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Vol 12 Mar 24 1910 No 30
Entered p tho Postoflico at Jasper
Mo as Second class matter September
Subscription eo
One Year 8100
Six months 50
Three months 25
Single copies 05
Approach of Season for Sowing
Brings Timely Advice from
Expert Miller
Experiments which the agricul
tural experiment st ion has been
conducting throughout the state
have shown that for at least the
south half of Missouri the Texas
red rust proof oat is the surest
yielded that can be used In the
north half of Missouri the Texas
red rust proof is also well adopted
but in this section And even in
many cases in south Missouii an
early variety of oats brought jdi
rectly from the north will yield
better These oats should be
grown at least as far north as nor
thern Iowa and new seed should
be secured at least every other
year to insure a good yield of
heavy oats Another variety
vSttfW rSWttfl
Get YquV - H
at Luoas TT has the guaranteed pure Red
V River stock the best sold and the
price is right
Q ocery Bargains
These Prices Good up to Next Saturday Wight
Good raisins 4 Ml - - - - 25c
Dili and Heinz
VAct pickles t
3 cans corn ----3
cans peas -
3 cans hand pack A tomatoes - -3
boxes Parlot 01 Uack Diamond matches
7 bars toilet soaji -
You10 cciftnly missing something if you
havent takeij lulvantage of these prices Bettor
hurry it wo t ast long
14 qt dishpan - - r -
10 qt vater pit 1
5 qt Windsoi K tes
3 qt colftie poi -
6 qt Princes J res
6 qt lipped p t re kettles -
6 qt covered civn sauce pans
6 qt round b t pans with cover
5 qt lipped ins
5 qt Austrian oes with cover -
75c value 49c
75c 49c
1 00 49c
7SC 40c
75c 49C
65c 49c
75c 49c
65c 49c
65c 19c
Garden Got it plenty of it
igjsgsJF Highest market price for Produce
Keltner Buildu i
L Luce
Phone 121
which has been shown th be quite
well adopted to Missouri condi
tions especially the praiiie is the
Kherson oat This is a very early
variety with a medium to small
growth of stiaw and has its value
mainly on account of its early
maturity waich lessens the
amount of rust
Experments have also shown
that for most conditions it is better
to drill in oats rather than to
broadcast them lhis gives a
more even growth and the increas
ed yield will almost invariably pay
for the cost of drilling There is
also a considerable saving of seed
in drilling as compared with broad
Oats should be treated for smut
to insure a satisfactory yield The
experment station will gladly send
compliete directions for giving
this treatment on application
The expense is very slight and if
one is not sure that seed oats are
free of smut this treatment should
certainly be given
M F Miller
Agricultural Experiment Station
Univeisity of Missouri Columbia
Early Texas Seed Oats beat on earth
for Bale by H L Tallman west of Jas
per depot Also plenty of flour and all
Uinds of feed cheaper than you can buy
them elsewhere 2 10
The Famous
Ash Grove
Superfine Cement
is Best We sell Ash Grove Superfine Portland Cement
the best on earth It saves you 20 per cent
Wo have a most complete assortment of tho best Lumber of all
kinds Shingles Sash Doors Mouldings Interior and Exterior Fin
ish Porch Columns Lime Cement and Plaster in short anything you
aro likely to need to build with
An estimate will convince you that wo can save you money
Our stock is dry and well kept
Laughead Lumber Company
Estimates oheorfully furnished West yard
We ShouWKeep Pace WitH the
Anti Disease Crusade
Why Ihey Iteop the streets ft
little cleaner
You usk with deep nnnoyanco not un
Why jJont they keep tho parW n little
Did oa ever stop to think that they
means JTOU
It has come tu be a fixed cus
tom in most large cities and the
contageon is rapidly spreading in
smaller towns to havean annual
and in sonic places a monthly
clean up day At these times a
concerted effort is made to banish
all uncleanHness The spring
cleaning up campaign has already
been started iri inany cities where
vigorous assaults are being made
ojti the unsanitary conditions that
prevail The cleaning up propa
ganda advises among other things
that trdes and brush etc be
burned trasli raked out of the cor i
ners and hiding places yards thor
oughly cleaned wood stacked piles
of plank straightened fences put in
order alleys and stieets cleaned
and what ever else done that may
contribute to cleanliness and tidi
ness All of this will make for
healthfulness as well as for comfort
and appearances In large cities
the board of health usually pro
claims a day for general fumiga
tion as a fitting climax to the
sanitary work proclaimed by the
womens club and the city au
This is a work in which the en
tire city is supposed to be interest
ed and to heartily co operate
School children should be enlisted
in this work and therely get the
instruction along this line that will
make them in futurcunvaluable to
thp community In southern cit
ies every possible precaution is
taken against the propagation of
the mosquitoes by seeing that
water is not allowed to stand in
pools gutters old tin cans etc
Why not have a clean up day in
Jasper Even Mother Nature
does her sweeping when the wind
blows and her sciubbing when it
rains Why shouldnt we do a
little along that line too Jasper
isnt a dirty town still there is
always room for impiovement If
you will go up and down the
streets and about over our little
town with your eyes open and
your mind in a receptive condition
you will readily see that Jaspei
needs a clean up day there is more
than one pile ol old tin cans and
rubbish that is a positive eye sore
Constantinople is the dirtiest
city in the w orld the only street
cleaners being countless starving
dogs cats and rats and in every
community there arc people who
resemble Constantinople It is dif
ficult for the citizen who tries to
keep his premises looking half way
tidy at all times to understand
why there should not be an occas
ional clean up why the littleheaps
of refuse should ever be allowed to
grow into big heaps at all
In many cities the back yards
and alldys are inspected monthly
In some cities five days of grace
are given owners of vacant lots to
clean them of rubbish and if not
put in a sightly inviting condition
in that time they are cleaned at
the expense of the owner by the
issuing of a special tax bill against
the offending property owners
If you are a business man set
out a covered box for all trash
from your store or offire that it
may not be alldwed to blow about
the streets If men must use to
bacco use the gully fot your
not the paved street We
have seen a man arrested and fin
ed for carelessly expectorating on a
pavement in a city where sanitary
mmyj a tffesy
- I T 3 -v
m - i v m ivj rv
Garden Seed Ready
Bright ba3 a large supply o
northern grown garden seed in
See him at once
New Hendricks BIdg
South side Jasper
8 3
Full blood buff orphington eggs
50c per setting of 15 eggs - -Mrs
G S Wolf
OeWitts B SaBv
For Pilesj Burns ttoros
1 r J vUr Tt a w gsscpmeptrtj
of all Kinds of building tamterioh y hi
I I Wil I - St J T i
Our yard fc ptoakfedith OOJnrilGte
Right Prices Qooii Grades
Prompt Service
No order 00 sjniallfor our attention none tbby
larce for us to handle thanking you for paSt favors -
j I andsoliotirig future patronage we are
Respectfully yours
Burgner Boyman Lumber Co
rules wqre strlctlyt enforced
It has been said that sl beauti
ful city is the best school of mor
als in the world and a clean back
yard anda sanitary home consti
tute the best kind of sermon to
the spiritually wayward Lets
make Jasper a perfect school of
morals Lets clean up not once
but regularly and thoroughly too
yhy nob call at citizens1 meeting
and discuss civic questions have a
clay set aside for clean up day
haye bills printed and scattered
over the town The school children
could aid in this work before and
after school There are many
phases to civic work a goodly
number of which are needed in
Jasper but a little handful 6f
women can not accomplish much
we need the co operation of the
whole town Each club or society
might take up some special branch
of thistwork Any man who lab
ors for his town is not doing work
in vain He is advancing his own
interests no matter in what busi
ness he may be engaged The
growth and beauty of a town nat
urally enhance the yalue of all the
property therein Duty to himself
as well as to his neighbor ought
to make it plain to every man to
do all he can to fonvard the iin
tercst of his community
TEnsr Yarrt a
fr 0 4 O fr 30frfr
v Jesse Lost Two Dollars
Jesse Sullerts is nursing a tMsore
thumb over a little fleyr he took
in live stock a few days ago
Chickenis natuially of a cau
tions disposition as his friends will
tell you but the high prices at
Kansas City were too much fbr him
and he proceeded to market a
whole cat load of fdt calves He
figjittda fat profit would certain
ly be forthcoming but the day he
shipped beef slumped slightly and
when Jesse had figured out the
last penny of the deal he found
himself just a short besides 4
sheets of hotel stationery two 2
cent stamps and most of a 5c lead
pencil Hence Jesse has resolved
to engirieer no more live stock
deals for the present Hence also
che aforesaid sore thumb
Saved a Soldiers Lire
Facing death from shot aDd shell in
tho civil war won more agrenablu to J A
Stone of Kemp Tex tban facing it
from what doctors said wno consump
tion I contracted a stubborn cold
be writes ftbat developed a cough
thit stuck to me in spite of all remedies
for years My weight ran down to 130
pounds Then 1 began to use Dr Kings
Now Discovery wbiobocompletely cured
me I now weigh 178 pounds For
coughs colds Jhgrippe asthma hemor
rhage hoarseness oroup whooping
cough and luog trouble its supremo
j0o 100 Trial bottle free
leea oy wouo uros
WebJ City Barber to Jasper JJ
M V Hancock of Webb City has
bought out Beecher Ncaly the
Jasper barber and is in charge at
the barber shop Mr Nealy turn
ed over the shop exactly one year
to a day from the time he took
possession March 22 1909
Mr Hancock also bought thlTE
if Reynolds residence property an
south Mail street
Just Received
A car load of Peter Schuttler Wacons ancL
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Oome and see me iz
J A Cozaffr
Fancy and Staple
We pride ourselves on the freshness of everything
that passes over our counters Fine line of candies
Phone 81 Let us be your Grocers
Notice to Farmers
When you have Poultry Eggsr and But
ter to sell for Cash call on Hanamond Bros and
get the highest price They will also pay you the
highest price for your Corn or exchange Flour
Meal OJbops Shorts or Bran for it See them if
needing any of these goods
Hammond Bros

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