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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, September 28, 1900, Image 5

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Our Stock is Large and Complete and We are. Pre
; ., .. -.pared to Furnish Bills Promptly.
..ife.-Make a Specialty of " '
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The Tribune.
Trlday, - - September 28, 1000.
Dr.Jonet nd wife, of JouMburg
viiited tlio falr
H.Smttli, of Wellivllle, w'm tUe
gueit of W. Y. Slk ftlr week.
Mlti Mary Kemp returned to Jonei-
Wff after vUltlnir In this cHy fair
week. '
Jolin welli, Gnorue Young ud wife,
soil Hale Young tad wife vlilted the
ttreet fair.
Mr. Overttreet and wife wero cuter
Li,! Mr week by D. Snothen aud
A.Voataud wile enjoyed a vilt
from their daughter, Mrs. Brer.nau, of
Moborly lait week,
Mr. and Mn. Drunert of Joneiburg
llted Hie fair crowde In Mont
gomery laet week.
Dr. Best and w.lic, of High Hill,
were the guet of Mrs. Bct' parent!
In thU city durlug the fair.
The Mle Morlarty of Danville
the truest of friends in Mont
gomery fair voek.
Miss LlizloBail and 'Miss Cope
Joueshurg, were . ontortalued by
friends dorlug fair week In this pltyi
Dr. Monta Clare, wife aud child
wero entertained by Dr. G, E. Muns
nd wlto durlug the big fair.
DeWltt's Little Early Risers ore
prompt, palatable, pleasant, powcrlnl,
purlfyluii llltle pills. City Drug glore
Jlr, and Mrs7cruuip of Qreoncasllc
are the Ke' lh'' wco, 01 ,ho'r son
Cuarlio Cwwp andwlfo of lhl clt)
,Dr. Womniack, of Bllex was shaking
hands with his mauy friends hero last
f ..nA Unv rnmn tin from 6t.
t nu in snonil folr week with
irlenda. V ' j
', . of
C, C. Lone visited Ilev. Mitchell
and wlf o InBt Saturday and Sunday.
Jlobt, Threlkeld, who has boon
seriously 111 for several weoks with
typhoid foVor, is reported better.
Miss Dora ktnms enmo over Sat
urday from Columbia to resume
hor duties In our High facliool.
ShantrFlsh camo up from St.
Louis last Saturday and visited
his fsmlly over Sunday returning
Sunday night to the city. .
Howard Ellis and wifo were vls
ltors at our fair and cxprcssca
themselves as well pleased with
the entertainment.
Pookot Pook Lost.
On tbo streets nf Moutgmucry City
Friday, Sept. 21, an eld laililouea
pocketbook with bill foMur In the
centre with name ol J G I'arsons on
the bill folder. Liberal reward will be
paid for return of pocket book and
contents to Christopher G. I'arsous,
near Olney, Mo., or to this ufllce 2t,
Brother Slpplo and family leave
next week for Fayctto, Mo., where
Brother Slpplo will act as financial
neonl for Central Colloito. No
better man could havo been select
od by tho Conference for that lin
portant, placo. May success and
hopplnoaa attend those good pooplo
In their now home.
John Kcndlo returned to St. Louis
last Sunday. '
H. D. Roley nnd wife left Tuesday
for Iowa.
Miss Nellie Finloy of California
is the guest of Mrs. James Ball.
Klior Wilson
took in the fair.
of New Florence
fr. ftCabo aud two
lin Klinmno ami aitt. ouuri
' ero entertained by O. H,Brook aud
Jamlly during the rir:
pvncnArcciM omnu rown.
Hlehsst llnora, World's'Falr
Gold tedal, ftltdwlnter Flr
AToifl TUklo l-qw.tr contalalne
alaa. Tlx m Injarlan to UealUk
Miss Mattie Dyson Is visiting the
Misses Kidwc'll.
James Cushman, of St. Louis,
came un last Friday and took In
the fair.
Miss Qussio Cocn of Mlneola,
was the guest of tho Misses Leah
last Friday.
J. F. Chadwlck loft Tuesday for
West Plains. for a short visit to his
daughter. ,
Willie Harris, of Auxvasse, will
stay with his cousin Hughes Mau
pin and attend school here.
Miss Eva Nunnelly, who Is teach
ing near Auxvasse, spent Saturday
and Sunday with homo folks,
Hon. Dick Smith, of Fulton, was j
in this city last week taking In ourf auswer, -or
big street fair and having n good
timo seeing tho fine horses that
wero shown. Mr. Smith was tho
guost of Honry Covington while
H. II. Algormlsscn, father of
Kmll Algcrmlsecn of this city,
spont last Saturday and Sunday
with his son hore, returning to his
homo In St. Peters Sunday ovcnlng.
A fort Scott paper tells of a man
down tlioro who came into town the
other day with ft big coal oil can in
bis wagon end a discontented look
upon his face. Whcu asked how his
corn Crop was getting aloug, he said,
"Oh Ihore will bd a big crop I reckon:
!! It U doubtful whether there will ICE,
... .j
he any clear moiuy made, on II.
iVbat'sthe mailer?" "Have to apeiii
so. much for blnmml ol to keep
oiled up.' How' Mittr "Wel,
i i ... i. ........i.... s.. r... 4l.
... . iii.fl
linroio i) inwiigu juu nemo
Oil lh? Jolulk tt'M-p tlm stalks
gcnlug hol,boxus,' KX;
Township Institute
Tho Montgomery Township Ins
titute met in thin city at tho old
school building Sept. 8th. There
wero- only a fow teachers present,
but tho meeting was a pleasant as
well as a profitable one. Tho course
of study as mado by the state
Buperinten-Ient for tho ruralichools
and nrrangemcnts for th school
work at tho stroet fair werdlscuss-
ed with Interest. Thorogramo
sls Dublishcd previous tothU meet
ing was poutponod uhtuicxt meet
ing which will bo Oct, at 2 p. nu
In tho sama place, fvery uouy
Is Invited to bo prose
Huqiies Mavn, President.
MISS EULA RusSELlfSecretflry.
Fltzlmmous.tbe ouf prlie lighter of
auy uoto that hasu'llsgraced himself
bydrluL', whlpplihls wife or sorao
other outrajeousrocecdlug, uttered
tUe following: rink, late hours,
cigarettes lu uth those things
mko men old. would as soon learn
to crochet as tmoko a cigarette. If
a mau crltlcl me Tor crochetlug I
could give '" some kiud of au
east give Dim a puucb
for crltlrliB. But if he caught mo
.ninkliiir aKarette, ra bave to con
r that iliddone wrong.' Ex.
ro Bono Moat.
Wo hw contracted tor tlio "Anchor
llrnnil" Jtit- Meal. Lall and examine
aniplrud get prices.
J, i. nnueiiy."
Coal, Goal, Goal,
11 coal, Son coal, bmllbiug coal,
. J . i .I. i . ..i .
niifcliu! o.'luol. Secoud street, west
oo rail road.
Ill bo out of my olllce from 11 a.
lo 2 p. in. A. 1'. ChauUH
You cau get clean pure lea at L. A.
Iru's. Leave orders at tho moat
market or Telephone No. 48,
A. 1. . . . . t i . . . 1 . J XT
1 ' uiinnio Wiinuu uuu wuu m iiuv
l.'-l.r..rio.. inrAr 111 iht fnlf.
X IVH....V ww. -- -
Miss Lena Algcrmlsscn, nftcr
several weeks vlelt with her brother
in thlo city,, returned to her home
at St. Peters, Sunday.
At rb7lrl&B's
Ijwllj CaUraU
A cough la a" spasmodic expulsion of
sir througa the vocal cords. Its use be
ing chlenr to expel phlegm collected
In the bronchial tubes. It Is txclted
bjr any Irritation of the mucous mem
brane of. the bronchial tubes, even
when tkwre Is no secretion, and conse
quently no phlegm to be coughed up.
This Is what la called a dry cough; It
Is seen In the early stages ot a bron
chial nld, and Is usually succeeded
by the loosa ecugh. aa soon as the In
flamed mucous membrane begins to
secrete. Dut a bronchial cough is by
no means the only one, far we often
see vtaat Is called a reflex or sympa
thetic cough arising In disturbances
In other parts ot the body. Thus
we may have- a cough excited
by various digestive troubles, by
affections ot the liver, or by a
disease ot soma other organ ot
the abdominal cavity. Coughing may
b excited by Irrltatlou In the throat,
at the root ot the tongue, or In the
nose, and sometimes tj ear trouble.
It may also arise from irritation ot the
respiratory nerves betoro they reach
the bronchial tubes, aa when they art
pressed on by an aneurism or by some
tumor la the chest or neck. Coughing
may be excited by cold air striking the
skin when one Is dressing or undress
ing, or It may occur In some persons
whenever the feet set wet or cold.
8omctlmos a cough Is purely "nerv
ous," belug caused by no trouble that
can be discovered In any part ot the
body. A cough ot thla nature will
sometimes begin in a school and spread
rapidly, by force ot Imitation, until
nearly every scholar la affected. The
treatment for a cough should depend
upon Its cause. When there la much
secretlou In tho bronchial tubea the
patient must cough or ba suffocated,
but lu other cases the act Is not only
annoying, hut It may even do harm by
disturbing the working ot the heart or
by Interfering with other vtta func
tions. Much maylbdone by striving
to restrain tho cougn Instead ot lotting
It out-wheneror the tickling sensation
beglna. And many a cough which was
at first Involuntary and necessary re
mains aa a more habit rough long after
the, neod has passed. A throat cough
can oftcu be quieted by garg'lug with
water containing common salt In so
lution. Youth's Companion.
I will meet Tax Payers of Montgom
ery cuuuty for the purpose of receiv
ing tbclr current and back taxes, as.
1110 srillXO. October 15.
UlltNELAND, Oer. 17 snd IS.
AMKltlCUS, Oct. atf
l'ltlCK&IUtAN'CH, Oct. 32.
DKLLl'l-OWKlt. Oct. 1.
OAMMA, Oct. 34.
MARMEtO, Oct. iV
MIDDUTTOWN, stand:; tllli loon.
JOST.JOUIMl, Oct. 29 and 30,
llKUt 11ILI.. Oct. 81.
NEW FL01tEXCE,Xor.S nJ S till
WKL1SV1LLH. Nov. Jj to It st noon.
JtOKTOCllhUY CITY, 17 to St at
noon. ,
lieu bnngsll Tax receipts since 18M
so If there aro any mlttnkcs tbey esn be cor
W. A. Graham,
Coutly Collector.
laoprum la juoadwo.
The Tery latest sUlUUcs oa Lon
don jtaunerlim ,ara not encouraging.
A review ut the last twelve months
shows that although for four succes
sive years the flrlttsh metropolis has
experienced good trade and open win
ttrs, there wus no great diminution la
the number seeking relief under the
poor law. On the other hand, for the
first tour months the mass ot pauper
lem was greater than It was for the
same period ot 189$, and stood at a.
higher figure than In more than halt
ot the previous IZ years during which
a record has been kept.
LUrlrl fciUr!! lu rma7.
In view ot the advance In salaried
of other state official, the Qerman
clergy hare been petitioning their re
spective governments tor Increased re
muneration. Ttu, guutec coat ot liv
ing ralla for "Ch Increase. An addi
tion ot ?10,000 wa4 rod fdr this pur
pose. Minister will now receive foe
the first five years 1150 per aunuin aa'l
a parsonage; for the second flva yeara
1600; for the third flvo, 7M;' for th.9,
fourth five. 750;;nhcn 825, W0a.ni!
thirty years' service, W0.-CbloBQ
r 1
WL?rffc ....,,1, . ' , ' IJJZ&LI ::rvw..:..;,.-.w

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