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s I
I I Forbidden by the Holy Spirit to
Preach the Word vt W
Wa nave hero a lesson on divine
guidance Tlio Inclination of Paul
and bis companions was to tarry In
the province of Asia preaching tho
Word but contrary to their Inclination
they wero hurried along They might
have reasoned What difference would
It make aa to where wo preach Just
so the Gospel Is preached Though
seemingly small the question as to
whether the Gospel should bo
preached among tho people In tho
East or in tho West has determined
the entire history of tho church JIad
they preached among the people In
tho East Christianity would never
have become worldwide 6a the other
hand by laying hold upon the Grecian
Intellect and combining with It the
push and energy of the Ilpmane it
became worldwide In the guidance
of the Spirit wo find Him Just as ac
tive and as faithful In closing doors
as In opening them Tho stops as
well as the steps of a good man are
ordered of the Lord We ought to
as truly recognize Gods hand In tha
shut Ins as well as in tho open
II Called to Macedonia w 0 12
A vision was given to Paul of a man
from Macedonia pleading for help
This was the solution of tho mystery
of closed doors about them Thero is
a negative and a positive side to the
Spirits guidance If wo will note
both we jslmll be able to determine
with a surety the proper course of ac
tion In order to be led aright we
must be sure that we are willing to
be led pray definitely for leading and
then render willing obedience as fast
as the llcht comes As soon as the
divine way was known they rendered
Immediate obedience
III Tho First Convert In Europe
vv 13 15
The missionaries went to Phlllppl
Tho Jewish element In this city was
very Insignificant so much so that
they could not afford n synagogue
therefore the devout people were ac
customed to worship at the river side
To this humble gathering Paul came
and preached to the women gathered
there A certain woman from Thy
atlra believed his message and was
baptized Lydla was a woman of
wealth culture and wide experience
and jet she had need of Chlrst The
steps In Lydlas conversion are worthy
of note
1 Attendance at the place of prayer
r 13 This Is the caso with most
people who aresaved
2 Listened to the preaching of tho
word of God vv 12 14 The Instru
ment used by tlje Holy Spirit In the
conversion of sinners Is the word of
Godr JEslih cpmeth by -hearing jnd
hearing by the word of God Itom
3 Her heart was opened by the
JUrd v J4 Jtegenerallon Is a su
pernatural work When the Gospel
is preachcdthe Spirit of God makes
It living and active opening the sin
ners heart for tho reception of Christ
4 Sho was baptized v 15 It is
natural for thoiono who believes In
Christ to desire to be baptized
6 Her household also believed
v- 35 Thus wo see that hers was
a typical conversion
IV A Spirit of Divination Cast Out
w NW8
As the missionaries went out from
day to day to the place of prayer they
were accosted by a young woman pos
sessed by a spirit of divination Sbo
was owned by a syndicate of men who
derived large gains from her sooth
saying This act of thoTyoman be
came a great annoyance to Paul who
in th9 name of Jesus Christ com
manded the evil spirit to come out
Here is a caso of a spiritual medium
a fortune teller being freed from de
moniacal possession Many men to
day are making money by the degra
dation of womanhood and they resent
all efforts to destroy their infernal
business even jtry to- destroy those
who Interfere with -their business
Here as everywhere Satan blocks the
way as the Gospel of Christ Is car
ried Into new fields but the Lord 1
yfcl tnamphaau
AYS Mother Nature
Leaflets three let it
bel Which being In
terpreted Is Waro
poison lvyl
This samo Mother
Nature may bo a genial
old dame os the poets
are always singing but
the botanist and tho
naturalist and tho woodsman bask in
hoc smiles with their eyes open Ileal
ly In some ways Naturo is as cruel
as the grave as the saying goes She
has no patience with ignorance nnd
Inefficiency She works along tho lino
of tho survival of the attest Let n
Ampetent woodsman go Into tho
wilderness ind she will give him
bountifully of her plenty Let a ten
derfoot in th6 wilderness throw him
self on her mercy nnd ho will perish
Mother Naturo also evidently has n
sense of humor which Is not always
good natured by a Jugful Now
heres this poison Ivy Its a good ex
nmple of her practlcal Joko methods
Nature has created the sumac
Rhus a genus of small trees nnd
shrubs of the natural order of Anacar
dlaceoe Tho species nro numerous
and are found all over the world ex
cept in tho coldest regions and
11a Tho sumac is a useful sort or
thing VnrlouB species furnish dyes
tanning material edible seeds varnish
oil for candles medicines ana condi
As n matter of fact all the species
of sumac tho world over oro useful
except three And these three make
a lot of trouble The three are the
poison Ivy Rhus radlcnns and nol
son sumac Rhus vernlx of North
America and a Japanese sumac Rhus
And how is anyono to know that this
particular kind of Ivy nnd this partic
ular kind of sumac are poisonous
Hints where Mother Natures practical-Joke
humor comes In Also It is a
good object lesson of the fact that she
has no patience with Ignorance and
Inefficiency For most certainly it Is
ignorance not to know poison ivy and
most certainly it Is Inefficiency to be
come poisoned by It
Incidentally a big dose of poison
Ivy poisoning is no Joke Of course
It frequency happens that tho poison
Ing la not serious Then everyone
Uughs at the Itching one and cays
Well youll know better next time
nut a good many cases are serious
enough to demand a doctor And there
have been cases that ended with tho
death of the poisoned
Many interesting fnctff concerning
poison ivy and poison sumac how to
recognise the plants and how to treat
the poisoning are contained In Farm
ers Bulletin HOC now published by
tho Department of Agriculture The
bulletin Is illustrated with pictures ot
the two plants which are often con
fused Copies of the bulletin may bo
had upon request of the department
at Washington D C This bulletin
brings out the following facts among
Tho homely jwylnp leaflets three
let it be may cause unjust suspicion
of some Innocent and harmless plants
bUt it offers a deal of good advice to
those who ro unacquainted with poi
son ivy Many persons each year
JjtyEti smarts btlty tooaiag b
Poison ivy may- appear In
varlou form- but the three
telltale leave identify it
Not all varieties of poison ivy
bear fruit Those that do hr vo
whitish or cream colored berries
resembling mistletoe
Poison sumac under various
alliases grows only in swamp
or In wet ground
Poison sumac has 7 to 13
leaflets arranged in pairs along
each talk with a tingle leaflet
at the tip
Poison sumac la often con
fused with elder certain kind
t of ash and various other shrubs
ana irees iodhwoh
similar foliage
Its loose drooping duster of
flowers followed by smooth
ivory white fruit are readily
distinguished from the denuely
covered upright terminal spikes
of the harmless sumac
First aid to poisonedt Wash
kin clean with soap and hot
water being careful not to
spread the poison Application
of cooking soda two teaspoont
ful to cup of watnr
cause they do not know how to recog
nize or avoid the plant In Its various
forms -
Tho polson lvy plant Is also known
ns poison oak jiml by various local
names such as thrco leaved Ivy poi
son creeper cllmhlng snmac mark-
weed plcry and mercury It grows
In the form of woody vines trailing
shrubs or low erect bushes nnd adapts
Itself to the greatest variety of condl
tlons flourishing In woods or In tho
open In low moist soil or in dry soil
and on hlljsldcs It Is especially abun
dant along fence rows and at tho
edges of paths and roadways scram
Ming over rocks and walls climbing
posts or trees to considerable heights
often mixed with other shrubbery In
such a way as to escape notice until
Its presence is made known by a ease
of poisoning
Poison ivy or poison oak Is found
In one or more forms in practically
all sections of the country In Its
various forms the plant Is most readily
recognized by Its leaves which are
always divided Into three leaflets and
by Its whitish waxy fruits which look
somewhat like mistletoe berries All
varieties do not boar fruits but when
discovered the whitish or cream-colored
berries make recognition positive
Poison sumac Is also known as
swamp sumac poison elder poison
ash polBon dogwood and thunder
wood It grows only in swampa or In
wet ground and Is found from the
New England states south as far as
Florida and westward to Minnesota
Arkansas and Louisiana It grows aa
Lesson ffs r t i f j tv i n jgg
e Tchr or Jlnglleh Bible In the Moody i W - 4 IlT L a 1 tf rTSSsSiyA
V JJINa Intltute or Chicago S Jf M MM IT 11 I jfc I WSM
- iff Nwpapr Onion iVrSNfL5 Wea i 11 I
S FBOH A8IA TO EUROPE jjiiiii iiiWrM Ipjffll Ktebssj
K LE830N TEX Acts 18 1S 1 I 1Jtw8 III
mW QOLDEN TEXT And they said believe I Hfm HtllV A JW III
Bt on the Lord Jesus ChrUt and thou ahalt H SLjJiaaEaacl llLt AX fj III
A- be saved and thy house AcU iH h lBaH9kv nlkUfil afn 7 sfXr
V REFEttENCB MATEniALr Ilora 15116- W alMllIcM af5 W AP III
K PIUMAIIY TOPIJ A Wonderful Dream ffl NHW W feavs f lbK III
B JUNioit TOPiCf Paul Croaaea Over Into- V8a ff jmtmi m Mt uJTm 11
Be to Europe- loflhk TtfBflili Hi I II - iiMMK t III
- Beslnnlner Work- on a New Continent HUlKa flBfeV PVjV HI II llQKyK WJxi
Bt 7 PatiJ CarTlea the Gospel to Europe Iralfcw fegFTriw 111 fl VjImKj ri Hmmr Tmt III
mC M sT JpiVa Mf 1PISf ArtirIP Ji III
jBV 1 P V Kl 3M M WmBr sf
tWl 111 irVtt Si vCkf jjr Bfi t III
T m TfSr I mrvUkjimt vaSS I j
l ih evi w i i n n mt i r r m hpm f i t - in
utavTiir mil ISIIL aSpsiUsSi 1
j hm jassrw
n shrub In clumps with tall slender
stems 0 to 10 feet or more In helcht
also frequently as a tree up to 20 or
30 feet high with a trunk 5 to 10
Inches In diameter
Tho leaves of poison sumac aro di
vided into 7 to 13 leaflets arranged In
pairs with n single leuflet at tho end
Tho avoidance of shrubs growing In
low land with leaves of this general
character Is n safe rule for persons
not well acquainted with poison sumac
Poison sumac Is often confused with
elder certain kinds of ash nnd various
other shrubs and trees bearing some
what similar foliage also with dog
wood to which It bears no resem
blance Its loose drooping clusters of
flowers followed bv smooth Ivory-
white fruits are readily distinguished
from the densely covered upright ter
minal spikes of the harmlpss sumacs
Other differences nro readily notice
able such as the wing like growth
along the margins of the leaf stalks
of the dwarf sumac and the hnlry cov
erings of the leafstalks and twigs of
the stnghorn sumac
After exposure to poison Ivy meas
ures to Insure tho removal ot the poi
son oro of primary Importance At
first the poison Is on the surface of
the skin nnd may bo removed by wash
ing with ordinary kitchen or lnundry
soap nnd hot water Care should bo
taken however not to spread the poi
son by careless wnshlng
Mild cases of Ivy poisoning general
ly subside within a few days and do
not cause alarm Fatal cpses how
ever have occurred nnd whero the In
flammation Is extensive or severe a
physician should be consulted In tho
early stages of Ivy poisoning remedies
having a fatty or oily bnse such as
ointments should not be used as the
grease or oil tends to dissolve nnd
sprend the poison say specialists of
the Deportment of Agriculture In
stead they advlso slmplo remedies
such as local application of solutions
of cooking soda or of Epsom salt ono
or two teaspoonfuls to n cupful of
water Fluid extract of grlndella di
luted with four to eight parts of water
Is often used with success
Solutions of this kind may be ap
plied with light bandages or clean
cloths which should be kept moist and
should be changed nnd discarded fre
quently to avoid Infection During tho
night or when moist applications can
not bo used the poisoned surfaces
should bo carefully cleaned nnd dried
nnd left exposed to the air rather
than tightly bandaged In the later
stage after the toxic material has ex
hausted Itself zlnc oxld ointment and
similar mild antiseptics nnd astringent
applications hasten healing
Wa Wonder
A sufferer who lives close to a rail
road In the suburbs wrote the follow
ing to the railroad company complain
ing about the racket made by a switch
engine Gentlemen Why Is It that
your switch engine has to ding and
dong and flzz and spit and bang and
hiss and pant and grate and grind and
puff and bump and chug and hoot and
toot and whistle nnd wheeze and Jar
and howl and snarl and puff and growl
and thump and boom and clash and
Jolt and screech and snort and snarl
and slam end throb and par and rat
tle and yell and smoke and smell and
nhriek like hell all night long Bos
ton Globe
HKfciraiV W r i1
JaBmmaattii iifei iiaflrytfTani
SaEWVnTaW3aWaWaw1kWa mm
v5v JiSH
WanU to Tell Other Girl
All About It
tVmunllla TrMT an elirhteen
years old and have been botheredfor
several uiuuuia wimi
Irrntmlar Deriods
Every month my
DacKWOUia acne ana
I always had a cola
and felt drowsy and
alAomr I work in a
millinery shop nnd I
went to worK every
Anv hut felt timid
and would have such
cramps I had seen
Lyaia j niuuiams
Voirotnhln Com
pound advertised and had heard several
h11 4 If art rlntifir trcit mi
somo This Vegetable Compound is
wonderful and it helped mo very much
so that during myperiods I am not now
sick orlrowsy I have told many girls
about your medicine and would bo glad
to help anyono who is troubled with
similar ailments You may use my
timonial as you like Stella Linx
WILEK6 Second StEvansvllle Indiana
Some girls lead lives of luxury while
others toil for their livelihood but all
are subject to tho same physicallaws
and suffer in proportion to their viola-
tion When such symptoms develop as
irregularities headaches backaches
bearing down sensations and tho
blues girls should profit by Miss Linx
wilers experience and give Lydia B
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound a trial
That Hung Well
Cholly He hung upon her every
word Gussle Oh I see she kept
him In suspense I
Its often unwise for n man to bo ns
funny as he can
Do you know
you can roll
cigarettes for
lOcts from
one bag of
JkjtS JffVVL i4ajfnCB
Bullion Rloh Red Blood
Rich rod blood is the very
fountain sourco of all energy
Enrich your blood by increasing
the red blood corpuscles S S 8
is reepgnised as tho general sys
tem builder and has been suc
cessfully used for over 60 years
in the treatment ot rheumatism
and skin diseases arising from
impoverished blood
For Sptzlkl Booklet or tor ttxdl
tldual advice vrlthout char ie
writ Chltt Medical Adritor
SSS Co Dpt434 Atlanta Qa
Oat SSS at yout diuttat
5 S 5
For Rich Red Blood
Kidney liver bladder and uric acid
troubles are most dangerous be
cause of their insidious attacks
Heed the first warning they give
that they need attention by taking
The worlds standard remedy for thM
disorders will often ward off thtae dis
use and strengthen the body against
further attacks Three sizes all druggist
leak tat lb own Gold Mdl en every beta
aod accept Da Imllstloa
Cuticura Soap
The Velvet Touch
For the Skin
Set 25c Obtaeat 2S asJ 50c Takaa Se
iimifaM1mi iM Miiin aafe u6timJ

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