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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, December 22, 1904, Image 3

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Jasper Mo
Office Over Wolfe Hw Store
Anpit rinwrr kerii the clilUtn healthy and
lull ol vior anl frolle Hie whole long
bowhcn Miuiiiij iimUj more they rush off In
tilth bI
Sn M la lll drugjut
uc i -
Illuddv COHinlcinil Hlld luwtr iimila
J these all indicate n disordered Momach
aildbaddlcistion in ndulUaml children
too They nUo indicate the urgent netd
if taking tit ecus August Ilower regu
Idtly for a fewdiSj
JIts a reliable oll retnedv for nil stomach
troubles never fails to cure indigestion
dyspepsia and chronic countipatiou and
i a natural tonic1 for Iiody and mind n
qTwo ii2es 25c and 75c All drugglU
a AC
lUlii 1W3
F t
t arr
rocst mk
M A GZTlt f v A
ri ro j7 la 3 tm r
JStctV viiirU t n t bowel otid
Itvor Uck
1 lriiU lck od Pwltry Midi
1 dial h a bowel d liver r uscdy
J fr ctvrk It I1 w of11 ct
liget ion m u i
lhoraincnt As entail bred tj nnd
fcrrww leep Ihor rdi Tid floets
Lahhj by rivin tliem nn occa
sional doctDl KOrjttBfork
and Poultry Medicine in tLcir
foxl iy tloerniner mayljuyn
t5 ccnt ba rJtad air tinht can
if this ciediclno fro Idjdalcr
nud lcr his txc St vigorous
bvltli fr wot I IJcd r
a rtrkI aiir jt fat K k arid
llV lt In iKtiio It rtur does t
nptrnd 25 cenU for n saniplo h 3
can 13 1110 mwuuwuii
Chaltanu3 Jleditfino to Chat
Imoofa Trnn
Eocmaia Cji Jan 9 irn
rlbtlMiht KtSCk ua muivrr
UeJIonoItaobcHTtrcd Oar r
riock m looking bd ou aEt
ia tho rotdldno rnil noir taey ie
g ttluj o TS3rrolotlae1
pcrcut Utter TTITrnTO
jj iw -------
fTj3Tr7 rr3vr JUJ
ream fennifiige
tmc otHuirn rtfAito onvr T
Ballbrd Snow Liniment Co
Furniture and
I at nil tihiPi nin lco inp 11 nice tun
rf Ililiiiturt nil lapi i TplnrottH
winow shnderi finohnm nud OilcIoth
A liiv lineuf Iufriia caipntK raniph K
Uruitwlx MoqiHittn and I make piles 11I
licturo Kralui a
A No 111 j colli na nnd Undertaker
supl liei urn Hue and 11 law liii lo pitl
ffoni I hrivii role nnd sho s wlul
boi 1 ham taken i thorough course
in Ilinialniini and mil t ikf pil care
nf bcriii i it ld Jireervn tlir m with Hind
1 furnhli iiptunn cuhrttvt and man
other thing
J a per
1 rrr
CorAWyM from page 1
In rrpnl to llMfiliorn tlip doctor gave
some practical Miggeetlons as to the
cm or the hoof and tho teeth Ho said
tlmftlmuiiul custom of giving i Inrso
on extra nmoutnf feed just before start
on n longjlrivo was tlu worst thing
that could bo done ns the strangtli on
ivliichft horse coos on todiy ii tlcrlirtxl
i food eaten the ddj or two tiu
GOOD for OLD and YOUNG nctt0 umonut of food
latin juHt Ixfote btnrtlnrr Ininl f
d U
U l
Mrcngthening thu niiimal for the dos
work adds nn ortri stfilu on It In the
exln amount of energy which is cpn
i umod in the digestion of tho food It
is belter for tlm horso to htait on n long
diivo without in fuod tUn to bo oicr
lr Mlllsr Tall
Wr Miller miked on crop rotntloni
md thu formation of the soil Tho tilk
was illustrated with charts nnd lie
giann giring tlin fornntion of tho var
I us soils tnd the iieee ary components
of thiii il for greatest reults in thi
wn of erops
Mr Miller recimniemMn rotation of
crops for thn preservation of the toil
CI nir was tin llrst cIiokm for t iU pur
j pose but onwpeaslic thought was utmost
U LTOod fin repnmni liilirl iimniirfitiil
Ilro w give it ta
eritizr in wjiijuiutu with thu
Gliiabilily to pet up brisk nnd frc h in il lrJl
the morning lack of npivtitc pillor I
Mr Laiutillu ot Corn
Mr LiighliiiH dlactis iou of lorn
was both lultirstlug nnd insliuctiiu
Mr Iauhlio n 1 pinuneil firmer liv
iciy nir loler In Hate tuiiiit lie
Imaeiun tlm subject of corn iaieiDt
nnd orn brcedinj a ecial ktudy Ho
usrd cli irts anddiigriins nlo together
with n number of mircuntna of corn
to illustrate his utldrtwj Mr Lauh
tins idea u f an ideal rar of corn H ouo
from cUbt to ten luchiis ij length
plump in tize straight ronii of grains of
uniform size eoveriug Ilia eutiro cob
cuiupiKtuud nil Ilo 19 opiosad to
tho utert of sending artii to soino olhor
suite for wed coin fur the reason that
I lorn which rodueeil well in Iuua tnn
uoi bjudapted to touthnest Missouii
Mr Liughlins pan is to get into
uur mind n iirtiiiu bind of inr of cun
for iDstiueo 110 ear si 10 inches long
slraiglil runs of grain of uuifonn mzp
plilui and Miid and return liuliiug ou
nin ucruss an mr which answers lu the
dicntiiui ou lnu duel ted ujuu lay
itaiioi When oil have fiuished tnko
jour urn th it ou Intel ud andu and
oompaiu thini lobular 1 uiu bj
pl iciug thenisUe Ly oide fhe ought
lu look as neir nlikias two biotliers or
two aas 111 11 pui lliou tars which
do not mti t the nruiremerits from this
second iiofrction throw out ft r
cutting olf an ioeh 01 bo from tho butts
ALlSSOUrj I and ends of thu ears all of the gr lins you
luvuleft urn of nricticilly tho same
When ou feel like sighing sing
Sighing will neur pleasure bring
Lonrn lo laugh ou can laugh and
I lugh right
ily taking Hooky Mountain Tea nt
night nt J K Schooler
Iluli Wll U Ulttr
Tho e who will persist in closing thel
ems against the continual abcomnii ndi
ItiiMi oflr Kioggew Dlssover for
consumption will hivo along nud bitter
fight with their tumbles If not ended
iiitrliur b fatal termination I idwhat
JTK Heallof BoillMN has to pa
I st tad my wife had every sluptom
I of ci naiiiiiption Shu t ok Dr Kings
j New DiH oioi ofler our thing clso had
j f illfd linprovi mi nt cjnio at mco aud
U bottles 1 ullrel oundher Gnaranleetl
1 li Webb Bros Price 50o nuddLO
Iruil lialilofron
Do Qlllulc
Xota minuio should b lost wheun
child bhows sjiiiploinsof crouji hnui
berlnlns cough Reined given as soon hh
the child becomes boarre or even alter
thecoupy cough Hiipiir will prevent
thoattatk Itueier falls and is pleasant
nnd safe to take Forsalob WebbBroj
Cull and ueo Skaggs
naker about those Ooo Pota
Mottiurs Ho Ctirotul
of tho hialthof tur cliildreu IxhiU
out for coughs colds Croup nud Whoop
iug ceuUi Slop thtiu in time On
Minuie tKiugh euro is liiti bt at remedy
Harmless and pleasant Sold by J It
- -
Buy our Telescopes nt the iasper
Racket Store
When you want a pleasiot purgatho
try lianiberlalus Stounoli and liiver
Trtblets f hoy aro easy to tako and pro
duce on musea griping or other di
ngree iblo effect For sala by Webb
Th Only Guaranteed Kidney Dure
Smith V Sura Kidney Cure Your
druggist will refund your inouey If after
UklDg nno bottle ou areuoi sausueu
with result 60 cent by II K Pitts
SoUi A RmendTby H k PtTTS fiet It at the New York Racket
i K fjt 7T
iOjLf J
IfmTwant something nice in the wy
ie nnd li ipp s i icry grain if vrn
n surio ed lo pro lore uudi r the aitno
clrcuiustiinceH an i iact duiilleatojof It
npf n uniformity in the r of the seed
wil bo necees iry if mi ripict a Unl
fnrmlt in tho crop to be baivtttid
It is passible Recording to Mr
Imighlln forcrery faimer to develop a
corn peculiarly adapted to bis own farm
This can bo brought about in thil ncy
liow up about nn aern of jour hog lot
conwnlentto tlin boure Select our
sed with grent caro according to tho
above mentioned plin lake articular
pains in the planting nod vnlttratiaj
this patch nud rou will bu surprisxl at
tho rmult of eveii thu first jiars tflort
From thh patch joucan ialojour seed
corn each jear using the greatest care
in caring for tlio patch In this way
jour corn will becomo uiuro nud moie
udaptid to your boil with the rcculttbat
ou will hniu biter and inoiu uulfolln
The Cxliiblt Car
The txhlbi tear attracted considerable
nthutioci diiiiug its 8li in thocitv It
was under tho itisonal eh irgn of Mr
h H Voung lloitieulturo Aent of the
Missouii Pacific Kallvt Mr Voung
is Hbliibiisled by dix ringerj 11 col
ored lad w ho gts his litl by the pecu
liar form itiou of one of his hauili w hich
Ioutdius six liugeis
The car is iltied up in tine ahnpo with
a largevailety of products of the state
Tbueai litis Just returned Irim 11 tour
through Ihesouthein slitm giving the
pcopluof the booth an iiua of V hut
MishoUil can produce
Ill display consiits ofijuitoiv large
amount ol corn wheat una grussts to
gi ther with vuiuulcruble fiuit and vig
Mrioung is a fluent t titter and takes
cousiberablu p ilns 111 milling the exhib
it both interesting and insttuotiie lu
puplic lie is solium li it of 11 joker like
wise one of hi jjkas being tinea eirs
of red com in his exhibil with u table
attached to theiiislatiug that thty were
the onl uuos n that kind ever put on
exhibition and wire imvd from Uooue
count white corn seed for fiirtlmr
Information iho Inbol iiisIilcIh ttitmto
write to CulNiati is giving bis uddrebb
The Joke about it is th it ttie corn has
bieu coloied with Uiimiiid du nud
further Lul Wnleis knows nothing
about it unu is nt 1 loss lo know u h
soman peuplu are writing him about
Threo ears of prehistoric coin win
among the utiiiiHs iliul is corn
groan fioin sued niiiuh uai found Heal
ed iu a ju lu a mound 11 iiiaiisis ana
claiiiiicl lu Lm Otjoj irsuli ibelong
est in of cud uuj 11 incui s 1 t iicn
eSbboiliir thu one on exiiiniituu hi ibh
Bank of Jasii 1 vvliioli was lulsud L
S U Appieu
Mr iouug nctiied nu luldltlon to his
corn xhltu while 111 Jirii of thn
ems ol 10111 1 itciilu 10 hitii h Uuis
JSlith wno lies 11 10 iinluit 01 liuwi
Florida Sleeper
On November 15th nnd daily there
after uulil tLc summer seison of lhj
tho Frisco Sjsti in in connection Willi
the Southern Rillwny will operate
through Pullmin Sleepers between Km
sna City Mo and Jacksonville Fli
These sleeping cars will bo pliced in
service ai urt of the equipment if the
topulnr Southi astern limited sehrd
iiled to leive K ins is Clti 0ilJPM
A modirnly equipped Irnin ilectrin
lighted cife otieivatiou car ect the
rotilo of which ciines the traveler
throuLh the populous cities of
Berth reserralhns mny bo undo
thiongh ripneitHiives ol Fiico Ss
t 111 or eonm cling litus
lAsfcMi Tuvrsio DWARTMVNr
Uevolutlnii ImiTiliiont
A f u h i nofnp roc iugreioltnnu
serious nuouolo In our bolem is lier
vousue f ui J iiti ii cr stomuch up
sets Khelrlc Bitters will quickly dis
member the lioublCbonie causes It
Oliver fails to tone the stem ich regolale
Iho Kiilns and Bowels stimulate the
Liver and el irify Iho blood Ruu down
Blenis beneilt parliculaily nnd all the
usual attending aches vanish undtrits
seatthiug and thorough elf ctiveueso
Flei trio Bitters is oul 50i bmI that is
letnrned if it dont give perfect satisfiic
tionOuiunnteed iiv Wibti Bros
A HrlulitJ Hoi bo
Uuiiuiug like in d down the street
duinpiog theoi oupints or n buntlrwl
other neoidents uro every day occurren
ces It behoove ever body to bavo a
p Ilnhh Kane liandv nnd theres none
us good aiuucltlens Arnica u lo nurus
cuts Bores nczMin and Piles dls
spia ar qul kly under its soothing effect
233 nt Wclb Bros
The Only Guaranteed Kidney Cure
is Smiths Sure Kidney Curs Vour
oie will refuad your money If a I lor
ili1 i ui ii ft Hm ivCi houii tj an- J V
Thn eiiir featon if U111 c rn wtv
Its col 1 AiuioHt all thoolora cf ihr
rainbow were icprisentedon theso three
eir of coin
It Is estimitld that T0 peole rmn
through thoeir vvhlto In tho city
Tlie Battle kound Cf Modern
Tttv ClilCAOj Ukcoiid Hfiiald has
conceived the unique Idea of at tigning
n pig of its Sunday edition to the pub
lics for the free discussion of importnot
questions of the dn The iialtlu
Ground of MuJtro Tnought an oi
portunlty is ollire 1 to this pulio for tho
sinodnoimlin ofvll problsnu iigiglng
tho attention of tin Amirican pejplo
Writem of nbilily prtbeiit tluir view on
nudjects not gi nernlly treated lu the
dall presSaDl litcoiiu Hritvin Kadeis
gent rally nle Invited to join the debate
The fairest most forceful nnd original
contribution are published The follow
ing lire a ten of thebiibteols which have
been dibcussid niicn this dcpnriuiuiit
wus first ebliibliihed
Is Blictllstmg Within the Lint
Trusts and thu Proper Way to ltg
ulale Them
Great Peril That BibJts Pig in
Chin 1
LSijuor Trade and Its Ivit Consc
JAre Free BooUa wanted in Public
Inhumanity to Aulninl
Ntiv Ktriigghs For the Negro
The Ki tomi 1Ikiald disclainij any re
rioiMtilily for lie ci 11 ls u held ll e
tin 01 if m advanced or the anaceas an
located It res rves the right only lo
priM rve onliirto kei p out personalltiBU
nnd rancor nnd to ri n that gocul temper
and enndr cliiricterlzi thodiicussioii
Jaspiir Mo
Dear Sir Three callons saved is f 12
to 61r eirnei
Mr Hanfoid PHtt of Bridgeport
Conn oideied 1 gallons Deioe to paint
his house and returne 1 1 gallons His
pniitjrsiid it would take IS n
and oil piinttr
flubbel Wudo Co bold It They
nn eveivlioil has thu same expeiience
Tho reason is of coursi they are usid
tc poor piint
ha is pior piintr Arthlng not
Deio some worse than ofeis
B side iiiluts weir about as the
cover Duotile the ulS to 15 j
Yours tiuly
F W DmokACo
New York aud hie igo 1
New York Oily Nov 15 lWl
The New York Hckut
It II Cniiipbell IropJJtibpcr Mo
Deur Hir I luivo deccltil lo linike
yoiirbtoro my for Hit
liolliilny beiMJii ot lUUl Ileit t
toll all tho buys ntiil girls to lid
diet me 111 jour cure mid I will be
011 liuiil i promptly on the uiglit
of Dee 211901 Your Fiimid
Suilu ChiUHf
tv moves the miciolies ninth
lh blood nnd circulation
Mcnnl trouble lint iulerfeies with
willi nutrition Thats what Hollisltrs
Rocky Mountnin livi will do 30 Tea
or tablet form J K Schooler
Iluve you read Strattons nil
Me means ivery Word of it
Try him
Hunters Take Notice
The Fartiieis Pioteotlve Asooialioo
of Possum Unek met Nov ISth Ainoe
llaril wosili cted PieeJ D
wool Sen Any one found hunting on
tH mi mbt ro pre inis s will lie pro ecuted
Anyone hunting 111 the community uu
Sunday will lm leporled
11 B Onler of Asocutlon
LflllttllM CollO uvantliit
Take a double ihwi of chatiibeiliinV
code cholera and Dlrrhoea Remedy n
ooo as the llrtt indicitionof the disease
up0irs and a ihrialenwl uttneU mny be
naidod off Hundreds of iwople uselhe
lemiilv In this way with perfi clsuceecs
For mloby Webb Bins
Hcg Butcliering
We are prepited lo lnilclier
nay mul nil hizee til rensoii
able inlet J W IJjuelier Son
A UoMtly AVlHtiiko
Blundeis nro sometimes vii eipnn
silo UccuMofluliy Hie nseiris iu ni r
ol ii uilstnUe but ouil never b wrong I
if ou lake Ir Kings New lifo Pills for
D0t li Diiitiisirlleudacbi Uvir
or Bowel tu iible t The are grnllejet
thorough 2Te nt Webb Bioe
A new discovery for all ouihs oolds
croup n hooping coujh etc is Kenned
i -native none andwr It cutsj hlegm
draws out the lidlammilion cures all
eoubi sringtheos tho lungs nnd i
broDcbial tuby uud iisslsls iu expelling
neold from lhetembyBeqiiy monug
the lunula Pleasant to take and con
talus no oniate It Is thn childrens
f riond Sold br J Schootarr
taklnirono bottloyomire sot tlsUU f ori Orad eoaJotUt Codali Bros I
wlthrsMlW pOttroUbf HFPfftf fS
Headquarters for
Xmas Presents-
Wv nro hfiidqutiJtirK this you- for Xmn
rs w h ivi u full utid coiniilcU lino of
11 ticket on thn gun
Queensware Glassware
and China Ware
Such as On
cikf Iraks
rititox f Jlio onip iijis lirotul and
chop plates licrrv sots miKir nnd
cfcaiiKMN suir Ilfiiuuf mill toapot sets siilml
liuwlts and otlict artifkS usually found in thsit lino
Our Silver Ware Dept
has hton reploitishee with a inplott lino Our
Uixvvinj Shis must lie soon to appreciated as they
ate uMia inc
Our Sporting Goods
Line is Upto dole and w will ota S pnrlil Iiees on CfurtH nod It lies
from now until ChrUlinw All SinnlGuni on hind ro fioni 159 to fj
O 1 well web fn ttis lnwiist mid tint linn in Iisprr ami we guaranlm
r vpr iirtfcle sold under the Dhmond Edg liriptl
the ton 11 nud tADK IIAUXIWS to go with thwn As whip
KubiS and Blankets Remember with meir jViili 1 urchi jh on eet
Your fur gud pues
Wolf Hardware co
1 IV W T it ti n A 11 u
iLV Hfl JTyfSf Jfii ilAiiiaflVJ
KEUKAtcift spr ins cuts atuiarsBuitisieAief
curt iniiirc rniitBirrrn uutrri t ismatn
duwi m amj mirritifl esnlftirn tmtmtai m
r cct coiio cgiionf ciiIulaius hx all iirniATio or uak iu iKtr
I vat jnncb afilictcd with ilieivmatlna writes
VA Kud low av ille Sedgw iclc CoKaiiU guing
about 011 crutches and suffering a great deal of piin
I was induced to try Ballards Snow Liniment whidi
cured me after ming three 50c bottles 1T1STI1I5
ommended it to a number of persons all express
themselves ns bing btuefited by it I row wait
without crutches end am cble to perform a scl
deal o light labor on the farm
THREE SIZES 25c 50c AND 100
1 3
P PtTTS Jasper
T have decided to Extend my Offer toj
rj A Fh
WAT 81
as my s blioe sales
of each month until Jan 1 191
to seltot from AsIc lo sl o tlio
Mens Hot Oilf lkinte
t lf 12 In he
Box calf bid lionliial
-- I
Nov stock
ini Woiihii rmpre
V N rern Indy
9b I rbonv
OtershofH for Hie mail
Itvril pvvu to call ami get prices More you ly
If you aro in need of a wason or bugKy
rvjmeaiOur I nave
r y j
rfWGSSiimwnMr crewyiicuirm ftr tKcm c5wt WW W9

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