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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, December 05, 1901, Image 3

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Athena Tenn Jan J7 ISM
m they wero Terr lrreirular and I
I fuflere1 with greet pain la nur hips
back atoraach aid Ugt with Terrible
I bearing down paina In tho abdomen
UUnOff tha nat mnntti r K I
taking Wine ot Oardul and Tbedfords
I IllaokDrauirbtandlDaaxHthimanth
ly period without pain for tho tint lira
Ni fiia Bath
VVIul It life worth lo a weman sutler
ma iiko nanrilg Davit ttillerod Yet I
here ire women In thousands ol home
to day who aro bearing those ferrlblo
menstrual pains In silence II you aro
one ol these we want to say that this
will bring you pcruanent relief Pan
soleyourssll with tho knowledge that
1000000 women have boon completely
cured by Wlno of Cardul These worn I
on suffered from leucorrhoea Irrogular
menses Headache backaeho and
bearing down pains Wine of Cardul
will stop all Ihoso aches and ealna
lor you Purchaso a 100 Lottie ol
HIno ol Cardul lo day and take II In
the privacy ol your home
TOO CnAtLannnM tluliaiM rA r
lean imwwws
Furniture and
T at all time am topping a nice linn
of Furniture Wnll Paper Telescopes
wmow Kliiulrtj Linolium and Oil frloths
A fine line of Ingrain Carpets samples
Itruels Moquctts and I malto j lies of
Jictiiro Frames
Also my Collins and Undertakers
lipplies are fine and a lure linu to pick
from I havn robes and i hoes white
hop I bavo taken a thorough course
in Embalming and will take good earn
nf bodies alid preserve thpm with fluid
1 feirui Ii Picture enlarged and many
Mher thing
Jarjicr - - Missouri
r yon kefn t t rpmiUr bcalthy inevcmwit of tfca
owrti rirrj liny iuiv nt vr u urs avrp tvilt
aitI walL IwrerlM ill
tmwalauiirn Urn Irtfii
riirDd vii tut istsvw
litl plrla r m poni dftnireroaK Tlio
llttiant 1aUUIU ritnt T flood IMOootl
riirr nirkrH ivarn nr iirip i ami t
hoi Writ a fur r mpl nit laooliUt on
nrr AddroKS
mcuio mcaknr coirisT rntraco r mnr tors
and all dlsoasas arletncr from In-
aiitostion They will purify your
Diooa ana maxo youroomplaxlon
a FAIR AS A LILY Thev aro
selatln ooated PRICK Z5 cure
Dr Humphreys
Specifics cure by acting directly upon
Ui disease without Melting disorder in
any other part of tha ayttem
o cms wen
tyarara CormUoin Inflammations 93
3 Warn Worm Favtr Worm Collt S2i
S ToelblaaCollCrrli4iWalural4VaM 33
l 43
T eiika CoWl BronciJIU 33
fVeuratf la Toothache Faoaacao 33
1 DvieaptlatadltMUoaWaakStomMllaS
It aarsraaieslarralaralPcrliNla 33
IS Whtlea Too Prtu Wrlodi 33
IS Crooa LarvatllUIIoarKUM 33
13 nbaamallimBauautJeralu 33
IS Malarla CbllU rar aaitJlfaa 33
l4 CalarrhlaHMaaaOo44UUMlla4 33
tlT Kllaav DImu - 33
SS Manroul Dtkllllr 100
SO lrlaarr WkauWMluif st 33
7T Orl UtrFrrw 33
r TlaMrJiM Ua1 f M 4 u
TWUHIM m Wll 4fW
Write EnterUlnly Prom Ills
In Allchlgan
IIkllo Jasi kii
How aroyou getting along now Hoping
that all i well with all I will toll ashort
story of Michigan Wo have got peases
sionofourown place and settled In tho
house after being out ono year and eleven
months to n day The leaves have all
fallen from tho trees aud frosty mornings
and one or two this nnntles of snow
which puts us thinking that we nrn not
InMibHOjriWft liuvo had find roads here
which comes very acceptable for tho
sugar bret raisers to draw their crops to
tho factory Sotun had 20 acres out and
turned 10 ton per aim to you siu they
needed good roads They hiuo been
load ng vory heavy Hccausu some ona
else drawed 3 tons thit other fellow put
on 4 and then soma nla tried 5 ton and
to stop tho strife it is said that some
young fellow got a load part nay out of
tliu Hold no larte that it became over
ueated on the vvagou by being In such a
large pilu and It exploded Wugou and
horses hate gone eutirel and tho driver
sitting ou a basket of bi els at tho time
and they look an upnaid couise and
have not betn heard of except occasionly
a beet culms Uown Willi a uus ngo
carved thereon
I promised you I would
you sutnolhiug about thn proctss of
mikiog the btets into sugar Lut I have
not beeu at the factory yet but will try
aud tell lu my noxt Tbero is a company
funned til 8t LuuistMichigan to build
acres of brets each season This is 8J
miles from us aud tho ono uow at Almj
is only 73 so you seo wo will not runout
of work as the sugar beet comes to take
all the avail ible Inbr just at corn
skucklng tun Out steps the stetm corn
sbucker aud stalk shredder and claims
MX bu for a days work So ou see that
eierythlng must movo any way My
health Is improving Have reached 164
lbs and the boyllas gainrd as much and
Mrs I go holds her own wellSmll xix
Iguepaaj hvcry little pimple on the
face is c itching mane Oh my tbero was
a fellow died a long time ago with Inng
trouble and now It was small pox that
done the awful work I
Look Out
For 30 days 1 will sell my
Entire Iine of pants at
c srt 1 D IlAitnun
Si vaJ At Oritvaa JrlnVc
I knuw I would long ago havn been iu
inyg avn writes Mrs S H Newsoni
of Decatur Ala Hit had Dot been for
Electric Hitters For three years Isuffe
ed untold agony from the worst forms of
Indigestion Waterbrash Stomnch and
Hon el Dyspepsia Hut this excellent
mediclnedidmea world of good Since
using It I can cat heartily and have
gsl jedIC pounds For Indigestion Lore
of Appetite Stomach Liver and Kidney
troubles Electric Hitters are a posi
tive guaraneed cure Only SOo at Webb
Stock Which Itaa Been Pastured
Wheat Fields Seem to bo
Subject to the Ail
Illackleg a disease that prove fatal
in from twelve to twenty four hours has
broken out among cattle in the county
aud hundreds have died with It The
first symptoms aro n puftlnesa of tie
skin with an accumulation of gas under
It and tho animal drags ono hind leg
Singular as it is only stock that have
been turned ou growing wheat fields am
strickeu with the disease Many arrt
taken with it about twelve hours after
11 Hug tipinsewes with jreen nheat
A vaccine powder has been discovered
that h is thus far provpn successful Or
Hurnish tho vutorintnnn has uod this
ponder iu per haps one hundred cases
ana has not ion one The animal re
covers within a fea hours The ponder
is dissolved in AUter and a few drops of
th sntlllinn miiniil nnilnr tl bin liv
t i piKlernucall
The disease does not siera to be con
tagious and thus ar his been confined
to cattlo fei dlcg on growing wheat
Tho above from the Carthago Demo
nrit would iudroitn that a great many
sugar factory that will consume 20000 1 cUl dying throughout tho county
Wo have
Well I bought a cheice colt coming
3 weighs 13T0 for 90 dollars and a choice
cow that come In last spring and made
l4 lbs butter in 7 days and It is not
Jersoy either but a 38 dollars red
Durham I saw by the Jasper News that
O Porter 5 miles east of Jasper has sold I
most of his land and will soon bid aJiou
to Porters Paradise and return to
Michigan Ho has bought 100 acres of
as find land here as the sun chines on
I was pleased to rend about tha big red
apples that rtere hipped from Jaser
snd ppcial those 000 birrnls from St
Johns orchard for I claim a linger in
I hat pie in spraying the orchard last
ytarand this also
Wako up you fellows tint hive
orchards and clean th m up Cultivate
them anil get you a good sprayer and get
tho Westorn Fruit ro ver published
I at Rochester New Yorkand pwt up and
1 if vou have not an orclnrd fend to
C W Carman Liwrence Kansas for a
1 catalogue and Bend direct for jour trees
aud save 30 per cent andget choice trees
and bet leaning heavy to tho houthnest
aud cultivate well
Yours for ths time-
A Pago
Alma Mich
learned of no cattle dying from
thatdisiase in this vicinity although
thu batklkg is ust anew thing to the
farmers around Jasper In fact a num
ber of the farmers have been treating
their cuttlo by the vaccination process
for a year or more
Held at Carthage Last
Tho Jasper county firmers fiir is an
assured fnct siys thn Carthago Demo
crat It has rtichisl tha staie where it
has assumed shane and form and can he jtorJ lworful and vivid
hn ml led Intel igpntly
I An nn 1 1 11 tinut Irs rtinullhrr trnl liutil vn
tenlay which puts the organization on
its feet Thecoiumitteanpsiiiiled to se
lect committees of farmers to interview
fvrmers met with thu promoters yester
day and report most excellent success
They ro artcd a numberof committers
appointed but the time had been ho Mm
Itodthat the entire county had not yet
been covered Farmers are taking hold
of the matter diet rf ully and are giving
it unqualified supjiort
The option on thn Stlckney and Sten
art lind was extendi d one Willi and it
is likely thn land will be purchased out
right as GCO0 ha e alre uly been nid
in on stock The deal would have U en
closej vestorday only a question of pay
ing back taxes arose that ciused a tem
porary hitch Thn fact is thn owners of
the land do not want to sel now nt the
figures first proposed but mint an ad
vance yet thn f vir committeohavu so ar
ringed thst they can get it at tho ongi
ual ligures
Jaspur county Is going to have ono of secured
It Knew How to Oet The Perslm
mom Without a Pole
The old proverb says The longest
pole knocks tint persimmon but If tho
following from the Carthago Press
true it would soem that with a little
horse sense It Is possible to got tho per
simmon even without the pole
I Hull superintendent of the Pleas
aut Valley mine has had much to do
with lino horses and knows about as
much about tho horse question as the
next man but he thinks the Missouri
hurso caps tho climax for good horse
He Is telling his friends a pretty big
story about uue he saw the other day
and since he set ms to expect them lo
believe It It Is probably true It Is to
this uffect I was driving out to tin
Waddell mine the other day and when 1
wits nlxiut 0110 and a hilfmllos north
west of Curtilage I saw n horse eating
persimmons ina little clump of trees In
a Hedbelde thu road He wonld eat
ptrsimmons oil thn ground imhlle then
he would butt the treu and shake more
don n and go to eating again 1 pasi d
the Held a few da a afterwards and the
same horse wns there still eating per
simmons Hut this time he stepped ulT
the right di tanco and kicked the treu a
rap with his heels ehaklug dim 11
more persimmons than ever I figure
that he butted the tree uutil he gut his
head sore and then ho changed to hi
The Captain Of The Gray Horse
ThoTetong Iudiin Iteservalion is the
scene of Mi Hamlin Garl inds new
novel of Western life wnich hecnllsThe
Captain of the Gray Horse Troop Mr
iarlands heru is a young army ofllcei
who has been detachid from Ids rigim
out and sent to reliev en dishorn st Indinn
agent The resourceful captains guard
iatisbipof au Indian tribe beet by starv
ation and dm en to desperation by cattle
men and politicians is full uf dash and
adventure The daughter of a United
Stales Senator a luml ialltr of the
worst sort and the Captains sworn
enemy is Mr inrlouds huroinw Hie
I icturn of
reservation life grovviug wilh color aud
f tlrly alive with nitlon
The Ca tain uf the Gray Horse Troop
wilinppeur serially in Tnf SvTiiaiAV
Hvksimi Poit of Philadelphia the
installment being scheduled for the issue
of Dm ember 14 Tho story has been
illuttrated with epiritid pictures by
Meisrs Frederic Kemiugtou and Jay
Tliree Ouartera of a Century
the best fairs next year that has over ing demand for the best reading suited
been given in the st ite and the stock 1 to all members of thn intelligent
holdeis are going to make money out of
it from thu very start
Now is tho time for Pan
cakes You will find tho Wis
consin Buckwheat flour at
Used the I idio of fashion all over
the world Its without doubt the
greatest be vutlfier over offered tho
American woman 35c Made only by
Madison Medicine Co Ask your
Tlio Pride Of Morooa
Many soldiers In the last war wrote to
say that for Scratches Iirulses cuts
Wounds corns Sore Feet and KtilT
joint Uuckleos Aruica Salve Is the best
in the world Same for Burns Kcaldi
tioils Ulcers Skin Eruptions and Piles
It cures or no pay Only 25o at Webb
Preachers Praise
Dr Tichenors Antiseptic
Deuikadr Mo MciC 3 000
Have tested Dr Tichenors Antlseptlo
on Sore throat to which I am subject
and for Colto and It is one of the beat
remediea I have used for mob ailments
W D Wniuur Pastor M E Church
Sax Antonio Texas Dbo 22 1809
Dr Tichenors Aotiieptio Is our favor
ite household remedy for cuts burns
tings of Insects iuflamed eyes and eorv
tnroat or any mannet oi wounu or in
Ilammatioa Wo have also found it a
site and ueasant euro for colic or other
Internal deianeement I havn never re-
commended Proprietary Medlclces but
piakeau exception of this
Sid Williams Evanoklist
New Ovlianu la Men 31 8
Buy a Bottle or -write
can household will be fully met
A twenty eight pigo Prospectus of
thnl9J2 volume and sample copies of
the paper will be sent free to any ad
dresv Thoce who subscribe attnee
suding V70 will receive all thn Imnes
for thn remaining weeks of 1001 free
from thn timn of subscrition also Tin
Companion Calendar for 1002 lithograp
hed iujlwt lve colors aud gold
105 Columbus Avenue Huston Muss
Fine Cheviots in light and
dark styles for shirts and
childreus waists at prices
that uro low at Hustings
Busan The pimples sores and black
heads are dinger signals Take Itocky
Mountain Tea youll giro a farewell re
ception to your troublos 3jo Ask
your druggist
Savail HlMLtr
I vfsb to aay that I feel I owo ray life
to Kodol Dyspepsia Cum writes II C
Cbrestenson of JHayfleld Minn For
three yean I was troubled with dyspep
sia to that I could not hold notbiDg on
my stomach Many times I would be un
able to retain a morsel of food Finally I
was confined to my bed Doctors said I
could not live I read one of your
I ravo used Dr Tichenors Antlseptlo oUon Kodol Dypepalr Cuieaud
for years and consider II the best mod
Iclneon tbn market for its claims We
are never without It In thn borne
Yours truly
rtr v Airmen E Clat
FounDKR A Manaoih Waits Houi
Milnxk Oa SxrTlStb 1608
I cordially recommend Dr Ticbeneri
Antiseptic baring used it In my family
for Stomach and Uowel complaint and
alio for external Injuries Bout It
C Marttn Pastor M churob
thought It fit my csso and rxminenoisl Its
ue I began to Improve from be first
bottle Now lam cured and recummeud
it to all Digests your food Cures all I
toniich troubles E I Isiudorbaugh
In sluggish liver IltitBiicr by its be
acfieal action upon tha bilitary tracts
render the bile more fluid and brings
the liver into a sound healthy condition
thereby banishing the senss of drowsi
ness lethargy and tho general feel ing of
apathy which arise from disorders of the
liter Price tO cts at E I Lauderuaugh
Sledge and Sweet Mash Tobacco 2
fjhuszjjis Siawrrouse Med Co Njv Orleans for Free Sample J oenuundtHeodrick
i t32tf
Another Big Carloac
Hog Fence
Yes this makes tho Tliml
For sevtntv flve years Thk VonnsJOSpCPj
Cumpamon has been pubiiihed every
week as a family paper Iu these seven l
ty liveyeare the pniierss constancy to a I --
high atiudaril has won the confidence of
thn American ecple It has kept pace
withe the country Its storns its speo
ial articles its editorials its selections
represent all that is best in American
life For 1U02 tho fori most men and
women of thn KnglUh speaking world
have been enlisted as contributors Tho
work of an unprecruVnlfil number of
ml iiinillin u liu I
i ur tuu t w4intii4j niiria ii 4ii i
Mnus inn constantly increas
this your The reason it sells is heeanse
Fence on the market and our prices are
should von need
of this 1Viut
it is the best
riflit Anu
Barbed Wire Nails or Hardware Paint Bill
Figure with us and wo will show
vou that we are the
ple to trade with
Yours for a Square Deal
Webb Drug Hardware Cot
Groceries QueenswarE
Boots Shoes
Jasper Lumber Co
Can furnish you anything in the Building
line at prices that are rilit
A Iovv TIiImjcm Flint Wo Koop In Stock
White and yelluw pine luinhcr white pine and red
cedar shingles lath posts and pickets doois win
dows screens hrick litno cement hair sand ic
scHome Necessitiesioc
a great big tahle ehook full of them at
those prices ore things for a nick
tlmn you over iniigined could he made for
that price and much bigger things font
dime than 10c usually buys We call this tublu ours
Bank of Jasper
Do a general Banking Business Special attention given
to Collections Your patronage solicited
Farm Machinery
Also Buggies and all kinds of Vehicles
Cheaper than Anybody

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