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he Jasper News
ANN MJNROBHdltoraud Publisher
Innnl nvery Thursday ami devoted to
e Interests of til people of Jasir Ami
initv Our The greatest
1 to tlii gront st number
Fntrril nt III PostoOlre at JaspT
m Beond class matter September
1 l
Sutcrlptlor lntt
n Year hi S
i moiilhfi
hree months jf
lEgle ropier 00
Wood Coal and Potatoes taken oc
Advertising rat1 f urnUhcd on
Mlnmiurl lulrte Tlm Tnbln
0 K C Texas Kxprcss 321 nm
vi 4 KC8t I- Mnil 1012 air
ni Jxvl Freight 21 p ui
1 - Tex ami K C Impress 1238 a m
tll Local I Viubt H15am
u St L and K Mall 3U i m
fw U ami Neb Limited 715 a ra
All tralni have throuli chair rare
connection In union depots
Ticket wild and luggage checked
nrouuli to ull principle lwints in tin
11 O 11AKKK Agent
Cliuroli NotlCUM
IIAIIIHT Hiular services on the
turl Is fore the second Sunday ol
cli iimntli at 2 oclock p m and on
ihon cind and fourth Hundajsat 11 a
i and 7f p ni Sunday t chool nt 10 a
i ni d prsjtr evening
O Z 1AIMPI Ianlor
MKTIIODIST Sunday services
ljiidiv School a in Junior
jrg 2 in Kportli league fi0U
uin Preaching srvici s it rut and third
Ijiilny nights and sicond and fourth
morning i lniyer and claw
ueelnig every Tlnirnday night
I K IlLltNHAM lmtor
M K HOUTK Preaching 1st and 3d
lunilays in each u oath morning am
Vnlng Sunday scl ool each Sunday at
0 a m Kpwnrth leigue each Sunday
Veiling eordueti d by J W Spald
it iyer uieeliuK evening
IlHUMKH Pastor
fJIIMUTI IV Pnorlilni MrvlrW 2d I
t 1 i i it I
mil mi niinmysui earn mnuui m n
u mid 73 pin Sunday school lOnnr
i Sunday at OuK p nr prayer m ctln
fliiirwlty uiht M b Johisom Ijstoi
Ilio imixr niinmiiictil IihI
fuiljjo IUhIiiio mid
County Counselor McCuwIcy ere
the guosl of Imlgo Ailkins nt
jixio recently Tlie next tiling
wo ljennl of nnotlier iilnn to fleece
the county fotho tunuof 15 a liny
In mi effort to wnko up flio
lianlR lo tli vnlui of mlvcrlisim
iiu Cnrtlingu Democrat mcn
t uns tlio fnct llmt tlie Jusper
News often cornea out with a liulf
ihjo ml for some piioortwo mer
oliunls hero rnd then hi11h
Tlieho urn the fellows who are
iiurtiii thu Curthiigo merclmnlH
mil they lire Mriking nt thu center
of Miccuhsful trude getting
If tho county court liud that
their time in not entirely taken up
now that they hnvu unsullied the
duties for which tho county sur
veyor in tmid to look after it might
nlopt uuother net of reHolutioim
requiring n uuijority of tlio mem
hem of tho court to vluit thu dis
trict schools of the county to nev
that they uro heing conducted pio
jwrly Of courso the county BUp
iriiitMinleiif is paid fur doing thnt
hut jKihwibly he doea not know his
IhinIiu rs an well ns i mnjority of
fhu lueiuberH of the court And
thou it would ho a day in each
of tho judges pocket
It seouiH Hint it is as hard to get
nt tho Webb City fake foot raoers
L I ho iron hand of tho law aa it
i fur the country to deal with the
lunruhitits Tho foot race swin
dlew ought to bo put whero they
can do no more harm although the
victium nro but Utile letter than
theHwiudlerHttiid nro deserving of
very Halo sympathy They only
iro tlono by its they were intend
ing to do to otheru They nro loci
into tho scheme by tho infornm
tbn lmt itia previously arraiiged1
6tlmtllii iunn he bets on will
winthO race As a matter of fact
it is previously arranged an to who
A lll win tho rnoo but it ia always
tlio other fellow who wiua and the
iiuiUHiiectlug victim who thought
lie wia going to firk eomoxly
else limb that ho it thu onu whu
has bjeu worked
The People and Reform
From the Central Christian Adrocata
Thn poopte cannot control nom
inations to public office Tli il a
now a well known fact Tho pri
maries in procincts nour and re
mole nro dominated by email
cliques in ways thnt aro dark und
by tricks that would give tho hea
then Chineo considerable instruc
tion So far us this boing n gov
ernment of tho people at tho pri
maries that is nonsonno It is
not Tho people ere pliyed like
pawns on tho chess board The
primaries ore n government of tlio
clique or tho umcliino as nguiust
another machine or clique
And ho Bamo ia true nslo tlio
county conventions Those con-
volitions uro mado up of tho results
of tho i rimariet The eaino clique
or innchiuo has iU unseen tiugers
on tho wires The county
tion vuteu lo ndopt tho ulate Thin
i tho lou and tho short of it Ti o
clique which uitikes tho slule
which prints thu bultols which
furiiishcstho bidgesuud the band
thefae aro tho ilespots of the con
vention and tho people lnve no
more to Buy limn if they vure
Tho same Is Into in the Stuto
convention Heie thu machine or
the clique is on the t lnolio iiid
his two scepters uro insinuation in
tho one hand and threats in thi
ol her Ho Iiuh behind him the
votes of tho primaries mid the
county conventions and with hit
banda banners committees tool
favorites ho Is how of the Mute
convention also Is there un thing
liko tho voice of tho peoplo audible
in this Tho peoplo nro dumb
The only respect in which I
hnve any power up to this point if
tho four of the machine to tread
ujKiit them
Hut hifvo the peiplo thou no
xiwer Aro tho iicople dumb
driven cuttle Have they no voiei
but to bark nt the command of
their masters Is our talk uboul
tho goveniinent of tho people mi
iridescent illusion Fir from it
Yo aro a government of
tho peoplo Tho peoplo Are
thu rulers Tho clique or
u lnKnou Treatment liy nbicli
DrunkanU arn lWnK Ctiril Daily
In Spite ut IheiiuelitW
So Noiious Don i No UVkrnins of
the rT A PlfuiKaut and
Ioailire Curn for the
iior Habit
It i now centrally kcotm ai Oonder
ittd that Urimkrnno a ia n diaeniM and
not woakneiu A bodylflllnd with poi
son and uerria ooupk tely shattentl by
peHmlical or oonalant uso of intoxicat
ing liquors requires an antidote cipabli
of nVutrali7ins and iradjcitinu this poi
mjp and ditroyiiK the craving for In
toxicinU aelTiors rnny now cure
IhrniacUes at home with ut publicity or
ku of tiue from huajnciw hy Ibis won
derful iiomk uolocubk which has
beu reifectJ after nuny ynare of plose
study and treatment of tnxbriatest Tit
faithful usu nccordinx to directions of
thjs wonderful discovery is oitivel
guaranteed to cure thf -most oWlinate
case no matter how hant a drinker
Our rncords show tho marvelous trans
formation of thousands of drunkards in
to Hober Industrious and upright men
arc cfBK youk TATHrus This remedy
Is In no sense a nostrum but is a rciCo
for this disease only and Is so skillfully
dnviaed and prepared that it is thorough
ly soluble and pleasant to thu taste to
that It can be Rived In a cup of tea or
coffee without tho knowledge of the per
son taking It Thousands of Drunkards
hate cured themselves with this prlco
leas remedy and as many more hare
boeo cured and mado temperate men by
ha ing the cuhk administered by
log friends nod relatives without tholr
knowledge in coffee and tea and believe
today that they discontinued drinking
of their own freo will ao j6t wait
Do not bedoluded by npparant add mis
leading Improvement ftrjve out the
dUcuxo nt once and or all titue The
home cold ccit Is sold t th ex
iOfJX1 Ificoof One Dollar thus
placing within reach of everybody a
treatraeot more- effectual- than others
costing 25 tV50 Full dlreotious aorom
pany each package Special advice by
skilled pbysloians when requested with
out extra oharge Sont prepaid to any
part of the worli on receipt of One lloi
lar Address Dopt 1 Huvtim n oilks Si
coMrAxr ZSa and S33i Market Street
All correspondence strictly oonfld
the mnchluo may go an with its
work either bud or good il may
begin way down with a manipula
ted primary and come on lo tho
county convention with its proar
rangod delegates resolutions and
instructions it may come on- up
to tlio state convention nnd perfect
what it has alreudy bepun Then
what Then and not till thou
but ulways then it faces tbo peo
plo Then comes tho peoples
chnnce Not one partfolo of obli
gation has yot been assumed by
the peoplo Tho ieoplo have not
yet been appealed to The cliques
and machines at this moment re
report to the pepple Now is thn mo
ment u hen the clique or the machioe is
Lefore the Judgement seat What the
people then do is their part in determin
ing what the government of the people
Intends shall bo dune A mac1 ine Is
not the party The party Is the people
To say that the machine Is tho party is
to ny that tho eople are political
rlarcs Who wishes to wear that brand
on Ihj braiof It my bo ntceswry it
sometimes is necessary for t e people in
i i rl to rebuke the clique or machine
that the mactl nnd the cliq in mav
re liz Low gieat our the people and
tlnl Hie ecp e hale still the right am
nMiitr to govern themselves and to
ii mdd that their riuciplis be attend
ed to and not trampled in tho dust Th
lienpln have the hio eil right to veto th
clique or th in icliine and it they wih
Iheir Vnice to bo the voice of UodLen
e er the necessity arises they will do so
Somotlilnjr New Under
tho Sun
All doctors havo tried to enre catrrh
by theuje of powder acid gam s inhal
ers a d drugs i i iAito fonn Their pnw
dcrs dry up the mucuons membranes
rauing them lo crack open and bleed
The poweril acids used in the inhalers
bavnenliiely eaten away thn same mem
branes that their makers have aimed to
cure while palos and ointments cannot
reach tho due sn An old and experien
ced prcil inner who has fur man years
m tde a clmr rtudy and specialty of the
trnttineiitnf catarbh tuts at lint per
fectxl a trnitment which whens iithful
iy Uh dnotoply n linvenat once but t
nvinently cures cvtaiikii liy removing
he ciuv st ipping the di ichirges and
ruringall inflammttion It is tie only
knonn to science that actuilly
i eaclioiLtheafllictrd parts Ihia wonder
ful remedy is known ai MicvvLts the
ilAiArKCTAKHiicrRKnnd is sold at
the extremely low price of One Dillar
eioli pack ige containing Internal and ex-
ternvl medicine sulHcient for fur a full
months treatment and everything nee
ssiry to its rfct use
uscrFjeKi is tho only perfect ca
rAKRH ciiK ever mad and is now
as the only safe and positive cur
fur that annoying and disgusting dis
nise It cures all inflammation quio 1
and lermanently and Is also wonderfully
puick to relieve hay kkvek or cold in
catarrh when neglected often lead
to will save
you if younsn it nt once It is no ordi
nary remedy but a complete treatment
vbichis positively guaranteed to cure
catarrh in any form or stage if used ac
cordingTo -the directions which accom
pany each paclcige Dont delay but
send for it nt once and write full
uar as to your condition and you will
receive special advice from the discover
er of this wonderfu remedy regrrding
your case without cost to ou beyond
the regular price of sifL yrLKs the
Beut prepaid thn United States or Can
ada on receipt of Ouo Dollar Address
PANY 2330 and 2332 Market Street
A Hlsnatsh Attack
An attack was lately made on CF
I Jollier of Cherokee Iowa that nearly
proved fatal It came through lis kid
noys His back got so lamo he could not
stoop without great pain nor sit in a
chair except propped by cushions No
remedy helped him uutll he tried Klectrio
Hitters which effected such a wonderful
change that he writes he feels like a Den
man This marvelous medicine cures
backache and kidney trouble purities
the blood and builds up your health
Only DOo at Webb Bros drug store
Uo Not DtfcalveU
Dont think you can neglect your
health and reach old age The way to
longevity Is to bo kind to nature nnd then
nature will be kind to cu Coustipa
tiooj Inactive liver etc niefixs to na
ture Try them They cue byrlonu
lug and strcngthing
A new remedy for biliousness is now on
sale at Webb Bros drugstore Itlscall
chamberlain atoniach indCiver1 Tabv
lets It gives quick relief and ivill ire-
vent tho attack Ifgiveu us sooaas th
Urst indication of the dls iae appears
lricoSScentsierLHix Samples freo
For sprains swellings and lameness
there is nothing sogorx as Chamberleins
Tain Balm Try It For sale by Webbs
ProjrtM of the 5cMey Case
Ive read the Schley case every day
And weighed the evidence
Ive calmly tried to figure out
The therefore and the whence
Ive tried to learn the truth about
The loop they say was made
Im read through all the stories of
The part the Brooklyn played
And the onl things Im certain of
Are that the charts are wrong
And that the smoke was thick enough
To shovel right along
Ive learned that naval officer
Are reckless on the guess
What Higgina calls a mile Magee
Calls fifty yards or less
Ive learned that eighty tons of coal
Will last a ship a day
And that it takes threo hundred tons
To steam ten knots away
Ive learned that in n battle nil
The captains go abend
Each one his own csmmander by
No higher leader led
And that the fearless admiral
Who always keeps in sight
Gives signals to the rest of them
And so directs the fight
Ive learned that when Its over whou
Tho battle has been won
The hard work of the heroes has
In fat- but just begun
An 1 1 vn found out that the fellow wl o
Was right there on the sot
Knows iust as much about It as
Thu people who were not
- S E Kiser
It Hnpponail Irt n Durs Store
Ondday last vtlntera lady came to my
lrug store nnd asked for a brand of cough
medicine that I did not bare In stock
says C Rfirandln tho popular druggist
if Ontario NY She nasdisuppointed
nd wanted toknow what c ugh prepar
ation I could recommend I said to her
that I could freelX recommend Chamber
lains cough Ki mbdy and that she could
take a bottle of the remedy and nf ter giv
ing it a fair trial If she did not find It
worth the money to bring back the bottle
and 1 would refund the price paid In the
course of a day t r In o the lady came back
i i company with a friend In need of a
cough m dicineand advis d her to buy a
Imtlle of Chamberlains couh ni mndy
I consider that a veiy gooud recommend
ation for the remedy It Is for silo by
Webb lima
Tot Causss r tlsttt Alarm
One ill lit my brothers baby nas t lik
en with croup writes Mrs J C Snider
of Crittend in Ky it seenvxl It would
etrntigle lefurewe could ge a doctor eo
wo gave It Dr Kings New Discovery
whli hgaveqi irk relief nnp permanent
cured it Wnwakepit in the house
to prutt ct our children from ciuup and
whooping cough It cured ni of s chron
ic bronchial troubl that no otVer remedy
would roMovc Infallible for coughs
cold tbroit nnd lung troubles 60c and
S100 Trial bottles free at Webb Bros
la L llo WortH Llvll8
Then dont neglect a cough or cold es
pecially wheu only twenty five cents will
buy a bottle of -Mexican Syrup It is ao
soothing nnd so in my consumptives have
been inidn well b Its uso Read some of
the testimonial on the wrapper around
each bbtll that rovo this remedy more
sure for deep simt d colds habitual
coughing nnd even consumption than
any other remedy kiovnto physicians
mnny of whom recommend and prescribe
w hero loss elTacacious remedies fail
I had long suffered from indignation
writes G A I cDeis Cedar City Mo
XiUeothers I tried mny preparations
butnver found anything that did me
good until I took Kodol Dyspeist i cure
One bottle oured me A friend who has
suffered similarly I put on the uso of
dolSDyepepgia cvre He is gaining fast
and will soon be able to work Before be
used Kodol Dyspepsii curs indigestion
had made him a total wreck EI Lauder-
baugh drug co
For threo days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attack of cholera
morbus brooghton by eating cucumbers
saysMELowther clerk of the district
court Ceoterville Iowa I thought I
should surely die and tried a cozen diff
erent mediclnesbut all to no purpose I
sent for a bottle of Chamberlaias colic
cholera and DlarrhoeaKemedy and three
doses relieved me entirely This
is foj sale by Webb Bros
Foroll fresh cutsor wound In either
the human subject or in miliums as a
dreaiint dallahds siow linimektIs ex-
colli nt while fur sores uu working horses
especially if slow lo heal orsuppurutiiig
Its healing QUrflflieaare unejuiled Price
25 and C9 vt i E I iiiuderuauyb Drug
Kodol Uvsneiisucure is not mere
stimulnntto tired nature It affords the
stomach nun lte tnd nosihuo rut by
ditjo thig tho fooj uu eat You dout
have touiet but can enjoy all thu good
food you waut KodU Dyspepaiu cure
Instantly relieves that distressed feeling
after eating giving you new life and
orE I Lauderbaogfadrugoo
Nature can unlyfoedtbetlameof life
with thn food etiten which Is digested
jmuiiNEwillliivigoruti week vtumach
and so tmprovedigestion as to insure the
natural bio iiuul iiealtb IVtceuUcts
E I Lauderbaugh Drug Co
Go to Crandalls for fitsh bread 1 t
Meat Market
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats
Produce flour and feed
M ts jLourLtiVer
Your appetite is poor
your heart flutters
you have headaches tongue is coated bad breath bowel
constipated bad taste in the mouth r
If not all of these symptoms -a then
some of them Its your
1 BH
m xv
m i wwrnr
mM mk 111 i
Notary Public
Heal Estate and Insurance Aenl
Tu Dink of Jasper Jasper
Is a natural
vegetable remedy
containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons It will correct
any or all syrrptoms make your health
appetite and spirits good At druggists 50 cents
Practical Blacksmiths
Wagon Carriage and Machine Work
The market price of all iron nnd steel fa greatly reduce 1 on tirea
carriage- nxels Ve cm suvo you money Ctll anl get pricuj und wo
will du you good All work wnrruntetl
Sbops One Block North of St James Hotel
A INew Line of
Steel Ranges
Cast cook gawllnn and blue flame oil stnvei Tinwarn washing machine
pu n h scrwn wire stive ropiirn cri im s iparatiirs ANo all kind of
guttering spouting roofing he ivy g ilviinizvl iron stock tanks
or any kind nf work thnt can tm done in 11 tindiop All
kinds of stoves including g uolinn an 1 oil rp innl at
Next Door to D W Tootcr Purnlturt Storo
Practical Horse Shoer
Rrst Class Work Cuaranlecd
Opposite Lumber Yard Jasper Mo
At My Old Stand
I deairo to call tho attention of
the public to the fact that I am
Rguin at my old stand with a nice
line of
Flour Feed
When in need of anything in
this line give mo n call
Physician and
Oils attended to day and night
Office in Wells IJailding
Ki nidonce Phone No 12 Jasper Mo
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat
It artificially digests the food rfnd aids
Nature In strengthening and recon
structing tho exhausted digestive or
tonic No other preparation
can approach It In efficiency It In
sUntlyrelluvesand permanently cures
Dyspepsia Indigestion Heartburn
Flatulence Sour Stomach Kaue
Sick Headache Oastralgla Cramps aDd
all other results of Imperfect digestion
PrlcoSOcaiid ft Large slrecontalns 3if times
emultslia IJookal UUutdypt plamulllire
Prsporcd by C C DWITT a CO Cblcao
E I Lauderbaugh Drug Co
is now located In his new building
whero you can get your repair
ing dono at nil times
Parlor Parber Shop
Shop In Lowe Building
Fine Slock of Cigars Always on Hand
Headqunrtors for Laundry
Hen Wanted
M1kv MtM
sUrbw Tnte
rlit Mifik toot
M fj f04 WssfM kR MtMfWUtt
Ladies Wanted
kmM 4 ktrftttif OuTy tour wkt
lqrml Tli yrMBtl OblMMt
DONT Be Fooledi
Tsks ttas staatas rlftat
Msds ealy by MuDimi Mdl
cln Co MkJIko Wis It
kps you wcU Our trsd
mrk cut on ch ptckttt
IrlM 15 cents rfovtr tMi
m n crpi nv SUOCV
otoatcu tulc Ask your dragxlst
For 20 YeirsliasUiUir
aoxx axxi zmtraorxaTli S
A -
aASj a

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