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By E O SELLERS Acting Director of
the Sunday School Courge of tho Moody
Bible Institute Chicago
Copyright 1017 Vfftlctn Newapaper Union
LESSON TEXT nead Psalms 123 1M
GOLDEN TEXT With Jehovah there Is
loving kindness and with him Is plenteous
redemption Ps 1307
The lessons or tho pnst your are tho
only ones In the six years course which
nro divided between the Ola nnd the
New Testament therefore tit the
close of this year we w 111 review only
the last two quarters emphasizing tho
fourth which 1ms just been completed
Like Moses on Mount Nobo let us
gluuce over tho whole period of tho
monarchy nnd note tho progress nnd
development of the Jewish people Tho
Jewish nice is the marvel of nil times
n nation without n country scattered
nnd peeled chastised nnd driven from
Ben to sen even slnln In lnrge num
bers yet possessed of a vltullty which
lina caused them to endure through
tho centuries Their contribution to
the civilization of the world bus been
Immeasurable There Is no walk or
rnnk In life In politics literature nrt
science business religion or nny oth
er renlm where they have not made
their Impress nnd rendered their con
tribution Any moscment which seeks
to promote their welfnre nnd to
strengthen the bonds of sympnthy
which preserve race feelings deserves
the aid of nil patriotic liberty loving
God fearing people for tho Jews nre
Btlll Gods chosen heritage
The united kingdom with Its three
Wngs Saul David nnd Solomon Inst
cd from about 1100 II C to DS3 Mee
cher a period of 120 years Then be
gins the divided kingdom Juduh and
Israel fcldo by side n double oxpnl
ment In the progress of the Kingdom of
God This peilod extended from about
1S2 B C to approximately 723 or 721
B C Judah had n territory of about
8400 square miles Israel 0400 Ju
dahs capital wns Jerusalem In which
was tho temple Israels capital wns
Samaria while it had two centers of
false worship Judah was more shel
tered than Israel from close contact
with heathenism especially politically
nnd religiously Judah had one dyn
asty of rulers eleven kings and one
queen all of them from the house of
David Isrnel had nineteen kings be
longing to nine different families or
dynasties Judah bad several very
good kings and there were marked re
vivals of religion of prosperity and of
deterioration of varying degrees
though resisted from time to time and
helped nlong moral and religious lines
through the work of Elijah nnd Ellsha
the prophets Tho final period of
events of this past quarter have refer
ence to Judah alono from the days of
Hczoklah II C 722 to the time of the
destruction of the city nnd the templo
being destroyed fSG B C nnd lastly
we have the period of the exile from
the first captivity In 005 B C to the
restoration nnd the new temple being
erected C10 B C This wns a period
of great discipline nnd sifting as like
into wheat or of a purifying fire
The return from exile nnd the new
Spiritual nation dates from nhout 530
to the close of Bible history say 400
years before tho coming of Christ A
map should be used and the scholars
ought to bo familiar with the contem
poraneous secular history There nre
f everal particular lessons we ought to
learn from this history
First Every failure every moral
wrong every fall into Idolatry every
diminution of power for good Is tho
result of a separation from Ood n
departure from the ways of God and
righteousness It nlso shows us that
Gods constant solicitude thnt tho Jews
should he kept separate from henthen
Ism and Idolatry had In It the best
Interests of his own people and could
only lead to those blessings which ho
had prepared for his particular people
Secondly Tho overthrow of Israel
Is directly attributed to Its complete
abandonment to Idolatry Beginning
with false worship and n dependence
Upon men there wns the Introduction
of Idolatry nnd a development of evil
which led to n rapid decline the In
troduction of revolutions nnd tho final
extinguishment of the kingdom
As to Judnh It finally was brought
Into captivity because that was the
only way that God could purge the nn
tlon from tho bin of Idolatry They
must be taught that there Is but one
God that the word of God must be
obeyed and that their safety lay In
the faith which they placed In his
promises The leaders of this period
wero Zerubbnbel Ezra and Nehemlnh
licrolc men men of great consecration
nnd power nlso Esther the heroine
The prophets of this period nre Dan
lei Isuluh Ilncgal Zecharlau Malachl
Doras Resolution
Wish you happy New Year called
Dora from her pillow to her sister
Agnes who stood before tho dressing
table brushing her curls What makes
jou get up so early It Isnt
breakfast time yet It Is so warm
nnd cozy here In bed Im going to He
here nnd think up lots of good reso
lutions for the new year Then I
can write them out nfter breakfast
Why dont jou make some resolutions
I dont know I hadnt thought
about it replied the little girl I
have been hurrvlng to get dressed
for I wns afraid mamma would want
me Freddie bus been crying nil the
Fred Is such n cry baby 1 returned
Dorn Well pel Imps Id belter get
up seeing ou nre nil ready to go
down Tell mamma I nui coming
right away nnd she crawled out of
bed ns Agnes closed the door
Dora reached the dining room Just
as her muminn and sister bet the
New Year Song
New Year true year
Whnt now are you bringing
Mny day skies and butterflies
And merry birds n slnglng
Frolic play nil the day
Not an hour of school
But the meny echo
The laughing New Year echo
Only answered School 1
New Year true year
What now nre you bringing
Summer roses springing gay
Rummer vines n swlnglng
Jest and sport the merriest sort
Never a thought of work
lint the merry echo
The laughing New Year echo
Only answered Work 1
New Year true year
What now are you bringing
Autumn fruits nil fire ripe
Autumn horns a rlnglng
Keen delight o moonlight nights
When dull folks aro abed
But the merry echo
Tho laughing New Year echo
Only answ ered Bed 1
Lnura E Richards
i vjZU i - jit 2keciMbJ Jfk nicCn Jjutiutilf
171 ATTYNfW Yf AD Wff ft
kl JillBvVi s
if mmmmmmmm
breakfast on the table Treadle had
been restored to good humor nnd
everjbody seemed very happy ns they
gathered around tho first morning
meal of the now year Ilrlght faces
merry voices nnd good wishes made
It a charming family group
Dnrn ami Agnes cleared tho table
when the meal was finished for there
was no servant In the house nnd the
two sisters helped much with the work
that mamma might get more tlmo to
Shall I wash or wipe tho dishes
asked Dora
Oh Ill wash them nnd you enn
wipe them said Agnes for youd
rather nnd I dont care
Well then Im going upstairs to
write out my New Years resolutions
Ill be down by the time you havo the
dishes ready to rinse and Dorn ran
up to her room
Dora spoiled several sheets of paper
before she had her resolutions writ
ten to suit her Finally she read them
over with n ccitnln degree of prldo
New Years Resolutions
of Dora Buckingham Prescott
I will get up early In the morning
nnd help mnmmn wlth tho brenkfnst
I will go to bed nt night without
making a fuss about It
I will dress Freddie every morn
I will tnke my turn nt washing the
dishes even though I llko better to
wipe them
I will dust the parlor every day
and not lenve It for Agnes
I will not forget to mnke the beds
when It comes my week
I will tnke care of my bird every
I will amuse Freddie nnd not be
cross to him once this year
I will sew on my buttons without
being told
I will not let Agnes do my share
of the work Just becnuse she Is oblig
I will always be pleasant to every
Dora mnmmn wants yon
Oh dont como bothering me now
Mamma wants you to see to Fred
Oh dearl Why enntyon
Ive got to go down to the post of
Oh Why hnvo you finished the
All done snld Agnes with a lit
tle smile that hnd not a rolte of su
periority In It
But I meant to come and wipe
them said Dora with n guilty flush
Never mind said Agnes I knew
you were busy
Dorn followed her bister down
stairs thinking she would pot the
rooms In order nnd feed the canary
before Agnes returned But to her
surprise the parlor and sitting room
wero dusted Dick was eating fresh
seed with grent relish nnd it was ten
oclock IIow long n time sho had
spent over those resolutions
After making Baby Fred hnppy with
n big block house Dora slipped up
stairs and brought down her paper of
New Years Resolutions and quietly
luld It on tho parlor fire
Ill keep my eyes nnd cars open
ns Agnes does nnd try to bo ns pleas
ant ns sho Is That will be better than
writing out n thousand resolutions 1
Youths Companion
Old Year Adieu
Old Father Time with visage
Marks finis on another year
His harvest he has gathered In
The swath was wide both far
and near
The strife of battle rages round
The ranks of fighters In the
But clashing arms and ehouts
Of victor and of conquered
The aged aire with trembling
And hoary lock of silvery
Perceives the passing of the
The sunsets glow- the clouds
of night
Mayhap there la a vacant chair
At home but recently re
A loved one gone above to wear
The crown of bliss by angola
The path to glory may not lead
With roses strewn about the
But hope and strive by Word
and deed
Some soul to cheer The New
Year greetl
T J Dehey In Pittsburgh
They can conquer who believe they
can Courage consists In equality to
tho problem before us Emerson
It Is right to be contented with what
we have never with what we are
James Mackintosh
Save nil vegetable liquors In which
vegetables are cooked to add to vari
ous foods Potato water
may bo used In yeast
bread grnvles nnd grid
dle cukes As the min
eral salts are largely dis
solved In tho water while
cooking the vegetables It
is economy to save every
lilt and use it In tho
food In some way A tnblespoonful of
condensed milk ndded to n howl of
crenm that hns been whipped stirring tt
In well ndda to Its flnvor and Increases
the amount that much
A small flashlight Is a great conveni
ence nround closets or cupboards thnt
nre dnrk They nre useful nlso In
looking Into cupboards nnd drawers
When food scorches nnd spoils n
good dish do not scrape It but ndd a
fhblespoonful of sodn and enough cold
wnter to cover the bottom of tho dish
boll up nnd then set It bnck to soften
A glassful of hot milk will help
many to remedy sleeplessness tnkeu
In sips Just before retiring
For tired nnd nchlng feet n table
spoonful of formaldehyde In n bowl of
hot wnter allowing the fret to soak
10 or 11 minutes will grently relievo
them To rub them with alcohol or
vinegar he found soothing
Add n cupful of conked rice to n
ment lonf It will mnke the meat go
much farther
A Turkish towel wrung nut of hot
wnter nnd nppllod to tho back of the
neck will often relieve n sick head
Lubricate your ment chopper with
glycerine It will not flavor the food
or become rnncld
A tea spoonful of glycerine added to
grape Jelly will keep the crystals from
forming In It which arc so objection
If a little cold water Is added to hut
ter and sugar when creaming It will
crenm twice as quickly
If we could read the secret history of
our enemies no should find In each
manH life sorrow and suffering enough
to dlsnrm nil hostility Longfellow
A most tasty
inuy bo made bj
fnt for various uses
trying out suet nnd
mixing it while
still hot with an
equnl portion of
lard stir until well
mixed and It will
always stay soft
enough to ho
mixed Into any
When giving a
baby medicine plnco tho tip of the
spoon ngnlnst the roof of tho babys
mouth In this way tt Is impossible for
the child to choke or object to the
contents of the spoon by sputtering
When teaching n bnby to cat from n
spoon the same method will prove use
An old cook clnlms thnt all fish are
better If allowed to Ho two hours
or more before they nre cooked
A medicine dropper which refuses
to function will bo made active again
by dropping It Into hot water The
heat softens the rubber and expands
A piano tuner advises the uso of a
small dish of wnter In the back pnrt
of the Instrument to counteract the
dryness of tho room duo to furnace
heat This will keep the piano In
The old bntterles which are useless
and discarded from tho auto may be
burned In the grate after a wood fire
has been stnrted making the most
beautiful colors especially delightful
for a fireside party
A tnblespoonful of olive oil with n
few drops of vinegar will ease a mid
night cough when nil else falls
Half of n wooden clothes pin will
keep n wind rattled window quiet
through the sleeping hours A clothes
pin or two will be found convenient
to carry In ones suit ense for various
emergencies besides noisy windows
A largo market basket kept In the
kitchen and used to carry down eel-
Inr will save many steps canned fruit
Jelly nnd vegetables may be carried up
In It Such a basket will be found
useful for carrying things upstairs end
A weighted window that sticks may
be loosened by tilting the cords in
each hand and pulling them out iunttl
the weights are at the top letting go
suddenly they will drop back with
such force that It will start the win
dow open when no amount of push
ing will do It

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