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For Bargains in all
lines of merchandise.
AUTIirit F. DRAKE, I'uUishei
For Bargains in all
linos of merchandise.
' '
JA.sI'hU. Mo.. TIIl'ttSDAY, SErfKMHEK 20. 1912.
Vol. Iff, No. I.
m m
Now is the Time to Buy Heating; Stoves g
Never in the history of this store were wo ever so prepared to show you such :i lino of Heaters as we have this fall.
Two Daya of Fine Weather A
Good Show and Everybody
Whn Tuesday of last v. eel.
dawned under dark douds and
GERMAN HEATERS. Thn nnst satisfactory soft . d heater on the market today. The down draft feature in m falling ram, at badly as wc needed
the derman Heater hums the smoke and puts the heat on the floor. I )oulle warmth, double nickle, double efficiency. Sj rain om people were a little
double weight tiro pot, double wear, double economy, double everything except price. M, gloomy because the fair was. to
j open that day. A everybody
IMPROVED KING BEE AIR BLAST .lust what the name implies the newest, the cheapest, the W Air h about here knows, it wined more
Hlast Stoves on the market today. Acknowledged by all ns the best of their kind in tluMuarket. Iland.soinely nukled lor le all dy, clesrtim m th
trimmed a clean, economical soft coal heater. See them. Get our prices, ajwest toward evening. Wedn-
Br day an 1 Thursday were glorious
REX GLOBE. Each improvement made on the !! x (ilobu Heaters was made to replace some fault or weaklier jgjdays as far at the weather vas
found in the ordinary stove. V leeonnneiid it as th mos powerful and economical heater you o-er burnwl. H i concerned, and everybody who
S . could cet to town came. Of coutm
ate K a aitat many culd not conv
well known in .Jasper and vicinity. The liaini' Superior stands for one of the best stoves made either cook oi heating j
and our stock contains all -izes of them. The Wilson air tiirht wood heaters are the cleanest and most eeonouiteul Dt
wood heaters on the market. Jg
Conrad Mercantile Company
Much tarm wwk was behind ai i
when the tain mute and t
ground could be worke.l. wis
naturally the farmer staye 1 at
home and worked his wVa
It was a good fair, though m t
tiEisnEEr2GGEHnBnBBJnnHDHB worth '"
- i Me and were better in many .
I than one would expect after
Flannigan's Speech.
Manniiiun si-tevh at the
for last v.i-ck stirred up the ani
ni.ds .md the Bull Mouse and the
Democrats hereabouts as nothing
else has done since the ' liars
tmevts and pickpockets stole the
nomination, from me" (T. R ) at
Chicago a whiln back Flnnnigan
set tire lo 'em. all light, and they
were about as good natured the
next day as Hagenbeck's animal
'how just befuic the man makes
his round of the cages with a
bucket of raw beef liver.
Blood Will Tell.
The Ne as has had occasion be'
tore to point out the benefits fol
lowing the breeding of cattle and
j.jjmis to the best stock obtainable
and to thoroughbred registered
stock where possible This was
very forcibly brought out in the
i olt display in the driving class
last week when the colts sired by
O. Thompson's Willsign were easy
winners over a nice bunch of year
lings and sucklings. George NTix
on's colt, winner of first premium
over colls under eight months, was
said to be the best colt ever shown
in Jasper.
In an interview with Mr Thomp
son he said to the News; "I tell
you that this horse Willsign and
his many good colts simply prove
what is well known to all good
breeders that if you want
premium winners you must breed
to a blue ribbon hoise."
Wilton, the grandsire of Will
sign U52S3). was noted the world
over tor his grand form and in
di ideality. He scld at ripe old
age for St 7,000
Wilton was a sire of extreme
speed, having 137 in the 2.30 list,
including Endora 2 051, Will Ley
burn j. 06. Willie Benton 3.06J,
Vera Capal 2 o;, Dorothy Wilton
2.091, Ernest Wilton 2.127, sire of
The Remedy Worse Than the
That our system of taxation is
imperfect is not denied by anyone,
and the fact that those least able
are bearing the greater burden,
while the rich escape much of their
share, is well known, but the sin
gle tax proposition is a "jump
from the frying pan into the fire."
It will not cure existing evils, nor
will it bring about anything like
an equitable distribution of the
burden of taxation If the land
owners of the State of Missouri
are willing to vote for an amend
ment to the state constitution
providing that they alone shall pay
the expenses of running the state
government, then let them vole for
the single tax amendment, for
that's what its adoption means.
All Girls.
Th following births are report
ed to the News this week
By Dr. Knott
To C A Cline and wife, S miles
Credit Where Credit is Due. ,
It is iji r.i ial t: tac that the
details U arrangement for carry
ing out the Jasper fair have fallwt
on the hhoulders of too few. 'flu?
year the bulk 01 the work tell on .northwest, a girl on the 24th.
two men 1" re 1 Hex and El Laud-, By Dr. Schooler
erbaugh. And thee men both' To Charlie Pugh and wife, 10
have affairs of their own import.- 'miles west of Jasper, a girl on the
ant enough and numerous enough ,6t'J
to Keep them busy just about six! To Lee Ingle and wife, S miles
days every week. When such t northwest, a girl on the 20th.
men lay aside their personal af' To Jolm Hartley and wife, 6
fairs for two weeks for the public, mi,es wesjtagirlorithej soth.
goou w e ix Ue e the attention oi
the public ought to bo called to it i
in order that their services may be
properly appreciated. 'community attended the T. R.
We don't mean to say that I aoins n jopiin .Monday night,
these gentlemen did all the work WlU Wood, Will Lane. John W.
Gone to Arkansas.
Rev. Chas Edwards and his
family left Jasper this week for
some point in Arkansas to reside
Mr Edwards has been pastor of
the JI E. Church South the past
two years, preaching also at Salem.
Mr. Edwards is an earnest faith
ful man and served his charge
well. His successor here has not
been appointed.
Heard T. R. at Joplin.
Following citizens of Jasper and
summer as we have pa
A Quiet Wedding.
.Miss Urace Uiamlxirun anu 1 ( uroUgh.
Charles D Shirby, lwfh of Cooper I i?0Uowing are the preiui
County, were married at the home awaXwe ,n live stock departm
of L, M. Harnman and wife yes -, DEI.ABtM-NT
tcrtiay morning at 8.30, Kev. iv.
J Sanderson, also of Cooper Coun
ty, performed the marriage rites.
Miss Chamberlin is a cousin of
Mrs. Harriman and hau been visit
ing here about two wijctos.
Mr. and Mrs. Shirley departed
for Kansas City Wednesday night
and deserve ail the credit for a
successful fair. Nathan Patter
son. Homer Baync, Wcs Spaid,
Bert Webb. A. II. Laughcad. Wal
ter Dodd, II F. Pitts, John Ward,
V F. Moulton, Mrs. Moulton,
Mrs. Baync, Arthur Radford, S. B.
Shoopman. F. W. Rumble J E
Hull. Gulkk. King. Stalter. Ilille.
O. Thompson. W. H. Ward and
Other stock men all did much to
make the fair a success.
First National Bank
Just n comparison of annual statements for thelast six
years to illustrate the progress of a growing concern
Total resources, 1907
Total resources, 1908
Total resources, 1909
Total resources, 1910
Total resources, 1911
Total resources, 1912
& 90,385.45
, 138,987.37
We are Depository for Government Funds
Why Not Yours?
Everybody welcome to our Hanking rooms during
the Jasper Gity 'Fair.- Wa.strive to please.
The Baby Show.
The baby show was one of thu
most interesting events of fair
week. There were 16 pretty
babies exhibited the daintiest
collection ot bright eyes and baby
smiles that was ever seen probab
ly nt a Jasper fair. The following
is the result:
Best lookini cirl baby,- six
months old and under two years
1st Frances J. Shcrrill, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sherrill,
of Jasper; 2d Marcella Louise
Jacobs, daughter of W. M. Jacobs
and wife.
Best looking boy baby over six
months and under two years, Ed
ward Masters, son of Mr. and Mrs.
George Masters.
To Spend Winter At Jasper.
Dr. F. M. Geeslin and Mrs.
Geeslin, or more properly, the
Doctors Geeslin, go this week
down to Jasper, where they will
spend the fall and winter. They
intend to locate up at Drexel, near
where their farm is located, but it
is impossible to get a suitable
house at Drexel at this time.
They are already favorably known
at Jasper, and they will remain
there until spring. The fact that
osteopathy is no longer regarded
as a fad or a freak here in Barton
County, but has a standing along
with the older schools of healing, is
due to the Drs. Geeslin. This
statement is only the expression
of a simple truth. Lamar Demo
crat. Jasper County Product.
The grand ch'ampion beef Steer
exhibited at the Kansas State Fair
last week is a Jasper County ani
mal, being shown by Ed Hall of
Carthage.. .
apaul, R. R. Lurritk, W. H. Ward,
Omer Webb. A. F. Drake. Eli
Scott. J. E. Carter, Dr. Hendricks,
Hi Hendricks, J. J. Kcrney, John
Carter, Dr Knott, U. S Hatfield,
Fred Strieker, N. II. Show-alter,
W. A. Cline, W. C. Thomas, E
Burns, John Fairfield, W. D. Mul
len, Frank Crow, M. V. Hancock,
Uriah Smith, Seth Gresham, Fred
Follmer, Chas. Teeter. Wesley
Spaid. Rev. W O. Thompson
Chas Hayzlett, George Tabler
W. L Carter and Ed Porter.
for a short stay befoae going
to Cooper County to reside.
Kicked By a Mule.
Jewel Lilly, son of Chas.
living t miles vest ol Jasper
was kicked on tho forehead by a
mule last Surfdsi$V ' 'ne young
man is wearing three stitches in
his head as n result, the handi
work of Dr. Knott.
The Jasper City Fair was tho
Mecca for county candidates last
week. Among the many here we
noted B. II. Estcrly an 1 Col.
Phelps, nominees for the legisla
ture; Mr. Walden for county at
Best draft stallion, 3 ye.r
over: 1st Ora Dunlap, 2d I.
Best dr: olt t year or un
-, 1st Roy Radford, 3d
Best draft colt 8 months ol 1
under it Ora Dunlap, d
Best draft team of man
years or over, itt Ed Davi-.
I Best Stallion, t or over. 1'
. .. J Thompson. 2d Ora Dunlap.
' 1 Beot colt, 1 year or under.
O. Thompson.
Beit pair of mule. 3 yo u. .. -1st
Charles Ritchie, id J. E. uu
Best mule between 1 and ; yeai
R. P. Lane. 2d Charles Ltlh
Best mule colt 8 mom! s 1
Charles Stith, 2d J. H. Blein
Best stallion any age
Thomas St.ui.kton, 2d Gcur 1
1 1
Thompson Visits Rich
Stock Show.
Orcn Thompson of Jasper is
among the visitors to our stock
show from Jasper County. Mr.
Thompson is an oldtime stockman
and breeder. He now owns one of
the best stallions in the state, be
sides other good stuff, and we arc
pleased to know is happy and
prosperous. He is whooping up
the Jasper City Fair. Rich Mill
Best mare, i year and tin 1. r
1 1st R. F. Javis, 2d E. I. L 1 '
torney, George Alaxwell for treasur-j-. g
cr, J. . Meredith for assessor, ! iJt Ifrank CUn0i sd Charles Wo .
11. u. mugner anti pit. uaser 101 i r(r,v.
sheriff, Dr. SlcCoy for coroner, Best all purpose mare, t ia-
and Perry Brock forvounty judge lor over, tit Thomas Stoat n .
J S.Rose.
Tim undersigned desires to an
nounce to the public that he has
opened an office u1 No 315 Miners
Bank Building. Joplm, Mow, for the
general practice of law Special
attention will lx: given '.-o Corpo
ration and Mining Law. .V3t
Your 'neighbors read the News,
why do you not?
The people of this community
have learned where
to go for
Dr. Schooler
We have
, also a complete
line of everything to be
found in a first-class drug store
Best single driver, mare or . ' i
ing, st Chas. Fox, 2d Davis 1 . .
dcr. -
Best driving team, mar. t r
geldings, JSt Roy Cartel an i
Chauneey Earl, 2d Floyd M.
Beat colt. 8 months or un It r
sired by standard bred horsi .lam
non standard, 1st Geo. Nikjh, j)
Thos Butler.
1J..-I- .inula flrimpr hiti In 1 to
Saycrs & Scovillc buggy won by
Cha Fox.
W. II. Ward gave the fjllownr;
premiums on colts sired by Lis
horse. Ward Reaper: is, Sio, B.
II. Jennie; 2d, $5, Roy Radford.
3d, $2 50. J J- Schooler.
O. Thompson cave followins
premiums on colts sired by his
horse Willsign: 1st $7, Geo. Nixon,
3d Ss. Burl Kissell, 3" 3. Clyde
tnhn Giissom. Tasper. won
premiums in Shorthorn class.
T'mnk Guhck. Tasper, won
premiums in Hereford class.
S. P. Shoopman, Jasper, won all
premiums in Jersey ciass.
Arthur Armstrong won all pre
miums in Galloway class.
Best bull, any age or breed,
John Grissom.
Bost cow, any age or breed,
Frank Gulick. .
Swine Department,
poland chinas.
Best boar 2 years and over, J. C.
Stalter & Son.
Bost boar 1 year and under 2,
J. C. Stalter & Son.
Best boar 4 months and under
1 year. J. C. Stalter & Son.
Best sow 2 years and over, F. M.
King & Son.
Best sow 1 yoar and under a, J
C. Stalter & Son.
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