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For Bargains in all
lines of merchandise.
For Bargains in all
lines of merchandise.
AHTIIUIt K. DKAK'J-;, 1'uMisl.ei
JASIM31!, MO., TiIl'KSDAY, OCTOBKK 8, 112.
Vol. is, X(, r,
m w; 1 1, amiua.wgiFBTiiasga
-a rpW
f i : y
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: r I 'I
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Kisses and Divorces.
A good deal of stress is laid on
kissing and non-ki&sing in recent
divorce eases. One man who sued
for divorce admitted he hadn't
kissed his wife for 25 years be
cause "she was as cold as a marble
statue." Another young woman
in applying for divorce complains
that she hadn't been kissed for
two long years. But the funniest
of the lot was when a divorced
woman called to get her Sao
monthly alimony, and because her
erstwile hubby wouldn't kits her
she refused the twenty.
Star Brand Shoes Are Better."
'ifill i I
E Li
w fi if l
First National Bank
Just 11 comparison of auuunl statements for the last six
years to illustrate the progress of a growing concern
Total resources, 1907
Total resources, 1908
Total resources, 1909
Total resources, 1910
Total resources, 1911
Total resources, 1912
We are Depository for Government Funds
Why Not Yours?
Everybody welcome to our Hanking rooms during
the Jasper City Fair. Wu strive to.'please. '
See Them, the Latest Styles
at the lowest prices.
Ladies and Misses
Dress Skirts
all man tailored, all tin new weave, whipcords,
diagonals .Scotch tweeds the cry latest cloths out,
All alterations flee.
Silks, Wool Dress Goods,
Ginghams, Poplins,
Blankets, Underwear,
Gloves, Shoes,
Headquarters for Heating
Conrad Merc
Com pa
Joint Debate.
Hon W H Phelps and Hon.
Esierly, Democratic and Republi
can candidates for the legislature,
will debate at the opera house
next Wednesday night, the 9th
instant. Everybody invited.
Ladies Aid Society Meets.
The ladies aid society of the M
E. Church South held a meeting
at the home of Mi-s Alice Corder
last Thursday. Officers were elect
ed for the ensuing year and are as
follows. President, Miss Alice Cor
der; vice president. Mrs A. M.
Crandall; treasurer, Mrs Bright;
secretary, Mrs. Annie Tabler
fc 90,335.45
drens W.
s f I
Arm Badly Injured.
Rev. W O Thompsrn suffered
a severe accident to Ins right arm
lastweekth.it he will be slow to
forget. Mr. Thompson and two
or three of his. children drove to
Allen Peterson's place on South
Main street about dark last Wed
nesday evening to get some
peaches. They had reached their
destination and in turning the
wagon the front wheels went into
a ditch throwing Mr. Thompson
out. He fell on his right arm,
badly dislocating the elbow. The
ends of the bones were forced en
tirely out of socket, the upper
bone moving two or three inches
toward the wrist and the lower
ones toward the shoulder.
Rally Day.
Rally day exercises will be held ,
at the M E. Church next Sundaj ,
October 6, commencing at 945,
a. m. I
What we expect: ,
Every member of the church
and Sunday school present.
What we desire:
Every person in Jasper who
does not go to some other Sunday
school to be present.- Enough to
make at least 300 present. Will
you be one? Bring the entire fam
ily. Invite your neighbors.
Special classes in Sunday school.
The church whore you are always
welcome all the tune-
Please be present at 9 45 a. m.
W. O, THOMPSON. Pastor.
N. A. MACKEV, Supt.
Announcement. ,
The undersigned desires to an
nounce to the public that he lias
opened an office ut No. 315 Miners
Bank Building. Joplin, Mo., for the
gerteral practice of law. Special
attention will be given to Corpo
ration and Mining Law. 3-3t
" 'H ''i B
fr '' all
i ill S
o ,11 I Ml' B
Kan, Clly wf I
kklriL'o. C '
Another Series of Good Enter
tainments for the Winter.
The Lyceum Committee have
arranged for an unusually good
course of entertainments for this
winter. Realizing 'that the taste
of Jasper people runs more toward
the musical than the literary
features the committee have en
gaged three musical companies and
one lecturer for this seasons course.
The first entertainment will be
by the Lewis Concert Co , com
posed of Lawrence L. Lewis, Grct
chen Myers-Lewis, aud Edna May
This company arc asked to return
to most of the "places they visit,
and Jasper will not be disappoint
ed if we expect a fine entertain
ment, for we will surely get it.
The Lewis Concert Co comes on
October 24.
The Rcgnicrs come on Novem
ber 19 Mr. and Mrs Regnier are
not only line vocalists, but they
are instrumenalists and humorists,
giving a variety to the evening's
( ntertainment that will be sure to
be pleasing.
The Orchestral Entertainers are
ompocl of Misses Gladys, Edith,
Frances, and Inez Maurer. They
will be here on Washington's,
b-rthday, February 22. They are
talented players on the cornet, the
bass viol, the violin and the flute.
The lady entertainers are always
appreciated in Jasper and these
will not be an exception.
The fourth number of the course
wi'I be a lecture by Alva Morton
Rtitzel, a successful lawyer and
minister whose power as a lecturer
nterally forced him into the field.
Dun t miss this one He comes
n Hiarcii 27.
Although the course costs the
mini t tec more th'in last year's
course, the season tickets will be
Si 00 instead of Si. 25 as last year.
Buy a course ticket and take them
all in Jasper people don't have
too much of this kind of enter
tainment and the house ought to
be crowded every night.
At the Presbyterian Church.
Services as usual next Sunday.
Sunday school at 10; preaching at
1 1 ; UinStian bnueavor at 0.30.
At 7.30 a special rally day pro
gram will be given to which every
body is invited.
Political Speaking.
Hon. S. W. Bates, Democratic
nominee for county attorney, and
Hon. Allan McRcynolds will ad
dress the -people of Jasper at the
opera house on the political issues
of the day. Ladies especially invited.
The people of this community
have learned where
to go for
Dr. Schooler
We have
also a complete , ;
line of everything to bo
found in a first-class drug store
News from Former Jasper Edu
cator. Prof A S. Harris, who was su
pcrintcnJent of Jasper schools two
years ago and is now connected
with the Oklahoma City high
school, writes that they have an
enrollment of 133c in the high
school, the sc'ond week, and ex
pect an enrollment of iboo before
the close of the year. Prof. Har
ris teaches mathematics only, hav
ing six 45-minute classes, teaches
from 8.30 until 1.45 p. m., has
lunch at the High School cafetaria,
after which he is free unless there
is committee work to do, reports
etc. There are between 55 and
60 teachers in the high school nnd
arc 12000 children in school in the
city and 400 teacher"!. The schools
are to dismiss on Friday for the
state fair and teachers are to have
complimentary tickets. When at
Jasper Prof. Harris was an ef
ficient superintendent and gave
Jasper one of the best school years
the town has ever known.
From Jasper, Prof. Harris went
to Columbia where he spent the
summer doing special work at the
university. Last year he was
superintendent of the schools at
Shclbyville, which has a four years
high school and is fully accredited
with the state university. Tin
past summer was spent teaching
in New Mexico.
Surprise Dinner.
Roydan Seidner was very much
surprised last Sunday when at the
noon hour a number of his friends
gathered in to celebrate his birth
After dinner, which was enjoyed
by all. various games wcte played
and later 111 the evening ice cream
and cake were served, after which
the guests returned to their homos
all reporting a good time. The
following were present'
Nora Burnett, Ellis Wright,
Elsie Deanng, Harry and Edna
Cochran, Alfred and Newton Bur
nett, Sarah and Helen Scott,
George Cowherd. Helen Jackson,
Cora Vomer, Sylvia Dinner, and
Amanda, Alma and Roydan
New Pastor Will Preach.
Rev. J. A. Reid, the new pastor
of the M. E. Church South of Jas-
per. will occupy his pulpit here
next Sunday, October 6. Mr.
Rcid's last appointment was at
Prosperity. He and his wife and
little boy arrived Tuesday.
Card of Thanks.
The ladies aid society of the
M. E Church South desires to
thank all who aided them in any
way with their dinner during the
Jasper fair.
Jasper County Her Climate and
Her Products.
The Japer county country is a
fine smo th prairie, with rich red
and black soil, adapted to tl.u
raising of corn, wheat, oats, and
all kinds of grasses vegetables and
fruits Javier County is also famed
for its line stock. Jasper County
farmers take great pride in their
tine stock.
The climate is unexcelled ati-
where on earth. Mild moderate
winters, with cool invigorating air
in summer. The nights are cjuI
and often requiring covering al
ford one a good refreshing night a
rest from his day's labor.
The published isport of the Agri
cultural Department shows that
Missouri as a corn state ran',
with Illinois and close to Iowa
and Nebraska. Jasper County is
favorably adapted for the pro
duction of corn, contrary to tin.
belief of many in the north The
Oznrk range is nothing mure t lian
a broad and fertile plateau from
the Kansas stale line to a point
east of the Jasper County line
There are no hilK no roiih coun
try, but fertile undulating ! m J
well watered by small stream
skirted by growth of forest tree ,
forming at once one of the most
beautiful and picturesque 1 oun
tries in the United States.
We arc in the wheat l It 01
Missouri. It ields from 1 5 to 2 s
bushels per acre and will aera, t
20 bushels per acre of the bebt
quality of fall wheat and it 1
grown with very ltitle expense t
the former as he gets to pasture
his stock on the growing wheat ill
fall and winter.
Onts is n sure crop and yield
I from 40 to 60 buiheh to the a-ie
Grasses ut all kinds do well here
and cowpoas are fine. Harvest
the wheat and oats and plant the
land to cowpeas and you will get
from $15 to $25 per acre from the
cowpea crop alone They are a
money maker and a land buillcr
The most perfect strawberrn. ..
grow here It is the home ol the
grape which the Frenchman h i3
found necessary to tntrodtiu ini"
their vineyards owing to blight ai
fecting their varieties. Nearly ail
kinds grow here with great suc
cess. Thousands of acres are de
voted to the culture of apples
which are raised with profit by
farmers. Missouri apples are
famed all over the world.
Missouri is not only the be t
agricultural state in the Union
but her mineral resources arc
second to none To this mav be
added a healthful genial climate.
With all this we have one of ttic
best governed states in the Union,
the laws are fair and just and aic
reasonably well enforced. We
have a public school system second
to none in the Union and our taM.s
arc lower than any adjacent state.
When these farts are remembered.
H Ik nasv to account for the rush
of emigration to our state. Im
perial Missouri. WeDD uiy och
tinel. Jasper People at Barton County
Quite a crow d from Jasper and
vicinity attended the fair at La
mar last week, and among them
were O. Thompson and wife, Selby
Jones. C. W. Bedell, Frank Gulick,
J. C. Stalter, Dell Beam, John
Marsh, S. D. Chandler, Chas. Swi
hart. A. F Drake and wife, Thcs.
Seal, Chas. Kitterman, Louis Lear
J. L. Thonns, John V. Spaid, J.
Wesley Spaid, W. II. Ward, John
Ward and wife, T. II. B. Bell,
Ora Dunlap, Fred Strecker, Chas
Walters, Mrs. C. E Teeter, Miss
Agnes Lewis, Miss Juanita Hen
dricks, John Buzzard and others.
Sixty days ago the single taxers
were "a-spile-in" for "joint de
bates" with the Missouri Antt
Single Tax League they gut
"joint debates" at Richmond,
Ulavsville and St Louis, result,
lithe single taxcrs have seemingly
ill.- lt...4 in ".mint rJhntMt."
Your neighbors read the News;
why do you not?
ptlUat JHfcli.wafc . J"" -.. -
""""! I f

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