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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, May 18, 1916, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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MiiwnwiuvmnnffiRiiknKTiTji njhkj Ti ii- thai a 1 - - f t t weehiV 7 1- a
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e Incite Q0HtoI0
fo Comedo Gatftjtege ad to thStor
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ight now matiter chhdteing events ihold s wdySpfM Ke
blonB Jn Manfrepar of NeW Summer MBchandise
Reduction lm
The best selected and largest 8too o
garpients in this section1 of the- statej
choice M easy at
WuOol Suits ir a of
Silk Su its -1-4 o
Silk QFSV4f
All SpringTrimmec Hats
at Big RedUctiojis
NU two models alika ITor Summer
wear we offer
8100 TiimmedrHats for 495
5 000 Trimmed Hat fof 295
I 460j Trimmed HaMor - 1195-
I 4 OhildrnvBCaiis Reduced
IrnpoKtant in our Em
bcdier arid Lace Sale
Thousands of yards of FiheiiBmBroidery
i audacaIouncingB -Edges ahd Bantsat
one fourth to one third their former value
One lot 6t 100 values for 25
One lot of 250 values for 50
Ohe lbtof 350 values for I50
es tlieBe the3ijEgreat
BegjimingCSaliday May 20
BQoJk ilpversMSffle
300 popular copyright bpoJia willbe
placed on salef at less than Ctual cost
The8ebooks are slightly slielf worn em
brace a greati range oftitlesty popular
authors- in thiee special lots
150 books worth tol as1 jE9iv S 50
75 bqoks worth to 75cfoifi a 75
YSDeLuxe editions eBsaysf
ics etci 500 valuer for- 100
leattffei for tliis week are Gifts for Graduates nJflne Brides
ith this fabrics forthe wedding daytfiw Organdies
Nets etc Alsoa collection of JbandsomeWhiteFrockasf or miladVsweair -1
- i i JUV t
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ii ill
Subscribeifbr the KansasCifcy Star-
VC1 f v
Times or Journal Ut the News ofiicet
We Self the Blest on Bmih
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KaiQHBhow hard ilMsfto cook
foa1famlynliiBpjijrig As
1tuertsepni9jrn4s warmer S
the appetite is not so easy to I
please As in cooler weather
e t Abl eaastl th f caned44ni
tieK insiRdof hfavyiBfawleSi
tliftt you hW eeaeping all
winter Wet 9llo ho ving
probleift fofrypr - -
SoleAgontSforPhoenixvHbstery Kayser Glbyes RoyaUSdciety Wv B Corsets
K It werent tot tlio f roo seeilB that
come annuallyBome ot ua might forget
that wo had a roprfcsoutatlve In con
gress Dotrolt Free Press
Administratrix Notice J
Notice ia heroby jivca that letters of
AdmlnUtratJon upon the of
Emsnuol Burns deceased have bcon
trftnte to the undoraignod by thq
Judge of the Probato Oourt of Jasper
County boarinc date ihe 4th day of
Jdfcy 1010-
AH perfianaoairtQB claims agmnst sata
ejtto aro reqaired to exhibit them to
moj ior anowBuce winin six monvns
aftpr thh dafoof leftcrsWthey may be
prreluded from any beriEt of sudh
eiuteandi such olaimsbe not exhibit
od within oao year from the date of the
Ustjinsortion of such publication they
Bnuii oo lorever uarrea
Ulara Burns Administratrix
FiVfit published May lMt
Executors Ifotiqe
Notice is hereby Riven that letters
testamentary upon the estaQ of James
WBrook doocased have been Granted
Uoitho undoraignod by thp olrrk of the
Ifrmjaia siouri 01 jaaper vouniy Dear-
All nnwnWa Kairinr nnrrHta nnntnnf
u 41 fltBUUI UlT Wa UltMBW
tmofbr nllowanco within aix months
ttf4r the datnof faidlettetsor theyny
beittreoludftdilromi jiny benefit of suoh
fcatate and if such claiuiB bo not ex
liibitod within one yearfrom the date
otlho last insertion of suoh publication
ibpyi shMl bo forevor barred
Thoniai OrrioSr Executor
FilBt published Apil2T4t
WtSaFjL4mtLrM ffiMIri
ReconciHas your Bank Account
S ttpa Tfcep a checking accotjdt
wan auanit ltiBimportancDotn lo
yuu uuu iu inc uaoK io Know mat
your accounts agree
Errors ate
liable to bd mado on both
ulltmryvMmMmxMiMwvmrmmknmlmlm9 riamwr
mpw 7 wrivm r
HHI1 W HlmH I IJUIH lull II H IlfH1 I MO I1 I 1 W11 I lliriimin l I J l H 1 U11 1 IIW I H JMIM liHBETWMljWl
4 jiii mum i JImA ImsM1 MBHBIBhL M UKTwvk mi ill - i ii
ji a ----x
rf ii
depositthat should have gonotc
Jyour account may have been credl
ited to pne with at similar name
and likewise a check may havo
been wrongly charged against your
account Forgeries may have been
Committed through your chEkp
anderrora incidental to keepingia
large number of accounts areial
ways possibMle Itbecomes impor
tant tliteforeo frequently ad
ust your balance with thatolithe
bank both for the sake of protect
fion and for thesakeofaccuracy
A great many banksbalance thc
iipass bopk when left for this
fpose by listing on the adding ma-
uuiuc iiic luuu cueoKS neaucting
the amount from the total of the
deposits the difference represent
ing the amount on deposit
Banks now issue a monthly1 state
ment in the formof atypedsheet
containing all deposits madotand
checks paid with the balance
Struck This obviates thnnenoiKi
ty bf balancing the pass book
iwhich becornpsmerelya
Whatever the melhod you
should hot delay reconciling the
balance It is eabity toibe seen
that the banks balance1 will not
agree with kyour check book by
reason of the fact that you have
issued checks whichAmaynot have
bqen presented for payment It
jsagood plan toi consider ever
Icbeokissued as immediately paid
and dedjicted from your bank bal
ance If you do this youi will
never be deceived as to the condi
tion of your
Number all checks consecutively
andwKen returned from the Bank
arrange them numerically and
check them as to the amount with
the check book stubs After you
have ascertained- what checks you
have issued that have- not been
paid subtract the amount from
the balance shown by the bank
which shoufd agree with your bal
ance If any difference occurs
after assuring yourself thatyou are
right report the matter at once to
the bank
It is well to cxamine4he checks
returned to see that they are sign
ed by you and that the amounts
have not been raised the latter
being proven from the checking
process above noted H you will
follow these simple directions and
see that your account is reconciled
at least every sixty days it will
helpbothyou and the bank officals
for they desire frequent reconcile
ments and do not- care to have
vouchers accumulate for a long
period American Bankers Assoc
Hlemovlna Wax Stains
TdremqYo wax or tallovt stains lay
a piece ot Drown paper over tnem ana
apply a hot After one or twq
applications the paper will absorb ov
eryi bit ofthe wax or tallow from tho
clqth leaving no trace behind
Just a Few Needs
Husband Now then what are our
needs Wifo Well tho house needs
painting -we are all out ot kitchen
utensils the dlnintrroom rug id thread
barotho bathroom must be decorated
and Ive simply hadtq order somo
clothes Judge
There Is more Catarrh In this scotton of
the country than all other diseases put
together and until tho last few years
was supposed to bo Incurable Tor a
great many yearn doctpre prpnounced It a
local disease and prescribed Ipcal reme
dies and by constantly falling to cure
wltft local treatment pronounced It Incur
able Sclenco Imp proven Catarrh to bo a
iat uiscuse nnd tliereforo re
constitutional treatment Halls
Catarrh Cure miimifactniyd by V J
Cheney Co- Toledo Ohio is Hlie only
Cpntlltutlonal rure on the mnrltot It Is
taken Internally It nets directly on the
uiuuu unu jnvvuun riiriifico u liiu sjbiciii
casoJt fails tojcmo
uuu esninoiiiaia
Send for elrctilars
AdarcM r J CHENEY COToledo o
TttUo Halls Family Ill fpr fomtlpallon
neither careless nor dishonest is to
secure a little outfit for himself
Awemade accurate and satis
factory tester ca noiy be bought
for Ss oo and its use will nqonly
satisfy the seller that heiist getting
honest treatment but will enable
him to detect the boarders
1 Variations in test cannpfc bo
avoided A number of conditions-
influence the1
tqtcream Some of themQst im
portant are given below
A- change in the speed of tha
separator immediately causes a
change in the test of the cream
the higher the speed the greatep
itfc amount of skim milk thrown
VAriations in Cram Tess
One 6tVtbe most commpo cau5ept
dissatisfaction on the pact of the
man who sells cream on the buttei
fat basis arises from variations in
the test This is- especially true If
each can is tested separately and
tHe best- way for the seller to con
ivlqce himself that the- tester is
t andso the higher the testof
e cream secured Putting it in
another way a low speed results
m a larger quantity of thinner
The use of the float doe -not
always insure- a uniform flow of
milk into the- separator because-
the faucet may not al5yays be ppeur
ed equally wide and theflqw will
ba more rapid when the tank is
full than when it is nearly empty
Anything which makes the inflow
more rapid will increase the pro 1
pqrtion of skim milk which goes
thrpughand lower the test of thar
cream secured
The amount of water used in
ftusbingjiriay easily be varied a pint
ori more and this without any
other cause- or variation may
change thetestrby aor event4
00 5 percent
The milk-of- an entire herd may
riaeiorfalji in its test from day to
day hecause -of excitehien or-
change in the weather
The test is of course readily
controlled by means of the cream
screw but as it is seldom changed
intthls way on the average farm
there should be no trouble because
of i variation from this source
Variations in cream tests are
practically never caused by changes
in the feed of the cow as every
well informed cream seller is now
Mistakes are most likely to result
from carelessness in taking samples
as they must be very carefully and
skilfully taken if they are to tell
the truth and result in a fair pay
ment but actual dishonesty is
probably much rarer than many
sellers believe A clever thief
could manipulate the reported test
insuch a way as not toarousc the
suspicion that an honest test some
times brings up in the mindof the
man who does not consider all the
possible hidden of variation
C H Eckles MissouriExpitrii
ment Station
Dally Thought
- He determined to add nothlnB4Wtv
bo much as a passing sigh even to the
great total of mens unhappiriesa lri -
his way through the too
was something to hold on by the drift
of more appearantes Wttltor Pater
Very Grave
An anclbntf British
has been discovered nearGfcon
law Scotland consisting of four largo
flat stones It contained only a little
flno dust The dimensions indicate thkt
it belongs to tho period when inctrj
wero burled ln a sitting position
Women Warriors - -
It iBcommonlyosumcd tbatwomcojw
lack- the Hghtmglnatinot and hayg30
lackedit from the beginning Ccrtalnu
ly thislB nattruoipt Jha anplent Teurif
tonio woman th Urrfolji iwho
nldoby side with hpr boar44fpiato la
Incessant tribal Jllstoritellaus
that tbo Jloman nrnilos had to defeat
the wpniBQjtter they jis4dejtBje the
men -

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