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A I" DIIAKE, Editor
County fain are an Infallible Indi
cation of cooler weather.
Missouri's peanut crop Is iliort, but
tho country's crop of peanut poltllca
It a wonderv
A paragraphlst asks:
gambling gatne?" Not
dealers wo know.
"Is poker a
with some
Dr. Anna Shaw, who avers that
women will fill men's shoes, presum
ably refers to Chicago women.
Man went to attend the funeral of
his irTothcrlnlaw and found her alive
And et fomo people aro not satisfied
with their lot.
A motorcjcllst, to bo sure, might
tire tho girl behind him some sort of
handlebar to cling to. but he usually
teems to prefer tho hug.
Bttll, there ts nothing to show that
i 'Synthetic" rubber tiro will b
cheaper or last any longer than the
kind )ou bavo always bought.
If stimulating the thyroid gland will
make men taller, scientists oight to
be nblo to tap something or other to
make men wiser, handsomer and better.
"I'lc," says an exchange, "Is an ex
pression of the soul " Yet most of us
nave been under the Impression that
tho expressions wero due to night
Philadelphia Judge ts at a loss to
decide whether a lobster suffers when
It ts balled but It ts a well known fact
that a lobster suffers when be pays
for one.
When Eve dolled up In the new
iprlng style fig leaf Adam, no doubt,
nroto n letter to the newspaper com
plaining about the shocking sole of
the day
Since a New York man has estab
lished n farm to raise butterflies. It Is
reasonablo to suppose that some other
man will soon start to raising butter
Ine fllos.
Add to tho list of pessimists the
man who last spring bought an ex
pensive lawn hose with money that
he might have used In pursuit of
If you do not believe this Is a talka
tive nation you should noto that 66
per cent, of the world's telephone
calls In 1911 were registered In the
United States.
Man Is n queer antmtle. He srlscs
In righteous Indignation at tho
thought of a woman wearing socks,
and yet risks an eye when one cllmbi
on a street car.
Woman In Now Jersey, whose hus
band refused to take her to a moving
picture show, deftly hit him on the
head with an ax. Ax and you shall re
ceive, as It were.
(By R. O. HRLI.KnS. Director of Evening;
Department, The Moody Bible Institute,
Chlcagu )
"funeral cortege of general booth
According to one estimate. It costs
tlO.OOO n year to keep a hvdrnptane
In commission. One could keep a
white elephant for that sura, and not
have half tho trouble.
After a Brooklyn woman had run
the house thirty five weeks on $65 her
huBband left her saying that she was
no wife for a poor man. K Ideally
she overfed tho brute!
It has been established that the an
cient Egyptians had the hookworm.
And despite all their wisdom they nr
parently lacked thvinol and epson
The 8outh Jersey peach crop Is said
to be tho greatest ever known. A
peach of a crop, as It were.
A lobster may suffer when It Is be
ing conked, but think of the agony of
tho lobster who foots the bill.
A bad very bad sign of the times
Is that convicts are gaining the sym
patic bar of Justice by writing bad
pathetic ear of Justice by writing bad
tng publlo Is alarming.
An English physician says that In
tOO jears the majority of the people
sn earth will be Insane. Judging by
the political arguments, a lot of them
won't have to wait that long.
An Inventor has completed a ma
rhlne for making cheap cigarettes at
the rate of 15 a minute, and now all
that Is required Is a cheap, uoncorros-
Ive machlno to consume them.
Another actress has obtained a dl
torco from her liusbnnd, but will not,
we fear, cause the press agents to
cease compltlnlng about the populari
ty of the moving picture shows.
In the midst of new sensations and
startling developments the unloaded
pistol Is still killing Its victims In the
good old fashioned way.
Ohio women have formed an antl
gossip league. Such charity ought to
cover jeven the fashionable sins of the
hobble skirt and the cigarette.
Some women are born beautiful, but
statistics show that a great many more
have beauty thrust upon thorn by so
ciety reporters who write up their
OOLDUM TEXT "For the Kingdom of
God Is not eating and drinking, but right-
tousness and peace anil Joy In me lioijr
aiiost-"-Itom, 14 17 It. V.
This lesson deals with the last of
those four events that marked tho
crista In tho llto of Jesus at Caperna
um. It occurred Just before tho third
period of his Galilean ministry und his
final departure for Jerusalem.
Lessons II and VII. of tho second
quarter of this year showed us Jesus'
attitude towards tho law Hero we
seo his attitude towards rabbinical tra
dition. (1) They ore tho traditions of
men, nnd not tho law of God. (2) They
were mado n pretext whereby moo
evaded tho commands of the law.
" Wo seo beforo us three general divi
sions, I The accusation, v. 1-5; II
Tho answer, v. G-13, nnd 111 Tho ap
plication, v. 14-23.
Ceremonial Neolected.
The growing hatred of tho Phari
sees led them to make tho long Jour
ney from Jerusalem that they might
observe htm nniT'flnd wherein to ac
cuse htm. While they were studying
him they at tho Bamo tlmo revealed
their Ideal of tho kingdom of God.
They took special notlco that the dis
ciples of Jesus ate without the careful
observance of the ceremonial cleans
ing of their hands. Wo must not un
derstand this to mean so much tho
removal of actual uncloanncss, but
rather that the disciples had neglect
ed tho ceremonial oservoneo of tho
washing of hands of which tho Phari
sees were so punctilious. Mark (v. 3
and 4) adds Illumination by calling
eepeclal attention to these traditions
to which the Jews adhered so tena
ciously. Thus wo can see that their
Ideal of man's relation to God was
largely a matter of external ceremony.
Purity to them was an outward mat
ter, something largely governed by tho
traditions of men and which they had
"received to bold" v, 6. Tho answer
of Jesus reveals a very opposlto Ideal.
Ho begins by calling tho Pharisees
hypocrites. A hypocrite la a play
actor, one who hides behind a mask.
Then applying the prophecy of Isaiah,
Jesus tells tho Pharisees that they
aro hiding their truo character behind
tho mask of ceremonial cleansing.
Such play acting Is but a poor Imi
tation of tho real heart condition do
mandod by God (Ps. 61:10). Their
hearts were far from God even though
with their lips they professed to
serve him, "and many llko things
ye do." Tho service which Is pleas
ing to God Is the doing of his will. It
consists not In the fulfilling of a rit
ual, but In tho fulfillment of life, o. g ,
a growing character.
Disciples Perplexed.
Jesus tnkes advantage of this dis
cussion and turning to tho mutttude
upon whom the Pharisees would bind
such a grievous burden of cermonlal
Ism and falsehood (Matt 13-4) warns
them that it Is not so much that which
enters Into a man that dcllles him, but
rather that which proceeds out of a
man, v. 15. It seems quite natural that
tho disciples should bo perplexed and
Bhould ask Jesus what was meant by
such a statement, Jesus' answer, v.
1S-23, shows us very clearly that
these things coming forth, reveal the
corruption within. Head Matthew
12:31, 35, Gen. 0:5 and James 3.10-12.
Ileal purity Is purity of heart, If the
heart bo not cleansed, what will It
avail It wo wash the hands? What,
then, is tho application for this pres
ent day? Clearly wo aro taught the
danger of Up service without a change
of heart. The danger of substituting
tho good for the best. Forms and
ceremonies are good and havo their
placo. They are significant. They
oro Important teaching factors, but
they must not be substituted for a
puro heart. We must beware lost wo
hide behind such a mask,
Tlrero Is here also the plain teach
ing as to Jesus' estttnato of the Pen
tateuch and tnferentlally of the proph
ecy of Isaiah. He specltlcally calls It
tho "Word of God. Surely wo can
nccept his cstlmato ob contrasted
with tho traditions of tho elders or
the "consensus of modern thought"
There is hero also a great opportu
nity to emphasize filial duty. This
Is a day and a tlmo that needs ompha
bIs upon the fifth commandment. Con
sideration of parents sacrifice co-op
eration with them Id tho bearing of
burdens, comfort for thorn In sorrow
and adversity, and cheer for thorn as
tbey Journey down life's pathway Fil
ial disrespect and an Iconoclastic Ir
reverence of things holy are two
things that are cursing tho rising gen
eration, And lastly, there Is hero a lessrjn
to emphasize as to what constitutes
real cleansing. The believer Is
cleansed "once tor all." Hcb. 10-1-12,
but needs frequent dally confession
that he may abide la unbroken fel
lowship. The blood of Christ not
only cleanses from the guilt but tbo
defilement also. Eph. 5:25-27 and I.
John 6:C.
"Less talk and more walk,
"Less wishing and more doing,
"Less preaching and more practic
ing. "Less' organizations and more of
the Spirit, -
mw$s!PW!m? V.ffi.3ffiTTOlSte
s!MWiir'ga'i77Trsy?aiWEirgrTi'," v vu . ViT7fcri"!f ' i ' ir rum ttsw iTi
(QMriiMltA TM..... s
Kidneys and Bladrw
PHOTOGRAPHS from London of tho funeral of General Ilooth reveal graphically the love of tho people for
the founder of tbo Salvation Army The cortege wns ono of tho greatest of modorn times and passed through
streets thronged with hundreds of thousands of mourning people.
Fear the Extinction of Species
Through Reckless Waste.
Board of Agriculture and Fisheries Is
sues Report Warning Against the
Consequences of Excessive Hunt
ing In Northern Waters.
Washington. Danger of the total
extinction of the whale through "over
fishing" Is dealt with In the thirteenth
annual rtport on fisheries, Issued by
the board of agriculture and fisher
ies. It is unquestionable, sas the re
port, that In tho caso of a slow-grow
ing and slow-producing animal like
the whale, although, owing to its wide
range, it will probably never be ab
solutely exterminated, excessive
hunting speedily results in a very
marked depletion of the Btock.
The practical exttuctton of the
Basque and Greenland whale fiabcrlo-i
has abundantly proved this. It must
be remembered, too, that this result
was brought about by means of the
open and hand barpoon methods
which are now obsolete.
The Greenland whale was a com
paratively sluggish and timid ani
mal, whose capture by the method re
ferred,, to presented little difficulty,
whereas the rorquals and other spe
cies were not only too swift, but too
dangerous to be attacked in the same
manner as the "right" whnle
With the introduction, however, of
tho harpoon with explosive shell, dis
charged from a cannou mounted In
the bows of a steamer, the conditions
were entirely changed, and the sp
cles formerly Immuue from attack
could now be hunted with impunity.
The result of this revolution in tho
conditions under which the fishing
could be prosecuted Is seen in the
enormous dimensions which tho In
dustry has attained at the present
It is estimated that In 1911 be
tween 19,000 and 20,000 whales were
captured in the southern hemisphere
alone (South Gecrgla, South Shetland,
South America, South Africa), to
which has to be added the catch In-
North America, Japan, Faroe, Iceland,
Spltzbergen and Greenland, and these
figures will probably be greatly ex
ceeded in 1912, as numerous new com
panies have been formed to exploit
Alaskan, Australasian and Sandwich
island waters.
This wholesale destruction must in
evitably tell Its tale within a few
years, and, as a matter of fact. In New
foundland and Iceland fears are al
ready entertalnod that the fishing Is
on the decline.
It would not, therefore, be a mat
ter for surpriso If, within a few jears,
It may bo found ueccsstary to estab
lish something in tho nature of inter
uatloual control, anil the precedent of
the Ilehrlng teal fishery shows how
vexed a question whaling may ulti
mately become.
Resinol clears
away pimples
BATHE your face for sc er 1
minutes with hot w Ur a d
Kcsinol Soap and very k n.
tly apply a little Kesinjl fjint.
ment. In a few moments w.i t
off again with more Itesinol Scan
and hot water, finishing vuii a
dash of cold water to cloie Cm
Do this once or twice a day,
alwaj s using Resinol Soap fur 1 : t
and bath and ecu how q i My
pimples and blackheads van ) .nd
your skin becomes dean, citar and
Resinol Is also most effecti c for
Itching skin troubles.
Yonr druggist stlTteMnolF ni f"
antl Ointment (IJOiO.orniul.t-.lw r
Baltimore, Ud,
W. N.
U., Kansas City, No Z1 '312.
Paris Papers Make Much of
Days of Sunshine Fear
for Crops.
Its Endurance Wears Out All the
Quadrupeds In Bench Show In
Sausallto, Cal. Ono lone sea Hon,
with a strong pair of lungs and a dis
position bordering on acuto melan
cholia, nearly broke up tho dog show
at the .Marlon County Kennel club by
developing a bark that was such a
challenge and Inspiration to the four
legged canines that hey had to re
spond Starting early In tho morning, the
hlg seal, which was exhibited only as
a curiosity of tho deep, and not be
cause of his vocal possibilities, bowl
ed all day, und the dogs, big and
little, howled with him Urnccd
against the railings In front of their
kennels they threw their souls Into a
chorus that would have Intimidated
an ordlnrry eaL Hut this ono was
When nightfall came he was still at
it. In good voice and going 40 howls
to tho minute, but be was alone In
tho field The poodle and the terriers
and even tb.o long-winded hounds, had
harked themselves 'o a whisper
Paris Kof two dais last week the
Lsun shone In Parli, nnd the phenom
enon was reported In all tho news
papers under spread heads, for never
before slnee anyone can remember
has thr-re been such a cold, rainy,
dark August In France. On not ono
day this month has tho thermometer
reached 74. while tho average tem
perature has been a little below that.
Tho lowest previous August averago
was 79
C'arallle Flammarlon, the eminent
astronomer, says the records at the
Observatory of Paris, which was es
tablished under Louis XIV., moro than
200 jears ago, show that there has
been a gradual Increase In tho rainfall
Blnce 1CSS
This )enr rainy weather has been
general all over France, so that fear
is felt for tho crops Already there
has been considerable talk In tho
newspapers of probable suffering next
winter Although theso discouraging
reports aro regarded as too alarming,
it Is realized by all that, unless the
weather changes for the better Boon
great damage will be done.
Lawyer Probably Was Willing i
More Than $10 Under th
A noted lawyer of Tenm" bo
labored under tho defects ot ug
a high temper and ot bein, at
walked Into a court room i am
ovor by a lounger man, of w- o
older practitioner had a biiij, , a
Presently, In tho hearing of
tlou, there waB n clash bawi
lawyer and the Judge Ihu juu
dered tho lawyer to sit down o
the lawyer, being deaf, dldn t
him and went on talking, the
fined him $10 for contempt
The lawyer leaned toward the
and cupped his hand behind In-
"What did ho say?" he Inqu
"He flood jou 10, ' rxpl.iin
"For what?"
"For contempt of this court
the clerk.
The lawyer shot a poisonous
toward the bench and reached n uand
Into his pocket.
"I'll pay It," ho Bald "It s a lust
debt." Saturday Evening Post
i GO-
) si
i ar
- ar
1 u
Gozzoll Frescoes Found.
Pisa- Some deteriorated frescoes
by llenoczo Gozzoll, the Italian paint
er of the fifteenth century, have been
discovered In an oratory ou the high
way leading to the Castle Fiorcntlno.
The preservation of the frescoes Is
Inspiring Experience
A lady who must certnlnU hate
been related to the late Mrs I'l'ung
ton recently returned from n si its
day tour ot Europe,
To her friends she Bald with
lasm that ot all the wonderful
that she had seen and heard '
Itevcd the thing she enjojed i
all was hearing tho French ph
sing the majonnalso. Youth o
Traffic in White Slaves Profitable
to Many.
Expert Who Seeks $1,000,000 snd
Uniform Law to Stop Traffic,
Makes Some Startling State
ments About the Evil.
Washington, D. C "From 15,000 to
20,000 girls between the ages of 13 and
25 years, a majority of whom are na
tive born Americans, are the victims
iacb jcar of the while slave traffio In
tbe United States About 50,000 men
and women make an 'easy' living ev
ery year selling, buying and living on
tbe earnings of these girls."
Stanley W. Finch, for 20 years an at
torney and official in the department
of Justice, made this startling state
ment. WLen Mr. Finch made the
statement above quoted he qualified It
by sajlng that It was a conservative
"White slave traffic In some form or
other has existed for C.OOO years,"
said Mr, Flinch. "In Europe It has
Woman Saves Her Money Because
Her Tlckllshness Starts Too
Much Row for Robbers.
Kansas City, Mo Helng ticklish
saved Mrs Francis Justine from los
ing her purse to robbers and a meet
ing' that might have been terrlf)lng
turned Into an amusing affair She
was on her way home when two arm
ed men commanded her to walk back
with them to tbo shadow ot a warehouse.
"We want money, that's all," they
said "So throw up your hands."
She obeyed and Informed them that
her purse was tacked In the top ot her
corset under here arm. One ot the
men tore open her waist and thrust In
a hand. It came out In a hurry to
clap over the woman's mouth, as she
screamed "Don't!"
"I didn't mean to cry out that way,"
she laughed, as the hand dropped and
gave her a chance to speak, "but I'm
awfully ticklish and I Just can't stand
Tho continued efforts of tho men to
find tho purse, whllo Mrs Justine's
protecting arm wouldnt etay up,
threw her Into fits of laughter, which
so disturbed tho robbers that, as she
sank Ho the pavomont (hoy ran. The
policeman who came up as she rose
and brushed her dress found her
very gleeful over her experience.
been carried on with fluctuating suc
cess for 3,000 jears; In the United
States, with varying but ever grow
ing success, for 100 jears."
Desire for fortune and "easy" living
on tbe part of the dealers, and the sus
ceptibility of joung girls to fraud and
dtctlt, are tbe causes, directly, for tho
startling growth of the traffic In tbe
United Stntes, Mr. Finch said.
"Ono million dollars will suppress
the traffic, and for $250,000 a year it
can be kept suppressed," said Mr.
Mr. Finch began his real campaign
for suppression of white slavery last
May, and the system he has perfected
has been Installed In Mar) land, Vir
ginia, District of Columbia. North Car
ollna. South Carolina, Ohio, West Vir
ginia, Tennessee and Kentucky, It will
be wocked In all the states ot the
union by May 1 next It tbe money
holds out
The system provides for at least ono
local officer of the department of Jus
tice In every city In the United States.
The work of these officers Is to keep
track of tho Inmates of every ques
tionable house, know who aro the pa
trons of the cafes, and take cognizance
of nil the suspicious and new charac
ters who came Into their districts.
"Wblte slave traffic Is being rapidly
suppressed," declared Mr Finch, "and
once It Is suppressed, It will cost only
a comparatively small amount to keep
It down What Is $200,000 or 1300,000
a year If you know your homes are
protected from these monsters?"
Efforts aro being made to have uni
form "slave" laws enacted In all the
states, and with this law more crim
inals will be apprehended,
Worth Trying
"What are you thinking cf" sne
"I was Just thinking of tho w- der
ful change a man's countenance -der
goes when ho lots ills beard gr.
"Oh, yes; I've often thought of 'ha'
Why don't you quit shaving''
Heredity never falls tq work cut la
the matter of red hair, but i fre
quently falls down when It cornt to
Enough for One Night
Enthusiast (at musical rtcuai -we
shall hear more of this young man
Sufferer Not tonight, I hope
Many a man who loves a woman
for herjioin doesn't mention It
"Headache" Pay Stopped.
Washington. The new provision In
the army appropriation bill providing
that no officer or enlisted man shall
receive pay for absence from duty
caused by disease resulting from bis
own Intemperate use ot drugs or al
coholic liquors, or other misconduct,
is now in effect
Arrested for Qlggllng.
Home, Ga Decans they giggled
during services, Itev. Mr. Curtis of this
place bad two daughters ot L a
Waters arrested and put In Jail charged
wltb disturbing public worship.
Government Engineers May Hav to
Abandon Survey of the Bering
River Coal Fields.
Cordova, Alaska Telephonic ad
vices received from Katalla state that
the barge load of supplies for the
five government engineers sent north
to exploro the Bering river coal fields
has1 broken loose from the tug and
Is being driven to tea by a gale. If
the supplies are lost tbe expedition
will have to be abandoned tor this
Possibly some phyBlclst can tell
why it Is that a hammock scarcely
big enough for an able-bodied man
suddenly increased Its capacity hB
a pretty girl hovers Into sight.
When a restaurant orchostra taiei
one ot Its occasional lapses from rag
time Into a dlrgo Borne arrangement
should be mado to prevent the waiters
from weeping Into tho bouillon
Baltimore scientists proposo to
make a careful study of tho mental
affection known as "the blues AW
town that has a tall end bacwu
team will be able to furnish pieoW
ot subjects.
About tho only person who does
not pay according to what he r cl1vo
Is the bald headed man. who isc; srgea
Just as much for a hair cut as any
malo relative of tbe seven Sutherland
Southern Illinois reports a tnortM
of spring chickens. Stories of disas
ter to tho peach crop, of J,lclg.,.
can bo and are received with lna
foresee, but this. If true, Is a nw
ot Importance.
That the lobster la becoming "
tlnct Is the foreboding of many
may be presumed to bo Informed e
tho subject, and tho noxt general"
may know It only as a human type.
"Find Well-Dressed Girl, M'J
Blank," says the headline In a C cm
paper. It's easy to find well-drcM
men anywhere whose minds sr
near a blank that the differencs
worth mentioning.
' .1
ffitt&stiarsiHiiAMmriKM v "t-'v1 vw.tiiviM j

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