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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, January 23, 1913, Image 1

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For Bargains in all
linos of merchandise.
Jb'oi Bai gains iu all
Hues of merchandise.
AUTIint 1 DRAKE. J'tiblMiei.
Vol. 1.',, No. -J1,
Mu Mmiuw.
Conrad Mercantile Company
Baptist Minister Married.
Rev T V, Mcdearis, pistor of
the Baptist Cluircli in Jispcr, rind
Miss Mara K Miller, were united in
marriage at tlic lionicof the bride's
pmnts near Sarcosie, Monday.
January iS.Rev. John W. T. Givens
of Carthage officiating.
Mr Medeiris' father and the
bridi-s parents. S G Miller and
wife r.id" at Pepsin, neat Sircoxie
whetethe acquaintance was formed
winch culminated in the wedding
of last week.
About 30 friends of families of
Mr Mcdearis and his bride wer
pre:cnt at the wedding.
They came to Jasper last V d
ncsday and have been very busily
engaged receiving the congratul 1-
tions and good wishes of many
friunds here.
The Amnnia and Agoga classes
of the Baptist Church gave them
a kiicln-n shower cdnesday night,
taking refreshments along wit'
Mr Medeiris has been here but
u few montl s, bui he has already
drawn about him, from town and
tountry, a large and growing circle
of warm friends, all of whom ex
tend a tlid wtkome to his bride
They nre occupying the Fenner
ppipcrt on East Grand avenue.
Friday and Monday.
Friday afternoon was almost like
a day in May As we looked up
from our work occasionally we ob
served man) of the parsers by in
their shirt sleeves. Among them
George Baker, Despondent, Took
Carbolic Acid Last Saturday.
Sunday, about ; p 111 Jess Sul-
lins was on lus way to hii room in
Claud Tabler and Ed St John 1 the old hotel building opposite the
moved down the street with bait St. James, and as he pissed the
cans and a spade preparing to em jopen door of the first room at tht
ulatc one Isaak Walton. Down .head of the stairs he saw the dead
by the livery stable an old hen was body of ' eorge Baker ling on the
scratching industriously for several floor with two empty b ttlts that
chicks. Soon the telephone bell had contained embolic acid,
rang and a lady on the other end . The last seen of Baker alive was
'Saturday afteino n, when he vi
Trades day Sale, Monday, Febru
ary 3.
Those wishing to sell anything
in the trades day alp, Monday,
Ftbrmry 3, will pleafe bring it in
by 9301 111 on the day of the sak,
as the sale begins at 100 clock
ited several vtores and seemerljn
about his uual spirits He is said
to hae bade II F Puts good bye
Satuiday, but Mr Pitts thought
nothing 1 f it at tip turn.'.
of the line said "Mr. Preston i1
plowing bis uarden; let have ours
plowed." It was not so warm that
night and Saturday the weather
was still cooler.
On Monday whatever those bait
cans contained was trozen hard,
that hen and chick were huddled
in a boK somewhere, and whenever
wc had time to lay aside the coal
shovel for a moment wo siw men
hurring by mullled from feet to j dying immediMcl)
cars to keep out the raw wind, and being discovered
Ed Preston s newly plowed garden
was. covered with ice and frozen
si inches deep.
High School Notes.
Sihcol work is progressing nicel)
no x
A few tardy marks were record
cd the past week Some are find
ing it hard to get out of bed these
The Seniors arc looking for their
class play boqks to arrive any day
Miss I.cah Arner dropped out
last week and Miss Margie Tunncll
enrolled as a new student.
The Freslties gave a poor pro
gram last week. They can do bet
ter and ought to.
The Junior and Senior litcrarj
sci i''ty elected officers for the com
ing quarter as follows- President.
Uran Brown; vice-president, Les
HiC'i line k n- with their saw ing n.a.
And th srtwdut they Ult bi sight u
bv lien.
Tlie beaut itult ma lia been all haul 1
Hut the Ul) old itumt hae diciuij
to it in.
Mrs T in Brock was talU t o
Oronoho last week to attir.J tie
funerals of a CGmin and an unm;
Mr. PeUrtish and Mr JaiUcn
Mr. Means ha 1 u reunion i.
day, an ' ludgi Brock kni tun.
were among the guesta
Tom lhwers and famn H u.c
Sunda with Mrs Clareme lvn
Mrs Maruun and biskis ut
!unda at Mr Ridiart's.
wr. joiinson is misscUcr m
in the Bible class, and it ik h
he w ill boon be w ell enouy t
Mrs Veiium Matthews will 1 .i
the youn people s meetins i.t t
sunday night at Salem
The weather was so iu" I
di that bi.es were out ! unt t,;
peach blossoms and Hari (
killed a snake that had in 1 '
to un '11 ' by the well !
Baker had been o cup) ing a room 1 ter Goddard secretary, Irene Win-
Farmers Week Visitors at Co
lumbia. Mr. Miller and Ah'en Schell of
the Zion neighborhood 1 (.turned
Saturday morning from Columbia,
where they had been attending the
farmers week program of the Stat""
Agricultural College. Alden won
Sao in gold and this trip and ex
penses free on his white corn at the
boy's corn show at Carthage recent
lv. He is verv enthusiatic in
praise of the College people for the'rado foi a month's wsit.
attention shown visitors. Heisal- Misst Emma and BeatmtW 1
so a most cnthuisittic young far of Battle Cretk, Mich., we-e i 1 -mer
of the up to date variety who ing Mr. David and Will u 1 the
arc rapidly changing old methods 1 past few dajs.
for new and increasing the quanti- Mrs Ira Bull reeeivid w J
ty and improving the quality of 'Thursday that her father, k U-rt
production per acre 1 Campbell, died at the In m. t
the an
Sundaj s 1
for Sur 1 u
lightning 1'
of an in
rose pa 1
very O.U
Oiin H .
y spoken ol n
sson adiii
it ihunJt-K 1
and eijn iir
fell '1 1 1
1 ind it
i r has gone t
Good Horse and Mule Market.
Jasper has shipped 12 loads of
horses and mules the past four
months to St Louis, Kansas City,
Memphis and Texas points. And
there are any number of good
ones light around here today.
We can name two farmers near
Jasper who have more than 100 big
fat mules ready for the market
A mule buyer who wants size,
weight and quality can find the
goods any time in Jasper or nearby
First National Bank
with Jess Sulllns tin- p 1st few weeks
and it is supposed that during Sit
urdy afteino n he wmt to his va
cant ro. m and swnlh wed ihe acid,
Hi- body not
until Sunday
evening N accounted for by the
fact that Sullnis went to this nom
after dark Saturday night ami got
up before light Sunday morning
and in passing through the dark
hall failed to see what Ind hap
pened Poor Gtorge' The wctim of
many years' use of a b d) and
mind destroying drug For some
years he had been unable to do a
man s work and his wife found it
necessary to support htm and her
self For the past few months she
has been employed among friends
in the country
Georgp Baker was about 4s jears
of age and had lived in this com
munity all his life, or neatly so
Something like 14 jears ago he
contracted the morphine habit and
the tell-tale bottle"! and hypoder
mic needle were found in his
The funeral was held at the M.
E Church South Monday after
noon, Rev. A. K. Gurley of the
Presbyterian Church preaching the
sermon Interment was made in
Hendricks Cemetery
The following births are reported
this week:
By Dr Knott-
To E. E. High and wife, seven
miles west, a boy on Saturday, the
To 1. R Ilappn rind tiii pi.-ftn
miles northw est. a girl on Saturday.
inc tetn.
To C S. Andrews and wife, seven
miles northeast, a oirl on Mondav.
the 20th
New Spring Goods.
Our new Spring goods arc com
ing in daily The assortment i
the most tasty ecr shown in Jus
per. Seeing is believing Come
in. Respt..
ans; treasurer, Harry Tallman,
Sergeant at arms, Worth Masters,
critic, Beulah Patterson, musical
dire -tor, Dan Magers- pianist, Fern
The Presides also elected officers,
but their names are not available
at this writing
ni 1
W. H. Ward's Stock Sale.
The News printed sale bills thi
week for W. H Ward announung
his annual stock sale, to be held
Tuesday, January jt Mr. Ward
is offering 24 head of fine Red Poll eymoon trip t! rough Ok'ah
cattle and 11 head of good horse Mr. Aleandtr and fan i
and mules, some Duroc hogs and j Sunday at Alkn k)te's
miscellaneous articles. See hib ad I
Gtorge Campbell near LakcM n
Mr. Carter and Mr. Bull an 1 tlmr
families went don Fnda t ' c
Clarence bunnions ana bn . 1
turned Wednesday from ii 1
II. 0. Earl's Fifth Annual Mule
In order to make it more con
uiient for the public. II. O. Earl
will hold his big annual mule sale
in Jasper this year, at the Sam Da
vis livery barn. The date is Mon
daj February 3 The fine quality
of stock sulci in the Earl sales is
well known, but Mr. Earl assures
The N'ews that his mules this year
are tho finest and best fattened
animals he has ever offered. See
his sale bills and the ad in this issue
for description of stock.
"Star Brand Shoes Are Better."
in this issue.
Mrs Tho.m. Euw ik
Mr. and Mrs. J W. Edward:,
foe and
Paul motiri !
Cards Of Thanks.
We wish to thank our friends for
their sympathy and kindnessshown lons
us in our sad bereavement of the j Jophn Sunday.
loss of our dear son and rrandson Mrs. W'm. Patterson left 1 ! 1
Mrs ANNA BRUNEI. day for a visit with friends at i ui
Mr and.Mr--. J. B. TAFFNER. jatives in Iowa
j Mrs. Mabel Davis is 1s1tu. i
I desire through The News to ex 1 brother. ill Tallman
press my heartfelt tl anks to many Tbogi iaUerion sawed 1 u. w 1
friends forsjmpathy and l'tndness.hur$rla..
to mc in my bereavement. I A w sH.ott butchered M
Gurney and Joe Gteshitu
a e
Have you noticed
ypur paper lately?
fcription paidf
the label on
Is your sub
The Missouri Rurahst or Mi Call's len sick with tcnsihtis I'd
free with paid in advance subscrip- 'better.
tions to The News. Riley King and wife spmt Sun-
I iiy "'"k " Mr Millirs
m Civ UMjIi and faillilV W-llid 9
N Webb s parents in uarton suuiuy
Ed. Wills left for his lu im in
Wever. Iowa, Thursda), attu a
visit with friends here
Win Patterson and Jot and la
ther Patterson were at Tho L i
wards' Sunday
Willis Cams and wife spent sun
day with Almy Barklcy and e
near Alba
Bert Schott hauled wheat last
A number in this community
have been sick with grip
1 The little son of Emer Teeter
jand wife has been quite suk
Lena Patterson spent Sunday
(afternoon with Beulah Patterson.
I Dick Patterson and family en
tertained at dinner Sunday the
following: Ed Calvert and wife,
Mrs Pearl Taft and sons and
Dave Lowe and family.
j Esther Patterson spent Monday
night with George Hay and family.
and Druggists Sundries
Prescriptions Carefully
Stock foods and regulator, paints and
oils, a fine lino of jewelry, silverware,
nnd cut glass, toilet articles; in fact a
fine stock of the bast good1 to bo
found iu u drug store.
Have you noticed the label on
your paper iatelj ' Is your sub
scription paid?

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