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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, December 28, 1922, Image 3

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Twnpora mutantur et nos mutamur In lllla t lBfCi Jqr Sf
By John dickinsonsherman TwTfi5r imfT Nw SbS1
i sisFtL Latin has a terse fvlipT iJnBtSSL 3
tyB v putting things Now InSfiufSvffM I Jtj
tbo flrst quotation WfEJPjfnlsT iwjMsmttTJJ T
tEsEi1 tared ln free-and-easy I BBJElOf ilBmEffZMJ
KiL l3ll style uKu MftSmHWfWMrA H J
Hk tA l5 A Old Man llorace sprigged ltAJntmIfJrlm ly
mk a fr f wlth ba ilw71k JJrt m
LV It x V Truly thou dost say air iYfM affilQ l
Lw tX xl way IlimW TfiMfffrfTrfl
LV f v Than the swiftest racer t IjUMM U jllfjf
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i v Iffmixwirfflfx
Clever but the Latin says it more ffffml m fufaH it
forcibly Horace
wbat 70a say la true Piles than the
southeast wind faster time thedevour
er of things
And the second quotation abovo
neatly supplements the first by say
ing Times chango and wo are changed
in them
All of which 8ugee3ts most forcibly
that time has destroyed the old fash
ioned method of observing several ol
our American national holidays that
the tlmes have changed and we In
Now theres the Fourth of July for
example The old fashioned Fourth
Is so entirely gone that we dont quite
know what to do with the day In the
old days we used to twist the Lions
tall when we didnt know what else
to do but since we fought side by side
with the British in the Great War
that seems as out of place as do fire
crackers and the casualty list of small
And Its Just about the same with
New Years Day About all thats
left us Is to listen to the whistles blow
ing at midnight and to make good res
olutions And what changes the day
has seen since first Americans began
its celebration I
Americas celebration of New Years
Day owes nothing to Rurltan New
England In the North New York be
ing Dutch was the center of New
Years gayety The South being Eng
lish but not Puritan also celebrated
enthusiastically The custom of mak
ing calls probably Is as old as civilized
man It Is likely that it originated
Independently In almost every clime
Old time European chieftains used to
set New Years apart as a day on
which they would condescend to re
ceive substantial tributes from their
underlings queen Elizabeth re
ceived New Years calls every year
and there was always much rivalry be
tween her ambitious courtiers as to
the quantity and value of the gifts
they should bestow upon the virgin
sovereign It was on a New Years Day
that Sir Walter Raleigh gladdened the
queens heart with a memorable pair
of silk stockings the first ever made
and worn III England
In Holland the custom of making
New Years calls bad been general
long before the settlement of New
Amsterdam and the natives of the
Netherlands who came to live In the
New World brought the practice with
them And of course thoy had
plenty to eat and drink for who ever
heard of Dutchmen who did not take
good care of their stomachs
Up to the beginning of
century the typical New Years
observance was a neighborly custom
Then It becamo an observance decreed
by fashion and was observed In every
Ity of any size in the country
The younger women of such house
holds as had daughters were the host
4ases and great was their rivalry one
with another In respect of richly load
ed refreshment tables and elegance of
v if ffyf 1
toilet The beaux and dandles
and gallants attired themselves In
their best and started out early In the
morning calling first at the houses
where matrons received and afterward
upon the younger ladles The drinks
that were offered at every house of
any prominence were ardent and di
It was not untl about the middle of
the century or thereabouts that the
abuse which finally led to the cus
toms decline began For years the
dandles rivaled one another In the
length of their calling lists and the
calls soon came to be nothing more
than hasty gorgtngs of cake and gulp-
lngs of wine
Then tho ludlcs the matrons as
well as tho young women begun to
vlo with one another lnthe number of
their callers This led to the most
extraordinary practices Callers were
recruited drummed up Cards an
nouncing that Miss would
be at home on January 1 were sent
out almost Indiscriminately The Sun
day newspapers began to print lists of
those who would receive and the
bouses of those mentioned In the lists
were sure to be besieged by numbers
of men whom the ladles had never met
or beard of and desired never to meet
Men would go calling In couples
and parties and even In droves of 30
or more remaining as short a time nt
each stopping plnco as possible and
announcing everywhere how many
Calls they hnd already made and how
many they expected to make before
they finished At every place they
drank The result was a most ap
palling assortment of Jags long bo
fore sundown and a crowding of the
police stations at night
This New Years observance finally
became so abused that It was called
a national evil and was attacked by
reformers everywhere and ministers
thundered ngalnst It from the pulpit
Finally fashion set Its face against It
and It died a gradual death
Its place was taken after a while by
eating nnd drinking In the restaurants
and by the street carnivals
If Croesus himself had come hack
to earth and had visited New York
or any big city In the country In lpon
be couldnt have got a seat In any
restaurant of not after ten oclock the
night of December 31 for all his
fabulous wealth In fact he probably
couldnt have got lnsldo the door
Every table was engaged at big
prices and long in advance Diners
bad Jto get out at nine oclock and
guards at the doors saw that none ex
cept thoso with credentials got In Dur
ing the last hour of tho Old Year tho
people feasted nnd nt the first stroke
of the New Year everybody In every
restaurant arose wine glass In hand
and drank a health to the New Year
It was comparatively quiet Indoors
but the peoplo In the streets mado
noise enough to scare young 1000
Every sort of nolse maktng Implement
known to man except cannon and dy
namite bombs was In active use
Get your orns and ticklers l was
the prayer roared by thousands of
fakers nil evening Trucks and
wagons were haited at tho curb load
ed with tin horns and thin sticks with
a bunch of hackle feathers at tho tip
If you were a real devilish New
Years humorist you proceeded llke
this First tlcklo some stronger un
der the chin with the feathers then
as he turned to protest you blew the
horn In his face
A universal custom of New Years
of those days was the carriers New
Years address This was often In
rhyme If the carrier or any of his
friends could string the Jingling
lines together or find an old carriers
address to copy Such verses as these
were popular
This day devoted now to mirth
To open house and socio hearth
New friendship mounts on airy wings
And elves her tuneful harp new strings
While plenty spreads a festive board
Of wine a id food and ample hoard
In Idleness and laughter cay
To spend the hours this happy day
All save tho carrier whose snowy feet
Still must pace up the snowy street
So give to htm a moments heed
Since he alone this comfort needs
And to your ample Jovial store
Let him not find a closed door etc eta
By 1014 thero were strong Indica
tions of a saner celebration of New
Years The feasting In restaurants
New Years Eve was still In full blast
with singing and dancing added But
most of the largo cities had ordered
tho police to enforce a sane celebra
tion on the streets In consequence
there was less noise and rowdyism out
of doors Chicago for Instance for
bade horns confetti and ticklers
Cleveland probably had the sanest
New Years Eve In 1014 That city
gave the New Year a community
greeting In keeping with the spirit
of community Christmas celebrated a
week before Twelve bands with 280
musicians were massed In the public
square To an audience of thousands
they played hymns and patriotic airs
Announcement by the police that the
midnight closing law would bo en
forced rigidly cut hotel and restaurant
festivities down markedly In Cin
cinnati the police bad Ue promise cf
every hotel cafe and saloon keeper to
close promptly ut midnight Similar
conditions prevailed in Detroit and
Then camo tho Great War And
then prohibition
So at present the celebration of New
Yenrs Eve and New Years Day Is be
twixt and between
What will It be ten years from nowt
And what a century hence
They Do
a Hundred Calories
in About 9i
a box of little raisins when
you feci hungry lazy tired or
In about 9 seconds a hundred
calories or more of energizing nutri
ment will put you on your toes again
For Little Sun Maids are 75
fruit sugar in practically prcdigested
form lcvulosc the scientists call it
And lcvulosc is real body fuel
Needing practically no digestion it
gets to work and revives you quid
Full of energy and iron both good
and good for you Just try a box
Little Sun Maids
Between Meal Raisins
Sc Everywhere
Had Your
Iron Today
Changes Last Years Frock to New
Putnam Fadeless Pyes dyes or tints as you wish
A Boy and His Goat
Ed and his brother Harry were the
proud possessors of a goat One day
their mamma said Eddie I saw
Nanny stunding with her fore feet on
the fence
Oh no mnmina came the reply
Nanny hnd only two feet on the
And some men nro Just prominent
enough to attract people who have gold
bricks to dispose of
No dentist should hurl dcllnnce ln
the teeth of the patient
hoals Inflamed eyes granulated iid
styes etc Sure Safe Speedy 25o
at all druggists
bhuvlnc Mirror Silvered frurae 10 Incben
diameter Used also table decorator and
renector atands Special 400 otter for tlOv
Sent postpaid on receipt of 100 National
Mirror Co 311 Broadway New York N T
wTn UKANSAs C I TyTnO 5219221
fifty per cent of the worlds gold
comes from the Transvaal
My beau he if particular
About the way Im dreued
So Maggie Faultless Starch
So 1 can look my belt
LC Wheat Growinl Cattle Raisin
i nianappynomeoj Your own
Prramrroui Farms and Haoov Homes await those who are
rlMlroua of cnlanrinir their nresent resources and securing for
themselves homes in a country that while yet in its infancy has
made Itself famous by the quality of the grain it produces and by the
erryiirncB 01 its uve stoat
There are Millions of Acres
of the hlshest dm of soil available for the man whose object in life Is to become Ms
1 wno wlshe to ahare in
Americans who havlnff
lftrwfisinl anil the oorjortunitv which has ffiven wealth to
h ihmiHiiA tf atarted on Weatern Canada farma with but
amall means are now writing home to their friends telling of what tbey hive done 1
Lands are cheap and homeeteada farther from lines ol rauwsy are ira to Httun
Upon these lands can be grown the best of wheat oats barley flax grass bay fodder
1 1 mm limn
Cattle winter In most places without
shelter dairying Is highly successful
Taxes only upon land not on im
provements Perfect climate attrac
tive social conditions good neighbors
churches schools telephones excel
lest markets and shipping faculties
Star tlhutntad lhjaalundijlui
Uoa of fares eppertoaitiM la M ankeba
SMtaUhewu Alberta aad BrltUhCehsa
kia ndaced raUway nua sta wttts to
2912 Hals Si Ktaiu City Ho
Aatkvrtaaa Aawt Deft al
iareun ana BtwmuBM
Oaeall at Caaaaa

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