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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, September 28, 1900, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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'JMit I ho gMwral naaatnblr aM r
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ptocllxsw lb taws M JaanMl ajul
tfeSutM tkl llMll tffl 4aMl-M-l .u
T ' WMi of sVai prhufair exeeot the liemo
I will kvrmnr pNllr, ftMtt'whatti
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the other Jww lavolveil. 1 By;
fttrrMf in-bateO t Mm Mn'Ad
Of frits win ha.teatHfevery arearta-
yaara tar aiti wm aTrtM.y Mtr immI
the rvb-! tlMli-s were primed In
mi m lease y Bar ii wm vf oil
arvesi tnM Mr, noekery mwu iii
tbe aabtatlfege: i'of eottraMg every
cJ.VIar etaeHiled by' tbe. NpbbrteaiVa
for, kind at pue4i prlatiag with
tin' rta 'Mem o tiwe mkI
JWBjU" 1h A18M, WhI lMw4Mg
wotlc yriiri. Tbe l of 'par,
, ftr nabtlc printing' m a nnw departure
a lint Item wm iitcJurd In th' rr'
pablleea atrftrfiiMi aad'M eieraii.
, 4 frNa Mr.- noekery't" Mitemmt
, Hare He.be (old 11 appreciation for
puWIe prMtof ( lMAf
. rar i'eHa-j Um 4 Joaratli
For, dbrltuMa .i i ,y .100
.Fwebrttaf Jr(l Statutes OOjOOO
ra arietta; jaeraal of lt COBStl.
MBtlMaleeaveaUoa, .,.;. i.tMO
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Jfow, liere lire, Ibe llgurn fur 180,'
.vHiHnuuim minrer me, niiproprlnllon
iMtn, mM we quote tlin puge of citcli.
w. pf3. S4 prlnllnf ,.tU(iu.)
t 8m. SO. Borl of AjrlcuMurr.;..,, ..4,000.00
"8. SI. Ilarticultonl oclrt.. ,,..,5,001X00
Bf 37 HIdi Ini)tor (Mlfraitf i)),.l,oo(l.00
8erMLlr tiilltlci,, 3.000.W
Sua Hilliurnc(t dept. (ttlinittd),.J),ollo.OO
8m 37, Building 1 Loan (titlmHciJ),3J)iI.OO
Vtgt IS, . DrflrlenclM.., L .0,M.W
l'tft '10, ,Dcdclnclt . , , , , A, 3.14(1,71
St Boird, A'l dllclMclMi,,,...8.!W
Iwpfcton, dfflclfiltlM.,,.....i)Si
For printing tha rrld rtatulei.,,).iino.oO
TUl.,r...i. .A,. (..,lSi.0893
. Thli l 'ilie:pnroprlllon Ihr the
J eurrciit, )eM t agnliMt 9S3,CpO ex
, , pouded-lu IMAOG for Ilka purAioeJ
w. tlinl MK Oockery broiclxJ
hit ultlcct.lt uliould be ulredlfnllv.
lockery kOK What! he'
noM nnl Iidow
fir tie
glee liwMimfiMtport.,. i.ijmsH
SMr4niM4e(iliBr..J , .1,11)1;
1.. lifftfii""
ut.:.,..i t4u;-M
ill .t.io,llWW
Citurt; ...M4JI0M
tMMHl(MmiIApp ...u.iw.n
1' CeMflMiUeMl.'Aimlm ,ii.10,sio.mi.
,W 1V slready; alyon the
Amount, appropriated, for tho noxt
hrb.MttH M 1?0,000: The.agifre-
gtktsforlMM) Iweaty-clght years la
M7,M1.M, eraa averatre ( WW-
(M.18 a year.'' The.republleaa av-
tmn'vu WSSSfiiS annually, but It
will. DV oomryea mat ino. biihuhi
meriaee m. Botneimng jiiarraiiig.
The last two years of tte Stcplieus
adralnletrsHon .is almost its much
M tituiag tho eight years M repub
Hcar expenditure In thoetate, and
H ihauld bo borno lm mlnd:thnt
under the, old constitution tho ses
sions of the legislature were annual
I a stead of biennial ns 14 now tho
ease.' So' much for the' printing
.record. What of the other expen
dtturesf The last republican leg-
islatiire approprlated f ortho pay of
11 ine eivn omcern m ino swiie,
SaOI.WO annually. Though there
axe the same number of ofllcers
all1 elected under tho constitution,
the' last legislature, increased this
amount. 1108,000. Tho pay and ex
penses o the legislature were sytat
8167.500. The last legislature np
propriated 8100,000 for the same
purpose. The republican's gave
the governor $1,500 for contingent
expensed, the 'democrats give him
SI.WXK Count Kodmnn, Mr. Dock'
ery declares goo forty-thousand
dollars in fecs. Our precont secro
tary o'f state who has not been In
his ofilco on a week day for months,
butis employed in running a news
papor at Kansas Cfty, though tho
constitution, Sec. 18, Art. 2, do
dares that no person should hold
ofllco without devoting his time to
the performance of, the duties of
the same, gets far more than that
for himself and his associates. Seo
pa go 10 appropriation acts,' $38,000
is appropriated for the.' salaries pf
whoso name appear theffiin, 1 itm
tho pay role anal 4errd a cerMin
number otaytv ad laiitUed to
a warrrWirtaln aioun.
This ''h' F 4i4inad. fW
money, Mt butJItiibilMt avMeme
of liHkbtadMss. and of be' value
MM1 tte appropalations'Me made'.'
lit Mir. have beiat the nusiotn of the
ate 'wennurem, upon ine reuuem
sembly, and, for the oeeommodftJ
Won of members, and clerks, to
cash 'pay- accounts' before an ap
propriation ,by tne legislature f uut
thtf eustom is wholly Voluntary in
contemplation of law. '
Section IS, ot articles 10, of the
constitution of this state, provides
for; the' dlsbursment 'of' publlo
money, nnd to quote its ianeuagc,
'.Upon, warrants drawn by theslato
auaitor ana not otnefwiso.'
Section 10,'ot the, same article,
also declares that 'no money shall
evcr.bopald outof the treasury of
this stale, or .any other funds under;
Its management except in pursu
ance of an appiopriation by law'.
It -may 'not be the occasion for
xurprlso that some republican can'
dldatos ,for onice should j seem to
desire to break down the safe
guards of the treasury fixed by tho
Hers is an admission by tho can
dldnto, of tho party that for years
his party has been disobeying the
constitution of tho state, for it Is a
notorious fact that tho state pftlcers
have always paid tho pay1' certifi
cates of the General Assembly confusion while' siioll.er insu
when Issued. If Mr. Dockery think!
ho has won crcdltfor his 'party by
tho asscrtatlon that tho sworn
ofllccrs of tho state have habitually
violated the law in this respect,
rather than admit a deficiency In
the treasury, which Mr. Solbcrton'
page 28 of his report admits ex
Istcd, as ho says tho appropriation
for tho preceding years exceeded
tho rovonuo by 8105,308.01, he Is
welcome thereto. Then tho Legis
lature appropriated ,880,000 to pay
th'o deflciencles ,ln tho mntUx of
criminal costs mono, besides enor
mous sums for other deficiencies.
(See pages 13, ii, 15, 10 and 17.
Soslon Acts, 1000.)
Again and ngnluhas been point-
iegislatea part of'the lees 1
state treasury, deliberately I:
Vn.. i . ,1,., d his fees fifty per ceYnd 1
expU.lf!r..0J """n 0,1 nrovldcd . that sixty per W
thn nMefl force and on Dace 4
V-UlO.OOO1 more for contingent ex
'1 Vtwsscs. altoirethcr 848,000.
wo bee
clear violations
Us Dredecessor has rinm
Uowing iVords, arld.I -i
Interview -with lovernor.
in the St. fluis Itopublic.
0 "tor many years tho various state
tud the evidence l tle PP Hi" . . bo turftcd inWThe Treasurers, Including Chappel,
acts, (hat 8ve '"- , " Utate treasury. It comes w.uasciDert nna' myself, have been
fMlows:' from that sido 01 mo vu0 guilty at times perhaps of technical
4.'.l". . U tl.tln. U l- ....
18KH". . .'ji82.Mlto talk o! ICO gru""'"H- UJ, u.vcuiit; anu paying
1808-ur,, ..3il.si Hcro oro n few llguresm warrants on tne revenue fund when
18IB-70,.,., 4o.2',S.20l ,tu m nfflce of the seorctnthoi fund was cxhnuBtnrf. nnH hv
Tof.U.i!wy;1-'Vle;;;"ry bcCauso that ofllce U c0a,uQ could only be done byuslng
Tfil. lurludes all Ibe Itemi e J . other but bcj,'nu80UflK.Iunii8ag tho8chool ftndBoml.
B.ture .ml the Ppe o w r by Ws teforenw." raund, haTobcea used and ox-
prlrt.lug wm rt0 "itl L Count Kodman, has Invited ori- wllh thh a,ffenm0Of
CudeU ibe .tsiio-er, ... , :lVncates to show In tho
vsrions, oBU-rt, uut . - , omco of secretary ox o
lcluled in the u cost tho people, o tno stave -
. . .,r hv V Jill . -
Tosl Mr. Docker, i beeom.uK
. ......1 ...tlwthe wav tbe pu
0"" ' . :...,.1i u ht ny,
'mh he emssud tb'e (..;.
SiS Z n -d .k. e,rm.ure.
. .1 .1 vntiTLi f
U""Vifta5audl896 he will
l ,U 'I. " emled $97,2.A0.
Z 7.t 'Auction from ,80S am
h Lr..,. B nemiWlenou8eoi
h8JV' :...;., hold back the looter.
..... r..t extent, i
2 T ? .. tmiiior'sRcpon,
. Kciucn - ,
1 low
exP.rudllure.a.io..o- following sums per W " CT ring nt
- ' :::: " ceding m, pn nY.
S: I:. ,." r Bent expenses anu .-u", yk Btory
' - '-v..' ' ... ..oi.ooo.ooo iv v. ;j35i ihMor r been
ltswH,,. . .iWinwiigia 1 ' ll'Mfiuo . ... J nmfrnnkto
; 11-,"v.v.'.v:.',v.v...-.
'.";":'..'.... .., .mt un .-.;r:
.m w ".-.v.
" I 1BVJ.
1 l
but what appears In
funds, heaven and tho
JcfTorson City
ft! IC,l'l' "
MktWVnilHl e. Umlif If "1
CH.J., Ann; 91(104 tt'er.'ilv., f
lBtpired,"uKoeUMj he cjiiilrndlcll boti
hliiHeir.'Hie spoille mid pniiiiheU stul
OhrUl awil "(&miHOiiHie,''w1efeii
plrstloii.Tlienioii lotlilellty reels the
bunion ill proof. 'AY!!," repli( lull.
delllj-.-lort wot l'nul plnlnly my br.l
Cor. xJ, 19, 16, tht wonisH mut
pfay U'I preKch""ilfi her lislr lor, s
corerlug," Apil ti.tescii go(Nl Hilugs."
Tit. 2-8.! Yes, and Paul never com ra
llied 'himself, for. he yi 'to preset)
-propbeleuelu" nd to pray "-pfpfeH.
kelii" stul lo leach "illitukclD," but
toruldi "Islelu" ImmIWIh. d
: Iteplies luflile,lll: "A way wlili your
GTetkftlaia linglltli 1 ll:l know or
wsntf( So, see.the flat ooutrar)lcll6u In
1 Cor, xlv.34:Htt Itp.fhsine for wuilieti
lo ipesk In lli'n church." And la' Uat
prsyluj aiti) preachliiK apesklnR?"
And iu plain Kiiiciltb ten? Theu lu 1
Tim, 'i 13, "I aufler nut a woman 'in
Inch." Such) uiiitradlctloni cancel
IVul's "Foi'fltrn hooka," and 'I'elar
who etidortca, l'anl, and Chrlat who
euiloraea l'elcr. "Now where ta your
Inaplred IKbio?' exclalma lnlldellly.
We reply: Quole'ill the con I ex t In
Timothy and t!or. In plalu Kngllili:
Where, inlldel. It your loslc and lion".
etty? Does the KnallMi word "to fprak"
always mean "to pray or preach?' Not
Nnl And does not the, context here
bow' that I'auI If forblddlutf and -sll
The page re(e.r to
too long to
omparison I
courted by
soy thnt
".'.'jio.ii a,uvAtno mistakes havo
??AI a.i-i-jVcW8. lie has been
jii.ooo,ij tWorVg that hnssun-
.48,000 "VrcA nnd hn mn 1
. ' , i nimsciii . " "v--
' n. 1 bnvunrcscntea ii. . ygcifor reply. If he
'JZZ T records' published by the kdi by thI, g
u,..v - 1 n i. no I 17 in tttiin ...v.!i.. i.
democrat 0 omcinis, wv.v - -- t u ycn
.th state, undls-l . AJuni), how IicIdIoss
omciai niovu'j' " , , uuuiu uv, --1 -r
inimitable'.. I have in- . ted and in'tho full
dlcated where every scrP of the I man ot
oviaencocan uo iouu., knave tnaj - .?
this record, so maueu, .guilty 01 Bj" " , "f"
ory has Invited mo jub mcnts, 1 wo' m.siaio-
HQr.copluoflhe.state. codowntodto them and
"'ffiforelclosel desire tojre- b(J hsmustcer
i nno other matter and to give ancchmnUcr.-,thIs great
Ithromlnoncolamngalncompeiioo. ' d of vor; 8yiablo
1W, Taper forprlatlng --uM tho jUssoUrl Democracy.
m. gtadoaer.. .ho maiU!T of tho ccntroversy
..lrtf, .entire IP: wmen u cftndldato
a:.,...i uwi&Jouroi Flory, mu ...
' . r l cUla... 8up.com. ,or Governor, as t l"t To
to uso tho
dirty blot on thiork and
I hyao lndlcnieto laonc.
every man ennnco that
to disprove tho Wilmself ,
ments found in.u,stato
--isssi-" fizzz: Belong
Altor'B repon ,
not ino n?
su r?.:. it ilnwlnir remnrka-
ory ronBcs nv
We' statement:'
Ut Is tho cuswu. w.
3d 7or .rlnUng blUs for tho
immoral ob"""vi ... ,u, mH ro.
5; nairea 02 and ol.oi mo -
vriatiuiS h"1 forSyuate,.,...
HU) for Home.'.,.!
13 ; tabo'rtatltIe.ui
Kir: it.,?-'
Bgaaaaa.'-n '-f-"
payer anu vow;t niivx.-
thnt no st
bottom, romcmberlUho
l law that is gtvenijuio
it IB mu vm- .ftU61lflwul m"
assemmy, ..hB nnrty awitner. - - .
accounts: cerxy..h:r- - ,d Joo r ory
wenni, VoursoU onu me "
any one " Vvn'u are at
.. 4hnr.-witnCBS '
testimony " -v ... vnlfl or
Ifvou do this you will vote tor
a 6hanco, to open
nomau It tpeakluit? Moreover, l'anl
iievcr itw KiikIMi, hut wrote lu '-plain
Craek",andlorbad only "lalelu" 'con
luicU ipeaklui;" and "balibllug" not
praying (1'roaeiikeln) nor leaching,
dlda,kkeiu. Note nlto. Kach nt tnolva
illflereut Greek words la Iraiuliteil by
our oue word "lo ajieak." The.u, "who
but Ijfiioraiit lulldcls" who forbid lit
to look at the meaning of the inspired
DreekVord.aiul tliirluiplred context''
alio.to Dud out (he true meaning of -'lo
apesk." tliice Chriitlaulty alauda or
lana ou wnat 1'aui actually wrote ud
mesulf There la no tpiilradlclloii In
the Greek text. Si' l'aul alauda; aud
luddollty falls. Therefore, slucq I'auI
command women to preach "prophol-
ouoln" auoTforblda only Ialeln' "baU
bluigr all women mutt Improve' and
uaennlrsleiit'' ami "spiritual ullta"
to, (inafr head" nt,r x,hn'Ul
Me tint ioriirtiid, Itf
men aeuleu, IB
urn uucuauKenoiejieaortii Imower
liispireu both men and women lo
leach, pray, preach aud propheay; aud
lie calls su 'honor,'' not a "ihame"
If uiider law and order,
"Aow to tho law aud .testimony!"
(1) Jehovah our Christ, Inspired
siinain to pray, preach and nronheev:
uui lie puulshed only her "shame.
lul lusubjocliou" to Motes Ex. 16.
(2) HuldaVs prosheties, made In the
'Lollego at Jerusalem," are twlco re
corded, 2 Chron. 34-22-28 ami Klnfi
22-14. Was that "a shsme?'
(8) Tho Inspired Deborah' led aud
taught aud prophesied to, all Israel
le uo"ohame."
(4) Christ, tbe Klcrnal Jehovah, en.
lered llio soul of the woman al Jacob's
well aud lusplreil her to preach tho
gospel 1111I0 Iho fcslvstlpn of "maiiy."
.ino. 4, 21 aud 89. Whst "aliamo"
would It be, loso Inspire somo of you?
(6) The prophetess Auua mot tho
Intent Jesus in the Tomple. Were her
prayers,. prophesls aud "speech to all"
a "shame?" 1,11k. 2-34. God Is uuchsuir.
able! lu Christ. Ihore Is neither m.L.
nor female." ''God Is 110 respector of
persons," "ouand your sobs aud
daughters shall prophesy," says Joel;
aim reter forbad themuol, at llio I'eu
lecost, and Paul, ueyer! No, uovcrj
Yea, Buys Paul, "Let the elder woin.
eu (Gr. "Feuinle presbyters," or female
ambassadors) be teachers of good
tuings," thus 2:3,4, using here tho
very Greek words that mcaus both
private and public "teaching." And 1.
Cor. xl: 6, 18, 14, Paul commauds worn-
cu to pray, nresch aud teach ivtll.
their heads covered with "long hair."
to show "subjection" lo parents or
husband, "her bead." Hut. I. Tim. 2-n
and 12, Paul forbids "lusubjectlon;" no
unruly "womou to leach "over man."
iw -j'.vb nsu aoue. viosru In silence,"
and not disturb tbe speaker. Good
Itule! What "shame" Iflllllo Paula
beard Iho prophnlcss Anua euforclng
the same rule when she "spake" dally
lu the "Temple?' f.uko II, 80, C8, for
"ibaay yeara." Also see tuko 1-46, 6G.
Now to the lug of war! "Chloe" had
reported the "Free Methodist stylo of
.worsuip - ai joriutu;.j Uor.(l, ll.xlr,
Row IwaUins .Paid Ibeapulplk
IiMeVi. i:G?t,.tin Xt'blm (that
mH over I ttrp) ktwp , attlsee; ithe
(I'roplieteueitijni piimie oecauso ram
iyi:-"Lei 'man, keep silent 1h tbe
atiurch.auil speak (Uleln) iolilnwelt
ainl'0'odr"'yel fhat Is sll'lhe force
IVrreltTii lbe"grvat Infidel afguweulj
agalutl Pmll'a liinplralloifor xremlng
?!-ilopiitradlctloii.'' Tim ,col"oxt;
proves lhat Paul ls (v. 81) ilmiil glv
iii 'the riile of spta'klng "o,e by owe";
vt JIJ, "Kor God .la uut a (Sod of confu
sion, but of peace"; therefore, v.
"Letyour women falto) keen ailetillin
to eliurehis, for.lt It not psruu'ltfd
uii'tu rtiem to "bahlU",(siH)V) or 'ask
louwKis;!" (UlelttVas"'b6: mj t the
law" of f peace aud order'' and-tubjec-tiou",
lCor.xl-8f6. "And ,a.'vw If
Ibey will learu auylhlng'l about Ibe
tpeech, "keep silent," then "te't ti.etS
auk. Ihelr own huabauda at home," Ibe
uivanliig of the prupbesy; vt. 3.1, .-for
Ii It shameful for women" -'uuuilxlu."
silly liniiiapired women) "to itpeakjH
('lalelii,'1) In babble or ask qiieslloln.l
unt-prupbeleuelu" unr-Piiiseukelir-r
JJut "shamelnl" In make "conlunlnnJ
m If to "lord II" over borinau and tbe
ll.Mplred speaker. "Kor ye," v. Sl.boMi
tutu ami wiihiru. "may all" 'f.ht
whole church," v. 23) "prophesy (ro
pheleuelu) oue by oue that alllbay
learn and bo comforted;" (v. 3) "Kor
be for the) that proplictlvtu speafcolli
uutu'niuii lo cdlllcatlon and exhArla
llou aud cmnfnrt"; and v. 4, "edlhelh
Iho church," if uoua are "confutlug.
"Wherefore brethren" (adelphoi, iiieii
aud wonieu)"ciivef carnetlly to propht
ey, aud forbid nut" man or woman
"to apeak" (talkj',svlti tfViiguet, "lie-
ccuiiy nun 111 uruer, v, auti.iu.
Hence, we tee Ibat our Kugltah "lo
tpeak," and alto the Greek "lalelu,'''
"lo speaMV literally mcou to -'babble"
yr "iiiutte." If "confutlou" la meant
lu Iho texlWcoiitext; Hut,, lu a good
teute, tu "talkj'fbut uuver atluio a
full syuonym of priiitiukciu or proph
eleuelu, as above proved. Iguoraut
that con'fus(ou" It Uupretbyterlijn?., 1
TlrH.-lAiTheu be Iguoraut" v. 38
'Shanie"tbame" upon the blas
phemes, that call Paul au uulusplred
bachelor,'! io rover their owu Iguo
rauce and Insubordination tj Lit pres.
byterlal training aud vowa, "Teach all
God": truths."
it ytM wast kick go arpusd bebiad the
nt aad uWa gooil kfck af yoartelf.
!&r lf,yoU.fifs"l!Hi .Wayyeu are Ibe
ittttBecdakiektWf! at whatever
dn;ilou't'.bft a lileker.' ti .
Hiith Watr tClrotiiatloB Pr ., (
U Utile u away atnltl'lha, tavernl thoa- '
amVwofdt of PetlM-,I)ieKluley'' ,
Jtwer, ef aeeeplaaet.'ars'.'fou .flgtKoa VA'f;
. . . . . ... - .11. v
mal lei a reman.anin laie ihiio tomi j, -;.j.jh
MmIs of'jiur pretsnt'nioBeaVy.'aystei'.r-'.
Hneakiiiar of the lurreatitir ".VSlunfl of"
our curney'hoeoniparea'rrMjpf eap.t "
lia.oirciiiaiiou oiavooouiiuiT i,iiw ,
with lbei21.10of IBM, and ib'cidMtali
lr remarks that ob Sept.. Hatt It Wat " .1
Mr. McKlnlev hail 16 maay ether
thluga In say ,;i his letter ithct he
coold not pause to elaborate ou the '
fact that hls per capita, based upon,. (
an iivrrettlliiated population 6(78,097
000, matka the high-water record of
the.liinuey III circulation In Ilia United '' 1
State. We will supply a little table
that will afford luteretlluif readlnr for
Mrf flryan and the other prophets- 0;
evil who louryeare agoprcdlcteu a
ihrluksge lu clrculallo'i If the gold
tlandsrd prevallejl. Hegtuuiug 'llh
the even decade before '.'the crlina.pt
1878." the money Iii.clrculatloii-aud ,
per capita lu each half decade hat beau
at louows: . a
Xonfj In Clrcultilon
Clrciilainn tier capita.
.. (l75,sll,TOr' lTJO
, 754,101 JJ4T 17.1K
,., :3ii.a8) ' i.4i -
.. 1,(21.2.11 !Ji-J
... uil,wiK.4;.i tiM
If the per capita circulation were
calculated 011 79,000,000, which la the
conservative estimate of Ihe popula
ting of the Culled Stales to-day," ! t
would be ovef $2710, or almntl'ijbuble
what It was ai tho outbreak of the ar.
, ifnrlng Ihe last twenty yean uiftlerT
"Die existing gold stamtaru" rue
omouut of money In circulation luthT)
United Stales hat mora thnn doubled.
Chicago Tlmet-llerald.
IfcKV . ..
1890. ..
lixiu (8eiit. 1).
Extracts from "Chips".
A candidate who buys his noml
nation ought to be de'cefff euougli to
stay at home during Ibe campaign.
ile,!t i)M.rlgln;-lio can get on the
alreetsVnU buy hit elcctiou pu votlug
i a
usilbuyer, iieuis s ijo.
I'oiiucai nroKers.
Volet Bought. Sold or Kxl
Spectil Attentlou to Hear Cr
blilt. Managers for Iioutrtj
ut equal
Hy to "work" uuder aulhorjly,
Therefore, Mr. Infidelity you shall
uot cruth dowu upou the. blow of "In
spiration" yourcrowu.of Ihorut. Ton
titan uot crucify our "glficd sisters"
ot hit leg pulled' for.
Us heelers mi nrtinapt- ilv
TfaTestecmed New Klorenco trader
tbouldhave knowu hotter than to have
sprung the fact that Prairie township
upou n cross of "mliluterprelatlou " . ,uree uo""l,cea on tho 1890
.... .... 1 ' 1 lleunt I. fl... ! , . .
tu nrk iibc. 11 waa dv a
eulomb them In "Idleueta," and, theu,
at the resurrection aud judgement,
chargo them with "sinful ueglect" to
lead you ami yours lo a spiritual uu
lou with Christ our eternal Jehovah
your great Judge and mine.
No, No, lulldeliti! God declares
womau U be luati't bclp-ineet lu
"prayer aud exhortation" uuto Hie
eterual; unto tho "world's regaining"
tho perfect imago nt Jeaus Chrl.i m,r
Lord of glory, Jlnt eterual "shamo"
upou iguorauce, coufiialon, lusubordl.
natlou, prejudice aud lulldellly. Hm.
"Be thou tallhlul lo the end, and ihoti
shall receive a crown of Life."
IV uimnvw, - . . , ' w-....
make baro tho wnoivs(.j8). Heuco Paul, as 'chairman of tbe
"1'rMlhVlnPl.II riVM'lm A 1 l t 1
tv.v,,vw i sv j vni res, ores
1 (
."'. " I. Ill
t. " tjM "
e "l'retbyterlau ordor of
Uou't Ho a Knocker,
II your neighbor It prosperous, let'
Dim prosper, says the Cass county
T . l . t. . .
uuiiiui'iai, liou i grilUt: L'lOWl or
grumble. Say a good word for him
aud.let It go at that, Dou't be a kuock.
or, Your,turn will couio. No man t
tho whole show, II you seo tho towu
tuovelug aloug nicely, feci good about
It. Help things aloug shove a Utile:
plish. Try. lo get some of tho benefit
yourVell. pou'l stand arouud like
a chilly cadaver, bou't waste your
time leellug sure because soma other
I fellow has a littlo mOro tense then you
have. Do b JlttJo bustling 'yourself,
Dbu'l he's konckcr. If you can say a
good word, say it like a prince. If you
aro full ol bile and disposed to say
something mean keep your mouth shut, j
uuu no a KuocKer. no man ever
mado a dollar by kuocklug, No uiau
ever got rich of happy minding every
body's business but bis owu. No mau
ever helped himself up permanently by
knocking his neighbor dowu. Give a
kind word; glvo It liberally. It won't
cost you a ceul,sud you may have II1011-
saudt lo-day;autt noxt year be without
ine price 01 a suave, fto uou't be a
knocker. You can't aiford It. Itirou't
pay. There's uolhiug tu It. If you
want lo throw aomethiug at somebody
throw cologuo pr rotes dou't throw
brick bii(; imid. Dou't bo aKiibcker.
couveutlou, not a prlmnry; secondly, It
was uot through auy love lor this
township, but through haired of Mont
gomery.and Dauvlllo for each other
over tbe court question, Prairie- will
take more couventtont.
t The usual large attendance at Cort
Stewart's colt show last Saturday ad
mired tbe stylish Carueglea and big
Jumbo mules nearly as large as
Vearllugs many of them. Itbeliigour
first visit, We do not know how Ihe
coltt compared with former years, but
tho largo number shown Saturday aro
a credit lo the farming coiumuulty.
A gentleman from Llticom county
took premium ou best coll, Will Mil
ler on Jtattler mule and' Mr. Jeaus, ,of
Prices Hraucb, ou Jumbo.mnles. Ueu
Strank nf Ul.l.ll.i . ,
, .wivii wna oup ot the
Judges. Among tho colts was Walt
Hogselt's which look a premium' at
froy and for which Walt had refused
au offer of $75,
I havo bought tho Montgomery
Sleam Lauu'dry of P. 8. Creasou and
w combine ami run tho same. I
solicit a liberal tharo of Montgomery -City
patronage aud will guarantee' '
llrst class work. A. C. Wilson "whn '
has done Ibe work lu tbe past for Mr,
Creasou will continue as Laundrvmau.
Glvo me a trial. Chas. Wadk,
Mt Pronrlclor.
Whlto Man Turned Yollow.
Great consternation was folt'by the
friends of SI A. Hogarty of Lexington,'
Ky., wbeu they saw ho was turning 3
yellow. Ills tklu slowly changed color
also his oyos, aud he eulfered terribly, i
Hit malladf was yellow Jaundice, lie n
was treated hy Iho best doctors, but ;
wituout uouorit, Then bo was advised
to try Jec(rIo Hitlers, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver" remedy, aud'heVIl
writes: "After taking two bottles ft
was wuouy etireu." itrlrl proveo. its
matchless merit for altSloroicb, Liver
and Kidney troubles. Onlv 'flOe: Hold
I by Ihe Clly Drug Btoro., 1

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