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If l
Customs Officers Puzzled to Find
Way to Prevent Threat
ened Evil
Treasury Department Bombarded
With Requests for Rulings Air-
planes and Hydroplanes Classed
as Automobiles for Time
Washington Smuggling by airplane
sounds exciting nnd Is proving so to
the customs division of the treasury
which Is so to speak up In the nlr
about It For tho time being the de
partment has ruled thnt airplanes and
hydroplanes aro automobiles so far
as It Is concerned but It Is well nwaro
that calling a bird n wagon will not
bring It down to earthy where It can
tell what kind of a bird Jt Is
So far there has been no report of
Illicit Importations by air tine but ex
pectation of such traffic is not denied
How to prevent ItIs a perplexing prob
lem growing more and more pressing
as requests for rulings come from dep
uty collectors on our northern and
southern borders In tho latter case
they Imvo had to do with tobacco
brought In from Cuba by way of Key
West and Tampa
Here Is on entirely new problem for
the treasury to deal with In the col
lection of revenue through customs du
ties It Is one to bo solved by treas
ury regulations born of decisions for
which no additional legislation Is need
ed That It may bo solved by a com
prehensive order Is almost despaired
of because tho best thought of the de
partment although the need of deal
ing with tho situation has been long
foreseen has not been able to hit upon
a method to close this door to secret
Importations thrown open by n mod
em method of transportation most dif
ficult If not Impossible to control
May Require Registration
It Is believed that some scheme may
be worked out whereby all airplanes
leaving the country will be registered
nt tho nearest custom -house -on the
border where a certificate will bo Is
sued to be presented at any custom
house In returning as Is done now In
the case of automobiles This would
In most cases be n mere formality but
would permit search In suspicious
cases and would tend to keep down
smuggling Will be registered Is rec
ognized as putting It strongly as It
Is admitted It Would be Impossible to
compel such registration of a machine
miles above the clouds The auto
moblllst finds It best to comply be
causo wlthtmt his certificate to surren
der on return he must prove his car
Is of American make or pay perhaps
5 per cent ad valorem duty There
would be nfiJway to stop tho flying mn
chlne coming or going
Deputy Collector Hayden L Moore
nt San Juan Porto Itlco seems to
think he has them going If not com
ing To him airplanes are not nuto
mobiles but seagoing vessels Serious
Inquiries from business men on the
Island have caused him to make this
In tho absence of specific Instruc
tions from the department I shall re
quire airships clearing from Porto
Rico for foreign ports to bo properly
documented under the rules of the de
partment of commerce In the same
manner as seagoing vessels are regu
lated entries and clearances to bo
made and all dues paid nt custom
houses In districts where landings are
effected or voyages started
This Is very simple but airplanes
are peculiar In their mode of travel
WV 8
Air Smuggling
Is Mew Problem
The colletcor does not sny how ha pro
poses to enforco this requirement and
has received suggestions from some of
tho Porto Itlcans that an aviation
school for customs men bo established
t bestow degrees of sky Inspector
ond custom ace Scrvldo windows In
the custom house also aro urged bear
ing tho legends Airships entered and
airships cleared
Deputy Collector Uragnssn at Key
West 1ms his troubles over what Is an
airplane Ho recently wrote to Collec
tor Arthur G Watson nt Tampa that
It wos almost a dally occurrence for
airplanes to go oyer to Cuba nnd re
turn One day his messenger boy over
heard a man who had been a passen
rci on n boat from Huvnnn tell the
difference between traveling that way
and by nlrplnno He said he had Just
paid 20 duty on a lot of cigarettes
whcrijthe other day ho hnd brought the
same nmount homo by nlr and did not
pay a cent Collector Brngassa want
ed to know How nbout It Collec
tor Watson told him to tnlk to the
navy people about It He replied
I have conferred with Admiral
Docker who has iRSued Instructions to
the Key West nlr stntlon that civilian
passengers will not be permitted to be
carried In atrplnnes unless permission
has been granted by tho customs
cor in chargo of tho poff and also havoi
issued instructions that all airplanes
arriving at this port from foreigSj
countries will comply with the navys
end o tho regulations In connection
with tho reporting to the customs of
ficer tho arrival of American naval
vessels from foreign ports
United States Marines
Lost 5199 of 8000
Washington Of the 8000 of
ficers and men composing the
marine brigade when It went
Into fighting near Chateau Thler
ryjlast July B to stop the German
thrust at Paris 120 officers and
6078 men either Were killed or
wounded The iriarines took
cleaned up Bel
lean wood and finally captured
In disclosing these casualties
Major General Barnett com
mondant of tho mnrlno corps
said published statements from
army ofllcers that the marines
were not In the fighting nt Cha
teau Thierry werei misleading
The marines he said were not
actually In the town itself but
In the action known officially as
the battle of Chateau Thierry
Retail grocers In Seattle Wash de
cided to dlscontlnuo giving credit to
striking shipyard workers
Greek Refugees
Tell of Outrages
Salonlkl High upon the hills of tho
bustling Mncedoninn city Is n pic
turcsquo settlement where 8000
Greek refugees driven from Ata
Minor by the massacre of 1014 make
their homes Hundreds of other
Greeks who were interned by the Bul
garians in Dobrudjn during the war
have Joined them recently The
houses in this refugee camp were con
t tructed by the Greek government A
space equivalent to a large New York
furnished room is allotted to a fam
ily of from five to eight
Tho settlement lias been given tho
pretentious name of The Quarter of
the Triumvirate In honor of Greeces
three great modern patriots Premier
Venlzelos Admiral Kountourlotls nnd
Genernl Danglnis who repudiating
King Constantino espoused the cause
of tho allies when Germany sought to
win over the Greek army
- Many of the peoplo have been
helped by the American Bed Cross
and speak gratefully of tho United
States nnd Its people
As tho Associated Press correspond
ent was visiting tho village two ox
carts loaded with Greek refugees who
had been driven by tho Turks from
the villages along the sea of Marmora
In 1013 nnd 1014 and who during the
present war were expelled from Mace
donia by tho Bulgars made their way
slowly up the steep mountnln road
The refugees had Just como from
Dobrudjn to tho south of Koumanln
whore they were practically exiled by
tho Bulgars They hnd been nearly
two months on the way and virtually
all the food and aid they got came
from tho American Bed Cross which
has relief posts along the lino leading
from Bulgaria Into Macedonia Many
were little tots from ona to Ave years
old Thewonder wns how these lit
tle ones sickly and under nourished
wore able to survive the long trip by
train motortruck nnd ox enrt
The fnecs of those returning rcfu
pecs wore nn Inexpressibly sad and
harrassed look For five years they
were- driven hither nnd yon by Turk
nn i inniiinn mil f tm m ii 7z I psn f Iho hit runt nn mir Intntt nnd
largest battleship that wns recently JauncheU at Philadelphia Tho Is
the largest ship In the United States navy
and Bulgar nnd had never known
what It was during that time to have
a roof and shelter Under the Bulgnra
they were forced to live In tho open
fields or In dugouts or tables Eight
een hours a day nt hard labor under
constant intlraidntion was the lot of
some of them Three fifths of n
pound of black bread a day wns tho
pitiful recompense they received from
the Bulgars Often those too wenk to
work were beaten by their ruthless
Ono refugee declared to the corre
spondent that at one time there wero
more than sixty deaths a day among
the refugee colony n Dobrudja from
malnutrition exhaustion and expos
ure In certain sections he said tho
Greeks were forced to live largely on
the rinds of watermelons which tho
Bulgarian soldiers threw In the
Tell Bitter Experience
The older residents of this refugeo
suburb of Salonlkl most of whom
had fled from different parts of Asia
Minor during tho wholesale massacres
there In 1014 have bitter experiences
to relato about their treatment by the
Turks Some of these people lived In
the city of Phocls whero the whole
Christian population either bad been
driven outor were killed by the Turks
The woraenwept as they told about
the outrages of tho Moslems The
worst story was that told by an Intel
ligent peasant woman who declared
that In a butchershop opposite her
home In Phocts she saw the Turis
take a young girl who was considered
tho most attractive In town and cut
her body Into pieces They hung the
pieces on meat hooks and offered
them for public sale she said to show
the Turks contempt for Greek Chris
What most Impresses tho eye of tho
visitor In speaking with these unfor
tunate peopjo Is their sad wan and
furrowed faces They have been
driven about by the Invading foe
until they have reached the point al
most of despair and distraction
Bavaria Leads With Prussias Thirty-Three
Royalties In Exile Sec
ond In List
Berlin A German professor figures
that the abdications and dethrone
ments In Germany Include 278 persons
Bavaria leads with ono king one
queen 15 princes 10 princesses flvo
dukes and one duchess Prussia has
sent 83 royalties into exile Including
tlie emperor empress 20 princes nnd
11 princesses Brunswick Is nt tho
bottom of the list with only the ducal
couple and their three children Tho
two tiny principalities of Reusd whoso
area Is hardly one three hundredth
part of that of Prussia have exiled
80 royalties
Tho principality qf Ltppe only nbout
20 square miles larger than the Reus
states bad a royal family numbering
24 persons Most extraordinary Is tho
cnBe of Schaumburg Llppo with ltt
area of 180 square miles where thero
was nearly one royal personage for
every five square miles Those Includ
ed tho jelgnlng prince 17 princes and
seven princesses
Its a wise mother that knows as
much as her seventeen-year-old daugh
Do you believe In reincarnation
asked Illbrow of the fellow with tho
tin dinner bucket
Well sir they been keeptn that
peace league stuff so dern secret a
fellow dont get a chance to form an
There are no shade trees and ham
mocks scattered along the road that
leads to success
What is Castorla
ASTORIA is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Paregoric
C Drops and Soothing Syrups It is pleasant It contains neither
Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic substance Its age is its guar
antee For more than thirty years it baa been in constant use for tho relief
of Constipation Flatulency Wind Colic and Diarrhoea allying Fevorish
neso arising therefrom and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels
aids the assimilation of Food giving healthy and natural Bleep
The Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought and which has been in use for over
SO years bos borne tho signature of Chas H Flo tenor and has been made under
his personal supervision since its infancy Allownoone to deceive you in this
All Counterfeits Imitations and but Experiments that
Rely On Cuticura
All drproUU tBoap S Ointment 25 ML Talcum tt
Bun pie oh free of Ctkr Dyt Br Snub i
No organs of the human body are so
Important to health and long lifo as the
kidneys When they slow up and com
mence to las in their duties look putl
Sanger is iu eight
Find out what tho trouble Is with
out delay Whenever you f eti nervous
weak dizzy suffer fror sleeplessness
or have pains in tho back wake up at
once Tour kidneys need help These are
signs to warn you that your kidneys
are not performing their functions
Thoy aro only half doing
lefr work and aro allowing impurities
to accumulate and be converted Into
uric add nnd other poisons which
re causing you distress nnd will de
stroy you unless they aro driven from
your system
Get some GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules at once They are an old
tried preparation used all over tho
world for centuries They contain only
old fashioned soothing oils combined
with strength giving and system-cleansing
herbs well known and used by phy
sicians in their dally practice GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are Im
ported direct from tho laboratories in
Holland They are convenient to take
and will either give prompt relief or
your money will be refunded Ask for
them at any drug store but be suro
to get the original imported GOLD
MEDAL brand Accept so substitutes
In sealed packages Three sizes
Persons Who Adopt It Will Live
Longer and Be Popular With
Their Fellow Mortals
The physiological benefits of laugh
ter cannot be overestimated It
Bbnkes up the diaphragm sets tho
pulses beating to a lively measure
stimulates the blood and enlivens the
brain Used with discretion laugh
ter Is as Inspiring as n sea breeze as
refreshing as a needed shower
Us moral effect Is beyond computa
tion It has killed more ridiculous
siperstltlon by Its rollicking roars
of unbelief than nny other agency
What can be more derisive than a
laugh The man who laughs never
kills himself
In some situations laughter Is as
grnrlous In Its Influence as tears An
Instance Is recalled of a man fated
to die of consumption at a sanita
rium Did he sit out on the veranda
queruously pouring the tale of his
physical and mental woes into tho
cars of every other victim whom ho
met Not a bit of It I He wore the
cap and bells of the jester In order
thnt h might distract the thoughts
of bs miserable companions from the
contemplation of their own suffer
Every potato slyly wlnk3 its eye
Superstitious People May Make Almost
Anything Out of
terlng Episode
Dan- Lehr of Jordan station Owen
county while n guest at the Hotel
Severln recently told an unusunl story
of what happened to a flag staff down
In his neighborhood Lehr heads a cor
poration which operates the bunny
farm an institution devoted to tho
propagation of rabbits
Bunny farm Lehr said has the
highest knoll In that part of Owen
county nnd on Its crest Just after tho
United States got Into the wnr n flng
stuff of unusunl height was erected
From this staff Old Glory flapped In
tho breeze the pride of the neighbor
hood It was a beautiful flng and -the
folks In the neighborhood borrowed It
for all sorts of patriotic occasions It
did duty at funerals hurrah war meet
ings nnd In Liberty loan campaigns
The day tho armistice was declared
November 11 said Lehr the flag
floated majestically all day The next
day In the midst of n fearful thunder
storm a bolt of lightning hit the top
of the staff and splintered It half wny
down Into thousands of pieces In
dianapolis News
- -
Expect success only according to
Economy in Post am
Boil Postum as long as you please
and you will extract only healthful
goodness Youll get no caffeine
the coffee drug for theres none in
TKe Original
in fact should be boiled fully 15 min
utes and if desired the pot can be
kept going from meal to meal adding
more Postum and water for the new
Postum is the favorite of large numbers
of former coffee drinkers and can be
secured from grocers everywhere j
Two Sizes usually sold at 15c and 25c
J Delicious Invigorating
and Healthful Drink
Theres a Reason
i i

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