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For Bargains in all
linos of merchandise.
AKTliril I'VDIIAKK. Publisher.
For Bargains in all
lines of merchandise.
.IASPKK, MO., TliritSDAV, NOVEMBER 28, 1012.
Vol. 18, No. l.'t.
ISpecIal Prices at Conrad Mercantile Co.'sg
Blanket Specials
g il.7 indie., in gray, tan ami white, worth 1.2 a pair
g Special Price $1.00
g Outing Flannel Specials
Light anil (lurk .style.-.. Mutable tor comforts, etc., ic anil ho values
Special Price 6c a yard
Men's Walk-Over Shoes
Patent and plain leathers, $;S.f)0 and $1.00 values
$1.00 a pair discount
Men's Underwear Specials
Men's Heavy Fleece Tiidei-wear, fine u .garment quality
Special price 40c
Ladies' Underwear Specials
Ladies' 1'nion Suits, all fei.cs, !il to 11, l.()l) valuer
Special price 90c
Ladies' Pingree Shoes
Patent and plain kid, 8.00 and .'1.50 valuer
O 1 it ,1 C n mey reureu ;uiss v.onroy remuincu
OilLC JJIIUC iJ.UU ctUU JJ.U iX JiXll g sitting
QUBUMHiSB;BDSujnnEaDsflEHiNiiBS2oaRHiHBnEac snHiauHBEaaEiaBEBHHfflEEiQnuQHHiBBBnaiiHiiaHaiiiaaHiinnEHFinanEJtsHSESt
Miss Kathcriue Conroy Dead.
Citizens all over Olathc suffered
a dKlinct shock last Sunday morn
ing when the news Hashed over the
city that Mis Katlierine Conroy
had been found dead in her room
at the home of Captain and Mrs.
E. Clark on East Park street.
Miss Conroy had been down town
19 i Saturday evening and had spoken
g to some friends about feeling very
ta badly. She purchased a throat
g sprayer and some medioinc and re
g turned home at y o'clock. Captain
W and Mrs. Clark helped her to pre-
35 ' pare the medicine and showed her
how to use the sprayer and when
See us for bargains in Dry Goods of all kinds, Wool Dress Goods, Ginghams, Waistings,
Staple Dry Goods, and Notions of all kinds. You will find our prices right.
Conrad Mercantile Company
High School Notes.
Visitors during the week were
Misses Lena Patterson Grace Guhck
l'rn Weston, ami Atie I'hipps
The following were absent half
uiv or nirire during the week:
aci Teeter, Harry Tnllman, Esty
Hi by Grace Greenwood, and Elsie
Rev W. T. Medearis conducted
issembly last Tuesday morning
T ie seventh arid eight grades were
The extemporaneous debitc last
i' eel; was very interesting, the
s ibjit being "Res, dved that inter
national penreis practicable. Afttr
mative, Ro Vebb;negative,Bryan
Drown. The decision was in favor
of the affirmative.
The story Friday noon, by Miss
Fern Thackcr, was very interesting.
Subject, "Two old women."
The Baconian Society gave the
most intetesting program so far
thn ycjr, last Friday afternoon.
The program and haslet ball
Kami; at the opera hduse Saturday
mtht drew a big crowd. The pro
gram was excellent and the ball
i ame was eajily won by the Jasper
yh sihool team. Score. 40 to t8
Dr L G Reser, President of the
Methodist college at Marionville.
addressed the school Monday morn
ing The addrcs was very much
enjoyed by the school.
Death of Mrs. Tilley.
Mrs. Lizzie Tilley, wife of Wm.
Tilley, who lives one mile south of
Hoston, died at her home at 10
o clock Monday morning Mrs.
Tilley is a sister of J. L. Bcager of
Ten years Ago In Jasper City.
Rev W. II I.arrick of Kingsley,
Iowa, is visiting Ins brother, R. R.
Jasper's first automobile ap
peared on the streets this week.
It is a home production, having
been constructed by Hardenbrook
it Rice.
I.ee Garst, who left for Colorado
in March to look for a location,
returned Monday night.
The headquarters of James R.
Ward Post. G. A R . are now in
the hall over Hi Hendricks store.
A camping patty composed of
Chus. Spaid and wife, Elmer Laud
erbaugh and wife, and Mont
Fairfield and wife have pitched
their tents near the mouth of
Possum Creek for a fishing outing
A number of the members of
the Eastern Star went to Joplin
last evening to attend a school of
instruction by the gfand lecturer.
Mrs Ella Jean Flanders ot Kan
sas City
The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth'
Bayles, who died from the effects
of carbolic acid, taken by mistake,
was held Friday morning at 10
A wagon load of fruit jars fast
on the railroad track, a broken
tug, and a passenger train almost
due was the predicament in which
Will Peterson found himself at
about 8 o'clock Tuesday evening.
Ben Frick, a former Jasper boy,
came in this week from Gem City,
Idaho, to visit his parents Jacob
Fritk and wife. Mr. Frick visited
the Klondike country since he was
here last.
Holiday Buying.
Folks have begun to think about
holiday bujing, Mr. Mi reliant and
its up V vu to see that mo-.t of
High School Entertainment.
Under the direction of Superin
tendent Hurt and Principal Cline,
the high school gave a very
it is done light here at home, pleasing entertainment at the opera
Don t get the iuca that you can
wait till the week befote Christ
mas to do your advertising. Help
the people to make up their minds
about holiday gifts now and you
can keep a lot of that trade at
home and get a big share of it
yourself. You have the goods but
a lot of people won't know jt if
you don't tell them.
Dr. L. G Reser. president ot the
Marionville (Mo ) College, occupied
the pulpit at the M. E Church
last Sunday morning and evening.
Dr Reser is a very pleasing speak
er and his addresses were appreci
ated by his hearers.
Wo have purchased souvenirs for each family in the
vicinity of Jasper, and especially to our patrons.
We have arranged a register in our banking oflice
for a mailing list, and wo will mail each family a
beautiful calender for the year 1913, that will call
and register, leaving proper mailing instructions.
AVo desire that all of our patrons avail themselves of
this opportunity, as also prospective oues, and we
shall be glad to register any that contemplate open
ing an account with us tho coming year. v
These souvenirs will positively be mailed and not
given out from the Bank, as we wish to see that you
get one aiid
at the same time" we do not want to
First National Bank
Fighting the Chinch Bug With
Fire. .
The chinch bug cost the state of
Missouri approximately S5.c00.0oal
this year Unless immediate steps
are taken to destroy the swarms
(which are living over duringi the
winter this los will be greatly in
creased next year.
Between now and December J.
all meadows, pastures, toads,
wastelands and other fields, which
are heavily overgrown, should be
carefully examined fm the hiber
nating chinch bugs. Those fields
near wheat and cornfields which
wereinfested last summer should be
examined with special care The
insects hide deep duwn in clumps
of grass, under leaves and rubbish,
and in many cases their presence
can be detected frcm the disa
greeable odor of the crushed bugs,
even before one finds them in
their hiding places.
Wherever they are 'found, the
fields should be burned over im
mediately and carefully so that
the heat will penetrate down into
tne clumps ot grass and make a
clean job. Faimers should coop
erate in burning over all public
highways and railroad right of
ways in the infested regions. With
careful, systematic burning ot all
harboring places in the fall, a large
percentage of the millions of hi
bernating bugs will be killed by
the heat directly and many more
left exposed to the winter. After
each and every farmer has done
all he can to destroy the pest dur
ing tho winter, the fight will be
well enough started so that, if
taken up in time next summer,
the injury from the pests may be
greatly reduced. L. Haseman,
Agricultural Experiment Station.
Alpha Club.
Alpha Club met with Mrs. H. E.
Ballard Tuesday afternoon. An
swer roll call from the lives of
pioneers. Review of the lesson,
"The Early Pathfinders."
Paper. Mrs. Gus Campbell, "The
progress following the Revolution "
Reading, Mrs. R E. Hurt, "Tho
Pilgrim Fathers."
Story, "The Pioneers," by Coop
er, given by Mrs. Harriman,
Reading. "First Thanksgiving
Proclamation." by Mrs. Ballard.
"Star Brand Shoes Are Better."
house Saturday night followed by
nn interesting basket ball game be
tween the Jasper high school team
and the Sarcoxie high school team
The game resulted in a victory
for Jasper by a score of 46 to 18
Mr. Brown from Sarcoxie, the ref
eree, proved himself an excellent
msn for the place He seemed to
be absolutely fair and he knew
the game. "J. NT. Marsh of Jasper
was the umpire, but he had little to
Lester Guddard, of the Jasper
team, played his usual brilliant
game, making 22 of Jaspers 40
Worth Masters played a good
clean game without a mark against
him. Jasper has a good all ardtihtl
team and will hold their own all
through the season.
Dunbaul of Sarcoxie was put out
of the game, having made five fouls
in the lirtt r, minute:.
Masters of Jasper hurt his knee
and Roy Webb substituted for him
the last to minutes.
The program preceding the game
was as follows:
Debate Resolved that Interna
tional peace is practicable. Affir
mative, Misses Greenwood and
Grosham- negative, Miss Agnes
Crow and Mr. Busby.
Piano solo, Miss Grace Teeter.
Paper by Misses Hattie Kunkler,
Mamie Cordcr, and Geneva Hubbard.
Duet, Master Mendel Drake and
Miss Lida Drake.
Stump speech. George Hurt.
Quartet, Mr. Hurt, Mrs. Arthur
Cline, Miss Gurley, Mr. George Mas
Recitation. Miss Fern Thacker.
Duct, Mrs. Arthur Cline and Miss
Dialogue, Misses Mona Whitesel
rnd Lida Drake.
in the library, saying she
S would rt awhile. On Sunday
El ' morning Mrs. Clark prepared break
gj I fast and called Miss Conroy, who
in , answered from the bath room that
q , she would be down right away, but
W not to wait on her. When some
5 ' time had elapsed and she did not
appear Mrs. Uark went upstaits to
investigate and found Miss Conroy
, partly diessedand lying face down-
Taka Club. wird on the floor of her room
The members of the Tak.i Club ' Thinking that she had fainted Mrs
met at the beautiful home f Mrs. Clark turned hw 0V8r' but ne look
John Marsh, l.st Wednesday after-! herface- a face of ineffable sweet
noon All members present butness Ht up with a pleasant smile,
three. A delightful afternoon was revealed the fact thatshe was dead,
passed in embroidery work and so-' Physicians were immediately sum
rial amusement, the feature for the. mone1- W were called in
afternoon being "Penny for yoUr; and every effort made to revive her
thoughts,." which included 25ques- lbut vv,th?ut avail- as the s-vark of
tions the answers being found by !I,fe haii fied- . ,
studing the penny which wai at- U is c,aimeJ thal hV..dea'h WaS
tached to the card. duB toheart trcub,e- M,ss Conroy
Prizes were awarded for the suffered an attack ?f Iunu
most successful, as well as the least. last Pnn- from which she never
Mrs. E W. Scott, excelled. receiv. fully recovered. She had been feel
ing a beautiful hand-painted dish,! badly for some time, but as she
while Mrs. C. E. Teeter u.agaward. irely ever complained oreven men-
ed the other nunea ner suneniij; 10 uuicia.uu ui
This part of the program was I even dreametl tnat sne was rea.iy
followed by a three-course lunch-p- 1'uneral eervicw were held at
eon provided by Mesdames Marsh. 'the Christian church Monday. Nov.
Knott, Lear and L0shcii. The,'1 J o'clock, conducted by Rev
tables were decorated with vege- ClennZumwqlt pastor of the church
tables, the center piece being a i ssistei1 b' Rev' 1,rank K I'.,tch;
large white cabbage, which ma le Pastor of the Wt Congregational
a handsome appearance and added I cnurcn' iUlis v-OI,ro w" ",c"'
much to the unusual method o! oer ' Ulc MU""U.T ""'"'
Neighbor Lodges ana tnese iwu
orders joined in conducting the
beautiful and impressive burial ser
vice cf the Rebekahs. Reverend
table decorations. The luncheon
was delicious, but this was antici- j
pated. from the fact that our
hnstpsspfc wri rA,,,ft sa l.ainrr!
thn mnct nnincf ni-i,,,, ,.f , t r-i,,i. ! Zutuwalt preached a splendid ser-
' i mon from "The Book of Life," and
in the course of his remarks he said
Revival at Bethel. .
The revival meetings at Bethel
continue with unabated interest.
Bethel charge is on the Jatper cir
cuit of the M. E. Church, with Rev.
W. O. Thompson as pastor, and
Mr. Thompson has been and is do
ing agood work in that community.
Rev. Mr. Mallory is doing much
of the preaching. There had been
up to and including Monday night.
29 conversions among the people of
that community and nearly all are
adult men and women.
HOW CAREFUL one should be in the se
lection of drugs and medicines. We realize
that fully when we buy goods, and our
careful selection of goods is backed up by
years of experience in the businoss.
Our store, is stocked with the best and also
with a large and varied assortment of all
the goods kept in a first-class drug store.
The Holidays
If is well to anticipate your holiday needs.
We will as usual have a fine stock of such
goods and when you are ready be sure
to come and see us.
thatfrom what he knewof Miss Con
roy he believed that the pages of her
book of life were filled with good
deeds and true and that there were
no blots to mar the purity of the
white page. The remains were sent
Monday evening to her old home at
Jasper, Missouri, where funeral ser
vices will be conducted this (Wed
nesday) afternoon and the body
will be laid to rest by the side of
her father and mother, who died
manv years ago. She will be liter
ally buried in flowers, as the floral
offerings were numerous and very
Katlierine Conroy wasborn at Au
gusta, Illinois, on December n,
1862. Her mother died when she
was a baby andher father died when
I she was fifteen years of age. In
1 1875 she left Illinois and went to
I Jasper county, Missouri. She had
j two brothers and one sister, and is
survived by one bro:her and two
I niaces. Her brother caraeto Olathe
Monday morning and accompanied
the remains to their last resting
Miss Conroy had been a resident
of Olathe for a number of years.
She held various portions during
her stay here and in every one of
Uhem she was noted for her faith
fulness to the smallest detail of her
work. She unitod with the Olathe
Christian church on February 14.
(900. and was an active, faithful
land consistent member until she
' w as called home. She was faithful
in her church work, taithful in her
lodges and faithful in all duties of
life, llur's was a magnificent
chara'ctor. pure and womanly and
true. "To know her, was to love
hor," and a wide circle of warm
friends in Olathe mourn her death.
I Oluthe (Kans.) Independent,

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