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For Bargains in all
linos of marchaudiso.
i:s this PAPijK
For Baiains in all
lines oi merchandise.
AKTIll'lt F. DIIAKK, h.l.lwl.H.
.iAMM.lI. M., Till USDAV. .IAMAHV !. HUM.
Vol, 1;,. No. jo.
On Furs, Cloaks,
Conrad Mercanti
Skirts and Underwear
We Boast of Our Free Schools,
But Efficiency is Crippled For
Lack of Funds
One of the first things which
we boast of as American,? is our
public S' hool system, but when ve
come right down to what we ate
willing to pay for its support it
appears that in most states the
publii school is. little more than
h lf wh.it it should be and in sever
,il stale tar below that mail,, sim
ply for lack of money to pay teach
irs and buy equipment.
The following is taken from the
Catthage Democrat and mal.es
some unpleasant disclosures:
"According to a lecent investiga
tion of the county public school
system, conducted by the Ru'sel
S.ige Foundation, the public school
system of Missouri takes thirty
second place in general efhcicncy
among the 4S states of the union
The results of the investigation
have been published in a pamphlet
"Kansas tanks twenty fourth in
general eflmiency. eighteenth in the
percentage of children in school,
twenty ninth in expense for caih
child, eighteenth in attendance,
nineteenth in high school-, and
twenty-tifth in salaries. Missouri
ranks thirty first in the percentage
of children in school, thirty first in
in expense of each child, twenty
fjft.li 111 attendance, twenty-sixth in
high schools and thirty third in
"The report points out that the
people of the United States spend
nearly one half .1 billion dollars a
year on their public schools, more
than double the expenditures of 10
vears ago The expenditure for
ca h child of school age ranges nil
1 he way fr jin S3 in South Cirohnu
to nearly ele in tunes as mm h "!,-
in Washington, win h rank- hist in
general itiu-iency In Missouri it is
Si 6 and in Kansas Si 4
In 18 of ihe tS states the aver- 13, i8oj, making him .it the tune shipped into Jasper, or 36carloads,
Clarence Adelbert Robinson.
Cl.trcm c AdelLut Robins n wa
born in Lathr-p, Mo , September
Stock Feeders Buy Corn.
During the month of December
there tterc 0 5,000 bushels of coin
age annual wage 01 pumic scnooi 0f his death, just iwent
teachers is less than Si a J,y In thlee months and eieht. ,
jusi 5 siaies. n is inorv mail "
lay California nays the Highest
average annual salary in the sta'es.
in ears, I Aseverybody knows, this immc
n .1 is old. 1 diate section failed to raise a corn
When CI ircfce wiir cih'it years! crop this year but most of Mis
old his family renioM ! t our ;souri and other States raised corn
There are few, ii any, here today
who have not lived lunnvst of
S01R The lowest, Ssio. is paid in i midst and here he grew up attend
North Carolin 1 The auwi'c an ' ed school and lued his sIkic life
nual salary of Missouri school
lenoiicrs is M43 i
' T hrmiphoiii the Southern state
thousands. d rural teachers cam ClanncVi lift . and this id.oit life
Ihss than S140 .1 year. I none New and itc events in- known to us all
uugiand state iiuwin is ! u-arnir pcw thete be win. 1 a! occasion to
earn ies ti.an 50 a we.K mono ,,0 th , him rtit., t
.i,... ,o..f, nn ,.,,wc i ., and genuine aftec'itti
a year. One Southern State rents
Eulogy was never his idea nor
enough lor us all, so that our stock
feeders and farmers are feeding
about as much stock ns usual and
buying their corn at close to 50
The tine open winter so far has
been an advantage, too, for stock
feeders the modeiate weather
allowing stock to do well on less
feed than in severe weather
friend ! 1
noted 'u 1
iumstai.1 c
the plat.,
the cotnpa
with thi 1
pi. i' n 1...
way '
' Will t
Nevada High School Seat A Good other ' .11
Team Down Saturday, But I don t I.e.
1 m gn.n
Slander, Pure and Simple.
' I um not kno king, ' said uin
man t 1 another in a street tar
Christmas morning when the nan e
ot an acquaintance had been su;
gcsted."but I always have believed
that he to k that money. '
But his own employer invest
gated the case tully exonerate '
hi in from all blame in the matte'
and another man confessed to tak
ing the money, urgued the I r t
"Yes, 1 know all that, ' tl.t ma
who was not "knocking' euriiii,
ued, "but it looked mighty u
lous to 1 it; I wouldnt say anv
thing to hurt him for the v.i.rl
13 but, juit between us, 1 wouMn t
j trust him "
l nou t see now you can .e 1
that tvay about it," urged tin
iie he has been pi
it unfortunate 1 '
. has made ;
1 00 j .
is not a man .
stands 1 1 J
it and n
1 to luui 'iui
tai 1
all r
But ju-t
took the
ab ut 1
its convicts to contractors at a lit his habit, so we will follow the ha
tie mor.- thm $400 a y car and pays 1 bit of his life and his ideals Many
lispnmic Bt-nooi icacnera sugnuy UJ havc hai, olT(lsion to know
more man 300,
Presbyterians Give
that if Clarence had commendation
ho came to us and told us in a
warm hoarted and gei ial way. If
he knew the haim he 1 .nif to us
LaU Monday night members of ,and lol(, us llu. same mantullv or
the Pre.bytciian Church gave tlmr I to,d it to no ,, NN ,,al Rreater
pa,tor Kev A K Gurley. and his chatlty ,ani,ny man nave than
family a genuine surprise in the lhat nch fikhes not from any
form of a donation party. md ni g00fI llame v ,)Uh make
tjuite a large crowu aitentieu
and the donations were numerous
and useful Monday was the forty
sixth birthday anniversary of Mr.
Gurley and the members of his
chinch and their friends '00k this
method of expressing their good
wishes and congratulations.
Card Of Thanks.
We wish to thank our friends for
their sympathy and kindness shown
us in our sad bereavement of the
loss of our de ir son and brother
J. W Rolll.NSON AM) 1'VMILV.
First National Bank
him poor indeed, and the greate t
of all is charity.
Si, knowing this boy, we take
his silent liberty to say as we think
he would say "Let my faults be
written 111 the sand, such g od ,i I
may have done any of you is in
your own hcaits, and 110 tongue
can tell it to another. Wo know
such love, as we have had for each
other and we know our mutual
hopes and faith for the future of
this world and the world to come;
this, too, we know in our hearts.'
And we emote from a New Years
letter to a friend, May God bless
you." v
Fowler, Kans., Man Is Turkey
John Boucher of West Fowler
claims to be the turkey king of
Kansas. This season he raised
mere than 500 birds and has sold
more than 400. The highest any
biid brought was $3.55, because of
the low market in this section
Kansas City Journal.
Mr Boucher is well known in
Jasper, having beeen in business
here at one time. Mrs. U. K.
Harris is Mr. Boucher's daughter
ti .
far 1
doesn t inr
will be surj 1 1
It it ha ! 1
man might haw
Dies to the v '
hit acquaintance
1 from him to say a word again
anybody on the glad Chn-'i
Day. Kansas City Star.
County Coronor's 1912 Rport.
There were 1 - deaths in J a-; 1
county during the year in.,.i
quiring the inspection of the 1 omit v
coroner, according to the statu u.
of Dr i: il. Baird wholv
t a
High School Notes.
The report cards are to be given
out this week. That will cause
some long faces, and also some
happy ones.
There were not many excused
from all the examinations this
quarter. There would hnvp been
more if their tlepurment had not
of been so low.
There were tew absentees the last
week, and no visitors, and very few
tardy marks.
Drawing and painting are two
new studies being taken up this
The rule requiring students to
make a good u good average in
classes before they can take part
in the high school athletic teams is
a good one and is practiced in
most of the educational institutions
of the country.
Alpha Club Meets.
'1 he club met Tuesday afternoon
with Mis Gus Campbell.
Roll call lesponses from Marga
ret Sangster were given
The study of United States his
tory was finished and the life of
Theo. Roosevelt was reviewed.
Reading by Mrs. Ilarriman.
After refreshments club adjourn
ed to meet with Mrs Cozatt next
'Star Brand Shoes Are Better." ness College a return game.
They Couldn't Win.
Nevada high school foifeited a
tifictrnf I, nil rr.itnn lier. KutMritav
nijlit in a manner that reflects little c,noufi '
credit to the judgment of Nevada's
manager. Nevada has the best
team that has been here thU year
and it is regretted that the game 1
was not played out.
The first half staitel oil with
Nevada running away frcm lasper,
but the home boys soon settled
down and began s. oring. This halt
ended .25 to 23 in favor of Jasper
Prof. Foster cf Nevada acted as
referee and John Marsh of Jaspei
as umpire. By agreement between
managers the second half slatted
with Foster as umpire and Marsh
as referee Before this half had
gone far, and while the score stood olnee- Uurin8 the 'ear l H'U
, .. ...i 1. ... ...11 .i. his services weie made for uji t
jJ eej jt UMU jaapci skin mice
ahead, Mr Marsh ns referee called of all sort-.
a foul on a Nevada player and re- The,e wcrt ;0 deu,hb wi
fused to allow a goal that B'rom accidents of ome sort 1 .
thrown immediately after the foul 'K o" a tu,r'e Ttn vur' ' L
was blown. Prof Foster question-, fallinB UU and l,,rt- TljL rLU1 '" '
ecltlic foul at once, and because 'Jer were from powder and be .i
the referee refused to allow the explosions and other accident- 1
goal the Nevada team walked ofTthat " Then, were 1 , deaii
the floor and the game was declar bV sU,aat' ann ,rain at
ed forfeited
Ptof Fester proved himself a
good leleree in the first half, but
he must have lost his head, in the
second when he as umpire ques
tioned a decision of the referee
Section 5 of rule 7 bays "The um
pire shaH make Ins decisions inde
pendently of the r. feree, and a de- four auto and wagoll aCeideii
cisiou maue uy eiiner ouieiai wiunn
his jurisdiction shall not bo ques
tioned by the other
The Jasper team goes to Jophn
hnday night to play Jophn Uusi-
Come inl Come in I
Having accepted a good ontiun
in Spokane, tYash , 1 am selling out
my entire stock of hardware. Ev
ery thing strictly new and at cost
Stoves, separators, washing ma
chines, silver ware, dishes, tools etc
at cost Respt .
aotf E. L. GARLT.
and Druggists Sundries
Prescriptions Carefully
Stock foods nud regulator, paints and
oils, a fine line of jewelry, silverware,
and cut glass, toilet articles; in fact n
line stock of the bo'jt goods to bo
found iu h drug store.
The suuide route was in the main,
poison by acid. Twelve neat'
were caused by heart failuie
Many other peculiar cai.-i- t
death were by lightning, acu kn'al
gunshots, three murders all m
ebb t ity, an accidental ian .a, .
chemical explosion.
According to the monthly u 1 rt
of Coronor Baiid there were -ien
inquests held duimg the nioni t
December, as follows
Pete and Mike Dunn, of Vck
Citv on December 5, death caused
by falling dirt in Bullfrog mini
D U Urabood.atThoiiisbtatu n.
caused by a runaway, on Decem
ber is
Robert Uarttett, of Webb City,
on December 13. run down ly
switch engine.
William Evans of Purcill. r m
over by auto truck, on December .-1
Unknow n baby, killed by strang
ulation at Joplin. December . 1
William Clopton at Jophn, si. t
by policeman, December 34
Progressing Finely.
We have held many sale m our
business rarcer, but our present
January Clearance Sale is moving
along unusually well.
The reason is simple and it is
this Never before have our sale
oflenngs been such real bargains.
Never beiore have we been able to
otter the class of goods that we arc
now offering for so little money
This sale continues until the ?th
instant. Coffee and saiidwiclcs
free every day from 11 to 4.
1 Have you noticed the label on
your paper lately ? Is your sut
hbp 1 scriptlon paid?

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