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J) Jasper
For Bargains in nil
Hues of merchandise
in i ins PAPUM
For Bargains in all
linos of merchandise.
AKTIiniF. DUAKE.Pu1.1h1i..
'ol. !.", No. iV
ZJKHGE23P.Ur.nKtt3aaa2GHK!3HnnnnnEaEnaQHB HUHISintSWB!at1iaHHBlBH!BlBlllii:itlBlllBBHMBHBBIflHMHaBaH2EEEnEB2Qa
a NEXT FRIDAY r B, s w a w a v v TWO T A V R 5
g October
ii and 12 we will offer some rare bargains in Enamelware and other goods"
Enameled Tea Kettles
$1.00 miIuun S-timrt; salt- price
Enamelod Coffee Pots
otic value, ,'i-ijuail; wile price
Hatchets broad or bench
7.r)f hatchet-: wile price
Long- Handled Shovels
Regular price 51.00: sile price
Grain Scoops
lic'iiKir price sm..imi, sale price c
Single Bit Axes
Regular price $1.00; wile price
Pocket Knives
Assorted kind-', regular "0 and
knivc-,; -ale price,
Double Bit Axes
Regular price l.OO; wile piico
lioice 39c
n.".0h; salt
Single Shot Rifles
-"-'caliber, tegular price
Kitchen Knives
Regular price 10c: sale price
Enameled Pudding Pans
Regular price l."e: sale price
Enameled Dish Pans
Regular price 70c, 14-qt.; sale
Town Full of Methodist Preach
ers and We Almost Had a
Bishop Present.
The Carthage District Contti-
is etuc nut in Jasper Tuesduy of I: t
H week, continuing in session w til
ta Thursday night. Several of tin-
O bet known iiiinister of the st;i
t?n n S "ere in attendance, among whom
. n jr. - fl II j. .
Remember these prices are for two days only, Friday and Saturday, October n and 12 g
onrad Mercantile Company
Help Wanted.
'Alio knows how to clean soot
.nJ cual smoke fuiin wall paper"'
'i hi' editor put up his heating
'Afc during the cool weather a
ii w dns ago and built a big fire
in it about dark one evening. Re
s dt Smoke. Smoke poured from
cvti crack and joint in stove,
pipe, and flue, till the houie was a
v ni.ible smokehouse The next
iu rmng, after a feat of physical
laring that would do eiedit to a
teeple Jack'' the editor carefully
r moved a big shingle with a
couple of bricks on it fiom the top
f the chimney. We built another
' re and hail the satisfaction of
Feeing the smoke curl skyward as
11 prooably had- tried to do the
night before.
We have strong suspicion that
Will Bowers placed that shingle
over the top of our chimney.
New Preacher in Jasper.
Rev. J A. Reid preached his
fust sermon at the M. E. Church
South Sunday morning and in the
afternoon at Lebanon. Mr. Reid
succeeds Rev! Chas. Edwards, who
was transferred to an appointment
in an Arkansas conference. .Mr.
Reid is a young man and made an
excellent impression on his audi
cure. We believe he will be much
liked in Jasper
Alpha Club Meets.
The Alpha Club met Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. Gus Campbell.
The Bay View Reading course lms
been taken up by the club and
onsists i f Hiatun of the Unit !
Slates Ly John Fike The United
Statps by many writers, "Ameri
can Literature," Lawton, and The
Bay View Magazine were ordered
for seventeen members.
AtTuesdiy's meeting 14 mem
bers were present. The following
papers veie read:
"Colui .bus," Mrs. Hurt and Miss
Fox; "Wpueius," Mrs. Drake,
"Cabots, Mrs. Thornton Mrs.
Triplet gave an interesting Indian
story. Miss Lawson exhibited an
Indian relic or god. called the
Cazi which was brought from
South America by her brother.
Dainty refreshments were served
by the hostess assisted by Mrs.
Omer Webb.
The club will meet October 15
with Mrs. Drake, the meetings be
ing held weekly during the fall and
Birthday Dinner.
Mrs F B. Dunning enteitained
quite a dinner party Sunday in
honor of Mr Dunning's forty
seventh birthday anniversary.
The party were veiy pleasantly
entertained and pronounced Mrs.
Dunning an artist par excellence
in the culinary line. Mr. Dunning
was the recipient of hearty con
gratulations. TIte following were present: G.
C. Robbins and wife and little
daughter, Miss Pans) Bolen; J. II.
Roie and wife and little son Fran
cis; Walter Rose and wife; Mr
John F. Fries.
"Star Brand Shoes Arc Better."
Tickets for Lyceum Entertain
ments. TI,e hrsl entertainment of the
season will be given at the opera
house on the 24U1 instant. The
Lewis Company ought to draw a
big house on its merits The Ly
ce'im Committee is looking to the
public for cooperation and support
in this matter. No one questions
that it is a public-spirited senti
ment that ptonipts these gentle
men to secure these entertainments
ftnd guarantee cost, and the public
ought to cooperate to the extent
of bumg tickets and giving their
influence and support to the pro
ject. Season tickets, for four en
tertainments, are Si co.
First National Bank
Just a comparison of anuunl statements for the. last six
years to illustrate the progress of a growing concern
Total resources, 1907
Total resources, 1908
Total resources, 1009
Total resources, 1910
Total resources, 19 U
Total resources, 192
$ 'J0,85.4ii
100,4 74.U0
We are Depository for Government Funds
Why Not Yours?
Everybody welcome to our Jtonkituj rooms during
the Jasper City Fair. We strive to please.
Trades Day Sale.
C. V. Rex is endeavoring to es-
I tablish a monthly trades tluy sale
1 in Jasper. The first event is dated
the 201b instant, Col. Boland cry
ing the sale. These sales are for
the convenience of the public and
anybody who has anything at all
that he wants to sell, from live
stock to the smallest farm imple
ment or household furniture, is in
vited to list it with Mr. Rex, who
bear; all expenses of the sale and
charges a small amount for each
head of stork or other articles sold.
Interesting Reading Muter.
e hope our readers will not
overlook the inside pages of the
News. On the second page of this
issue, besides the Kitchen Cabinet
and Poultry departments, will be
found short biographical sketches
'of public men and women of note.
On the third page is an interesting
story of the Czar and Empress of
Besides the Sunday school lesson
and the serial story there is much
lor the reader on pages 7 and 8.
In fact, there is something for
every member of the family in
every issue of the News,
Case in Justice Court.
Justice of he Peace Chapman
had a case before him last week,
that of J. W. Coop vs. F. W.
Rumble, in which Mr. Coop sued
Mr. Rumble for Si 12.5 commis
sion on a real estate trade. Parties
to the casf asked for a jury trial
and the jury awarded Mr. Coop
$140. De fen dent asked for and
was granted an appeal to the cir
cuit court at Carthage.
The Gulick Hereford Sale.
One of the biggest sales of pure
bred live stock that ever took
place in this section of Missouri
will be held at the fair grounds in
Carthage on Monday, October 28.
Everybody in Southwest Missouri
knows something of Gulick's herd
of Herefords, and this sale will
bring nearly every cattle breeder
in Missouri or his representative,
and breeders from Kansas, Nebras
ka, Iowa, and Oklahoma have ju
dicated their intention to be there
One hundred head and s me !
the cream of the herd will be of
fered in this sale, among them
Prince Pluto 3850S8, a splendid 2-
ear-old bull that has never been
defeated in the show ring. Several
breeding cows, mothers of many
fine young cattle, will be offered.
Between 10 and 20 fine bull calves
from ; to o months old will go in
to tjfe sale, as will also a number
of weanling heifers of same age as
duiis. ah tnese young animals
are registered and certified pedi
grees will be given with each one
sold, as with every other animal
in the sale.
Drop J. F. Gulick a card at Jas
per and ask for one of the cata
logs of this sale, in which the
pedigree of each animal appears
except those of the calves.
Public Speaking Tonight.
Hon. 0. J. Page, of Marion, 111.,
a speaker of national reputation
will address the people at the opera
house tonight (Thursday) on po
htical issues, from a Republican
Hon. I. V. Mcpherson, Republi
can candidate for Congress from
this district, will also be .present
and address the meeting. Ladies
especially invited.
many of our readers expressed
their delight in reading it. The
new story is sure to prove as full
of interest as tbe last. "The Car
pet from Bagdad" has a strain of
romance running through it from
the start, and the scenes are set in
the Far East where m)tery per
vades ever) thing The story
were lHstrnt Superintendent W
1". Jones of Carthage, District Su
perinlcndenl C V. Criss of btduh 1.
II B Foster of Joplin, Dr. L u
Rcser of Marionwl'e College, Re
II. A, Jones of the First M. L
Chuuli of Joplin, and others.
q 1 Uusinett sessions were held dui
by the confeiencc, and address
were made by prominent mitusUi ,
and other Methodists on sub'cu-.
in connection with the woik 11
the church.
The evangelistic services in ti.u
evcntiij', conducted by II. A. Ji 1.1 .
oi J' phn, were attended by a
crowded houie esch evening
We almost had a Bishop of t .
(hutch here for the- evening scrvn
lhursday but not quite. I
Blair informed the confeur,..
that Bishop Frank W. Warnc, on
of the Biho-s of India, would 1
in C milage Thursday, and I):
Blair was delegated by the c m
teience to go to Carthage .i.
bring Bishop Warne to Jasper lot
the ch s.ngseivice. Bishop Warn
us worn out by travel and duln t
tli .1
day, but he sent his secretary, Dr
Parker, who is also a missioi.a; ,
in India.
Dr. Parker proved a very int 1
esting speaker and at once w. n
the attention and interest ol i 1
audience. India is tittle kmn.u t
most people and some of u
speaker's statements were asti un .
ing. Here are Rome of Dr Pn
kei's statements reaardind the
The Carpet From Bagdad.
'Ihe first instalment c: a ne
serial. "The Carpet from Bagdad."
appears in ilu i:ue. The story
lust ended, "'Ihe Chalice of Com-
age," was a splendid story and ,cel "u,e t0 proceed farther
starts on pace 8; read the first 1 8 country tn wmen ne lives
rlinntor nn.l i-mi ill tint n ,-.l I '!nd'a has 3 7O.O.O,000 people
r ' . ' I'h. fvuintrv i iMVldfifl mtii if
" --
Wife En-
it all.
George Patterson and
A large party of friends and
neighbors were splendidly enter
tained at the home of George Pat
terson and wife a week ago Sun
day. The news was brought to
this office too late for publication
"One hundred and forty s
languages are spoken in India."
"JJvery religion in the world Ka
adherents there "
"Sixty-five million Moliann..i
dans and 250,000000 Hindus ie
siile in ludm."
"You can travel on the rail a a
of India for as little as thtt
eighths of 1 cent per mile, but then
are lour classes ot railway f.uc
last week. llio following were 1 hrst t.ass being about 1 J cent
present. .Mary inplett, Lena Pat- mile.
teison, Agnes Crow, Floyd McCliu , "India has a really line railwa,
.iirk OrvilU WiniL.r t.lovrl Un.. , sjslcm, W lltril IS owneci uy e.ip
der, Basil McChntock, Wilfred
Patterson. Clara Hubbard, Hani
W. C. T. U. Meeting.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with
Miss Lizzie Lawson Friday after
noon at 2 o'clock. Officers for the
ensuing year will be elected at this
meeting. All members are request
ed to be present.
son Waltz Agnes Lewis, uirne
Winans, Beulah Patterson, Zlla
Wright, Charley McClintock, Le
ota McClintock, Nita Patterson,
(jcneva McClintock, Wm. McClin
tock and wife. J D Harbor and
wife. Edna, Carl, and
Chntoik, Irene Winans,
Cider Apples for Sale.
D. H. Wampler, 4 miles south
east of Jasper.
The people of this community
have learned where
to go for
Dr. Schooler
We have
also a complete
line of everything to be
found in a flrst-clasa drug store
rations as they arc here, but t. e
English Government lays down
the rules and regulations by whu h
they operate."
"There were 10 000 Method, t
in India when Bishop Warne wu,t
there 25 years ago. There ai..
now 250,000 Methodists in Indi.
The conference closed Thur v
Claude Mc ! night after passing several ?its
Geneva ', resolutions thanking the people u
I Jasper for their hospitality anl
entertainment, thanking M 1
ti c u n-f.,. win coL. Oma Webb for acting as organis',
Hon. S. W. Bates Will Speak. anJ Rev c g anby tlB ,, ris
Hon. S. W Bates. Democratic ter an(iMVeral others wli., c . .
candidate forprosetulingatlorney.ltributed to the work of the con
will speak at the opera house next I (Crcnrc.
Tuesday evening, the 15th. La-1 There is no doubt that thj
dies are especially invited. I pCOple of Jasper, members ot nl , r
churches as well as the Methodi s
land people who are not members
,. ........ - - I of any church, all enjoyed the eon-
! Ifereuce as awliole and. their ass
1 'ciation with the ministers an J
others who attended
We almost forgot to mentn n tr
but the reader has been looking
for some reference to yellow-legged
chicken ever since hestartel tj
road this account, so here goc-.
the aforesaid y. 1. c. had a l.ar 1
time last week and many fine
specimens lost thoir heads entirely.
Basket Dinner.
Sunday. October 6. was an ideal
day for one of our out door din
ners. It was decided to hold one
more dinner before winter weather
set in. About 25 neighbors und
friends met at the home of Wm.
Cave, 8 miles west of Jasper, and
enjoyed one of the best dinners
that has been served this year.
Mr. Cave entertained the crowd
with his fine phonograph and Mr
Kirby was present with Ins picture
machine und made a good picture.
Those present wer Messrs. and
Mesdames G. F. Brown, George
Waltz, C. S. Johnston, Wm. Mevms,
W. Kelley, Cavanaugh, Snyder ot
Duvall. Kirby and daughter of

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