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Neighborhood News.
Wfltfii r nut ficcicifinf nrlitnrc
- avvvai j vni
Mr. Cnoi: Wu.ni-k
Received to lato for publication lust
wk i
George Ball of Webb City, a pro
minent land owner in this vicinity,
was out to his farms last week
He made the trip out in a tine new
five passenger electric auto Mrs,
Hall and sevtr.il friends accom
named him nn flip trin.
Miss Gram Pnth-r Sno,,t Mn.lnv
J 1
night with the family of Win. Lau
Miss Lula Law-son, of the Jophn
Business College, spent several days
of her vacation with her brother,
Theo. Law son and family.
Clarence Cither, of Fowler Kans ,
is here isiting relatives.
Mrs Stokes' mother from Wheat
land, Mo , who has spent the past
two months here, went home last
Bert Durnell and his cousin Ed
Ritchie went to Webb City Satur
day evening to visit.
Chas Ball and wife entertained
several friends at si o'clock dinner
Mrs. Tucker and children are vis
iting in Mnrshfield.
Mrs. Uriah Smith was an Alba
visitor Friday.
Win. McCune was looking after
business matters in Alba Friday
The families of Jack Milton. Eli
Buton. Chas Ball Ad Stokes,
Misses Lula and Pearl Dixon and
Mcssers Omer Dixon Coats, Terry
Wcs-ott and Asa Clinkenfield spent
New ears eve at the home of
.jw. ,,uf,.,..
Wtn HufTman and wife scent
win. nuiiman ami wiil slih
liiursdayatu.as. Uesrotts.
Fred Wagner of Jophn
his parents Sunday.
ns :
Miss Altiica Armstrong.
Items are scarce this week
evervbodv is chonnine wood or
slinvflinfT coal tn hluft the winter
Several cases of grip are report
ed in the neighborhood.
I. II. Selsor and wite arrived
i om Oklahoma Wednesday and
are now at the home of W II. Sel
sit near Alba. They will soon
move to their old home in this local
ity We welcome them back
ohn Cams and wife visited at
tl.c home of Mrs. Hendricks and
Itinulv. in Union Vullev neinhbor
i.,,i Qr,,in,.
John Hamilton helped Irvin and
Ldward Armstrong butcher hogs
Charles Wcodrow baled hay last
tteek '
-'wua f I
Allen Miller and Vernie Ray de
t,..r,.,i .1M (nr inrA,i!fl. ttnr,.
fllll,i-i ililUV-v" 4' IMktV'ilVli V"
iruU nml T II n Hell to PvId
'riLks and T II B. Bell to Pyle
Bros at Lockwood i
Earl Ray wjs a Carthage visitor ,
G. H. Redmond and wife took '
dinner at Frank Crow's in Jasper
Mis. Chas. Woodrow is
Norris and wife visited at
Mr. Lane's Sunday.
Trades day sale at Jasper, was
not very well attended on account
of bad weather.
Mrs Lyman visited her daughter,
Mrs. Leola Miller, Sunday after-
Miss Eoglnia Rr..
Fred Winter and family visited
at Joe limber's Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Lyman visited her
daughter, Mrs. Leola Miller, Sunday
Mtss .Nora Uucketllett balurday '
for Carterville, where she will
main until her parents move.
Ilona Redmond visited Eugenia
Rex Sunday afternoon.
I he last report from Chas. Moore
was that he wat no better.
Elmer Welsh and wife and Miss
Josie Johnson visited Mrs. Fannie I
Ray Saturday night and Sunday.
There will be preaching at Lela-Jcorn
wvi?i7i.iia v vviivui k
nin chuuh next buiiday afternoon
at orloik Everybody invited to t
John Murphy has been on the
suk list the last week.
Miss Gladys. Re left Monday for
Carthagc where she will attend
'(.ommerrml school.
1 Mrs. George l'tnch was a Carthugc
visitor Monday.
Mrs. Lcoln Miller has been suffer-
inK with the sore throot the pnst
Mrs. May Matthews.
'IIip 'tw etild to the hook
"Just taken little look,
Amlst-o in ulnttvn) I resemble jou,"
Ih i.' book said to the tree
0, jrs, I suri'l) si-e
Were boihaj hill of Icavcans wo could
itut I knoA it to bo truo
1 " ,1T ' ' .,., .,
lor I nm ahwid remid just Iiko the i
Jasper New." '
Mr John Goff took his sifter, i
Mrs. Ritchie, to her home in Bar
ton County Sunday She has been
here since her husband's death. j
Clarence Robinson, while at
home was one of Salem's Sun
day School scholars He was great
ly missed by the Sunbeam class
when he left for Kansas City, and
, tl)ey Rrievctl over Ws dcath as
,u ttas e first cne ,n tllc class t0
The Sunburns and Salem Sun
day Sthool extend tluir heartfelt
sympathy to his father, sisters and
Judge Broikentertained Sunday.
. .. .... . .
.,. na5tor. iijo. Keid. and tnei
. , ..
fam,y of Mr. Hamilton.
Hiram Bavne had the misfortune I
C...,1 m ri Tirti'd tui! liACf lrrert ra
;uuutij w nut i, iu uiaf iivi jv uiw
with the colic. .
There is some distemper among
the horses in Dewey town
John Goft's little son is six
mon. lis old and weighs ail pounds
If any one mn beat that we want
to hear of it.
The County Farmers Union had
a meeting at Carytown Saturday
afternoon The weather caused a
short attendance.
Miss Lena Riddle returned to
Jasper afttr a few days visit here
Miss Vada Walker spent Satur
day and Sunday visiting Miss Eth-
hnd Sutton.
Tom Busby and family spent
Sunday with Mr Carter's. ant day Thoe present weie, l.d
Mondav was butcheiin" dav atiConroy and wife. Levis Hartlv
Mr. Busbv's.
' " -
The ice has made a bridge over fe. A. I. Dean and wife. Jim
Dry Fork nearly all the week andonroy and Miss Delia Vincent,
had to be broken before the mail Mrs Lena Dickerson and sons,
could cross each day. , and I.t Vincent and family.
Mcsdames Estey and Harold i On account of inclemency of the
Ispent baturday tn tartliage, even
if it w as a bail dav.
Norris Crumin is reported sen -
ously ill
Miss Glvdys Ballard.
Rev. C. W. Sample and family of
jasper visited Will tl user and fam-'
ily Saturday
lit rman Sunderland spent a few
da's last week with Ins grand
j mother. .Mrs. Mike Iscnman.
Mrs Arthur Probert and child
ren spent last week with the for-
imer's parents, E. 15, Hubbard and
I family.
Harold Schooler spent Saturday
night and Sunday with his grand
mother, Mrs. Schooler of Jasper.
E. D. Bojd and wife spent
1 Thursday with J, A. Boyd and fum-
'ily of Carytown
Emery Tiller lost a fine horse
l-ridsy. The horse slipped and
broke its leg and had to be killed,
Quite a number of the bojs and
girls, went skating on John School-
er's place Wednesday evening
Herschel Radford and wife and
Fred Strieker and family visited
Will Strieker and family Sunday.
The pupils of Bloonungdaleliavc
presented the sehdol house with a
beautiful new desk and chair for
the teacher.
I Alden Schell is attending the
show at Colombia this week.
Readers of these columns
will confrr a favor on the
correspondent in whose
neighborhood they live if
they will report ncwsitcms
to him i r her. as the ease
tnav be The publisher
hopes the people will not
be at Ml birkvvard about
calling the attention of the
correspondent to the hap
penings in the community.
He secured the prize on white corn
it Carthage corn show whkh en
titled him to a free trip to Colum
bia and Sio in gold. He was ac
companied by his grandfather, Win
Joe 1'owell and ion Purl visited
, the county seat Saturday.
Mrs Frank Magcrs and daughter
Mary l.ucrcta from near Lamar
spent a few day s w ith J F Curtis
nnd family and Henry Covert and
Joe Herring and wife took din
2 100K Ulll-
jncrTucsdiy with Dye Sunderland
...1. Inn uni nr anr
, .
Suuderland and family,
spent Monday
., ., '
with Oscar FasUn'"e".y
and fairily.
Walker Hubbard and family,
rthur I'robert and family and
VelmaMaikey were guests of E. E
Hubbard and family Sunday
... . . . ,
mit for a few daye on account of
I the illness of the teacher, Miss
Pearl Johnson.
Ed Fenner's mother of Indepen
dence, Kans , is making them an
extended visit
Bryan Tiller spent Saturday and j
Sunday with relatives in Jasper.
Joe Powell had the misfortune!
while uptown one day last weekj
I to fall out of the wagon.
He was I
i not seriously hurt
' Elmrr Foster and bride are now
. .... .
at Home witlrtlie lormers parents,
, . ... , ,,.,.. ,,
" l ! """
.l"hf4V4tnrym"llarrirnttf " OftT
Mary Curtis has again resumed
her school work after a week's ab
sence with the chicken pox.
J F Loudenlager spent a couple
'days In Joplin last week-
Will Sunderland and family vis
ited Mike Iscnman and family Sun
Basil McChntock returned from,
Lees Summit Friday. '
Mrs. George Nixon was given
a birthday sut prise last Sunday by I
her relatives going in with will full
ed baskets A sumptious dinner
'was spread and all enjoyed a pleas -
'd wife.
. . . . .
U en Lartwnc it and
Dean and wife,
weather the meeting of the Ladies
Aid Society w as nostnoned till Fri
- f I
, day with Mrs A. L. Thomas
Quite a few of the members were
present, The rest will meet Tues
day afternoon to finish the quilt-
ng. 1 hey also have some carpet
, rags to tack.
There will
..nun tUJUt i.,vi u...,vu.w..u.'in, . ... . .. .
Suiuhv mornini! and evenine.lant t,me beim' enjoyed by all.
iami husintss meeting Saturday!
Mr. Tafiner's Grandson, Henry
1 Bruner of Lamar, died of penu-
jmonia Monday morning at his
j grandfather's home after an illness
Lti llill.N
lasting about three weeks.
Will Lane is moving to the Moore
farm about three miles northeast
of Jasper
George Budd baled hay for the
vjiiuer Doys .vinnuny.
J C Webber sold some ahoats to
'to II 0 Earl one day last week.
Mrs, 15 J. Armstrong sold 18
.yards of carpet to Mrs. Taffner
last week.
Mrs. Charles Johnson is having
carpet woven this week.
Mr. Grider has been at work in
Carthage the past two weeks."
Mi's. Earl Garner has about re
covered from her recent illness.
Davis Grider and Mrs Ida Lane
and son Theodore were sick with
CVldiJ during the week.
Mrs J R U'TciiMt.
. Will Vorhies tpent Saturday
.night and Sunday with home
, folks.
i Collie Hlevins came in Sunday
jfroni n trip in Arkansas.
I I.andon Day ringer and family
sptnt Sunday away from home."
Grandma i'ugh moved, one day
last week, to her farm one-half
mile east of Bethel, which she pur -
diased some time ago.
Miss Maude Wiight spent Satur -
day night and Sunday with her
sister Mrs Mary Hrown.
Mrs Chas Lilly spent one
i ...i i ;n. i. nn i
came up to their farm on business
Louis Lucas lost a good mare
o i ,:
' "
,, "
jwi; ixuiiu 3jv.iiv
one day
m flnl itli liic liiintifr fre ITnf,
A..t !li lt! .Innnt.lnx It
. ,
Quite a number of this
are sick with erm.
' The Baptist minister of Jasper
, preached at Blue last Sunday He
, . . . ,-
.preaches igain in two weoks Lv -
'cryone invited out to heai him
'Come once, and you'll come again,
, ' ....
C-- !,; r.-.vmne n .. .,tl I, n.ll.
, .
' ..
mat -.-cn iiii mi i-iitni, mi. Wesley Lime left .Monday tor a
and Mrs DeardorlT of Jasper. wick's vi-it with his parents Mr.
Quite a number from this vicin-ailj Mrs i.-rat,u Cline of Carthage,
ity attended the trades-day sale in I c were very glad to have Mrs.
Jasper Saturday. Stonehocker and chddrcn with us
James Onstott and wife, whoat Sunday school Sunday,
just tectntly moved, to l'ittsburg,
vu. ....luaj ii..3 fuiiuanu! UM .Magers and others tmtrn
20 acres of land of George Lilly just'tred last week,
west of the John Lawless farm j Tom Bell and Percy Wright
Mr Holiday intends building in the went hunting Mondav.
.. rt,, I Lillian Magers spent Sunday
near luturt. with Chra and Geneva Hubbard.
Joe Rand and wife spent Monday I A ar(;(. crowd 0f young folks
at the Clint Rand home of Jasper - were skating on Mr. Mackcy 's
Job Miller butchered hogs last
I v eek.
I Mrs McCarty spent Monday and
lutsdav at tne Ueorpe Kex iomc'n.uu m..i.. t i,. in.n.,
(in Jasper
. H C Chne was heloinc Mr. Ca -
. J. W Keltner went down to
Barry County, on business the first
of the week.
Mrs Earl Ruckel took dinner
with Mrs. J. W. Keltner Monday.
Jeff Dayringer is helping George
Lilly this week.
Mrs II. Hartley spent last week
I at the home of her son, John.
Mrs Charles Eltixc.
The infant daughter of John ;
Hartley and wife is very sick with
.erysipelas She has had a breaking
1 out on her face for some time, but I
in was supposeu 10 oe eczema, n
did not improve by the treatmcntl
given, ouigiewrapiuiy worse ur
t... -,, T-V
r 1 1 1
acnooier was summone,, anu pro-,
nounccd it very bad indeed The
babe has had no rest for several i
days except w hen under the influ-,
enco of me(hc,ne She is reported (
"" "" """ "i "
ln,bllt anu is
thought to be some
It 44 .1
oeiiLr uus iiioniuu,
A jolly crowd of young folks had
a skating party last Thursday eve
ning on one of the near-by ponds.
Various games were indulged in
and the sharp rinu of the skates
and merry laugh told of the pleas
Frank Wood and wife spent Sun
day with Theo Mitchell atd family.
Chas Buzzird spent Saturday in
Mr. ilson, an aged resident of
this neighborhood, slipped and fell
nn the icy ground and sustained
(several bruises which have laid him
1 up for several days Mr. Wilson
j is over 80 year of age and has been ,
1 in poor health for some time. '
Fred Mitchell moved into our
j neighborhood last week. We would I
,UKetohave them enrolled in our
Sunday school
Mrs. Rosebaugh has been very
sick the past week with neuralgia
Fred and Theo. Mitchell and
John Buzzard were purchasing sup
plies in Jasper Saturday.
A number of Bethel young peo
pie were at Diamond Sunday after
noon for church.
The Yates sisters from near
Bethel spent Sunday with Miss
Myrtle Garrett.
T. M. Rogers and wife and daugh
ter Bessie arc spending a few days
with Will Lyman and family
Miss Bessie is in very poor health
As soon as she is able to travel
they expect t return to their home
in Arkansas.
C mount w.is od.iMoned in our
neighborhood last week when some
unknown pcison left a suit case on
the corner two miles south of Dia
mond After setting tin ir for scv-
craJ l)ays and getting thoroughly
jcoated with ice, some stranger
1 caine UV picd it up and went
icas w,j, ;t
' will Ly man helped Tom Ward
jow butiher Monday.
Mrs. Theo Mitchell returned
home Irom Lamar Tuesday.
' i rt :r. m.i ..
i ... . . .... .
Miss Lillian Magi.ki.
i Messrs Foster and IUter hauled
'corn for W C. Mackcy this week-
Lemie Thomas spent Sunday
with Dan and Will Mauers.
1 There will be a pie supper at
Pleasant Valley school house Jan
uary ib. Oirlswni wing pies and
lbovs their pocket books A good
' Pro.B"m '" beS,vcn- Everybody
. Mrs G p Hobsack and daughter,
Miss Martha Frame, returned to
their home in Ciratd, Kans
J S. O UiUon spent Monday-
, with his mother near Maple Grove.
I creeks Sunday.
Velma Mackcy spent Sundav
with Kenyon Hubbard
Jamie and l-lorcnce btralton
- ' y , ;,J'"i"-'
Ihich school visited the Pleasant
I Valley school Friday.
.v.. '
I I.em McConne 1 bought adrivinc
horse from Percy Wright.
Rflvmnml Wlipplpr trndml .1 fine
driving horse for a team of young
Does a general oflice practice
but will make
Chronic Diseases and
Every instrument necessary
for examining the Eyes and
testing them for glasses, Ntbu
hzer for treating Ear, Nose,
Throat aud Lungs. Galvanic
and Firadic Electricity. Ad
juncts to the
Treatment of Diseases of Women
and Chronic Diseases in General.
I do no surgery. Practice lim
ited to oflice hours, 9 to 11 30
e.icept Sunday
c ..i n.m. .... i.., ...
and Weber
It will pay you to ecc it
Jasper, Missouri
Have you notice 1 the lal.i
your paper lately'' Is vnir
senption paid'
W. H. WOODS, Dentist.
Office in Woods Building
Phone 37.
H. R. King-, H. D.
Phone O2.
Oflice and Residence on South
Main Street.
W. II. KNOTT, ffl. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Culls answnriil D) or Nlbt,
riionn Connections.
Carroll R. Joyce
Goneral Auctioneer
l.iiniiir, Ao.
Farm nnd Stock Sales a Specialty
Phone Hell 1211 for dates nt tnj t' en-i
Wc enjoyed a fine Xma-.
trade, but still have a
Just call end get acquaint
ed with our stoik and you
will see how it pays to
trade at home
L. T. Waterbury
Jeweler and Optometrist
J. R. Wheat
If you need anything in our
line send or phone 135-A
Your order will have our
prompt attention
Peacock and
Aristos Flour
Jasrer, Mo.
Winter Tourist Desti
nations in Alulmmn,
Florida, Georgia, Lou
isiana, Mississippi,
Now M-xico, Texas,
and Tennesseo on salo
daily until April 30
Return limit Juno 1.
" Cull on
A. Q. Baker, Agent
Or wrlto
H. A. Cooper,
Paasenger Agent, Joplin

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