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The Jasper news. [volume] (Jasper, Missouri) 1898-1924, November 21, 1901, Image 3

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T j j housework wrccfcij
r rves And tho cdnelant
ildrcn dayand nlffht h
5j lOnS or evcn B strong- i
r A haggard laco tells tho
r ft ho overworked house w if e
Vj ii n i Iier Deranged menses
onl i a aud falling of tho i
J vj uli result from oicrwork I
ft livy ouscwlfo nccdi a remedy
A niato her menses nnd to
fi I sensitho fcuialo organs I
fj i i o f condition
Atci m women to dar It cured
8 v mes nnd that Is why sho
Ji - ibis rank letter
j i
f I
QUndcAiir Kt Feb 15 1WJ
i reglad that jour Wlnanf Cardul
no I ba feeling better than
i lor years I urn dolnff nv
fa without mr holp tmd 1
lit week and n uot ono bit I
lat niicrwa thai the Wine li
ri guod I am getting Ceihler
r was beroro and tlcep good
jrarty Hoforo I began taking1 I
Cartful I uel to have to lay I
a cr sli tljieii every day but
aot thliib of lrlnjr down through
i MnaIticiusD Joxu
ioo at nnrcoiMTK
Iltrtnr ddrMi ivlag
ladW AiMwrr IptrUunf TK
k miuihm i tQnaoocfat rrnu
Farnlture and
i ii1 i s am keeping a nice lino
f Wall Paper Telescopes
Ai Linolium and Oil cloths
ii s i i Ingrain Carpets samples
l M Units and I make j ilea of
i rauies
v nj Colli os and Undertakers
i aM line and a large lino to pick
1 trivn robes and shoes white
i hivn Jtrksn a thorough course
viming una will take cood rare
i ithcl pienerve them with fluid
Pictures enlarged and many
i r t nl a rfirolar healthy movement of the
t f Jivr jou r III or will Lt keep your
Mmlli welt I ore In lb fcpoof lo-
r pill pniion It tlanetron Tito mootb
t rtioit jtrfpr l wdy of keeping the bowcU
f Sti ilo tk
-- T TT
i n lUbU IoUnt TaMftiTonJ trtOOcJ
v fit rnnttkafiAr OrIp l S3 ud M cnu
i Writ tut rt tunpU anJ bvoklvk vn
a - tJre
i niiiDT tOHPixT nificor tn Toar
1 meMnrootpills
I an- all diseases arising from in
dication They will purify your
1 1- ii nnd make your complexion
n FAIR AS A LILY Thoy are
v utln ooatotl PRICE 25 CEKIfc
Dr Humphreys
fpMlfiejcurebyaeUng directly npoh
U 1 - without exciting disorder in
ii f nut of the ytom
v tnn mat
1 S n ri ConMUoniiiJIunmilloiu 33
3 H j imWpriarwWoroiOoUe J J
aTtiblasCallCrjliifWtlKfiiliicM 93
4 DfrrbesotChUdreaarlilDlU 33
CoW Proortilcl 33
Cr llthe takBoMbVMtto 33
te DriplBIadlMUooTrktlluch33
tl CaffM4rralful rcrloi 33
ll Vbll TooVntuTmrloii 33
t Croup LariratllU Howudmi 33
l IIIlhtiZrTpliEruplloin 33
K nhBuillimUtunlUilLlM 33
C MlMlCtDUrTeruulAiM 33
lfr CUf r Infliuim Cold to ua Uwd 33
i llilT 1 n
ijo riutw vjft - -- J
Program Which Will Be dive Prom
J ise to tie lnterestinj and
Th twenty fourth annual si salmi of
the Southwut Missouri Tcaclifix A- i
elation nliivli u ill Im hod in ilt
City nostThuriday Friday nnd Sauir
tl ly November 23 29 nnd 30 pruinUp of
boins one of thn ci st mm tina et held
A nuinltT of liv tojiiiv lavn iu
placed on the imvrain j ellialwt
work w ill bu ltlutritol by cn e if
primary pupiN for thobonellt of prima y
tiachoiB Folloning ii the proimiuj
7110 p ni Annual elouutioniry ron
rrinAY mornino
000 Muaic Invocation Music
Address of welcome Mayor S F
Prln J M Stevenson
Ksusm City Mo
OM Obit unuou and accuracy in
school work
Paper Supt S L Slain Monptt
Discussion Supt Ij M Gnrrett Li
mnr Prin lulher Ilardauray Jojilin
General dieunsion
Should tht high school offer a busi
netu course
Paper IrinW E Vurkamp Nenda
Discussion Prin 1duia Qriy Car
thage Prin1 I Illauicson Surcoxic
Jeneral discuition
Modern tendency in laboratory Jleth
ods in Secondary Schools
Paper Prin J W Storms Webb
DiscUHiion Prin Ij L Lichlitir Jop
lin Prin O N Waltz Cartervillo
Ii30 Soico Xeeded Hducational Ko
Paper Supt A W Duff Neosho
Discusxiou SuptS M IJarrelt Rich
Hill Supt J M Tii lor Uollvar Piin
II V Sterling Ducuneg
General discussion
The Iist Quarter Century of Educa
tional Progress
Pajwr PrinK E Dodd Springfield
Discussion Supt lW J Wright Ap
pleton City Supt J M Ta lor Bolivar
The Ideal School as Based on Child
Study G Stanley Hall in September
Paper Keview Supt A C Gwinn
Discussion of Current Educational
Manuel Training Leader Prin W C
Iltrnes Carthngu
Pupil Gorernment Leader Prin J
M Stoveusun Kansas City
Vertical Penmanship Lender Pi In
W A Nickel Joplin
rniuir EVKiifO
7D0 Sicond elocutionary contest for
Chaplain medal
Address -The True Function of the
Publio School- K t J 1 Elilf J lin
Address- The Culluiu s the Prac
tical JSide of Educatiou Piiu G A
Ihcilman Applelim City
000 High Sclmol Extension
Pajwr Supt F IJ Oneu Clinton
Discussion Supt J L Green Au
rora Prin High school Duller
Thn Shearer Sbtm of Grading
Paper G M Hiliday Cnr
Discussion Prln J C Hennon
Seneca Pnu Junius Piersou Oronogo
General discussion
Tho duties of County Hoard of Ed
ucatiou under tho New Law
Uuck liiTiilrtton
Dut sending 13 miles Win Spirey of
Walton Furnace Vt got n box of Buck
leuj Arnica Salve that vholly cured n
horrible FcierSoro on his leg Nothing
cite could Positively cures Ilruisos
Felons Ulcurs Erup I ins Bolli Burns
Corns and Piles Only 2Sc Guaranteed
by calling at Webb druggist
Now Sorghum Molasses at
Glin Allk s Mo Fob 1 1897
I have found Dr Tichenors the leat
remedy I ever used for all ailments
where bacteria terms are the caute It
has given entire satisfaction in my prac
tice and I rogartl it as n ver valuable
medicine S M MeAmull MD
m M S pi IS 19 fl
For tho puriose mnuea hi Tube
not Aiitescptic has Jgiven the best re
ciusnf rittiijg 1 haii siek
II To le M 1
PniM r Ciin M J halo Nevada
General discussion
Ditcussiou of Current Educational
The Librniy Law Leader Frio
school Granby
Whit cm the Teacher do to stamp
cut Anarch Leader Supt A A
Antics Carterville
Shall ne abandon the Attempt to se
cure a Compulsory Education Law
Leader Prln W N Wharton Carthage
Discussion of Kuril School Questions
Supi E II Deuisou CiithugH
ljW Aildiess -The Inter relation of all
the Eienieuti of n Loursu of bludy
Sitnln vi pi W f Carringon
A dniM The Bi iiellts of a University
I J C Junes Columbia
Kejuits of committees
Hie Average Yield of Corn For
Washington Nov 11 The followiug
crop ieort nns issued this afternoon by
thodcpartniuitof axriculure
Thu preliminary rstlnikto of tho
iitcrigK yield per aero of corn as pub
lirhid in tho monthly remrt of tho
stailstieimol thedcpirtTucutot agrioul
tuiei in 10 4 buslielsascompiri with
an average ield of 23J bushels per note
In 1900 and 18JO and a ten ears avenifje
of 21 1 bushels Thn present indicated
yield per acie is thn Ion est general
ever recorded for this crop being 22
bushels per acie below the ield in 18S1
which has slocd for twenty yi irs as tho
lonoaton record Tho indicated ield
in bushels per acre In the set en princi
pal stales is us follow ing
Ohio 231 ltulUim 10 8 Illionois 21
1 Iowa 2o Missouri 101 Kansas 78
nnd Nebraski 111 Of the twenty threo
states haii ono million acres or up
ward in corn all but Pennsylvania
Virginia aud Michigiu reortan nieiago
ield per aero below their respective ton
ear nveragls The p oeral average as
toipjullty is 73 i ureert as cunipireU
with 835 percent in November list and
782 I ercent in November 1S00 It is
estimated tliit 15 percent of corn crop
uf lJCO was still in the haudj of farmers
ou Ni vember 1 1001 as coniiired with
41 perceutof theciopof lbOSiii fnrmes
bands on Now mber 1 ISM anil u 0 er
centof that of 18jSin hiiiU November 1
Jarpcr Can Beat it
Wilbur Haughawout was exhibiting
today a turnip Jgiown In his back rd
which bents the record at leat si fur
as the Press has been able to discover
It weighs 54 Kjunds and is 2da inches
incircunilViince This big turnip was
grown without irrigation and how it
uintuicd in such adr seasju is hard Jto
underat Press
That is a big turnip fur a fact but it
ipjit gioving too smin to coiuo up to a
IihIit turnip which tips tho beam at C
A Big Laud Sale
James Mclvuy and his son E It
MiKny of Nashville township were in
tho cit Friday Mr McKay has sold
hislluetectiou of lind to C F IJarn
warts of Iiuva for 821010 lin deal
was cmiunialiil tlr uh Peter llolh
the well known Curiii iu f rimrol Nash
villo township Mr itolli also made i
sale of S T McCunes naif sctioii in
the same neighborhood to another Iowa
man aud tho parties were in town Fri
d ly doling tho dnl Leader
8 W Nealy the well known Esrom
merchant met with painful accident
recently whllu going boine fiem Jasper
in a wagon lie whs fitting on the end
of n bonnl which extended over tho side
of ths bed besides three others who
rose to leave the wjgon causing him to
a 1 to the ground ludly spraining one
oi bis knees
A thousaud things by it are done fir
better than most things do one We
refer to Rocky Mountain Tea made by
Madison MeUiclnb Co 35c Ask ytro
If you have a sore throat aoieness
a ri85 the back or side or Our lungs
feel sorn or tender or if ou are threat
ened with diptberu or gnemonia apply
Rallabds Snow Lwimemt externally
and use Ballards HoutHOtMi ByiiIt
D I Lauderbaugh
Physicians Recommend
Dr Tichenors Antiseptic
BAKKKsruLi Mo 2-10-1900
I tried Dr Tichenors Antlceptio in a
case of Inflammation of lower limbs
eiurd from dropsical effusion with
bursting uf the skin Thn result was if
suit was relief in a short time I believe
It to r splendid nislicihe
W K Morgan M D
U Mo Seill 1
Dr Tichenors Antiseptic Is the best
renwly I hate found for cholera morbus
ij ewtn M IJ I
Buy Bottle or writer
ml Co Kev Orleans tor ha tampit
tit -
- a
A Heeling Was Held at Carthago
and the Plans Discussed
Another fleeting Next
At the solicitation of E Knell a num
ber of farmers met at that gentlemans
olllce in Carthago last Saturday for the
purpose of discussing plans for a new
fair at that place
Among tho farmers presonl were I
Elting John Wickstraw O W Daugh
nrty II O Tangner Frank O Grinitb
II C Smith J P Elliott John V
Koontz Geo W ICoontz J W Gray
Geo Stout Wesley Ralston Smford
Smith A C PiMt John Parker J II
IUIston Albert Khlnehart A S Cat
tinflliam II Cuupbell and a number of
others whoso names wero not learned
The delegation wns taken out to the
proKisedsite of the new fair ground
joining the town on the northwest All
seemed to bo pleasod witli tho natural
adiptabillty of the place and each ex
presjid himself Ireely andeuouragelng
ly on the feasibility of the plan
It was decided to hold another meet
ing next Saturday and oich ono resent
w is requested to bring his neighbor with
Heretofore the nlrs liavo been run on
tho side show order sadly to tho neglect
of tho agiiculturnl nnd slock fiaturcs
This is in all probability the c iuse ol
the many failurea By having the far
tiers to take a hand In it is hoped to get
it back to lh old itlnia fair when the
big pumpkin and the lluroughbrcds
took an active pirt
Ill 3 promoters are ou tin tight road
to a permanent nnd successful fair il
they do not fly tho track aud try to
luuko n fortune out uf it tho first year
Rev Irl R Hicks Is not Dead
Notwithstanding a widely current
rumor that thn Hut Irl It Hicks was
dead he never was in luttr health and
never did n harder and more successful
eirs work than that just vksing He
ha just completed his 1 irgn nnd spleu
did Aim u iu for 1M2 and with lis stuff
uf able helper Iris biought his journil
Word and Works justly forward into in
ternallonil reputation For a quarter ol
a century Mr Hicks has gionu in rnputa
tion aud usefulness as tho peoples
astronomer and forecaster of storms a d
tho character of coming season Nevei
were his weather forecasts so sought
after ns now his timely warning of n
serious drouth this year having saved
the people from lossand suffering Mill
ions of buih Is of wheat were harvested
through Lis idvieo to plant crops that
would mature uirlyTho Americin peo
pie will certainly stand by 1 rof Hicks
when it costs them so little and tho benn
fits are so great His lino Aim na i of 200
pages is only 25c aud his splendid family
journal is only one dollar u ear includ
ing tho Almanac Send to Word aud
Works Pub Co 2201 Lccust Si St
Louis Mo
Keeps Up tils Oate
Peter Koth of Nashville township
made a sale of tho David Price farm
Mimdiy cousistleg of 280 ueies to a
Gei man fanner finm Una Tho pur
chase price was 90J0 This makes clO
00J worth of Ilirtoii county Innl that
Mr Koth has sold within oght davs
Pretty good for a man whodoesi t claim
to be au expert L im vr Leidr
Steers Killed by Lightning
Link Fnskin of Lincoln towushlp was
in Carthage tod ty aud reported thu loss
of two steers by lightning Monday night
Thoy wero insured in Farmers Mutual
A turiliig uurprlHu
Ver fen could beliuveiu Icokingat A
T Iloudley a healthy robust blaiks
mithof Tildnn led that of tenjoirshe
suffered such tortures from Rheumatism
as few could vnduro and live Hut a
wonderful ohango lallng him lalin E
ectrio flitters Two bottles wholly u ed
me he writes and I have not fel a
twingu Iu over a year They regulate
the Kidneys purify thu blood nnd cunt
Rheumatism Neuralgia Nervousness
Improve digostlon and give perfect health
Try them Only 50 cts at Webb Drug
Fine Cheviots in light and
dark styles for shirts and
childrens waists at prices
that arc low at Hastings
The Childrens Friend
Youll have a cold this winter Maybe
ou haveone now Your children will
suffer too For coughe croup bronchitis
grip and other winter complaints One
Minute Cough Cure never fails Acts
promptly It is very plrssant to the taste
nnd perfectly harmless Oll George
VineheaVTKt -writes Qur little girl
wu uttuCfSi with tnviip laleuue Light
and was so hoarse alio could barbly
speak We gave her a few doses of One
Vi n ui Cure Itrellsvnd her Im
il n it ileer wh
I i ii i i n ur fj
I i i r i i 1 c
Another Big Carload
Hog Fence
Yes his makes the Third Carload of this 1eiico
this year The reason it sells is becauso it is the best
Feneo on the market and our prices are right And
should you need
Barbed Wire Nails or Hardware Paint Bill
Figuro with us and wo will show you that wo nro the peo
plo to trade with
Yours for n Square Deal
Webb Drug Hardware Co
roceries OueenswarE
Boots Shoes
Jasper Lumber Co
Can furnish you anything in the Building
line at prices that are right
A I ow Things Tlitit Wo Koup In Stock
White and yollow pine lumber whito pine and red
cednr shingles lath posts and pickets doors win
dows screens brick limo cement hair sand itc
Siome Necessities
a groat big table hock full of thoin at
those prices More tilings for a niclo
than you ever imigined could be made for
that prico and much bigger things for a
limo than 10c usually buys Wo call this tablo ours
Bahk of Jasper
Do a general Banking Business Special attention givo
to Collections Your patronago solicited
Farm Machinery
Also Buggies and all kinds of Vehicles
Cheaper than Anybody
hBrfJrhi rJirilliMii litMin itarfftoririr ie jljim arfT f tsttftfflfiriMil wtttf KjAn

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