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ta Li
The Jasper News
LYVN MUNROEEdltorand Publisher
Issued every Thursday and devoted to
the interests of the iKople o Jasper and
vicinity Our polities The greatest
good to th greatest numbor
Kntered nt the loBtodlco nt Jasper
iln ad Seoond clax mnttor September
it lb93
Huturlptlon Ijiitos
OneVetr 100
Bit month TO
Throe months 25
Hingle copliw 05
Wood Coil and Iotatoes taken on
Advortking rites furnished on appli
Missouri Puulflu Tlmie Tubla
Ut BK O Texas Kxpnsw 2lam
Xn 4 K C St h Mull 1012 a m
Na312 Iwil freight 253 p m
No I Tux and K C Express 12 T8 a m
Nonil Lxnl Freight 8 IS ft m
No V Rt I and K U Mall 300 p ra
Na 0 Kan rud Neb Umlted 715 n iu
All train i have through chair cars
Cloea connection in union depots
Tickets Hold and baggage checked
through to all principle twinta In the
country It O ilAKER Agent
Churcli Notleow
I1APTIST Regular services on the
Hjturday before tho second Huiiduy of
inch munth at 2 oclock p m and on
the second and fourth ijundays at 11 a
in and 730 p in Buudsy hcliool nt 10 a
n and prayir nieetlngTueediiy evt ning
O Z 1almkii Pastor
METHODIST - Sunday services
Burnley Sibool ll TO a m Junior
IiAguo 2i0 p in Epworlli lingua 500
pm Preaching srvlcs tlrst nnd third
iunday nights and hip J nnd fourth
fiunday mornings Prayer nud class
meeting Dirty Thursday nicli t
I K Uriiiii M Pastor
M B SOUTH Preaching 1st andIM
Hunds In rneh inonlh morning nud
mening Sunday bcuoo ench Sunday nt
10 a m Epworth League each Sundav
evening cot ducted liy J W Hiiald
pr syer meeting eachW un lay evening
L M Ill I iii ri Pastor
CHRISTIAN Preaching ervires 2d
nnd 1th Sundijs of aeh month nt 11 a
u and M pin Sundij school 10 am
K Sunday al 030 p m prajer meeting
fburtiday night M S Joiinhon Pastor
nt 10 oclock n in j f IirUti in Endetvor
nt 7 oclock p in each Smutty- Projer
meeting each Wednesday mening
Next Thurndny 1ms hcon hot us
tho day for tlio esocution of the
lov Doekory linn won nntiounl
fumo by iteming tlio shortest
TlmnkHiving iroclumuUou on
Tlio Lniiuir Iondor in crowing
over n turnip grown near Unit city
which weighed -I wiiml8 und 15
ouiimi ami nicni iiriMi zzi incneu
urounil Tlio Qolden City ITonild
groH eloiuent ovor four turnips
whiohnTcrngcd -IS bounds but Jim
perwalkH nvnyvith the blue ribbon
with ono weighing i pound and
HionHunng 21 inches Golden if we
can t beat you in n gtuno of base
bull wo enn give you homo point-
erd on ruining turnipn
Preedent ltoosuvolt Iioh given out
a hint to officeholders to the effect
that it will be ioor policy for them
to Rend their Senators and
Representatives to him in order to
bo advanced in the Fervico It is
fully rocognized by public officials
ho says that tho proper men
in tlio first iustanco to ehtablish tho
character of an applicant for office
uro tho senators mid representati es
front their own homo and it is
eminently just nnd proper tlmt
their iuiluence should be respected
mid they should be responsible for
the diameter of tho persons
recommended for office but onco
in tho public service it is only fair
to the administration that not only
urmy officer but nil other
officeholders should rely up
on tlmir own merits mid not upon
the further use of political influ
bocauso ho seemed tho best man
for the place Within a day or
two after his nomination ho wis
asknd to disjilncn o Republican
official of the court nnd substitute
n Democrat This was his reply
Do you think when a Republican
President forgets party considers
tions andnppointsii Democrat that
tho Democrat must be so indecent
ns to ignore the prccedont This
office will bo adininistorod with an
eyo single to tho interests 6f integ
rity nnd efficiency Youths
Success ot Free Rural Hall Delivery
From tho Chicagu Record Herald
Whether freo rural mail delivery
can bo made to puy tho cost of
maintonunco or not its success ns a
practical extension of tho postal
service htm been demonstrated
beyond all controversy There is
no longer any question about ile
valuo to rurni zommuuitie or its
acceptance by thorn as a welcome
infctitutiou for bringing them in
closer touch with tho center f
industrial nnd educational interest
No department of the federd
service has hud such phonometiul
growth orsuch prompt mnuifestii
tions of popular depreciation A
Washington disputch to The
Record IIeruld recalls tho fact thut
tho first appropriation to inaugurate
this experiment which wits only
10000 wus mude fivoj yenra ago
tho route running from Miurlestou
V- Vn The appropriation for the
fcervico during the present year is
1500000 nnd tho Postmaster
General will tisk Congress to allow
fliSoOOOO for next year
On the first of next month there
will ho 0000 routes in opemton
ono carrier to each route und ouch
cirrior serving in uverigo of COO
persons If tho present policy of
the government in the mitttr of
rural delivery extensions is inuin
tnined long enough it N only u
question of time when it will cover
a million square miles of territory
nnd will i erve not lessth in UOOJ
000 porous
Aa iiiiHpcncyfortho disReiuinti
tion of jKipulnr intelligence in
rural communities and for promot
An Ingonoui Treatment tiy whfch
Drunkards are lining Cured Daily
In Spite of TIumiihoItis
No Xoxloim Dose No Weakening of
thn Nerfci A Pleasant nnd
IoltircCuro for thn Liq
uor Habit
It it now cenernlly knoirn nidunder
stood that Drunkimnens U n disease nnd
not weaknim A bodyjtilled with i
son nnd nerves completely shattered by
periodical or constant usuof intuxlcnt
Iiir liquors roqulns nn nntidotoctpiblM
of neutralirlni and it ideating this poi
son nnd destroying the crating for in
toxicants SeCfercrs may now curn
themsiren nt homo with- ut publicity or
loss of time fnun business by this won
derful HOJiK HOLD CUHK which has
been infected nfti r mtny ears of close
study und trettment of inebriates Tht
faithful use according to directions of
this wonderful discovery is posltivel
guaranteed to cure tho most obstante
case no matter how hard a drinker
Our records show tho mtrvrloui trans
formation of thousands of drunkards in
to sober industrious nud upright men
nrN cciiK yocr rATUKiis This remedy
Is in no sengH a nostrum but is n pec8o
or mis uiseaso only nnU u so skillful r
devised and prepared that it is thorough
ly solubln aud pleasant to the taste fo
that It can be givad in a cup of tea or
colleo w itbont the kuoivlcdge of fli per
son taking it Thousands of Drunkards
have cured themselies with this price
less remedy and as mnny more hive
beeu cured nnd mndn temperate men by
bavin tb ctHE administered by lor
lug friends and rnlttiirs without their
knowMje In coffee and tea and bellev
today that they discontinued drlnkine
of their onn freo will ao iot wait
Tho Words of Judge Jones of uJu ZZl rlud
mi nntuirinrui wrivp O
Alatwrna lately appointed by disease ntouc and or n n
President Roosevelt judge of n home ootu ccBEuold at thn M
Unitod States court deserve n tamely low price of One Uollnr thus
widor publicity than thoy have Pllcins wilbn roftch everybody a
received The new judge n man SJ udlrLih 0lhfra
cosiing esa sou run directions
U the rugged full of
pany each pncktge Special advice by
city learning oourage and native skilled physicians when requested with-
force is notn mombor ot the out Mtrn charge Sent prepaid to any
Presidents polltionl party but a Prlofthe wor on receipt of On Dpi
tnnch Democrat He was oppoin i f JS
U tUotforiKihticul mBo butjiSluff a4ii
ing tho good road movement freo
rural mail delivery is one of tho
most gratifying nchievoinonU of
tho decade nnd merits all podble
Tho Postoffico Department
should insist on a high standard
of post roads as n condition preced
ent to the exteutioii of tho free
rural delivery
Somothlnir Now UncJor
tho Sun
All doctors hnvo tried to cure cathrii
by tho uso of owder9 acid gnaea
ildrugsin pastnlomi
dry up tho mucuous membranes
causing them to crack opu and blrcd
Tho ponnlcil ncids uwil in the inhalers
have entirely eaten away tho name mem
branes that their nmkers hnvu aimed to
euro w hilo pustos nnd ointments cannot
reab thBdi ensn An
cd prrctilioner who has for many years
nitdt u close study and peeialtv of the
treitineut of CATAUIDI hns nt Inst per
fected n troitmeiit which hen sail
l twdnotoply reliete tnt unco but per-
nuinently cures cataihui by removing
iheciiiie at ippiag ti tneliiis nnd
curing all Intlammttion It is tun only
msJiciunliuoHii to pcienr that nrluilly
leaches thenllicttdpirtg Thisoiidor
ful remedy is known as sMuyrtE tho
IIU IIIANTFE C VTAllltll cuitK nnd is sold ut
tlio extremely low prk eofOnn Dalltr
ench picknK containing internal and ex
tern il medieino suRlciont for for a full
months treatment and everything nen
eswary to its perfeot use
ssypeus is tho only perfect ca
taihui CURE ever made and is now
etbe It cures nil iltUnimation quio ly
nnd ermanently and isnlsowoaderfully
puick to rojeio jiav ievkii or cold in
CATUinn when neglected often leads
to will save
uu if you use it at ouco It Is no ordi
Last winter an Infint child of mine
badcroupiua liolcut forusiH Lid r
A little rift among the clouds
To let the sunhioo throuub
And lol the day that was so dork
Is brightened and new glories mark
The way that we pursue
A smile that costs tho giver naught
A little word of praise
And some ono wavering may tako
The way whereto his work shall make
Him happy all his days
It Saved Her Life
Goochs Mexican Syrup has accrmp
llshed u oure in this neighborhood which
has astonished the people Miss Davis
was given up to die by her nttending
pbjslcian She bad lung fever The
boctor eald she viould die boo e morning
and advised to discontinue his medicine
as it was doing her no good Her patents
had u bottlu of Goochs Mexican S rup
and Goochs Quick Relief in tho house
They at once begin to givo the 8 rup
in bosos one hour apart end frequently
dithed her chest with the Quick Relief
Itufore morning shewns better aud alter
useinga fen ottles of each kheis almost
nn well hs over It w is almost like rais
ing thn bead and hns established the
repututiou of GojcIis Mexicans Syrup
here ns n cough remedy we can soil
uuthiug els
J N S inds Trimble A thena CoOj
iiocciis Mexicaus sjrup cures a simple
cough ns if by mngic nnd is the bet
remedy for whooping cough Prion 2Jc
Asloop Amltl Pliunys
llietkiug into a blazing home some
firemeu lately dragged the sleeping
mate- frum death Knnciei security
nnd dentil unar Itsthat wny when you
ognizcdns the only sife and positive cure neglect coughs nnd colds Dont do It Dr
for that annoying and disgusting die 1 Kings sew Dt scovery for Cutiisuniptioii
givea perfect protection against nil fbr
oat Chest and Lung Troubles Keep it
near and avoid suueringdoatbnud doc
tors bills A teasxxnful stops alato
cough peiBistent uso the most stubbo n
llnriulnss nnd nice t sting its guarant
eed to silisfy by calling ut Webb Bros
nary remedy hut complete treatment j Price 0c and fl 00
huicu 19 fiosimeiy uunraiiii fcU 10 cur
CATAnnu in any fonn or stage if used Ac
cording to the directions which accom
any ench peckngo Dont delay but
Mlid for it nt ice and write full partic
ulars ns to your condition and you will
receive u ecial advice from the discover
er of this wonderful lemedy tegrding
j our casowiihout cost to mi beyond
the regular price of s ccjlLEs the
Sut prepaid the Uuited States or Can
ada on receipt of One Dollar Addrcs
PANY ZliO und 2J32 Market Street
A Physician Testified
I have tnken Kodo Djspepsin Cure
nod hive never used anything pi my life
that duljme the good that didsays I
County Physician Geo W Scruggs of j
Ha County Ga Ilelng n physician 1 1
hnve prehcrirod it and found it to b give I
the best results If the food you eat
remain ncdigestid in our stomaeli it 1
decays them nro poisons the system you 1
can prevent ihls by dieting but thnt
motns starvntlon Kodol Eispesla Cure
digests what you e it You nted ruffer
from neither dyspepsia nor starvation
Tho worst enses quickly cuns Never
fails E I Liudurbtugh
To Tho lubllc
Allow nu tossy 11 few words in prais
of Chamberlains Cough Remedy I had
a very snvare cough and cold and feared 1
would get pneumonia but aftr taking
the fecond Ji so of this medicine I felt
better three bottles of it euro ni cold
and the pains In my chost disappeared
entirely I am most reHretifullyyuurx for
health Ralph S Meyer Ct Thirty
seventh St Wheeling W Vu Fur
Bale by Webb Drug Hardware Co
Reliable and Jenlle
Apillsa pill says tho Baw Hut
tberoare pills nnd pills You want n pill
which is oertaiu thor ough nnd gentle
Mustnt gripe DoWtfs Little Enrfy
Rlsora fill the bill Purely vgetable Do
not force but nxsist tho Uowels to net
Strength en und Invlgoraso Smnll nnd
easy to tako E I Ltuderbnugh
rial batiu free
Jumiicil 011 n Ton Punny Null
ThelitilndiughterofMrJ NIowoll
jumped on an luvert d rako mado of ti n
euu nail nnd thrust ono nail entirely
through her foot nnd a second one half
uny through Chnmberlains Pain Halm
was promptly rpplied nnd 0t minuts
laturelhepaiu had dUapieired and no
more suffering was experienced In
threw days the child was wearing her
shoe a usual am - ith absolutely no dis
comfort Mr Powell is n well kuowu
merchant of Iorkland Vn Pain Halm
nan antiseptic and dials such injuries
without maturation nnd in one third the
time required by the usual treitmnnt
Fi by Webb Drugt Hnrdnaro Co
rtoderu Surgery Surpaxsad
while suffering from a bid care of
pilis I eti sultid a llijt icisn who id
vises nn to try a box of DeWitts Witch
llnzeldaliesne G F Carter Atlantis
Ga I procure a box nud was entirely
cured DuWitts Witch HazIStivo is n
splendid cure for piles giving rt lief
instantly Mid I lieirtly recommend it
to nil suffmr Surgery is unnecessiry
to euro piles DeWitts WiKh Hnze
Salve will cure nny enso Cuts burns
druises nud nil other wounds me nls i
quickly cured by it Ot irnof counterfit
E I Lauderbaugli
Thousand- of men nnd niinen suffer
from piles esix ciilly womm wilh te
main wikus have this sufferng to
conteud within ndditlon to their other
ptins Tadiiieus Huckfte Pile Oint
MKir will quickly effect a euro Price
COo in bottles tubes 75c E I Lauder
Healthy Children Are Happy
Mothers Worm Syrup makes children
healthy by expelling the worms that
mukes them III Children eat it on bread
At IloucLer Jb liutts on Saturdays
william Mckinley
Dy Gen Cuailes II Okosnoii
The late Presidents lifelong friend
comrade in war rolliague in
congress nud rtiinnpion in House uf
ivrpie enuiiivei wus om the rrs
idiotssidi withftbei grent men ilien
John W Rogers nChiistltii Lviiipelict s i we cjed ta death followed
ofFilliyMo Igaveheru fw doss11 lu UiKallonnl fpll mi lo
ashort time ull danger was past nnd the men nnd women taking 10 to ISO oidois
child recovered This remedy notonlyi It is the ofU iii tiooU LuKwiai
cures croup but when gjven tu aooii as Gve Senator liiunals
the first symptoms apt ear will picvent
the attack It contain no opium or other
haimful aubstancennd tuny bo gin n ts
coufidently to i tutiy o t ho adult Fjr
sale by Webb Drug i HanUare tc
Ill liiu Curus Pllaa
Miuny roiuudi a if it ever ftils
of character ond coud reputation iu each
state one iu this county requirxli u
represent and advertise old established
wealthy buhiuma houku of solid Uuaoeial
sunding Salaey liaOO weekly wilh
exiensis additional ail payable in cish
each VedneKbiy diret fnun howl 1
cos Hors aiuleairin eturnl hnlittivi
Hi uie JcsiU r
addressed at imLCueuv 1 p jaauwer
316 Caxton Uuildiog
- s 4n9 I B I llIUg IVCIII
of greut men but none no grand
C ontniiiH 1 hologRmiro of Lm photo-
xi - i n irr trinen loiuau
ensiiy und qihcitly clear iSWi The
Gbi eml iriiii w tlmt sh iro if pruoiwuk
of KHlflliewry Imk sold shtll b do-
reitod to McKlnl v Monuinmt 1 uia
iiiuv every uulwcriber 10 this book be
comes a contributor to this fundEven
body will buy it orders for tho osking
no one will refuse Send 12 2 cent statu
ts for jelegaiit pmspectu 100000 cop
io will bo sold in this vioiuity quick
widerwake business men or women of
some means can mnko a fortune nuick
by getting sole control of State
l l St
Urwiau t i Oip r a
Wskhngton D C
Meat Market
AH Kinds of Fresh and Cu-red-Meats-
Prodnce jlour and feed
l fs KourJLriVer
stjor JXmsj a 9
Physician and
Calls sttinded to day and night
Office lu Wells Building
Kesidehce Phono No 12 Jasper Mo
Notary Public
Real Estate and Insurance Aent
In Hank ofInspor Jasper
your heart
you have headaches tongue is coated bad breath bowels
constipated bad taste In the
If not all of these symptoms
some of them
a risr IPTS
Its your
a is poor I
flutters y
is a natural
vegetable remedy
containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons It will correct
any or all symptoms make your health
appetite nnd spirits good At druggists 50 cents
mawi iwi lih w j Mt jam Il usmmhb
Practical Blacksmiths
Wagon Carriage and Machine Work
Tho market price of all iron an 1 stool is greatly reduced on titea
carriage axels We cm savo you moivjy all atil get prices nud w
will do you good All work warranted
Shops One Block North of St James Hot
A New Line of
-- -- -V JkA SSk i ts T AV JLL LvVsw
Next Door to JD
Practical Horse Shoer
First Class Work Guaranteed
Opposite Lumber Yard Jasper Mo
At My Old Stand
I denire to call tho attention of
tho public to tho fact that I nm
again ut my old bland with n nice
line of
Flour Feed
When in need of anything in
this line jjivetne 11 call
Cast cx lc gasoline nnd blue tlnme oil stoves Tinware washing michln
pu 11 m screen wire stove rejuirs crotm s pirttors Also all kinds of
guttering spouting roofing he ivy gilvuiizud iron stock tanks
or any kiud of work that ran hn done in a tinshop All
kinds of stoves inclulin gisjline and oil repired at
V Tootcra Furnlturt Storo
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat
It artlQcltllv digests the food and aids
I Nature in strengthening and rccon
1 structing tho exhausted digestive or
gans It Is tliolatest discovered dltrest
1 ant and tonic No other preparation
lean approach It In efflcloncv It In
stantly rellcrcsand permanently cutc
Dvspepsia Indigestion Heartburn
Flatulence Sour Stomach auw
Sick Headache aistralglaCrnmpA and
allntherrcsultsof Imperfectdlgcstlon
rrleeKlcaiKttt txirxe sire contains tS tlmoa
irjiail lUo Hook all uUiutUinplamlkiIren
Prtparcd by E C DcUITT CO
E I Lantlerbaugh Brag Co
Is now located in his nw 1ml Id In
where you can get your repair
ing done nt all times
Parlor Parber Shop
Shop In Lowe Uulldiitg
Fine Stock of Cigars Always on Band
Hntdquarters for Laundry
Men Wanted lUrVr
Ladies Wanted
work In t wo
K Htfil f tool
rn otaptHtnt
lot smtUal
M4a 4 Witisiy OuTy tout l
ttr4 Te4i sMiit4 pr4ttM
CfMlMd IWtiMIt U4TMUsl
4 1
sUa rriifK
Don t Be Fooledi
Take tbs ftnalac orlglaal
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co MadlMa Wis It
keeps you well Our trada
mark cut oa each package
Price as cents Naver ol4
la bulk Acceet no aybitl
mwoim ml Aik your JrujjUt
mtjruArjjjsjAf a ji a t Vbu7
for isu rears Has Lot til Worm Remedies V
OOIiD STf UVXI suvoazsTS
rrwiT 1 lAMrft p nut 1 Attn f i
---- - - wm mmwmmiK

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