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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, September 28, 1900, Image 3

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"AW: HmarMB'nf Matt.
: to? Mi
iWteste "Alfred' lnUi. tn ni
JbM Mefolofitt of1 American'
knUi'who was summoned from Paris
' ftjfjsf?, Phoebe A."Harst,ls In frequent
(oewtiHatlon, with hr' retarding the
novation lwhtea'ura tq be undertak
,enln Grcete to enrich the museum of
.eja4al ; aad archaeology which
Mrs., Hw.rs propea to establish In
.Rerkejky, During the few weeks
which. ,I'rof. Kmerson will spend In'Cal
t Ifoi'nla the clawlcal frhoWra of the two
i universities are 'making the trios t of
Wthe privilege ol discussing things
,CIreek with hlrb, pr, Emeron i an
, archneologls by deliberate choice,' .He
began his preparation for work at an
early age, spending (wo year InfAth- ? V
Vna while atlll'ln his teem thut -i-J-l-S
kilght learn modern, Greeks Aa a re
rilt he apeaks the , language, wltu'a flu-'
racy equaled by few, If any, other Am
erican scholars. , Professor Emcraon
mlvbt be called a precuraor of the Am
erican ichool of claaiical studies In
Athna, which datea only from 1881.
He studied claialcal philology In Mun
ich uider, the famoua latin crltlo Karl
Halm, end Von Chrlit, the leading con
temporary authority on ancient meter.
He alao'atudled archaeology under the
late Profeaaor' Brunn,, at that time the
foremost' German archaeologist. He
took hli.rb. D. at the unlreralty of
Munich !ii 1181.. The profeaaor haa
taught In several ot the leading uni
versities bt America, Including the
Johns Hopkins unlreralty and Cornell
nalverslCy. While at Cornell be organ
bed a museum of claaslcal archaeology
.whlchranks aa the largeat and rlcheat
university museum ot thla kind In tne
United State. Ho haa excavated a
.Greek temple. at Croton, Italy, lodging
and boarding for raonthe'ln a lonely
.lighthouse; ex'plore-l-the North Afri
can country known to the anclenta aa
the Gyrenalca, braving the, dtifavor ot
an old-style Turkish pasha, and climb
ed Mount Olympus with an escort ot
Ottoman soldiers.;
Booth, ml u Maa Who Du K.kar ol'
, "About two years ago," said a bus!-
n ess man to. a New. Orleana Tlmes
' Democrat 'reporter, ''there died at the
1 Charity hospital an. eccentric old Der
ma who. once upon a time followed
H i Bmr'ti coat or mail. iyng
" II all II Ml war ho had a little lewalrv
ItVNot in. the Eizz'
That the. aiiaSitydf 'odia' wa
ter- Lies. Ifsliii'the syrups and
the mixing, anjeiin'the amount
1 rr itmi Yn 4- .4
Pure 'fruit syrups--"tfna&ulterated,
are the only kind we-use. They're
absolutely necessary to good soda
water. 3 ; " 0
Careful mixing the right quantity of syrup and the
right( quantity of "ftzz'V-makes a.duTerence that we
take painB in.
The ice in the .cooler is an 'important matter. Soda
wnter,must be cold, ice must be generously supplied.
We use pienty of ice Visit us during the Street Pair.
Gr. EX MUNS & Co.,
Cigars for, the Smokers to Smoke.
i; 'H
Wjf (jp Wjf SB
Jit Nwmln.miltm faltU CMtr t tutlL
Cm! ( VaMtw and MlcmaH CaaaU
The aereral classes ot work are gUen
for Nicaragua canal aa found In the
Ludlow report The railroad cost at
Panama la for a change of line of the
Panama railroad, neceiary to replice
that portion, to be submerged by the
summit lake. No harbor protection
works are figured at Panama because
with what has been dona at Colon and
the. natural conditions In Panama bay;
none are needed,- No rock ( protection
for embankments Is needed at, Panama
.because there aro no embankments;
for reletting canal slopes, the figure
used by the Ludlow commission lor
Nicaragua la also used for Panama.
For engineering, hospital; service, and
buors;and:llihU; o-haIf of, the Nl-,
araaua estimate tsrxisad at Paaassa M
taw, Tift " m aVIU flllllalH I DO l H Ltna UCrm. 1BU ur tav
Cason's Pharmacy uns
der the Opera House ac-,
curacy, carefully selected 1 eu uuu 7in a u
drugs, moderate charges uign iTm.V.'lftw I
Ac Klortncf lutl a in
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve,
lias wurlil-Iila fsiua lor marvelous
cures. It sunasies any older salve, lo
tion ololmcnt or balm lor Cuts Corus,
Durns, Dolls, Sores, Felnus, Ulcers, Tel
ler, Salt Hlieum, Kever Sores, ClisppeJ
llaudi, Sktu ,Krupllous; lufslllble for
I'llei. Cure guaranteed. 'Only 26c,
at Oily Drug Store .
The erosrgcocy'bii(iscut byacliureli
sooty to jLmtiw aoiaiers ia ine i'bh
ipiias ooaiainM
Past, Accom, Freliht.
7:1(1 pm licOOsin
1M pm ll.-Ojm
8:03 pm llOlam
Montgomery ,ttV; a m X:Iipm 15:0U ni
tlnvilleT...l(-(ni f:I7pm Ui'lOpm
Pass. Accom. Freight.
Wellavllle.., .SriMnui 7:37 im- 10.-03 a m
Mgntgomery,..3Wpm 7: Warn KfcUim
twLloreoee.3:l8pra .-00am HJla
High' Hill tiHp'm 800 am ViMv
Joneaburgi)...4.'Opm' NNam.. lMapaa
r U!a wen pats MoaumMTj, at Hist
, ea.( I'l:7 p. mi v. m.W 4 ssml
Meatfemery CHy-rifs Men4ay hi Msy
iMtd Seeaail Maaday In- tfoTcubar;
PsafMe-Faurtii Moaday. In AprH imi
First MoWay la OTtinW. u jr i
, phobAtk COUKT. ,u f
Montffy.Clly-Thlni WoeJiyla, Jsa
'Aprtluly tad Oct, ... , i( ,K
Danrltf.-Kk,t Hondar la Jfartli, Jaae,
Mont'iteaery CIlfKlr.t Monday In Men.,
,une, Sept., and December.
DsntWa. Wrt Monday In Feb.. Mar.
' K ' ' r
Bottla Tna to Sufferers,
Deep-Mated, 'obstinate caars, the kind
that have resitted doctors, Hot Bprtnge'j abd
ptUnt iHCdirhie treatment, iulcklyyled (o
II. H.B. (Bou'nlfl Blood Bating Hiorowtd'ily
tested for 30 years; Have you 'muenoua
patches In the month? Hon throatr Krup-
iionsr ruling eorert none rains! lteblng
sklnl Bn(Jn glandtt MB JolniiJ Copper
colored Spots? CliaBerear Ulceration on' tin
body? Hair and eyes fall out? Is tbetkt a
of bolls, pimples snd ulcers? Then
this wonderful 11.11. It. speclllo, will com
plrtrly change the wbol. hooj Into a Uau,
lierrect condition, free from eruptions, snd
skin smooth with the glow of prrferct
hesllh. 11,11, II, drains lite foltuD out ol
the ijiti-in so the symptoms cannot retun.
At the same tliarll.II.il. bnllds up llie
broken down eonsillutlim snd luiproves the
digestion,, go suffsnrs mar test II. H. II.
a trial bottle will be glren aWay free,' of',
cuiise, ii. ii. ii, lor sale uy til tiruggina
st 1 per Urge bottle, or vlsrge hollies (full
treatment) f.i. Complete directions with
esch bottle. Fortrisl Irattle, sddress lllood
Halm Co., Atlanta, (la. Describe trouble
and fire medical advice given.
hino?iitiL&4if K WWI
are the greal7d4 eoiuMNr)t ImttwsM,
Good j foeJ "well". myeelrJ ''giWsi. ,
Sreuglh. If you chhikiI rltfffM all Jtssaj"
eatj o'i be4KiMyr,P;sruli Cure,
It dlxeets whal vow eat VnN uti
Hoi diet yonnrU. It roitlalM'all wf Uw,
dlerslanls emwWHeil "rii .ifc MM
Ihowii Innlos amt recoiillrifflvTa. It
will even dtewt all ulaisea ( fixxss hi
',UHtle. Mo otHet prvisarstMiMt wltt
Jo'1 llil;iiIt-"lBtainljr 'reWav-, MssI
ili1ekly cures' alri.lomaett trouhla
City Drug8or . ' (( . ' j '
Ti x
haa bnmtbt permaaaat rsHet to a nil
Hon anBariaa wm it bo wata on theli
wartonnnidaMaiatM. HnuMHckall
was faMdaeltalacla health, vhaa Wuw
fr Cardal pwforevtd a"oBdrfal crV
'1'".?' w,JttliUaao
nlM of (lilac ot the woab, bmarrlMaa
ppwuit ol th awtlH two BMiatha
I. m.f I4it
lavkag m. Upsaat. 4, I
1 Jk BMlf 9. at )Vatt p. ,1
Good Farm for Sale.
A well Improved prairie fa'rtii of 80
At 8. 1-2 V.. W. M, 'wmS
llouto'nosrl)' new, S large rooms. 2
storf front, double1 portico, IS by 32
L, 8 uy 82 porch screeuetl.- "
llaru S2 by SO. Implemeul house 20
by 28, Ice bouse, shed autl crib 22 by
Xi, smoke douse etc. Variety ol frnlt
handy to two school bouses, ft church
es, aud telephoue box. 7 miles N. K
of Moatgomerr, City. Mo; Clear tlUe.
Adcreaa Montgomery ItepnUcaii,
Houtgomery City, Ho. '
Wit" ' ' i
SSc.Mc.isot We, t , S6c, tM
ee of Kooky Mettasi "tm tWl
aapcid hea vitality aolll tha traa a hra-
S??. TWea eaias th trial ol wlo of
Cartel aa4 the cura. hra. Mliokall's
f.IIT?f ooaht So eoBimaod "Witt of
Cardal to snBrrtag nmn ta worts ot
la wlthla the reach olalU Wotaaa who
try U aro rallarotl. Atk yoor dioaatat
lor a St bout ol Wine ol Carsol, aa7 o
nos laaoa aaDouwto u uii4aroa yoa.
Mra. Wtnit Mllthan. Sootk Swtno, W. C.I
"Wlaa or Carat I anj TtitaSjua'a viae.
mm" Bate yttrt a nltataloaa 'm
la air tata. I taS Sato a OM rmS-ar
with ItlllM of tta mU uS taaomtaiaa.
oo omy ,waaa sar avo
totoywtao of Cartf-S
aaararaianota rtM
ptnoiat bb wrro
Mod taSaota no to try
and SHMk.lMaatht. aad
mm? ISSSf T3tJ
I nnrloaf. -- I . Ilta" A. I
Montitrj : Coiatj : Pui
and grubbing.
Imata of the cos!
ragua at I11UI7.-
id 'Vahama it fW.nOMt. . Add
20 per cast for contlnxencloa and you
havel the toUl for' Nicaragua of I1SJ.
m,tK and Panama ,9,MI,139. En
gineering Magatlne.
,H waa"aaM that the "coats" would turn
IttM, knU , ori a hullec They, were
fashioned aomethloc like a aleeveless
undershirt, and were Intended to" be
worn ImmedlaJ r beneath the outside
rarnianta. ftiV uian dava the use of
such device! waa nonularlr attributed t
to fellows who wanted to aecure an 'in- Dotal. at Atatu.t. u.t. uaoa nht
fair advantage In duelling and the rep- 4?5?!" 1'
ntatlon ot wearing one under any ctr- 1 since the flrst foreigner. In the per
eumstancea was fatal to a reputation I son ot a Dutchman, landed on the Is
for courage.. Consequently the old la-d of Sumatra In 1M9, the native
German dl't go to any pains. to ex- ( Achlnese have combated the usurping
. plolt his business and his customers . of their land foot by foot. Although,
must have come to him through many when the Dutch get the Achlnese out
devious channels. I knew the old In the open, they Invariably beat them,
ehap quite well when I was a boy, and the war contlnuea In a desultory man
I have often aeen him putting the mall , ner today, and will only end when the
together In hla little back room. He last native of Sumatra has been
-got the links from Germany, and they killed In action. The number of
Vame In long slugte strand chains, , Achlnese killed has never been known,
which he faatened together at the but the war haa been a very aerloua
edges with small steel rings, thus
building up a frbrlc, like knitting n
stocking. The coata were mai l over a,
wooden form, shaped like a man's
torso, and, were astonishingly
After the war broke. out a good many
' men bought them openly, as a legiti
mate protection, and for a while the
old man had more business than be
could attend to."
drain onthe manhood ot Holland, and
many ot her best solldlers were killed
between the' years 7J and 78, when the
struggle waa very bitten Since 104,
llrht. i wln Ferslana surrendered r
B"M 1 1 .. n..l.H IL. HIimuHUI, till.
tans ot Turkey have nevtr aheathed
their awords In regard to the former
country, save in the flesh of the In
habitants. At the beginning of the
present century Algiers Anally passed
Into the banda of France. From that
time to the present the French nation
has alwaya kept an army corps ot not
less than C4.000 French troops garri
soned there to light the Arabs, who In
vest the hinterland and raid the
French possessions at least once a
A Story Ahoal liullan
Here la a new Duller story, and a
Canadian one at that. During Red
River expedition In 1809-70 a soldier
in the King's Royal Rifles, who Is now
a messenger Ih the Dank o( England,
was mucil in uveu ui a piirciui ui tu- 4
bacco. lie approached his brother ,
Tommies for what he required, but I
without succees, A figure that seemed
familiar marched steadily ahead, and
tho soldier In desperation slapped. the
Individual on the back, saying, "dot
a nlneful ot baccy, raatot" The figure
turned, revealing Duller, then a capT' tie owner In Indian Territory;
tain In the same regiment The sol
dier waa overwhelmed with confusion,
"Very sorry I can't oblige." esld But- ciosa," he explains, "and when the lit
No t-aofor a Marsrlck.
The Rev. Cyrus Townsend .Drady,
giving experlenrea as "A Missionary
In the Qreat West," tells ot the bap
tism ot a little daughter ot a big cat-
In our
I . I . . U. I t.n.A w V, r
1 uui.ii,u.ni kiiivb v nihil iuu.v nuu
I are baptised with the sign ot the
tie girl returned to school arr the
baptism tho children pressed her with
hard questions, desiring to know what
that man with tho 'nightgown' on naa
done, and If she were now any differ
ent from what she had been before.
v....... ! She tried o tell them Sat aho had
I been made member of Christ, the
B'BB.i . i "
ilea took'. cere to' obtain Ihe' orlgaal
JeWllt's tyllch Itaxel Salve knowing
counterfeits arawtmhi
all the
Ibat al
City prug'Woriy
The Railroad In Education."
An lulcrcstiuy, instructlrr booklet
by 1'rof. Alex. Uoiig, special edition,
liaudsomely bound In cloth, title In
gilt letters, coulalua illustrated chapter
ou Ihe inaiilficeutSl. Ixiuis Utilou ga
llon; sent free upou appllcatlou, aX
companled by G cents postage.
C. 5. Ckanh
(i. I. and T. Wabasli U. It.,
St. Ivouia
Tkemarvelou cure of Mra.ltrna J.
Stout of cousmnpllou has created iu
tense exclemrut in Camiuack, Ind.',
writes Marlon Steivnrt.a leading drug
gilt of Muncle, Iud. She only weighed
9fl lb when her iloclnr 111 Ynrktnu-nl
aaul ahn imitl annti illo 1'hpiii hn-'
gnu to use Dr. King's New Discovert-
em! gauirii ui pounds iu tveignt ana
was complelely cured, it has curel
tliousauds of liopeies cases atidils pos
itively guaraulcetl lo cure altThroat
Chest, and I.uug diseases. SWand' $1
l'rlal bottles. free al Clly IWt Sine.
ler, "but I haven't a pipeful for my
self!" showing at the sarao time an
empty pipe,
llutltrnjr Paratolt.
One simply can't find anything more
delicate and fetching than the butter
flv nanisol. A beauty which a
belle will carry U of slllt with ,four
exqnisiio nsiitiu... K1..K(lom ot Heaven.' but did not suc-
eyery other gore; , . - coed In expressing tho situation vy '
."'".."..rbroTd0 d JSS h" ? I
. - ... . 0 .vn nnii nn. irirn T wnnn inn
nnrl I ' 1
child of Cijil. and an inheritor of thn i
ltrge sun spots, astromuers say
taused Hie cxlrt-aiii beat line stiiniiier,
and doctors tleclaro nearly all the pros-
ration were Induced by disorders oc
the stomach. Good health follow
gooddlgestlou. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
digests what you eat. If you have lu-,
digestion or dyspepsia It will quickly
relieve aud perinaueutly cure yott
City Drug Store.
Wabash Low Rates.
Sept. 4th & 18th Uct 2nd aud I6II1
tickets will be sold lo )liilt In many
states and territories at oue fare plus
two dollars for Ihe round trip good
for return 20 days Iroin date of sale
stopovers allowed goiug.
C. II. Oriialiau, Agent,
You can spelt It cough, .coff, cnugh,
kaul, kaff, bough, or kaugh, but the
ouly harmless remedy that quickly
cures it la Oue Minute Couyh Cure.
City Drug Store
Tho moVt daluty aud elfcctlyn pills
mndoare DeWitt's I.I11I6 Karly ltlsers.
They are iiurqiialcd for all liver ami
be wcl trouble- Never grlpo. City Drug
If wlVes liavoi auy compassion for
Dm sorrows uf cros, crnbid liiisbnnils,
give Ibem llocky Momitlnii Tea. Twill
remove any iiiUiundorBtnmltui; In the
Tajrou I
ol ttM
3T Again,
i's Sil I'llis
n rai:
wee IT
you wlf
I Uf
-Dll.'Buy onceTT Mo.VTOOKEHV Crr Ha
will buv & ' I . . -. ' '
There I. f wrlL r -? ; "-5 !sY9 AAA
tttiut I -ujawjLS Sc SON.
MAJOR'S RUB RPR sifasf Ml ino iritiiffi
TfM.mSSl:Q. h- l.au.W.- Will P,.t,c. . UV.H..,. ..A
a,. JSrl JL T" "Ii""-I?' '"J. orrica ova. .... V.
--all CO, SJCW TWIg CtTT.
orrica o va looix au m vis.
uc-XTGojrKi.r yirv, jro
lu India, the laud of iiiliie, Ihou.
sands die because they Jbaot obtain
food. In America, tho AI ol plenty,
many aufTer and ills brfue Ibey cau-
liot digest the food tti' "' Kndol
Dyspepsia Cure dlgef wnai you eat,
It lustnutly relie;el radically cures
all slnniaclie trouf". City Drug
Store, .
Made Y
One of Dr.
escli ulgbt for
In my 'teens'
Turner cf De
the brat in
ach and llii
iiMYUjia. itWKa
11 ior i.iver, Stoni.
I'urely vegetable,
r 2.1c. at tJlty Drug
It will
Crosse l.i
call ou
. 011 to read what the I.a
compsiiy has to say In
iper. If you want lumber
aud get figures aud
I pleased.
iilne natives run pell-mell
fiund of our Yeut.ee yell,
hat a gait they'll have, nia be.
klng llocky Mouiitiijn Tra.
1 i'iu.8111,
f'Ct woinaiiliood depends on per-
Ialiire'a rarest gift of
ral licauly comes to all who use
ry MouiilMu Ton, ihe. Ask )our
- Montgomery
TJ.Is school Is the product of years of studied application and
bough fu enterprise on .1,, p.r, 0f some of h. best nPrucrr. "n
J on 'd I, ,,"",,r .,", 'Mt 0t """Ingarc 'horougb.
...' "equipment Is equal lo and even superior to that
ur,U T.7Mhe eoi,W' r.at.ufl,- liuprov.og. , &
fumlsbe.1 the county wlh lis best qualified vouog teachers. Tho.
4 ZV! " "" ,Ch001 ,W "0t "r curi-ng ,.,o beV, Xcaou
nl benefit tb. county can affonl buf are helping buUd m. the
The attention the public Is luvl.ed to. . hi, year, improve.
The building has been thoroughly leuovaicd; Class rooms i.i.
pared and refurnished. A Gymnasium h.a been tJwTgtaoT.t'
beiicl, will, tool, for wood work. A lecture courZ fcS
. ,.,..u.o.uouts promised la our teacher'
Ihose who are looking for a good school requeue
Ibis one a careful investigation. Hesie
llespectfb.il,-, I'ublle School Hoard.
J. D. Ilarnell, Secretary. " U l"-J(""" Resident,
s course
re requestcuto give
it. sl.i. hha Ivatfamaifl ATlatrnn
i TL ,1. niiiht'ni ihn nl exhausted every 6thcr effort, shot
must contintio to ndoru Beauty's sun- hro,U1''' " J. L. r "n!
Ittt'.lUK lulu iui.i;iui..hih. - t
Tho Larsett Vultaralty,
The University of Calcutta la said to
be tho largest educational corporation
Ui tho world.- H examines raoro tha?
10.000 gtudenta annually.
tell you. I woy!r:llttle "maverick"
before, and the man put Jccua brand
on my forehead, and when Ho seea mo
lunnlng wild on tho prairie He' will
know that I am Ills llltlo girl.' ''
OEO. w: HILMON, Ta.rta.
am and Locust Sts.
CAPITAL $750,000.(0.
SURPLUS. $800,000.00.
i.jmt Cainli, luok.r.'
Kntnuu Mtuilllo, UanSar,
2!t r?r auiliiin mi1a... i ... -i
'it nm'" " certlflcBles of
on certificate, of deposit for
iii )erauauiotisjvlngaaccou
WlltUiuMatt,iurauiU.au ,
:iuts subject to check i
vfjKju ior sir mouths;
vlnga accounts. '
WTAccouota may bo opened and dopoalt,
mado by rnaII,-

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