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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, October 24, 1901, Image 2

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The Jasper News
UYHH AlUNKOGClitorand Publisher
iud every Thursday and dovoted fo
llif Interests or inn iwopie 01 invr snu
Nlrinlly Our greatest
irond to the greatet number
Kntrrl at the Postofflce al Jasper
Mo as Beound class matter Bcptembei
SI 1808
llulaorlptlon Hnton
OinVenr tl00
Hu months CO
Three months 2
tingle copies 0G
Wood ml nnd rotntoes token on
Advertising rates f urulshcd on appli
MlftHuurl Puclllo Tlmu Tnllo
Ni 0 K C Texas Kxpress 121 a m
No 1 KOaStliMall 1012am
Nt112 loral Freight 253 pm
N i 1- Tex ami K C Express 12 T8 a m
V 111 local Freight 815am
No 5 -St I nnd KU Mall 300 pm
M i 0 Kan ami Neb Limited 715 a in
Ml trains have throiiKh chair ears
Clisu connection In union depots
Tiiki ts wild and baggage checked
tlMuh to nil principle joints In the
country 11 O llAKIUJ Agent
Church NotlcoH
Kesular services ro the
HiUinlav lforu the second Huuday of
i w month at 2 oclock p in and on
i lu ond and fourth Bundijsat 11 a
in and 7W V in Sunday tchoul at 10 a
in and prayir nicetinirTuiwlu evening
O Z Iauier luntor
MKriIOIJIST -Sunday scrvIefB
Hunday School OiTO a m Junior
lsue 2I10 p m Epuorth League 000
Pm Prewiring srviccs flrst and third
Huuday nights and siTond and fourth
Kunday morning Frner and class
meotiug every Thursday night
D K IluimiuM Pastor
M K SOUTH Preaching 1st and 3d
Snndajs in each Irouth morning and
v uing Sundiy srhool cich Sunday al
t i in Kpworth Leiguo each Suuda
evening enrdnclcd liy J V Siid
j rer meeting cuebWtdnesdayevouing
I HiicnKii Pastor
CHUISTIAN Preaching 2d
ami till Sundiys of each month at 11 a
in and 7H p m Sundiy school 10 a m
K Sunday al Ifllpm praver tiieetinc
1 hursdiy night M S Joiinmin Pastoi
Thnt terrible drouth out in Kim
Has luia Hent lier bank nccoutit ui
Lamar lins a cnndiiloto for Slnte
upuriutumluut of Iublio Schools
in Uio person of A J ray
Fate Booms to bo against tho
curu this year Tho broiith played
hivoo with this years crop and
now tho wcoil is mukiiig way
17 th ami h of tho old coin loft over
from lust to tM
Tho pcoplo of Jnvper respect
fully request Merrill nnd Harden
brook if it is convenient to strike
gas in soon ai pxsiblo when they
begin drilling west of tho city ns
ttlioy would bn plowed to lu nt thoir
ihonios with it this winter
The county court knows how to
get rid of tho countys inonoy The
Mntutos limits ho amount expend
ed for contingent i urposos to one
fifth of tho revenue That would
givo 6n7i5U7U to thnt fund The
present court has already drawn
wiirnui h upon xms itiiiu to tne
nmo nit of 2572171 or nearly
51UX0 for tho fn bt ten monlLs
f tho year more than tho total
rovuuno for the ontiro year
Doubtlens Prehident Itoosovell
know what ho was doing when he
invito 1 llookor Washington to
dino in tho White House Somo of
hisSouthurn friends will not like
itJlJfisii violation of all precodonl
lint MrItoosovelt is n man who
Inositol allow hiinsolf to bo ham
pered by precedent Moroover tho
Hind jo idun of caste doos not
prevail in this country and a
IWilent of tho United States
limy invito a clean and respectable
man of any rnco to dino with him
without sultoring defilement Bo
sides Mill that Bookor Washington
is ono of tho Souths groat men
aub ho isnt tho first Washington
that ever lined in a presldontial
mnusion either Chicago Trib
A sinw whito medicatod
hih quality Cotton Itatt at
ili MI 8
Some AlcKlnlcy Sayings
A noble manhood nobly conse
crnted to man novordieH
God puis no nation in supreme
place which will not do supremo
Pntriotisci is nbove party and
national honor is deoror thun any
patty nunio
Tho American notne lioa at the
vory beginning and foundation of
a pure nutional life
Qod will not long prosper tlmt
nation which will not protoot and
defend iU weukest citizens
Christian churacttT is the founda
tion upon which we must build if
our cilizouship is to bo lifted up
and our institutions nro to endure
Improvement in every walk of
life in tho outgrowth of thought and
discussion and ambition We do
better as wo uro bettor ourselves
Self government politically can
bo successful only it it bo ac
companied by self government
personally there must bo govern
munt somewhere
The Ame iicim homo where honest
sobriuty and truth preside and i
simiple every day virtue without
pomp and ostontntion is practiced
ii the nursery of all true education
The want of the tiino is manly
men men of character culture
and courige of fith nnd sincerity
tho exalted manhood which forgrs
iU nay to the front by tho f jrco of
iU own merits
It is tho duty of each of us by
word and act in so far as it can be
done to impiovo Uio present con
dition Hut above nil wo must not
dispnrngo our government We
must uphold it mid uphold it ut all
limes and in all circumstances
The lomorrows ure too full to be
crowded with thoywiterdays Wo
must movo on and forward We
must learu Mint ovcry day is a new
day with its on u distinctive uud
commanding duties snd cannot
utono for tho yesterdays uniii
Ad Inginous Treatment by which
Drunkards are lleing Cured Daily
la Spite of Themselves
No Noxious Doses No Weaknning of
the Nerres A lleamnt and
FoslllTaCuro for thn
tior Habit
It is now generally known
uoctl that Drunkennens is huIsoush and
not weakness A liodyjlllletl with Im
in and nerves completely shattered by
ierk dical or constant usn of lntoilcit
ing liquors requires an antidote cipahle
jf neutralizing and rulicating this poi
son and drtitro ing tho craving for in
toxioants Siderers may now cure
themselves at home with ut publicity or
si of time from husinexs by tliU on-
Jerful iiomk UOLIICUR8 which has
been ifected after imny ynurs of close
itudy and treatment of iuobriitea Th
faithful use necordiug to directions of
this wonderful ducovery Is positivelt
iuaranteed to cure the most obstinate
ease no matter how hard a drinker
Our records show tho m irtelom traDS
formation of thousands of drunkards In
to sober industrious aod upriuht men
re ccbb your WTHKia This rrmedy
is tn no senso a nostrum but is a specific
for this disease only and Is bo skillfully
devised and prepared that it is thorough
ly soluble and pleasant to tlu tate ro
that it can be gived In a rup of tea or
ootleo without the knowledge of tho per
son taking it Thousands of Drunkards
have cured themselves with this price
less remedy ami as many mora have
broo Cured and ruado tempera In men by
having the curb administered by Jov
ing friends and relatives without their
knowledge in ooDTno and tea and believe
today that they discontinued drinking
of their own free will ao not wait
Do not be deluded by apparant and mis
leading improvement Drive out the
disease at once nnl for all time The
iiomb oou cunt is sold at the ex
tremely low price of One Dollar thus
placing within reach of overybody a
treatment more effectual than others
costing 825 50 Full directions accom
pany each package Special advice by
skilled physicians when requested with
out extra charge Sent prepaid to an
part of the worli on rocelpt of One Dol
lir Address Dep 1 enwii n oilks
C0HriNY 2330 nud 2333 Market Street
All correspondtnen strictly oonQdential
For eprains swellings and lameness
here Is w th Intf so good a Chamberleins
Vain llami Try It r sale b Webbs
Why seek to forco your rules on mp
Adu why stioulu I set bounds
The joys I find lou may notso
for yodt
A Ion the pathway I pursue
Let mo bo ire to go my way
And you una joy as best you can
As long as no may truly say
We work do wrong to any man
Ho bapny aod let ma bn glad
You in jour way and I In mlni
And let thn mad world deem us mad
And Jet the little dogs go whine
Let me be happy in my way
And you find joy as best you can
lie trairic if you plcaso or gay
Bo that you n rong not any man
8 E KtSKti
Somolhlng New Uncfor
tlio Sun
All doctors have triod to cure catrkh
by the use if powders acid gnses
era ad drugs ii site form Their pow
ders dry up tho mucuous membranes
causing them to crick oien and bleed
The ppivurful acids used in the inhalers
have entirely oaten away tho same mem
branes that their linkers have alnWl to
cure while pastos and ointments cannot
reach thodiscase An old and
cod practitioner who has for many years
mado a close study end epecialty of the
treatment of CATARRH hai at last
fected a treitmrnt which nhnniuiilhful
ly used notorly rvliotos at once but per
manently cures cxTvimii by removing
the ciuso st ipilng the ditchargos and
curing all inflainnutloii It is tlo only
medloiuii known to science that actually
reaches thnafllietediiarts This wonder
ful remedy isknowaai Ktvrrhxi the
the extremely low price of Oun Dollar
A IleiiUlntt Attuuk
An attack wuslitely made on C F
Collier of Cherokee Iowa that nearlj
provi d fatal It camo through lis kid-
neys His hack got so lame he could not
stoop nithcut great pain nor sit in n
chair rxcept pruppixlby cushions No
romedy helped him uilil he trii d Eleotrie
Uitters which effneted such a wonderful
changelhit he ritis ho feels likunuew
man This umrvelous medicine cures
rack mho nnd kidney trouble purities
the blood and builds up your health
OulyOonl Webb Uios drugstore
Bo Not Ouoctveil
Dont think you can neglect your
health nuJ reach old age The way to
longevity is to bo kind to nature and then
nature uijl he kind to you Conslipa
tion iuactiie liver etc nrefrxs to na
ture Try them Tho euro by cleans
ing and etrjnijthin
EpIJcinlc Among Horses
If your horse Is sick send for Humph
reys Vutorinary Guide msilod free
lluinphreys Ilom H Med Co Cor
William and John Bts New York
A now remedy for biliousness is now on
sain at Webb Uroj drugstore It Is call-
chamberlains stomach and Liver Tab
lets It gives quick relief and will pro
vent the attack if given as scon as tho
first indication of tho disease appears
Price 23 cents per box Samples free
AtllouoheriUuttaou Saturdays
Whites crkam vinxircai is a highly
valuable preparation capable from the
romptitudo of its action of clearing the
system in a few hours of every worm
Frice23cts EI Lauderbaugh Drtitr Co
Dixxlnesj loss of nppetile flatulenor
andnauseA are nil connected with d
pepsia or indigestion hehbink will give
prompt relief IrooCOoU EI Laud
erbaugh Drug Co
of cbiractur aud good reputation in each
sttte Hoe in this couuty required to
ilY ut nuu puveriisq OKI eslabllsbM
IVfsltbT business houia nfanll1 lnII
slanding Salaejr mm weekly with
expenata additional all paynbl 10 c8h
vacb W edneixl y direct from hcid ofll
ces Ilorsu aud i arrisve I urnHki whn
nry Keferencei Enclose keif
ii- u 1 1 eiot ne MiUiki
It Hnnpsnad In a Ours Store
Ondday last wlntera Udy vamo tomy
drug store and asked for a brand of cough
medicine that I did not have In stock
says OHOrnndin the popular druggist
of Ontario N Y She wasaiauppointea
aod wanted to know what e ugh prepar
ation I could recommend I Id to ber
that I could f reeU recommend Chember
Iains cough Rembdy and that she coo Id
take bottle of the remedy and after giv
ing it a fair trial if aho did Dot find it
worth the money to bring back the bottle
and I would refund the price mid In the
course of a day or two the lady camo back
in company with a friend in need of a
cough m dicine and advised her to buy a
bottle of Chamberlains cough RemeJy
I consider tbata very goood recommend
ation for the remedy It is for sale by
Webb llros
Tot Cnusss Nlsht Alarm
One night my brothers baby was tak
en with croup writes Mrs J O Snider
of Crittnndon Ky it soenvil it would
strangle beforcwe could ge n doctor so
we gate it Dr Kings New Discovery
which gave quick relief anp permanently
cured It Wialwajs keep it in tho bouse
to protect our children from cioup and
whooping cough J t cured mo of a chron
ic bronchial troubl that no otter remedy
would relieve Infallible for coughs
colds throat and lung troubles 00a and
100 Trial bottles free at Webb Uros
la Ullo Worth Living
Then dont neglect a cough or cold es
pecially when only tneuty Bvo cents will
buy n bottle of Mexican Syrup It is so
soothinand no in tny oonsuniptiros have
been mudi well by its oss RoAdsomuof
tha testimonials on the wrapper around
each bottle that prove this remedy more
sure for deep seated colds habitual
toughing and even consumption than
each picW containing Internal and ex- 7 remedy kLown to physicians
term medicine sufficient for for a full nanr of whom recommend and prescriN
months treatment andBVortthln nee whore less ttfjcsoious remedies fall
essary to its perfect use
suiki is the only perfect c
tarrii ccrk ever made aud is now rec
ognized as the only safe and positive curs
for that annoying and diitusting dis
wise It cures all inflammation qoic ly
and ixrnunonll and is also wonderfully
puick tortliuio iuv rtveu or cold in
catrih when neglectd often leads
to cmumitio su7Us will save
you if yiai nsn it at oncn It Is no ordi
mry renid hut a complete treatment
which is posithely guaranteed to cure
OATARini in any form or stage if used ac
cording to the directions which accom
ny each paclcigii Dont delay but
iid for it at ouce and write full partic
ulars as to jour condition and you will
receive Secial advice from the discover
r uf this wonderful remedy rcgrrding
your case without cwt to you bejond
the regular pree of ssurtLM the
Sent prepaid the United States or Can
ada on receipt of Ou Dollar Address
PANV 2TCK aud 2KI2 Market Strest
I bad long suffered from indigestion
writes G A LeDeis Cedar City Mo
Nike others I tried nuny preparations
but n ver found anything that did me
good until I took Kodol Dyspepsia cure
Oun bottle cured me A friend who has
sulfered similarly I put on tho use of Ko
dolDjrspepsia cvre He is gaining fast
and will soon Im able to work lleforohe
used Kodol Dysptqisii cum indigestion
bad made him t total wreck El Lauder-
For thre days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attick of cholera
morbus brought 011 by eating cucumbers
siysM KLowther clerk of the district
court Ceuterville Iowa I thought I
should surely die nnd tried n cozen diff
erent llwlliliiea but nil lo no nirKu 1
sent foniliotllnof Chumbcrlnius colic
cholera and Dlarrhoeilteiuody and thrw
dos srelieMtlniH entirely This rem
dy is foj sale bj Webh Urns
Forall fresh cutsor wounds In either
the human subject or in animals as a
dresting rallardsskow limiuemtIs ex
cellent while for sores on working horses
especially If slow to heal or suppurating
its healing qualities are unequaled Price
nndS9cts E I Lauderbaugh Drug
Kodol Dspepsiacure is not n mere
stimulant to tired nature It atfurds the
stomach complete and absolute rest by
digo ting thu fixxl you eat You doni
have to diet but can eojoy all tbo gcod
fodljou waut Kodul Dyspiisia cure
insttiitly relieves that distnssd feeling
after eating giving you uew life nnd vlg
or E I Liuderbaughdrugco
Nature can only feed thotlumeof life
with the food eaten which is digested
HKiiniNK n ill ia igorato a wevk stomach
aod so iuiproredigt stion as to insure the
natural boim of health Price CO cU
E I Lauderbaugh Drug Co
Go to rVandalis for fresh broad 1 t
When you cannot sl6en for couching
it is baldly aocussary that anyone should
lull you that you neodafow doses of
Chamberlains cough Remedy to allay
the irritation of tho throat and make
sleoep possible ltisgood Trrit For
sale by Webb Uro
By Ue Charles II Orosmemor
The late Fresidents lifelong friend
comrade In war colleague In
congress ana ebamplon in House of
Kepretrntatires was naar the Pres
idents sidu with other great man when
his eye were closed in death followed
his remains to National Capital and to
Canton Millions of contm will I m
Sales spreading like fire In dry stubblej
men aud women takinir 10 in no nnU
dally It is the offl ial book Eulogies
from Governors Senators cditoritls
from great dailies Last and dying wcrd
of worlds great men but none so grand
as Mciflnfeys IT 18 GODS WAY
Contains photogravure of last photo
graph of President ver tsken You cao
oaaiir and auicklr clear SO rm Th
General requires that share of proceeds
01 saie oi nvery buoK sola shall be do
nated to MoKitl y Monument Fukd
Thus every subscriber to this book bu
oomos a contributor to this fundlCvery
ldy will buy it orders for tho tiskfog
DTpne will refuse Bond 12 2 cont stam
ps for elegant prospectu 5 100000 cop
ios will be sokl in this ticiulty quick
widerwako busiofss men or women of
some means can inskn a fortune quick
by getting wile iwntml of t Slite
forfirtu JJMt Oi V a Tresury
Wetlnni t xr I 1
Meat Market
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats
Produce flour and feed
12 ts JLourJUiven
you nave headaches tongue Is coated bad breath bowels
constipated bad taste In the- mouthrto
it not an or these symptoms then
some ot menu Its your
tilhB 1 fin
Vflft axKi H 191 VV Ii
Is a natural
vegetable remedy
containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons It will correct
any or all symptoms make your health
appetite and spirits good At druggists 50 cents
Practical Blacksmiths
Wagon Carriage nnd Machine Work
Tho market price of all iron and stool is uroatly reduced on tires
carriage axols Wo can suvo you inonoy dill and got prioos nnd we
will do yon good All work warranted
Skips 6 Bleck Nrtli 6f St Janes Hotel
A New Line of
Steel Ranges
Cast cook gasoline and blue flame oil stoves Tinwar washing machines
pu iip screen wire store repiirs croim septratir Also all kind of
guttoring spoutiug roofing hnivy gdruiUod iron stock tauks
or any kiud of nork that can bn dono in a tinshop All
kinds of stores Inelu ling giHolino and oil mpared at
Noxt Door to JD W Tootors Purnlturt Store
Practical Horse Slioer
first Class Work Guaranteed
Opposite Lumber Yard Jasper MoJ
At My Old Stand
I dceire to pnll the nttontion of
the publio to the fuct thnt I nm
ngnin nt my old stand with a nice
line of
Flour Feed
When in need of anything in
this line givo mo a call
w sjjjv An m d
Physician and
Calls attended to day sod night
Offloe Id Wells Building
Residence Phone No 12 Jaspor Mo
Notary Public
Keal Estate and hronucc kmL
In nnkof Jasper Jasper
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat
It artificially dlgostu tho food and aids
Nituro In strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans It Istholatostdlseovercd digest
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach It In cfllclcncy It tn
Bluntly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia Indigestion Heartburn
Flatulence Sour Stomach Wauscn
Sick Headache QaatmlfflarnmnanDH
allnthorrosultsof lmiMjrfcctdlgeatlon
rriMMcmndJl tdtrsoslzeconUlnslU times
small size Ilook al I about d jipvptla tasifedrto
Prsparsd by C COeWITT A CO Cbkaa
E I Laaderbaugh Drug Co
qecroe peisen
Is now located in his new building
whero you can got vour repair-
ing don at all times
Parlor Parber Shop
Shop In Lowe Building
re Slock of Cigars Always on Hand
Headquarters for Laundry
Men Wanted srH
eV W
a4 fr 4 wtN kMi 1 1 1 ins
I I h
Dont Be Fooledi
Talc On gssiiKas tiftatt
ctos C mmttmm TVU tt
Ium tarn mH 6ur irate
urk rt M tti sacks
Eft J
hi kalk Ami aaki
i ttfc Ask jtmr dniffM
Ulr Bnihit
Vf V ir Use I asI 11 Ufr Jl V
- iv iifuvaaii niinintmiiiiiii
x v
tHBlUiMtmttfl ft 1

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