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A. K. DHAKC, Editor
- . . . MISSOURI
After all, a pennant la only a
Dlctagrnftlng Is tho latest addition
to tho English vocabulary.
If you aro In favor of pajamas, ns
against ulghtios, tell It to the uia
rlncs. Man's best frleud at present Is tlio
olcctrlc fan. It Is better ovom than u
If Boston wins tho American loaguo
pennant baked brans will bcomo the
national dish.
A Philadelphia policeman Is going
!nlo vaudeville, doing to do n sleep-
Billing act, probably.
What a happy llttlo world this
"would be If wo could only shovel enow
In tho summer time.
Speaking of clv-lllintlon, Chinese
womon onco crippled their feet but
cover wore light skirts.
A Missouri woman hns written a
bcok wltn her toes, Probably It was
mado up from footnotes.
Tho letter-carrier will bo glad when
the vacation season with Its Hood of
.foolish post cards Is over.
An aviator fell 200 feet without be
ing hurt, but this Is no proof that
aviation Is being mado cater.
If a lobster Is "not nn animal," what
Is It? You can't classify It either as
a Tcgctablo or as a mineral.
A long Island woman eloped tho
other day with a liveryman. We sup
posed liverymen had become obso
lete. Eat six times a day. If you want
to be healthy, says a New York doc
tor, but not If you would bo wealthy,
Man In Vienna shot himself because
three girls wore In lovo with blm.
Ho wai lovod not wisely, but too
Parmer In Ohio says ho owns n cat
with three heads. Tiling of listening
in tho stilly night to a cat with three
Woman In Now York has loft nil
her money to her lawyer, probably
on tho theory that ho would get it
Tho recent death of tho 183 year old
Mexican must have been n happy
one. Think of living 185 years In
Man In Indiana nto a gallon of lco
cream at a single sitting. All of which
goes to show how easy It Is to break
a record.
A New York woman nays tho loves
her horses better than sho docs her
husband. Probably she doesn't drlvo
them as hard.
Tho fear that tho prlco of shaves
may bo fixed under the patent law
nod not alarm. Thoro Is no law
against whiskers.
However, perhaps wo ought to be
glad that the girls aro showing a ten
dency to wear their own hair In fas
cinating little bunches
Archaeologists In Asia hnvo nin
ncross icinalns of a nation that onco
worshiped tho peacock. Hut tho pen
cock. In all his glory, was not arrayed
ns one of those up-to-date damsels.
A scientist says that Clenpitra
would, If now alive, be put In a luna
tic nsyli-m but sho might put tho
alienist tliero first.
Tim mayor of Iioston says that
women know less about flying than
men They know more, because few
er of them nro doing It.
"If you want to bo beautiful. v
your own washing." says ono of tho
doctors. Mort women will prefer tho
drug store brand of beauty.
A cow up York Ftate. is said tohavo
caught a fish vlth. her tall, but who
wants to fish with a cow? l-'anncy
casting a cow In a trout stream
Woman up slate wants a dlvorre
brcatun her husband Insists on talk
ing politics. This comes under tho
head of cruel and Inhuman treatment
Theaters without orchestras? With
cut tho shivery music, how are we to
know whether tho MllRln Is hunting
inurhrooms or creeping up to the
r.leeplng hero to stab him through the
A contemporary nrks- "Pan n mar
ried man bo n hero'" Ves verily, he
lios his heroism by marrjlng
Let ii lemark In charity that rr
haps some of the youn women on the
street iiexcr realised how unclothed
they were until they saw It In the pa
Tho treasury drpartraetu plaas to
make paper money (waiter In rlp.
but not brcaupn the ultimate consum
er Is troubled with enlargement of the
bank roll
(Copjii.ht br
TERFEITERS. Wfg$p-J"R days Immediately fol
ipfljl lowing tho Civil war were
tho halcyon days of the
counterfeiter. Tho coun
try was fairly flooded
with bogus bank and
treasury notes. No man, when he re
ceived a bill, could tell when ho pre
eentod It at a bank whether It would
bo accepted or not. When tho famous
lYirbc gang began to put their out
put on tho market tho bank teller him
self could not tell whether he might
not havo In his drawer another of tho
came serial number; for that was tho
only means by which a 1'orbos coun
terfeit could bo detected.
It is not likely that another gang
similar to tho Korbea crowd over will
arlso In tho United States. Tho coun
terfeiters of today aro photocngravers,
who bear tho samo relation to the
high-class maker of steel plates that
tho coin moldcr does to tho old-tlmo
crook who cut hlg own steel dies. Tho
silk threads, tho secret process paper
and tho oxoellonco and activity of tho
United States sccrot servico havo also
served to render the flner forms of
counterfeiting a lost art. Thereforo
It Is Interesting to review tho rlso
and fall of tho greatest of them all,
tho Forbes gang.
I knew Ned Ormsby, ono of tho
members of tho gang, well; a quiet,
dignified llttlo man, gray about tho
'templos, and when he told mo tho
following story tho pallor of tho fed
eral penitentiary was still upon him.
'The Torbes gang of counterfeit
ers," said Ned Ormsby, "wus 'without
doubt tho greatest gang in their spe
cialty ever got together. Tho gang,
as it was at first mado up. consisted
of Ed Forbes, "Little Jack' Vaughn,
Sam Stetson, Curley Peters and my
eolf. Wo wero nil in tho sanio Georgia
regimont, and enlisted In Atlanta, ex
pecting to go through until the end
of tlio war, which it was considered in
tho south would not bo very far off.
"Wo kept banging away with guns
for a couple of years and got pretty
Kick of it The scraps wo got Into
wero not such Jokes os wo had im
agined they would be. Tho Yankees,
who, wo had thought, would bo soft
mark! for tho southern gentlemen,
turned out to be dandy fighters. Ile
fcldea, there was no money In war, as
It was being carried on. Pottos told
us ono day that he was going to quit.
This hit us all lust right and wo quit
with him.
"I did cot know that Forbes had
any purpose in giving up war as n
profoeslon until wo got well clear of
tho linos. Wo wero not deserters, be
cause we had all Bervcd for a longer
tlmo than our enlistment called for.
Wo went on tho bum for a few weeks,
and then Forbes gave out tho scheme
that ho had been studying over for n
long time. This was nothing less than
to flood tho Houth with bogus counter
feit Confederate notes. Ho believed
that tho south would bo successful,
nnd that would not havo any dif
ficulty In rolling In millions of dollars.
Tho gamo looked like a cinch, nnd wo
did get up a stock of hills represent
ing enough money to buy a small
(.tate, when tho Confederates won
their final battle, but tho cinch turned
out to be tainted with foolishness, and
wo wero badly left In the end,
"Our glorious schemo was knocked
to smlthorocns when Leo surrendered.
Tho wholo gang went north with a.
pretty large-sized stock of property,
which wo disposed of nt good prices.
"Wo carao out pretty largo winners, but
it made us sick when wo thought of
what it might have beca.
"Wo reached New York' In the
courso of our travels, and everything
seemed to bo booming. Everybody
had money to burn, and wo Jumped
in to get ponie of it. Forbes put up
a Job to get possession of soveral gov
ernment printing plates. Tho Job
would havo been successful if 'Uttlo
Jack' Vaughn, who was as -clover nn
artist in his line rs ever broke stono
for tho state, hadn't got drunk In
Washington and given tnough of tho
snap away to throw us down. Forbes
was tho maddest man you over saw
when ho heard of Vaughn's fool trick.
and he hunted for 'Uttlo Jack' for a
month for tho purposo of hilling him.
Vaughn kept out of tho way until
Forbes got cooled off, and then ho
Joined the rest of tho gang.
"But you could not keep Forbcrr
down with a few llttlo tetbacks, and
it did not take hint Ions to get on tho
rnovo again. Ho hired a house In Flat
bush, U I. It wag in tho outrklrta of
tho village, and wo all went thoro to
live. There had to bo sonso oxcuso
for a lot of men living in a houso
with a couple of negro servants, so
wo had a sign painted and hung out
near the front gate, inscribed. 'Eur
ka Club.' In order to stop suspicion
we Invited several of the Influential
cltlieas lo dine with us, and we treat
ed them like lords. They would
swear by us through thick and thin.
Wo wore all the time quietly perfect
ing our couatorfsltlr.g plant Curley
How He Planned the
Deed and Sought to Close
Every Avenue of Knowl
edge Leading to His Guilt.
The Detective Show3 How
Futile These Efforts Were and
How the Old Adajre, Murder
Will Out,"AlwaysHolds Good."
I'. Z. Nltoa
Peters, who was a photographer, nnd
Sam Stetson, an engraver, wero kept
busily at work getting out tho plater.
"They had somo new trick tliat they
woro experimenting on for a long
while, and, after a lot of failures,
they found what they wero after.
I'lates were made for tho bills of a
doren or moro banks, nnd Forbes,
who was a good Judge, said that they
wero tho finest plates over used to
stamp bogus money. Peters was
very reticent about the way tho plates
wero mado, nnd, as It was none of
our business, wo didn't caro. Taken at
the very worst, Peters was only a
half-hearted crook. Ho came of ft
very good family in deorgla,
"When tho plates wero about dono
I wont with Forbes and got three
presbes, which ho had sent to a va
cant storo in Harlem, and removed
them ourselves to tho ranch In Flat
bush so no questions would bo asked.
Tho only delay wo mot with wr.o In
getting paper similar to that used by
tho government. I tried to make con
nection with several big firms in
Massachusetts, but they wero nil dead
leary about going into tho scheme, al
though we offered them big money.
"Forbes and I finally took a trip to
England nnd found a paper manu
facturer who was willing to mako tho
paper. Ho knew what we were after
without being told and charged r. prlca
for his work that was highway rob
bery. But wo had to get the goods
at any price and gladly paid him his
figures. Wo got tho paper through
tho custom houso under a false In
voice, with tho aid of an inspector
who was not nbovo taking money for
favors, and after keeping it In a stor
ago warehouso for several weeks wo
sent it to Flathush. The paper was
as good as tho gcnulno paper, and it
did not tnko us long to start tho
presses. Stetson was a pructlcal
printer, nnd fixed the colored Inks for
the different plates. Then wo all took
a turn at tho presses, and a fellow
could not help having a thrill of do
light aa tho piles of beautiful bills
wero stacked up In tho cellar.
"Wo kept tho presses moving until
wo had about $2,000,000 In money.
After all tho blll3 had been rejected
that showed any defects, tho good
ones wero aged by a colored fluid. We
were now ready for the real business
to begin. A caroful comparison' of tko
counterfeits with a magnifying glass
did not show the slightest dlfferenco
from tho genuine. So confident was
Forbes of tho money that we sent ono
of tho bills to a bank to have its gen
uineness tested. It camo back all
"Instead of trying to push tho queer
In small lots, as Is commonly dono
by shovers, wo divided tho money
Into five parts, ant", the members of
tho gang took equal bharo and went
respectively to New York, Hoston,
Philadelphia, Chicago, and St. Louie.
Then wo put out the money la govern
ment aria railroad bonds of tho gilt
edged sort, nnd got lid of all the
money. Wo made the biggest life on
record, and sold tho bonds In London
Intlde of a month."
"It la a very dlfilcult thing," said
Operator Arnold, formerly of tho
Unted Stnteo secret service, "to got
get rid of a large amount of counter
feit money In this country without de
tection, because of the safeguards
which nro thrown around tho genulno
notes. Tho plan of protecting money
has received tho greatot attention
from tho treasury olflclals, and marks
and characters havo been put upon
tho bills which It is Intended shall
escapo tho counterfeiter's notice. It
would not bo policy to tell what any
of these marks aro, but It will net bo
ghlng nnj thing away to sy thr.t de
fects aro put Into bills sometimes In
order to testify to their genuineness.
This Is dono on tho supposition that If
a counterfeiter goes to work on a bill
and dltcoters what may seem to be a
slight defect ho will correct It, and
by doing so will furnish evldenco of
his crooked work.
"I was put to work upon a gang of
counterfeiters, however, which baat
tho government at Its own game. Tho
treasury ropartment recelvod notice
of n counterfeit from Iioston of a $100
bill on the First National bank of that
city. The bill In question aroused
suspicion becauso the rerlal number
was duplicated. There wan nothing
else about tho bill that would excite
suspicion. In tho vignette of Lincoln
on the bank note an Intentional de
fect had Lccn mado in one of the lines
In tho forehead and it was reproduced
In the counterfeit, and a warning
was tent out calling attention to It.
"Within two weeks wo had p'enty
cf work on our hands, for the banl.,
In scrutinizing bills after receiving
notice, discovered soveral other coun
terfeit of different banks. Itcports
ctase to Washington from Now York,
Chicago. Philadelphia, Iioston. St,
Louts md other places of the finding
of counterfeits. It became very evi
dent that tbo couutry had been
flooded with tho bogus money by a
vwy shrewd Rang of counterfeiter. A
romparlon of all tho v scus bills indi
cated that they had !'. ton mado by
tho tamo hand, for they wero Just u
good as tho gcnulno bills, with tho ex
ception of tho duptlcato serial number
and letter.
"Tho fact that tho bogus money had
appeared In different parts of tho
country at about the Bamo tlmo show
ed that there had been concerted no
tion in getting rid of them in largo
batches by tho gang, but this iilutiu
did not glvo nny clow to tho opera
tors or their hendquarters. So fnr as
wo knew they might have been locat
ed In nny ono of fivo largo cities. So
cret service operators wero put to
work In theso cities with tho Intention
of working back from tho tlmo tho
money was put out.
"In every city whore tho thieves did
business they bought bonds and se
curities which could bo disposed of
anywhere, from bankers and brokers
who wero experts In detecting bogus
money. In each city we got a good
description of tho man who bought
tho bonds, nnd It showed that It was
a different man in each place. Tho
descriptions woro good so fur as they
went. Naturally tho government print
ing bureau camo under suspicion bo
cause of the quality of tho work, nnd
every man nt work In that department
was oxnmlned with a searchlight.
Well, wo wasted a lot of tlmo proving
the innocence of government employes,
but the work turned out to be of como
value, after all.
"Whllo I was working In Washing
tlon I camo ncross Illchard Osgood,
an ex-secret servico operator, and ho
told rco a yarn which camo from his
mulatto servant girl. Tho girl, who
was good looking and a bit of a flirt,
had formed tbo acquaintance of a
whlto man whom she knew only by
tho namo of 'Uttlo Jack.' Ho had be
come confidential with her nnd had
dropped a hint that ho would soon
own part of tho government printing
ofSco. The girl the next day leported
to Osgood what sho had heard.
"Osgood, not being very friendly
with tho secret servico people on ac
count of his dismissal, thought over
tho matter for a day beforo reporting
tho story. When tho secret servico
operators went to look for 'Llttlo Jack,
ho had 'flown tho coop.'
"This Information might mean much
or llttlo. Investigation showed that
this fellow, under another name, had
been in tho company of somo of tho
government engravers. While they
admitted this they said that they did
not know him, and that he had mado
no dishonest proposals to them, liut
who was 'Uttlo Jack?- This query
kept going through my mind day and
night for several days, and then tho
name of 'Llttlo Jack' Vaughn, tho New
Orleans card sharp, flashed, upon my
memory. He had been mixed up with
several swindles In tho south, and I
sent to tho chief of pollco In New Or
leans to eco If ho could get mo his
picture. 'It might bo only a wasto of
time,' I thought, but I could not tell.
It never does to miss any chances In
my business. In about a week I got
a plcturo from New Orleans of 'Llttlo
Jack,' and tho mulatto girl said It was
the samo fellow ttho had seen.
"Tho next step was moro Important,
The description of tho man who had
passed the bogus money In Philadel
phia referred to him as being under
tho nvcrngo size. I took tho plcturo
to tho broker who had seen him, and
ho said 'Uttlo Jack' was tho man.
without doubt. Then wo learned
from the south tho names of eome of
tho gang that 'Llttlo Jack" trained
with, nnd that ho had been In tho
counterfeiting business during tho
war. Hut where wero 'Uttlo Jack'
and his partners? A largo reward
was offered for tho enpturo of tho
gang, and a description of somo of tho
bonds which had been bought was
sent to all tho financial centers of this
country and Europe, with a descrip
tion of 'Little Jack.' Wo got word
from London that a man answering
his description had disposed of a lot
of bonds In that city, nnd wo com
municated with Scotland Yard.
"We worked steadily on tho caso
here for weeks, and found out a lot
of Information about tho gang. Wo
woro reasonably certain that Kd
Forbeo was at tho head of It, but did
rot have the positive proof or tho
man. Whllo racking our brains to
clear up the business, a cablegram
was rooehed from Scotland Yard to
tho effect that a man who answered
tho description of 'Llttlo Jack' hnd
taken passago on tho Cunard steamer
Scotia, and was nppnrcntly alone. Tho
Cunard pier was then In Jersey City,
and I was thero when the steamer
arrived with several other operators.
I recognized 'Uttlo Jnck' In '.plte of
his full beard nnd Kngllsh mal.e-up. I
did not recognlzo any of tho other
passengers aa crooks, but thoao who
looked tho least bit crooked wero fol
lowed by an operator to their hotel,
and left under surveillance until their
identity was cleared up.
"I shadowed 'Little Jack.' Ho had
cbargo of some barrels of wine con
signed to J. M. Kearns, Flathush,
I I. Tho gaugcr, in examining the
wine, found that thero wao Bomo for
oign body In ono of tho barrels, and
I had tho barrel opened, with tho con
sent of the collector. 1 found nn
hermetically realed box fastened to
the bottom of tho barrel. On openlns
It I discovered a doten perfect coun
terfeit plates of bank notos. Tho
plates wero returned to the box nnd
the barrel was shipped to Hatbush.
I wont with It, and found that Mr.
Kcarns lived at the "Eureka Club.'
When I delivered tho wine, I saw 'Lit
tie Jack" nud Kd Forbes In the houso,
and concluded that the gang had re
turned to this country to begin op
erations again with a now set of
I raided tho placo In tho evening
nnd captured Ned Ormsby. Kd Forbes,
'Llttlo Jack' Vaughn, Rain Stetson and
Curley Peters. All qf them received
long terms in the federal penitentiary.
Lice and Mites Cause Merc Losses
Than All Other Things Com
bined Spray Is Urged.
r.y J. s. jnrrnuY)
It Is quite posslblo to havo tho best
poultry ktpt In well-built housoa, well
fed, and still not get ary proiit or
pleasure from them. In too many
cases where a good otart has been
mado tho houso Is neglected ar.d al
lowed to become filthy r.nd infested
with mites. It may bo said that tilth
and mites generally go together, for
whllo a houso that Is kept fairly clean
4,."l .
Side Elevation of Poultry House.
may bo infested with tnttcs, it is very
seldom that n dirty houte wilt bo
found to bo free from these peis's.
Llco nnd mites enure moro losses
nmong poultry than all other things
Poultry houses should be so ar
ranged lnsido that the poultryman
can keep down tho mites without nn
unduo expenditure of tlmo and en
ergy. Mites llvo In a houso and must
bo killed thero. Dusting tho hens
will necr get rid of them.
Tho best means of getting rid of
mites in tho houses is to spray thor
oughly with kcroscno cmulslou. This
should bo dono twice with an interval
of from fivo to seven days between
the Bpraylngs.
Tho emulclon Is made as follows:
Cut up ono pound of soap ar.d dlssolvo
it in hot water; whllo tho water la
hot, stir in two gallons of kerosene)
I and continue stirring for fifteen tc
twenty minutes. It U important tc
havo tho kcroccne, soap and water
, well mixed, especially If It is not te
bo used at once. To this mixture, add
, seventeen gallons of water. This
.jasiViiuwitian- !. - ..!':V!
UfM "wini """i-r"'"U--
J- --
Two-Compartment Trap Nests, Show
ing "Stop Louse" Roost Hangers
makes a 10 per cent, emulsion. Some
recommend 1G per cent., but wo hao
found 10 per cent, clllclent In killing
tho mites.
Kcroscno used on tho roost once
a week In hot weather will help to
keep down both mites r.nd lice. If
put on a short tlmo beforo tho hena
go to roost, some of It will get ou
tho feathers and will kill nnd drlvo
away llco. Caro must bo taken not
lo get too much on tho fowls, or It
will blister them and this will stop
tho hens Irom laIng JUBt as much an
tho llco will.
EInablea Poultrynan to Cull Out Hcno
Thtt are Unprofitable Ono
Method Favored.
It la mero guess work to tell the.
ago of a hon after she lt.-.s pas-.cd tho
pullet rtage. To tho good po.r.trym-.u
It Is Important that tho r-:act c-o of
every fowl on liU prcrrlcos bo krown.
Hen3 that cro past tbo ago for profit
rhould be qulled out and their place3
taken by tho younger stock. Legb.ir.ds
with numbers may bo used when tho
pullets urrlvo at maturity, and. if rec
ords aro kept, tho identity of each
fowl 13 easily established. A IeE3 ebb
orato method, and ono which no pcil
trykecper can afford net to fol'ow, Is
to punch a hole in ono of tho four
webs of tho feet, each veb represent
ing a certain year. Special punches
for this purposo may bo purchased
from any poultry supply house, but n
small sized leather belt punch cm bo
used to rood advantage. The holo is
punched very easily when tho newly
hatched chick is first taken from tho
nest or incubator. All of onn season's
chicks may ho marked on tho samo
web, although if special hatchings
r.ro to bo kept separately as high as
fifteen combinations c-n bo ured. If
properly dono tho holo or traces of
tho Ecar will always reineln and tho
Identity of tlio fowl conr.ot bo lost.
SIzs of Poultry House.
As to the proportionate elio of tho
houro to the number of fowlB kert,
only ha who remombcrs that "thero
Is nore profit in n hou-o half fu'l
thtn In a house twice full," is rafo
from blundering nt U1I3 point. Tho
most level-heeded practical poultry
men insist upon ten squaw feet per
fowl, Contrast this with the room
afforded 100 fowls in a 12s20 house,
lets than 2 1-3 feet of spa.e to each
(which is a common slgat) and judge
aa to tho chnncea for qgg In tha lat
ter caso and take warning.
i1" ittlllll
Every Town In That Country cf Over
0,000 Population Has
Public Service.
According to recent Info r- Jn
about tho progress of cleiii ,
and power Industrie I" lVr.i
appears that nil the tcvUi,
Inhabitants and oier arc n.,. ,
ed with public electric Bern
tho Scientific American A- . ,
nawng uetween o.uuu auj ;' ' u
Hants, thero are ouly th:ei lu
electric mains aro not In ' .
that It will bo seen that Imi
one of tho most progirsx.to ,
In this respect. Tlio l.up- t ' ,i
trie stations aro to be u i l
penhagon and at pre :.i i
three largo plants In oi v, t
o total of 27,1)00 hcr.-e i o
rent Is supplied for the lu .
as well as for tho tramway '
regards the Danish station i
towns. In general each tow , '
own plant, and thero hi i .
ample of an Intcrconmnin .,
This Is nt Sko shoved, n r i ,
gen, nnd tho central ptuti ,i .
Mb power lines oer all tin- '
regions, also supplying the i;
of Hcllcrup and Klntupf t
most of tho Vw elcctrle t it i,,
Diesel heavy oil engine Is u. i
Wathcna, Kan. "My chiv
trouble becatno so bad 1..11 I
ashamed to havo anyono ser 1, 1
head had a solid scab on I' r
had a terrible breaking out or '
which was gradually gro' li c
Tho eruption was like pirn- ! -,
developed Into sores whin h r
ed, which ho did almost 1 1
Ilaby would almost scran h ti
"I hnd used several dlffcn n-
of salve, none of them heli iie
least bit, when I sow tho 'n"i
vcrtlsement In tho paper ai ' .' 1
mo think of tho good leult ti
had when she used It for 1 (r li
I had only used Cutburu s-'i i
Ointment about two v ceto 1
noticed that the sores were ,if
tlrely gone, nnd It mut ha. t
month or six weeks he v.,s t
before I began tho tre it n i
would get easy when I v n. 1 1
Cutlcura Ointment on him C
Soap nnd Ointment comr'tc' .
him nnd ho has n cloir com'''
now." (Signed) Mrs. XV. 11 ." '
Dec. 31, 1911.
Cutlcura Soap nnd Olntnif 1 -throughout
tho world. Snni'iV
free, with Sip. Skin Hook v !
post-card "Cutlcura, Dcpt L, I1 is'
Child's Popularity Explained
A winning lottery tichi't ui S
000, In connection with th- 1
Hank, was recently present- 1
payment nt tho State Hank u
Petersburg, and It now i'i
that the owner Is an e'n'u w
orphan, and Inmate of th.- i.ti-!
nt Pskoff The lottery tlck t u
Eulo possession. Her rchiti...
hitherto dono nothing for the 1
but when the news of her im J
tuno becamu known tlu-y wi
and all eager to adopt tinr 1 h
thorltles havo placed h r ij
charge of an arch-priest, a diaiaL'
auction of her father.
His Weapon.
"Did you see where an cnj 1 1.
nlac somewhere btruek dowu l
suer with a cako of soap'
"Then I suppose he made u 1 u
tAkrt wS
Ono of tho Principal Advantages cf e
j& (Ideal I
is that you hate a p:i
will alvrays rcspcnJ imci
wherever jou want to wri
I Spoon l7:cd r?j!uhtes nn
steady flow and prevents iv
Gold Peas to cuit cttry
The Pen That
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Curt
fail. Purely vepeta-
oie act turei
but gently on
the liver.
Stop after
dinner distress-cure
improve the complexion. brij''"' ' ce-cs.
Genuine must bear Si.n: mre
Readers nS '
advertised In its columns tY"'J 1
insistuponhavingv.'hatth rrrkL-r
reiusing ail substitutes or truiai
a 1.-31 .
ciiiauK al
te. Ibjj
sven nc I IS
erl'o pi
Lar.d fij
Bur M-"
, " r-j1 1-- "-ffr TiTT trt'
HU51i!C!GJW auy& bujadli

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