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The Jasper news. [volume] (Jasper, Missouri) 1898-1924, March 30, 1922, Image 8

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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HEN Hie world was
young and civiliza
W tion was in the learn-
stage of
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feteggtejH Its development prim WriS ft Q 4dEte I VfPW
55c3l Hive man realized a iirrW WMhhL MrS R IWBk 1
need for something
which would enable him to finish the
task arrested by durkness Of that
need artificial Illumination was born
A51 through the ages they have como
together civilization and lighting
Every forward step In the progress of
culture has been marked by an ad
vance In illumination The way to our
civilization of today lies parrallel to
the wuy to better light
A stick from the tiro was no doubt
the first lighting unit for when man
in the earliest ages made nocturnal
excursions Into the surrounding gloom
und needed Illumination he snatched
up n piece of burning wood from the
camp fire Yet there Is plenty of evi
dence that crude forms of oil lamps
came into use long before history was
begun Shells and hollow stones even
the skulls of animals were filled with
oil extracted from olives nuts or
vegetables and this oil burning with
out a wick furnished a feeble flicker
ing light accompanied by an unpleas
ant odor
In the course of time some one
thought of a wick and the earliest
form of this Improvement In illumina
tion was a floating wick of moss or
fiber In the Orkney Islands the
stormy petrel with u wick In Its bill
Is used us a candle today The car
cass of an oil fish Is similarly used in
Alaskn Candles were preceded by
bpllnts hut both were used during the
same period Gas Illumination was the
next step appearing less than a cen
tury before the electric lamp proved
commercially successful
In the ruins of Fara Babylonia
3000 11 C was found the earliest
stone lump of which there Is any
record This was merely a crude
saucer shaped affair about four Inches
in diameter cut from nlabaster An
Improvement over the stono lamp wus
the pottery lamp which could be more
easily shaped and specimens of nround
300 B C have been found A form
called the Virgins lamp used in
ltiblo times consisted of a small hollow
vessel with a opening In the top for the
wick which could be carried In the
hand Within the next halt century
about 200 A D these pottery lamps
had been greatly improved in appear
ance for by then they had begun to us
Burae regular forms with handles
and some attempt at decoration Two
hundred years later bronze lamps
made their appearance A modifica
tion of this type known as the Flor
entine lamp which could bo suspended
by chains followed a few hundred
years later
In the earlypart of the fifteenth
century about the time that Columbus
was discovering the Americas the
Venetian stanil lamp was widely
used In thfc Mediterranean coun
tries of Europe Its graceful and
artistic utility is characteristic of the
Ilenalssanco during which it was In
The Flemish oil lamp 1000 A DM
forms as sharp a contrast fo the Vene
tian lamp as does the Reformation
period of which the former was a de
velopment to tho llenalssance period
of the latter Lamps of this type may
still be found In use among the poorer
classos of continental Europe
The candle is really a form of oil
lamp in which the oil or greasq in
solid form is melted by the llame aa
it is used It was formerly made from
animal fats but is now made of wax
from berries and paroflln Whalo oil
was the chief illuminating oil for many
years Benjamin Franklin discovered
that two wicks gave more than twice
tho light of one and this led to the
Franklin double burners Camphene a
patent fluid used about 1850 was n
r - v
mixture of turpentine and alcohol It
gdvo n much brighter light than whalo
oil but was dangerous on account of
Its explosive nature and consequently
was never very popular
Kerosene was first procurable In
commercial quantities about tho time
of the Civil war and the ordinary ker
osene lamp Is stlU tho chief illuralnant
In territories where electricity and gas
are not as yet available
In 1870 came the Incandescent
electric lamp invented by Thomas--A
Edison In the nutumn of 1877 Edison
nnnounced his Intention Immediately
to devote himself to the problem of
producing a commercially practicable
electric lnmp
Ills triumph came on October 21
1879 On that date after persistent
labor Edison succeeded In carbonizing
a piece of cotton sewing thread bent
Into u loop of horse shoe shape TJils
Pho sealed In n glass bulb which had
been exhausted until a very high vac
uum was produced For forty hours
after tho circuit was closed the bright
ly Incandescent filament remained In
Not being satisfied wlththls form of
filament Edison began to carbonize
everything in nature that he could
think of He wanted n material that
when carbonized would be uniform
and homogeneous As he looked
around his laboratory one day he saw
an ordinary palm leaf fan upon a ta
ble After astudy of the texture of
the bliKlIng io asked one of his ns
elxtnnts to- carbonize filaments made
from the flni He was so Impressed
with the result of this experiment that
he sent mpn all over the world to se
cure specimens of bnmlioo -A certain
variety ot Japanese bamboo was final
ly adopted arid for nearly nine years
all Edison lamps had bamboo fila
ments m
In 1007 th pressed tungsten lamp
was placed on tho market but scien
tist did not stop hero tho goal was
ductile tungsten Tungsten is not a
rare metal but it was not largely used
rowing to the fact that no method had
been discovered by which its natural
hard nnd brittle stnto could be changed
Tungsten Is now produced in a ductile
form nnd can be drawn Into a wire
which has a tensile strength varying
from 400000 to 500000 pounds a square
In 1011 tho wlro drnwn lamp with
which we are all familiar made Its
appearance This lamp which gives
three times as much light as tho car
bon lamp contains a filament of drawn
tungsten wlrewlthln n bulb of dear
glass from which the nlr has been ex
hausted In 1011 tlic gcs filled lamp
was produced
rvinr T iiTniamwrrniiTtWaiTi Tlf aTi lT - -- t f
AlIUL 27 1822 Clyssea Simpson urant was uorn In fojnt Pleasant Cler
mont county Ohio Tho one hundredth anniversary of his birth will be
observed in Washington by the unveiling of a statue in tbo botanical gardens
There wlt be elaborate ceremonies Vice President Ccolldge will be tho pKn
clpul speaker The photograph shows the Grant statue the capltot dome
In the background
The completed memorial is the result of twenty years effort by the de
signer rfnd sculptor Henry Merwln Shrady of New Tforlf whoso father Dr
Georgo F Shrady attended President Grant up to the time of his death
The work Is pyramidal In outline with all the minor figures and groups
tweeprng up to tho central character General Grant sitting astride hlshora
In the center of the memorial At the opposite ends ariAwo groups ono a
cavalry detail going into action and the other a field battery going Into actios
Each group foces tho central figure
n itvlfeaJ
Meh iiMHuftiiWNkiS3r
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wunworic cannot aa KMMmMdi
Yel tvk miu4r aiMt Ki A
Mi rabJ wd UMirbMBi it from
Lydia E PlaVhwH J VrUbl
Compound has helped tfaonwnd of
jostsuch omn regain their ilUj
stnHigth Just givayoar thought
to thefoIlowlDg letters and remem
ber that thi women who wrote these
letters knew bow they felt before
taking the Vegetable ComottMl sad
gain afterward Itbelped
let it help you
Had Nervotu SpBa
Boratlo Ark I had nerreaa
pells and awful bad feelings My
right aide and my back hux1 me all
tha time asH I had been goiap down
in health fpr six or seven yean Foe
three years I bad not bees able to do
mjr work withanthelp 1 weighed
only 96 pounds when my buabaada
mother persuaded me to take Lydla
E Plnkh ims Vegetebls Composnd
Now I heartily recommend it to all
offering women aa I have gained
weight and health I caado all my
work anything I want to do Mm
Jul Bkarick Horatio Arkanam
Dont expect applause Deserve It
WOdld ikvtu
IyKi mc
a servoM
help or I
mtxMtti tot biT nervM
BdlJftila JC PfekHwa Blood Kedt
can reecmyewd ft e medUhwH
ny aw eertaJolyheto
Lydta EjPtakhw medietoea wttc4
mo throoAMra WlimftiUV
Stoym ClMHlbrry
RecoronwaA Um VteUfc4c
New Orleans La I bar etud
reHef from my troubles by taking
Lydla E PirikhaW Vegetfe Con
pound and I praiaa it Wherever I go
1 eeeld sot domy work aa it abold
be done or I would sometigia have
to 11a down be eaaae of the peine I had
A friend ndtteed me to take yoar
Vegetable Coinpotmd and I have got
great reaulU from It I keep hoaae
asdaai able to do all my own work
I recommend your Vegetable Com
pound to my f riesde whohava trosWea
almllar to T FoOC
LHR 1915 N DerWgny St Now Or
leana La
tHOTKMPWt AMWC M0K0MB 8ctwftdly Treated WMh
Spohns Distemper Compound
At ttaU tlm of 71 hnm t lUbl to contract cohttclou Ale
prventlr lmt thtat an occasional dot or SPOHNS la
marrelouilr aSacttr Aa a rtmadr orcaaaa alreadjr aaaarttur
srOUNS li aaaallr aittctlva Olra It aa a pravaDtlra Doat
Jdmiy n mans reputation Is duo to
the fact that ho gives publicly and
steals privately
Watch Cutlcura Improve Your Skin
On rising and retiring gently smear
the face with Cutlcura Ointment
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cutlcura Soap and hot water It
Is wonderful what Cutlcura will do
for poor complexions dandruff Itching
and red rough hands- Advertisement
Thats the Kind
Jones Simmons seems to hare a
very active brain Bones Ah yes
but is it retroactive
The price ofcotton and linen nara
been doubled by the war Lengthen
their service by using Ited Cross Ball
Blue In the laundry All grocers Ad
Laziness is the undertaker who
drops tho shroud ot obscurity around
man r f s ood man tt i
the Crass
I and Circle L gpl
I wki it M m ETy hebje f Gams AlakwiiK
I Alabatttiiie I
Instead of Kahomin of Wall Paper
H BwiMtealytnllAlalia1aTiwaMBweylho H
MM colan Hatch aid to awehte An Waaity o ye fcaaa
H Good eBapftlon me AUhuiatt Netaly al atana Kii paiaai catry it a aloek H
AAjfow dealer ot dacotatorta iltew ytt Mspka aajwylih lite Alabaaaae H
H OpaSae Procew lhe aeweat aad laeat t nyaV al atetheal el laaqiat daceiMiaa H
The AlabavliTMs Company I
H QgtMaat Wawldai Mtnfc fmm
aaH MM

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