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The Jasper news. [volume] (Jasper, Missouri) 1898-1924, October 03, 1901, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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1 I
H i
H j Kinq Cheviots in lifdit and
j dark Styles for snirts and
Dublin Item
it ha ben torno time since tli
wrer iaent Iii news from hero lie
fitiln wmmwhat like the bosthnt piny
hook from tchool and alien ho re
tutu fnU nowhat out of lilt element
Mr llkr who moved hern a fnw
vi k ao bust bought a j icon of land
mliuiiinc tj ncnmof Mm Tnliler and
b i a ucw roidencu about ilDisbed not
will mwe In this week Ho will com
plete tint Inside Inter Mr Liwneid
dm In oar enter
Sfm o in eiitrinoiial storm tho
rncd up and tho watermelon man
I liipi y
Mr Weill r ll filling mat In Car
Our Sunday school iifml last Bun
dv dt 10 a m The reriiw Iwmou was
try Interesting He Morlan our
worthy iicrinienint copied tho en
tip kion on thn blackboard making it
i tu recite The timperance leason
i Riven rit ial attention shoeing the
nvunt of imtijr spout for foreign mis
more Cli rut inn work t ulilic tclicol
iixir lobncro and cliewiuggum in thn
iui d atatr fjr onnr Tho money
ivtit or tliellrst three mentioned U
i lit 7j percent of tliiil ut three Just
think of it jou whonre templed to Inr
rUiijil llirttian cup that where -
me i xptcded for religious and school
rk WW are sK nt for liquor tobacco
ii ill gum In one yer in thu United
ri Now will nine one plcono
this iUMtion Why is it that a
numiur of tuiig men who havv beon
heard renmk that they would go to
church more if they nould not pass
hrouod the hat no much would rather
throw their lives and J92W away than
i iv to churrli and gucti GOto tho
nil f hriitianity
Tb ri i a u ry common sning that
nwhy h alright in it place Where
is M men In tl e Ixittoni of the ocean
ieepi si ilaii over nil en in depth
Do h hoot ii progressing nicely It
r rmnenccd Scttrniler It with Mr
Km ktri at teacher
Her Harvey anil nifn who hue been
uiiiW their diughtcr nt Viator
l ruin returned lint neik They
it k eiy hichly of Colorado
t me of our people loilc adniulngo of
th cxcurmuti tSumliy und nonttolu
Kisl Mi rrill ia drilhni a well for Ov
ir Faskim
Mpi Krutik Hutch of arlli ie Msit
ei Matnrdiy with hcriter Mm Ilooh
Mr Williami of Knnai City came
ttown from NeTBtln HifTlrtrrSlayTiSd
miIihI a fnw days at Mr KoliMonn
Chaj Wiinl natron duty on route So
J i few da last week
Mr Kosn has moved with hit dauRht
or Mm Miller who bought thn Kd
cufj farm Jim Hewn ii nioviug on
tm farm raratul by his father
MJm Kule Ciiriin vhiud it fnw dnva nt
Mr rkhrnkii
Dewey Sparkling
Vr Will Wooda is mjviutt on Mr Al
ii oiih place
Mr JilTiiPi iiiovfi on Mrs ForteV
1 1 ii
Miss Murk lirown t juiti hick with
Ijphoid fever
Mism Jeffries h w umlarial fevtr
Mr Hndlny has returmsl from n trip
to Knnnas looking for n location but he
will lind Jits r county is hard tu beat
ThoSibbath School Is ready for the
next juirler Tho literature i here
Mr Arlo hstyey was ilcctisl nuperin
tviidelit MIsJ Mabn 3ouiri treasurer
und MKs Delia nrulow secretary
KiV Ilurnhaii rrachos hero at 3 p
m n nt Sundiy and vv ill conunenc pro
tructed iinitliige
Mr Underbill Uits his farm frequent
ly and is contimplatipg mining back
lhofirt of March
Mr Uiddia hai leturncd from
Jltnivy blue and red figured
vlVdhi vory diirnblo forchil
diens bchool dresses at
Lewis Ockerman Conhon Ind Oo
Witts Utile Karly Iliseri never bend mc
double likn other pills but do their n ork
thoroughly and make me feel liken boy
Certain thoruUKh gentle niljtuJor
baiigh drui ro
ehildrons waists at prices
that aro low at Inslings
Whitf IxrAH 1 nuiFiiiK Is a highly
viluabln preparation onmble friiin the
promptitudu of Its action of cleirlng the
n slim In u ftv liourj of overy worm
Vc if AVts R I IuiderUiugh Drug Co
At IkmcluAt llutU on Saturdnya
V0VisniKaiiisQOTiliVa drug
n ea iei fis 1 1 i tn in
i y u tie 1jI r
flore About the Wcildln
A f I lend has ent in tho following de
tails of tho Qmlleii Nett wedding which
occurred nn the SCh
While Ihn irodding nnrch was boing
plnyedby Mla Julia ItrJ the lrdnud
groom ndraiKvd to the Tarlcr where
the ceremony was erfoimd by Rer
Quy Moornof Ibo M U Church Na h
ville Mo Sun i re rxmgratuni mi n ere
ofTerod nftir which u bountiful vuppcr
vvaa lervitl
The bride was beautifully dresed In
tvhito Indl i linen and the grorm in the
rontentional black
Iloth aro popular jourg folki living
Br Daincn 1 where they hnvo manj
frieuib who nrsh them a loDg and ia
py nuldid lifn
lho priireiiU worn twtli useful and
pretty nnd tho follonlng U n list of the
Mr McLauchlln Jelly dlh Mrs Mo
Lnughlin fruit dih Mr nnd Mr J
D Chnimn silver gravy spoon
Stnllvnnd Will Ketl set of pio jilatm
KmmaNttt oiwstanJ Curloy Mtitt
table oel llojTreanur ratcr wtj Mr
and Mr JniM Urndford fruit dish
Mr nnd Mrs R E Caeni nt table net
Mr Albtrt Xtt t5 gold iece Mm
I ICi rns ant of enucn dihes Ha t c Chap
I man f ilvcr berry fp on M A Quillin
pet silver kniviannd foikr Mr and Mrs
I J W Nelt celery dish
i Mr and Mrs Frank Nett cake Htand
I Mr ard Mrs KoftvChoeu card reciivtr
i Mr and Mrs W H Chapmin card re-
1 coin r Mr and Mrn Fonst Frther wa
tijriiet AHi Cilne silver sugir shell
Jessie Creamer fruit ditil
Diamond Itims
Most of tho fiimiera are h iiiling ap
pies ches and grnpm to Ilttsburg
Uoitie Meii was in tho neighborhood
Joe DoanlcrlT was in this vicinltv
Tuet dny buying hogs
Mrs MCeo apent Stturday night
with her daugLt r Mrs Wood
Mrs Dade o Nahrille called on Mrs
Wood Sundiy morning
Parley and Iuimi Cline itsMit Sun
da with their jisli i
The schcKil reports nr gMd
Mr Celji jent Suudi with Jr
Mr and Mrs Jakn Cathers was In the
neighlwrhood I mt nn It
Mrs Huitiur is lUIling relative ln ie
Mm Wood wLo 1M 1 eon very sicl U
mending fat
L nnlanil ltcrr5
W If Cvitliersiiiid wiUs eiiLSuLdiv
vrlthMrnril Mrs Olei JiuuuoJi
Oioar Ccithors and Jnlm Joies spent
Satuidiy and SumLv in 1ittsbun
Quite n number attended oir hunday
eclioil Knud
fioveral nttf mltxl thn dano nt John
Milloui Wednesday niKht
Wm Craudiill and Ilemy Cathirs
hnvo len hauling hiiy tu Cartbuge
James Clnpunn and wife of Dumond
apt nt Sunday with Will Ch ipmati
Oscar Cat herj is baling hay for Geo
Wagont r
O lite a number of tho ladiis on thn
I ine liouglit evo glasses front Dr Wor
ley of Joplin
North Dublin
Mr IthondMdrovo to Cirtlngo Tues
day on husinps1
Dr Worley wns ut from Jasper and
wild Mrs Ithnades a new pair of ecti
As Mrs Ilackford va4 returning from
Carlhagn the otlu r thy a bolt dropped
from thu buggy and let tNj bImvcb dow a
and if it had nut bi on fr a Htick she
nould havo nut gt hitno until tho next
Meofl S Garrett nnd llnekfonl are
gathering ami hauling their apples to
Jasper this nick
HluppcJ Into Ulvo Conla
When a child I burned my foot right
full vvrltisWJI Ivvdsot Jonosvillo
Vn vv Inch caused horrible leg sores foi
IU years but Duckhns Arniov Silve
wholly cureil mo after ever thing clee
failed Itifallihlo for burns koalds
cuts dure brulbos mid pih t Sold by
Webb llros iiw
At Itouolior A Hints on Sitnrilajs
Health Poods
Grtje lruits iv food fur brain nnd
nerven rWuin feienl Dhimoiid Mac
aroni CriBtalllaku Tapioca ami Knoxs
Hparklltig Jeletlnp csvu bo found nt
Cruud ills tut
Window Shades in assort
ed colors at Hastings
DeWitt a Little Kry libera never db
appQlut They are Sufi prmnpt gentle
eirugtiTelnieuioriiigril impiirities from
tho llvernnd bowels Small and nasytp
ttAe Never Krlpvordbtrnis C I Jvud
etliaucbdrugco 0
BKi jinl ril Mai lobii n
el n 1 If lr - r
Vintlnuejl from first page
lansvvers vvcm For tbo teacher vlwas
to be present if pu sslllo IJo on tlmi or
belter still bo a littlo nhcad of thn
Greet each member of the class with a
smllo nnd n kind word Hav the les
son nell preparis efpt daily tho part
ndtpted to tho little minds Como frton
tbo closet of secret prayer with tho
heart Jmt bubbling orer witt loo for
ChrUt nnd His cause Visit the child
rcn in their homes Lot them know
you aro Interested In thim Tako them
ililly to a throne of prayer If the
havo Joy rejoice with them If aoriovr
veep with them
IEor Smith related an incident along
his lino which I think worth repelling
His dvughtor i young lady had tlm In
fvntcliss One morning while seated
it tho brmkftvt tahlu n small girl came
in weeping like her littlo heart would
breik She aid Oh Misj Lois my
littlo baby brother is dead Mamma
oot mo to tell tint vstor and I cimo to
tell you too I knew you woud lin ec
sorry too and wi uld help me cry She
folded the htllc one In her nruu and
they minghsl their tears togothnr Af
li r a liltln wbil tho little ouo look d u
through hir tears nud raid Oh I feel
so much better nnvr I just rouldnt cry
all by myself Miy wo ull hate more
sjnipithy for tho littlo ones and by our
daily walk try to lead them unto Him
who said Sutter the llttl oiks to come
uuto mn nnd forbid Ihem not for of such
Is the- kingdom of Uod
Tho next was concerning thrundi
school superintendent Som of the
questions risked Mere Is it essential be
be a oonvnrtri man Sin old he tench a
class Should he review the lesson or If
some visiting pnstoror supurintendeut
should they be asked to review the les
An address was given by Kev A l
George of St Lotus Stvto organizer
His Ihemn was Tho Greater OrganUi
tion Hesaid if all loborers in thn Mas
ters viunvird would orguil ii their for
ces have sv hi m nlMiut doin tho work
of thn Master nsabiut the work of the
linking n solid band and snrtnJ in the
Held ngihi and ha 1 gone but a tlmrt
distal on win n thuh cimo upon thodnid
Ixxly of the little nno
Turn how iiiicitly they could see tho
neeil of irgmlzd vvo k And 110 place
ehoohiof our county I talked with
seroral of the state workers while at
tending tho convention nnd they all ha
words of praise for tho Hunuiiy sen
president of Jasper county
One thlnir that imiroFSd mo tcry
much vv as our visit to the s ate j
al home for girls At that time thero
were 100 itirla In thp home Tho Stato
of Miswuri is comprlMsl of 114 counties
to you sco they do not quite ovcraxo ouo
girl to tho county Hut am sorry to li
able to say Jns er county U mi r
ly twenty eight girls moro thon ono
fourth the numlier thnro I lilio niany
othcrs knew of the homo but senrcoly
gave it a thought ouly as I would tec by
our county p vpor now and then where
the- court had sent some poor unfortun
vo girl to the Industrial home Tho
gre vter j art of these gltls h vvo mothtrs
i n mine only I wish every mother
in Jasier county could vrit that homo
and tisieeiaUy thisonlm cquld but do
not attends 8 They wou Id not say to
their children on Sunday nurnln von
go to Sunday school but would go with
them Oh that moro mothers could
leilizohow much they aro needed In the
S S work I ftel the need of greater
work in Jasfer county to try to favc the
boys and girls aulknow of no better
pUeo to reach th m th vn in the S S
Hut very few of tlioso girls had ever
attended Suiid ty school before rnlering
tho Industrial homo but I am glad to
siy they have nn ideal one In the home
Every Thursday night they have teach
ers meeting On Saturday night each
teacher tike her clssu to n room and
they study their lesson together
Stmliy morning both to cher and pu
pil go tu tlm Sunday school room with
thn lesson well repited
Conducted by tho W C T U
The S ilooi is tho Tun pie of An I
Just so tho murderer of lrvilent
McKiney was a reguhr product of lh
lu eno Isilisin Accord ig to tho pews J
pipr reorts bin fuller kpt a mloon
world in ivrnliy lift it would not be i nt level ind Oiio Yonn IjkiiCoI
Iiiii u itl the eiitlm word would bojgosz got his islucitinn in tin snluon
won or Chris Ilerelit si thkclrciim 1 The local miarehistH us si to hvvn their
stnnco to nhovv thu inner if org mix v i meetings in tho re iroflli Czolgm fa
tun Soinovear ago a stnvll child nasi hnin Whoevr liird of an nnarolust
hwt in 0110 of tlm great wheat UeMs of meeting nnywhrisnio in thn rmirnfn
IJnkotv The filher wis awn fnin silyiin ornnivna siojn witin dunb
home Tlm 1111 ther and othi r ehidreu waller f uniieiliouj 1h Vnui
of tlm ftmlly s sirchisl nil diy but iu fha Dunki di it tin ir cuiif renee lit
vain At night lh father inme homi i winonv Soiluiibir 21 aid Wode
aidaroussllhUieighlKirs to Ii li Jiuut I lnau abolition nf thodrlnk trlll
forllm lost chilr Onemvn sud Let eiP virlee eseclall in our Old Sol
us org an 1 li at it svst nnuavjly non 1 1 urnv Wo cili
butiitherssldnitimtibljst SJlhcv 1 - Misciillv our ml I
honttensl out e tci goi 1 his o u ivaj istH lo iM mnjtaul in s ikl lit moj I
nlmit Iral in in In Vlnr irr linn if 11Ti 11 nnd tj v ute
nurniug t l one 111111 Ht II nintllllil
fororg vuinttno 1 h ail joine 1 hajiU
us ll ey pray
Ve know our DitnUtrd firdi are nil
right Ihn Qnkon hioi1 right ton
Rmolutionviidoptisl by them ntlhiii
ville Ind S pt 10 0 irmumbi rshp
ahould r friin from ufilll itin with any
loliticil oruizstion thit refuses to
place ilself in oin u oniiosition to legiliz
do we mod morfJ8teni and imwuI
im thu lhl aMoon oranv other recog
work than ii thu work of tho Mister
One of tlm ablest s oilers was Uev
Law of Tolulo Ohio Ono thii g h
aaid vvts thn diuVrence ltweii the
chnrchandS S Was thn S H to
try to keep tho Ik and girls frum bi
ing lost or tho chinch tu rwcun the
lost He Slid hotv much 1 0 ter it
nould bo foi us to ut iu moro time on
tho b inks of tlo nvr wnbhiig l
ksji Ihem fmin falling in than to ham
to plungo iu iifmr them pirhvps rsoa
just ns they were Hinkiiig for the hst
time or snd ler still thi in just as lhy
re going iver the rnj Ids to bo lost
through nn nd oss eternity
I v Smith delivensl twu very fin ad
dresses on child cultu 0 and ll 0
oineron linn uiui liov ilea it 1 ui
lially itOfci4 sMTt ef fu
but it vvvs thn fault of tho tu icher not
studying his oh lricter nud
ing him no to bo better ablo to reach
him Tho normal work is becoming
verr interesting department of S 8
work Then wore six state ortihavti
nvrardod at this convention List year
there was something over 1000 raised
for stito work Thlsarlhuy vvinV d
to raise W0 St Liuls sild the
would glrn H for each Jl tho stito
rnlseiL It would average not quito f Ji
to tho county Jaser county alono Ins
between IM and HO 8 8 Just think
of it and tho slnto of Missouri has 1SJ
000 boa and girls out of 8 8 It Is
tlmo wo vvcro w vking up to our duty of
saving tho lost boys und girls
Tho flnt premium banner was awar
ded Jasier county for tho second tiiuo
lakt year Mr Smith our noblo county
priaid mt carriisl thai banner over HW
mlled attending tn p conventions Tjk
this year for most comploto orgnuizt
tion 2nd ir f best S 8 work lepor
ted Our oouuty pletUeil J100 for stnt
work more thai any other county To
Us luch pupil 5 ixnts it would amount
to several 100 What S S pupil dur
ing tho jckir could give moro than that
nmount Wo hul an Increase of 181
8 8 bcholars List year we gave Ka
SS for state nurlr and ono of thn richest
uuuun in iiioHiam I nu year tut ui
contH boldlv to the front both In 11
uanco ad labor and G1 will certainly
blw tw In Uils urand nnrk
S wofktywqf Jvnr county wo
nized evil
Ihrcn hundred thousind vvlito rib
LoueiH im fo Uo nnd when wo get 11
chniieo to vote will vutn as wo pray and
no all pray Thero Is not iiwhilo rlh
iKiver who is not a ChrUtim Its n
Christhn TemiKruic Union
Moidiy iifternoon nt the M I
Church in tnrlhngn Ihn count dele-
gitis met and iliclul Mis llrowpo of
Jophu inunly president Mrs Stem
mon nf Cnithjgn si en Ury Mis Mar
tiu of Joplin irsitiurcr
We the Jurv find that lh diceai rd
came Ui his death from heart failure
cnusisl by not tnkinst Kocky Mountain
Tea liiad by iheMadicinnCo Sic Al
iiur Jrjtust
Wtiiit Viur Hucu Wol tli
Some times 1 fortune but never If jou
have a sallow complexion a jiuudieid
look moth patches and blotches on the
kiu ill signs of liver trouble JlulDr
Kings Xew Lif 3 Fills give olevr skin
rosy cheeks rlcti comploxion Only ii
cents at Webbs drugstore
Himimlfr wh carry a full line of
Groceries Uoots nud Shoes
II HEsDriocs
Do you suffer from piles If so do not
turn tosurgi ry for relief DoWittaWitch
Hazel Sllven ill HCt Tjuiekly surely nnd
safely savingyou tho exrcnc and dan
Iger of anoicrntion E I Lnndiirbaugh
ilrug co
Atnoncin A Grain b igs
at a closo price at Hastings
Duziness less of nppotile flatulency
and muse 1 nroall oonuocted with lis
etiior iniligeslicin jlKiuiiNE willgive
poitpt relief InoetiOcts K I Laud
orlnuh Dru Ci
Plluluu OuruM iltou
Mvney retuniWl if it ever falls
AsTl Aoui euros chills and fever
of character and modrenutatlnn liiexnh
Utate ono In th county roijulred to
auu miveriisooiu esvaniunea
tTfWllthv linclnAa Vinnn nf anllV flniinLI
Isfandln Svlaey 18JX weekly with
expense sddilMnM all payable In nasb
V vl r 1 r I V
City Business Colleg
Day and Niht Sessions Sehool Entire Year
Shortliand Typewriting ook keeping JJankingPen
nianhi Himines v Aiithmutie Loniniereial Law Spell
ing Business Letter Writing Iiapid Julculationnndaetual
Business Traetiee taught
Now is tho most favorable time for any ambitions
young man or woman to bntter his or her condition in life
by preparing for tho samo in tho Mode City Business ol
lege Wo join our interests with theirs in helping them
inako u coin plot n miccoss of tho course undertaken
For particulars call on or address
C C TRIMBLE President
Carthage Mo
Highest Market Price paid for
By L C HENDERSON at Carytown
I Have Opened a Flour and Feed business at
NECK C1TV where I will sell
Flour and Feed at Wholesale
and Retail
Flour and Feed Exchanged foi Wheat
The Dublin Mills
H OWENS Manager
Meal Chop Peed
Meal Chop Wheat Chop Custom Woik ut nil
times Trices vasonablo Jivo us a trial
Is a iopularserii of holjiful and inspiring lioUs by nueh nuthors ns D L
Moody C II Spurgean F il Mover and A J liordeu Thn Library tins won for
itwlf a diurved plicn in the Christi 111 literature of tho day nnd presents in u
olieip ot desirable form tho btstt thoughts of the I t men in tho evangelical
world Only Ho T i op L copies for ioo ten or mom ordered together at Ihn
nitoof 10 for 3100 traMmd anywhrc nnd to dillercnt addreaws if desirisl I
htvo a pood mpplv on hand
J K VVEULS Agent Jasper Mo
T --
A Farm Library of unequalled value Practical
Up-to-date Concise and Comprehensive Hand
somely Printed and Beautifully Illustrated
No 1 muiim MORSE BOOK
All about lloiwu o CommontnKTrolUcwltborrr
74tllilratlouiiatlaudarl work 1 rlc 50 Ooti
AlUhoul eronior smslt Frutu rt ad and tni how
conlalns4jtorcl ttle liL rrproductloniafalllfadlui
varttltei ami icq oilier Illustration irlcr joCcnti
All about Ioulry the bt roultir Dook In exlttrncc
Iclla 1 CTM ylhlnK I nllh jj colored Iiflle rrproductlona
or nil the principal kinds vith 101 riutr iUuattallooa
frlve 50 Cents
All about Cows and the Dairy lluUncli t naUna a rreat
Mle con taint t colored I ire tike rcproductioaa ol el h
breed with ii other limitations 1 rice jj CenU
No c uiaaLn swine book
Juitout All about tlorn Breedlsr Fredlnr Butch
ery DUetuea etc Contains oter to beautiful half
touca and other enjtravingi rrlec jo CenU
are uniqueorlginalUMtul you nerer
aaw anything like them o practical aoaenllble They
are hariujr an eaormoul aale ImlWct Koilb oo
houth Kveryone who keepa a llorae Cow Hon or
Chicken or grawa Smalt Frulla ouuht to tend right
way for the HIUULli BOOKb The
iJ u iTT mdW ai ont niUSt It U years
Si nl rMl J1l 0 the head
quitfter you have aald it Harm and ltouaehotd rarer In
inc woria ine iget paper of lis aiie In the United Stales
of America having orer a million and a half regular readera
foVyA ItiZZVfrittitStSfit1 tBi J - - w
bample of FARM J0UUNAL and circular describing DIQOLE BOOKS fret
UA P JbNklNa
Apples WanUd
I havo tytabllished hcmlquarters in
Jns or as repreaentatlra of thp Arena
Fruit Co of tt Joseph Mo nud nm
preiiarod to buy njples in any quantity
r ico hefora disioslng of ypur apples
2lh Onn CKAiq
f Corrthlisto Cure
1uu itiEiriiiL
- jmj jiia n1iit iwni ju
Foi Sak Nico lirgoniad
Chryiantlirinum and 0ranium3 in
nice condition ut rciluced I riCM
Wo h ire a three months scholarship
to tho Model City Businoaj College of
Carthage which no will soil at a bar
gain Any young man or woman desir
t - n Inistaewu courB would d
-T 2t
iutitjAJfc -

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