ointments cannot
reach the disease An old and experien
ced practitioner who lift for many years
made n close study nnd specialty of the
treatment of catauku hna nt last per
fected a treatment which nhensaltliful
ly usdnotoety relieves at odco but per
manently cures CATAKRU by removing
the cause stopping tho discharges nnd
curing all Inflammation It is the only
medicine known to scienco thnt actually
reaches the afflicted parts This wonder
ful remedy isknownns 8NurtLE4 the
the extremely low price of One Dollar
o ich packnge containing internal and ex
ternal medicine sufficient for for a full
months treatment and ever thing
edsary to Its perfect use
atLrrcKi U thu only perfect cv
tariui cukk evor made and is now roc
ogklzcdaa the only s ifo and positive cure
fur that annoying and disgusting dis
ease It cures nil iUlammntion quickly
and permanently nnd is also wonderfully
pulck to relievo UATTKVKKor cold In
cataiirii when neglected often leads
to coNflU4rTOK siFri8 will save
you Ifyou uh it at oueu It is no ordl
niry renvdy but a roiuptetn treatment
which Is positively guaranteed to cure
catarrh in any form or stage if uied ac
cording to the directions which
pany each package Dont delay but
send for it nt once and write full partic
ulars us to our condition and you will
receive s rcil adric from tho discover
er nf this wonderful remedy regrrdlng
your cane without cost to jnu beyond
the regular price of sacryLM the
iiuaiiamtku catarrh cciik
Sent preiuld the United States or Can
aOA on reeelpi ot Ouo UolUr AdJrw
PANV 2rw nud 2332 Market Street
A Night of Terror
Awful anxeity was felt fur the wid
ow of tho bravo jenernl Ilnrnham of
Michigan Mo wh n tho doctors said
she would dio from pneumonia before
morning writes Mrs S II Lincoln
who attended her that fenrful night
hut she begged for Dr Kings Now
which had inoro than once saved
her life and cured her of consumption
After taking sho slept all night This
marvolous medicine Is guaranteed to
all Throat chest and Lung diseases
Only 00c nndU00 Tiial bottles free
at Webb llros drug store
Geo WLnnn Pewamo Mich writes
Your Kodul Djspepsto euro Is the best
remedy for ludigestion and stomach trou
ble that I ever used For years I suffered
from dysi cIa nt times compelling me
tostayinbed and causing me untoldag
I nm completely cured by Kodol
Dysiieimia cure In recommending it in
my friends wfio suffer from Indigestion 1
always effer to pay for It if it falls Thus
far I havo never pald E I Lauder
A diseased liver diclnrrs itself by mo
roseas men tal depression hick of
gy resuessbess melancholy nnd oonstl
ation HKKDiNK will restore thp liver to
a healthy condition Price COo E I
LaudorbuughDrug Co
Norris Silver North Strntfprd N II
I purchased a bottle of Ono Minute
oouge euro whi suffering with a cough
dootors told m was inburtbte Onabot
tie relioved me tbi aeeond nnd third al
most cured Todiy I am a well man
E I Lauderbaugh
whites cream VEsmrvcie is perfectly
harmless and will remove eyery toira
Itfsalson tonic and bv Its utrenalhon
ing properties wlirrestoro to pain cheeks
inerosy Due or health Price Mo E I
Lauderbaugh Drug Co
Dont wait until tou become rkmnl
oally consapaledbui takeDeWHts Lit
tlo Early libers now npd then They
Ul Heepyour liver and bowels In itood
qrder Easy to Uke fj ifetills E I
Lauderbaugh -
Ilaveyou a sense of fullness In the re
gion oyoSVsfomachnfter eatlngflf so
yeu wlllbe benefited by
moscJlomaohnndLiver TableU They
pany each picknge Special ndvieobyf wocf bfljfhlng npd sour etomaoh
JhejrreguLhB bowels too Price 25
eenrj bold by Webb Bros
A an external liniment of most won
derful penitrntlre and curative power
baixarus snow liniuentU not equaled
llW nu nlli ln V 11 t na
uj viirj U iuo wofiu i rice soanu
1n eorr xndenco strictly confidential 50c E I Uudercugh Drug Co
St Louis Exposition-
Ono fare and one third for round trip
-ell Sept 1-3-8-10
return limit 0 days from dato of
St Louis Pair
One fare for round trip Sell Oct Cth
to Uth return limit Oct 14th
Sedalla State Fair
Ono faro around trip Sell Sept 8 to
12th return limit Sept 14th
Log Rollins Nevada
Sept SO 1001 Special train going and
returntg 7Ii cents round trip
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea Aftt
Thirty Years of Suffering
IsufTered fortMrty years with diar
rhoea and thought I was past being cur
ed says JohnS Ilallowayof French
Camp Miss I had spent so much time
nnd money nnd suffered bo much that I
had gived up all hojies of recovery I was
so feeblo from the effects of the darrboea
that I could do kind of labor could not
even travel but by accident was permit
ted to find a bottle of chamberlains col
ic cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and
after taking aovernl bottled am entirely
oured of that trouble I am no pleased
with the result that I am anxious that It
be In roach of all who suffer as I havo
Formilo by Webb Pros
Stood Death Off
E II Munday lawyer r Henrietta
Tex once fooled a grave digger He says
My brother was vejy low with mnlnrlrl
and Jaundice I persuaded him to try
Electric Hitters nnd he was soon much
better but hn continued their use till he
wns wboly cured I nm sure Elect re
Dittrssived his life- This remedy ex
pels malaria kills disease germs and pur
lHes the blood nlds digestion regulates
liver kidneys and bow els cures
pationdSHpla nervous diseases kid
ney troubles femalo coinpl viots given
perfct health Only fXtout Webb Bros
A Pltlnblo Sluh t
What Is more pitiable than to soon pu
ny dcllcatelittlechild absolutely dying
from neglect There aro many little ones
whoso cheeks would grow rosy whose
ys would grow bright whose lUwh
grow plumpand pretty If only the worms
that nrugniwingnt their vitals were re
moved vv hieb is easily effected wti Moth
ers Worm Sjrup so nice to tnko that
chlidnnitsk for It Aisoacuro for tape
worm lu grown people Try a 23 cent
Something to Rcmombor
hen 11 roudh or cold is long neglect
ed consumption utmost Invnri ibly fl-
Uiws RememW Mexican Syruy ouly
cohIb 23 cents n bottle and yet has prov
en in many thousand rases an nbsolnte
cure fur coughs colds and consumption
Taken In time it cures quickly Chil
dren like it because in tastos so good In
sist on your druggist keeping It for Kale
Read theseemlugly miraculous cures it
has effected printed on the wrapper
around tho bottle
Chamberlains Cough aRemedy A
Qreat Favorite
The soothing and healing properties of
this remedy Its pleasant tnsto nml prompt
and permanent cures havo made it a
great favorite with eoplo everywhere
It is especially prized by mothers of rniall
children for colds croup nnd whooping
rough ns It nlwnys affords quick relief
and ns it cootnins no opium or other
harmful drug It may be given ns confi
dently ton baby as to an adult For sale
by Webb Uros
Thu Secret of Qood
Thosecretof boauty and good health
is cleanliness lucleaullnees breeds dis
ease Internal cleanliness is oven of
grouter inirtauce than externul Keep
your liver active and your bowels tho
roughly clean by taking n Mexican root
Pill occasionally Their uso does tho
nerves kidneys eto good also Only 35
cents n box
A Shocking Calamity
Lately befell a nllroad laborer
writenDr K llelt of WlUfonl Ark
Hlsfpot was badly crushed but Uuck
tens Arnica Salvo quickly cured him
Its simply wonderful for Hums Boils
Piles nod all skin eruptions Its tho
worlds champion healer Cure guaran
teed 2io Sold by Webb Bros
Many physicians are now prescribing Kot
dol Dyepepslu euro regularly having
founl that it Is the best prescription they
can write beoAUstitls the one prepara
tion which contains the elements
nary to digest not only tonje kinds of food
butnll kinds and it therefore cures Indi
gestion and dyspepsia no matter what its
cnnse EvI Lauderbaugh
lieves the Intense itching It soothes
beats and ourea chrootooasra where
surgeons fall It U no experimenU IU
salee Incrwae through its cures Every
bottle guaranteed Price 60 cts In bot
tles tubes 76cts E I Lauderbaugh
Drug co
You may bridlo the appetite but you
can not bribe thejlver to do I U work well
You must be honest with It help It along
a little now and then with a dosoof hkbh
inn the best liver regulator Price OOo
E I Laudcsbaiigh Drug Co
Meat Market
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats
Produce flour and feed
fs lour
-- i hif ri
Your appetite Is poor
your heart flutters
you nave headaches tongue is coated bad breath bowels
constipated bad taste in the mouth
If not all of these symptoms fXT then
some of them Its your
mi s6
y a m w
11 1 m
is a natural
vrgetable remedy
containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons It will correct
any or all symptoms make your health
appetite and spirits good At drupgists 50 cents
Practical Blacksmith
Wagon Carriage and Machine Work
The umrket price of nil iron mid steel is jrently reduced on tires
rnrriiitro uxels AVo run nave you monuy Cull nud yet pricas unci wo
will do you good All work warranted
Shops One Block North of St James Hold
A New Line of
Steel Rans es
the public to tho fiictjthnt I nin
nguiii at my old Btnud witli u nice
line ot
Flour Feed
When in need of nnything iu
this line give roe It rail
Physician and
Culls attended to dny and night
Office In Wells Duijding
Iteaidence Phone No 12 Jasper Mo
Notary Public
Seal Estate and Insurance Aeat
In Bnnk ofJnsper Jiuper
Cnstronk gnunhno nnd bluo flame oil stoves Tinware washing machines
puin n screen wire Mve n p tirs orn im xopnnitors Alfo nil kinds of
guttering Hpnutiug nxifing heiivygMlviiniznl iron stcck tniks
ornny kiudof noik that can be Mi ne in a tinshop All
Kinus 01 siovej ineiu ling gvsolino ana oil repareit nt
Door to JD
V Tcetora Purnlturt Storo
Practical Horse Shoer
First Class Work Guaranteed
Opposite Lnmber Yard Jasper Mo
At My Old Stand
I cleeiro to cnll the nttention of
Dyspepsia e
Digests what you eat
UnrtlQclallydlgeststho foodand atds
Nature In strengthening nnd recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans It la tliolalestdlscovcred digest
ant and tonic So other preparation
enn nnnroach It tti cfllclencv It In-
6tantly rcllevesnnd permanently ctuca
Djspepcla Indigestion Ilenrtburn
Flatulence Sour Stomach Kaufcn
Sick Headache GastralglaCrampsand
allother results of Imperfect digestion
PrlroSrtc nnclll LarzotltecontatnsSH times
smalt size lUiok all abuutdystHiliiiDutlvirrea
Prepared by E C DeWITT 4 CO Cllcaa
E I Lauderbaugh Drug Co
Is now located in his new building
whoro you con get jour repair
ing dono nt nil t fines
Parlor Barber Shop
Shop In IJwe Uuilding
Roe Siockof Cfears Alwaysjon Hand
Ho idiunrters for laundry
Men Wanted
W IcmJi Um
MMkl flWU MMbtl Mtfil f tool
Ladies Wanted S
mn vl Urvfdf talr to wcka i
Ht Tooli yraMitod DiUwH 1
uto4 fvuboM MtsU4
far Tr CU1w
1Mb f lUfclh
DontBe Fooledi
Take the genuine original
Mad nnly by Madlaon Mull
ein Co Madifoo Wli It
keep yon well Our trad
mark cut an each package
Pries fs cents Merer ol4
In bulR Accent no subttl
KWHimiui lute Aek your druggist
JAoH la Quatlir Bu 1 1 a Qutliiy
Ftr 20 Yiars Mas Ui all Warn inlrs WHISMM
Eia t xeXa DnvaarsTtj

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