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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, March 27, 1902, Image 2

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The Jasper News
litsucd every Thurnday nnd divotisl to
thn intermit of the iieupin of Jasper and
vicinity Our lolftlct The groatest
good to tho greatest number
lntcnsl lit the 1osb fllco nt Jasper
Mo as Hocoud class matter Bopteniher
4tllVMUrlptloit lilltttft
Ono Year 100
Six montliH M
Thrrsv months 2fl
Binglo copies 05
Wood Uoal nnd Potatoes taken on
Advertising rate furnished on nppll
AllHHourl Inulllo Tlmo Titttlw
mouth 10UNI
No 0- K C Texas Kxpross 121 n m
No I KCHtl Midi llHSnin
Loral Freight 2KI in
1C C A bt Ji ids Mad H 00 In
No I - Tux and K O Express 128 n m
Local Freight Hiirnm
No 5- St I and K Mall t 00 p m
No U Kim and Neb Limited 7 loam
All trims lian through clialr earn
Clomi coiui ction In iiitinn iliisilM
Tickets fold and biiggige rhi clusl
through to nil principle MiiritH In the
country It O IIAKKIt Agent
Gliuruh NotlooM
IIAIllHT Keguliir services on tlio
Saturday before tlii si cxiuil Sunday of
inch inontli nt 1 oclock p in and on
tlinwi onil and fi uith SumliivMiit II n
in and 71V p in Hiindn school nt 10 a
in nndprtyir meeting Tumbi euning
O V 1alsikh IliHtor
MKTItODfST Sunday ncrvlcos
Humlii School 030 a in lunior
lfsiiuii 2t0 p in Ip ill League
ji in lr aching sivicn llrst and lliinl
Hunday nights nnd wciJ and fnurlli
Humlriy mornings lrujcr and class
meeting every Thursday night
I K lluuiiiAM 1iwtor
M I SOUTH Preaching 1st andSd
Pundits in eich month morning ami
evening Sunday school each Sunday nt
10 a in Kpunrtli League each Miindnv
evening oorilurteil lij J W Hplid
pnver mectingiUchWcdnirday evening
1 M ljiniiii lastor
CIIHIBTIAN Preaching crviees 2d
und Ith Sundays of iich innutli nt 11 n
m and 7110 pin Sunday hcIiooI 10 a m
K Sunday nl tm pin prajer meeting
Thursday night M ti Joiinso Ptstor
nt 10 oclock it in I hiistian Lntle ivor
nt 7 oclock p in ach Sunday Irnjcr
liiisitingouch Witlncsdii evening
Senator Iluwlcy in ilirtMnwing
tlio bill tlio ubjuct of winch is lo
protect tlio lircMilcnt mill
would fivo 1100 to jct u good
idiot nt mi uiiiuliiBt Hero is n
0od chiincu forhoiuo litorpriHiiifj
illllklU to got HOIUC HpOlllllllJ lllllll
cy niiiipiy liy rounding up n
lititinli of rcdrt and dining them
down Senator I law leys way
Williim Jcuiiiugri Urynu in not
in lho linbit of iniiiciiur wonls
whim eiionkiiiL of ilont
Jrovor Clintiliiiul In a recent it
mo of his paper ho refern to tlm
ic ritiiiloiit lis a traitor to liin
party an iugrato ami a puliticul
nonenity The editor of tho
Commoner in iihi ojbittor iifjaiiinl
Urovur than tho Itcpuhlicmm over
wore an they hud alwayHivon him
credit for lining a limn of no mean
proportions phiuically mill u
duuk hunter of marked ubilily
Tim death lust week of U aril
tTinen wifo of Unity ireoti sup
j ma to be tlio richest woman in
tho United Stutiw wom tho iirst in
iiiiation to mont of uu that Hetty
hail a huslmnd lint Mr Ireon
was not mi obticuro nonenity Ho
hail shown marked ability of ac
cumulating wealth but was din
Uncoil by liiH wife in tho capacity
f holding unto it While u
dent of Manila it is buid that ho
lriulo n million dollar but lost it
at i iiih ih proDiiuy wtiv no Huh
since been occupying n buck seal
The tcjal Date
Tliero bcuiiin to bo an unocrlaiii
y in tho uuihIb of hoiiiu of our
tiium na to tho leurl clay for
i liny tho city electien tliis year
euonil improMjiou is that tho
iJotrt thoduy na the flrat Tue
in April und Muvor Hunt hnu
iied Tuesday April 1 as tho
t Othors contend tho law Kayg
i Tuewluy uftor tho llrst Alotu
I tthioh would put it u week
i Fruin tho laws of tho 8tato
tiiotu tho following
V genorid election for tho eleo
ollicers of oach city of tho
firat Tucfldny in April next after
tho organization of such city un
der tho proviHiona of thin act nnd
ovory two yonra thereafter
This would mako Tuesday April
1 tho correct ditto
What Constitute a flcntlcinan
Most of un hiivonlwnynuppoed
that it wua osiblu for any mini
to K conduct hiuifelf iih to bo en
titled to tho rank of gentleman
But up riseH Mrs Astor of New
Yorkn 100 with tho rifsartion
that Ootitleiiien nro only to bul
found in tho ranks of tho ci liege
bred This in a Mtunner lo many I
of us who havo boon ondeuvoring
to act tho part of gentlemen
However Huh lndyVt conclusioiiH
nro dotlbtluHM tho result of a wrong
conception of tho real meaning of
the word gentleman Thin fact
has cauheil ii genoral discussion
throughout tho country of what
tho wird really Hiiiud for Hero
in n very good deiiiition of tlo
word from the pen of Mrs1 Hel
uiuth also a Now York woman
Tho man whoso politeness does
not Hpriug fruin kindness is not a
yelitleinuli llowiug nod ticrnpiiig
rising and giving up his car Rent
to u woman doeH not ontitlo a inni
to tho nutnu Thefio thiiigd nro of
ten matters of policy or assump
tion Men Mometiiues do thorn
beiiiuso thoy look well with no
real feeling to prompt thotn
the highest typo The man whof0
actH of kindnirs Hpriug from a
winu heait vho is incpubli of
wounding others doliberulolj
whoso courtesy is extended to liiw
hervants us well as to liiti gueot
who guardh hiu tongue from tlun
dur mid who acts decently from
Hitler himself a gentleman whotli
er ho has a trunk full of diploma-
or whether his eyes havo evil- be
held a college
breeding will not bar any man
from being a gentleman in tho
highest Kenso of the word
I laving 11 Run on Clifiinocr
litlniCouli Remedy
lletweeii tilts hours of 11 oclock a m
mil eiosiug time nt night 011 J111 23tb
1WII A V Cluk iltuiglst Glade
Hprings Va sold twelve bottles of
chamberlains cough Koinudy Ho aayiii
I neier handlisl it inislicine that sold1
betti r or gsvi bettor fatisfactiou to my 1
customers This rcmevly Ink been ia
gencrnl use in Virginia for iinnj years
and the peo lu tliero nro well acquainted
with Its rctiltit iiualltics Many of
them havn tcstUud to the nmarknble
cuni wheli it has elfected Wlien vou
Il ftctluitlly Htftrvlnir
After using 0 fewCliottles of Kodol
Dyspepsia Ciiroui wifo reoeivixl
nnd perinntient relief frotnn Severn
nnd clironio cssh of stomach trouble
siys J K Holly real estate insurance
and loan aent of Maeontli III He
foro iifingKodal Dystprit Cum she
could not rsitun oidlnnry mn il without
iuteuso effering Bliulsmnv entirely
curiil Brtieril physiclvns and many
iciiiiliiM had failed to give relief You
dont hnvetodlet Eat mi gissl fixslyou
otcrloul tliHstoniach KoJiiljlytiuipsii
Cutmvir always digest It forhnu at E I
Just rcfoivpcl at H W
Slicots A nico lot of jiooU
tt cutlery -
Have you n cough Adoroof IUlu mips
HoiiKilolnSrntiwill releieiolt Irco
th cIms shall bo held 011 tho 35 emu and Wen utUI LuiiImImubU
Farm Topics
Vnluntile lllul for nrinrrM Who
Ihlnk uf llullillnu n Klnn
drnre ur llltf llarti
To build foundation wall dip
trrnvh to the front Hue Flit with loone
tonr Noh tet up a plnnk on each
aide and hold llirtn In place liy itako
hun In the rut Kill In now to the
top of the phlikl with loose utourt anil
soft mortar toft eiiouxli to 1111 all the
r f
spare between the stones Allow the
plankt to remain until I lie mortar hail
set then nioM alum and liiilld on an
other lection When the wall U hard
lay a little soft iiiorlar aloii the top
and imbed the Mill in It The wall will
then be air lit- 1arm Journal
A rrolllnble Crop In lie Centrnl
Suiitli here ttie Demniitl l
AtrMdtly un tlie liiereae
A the ireni taltie of the cowpea has
become mure Kemrnlly known Its cul
tivation lio Incrented unti It lits be-
inljht be expected on nTernpe soil In
an arernpre eaon Twenty bunhels
per acre Is a pond yield a lthoiiRh 1 hate
heard of 30 bushels being prown As
they are sure to bring from tS0 to 3
per bushel In the spring the crop Is a
very profitable one especially when
the seed r hard to pet ns It usually Is
H V Miller In Country Gentleman
It Is lo nniirmoiii Ttint lystemntlp
Knrrst Culture Mnal Soon lie
Itesnrfeil To
In the Tutted States 1000001 feet
of pine lumber uro used eiery year for
matches or the equltnlent of the
product of 40 nrres of good virgin
forrht About C200M1000 cross ties
are noiv laid on American railroads
and 00000 000 new tie nrc required
nniiunlly for renewals The ninount
of timber used etery year for tics
nlone Is equivalent fo 3000000 feet of
lumber There nre now standing
OOOOO telegroph jioles The aver
age life of n telegraph pole Is nlimit
ten years so that nearly 750000 new
poles nrc required every year for re-
rnewnls These figures do not Inclniti
telephone pnlen noil the ioles required
on new railway lines The total an
nual consumption of timber for ties
nnd poles Is equivalent to the amount
of timber grown on 100000 neres of
good virgin forest For making shoe
pegs the amount of wood med In n
Ingle venr Is equal to the product of
fully 3 00 acres of good second
growth hardwood land Lusts nnd
boot trees require nt least 300 000
cords more Must newspaper nnd
ciune a stape crop nil over the southern I packing paper Is made from wnod
111 oilier wonw too geiuieuiuii half of the fnlted States Kachjcar
is not solely tho product of tho the demand for seed liicreaso und the
i nptfu lu itnlf firtrit t 1irh In lru nt
co lege nor is no coiiiineii 10 any -
0 these fact It will no doubt pay many
other particular phero of Ilfo lie fBrllPr h have never grown unj
may bo a wood caw er or a dltcli seed to do so this year
digger and yot bo a gentleman of
The cow pen like the other ltguinrs
ha the nbilty t fiinbb the nitrogen
for lis own pr n r io tosllrupniiich
In the oil IiiMuC I his enable It to
make huge crops on olls deflclint In
nltrogi n Hut it requires plenty of
photphorlc acid nnd potash to grow a
good crop of se d
On some trial plats I had last sum
mer the application of from i00 in cm
pound of acid phosphate per arre in-
rensed the yle d on an nv crave li
i tit -
- f I Ier t rni HUT I lie un in iiurii iiiti
not fiom fear of being
wh M no mlndof Imlriatr f
found out- - may be entitled to con
polah was addid to the phosphate
the average lunette was 71 per cent
mer the unfertlled plat The great
est profit eime from the ue of 300
pounds of nel 1 phosphate The soil was
a clay of dolomite formntlon Of course
1 niu m nM ou
- klirl liniill oik nut iiiiii nmi 111
no irom iieiiiiuui h jioiui i marlj nll - laj riin tllc
of iew tho lltlilUlllbored thoilsUlilK use of aeld phosphate for this crop
who cumot Claim tho distinction I 1ca forseed should be planted thick-
ly In rows IS Inches or 2 feet apart
of being college bred can tiiKe hen K iin iKcmo thoroughly
heart and coiltiuuo the ctlltivutii II warm They slmuM be kpt clean of
weeds by scleral shallow cultivationes
or the ho ely virtues Willi tlio ih i
J of 10 to 15 bushel per acre
i i s 1
sitraiico inai mo iiick ui cuiii m
Mtliougli tills itiiliistrr lias been rte-
rclopeil only within the last 10 venrs
jet the ntnoimt of wood consumed
for nnper during that time linn 1 een
normiiits The total nnutial
tlon of wnod for paper pulp Is equiva
lent to over SOO000 000 board feet of
timber for which it would be I
nrv were the trees nil growing to
petber to cut some P0 000 acres of
prime woodn Yule IJevlew
evv lliilllfttrr In Lively
The beet sugar Industry Is the
most Important feature of agricultur
al development now In piogreK In
this country It means much more
than the money involved In sugar con
sumption In Intensive cuture fertiliz
ation rotation Increased vnlue of
lands rod advaiiced wealth of nation
al production Mr Nathaniel Stewart
repiescuts the Investments In this
Industry- In Michigan In three years
to ninount to 7700 000 The sugar
expert of the department of agricul
ture savu that annual rentals of sugar
iiinils ale from i to lSper nere nnd
Hint the output of the ptcscnt cam
paign will eeeed IJ0000 tons of sugar
5omc estimates nre higher It will
ultimately be u source of much income
mil profit to growers though they
flen nre and have been discouraged
o abandonment ulture
- - - -A Printer Oroatly Surprised
Th Vciiuu Of NwitKiriK I never was m much surpriied In my
Clouds the happiness of thnhoirie but I lifu lis I was vvitli tho results of using
n navtging wotiian ofteu neejs help SIih
may be so nervous und run down in
health that trifles niioy her Ifshois
inelaueholy escltable troubled tv ith loss
ofnppr lite headache sleeple8Hnsscon
stipaton or tainting nnd dizzy spells she
liiHinatkot King At wholesale or re
ail Prices as low as any resimndblu
llrm can Bell C 11 Masifus Agt
Por tlvt Cortiploxlftn
The coiniexion alvrnjs sutlers from bil
iousness or constiratlcii unless the liow
elsare kept open the impurities from the
body appear in the form of unsightly
eruptions DeWitts Mttlo Karly Klscrs
keep the liver nid bowels in healthy con
dition ami reniovu the ciuis of such
trotiblo C K 11oost AlbanGa jays
1 took DeWitts Little lauly Uisers for
biliousness They wero justwhat 1 uanl
fi Am fueling better now than in years
Nsver gripe or distress Safe thorough
and gentlo The very best pills B I Lau
Cream Separators
We innlto and Fell good Cream Sepa
rators Satisfaction guaranteed
Win lli ties
Chruivlu Olurrlittort
Mr Cn Wlngflcld of f drplav Mo
who siiiTeiisl from chronl dysentery for
thirty tlviiyiurssivschanirlalnsco
Ic cholerinnJ niiirrlioia it li ily did
him more good than nnj othr niedlcine
h hnd ever used
Drug A lldtr co
Vou vv ill never iv Ish to tnhe another
dose of pills if yon onc try chamber
InioV Stomach nndUver Tablets They
nrei nsier totaUnand moiH plooant in
ellw t They ceiith stomach nndreg
idaloth bver andboivi U silo by
Webb Uru IMvt cm
clnmberlsinh tain mini saya Henry
T Crook prcsiinn of thoAshvlllelN Cl
Oarelt I eontraetcd a nevcro case of
rhnunuitism eirly last winter b gotting
my feet wet I tried stcr d things for it
without sucen s One cl iy whiln looking
needs hleetrie Hitters the niott wonder 1 over the Gnzetti I notictxl that Iain
fill leniisly for nillng vvonicii lhou liilm was oeitivel gunranteei or rheu
sndiof iiuffro s from fenia 0 trouble mutism so bought a bottlo of It nnd
nervous troubli8bicknchaiid weakk d
neys have u isl it nnd lComo hialthy
iindhuppy Try itOiilyuD at Webb
llros iuainnteo sati factiuu
Nursery Stock
Those wHhing Nursery Stock rnn be
supplied by tho old reliabln Stark
xuiy Lo of Ixiulsinna JIo All stock
ueisla BotxJ leliabla medicine for Ktiirituteed Try the Illick lieu Davis
0 lull or cold or attack of the grip use
chamberl dus cough lieimdy and ou
aro certain to be more than plonsul with
tho quick euro which it afT rd ror
siu by Webb Diugl lldw co
Prult Tree
Call on II 11 nut when you want any
thing lu tho Nursery line from n straw
lierry plant to an evergreen trie Von
get exactly tho kinds jou want nnd n
full replaca nt half price of nll that nro
dmid on ur beforo August 1st 1002
17tf 11 HUKT
toro using two thirds of it my rheuma
tism had taken In light and I havo not
had n rieumitie pain since Sold bv
Webb Drug A lldw co
Bulk 0 union Seeds W II
Httgiir stiys ho novor saw
seeds eoine up ns woll as tho
Rush Park seeds for salii by
Webb Drig lldw Co
Wnulcl MrtvrtMli tlio Clut
If members of liny Kover Assoc
tlon wonld iisa Dr Kings New Dis
eovory for Consumption tho club would
goto pieces for It always circs this mal
ady and Asthma the kind that baffles
ttiHdoctnrsit vtholl driv es from tho sys
tem Thousands of once hopeless suf
ferers from Consumption Pneumonia
Ilronchlllsuvvo their lives and health to it
It compters Grip saves lit lie ones from
croup nnd Is jiositively guarantee for
100 Tiial bottles free at Webb llros
Huruunns KnllaNnt Nootloil
Burgery is no longor necessary to cuio
piles lie Witts Witch Hazel Salvo
ourva such ciu siit onco remnring thi
necessity foriUngrou alnful and es
penin operations For bcalds cuts
burns vvoVn di bruises soreu and skin
h i
For Volu by Webb disetsi It Is uuiiiallcd llwure of
counterfeits R I Lnuderbaugh
Cash imiil for nidus nntl Fure
Boucher Butts
3 Von cau bo cheerful and happy only
when yon nro well If you feel out of
j wrts tuko llniiiiNi It will brace vnu up
t lricr 60ct nt E I Laudeabaueh Co
I ff
13 I
rtC then
45 VI
neat market
All Kinds of Fresh and Cured Meacs
Produce Flour and Feed
s JLour
uturxBtodum r
vYaf Your appetite is poc
SU29 o vour heart flutters
you have headaches tongue is coateJ bad breath boweb
constipated bad taste in the moutiua
If not all of these symptoms
some of them Its your
M VI a M
tf jiyA fjfi j
cH Mm wk
Kj t
f l is a natural
vegetable remedy
containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons It will correc4
any or all symptoms make your health
appetite and spirits pood At drunplsts 50 cents
JlMlilTWlrJlllillTryllTritJ1wJ nwiwiwiri wi 11
LAUDliRUAUai 1 oiiua CO
Wagon Carriage and Machine Work
Tho market price or all iron and steel is greatly reduced on tircfl
carriage nxels Wo oan save you inoioy Cill und get prices and wo
will do you good All work warranted
Shops One Block North of St Jams Hotel
A New Line o
Steel Ranj2etS
Cast cool gisoline and blun llamn oil stove Tinware washing machines
pumps screen vviro stove repairs cro un HMparitors Also all hinili of
guilering siiting nsifing heavy gilvnnizisl iron stock tub
or unj liludof work tlmt can bn ilnnt In n tinsbop All
Kinds or stoves incluillng gisullnu una oil rupnretl at
Next Door to JO V Tootcr Fumlturt Store
At My Old Stand
I desiro to call tho nttention of
tho pnblio to tlio faot that I nm
niriiin nt tnv rilrl Ktnnd with u tiion
III II ink ofjlltsper Iriain r
is now located in his new building
w hern ou can get jour repair
ing dono nt nl times
This will save your Life
Sy Inducing you to use
Dr Kings to Discovery
Consumption Coughs and Colds
The only Guaranteed Cure
NO Cure NO Pay Your Drug-
all Throat and Lungs troubles Ko and jjst will warrant it
Por Rent Grip Influenza Asthma Bronchitis
83 neres of plow pasture nnd grass W25jn rrP J7
Affection of the Throat ana Lungs
1 1 r 1
Iiuiu situatevlln lnuten Township near TB nnTT Ka tr r
j the John Crvndsl firm For particutitrs ReguUr sizo 60 centa and l0a
I write to C A OrimUll Mclaue l I
S5I0S wi
5tts r
Wt kn tMiUiMStl Rn rtu
oc rBtMtl It f WWII
MamlaU SwlaMi wahoitt CHS
M4s1 aptykBt lffuo4
Uva Ifait Ud aWy u
aMi tea iMnL
I flafa rti Muw nirf4
QWMl A fekV J Vm Mm bl1u lUll JWIM
- tai iw iw aiw 1 iqif h nnwwwi
Pt en
e or lUvsoeDsia
FlOtir Feed Digests what you eat
When in need of anything in
thiH lino give 1110 a call
Notary Publicis
HarUflclallydlge stfi the food and alda
Naturo In strcngtlienlng and
Utructing the exhausted nlgestlvo or
gans itlatliolntcstdicovcrcduigrtt
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach It In clllclcncy It Id
Blantly rcllevcsand permanently cues
Dyspepsia Indigestion lluartburn
Flatulence Sour Stomiich KnuscH
Sick Headache Oistralgla Cramps ana
other results of Imperfect digestion
lrlceWVe Hiultl TirfteslzocontalnsSH tlrecs
m ill tln IlimLnllHlwiiitaviilikiiittllKirii
Kcai csuie anu insurancs Ageni prepaid by c c dwitt co cijicag
E I Laudsrbaugh Drug Co
Thaoi Mswia
copyrishts ac
ABTOniosdlnu akelli and description resr
luteslr asrriRln our celnlun tnm whllier u
Itireiitlon Is pmhstlj pianiasl ronnrotiiilor
tlonttrlctlroonfldnntrikt Hstiilbnnkon Istenta
tea f reo OMtrn utcner forijirlnrilwu
1 iteau taken tbrouffh Jl Kb A Co ruevlT
leUl notk w II hoot cbargo lalba
Scientific Hwtim
A handtOTTiely tlluttratM ektr TJirirwt rtf
ru I at Ion of uy cieittfli loarnti linna4 a
mMfUCo388 Hew York
Braach olllca flret Wubnwion DU
Parlor Parber Shop
Shop in Lowe lluilding
Fins Sbk uf Ciars Awjjrs oa Hand
Jle vdijunrtcrs for Ijvundry
aTv t a
WNrNMNsv w
MotlnQttacUtr BMiIaCiutitr
For 20 Vt - Kas Lod all Worm RorocIIes ms
ti DIitrcKiiBain 4
Pnparn JAMPR P RAIJ ipn I

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