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For Bargains in all
lines of merchandise.
. this i-ai-12.2
For Bargains in all
lines of merchandise.
DI5AKK. I'liMM,,..
Vol. hi, Xu. ii.
eautiful "Solid Comfort" Reed Rode
PrAA ta VamA R
W IS J fit
si B WW
ID ,
. , ' .5.'i
4'0I. ..If
A yooil Heed lockiiir ('Imir is om- pieci' f fiirnitiiic I'm which yu itlw.is have a jilarc Tli.ttV wh haw
.i.T.iii",'il to ic thesf line 1'ock' r as pi-i-niiiiiii t iiri'utointi. Without a supply of rocker-, no home is complete.
I.c-mtifn, I'liiuioitaljlc ami iliir.ilih. strongly mudd of Sinirapoiv I.eetl, supported Iy well seasoned wood, ami fin
ished with finest Japanese Shell.te. Full, continuous roll arms, well braced, and a solid reed scat in basket form.
Tin- hack is woven reed, ami i i est fill ami attractive. The stivlchcrs arc neatly turned. The chair.s arc large and
looiny, gentlemen's size. These chairs sell regularly-for s? i i . I .
Here is tho Offer. With even sur. worth of goods you buy for cash, whether bought at one time or diuVr
ent times, we gie you one of thee Uoekers for $1..'.0. (Jet as many roukura as you wish, one rocker for $l..".U
with every $'.. you trade.
How to Get a Rocker Absolutely Free. If your cash purchases amount to ."o during twelve
months, that is, $''." additional we will refund the &1."0 you have paid for tho rocker, thus giving you the rocker
absolutely free. leinem)er, a rocker will lie delivered to you for the small amount of 1.50 just as soon as jmi
have purchased $"2.i worth of good for ca.sh, and it will be optional with you whether you trade the additional -"
and get the rocker five. The Uoekers are now on exhibition at our store. Vou are invited to call and . tin-in
and get a punch card. 1 hue nil your purchases punched on your card. Lju all of your trading with u and you
will soon have a rocker for every room. Vou will always lind a choice Selection of dependable merchandise a
our store, and our prices mean a saving to ou.
Conrad Mercantile Co.
ayor Requests Stores io Close.
Wi.ercfore I, J Wesley Spaid.
laor o! Jasper, in pursuance of
ie pros Lunations ivued liy the
I ie ident i)f the United States anil
the Governor of Missouri, and in
i.der that the people of this co"i
i unity may properly observe
thanksgiving Day. earnestly re
mifbt tli.it the business houses of
I ispi r be tlosed on that day.
Insuring Against Hog Cholera.
Dr. Spencc from the State Uni
scrsity was in Jasper yesterday
aci in .ting boss for several of our
lTiiimnent hog men J C, Stalter
had 64 heid injected with the sc
rum. T H H. Bell had 33 head
operated on. and Aithur Radford
also had his hogs vaccinated.
These genttemen all have fine
nogs and appreciate the fact that
it is better to go to n little expense
;o pi event cholera than to take a
tliame on losing valuable stock.
Twins at M E. Parsonage.
Rev und Mrs W. O Thompson
.ire the parents of fine Uvms a
boy and a girl, born last Thursday
night. James Philip and Anna
Phyllis are the namus of the latest
arrivals in Jasper Methodism.
To Subscribers.
Please in ti.e the label
Auto Accident.
R. Hall and UmiU . 01
Married In St. Louis.
Miss Allie Brooks of Raymond
who for the past 14 months
has been stepping at the home of
1 1-1 aunt Mrs. L. P. Thomas, of
i ivper and also at the home of
!ir untie, J. V. Brooks in Car
thage, was married in St. Louis
Saturday, November 16, to Mr.
U F Buttles, a prosperous and
nergetic farmer of Honey Bend,
ill , whi'ii place will be their
Mrs. Bowles is a young woman
possessed of many rare virtues
v ith which to bless and gladden a
home, and her Jasper friends ex
tend to her congratulations and
best wishes. May peace and hap
I mess attend her daily life at
Honey Bend.
In Appreciation.
While it is rather late to be do
ing so, 1 take this method to thank
all who so kindly tool; interest in
and helped me with my .-attic
during the J isper City ratr.
Ball Game And Program Bene
fit of Piano for High School. 1 I .i,n
paper atrl -re if c 11 1'irea little be-, Basketball was the event here Joplin. who were coming to Jasper
hind. If so, coir.- in or send in (last Saturday night Three games 1 Sunday morning, had a narrow es
jo ..'iwiut unu 1 were piayeu during tne evening 1 cape 1 rum serious injury nvc miies
of one f ourr The Blues and the Reds, high schoo I south of Carthage. They weie on
The premium ,giris teams, played a lively game, I their way to Jasper to hit Mrs.
and pay a jear
take advantage
premium otters
papers and magazines are good
ones and you get them absolutely
It dM seem a week ago that
dried aimle Die would adorn the
ng the J .sper Uty ratr. editor's table on Thanksgiving day.
:im glad of the fate which led h.0... ,i. ...:., i .....L
me to make the lirst purchase of kins ., tb, scclion but 'A T
the registered Galloway stock, j Dean f lhe new Ww ,
from Messrs Rex & Patterson. i,i,y: :m,. .u, .a ., ,
thank the fair association fur', ,.oe: 4ua . i . ua
I . . , . uui ivovut, tutj "i.i.ri in a itun
ajuare ueai. .1.1.1 tne premium somc mnntr
money receiveu irom int-m, aisw
the Blues defeated the Reds by a ' Hall's mother, Mr. Charles Whit
score of iS to 15. The first and! more
second boVs teams of Golden Cit ! Mr Hall was driving the machine
1 played the first and second boys along at a fuir rate ot speed when
teams oi tne jasper Jiign scnool. , ne reieaseu vne wneei wmi one nana
Jasper won ftoth games from to wrap the robe about one of the
(jolden Ctt. thehrst team winnm". children to keer out the cold. At
by a score of 34 to 16 and the
second team by score of 19 to 13.
Lester Goddard was thestur of the
Jasper first team, throwing nine
field goals
Estey Busby played a rattling
Mr Dean and his good all around game for the second
IVlfr flrnl'O lift TtiC)nr 'inil Inft l(nnm Tlii.t Tlnr.t-. V,.. .a . 1n .1
the special premium received from I ,,,. .,ll-lij.. K ,.,. . ti,JttWw ' ' '
-J - ,.-. .-. - ... ..V...W.
News ofRce, and the wife of yours
truly knows how to convert them
the best of 1 ie3 'Mttcha
gracias. umigos
G. W. Rex
I wish to thank the stock men.
nn.l nil .,t,rt rm intnrnpli1 ... .msf1
UI1U Ull IMIU UIU Ulkl. n LU ... uuu liiiln
came, im me tompiimeiuary nuy
in which they have spoken of my
cattle; and last but not least do
I thank the Editor of the Jasper Married at M. E. Parsonage.
News, tor the space which he, mjss i.;;vn Sproul and Arthur
gianU me in which to 'say my j Brown, well known oung people
say" and for what he has already , Uving . j miics northwest ot Jasper,
said about my stock, which I am 1 wero married by Rev V. O.
glad to own, and hope to improve Thompson at the parsonage last
and "make good" as time goes on 1 Sundnv afternoon.
In which case I hope you may
hear from me again.
Very Truly,
'Star Brand Shoes Are Better.'
Mrs. Brown is a daugh er of
George Sproul, and Mr. Brown is
a son of James Brown, all the
parties living in the neighborhood
above indicated
J. H. Selsor. well known in this me oproui am.iv wi 1 soon
section but who has been living move 10 ine state ot nasmngion
near Guthrie. Okla . the past year, and the bride and groom will live
visited Jasper last week. Mr. on the )roul farm-
Selor announces that he has traded
his Oklahoma farm for a farm in
Vernon County, this state, and
will return to Missouri soon. Mr
near Jasper
Piano For High School.
A movement was started this
iu.. . ..uu.. .... .... k t pllrchase a j for th
n,w has at least two good h- , ,h , A insltruincnt has
in farms, one of which is ,' ,, ,! m , ,,,
UVVI (JkVKWIJ IVl K IWIIf kltttU Ullt-t illW
musical training of the students
has not been what it should have
been on account of the lack of it
The matter was brought before
the high school Monday morning
and S40 was pledged in a few min
utes. Entertainments will be given
trom time to time to help pay for
it, and it is hoped that all patrons
of the school will give the cause
their support and cooperation
The first entertainment for this
cause will be given at the opera
house tomorrow (Friday) night.
Both games were rougher than
they ought to have been on account
of the releree being a little slow.
Whoever appointed Sam Tallman
referee of the girls' game thought
they were making him the "goat, '
but tam seemed right at home in
the mtlec played no favorites, and
when some pretty face was turned
toward him with stormv weather
signals on it he gave her a smile
umj let it go at that
1 Friday night Sarcoxie is expect
ed, and as Jasper beat Sarcoxie in
their own town two weeks ago the
visitors will try hard to win.
There will be a program of mu
sic, declamations, and a debate in
connection with the game Friday
night, and the proceeds will go to
ward the new piano for the high
Dr F. M. Geeslin went over to
Lynn County, Kans., the first of
the week and sold his farm there
The Dot tor returned Tuesday
evening with a fine big red autO'
mobile That makes Dr Lear the
only medical man in town without
a gasoline wagon. Trade the
ponies oft. Doc, and show them
that you are a sport.
this point the machine turned into
the ditch throwing them all out
No one was hurt escept for minor
The family continued their jour
ney by train from Carthage.
The machine was not badly dam
aged but required about a day's
work to repair it.
Pay Your Taxes.
A fine new cement bridge, 8 feet
by nearly 30, over the ravine on
East Grand avenue at Fourth street
was opened to the public this week
and is proving a splendid improve
ment. Mayor Spaid informs the
Neab that the county court hns
promised another good bridge on
Grand avenue a few blocks east of
the one just finished. He says al
so that taxpayers should pay their
taxes at once so that the town
may have money to pay its part
of the expenses incidental to these
improvements. There will be
somc filling and grading to do on
u est Grand at the railroad cross
ing as soon as the depot is moved
and the tracks and switches put
in shape.
In order that the city may not
be embarrased by a lack of funds
in these matter", citizens should
pay their taxes now and enable
the authorities to get this work
out of the way by the time bad
weather sets in.
Moving pictures and illustrated
songs at the opera house every
Saturday night.
Iebanon Items.
Ati..;tentiv: tongregation listen
1 d to a splendid sermon by Pastor
Kei 1 Sunday afternoon at Leba
non Church
Mi Willis Byrin who has been
ill with tuberculosis a long time,
died Tuesday morning.
Mis. Allen Miller attended the
1 ailien institute at Spring'iell
last week.
Frank Crow and wife visited
O. II Redmond and family Sun
day. C F. Rex and wife went to La
mar Friday to attend the funeral
of their little neice Carylon Leach
whose death occurred at her home
in Des Arc. Aik . a few days pre
vious. After funeral services tht
little body was interred in Lak
CYmttery at Lamar. Thebereavt 1
parents, Mr. and Mn. W. A. Lea' h
who for a few days are stopping
with relatives here, have the sin
cere sympathy of the ytieighbur-
Mrs Lula Haney is visiting tin,
wt-ek at the home of her parent
James Tunnell and wife.
Miss Laura Armstrong n '
h-;r brother and wife Saturday
Workmen are still busy makim
"..00 1 roads," and while the wur'.
is hard on both men and teams r.
is delightful to have good roads
Adam Malone and f amilv moii
Thursday to the James Lang far-.
which they have rented for thx
coming year, Mr. Lang and family
, having recently moyed to Stott-
, City, Mo.
Mrs R P. Lane and daughter
1 Nellie were Carthage visitors Sat
! urday.
Will Lyman has been haulin,.
building material for his mother s
, barn the past week.
1 Mrs. Frank Crow and ltttie
I daughter Frances spent Tuesdav
'night with home folks in this
i neighborhood.
Mrs O. Z. Palmer returned tj
ihei home in Lockwood Saturday
Union Thanksgiving Service.
The following program will be
carried out at the Presbyterian
I Church Thursday. November .n
beginning at 1030:
I Song service.
Devotions, led by J. A. Reid.
Song by congregation.
Reading of Thanksgiving Procla
mation by A. K. Gurley.
Song -quartette.
Scripture reading, W. U
Prayer, S. S. Phillips.
Song double quartette.
Sermon, W. Thomas Medearu.
Song by congregation.
i Wc trust that the citizens of Jas
, per and community will realize the
importance of this Thanksgiving
.service, and help to make it a suc
, cess by their presence
miiiMi ijuwjj.
High School Notes.
The minister who was to con
duct assembly Tuesday morning
was called to Zion to conduct a
funeral, so we missed our assembly
Algebra is bothering some of the
juniors, and somc of them had to
tarry after school Monday to get it.
There was no school Thursday
and Friday, as the teachers went
to Springfield to the meeting of
the State Teachers Association,
The basket-ball games brought
out a good crowd Saturday night,
when two teams from Golden City
played two high school teams and
the high-school girls played a
game, the Blues defeating the
The following officers were
elected by the seniors and juniors
for the next quarter. President,
Lester Goddard; vice-president,
Harry Tallman; secretary. Marga
ret Beam; treasurer. Grace
Greenwood, sergeant-at-arms, Es
tey Busby, musical director,
Mary Drake; critK, Prof Hurt.
HOW CAREFUL one should be in the se
lection of drugs and medicines. Wc realize
that fully when we buy goods, and our
careful selection of goods is backed up by
years of experience in the business.
Our store is stocked with the best and also
with a large and varied assortment of all
the goods kept in a first-class drug store.
The Holidays
It is well to anticipate your holiday needs,
Wc will as usual have a fine stock of such
goods and when you are ready bo sure
to come and sec us.
Local and Personal.
Homer Bayne and wife and
Clyde Rains and Miss Burns visit
ed Webb City friends Sunday
R. E. Harrington and family
from Carterville, visited Mr. Har
rington's sister, Mrs. C. W. Sample,
this week. Mr. Harrington was in
the clothing business in Jasper at
one tune.
O F. Wishard and wife, of Ottawa
, 111 , and Mrs. Jones from Colorado.
who have been visiting John Wes
ton and wife, are viiiting relatives
in Joplin Mrs Wishard and Mrs.
' Jones arc sisters of Mrs. Weston.
Dr. W. F. Jones, district super
1 intendent of the Carthage district
; M. E. Church, will lecture at the
lasper M. E. Church Wednesday
' December 4 The subject of the
lecture will be "The price of suc
,cess." r
I 0. Thompson shipped a car of
I good horses to Kansas City Sat
urday Mr. Thompson says there
is a steady demand for good horses
! animals of good weight and
j style but its hard to scJJ the
common stuff.
1 F. I. Lauderbaugh and wife,
Ernest Crawford and Miss Melton,
W. C.Thomas nnd wife.F. I. School
er and wife, Cap. Beal and Mrs.
Monnie Davis. W. D. Mullen, Ed
Porter, C. S. Swihart, and P. M.
Conrad and others wentto Carthage
Sunday night tosec the Spring Maid
' The W, C T. U. will meet with
Mrs. Bayne Friday afternoon. All
members, especially the new ones,
are requested to be present. A
1 1 crrnf1 nrnorrim. Th mppfritur une
.'w 'wkB..- .w ,.H.vaa.
1 advertised to be held with Mrs
1 Moulton. but circumstances have
I necessitated a change in the arrangement

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