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A. V. DIlAKE, ndltor.
Qo swimming while the swimming
li good.
Looks as If summer lias returned
from Its vacation.
Putting It mildly, summer baa been
very lenient with us this year.
Onco In n while summer remembers
tbo address ns well as tho tolepliane
Hay fvcr about this lima of year
ceases to bo a theory and becomes
a condition
"Listen to your wife," advises a
medical oxpert. Hut what It you real
ly need tbo sleep?
What will our courts do without
that garrulous ancleut marlnor, the
hypothetical question?
Some magazluo might tnako a lilt
by Hitting the picture of a girl In a
bathing mil on Its cover.
Tbo new mikado has only one wife
This may be taken as an Indication
that ho does not care for war.
Swltierland has forbidden kissing
lu rallwR stations so that trains
may depart on time, e Infer
It Is said that the new emperor of
Japan does not Inherit his father's
tendency to write pwstry. llanzal!
One source of wonder Is why the
most crowded restaurants usually em
ploy tho fattest waiters or waitresses
New York man threatens to tour
Europe on a capital bankroll of $75
We presume that he U a good swim
mer ,
Now Is the oldest Inhabitant run
ning around In circles trying to re
member a summer that beats this for
The one redeeming feature of Chi
cago's now magazine for poets Is that
there la no law compelling any one
to rend It.
An expert says that the automobile
Is not displacing the horse. That, In
deed, would be rank Ingratitude to
man's host friend.
A New York motorist used maple
syrup In mistake for lubricating oil
on his machine; and a sweet time he
bad of It, too.
Luther llurbank Is one of our best
little benefactors, but the crowning
glory of hl3 career would be an odor
less motor car.
New York man who Is married to
his mother-in law says he Is perfectly
happy. This Is a severe blow to the
Jokesmtlhs' union.
Women In Newport have taken up
tbe fad of doing their own marketing
A woman will even descend to work
1f It Is fashionable.
Helen Keller, deaf, dumb and blind,
has learned to sing This Indicates
that there la hope for some of the 6
cent theater artists.
Pupil In an aviation school In the
east fell 200 feet and escaped unburt
Several football coaches are said to
be looking htm over.
Why not ship the boys who are pos
sessed with a desire to bo "bad men"
down to Mexico or Central America
and let them becomo revolutionists?
It wouldn't hurt us, and It might do
tbo real revolutionists some good.
Thrro inay be somo truth In the
Boston doctor's claim that beans are
more nourishing thnn beefsteak. Look
at the iloston Ited Sox,
Tho double decked street car In
New York carries 88 persons, Any
old car can carry 100, although It will
not scat but 60 of them.
King George has Invented a new
fangled kitchen rage, but a glance at
his photograph convinces one that he
never has Invented a safety razor.
Druggists arc demanding that phy
sicians' prescriptions be written leg
ibly. What! Take the romance and
mystery out of medicine?
The nvlators are still trying to make
records. The air has a hypnotism of
Its own that no amount of accident or
fatality seems able to overcome.
A thief at Atlantic City made ott
with his booty In a motor boat. Evi
dently he believes In bating all the
latest Improvements In bis business.
A Chicago hotel clerk has been
fined J200 for flirting Hotel clerks
should conflno themselves to the wear
ing of sparklers and tho business of
Informing people that there are no
12 a-day room vacant
Tbe popularity of the automobile
and tho amount of leather used In tbe
manufacture of those vehicles will
force up tho price of ihoea for pedes
trians, This Is adding Insult to In
(Jury In tho motor craze's making area
walking higher.
Recovers After 37 Doctors Had
Given Her Up.
Tubereulosls.Dlabetes Patient 8eet
Light and Hears Voice Say: "Dor
othy, Your Sufferings Are Over.
"Arise, You Can Walk."
London. Saved by an angel who
met her at tho gntes of death and
bade her turn back to mortut life,
Miss Dorothy Kerln, who has been a
bedridden Invalid from tuberculosis
and diabetes. Is today running about
her homo, 204 Mllkwood rond, as
though sho had nuver been 111 a day
In her Ufa.
Miss Kerln, who Is a beautiful girl
twenty-two years old, had been given
up to dlo by 37 doctors Saturday
they announced that she would die be
fore midnight Sunday morning sho
suddenly opened lief eyes Her moth
er bent over her.
"Dolly, do vou- know mo?" sho
"Of course I do manimn." replied
the girl. "I am to get up Tho nic
told me to. An angel from heaven
met mo at tho gates of death and
brought me back."
And the girl did get up, seemingly
under a mvsterlous inlluence. and ran
downstairs. A friend of tho family
an atheist, at sight of her fell on his
knees, praying to God
Not lesa remarkable than tho
restoration of her physical health Is
tbe effect of her Inuxpllcablo experi
ence on her mind She came forth
from her vUlt to the valley of tho
shadow with n serene faith In an infi
nite power, a belief In a spiritual law
a clarity of mental view and an elo
quence jof expression usually acquired
only after years of bard study
Miss Berln han written an open let
tcr In reply to the many queries which
ahe has received as to her recovery
In this letter sho says
"I was conscious yesterday for tho I
first tlmo in several days. It seemed I
to me that 1 w-aB Blipplng out of life
I heard the whispers and sobs and
prayers of those who love me best
Everything grew black. I did not
oven think; I Just drifted without an
effort, without a thought, Into deeper
"Suddenly 1 aaw a light dazzling
brighter than any lire I had ever seen
Stretched from out tho great golden
flame I snw two hands Then I heard
a swoot voice say clearly, 'Dorothy,
your sufferings are over Arise You
can walk.' Then I hoard mother ask
ing me if I knew her.
"There Is a science of religion as
well as n sclcnco In every phase of
tho material universe. Wo Hvo In the
midst of wonderful lands In my own
case I realize that my long Illness and
quietness prepared mo to receive n
message from tho voice, which health
and success and ambition sometimes
"I do not feel that the anchorite, tho
dreamer or any of tho ultra-religionists
are nearer God than any man or
woman today who accepts tho truth,
and who opens the windows of the
eoul to tho light of the spiritual
world "
Julius Oone, a Watchman, Upholds the
Tradition of His Family
New York Julius Done, a watch
man In a stone factory, upheld the
tradition of his family name.
Tho factory which was Intrusted to
llano's care Is at 70S Stono avenue.
Survivor of Arctic Tragedy of
Returns to Tell the Story
of Wreck.
Tacoma, Wash. Nino years ago
next October tho steamship Discovery,
bound from Nome, Alaska, for I'uget
Sound, was lost off tho Southern Alas
ka coast. About seventy persons, in
eluding a dozen residents of Port
Townsend, Wash., perished.
Until yesterday the manner of the
Discovery's Iobs remained a mystery.
It was supposed sho foundered In a
storm off Yakuta. Tho only clew was
the one llfo preserver on tho shore of
'Kokdlak Island. Now comes Capt E
C. Weaver, 75 years old, and proves
that ho Is the sole survivor of the
Weaver says tho Discovery weath
ered n storm' off Yakuta and reached
the ley strait near Juneau, where, du
ring a heavy snow storm, she struck
an Iceberg and sank In five minutes.
Weaver's escape resulted from his
previous misfortune of losing one
hand. With a steel hook permanently
fastened to his wrist, he drew him
self upon tho floating iceberg. Tbe
next day Indians picked him up and
took hlra to their camp. While on
tho lecborg bo quenched his thirst by
breaking off pieces of Ice with aame
steel book. The exposure caused par
tial paralysis. For ten months the
natives cared for him. Ho then went
Into tho mountains prospecting. Eigh
teen months later he came back to
1'uget Sound and Eastern Washing
ton. His silence regarding tbe Discov
ery's loss was broken only after the
British steamship Ikells last week
struck and wrecked his fishing boat,
the Dove, oft Cape Flattery. He has
THIS Is Claudia Carlstadt, former actress, now the wife of Albert Gallatin
Wheeler, Jr., the young mllllonal -, who sighs and offers to give nil
she has for a real home, and fop cLlljIreu to "climb upon hor knees, and
who thinks the fates havo dons, .ltd against her by giving her everything
but what she desires moat.
Brooklyn Whllo making his rounds
he smelled gas. Tho wholo second
floor of tho building was permeated
with It He couldn't Imagine where It
came from Finally, greatly perplexed,
he sat down to ponder tho matter In
due tlmo an idea seeped into the head
of Done It waa strange he hadn't
thought of it before. It was certainly
a snappy Idea.
Groping In his pocket he found a
match. He'd And out wbero that gaa
was leaking. He scratched the match
Whang o!
Sam Perky beard the explosion1 a
block away and turned In a Are alurm.
Whcu tho firemen came another alarm
was sounded. The blazo did 5.000
damage and routed 100 families from
a row of tenements In the rear of tho
Dono was rebcued by firemen Ho
had been blown head first through a
proved to Port Townsend rclttivos of
the Discovery's crew tho truth of his
That Is Plaint Made by St. Louis Man
Seeking Divorce From His
Militant Wife.
St. Louis. Alleging that bis lite
was threatened with bis own revolver
In the hands of his stepson, that be
was assaulted by his stepdaughter and
that, after being ordered to leave tho
house by bis wife, Mrs. Nellie Mullery.
ho was not permitted to do so to
peace, F. W. Mallery, a building con
tractor. Died sutt for divorce.
Tbe petition further reads that
when Mallery married In November of
"Black Hsnd" Writer's 8cheme Falls
to Fool Sleuths In New
Trenton, N. J. After being arrest
ed as a "Black Hand" man, John
Lengnan of Hackensack declared to
tho government Inspectors that he got
his Idea of crime from the moving pic
tures. Lengnan was arrested for send
ing a "Black Hand" letter to John
Ilanta, a wealthy farmer, living near
Hackensack. He demanded J 500, un
der pain of death.
Ilanta turned the letter over to tbe
government authorities and they set a
trap for the writer. Banta waa told
to put the money under a speclOed
tree, in a canvas bag to be placed
there by Lengnan, and then the Inipeo-
concrete wall The wall will bo re
paired Hone hastened homo.
National Monument to Forefathers
at Plymouth Badly Damaged
By Bolt.
Plymouth, Mass The national me
morial to tho forefathers on Monu
ment Hill was struck by lightning
and "badly damaged Several large
fctones at tbe waist of the heroic fig
ure of Faith, which Is tho central one
of the group, are displaced.
A granlto tablet Inscribed with the
names of the Pilgrims who came
over on the Mayflower was blackened
by the lightning. It Is thought that
the giant figure of Faith will have to
be taken dowif and repaired at great
1911, Mrs. Mallery was a widow with
two grown children According to
Manery, he wi always nagged and
bis wife encouraged her two children
to assault and mistreat him.
In the petition ho also said that
when be went to bis trunk be found It
had been broken open and his revolver
Mallery states that when he asked
for his revolver his stepson told blm
he would be killed with his own gun It
he was not careful. Mrs. Mallery, ac
cording to tbo petition, then an
nounced that she did not care to have
her second husband around the house
and ordered him to leave. When he
startod to leavo tbe houso Mrs. Mal
lery would not let him do so.
He then called a policeman and was
permitted to depart In peace. Ho fur
ther stated that he treated bis wife
with the best of care. The children
fought him whenever Mrs. Mallery
gave the word. They separated In
Juno of 1912.
tors placed themselves In biding to
wait for Lengnan. The latter almost
escaped, as ho had cleverly rigged an
aerial rope tramway extending 800
feet from the tree 'to carry the money
to blm. The prisoner confessed.
Bee 8tlngs Mule, Oil Yoll Yolll
New York. A mule plunged through
the wind shield of a touring car and
severely injured William A. McLean
of Lewisboro, a chauffeur.
Charles Bodurtha of Oreenvlllo was
leading the mule by the halter. A bee
lit on Its nose and tbe frightened mule
shied in front of McLean's car. It
was knocked down, but Jumped up
quickly. It fell through the wind
shield on to McLean. The mole vu
(Fly F O snU.EHH, Director of Evening
Drpartmmt, Tlio Moody lllblo Institute,
ClOi.DKN TnXT-"Ilut straightway
Jemn spake unto them, saying. Be of
good cheer; It is I; be not iitrsJd." Mat
thew 14.S7.
Tho mlraclo of tho feeding of tho
five thousand marks a crisis In tho
llfo of Josus. (John C:15). Tho human
ity of Jesus Is shown in that as soon
as lie hnd performed that mlraclo ho
first sends away his disciples, then
sends nway tho multitude, whllo he
departs "Into a mountain to pray." To
pray tho prayer of thanksgiving, to
prny for strength to withstand thla
new lomptntlon, John C:J4, IB); to
pray for thoso whom ho had fed;
and surely to prny for his clioBen ones
Hint they might understand him nnd
his mission.
Jesus had taken his disciples Into
tho mountain for their own good.
(Mark 6:31) nnd now ho sends them
away lest thoy jleld to tho advice,
tho Importunities, of tho crowd and
consort with them In their desire to
make Jesus a temporal rathor than a
spiritual king Such a course would
havo precipitated matters. But in his
solltudo as he prayed, Jesus wan
watchful of his own.
Ho had sent them Into tho storm
to avoid a greater danger, would ho
not watch over them? So with many
a testing In our lives. They Bcem
severe, hut how little wo know of tho
greater danger we have missed. Ho
saw (v. 4S) their distress long before
they saw their relief v,49). Jesus
knew the need of prayer. Josus fcnew
the need of solltnry prayor as lie must
pa"s tilts crisis, so It vya3 that whllo
ho lingered In prayer they wero dis
tressed till "tho fourth watch," near
lit Considered Test.
It la not strango that thoy did not
recognlzo Jesus. He often comes to
us in ways wo do not at first recog
nize. In ways that at first terrify us,
but ho docs not leavo us long In sus
pense. Wo rend, ho "straightway"
rescued them "It Is 1; bo not afraid."
Notice ho assures them first who it Is
that Is near, "It Is I." Thoy recognlzo
the tones of his familiar volto and
then they wero ready for his words
of confidence, "be not afraid." So God
speaks to us In the hour of out
darkest trial, saying "Lo, I am with
you always;" "bo not afrajd."
From tho parallel account by Mat
thew (Matthew 14' 28-30) wo read of
Peter's attempt to walk upon tho wa
ter. His rash and ill considered tost
of tho reality of Jesus' presence. Then
we seo him as he too compares him
self with the angry storm and taking
his eyes off of Jesus begins to sink.
Peter's sharp, piercing cry; his clear,
definite, appeal Is at onco answered
and Jcsub leads him safely back Into
tho boat.
How different Is the plcturo onco
Jesus was In the boat, and how soon
they reached the goal toward which
they had been struggling, (John 6:19.,
21). If any one Is at sea. If any ono
Is fruitlessly tolling against wind and
wave, only let them tako Jesus on
board and soon they will reach a
safo landing place.
Tbo disciples wero amazed and
their hearts wero hardened (vv. 51,
62), and this oven after tho creative
miracle of feeding tho flvo thousand
why so? It Is evident that even
thoso nearest to him did not appre
hend tho truo meaning of this mlraclo,
on tho contrary their hearts wero har
dened, e. g, blind
Spiritual Application.
Tho real Interpretation of Christ's
miracles Is not that wo nro to bo
amazed at the material manifestation
but that wo are to seo tho spiritual
lesson and application
It was a different reception Jesus
received when they reached Genno
saret (vr. C3-SC). There ho is recog
nized at onco. There they flock to
him with their sick ones and Mark
with a few deft strokes shows us the
plcturo of a vast deal of healing. None
Is disappointed, for wo read that as
many ns touched him were made
wholo. His healing is not confined
today to a slnglo person, nor limited
to a peculiar place or shrlno.
In this lesson wo seo Jesus direct
ing his disciples. Wo see tbo disciples
obeying that direction oven though it
led them Into contrary winds. Wo
see him as he walks into them bring
ing relief, superior to boisterous wind
and wave His presence brought
pence, as It always does to storm
tossed humanity. Ills assurance la
that of his own presenco (Matt.
2S-20), "It Is Ij bo not afraid." We
seo Jesus answering the fear of the
This Is a lesson of many applica
tions. Tho story Is clear and simple.
Its values aro for oar comfort and
help. Tho unseen Christ is by our
side. Miracles? They aro only won
derful things, that la all. Something
beyond our ordinary experience. Shall
we discredit the sunlight becaus a pin
point enters to blind tbo eye? Mira
cles to tho Christian are the mani
festations of a loving Ood, they are
what one would expect of tbe Christ
It be be the Christ Let ui look them
squarely in the faco and pass on
awaiting the light or a clearer and
more beautiful day.
Whenever You
Use Your BacK
Jit-j." Pain Hit You?
its a sign of
sick kldiuys,c3
peclally if tilc,
Kidney action is
disordered, too,
passages scanty
or too f mini nt
or off-color
Do tiotnerlcct
any little k'Jn y
III or tho sll,;lit
troubli a run li.io
dropsy, gravl
stone or Urlsh a
Uso Doan's Kidney Pills This
good remedy cures bad kidneys
loHlnl, I hart liimtwiso una tor k .lnT 1 i
nir lliOThdjlotilleiMlni. wrru I, r 1 1
K iliwr l'l" ww ln n. r id nit-
uiwliclna felted. Ilmobrunn. "u
Get Doan's at any Druj Store 50c 4, ; n
Doan's nlnnT
Kl I U B Jl SV llluiMilV vj.N V
JUll.1L. UlOMl'MI.MbOtxAUl lr, 1
WflHTED AQEHTS iv.V ;;'.' ""
ilU.L.M-Il;CIUAKU., YOltk I
W. N. U.. Kansas City, No 33 ' 2
Mrs. Sarah Erlckson Declares ths e
Lays an Egg at the Same Hour
She Waa Born.
What time o dty
Does a lien la
That question has puzzled ,
landers for unnumbered di 1 'r
now. It seems. It has been iti
rlly fcolvnl by a woman hti-
Sarah Krickson of Falcoun
Having kept chickens for 7
tho believes ahe nualinea as nu
lu this line of effort
"I have worked out tho 1 ro
sho declares. "Uy using marl, u
bands, trap nests and alarm
MUied to the nests I have !'
tnul a hen lavs an egg at tin.
hour, minute ami second thai 1
born, or, rathor, hatched t'c
tsnace. If thu hen happened o tit
to peck its way through its fli
7:43 a, 111., she will lay an (;,: ai
clsely 7:43 a. in. And she will Uf
without variation every time she
cllued to lay I havo kept ilo
tematlc watch on my hens f
years, and I havo never known
rule to fall."
Crime to Kiss.
In Russia It Is a crime for s
to kiss In public, and not ven k
1 ago two joung men und two g
J women wore arrested in Odea a or
, having been guilty of thi- oi- e
, Thej had all been dining togi'i) in
I a restaurant, and kissed on 1 eg
They were condemned to short cj
1 of Imprisonment, and the en ' 0
, wore confirmed on appeal The -.
eral fino In Kussla for a kls. 1 tie
open street Is 15 shilling1, b 11 .1 a
tramenr It may cost aiothlng to
25 shillings.
Improved Vacuum Cleaner
A new vacuum cleaner, do ,i.i a to
bo operated by water powir In a
sink or bathtub, consists or two sue
tlon pumps driven by a watei whrL-l,
and a chamber In which the du.1 li
collected, to bo washed awav tiv 'ao
waste water.
The Status.
"1 seo this prospect of a strap'-JS
street car la still hanging on '
'So arc the passengers."
Marrtago may bo a tie but it is "l
dom tonguo tied.
Exports to South America.
ITnder the fostering caro recently
glvi-n by tho United States to the
South American trade, the bulk of
business has greatly increased The
total value of exports from tbe I niteJ
States to South America for the fi
cal year 1902 was $38,000,000 v1r
years ago. In tho fiscal year 190" It
was 182,000,000, and that of tho cur
rent j oar will probably bo about U3
000,000. an Increase of more than Kir
per cent In tho last flvo years Thl
Increase In exports to South America,
whllo occurring In a large number ot
articles, Is especially notnblo In lum
ber, leather, mineral oils and rallnaj'
materials Argentina Is tho country
showing by far tho greatest gain la
our exports to South America The
figures Indicate that the total export
to Argentina for the present fiscal ycr
will amount to about $:3,000 000.
against J23,500,000 In 1905, having tnui
considerably more than doubled 1"
the period tn question.
Turn Ahaut.
"Another horrible murder In N'
York!" "Which one of the poc d
the citizens suspect?"
Care of Homo a Profession,
Mrs. Julian Heath thinks that in
stead of ono largo market In a It
city there should be several In dlff
ent parts of the city, that would r
householders an opportunity to twj
them when it might be impossible J
go so far from tbe neighborhood
tho central market. She think tw
habit of long Handing accounts at w
grocers and butchra has much to
with tho high cost ot living. HeJu
that the care of a hoto la V
alotu" ib mi.

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