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yoh ix. , Montgomery only, a issouri, Friday, sp'jTB be r is, ioocT
and thb pfooEs of SEI BERT.
By 'Hon. B. P. Russell.
When Jacob ol old connived wllli
bis dishonest old molbrr to roll Lit
brother Emu of his birthright, bU
mother covered lilm with the, aklu's of
the goat In order Hint lbs blind old
tber mlgbt bit deceived vrbon bo
felt of Jacob, 'for Kaau wu a balrjr
When Alexander Dockerjr couolved
wllb the dishonest old Democratic
party to deceive, Hie people bribe
United. Si ale, (Uucle Sam) ami rob
tb'eIfepublili;i parly of Ibla slate nf
Ita birth-right, hi took Jna. Selbrrl
old campaign textbook wllb lla dis
torted and falae figures, and cou
atrucled a cloak to hide the facia, but
" the people when tbey beard him de
,,cireV'ii la trie voice 01 ijocaery uui
the figures of Selbert.' Tbeae figure
have been ao ollcii'proven nutrue that
It arema a tank nf supcrngaiion to
make dellulle reply to that speech,
but alnca the newspaper supple,
plementa cnutalulng It tiaveibeeu dls
trlbuted in vlolnlluu of lair, over all
tbo atale, it la well to dissect and anal
yie that apeech.
. The poital law ot the Uulted Slate
declarca that all supplements of tiewa
papera aeut out ahull bear the full
uamo of the paper scudiug them, aa
well, as the date of the paper of which
tbey purport to be a supplement.
Everyone aent out fall In this respect,
aud every 0110 la a product then ,o( a
violation oftho law; but before we
are through with Ibla great apeecb It
-will be aeen that there la nothing
atraugn for the meu who luaplred It.
.If the reader will take one of Selbert'a
r oanpalgu manuals and follow ua and
aCV Jfaiat evdMothet
..dtillocratlc caiidldaTe for governor haa
Jfceeti ao long out of the state, thai be
' h 'lipt acquainted hliuaelf wltb the
facta and baa relied utterly on Selbt rl'a
manual for bis basis, which, prnveu
falae, deatroya the fabric of t ho apeecb.
The apeech la a long, one and ao full
of glaring miatatemeuta aud Incou
alaleuclea, that It would take too long
to point all of them out, but we pro
pose to make aeveral quotations aud
abow by democratic' authority that
they are either untrue or prove tho
utter Incompetency of the democratic
ntrti In irnvnrll I litu lal.'
We first notice what Mr. Dockery -j lo"lu taulel
says will bo determluedby Iho present
campalgu. lie aaya It will be deter
mined 'whether we will surrender the
control of local affairs-' Tbla comes
from the caudldito of a party that bv
legislation haa takeu nway from the
great elite of St. Loula Mid Kauaaa
City overy veatlgn uf local control.
The population oftbisetwo cltlea la
much greater than Hint of l'orto ltlco,
over which Mr. Dockery abcila ao
many sympathetic leara, aud yet Iheae
clllea aro aHoru ol the power ol iou
trol of election, n board appolutod
by the governor absolutely douiluat.
lug the conduct thereof, Ihey aru
deprived ol the control of their police;
tbo law thero la not enforced aa In the
reat ot the atale by oluccra elected by
tint people "but by iuenjippolnted by
a police board, aelecled by the Gov
ernor pud their aalary fixed, uot by
with a'cerlalnty, aa uuerrlug aa the
lawa 6f gravitation ur the ebb aud
flow of the tldea, which party, aball
hereafter be charged with lb re
poualblllly of the .-dmlulstralloti ol
me anair ol ible wotdcrful state.'
Now let ua examine that record,
uot Selbert'a unofficial atatemeut ou
which Mr. Dockery baa predicated bit
apeech, but bla aworn official record,
wbtcb we will quote, giving page and
paragraph, aud from that record Mr.
Dockery aball uot cacape, aud upon
that record ao made up the people
aball Judge,
Let ua first examine the creatlou of
Ihe public debt. Here la what Mr.
Dockery aaya of the public debit
The atate debt In 1861. when tbe
civil war began, amounted lo $24,323,-
000, all of which, except $622,000 waa
Incurred by tbe Issue of bouda to aid
lu tbe construction of railroad.'
'Whenever one of the aided
roada eatabliahed to JheeatUlacllou of
the governor that Ita stockholders bsd
actually expended a cerlatu amount
lor tbe conatructlou and equipment,
for the Governor; aa authorized by
law, laaucd aud delivered bouda to
audi road to the amouut of one-half of
tbe money ao oxpeuded, the atate re
taining the llrat lieu on all the proper-
ay of the railroad companies, luclud
lug the lauda grauted by Congress. It
la obvloui therelore, that no loaa waa
possible, except through fraud.'
'Eight of the trunk lluea. of Ihe atate
were thus bbud aided, aud all of
them except tbe llauulbal and St.
Joaepb railroad defaulted u the pay.
meat oi luieresi on tne uooih ai ine
D8Tluniiw,ORerlyjBi!Re.war.-.,',; i
durlug tbe war to collect the amount
due I bo atate. Theao railroada coil
$17,402,000, auif were amply aufficieut
to aecure the 'ludebtedneaa due the
Let ua aee bow tbe debt waa created.
Mr. Dockery aaya it exlated lu 1861,
aud that waa before tbe republican
party camu luto power. It waa a
railroad debt incurred iu building a
certain amount of railroad aud ac
cording to Walker'a Audltor'a Iteport
it waa ou tbo following roada aud
uliosu construction waa alleged to
have coat the sums given lu the fol-
came lutopowenTliB war bad In.
lervened, TaxoVwsra not gathered
to any exteut during that period, And
the debt ou Ihe farst of Jauuary 1866,
when tbe republicans llrat went Into
power accnrdlug'lo the Auditor's. re.
port, page 116, 1888, democratic an
Ibority, waa 36,000,000' In round
numbera. '.
This waa .when tbe republican party
assumed control ol affairs of the stale
It went out of power lu 1870 and the
liberal Republicans ' came In for two
yeara. Democracy succeeded tu 1878.
Iu 1860, COO mites of this road was
sold under Ihe act of the legttlature
paaaed In 1817, the aame act by which
the bouda wer authorized. The
roads were sold at a time when tbey
were bankrupt, with ulue year's In
ternal unpaid, .with rotten Ilea and
worn out road bed, with rickety,
tilling alock, and-eugluea that had
been ten yeara In me. aud brought,
aa Mr. Dockery aaya In his speech,
$6,131,403, or $9,017 a mile. But ol
this more anon.
I quote agalu Ironi Mr. Selbert
through the mouth of Dockery.
'Wbeu the ilemocratlo party took
control of nur atate government in
187.1 the bonded debt of the atate, the
legacy of republican mlarule amouuted
This debt, a we havo shown from
official figures or Walker's Iteport, was
a democratic debt of $36,0CO,000, and
according to Mr. Dockery It has been
decrcaaed lu elglit yeara to $20,809,005
lu other words, the republicans came
lulo power at thecloae of the var, the
atate reut aud turn by an awful civil
strife, and according to Dbckcry'e own
figures they paldoff $16,200,000 of Ibo
debt lu elglit yeara. What haa de
mocracy done since. The debt Jau. 1
1873 was $20,868,888. Ou tbe lat of
Jan. 1899, according to Selbert'a
official report, the debt was $8,035.-
819. This debt was scheduled as
follows, (Sea page 24 Selbert'a last
TT!y . . ......
ioiu upnaca atii.......mi....9MH
seminary raira errtwatea, I V Bl h
tax $646,9.18,22. This altogether foota
up $8,222,797.65, all of which was uacd
for reducing tbe debt. Hie net re
ducllou then from taxation was only
$4,075)61.81 In tweuty-elgbt yeara,
by democratic financiering agalnat the
record of the republican party In
elihl years . If Mr, Dockery can find
any cause lor congratulating himself
or hla party o'u thla record, be is
welcome toll,. .The republicans just
after the war when gold was at a three
per cent premium, wbeu prices were
high aud taxes hard lo collect, lu
elglit years paid off tbe debt at the
rata of two million dollars' year.
The democratic party In .the twenty
eight succeeding yeara have decreased
It at the rata of one-seventh of oue
million a year.
Attention la agalu called to Mr.
Dockery' declaration, (aee apeecb aud
atao Selbert'a campaign baud book)
that the railroad which were sold
were worth $47,000,000. There was but
680 miles sold lu 1868. and If Mr. Dock
ery tells the truth tbey were worth
$69,119 a mile. There arc lu the atate
today according to Mr. Selherl'a An.
dltcr'a report of 1898 (See page 340,)
6(54 milra ol road, which ta aesed
at $61,111,281 ou the road bed and
$ll,622,000on rolllug etoefc. The as-
aesaed rata would be, and tbe merest
school boy cau make ,lbe calculation
$9,324 a mile. Tbla la the preaent aa
arsaineiil of splendid roads, equipped
with heavy ateel rails, lu the moat per
fect repair aud worth, as every man In
the atale knows, four limes as modi
pe'r inllo aa the old bankrupt roads In
1868, yet tho ronda thru were sold, aa
Mr. Dockery aaya by a corrupt barglu
that waa practically a ateal, $9,017 a
mile. If Mr. Dockery-tells Ihe truth. lu
bla apeech, aud tbe roada were only aa
valuable to-day aa they were.tn 1868
that li $96,119 a mile, tbe 6,554 miles
In tbe atate to-day are worth $455,005.
926. Tbey are aaaeaaed at loaa ihau one
seventh of that figure Tbeae aanta tig
;irea, are fouud In Selbert'a po(Wel
-siMrHrr-n-mi" Ml
of Ilia public bonded tlehf 'aball be ro
doeed or paid each yey from taxation.
Aa we have shown yoa tbo debt baa
beeu reduced ri'nly $4i(7fi,861 In
twenty-eight year from taxation.
'where It should have leen reduced In
obedlesea to the constitution over
sereu millions.
In the State Seminary fund the same
condition of affair exists. According
to the 'siatameul found on page 8 of
SelWl'a last report, there waa only
$4!4G lu tbla fuuer Instead of I,23A,
855 aa Mr. Dock-ry atatea It. The rest
la represented by dobl-or a ilellc
tency. Now In regard to the amouut of
Indney rafard lo malnlalu the achooia
In 1871 and 1899. Tbe amount given
for 1871 la approximately correct.' Mr.
Dockery may have' peculiar facilities
for obtaining facta aa to the amount,
raised In 1899 but, I refer the public to
tbe official rrcOaila. See page 9 of Set
bert'a Auditor's report." lie there
givra the total amouut for 1867 and
1898 aa $1,979,697.19 for two full year
aud thla Includes the amount rrcrlved
from the -late, through tam'lou of tbe
people lo pay Interest on the cirtifl.
cale of iiidebtrdne!, wbltb'was form
erly paid by Ihe geueral government,
$372,100. Tbla eublracted from lb
former figure would leave the animal
receipt from taxallou at ouly $at)6,798
per year against inure Ihau twlcn as
mucii ral.e.1 lu 1871. Mr. Selbert'a re
port la open lu all meu, Doraxuy man
in the Mate brliere Ihe revenue for
school purposes have suddenly grown
from $806,000 In 1898 lo $778,021 in
1899? oa moro than $3,000,000 more
than tbe entire lale(rereuuc
Again rmer y.m to- Mr, Selbert'a
report to the general aaaemblr In
which yon will tind ou page.27 tbe
lollowlng atatemenit -
-Tlw recelpla into the getter! rm.-
it " u " ' . l,-
? i e ' - j
CompanlM. S S 3 , 3
Il.irt WllrsiKli,,
N. Mluouri . . ..
Iron Mountain...
Cairo A AUon. ..
l'latte I'-OHiitY ..,
ilUrfaullMl flits
IIUnAHtJ ... .
Itoadbeit donated
1:5 ;,7iTi lai ;,n.o
111 4,14.17,011 I.MMt.dO.!
l,u!;,l 4Al,
Ml,5 S,W4,IM 3,WI,UM
vii a aii,icu" r.-i,i-i.i
14 (I TlKLIMHl
u.).4 8j,'ji.r. t,;oi,wi
yui. am.iu 8,ini.uio
a; 0.1 ti:,i7,uj a2i,tm,iu
t)ld not default
llrru it will be seen that lour years
beloro tbe party (liepubllcau) came
lulo power lu tbo eluto 11 dsbt of
$24,323,000 (Mr. . Dockery'a figures)
waa faateucd ou tho atate lo aid lu the.
construction of 887 miles of road. .V
liberal allowance for theMxiat 'of tbeae
ronda, which, weru supplied with tbe
cheapest of light Iron rails, laid matuly
through u pralrlo country, where Utile
or no gptdiug waa iiccoaanry, would
tho municipal authorities but by tho j have been $20,000 n tulle. Tbo rail
board, and It la made n crime, for Ihe ronda of the stale are assessed aa will
legislative bodies of those cities toibe sbowu later, at less thau ball of
fall to vote every dollar of iho anlnnes that sum to-day. This would place
fixed by these, meu. Then again, tho j the cost of the roads at $17,770,000
licensing of the saloons la not a local The law authorizing tho Issuing of
matter. Ai cxiiao commissioner Is the, bonds wua 11 democratic law passed
appointed by this same governor, who
licenses all the saloons aud utterly
coutrols thoin as a political machine.
Then, agalu,-an luapeclor of beer Is
provided, to bo appointed by (ho
governor, with tho purpose of making
tho brnwcrloS subservient to the party.
These, aroafew oftho Instances whore
thla party a In mis ready lo rob Iho
people or local goveruuieut, nolwlth
staudlug Its declaration,
1'assltig to the discussion ol thiit
part of the- speech, duvoled to alato
Issues, Mr. Dockoryay ot the' record
of tho two parlies both ot which havo
controlled Ihe state!
The official record will deteriiiluq
lu 1857 aud provided that wbeu the
railroad companies had expended n
'crtalii amouut of money the state
should Issue bonds tohalf that amouut.
(See Dockery'a own statement.) No
aooucr had Iho bouda been authorized
than the looting ol the treasury
begau. Instead of bouda tu half the
amount ol coat being latued, bonds
to double- Iho amount of cost woru
issuod,aud this enormous debt saddled
on tho people, It was a democratic
steal because It was before a republi
can ever held no office lu tbo slate.
Mr, Dockery admits It was $2 1,353,000
lu 1801, It drew six per emit iutercst
until 1865 wbeu tho republicans llrat
Total debt....... Vrt.ow,
Hut Ibis Is uot all the debt. Mr.1
Selbert admits that the deficiency In
the revenuo was at that time Jau. 1,
1, 1899. $207,067. Then the olllcera
of Ihe state took $226,000 that be
longed to Iho Insurance fund aud used
Hint instead of paying It over to the
counties lu 1897-98. They also used
$80,000 which waa collected from Iti
aurauco compaulea as flues tiuder the
trust law which tbo constitution aaya
shall vo fo the achool fund. Tills
altogether roots up $513,502,22, whltjh
should be, added to the debt aud this
leaves tho total debt lo-day $8,569,-
Tho reducllou since 1873 twenty
eight year ago, has accordingly bocn
tbe dllferetico between $20,868,00 tho
debt theu aud the $8,569,341, where It
stauda lo-da), altogether $12,298,659
lu twenty-eight years.
Agalu I will quote from Mr.
I 'From January 1, 1873, to July 19
1900, the ilemocratlo admlulitrallon
ot Missouri collected of the people's
money for public purposes, $105,256.-
953, This mouey waa disbursed wllb
nut the loss of a dollar to the taxpayers.'
Mr. Dockery evidently forgets the
Hteul for which poor Xolaud waa tbo
scapo goat and suffered puiiishmeut,
and by lulcrcncehe means thlt nllcged
rrductlou lu the public debt was front
that fund collected from the people,
lu taxes.
Under the coustllutlou adopted by
the Republicans, a fund was provided
for, 'to bo securely Invested nuil sac
redly preserved for the support of
tbe public schools;' only tho luterest
to bo used. That fuud Waa Invested
in IT. S. bouds which drew Interest
from tho geueral government, iu J883
(sco sesslou acta of that year) those
bouds , were converted lulo stalo
bouds aud tho latter were canceled
and State certificates Issued in lieu
thereof. A fuud that drew Interest
was theu illegally mid unconstltullon
ally rouvertcd lulon debt that pays
interest aud tbe proceeds useiLIu pay
incut or tho atato debt. The amount
(see auditor's report 1897-08) U $1,-
385.839.42. lu 1831 tho llauulbal &
St. Joo railroad paid luto the' stalo
Treasury $3,180,000, aud lu 1881 the
general government refuiutedfof war
or, the atnteiuent of 5 Mr; DocTery
aa lo tbe. roada lu-1868 ia.euUreJyjiin
warmuiftil.vaml jje aiataitieut baa. no
Justification; or the aworn ofikrra of
the atale board of equalization have
violated their oath of office In tho as-
aesaineut of tho railroada, aud wrong.
ed every other property bolder In the
state whocarriea a bunion of taxation.
11 the latter Is true, Mr. Dnckerys par-.
ty should be burled under an ava
lancho or votea, as unworthy or Iho
management of the aftnlrs of slate. If
tho other bum of the dilemma be ac
cepted, Mr. Dockery is proven either
Ignorant of the commonest matters of
tlm financial history of tho slate,aud !t
waa bla parly that looted Ihe slate
treasury wbeu the bouda were Issued
to the railroads.
Again If what Mr, Dockery says Is
true as tu Ihe value of thb 680 miles ot
railroad iu 1868, every state officer has
violated the constitution every year
since. Listen. Here Is section 3 article
10 of Ihe constitution.
"All railroad corporations iu this
slate or dolug business therein, shall
be subiect lo taxation for stale, cotiuty.
achool and olher purposes on Ihe real
and persorai property owueu or useu
by Ihcm, aud on their groas earnings,
tlielrnet earnings, their franchises and
their capital alock-.'
Thla provision of the constitution
has beeu violated year by year IfMr.
Dockery tells the truth iu bis speech.
Where Is tho proof? Turn to page 312
of Mr. Selbert'a last port aud there
will be .found tho ateesstnent of tbe
railroad companies lor all years from
1878 to Ihe prcscul. In 1878 ten years
after the roada were sold, all the rail
road, bridge and telegraph compaulea
tu tho atato were assessed at ouly $26,-
122.198, aud it was , ouly uutll 18$S
twenty yeara after Iho sale that the as-
tetsnieut nf Iho then thousands of miles
of'road lu the atate altogether reached
the $17,000,000 Mr. Doekerv says 680
were worth In 1868, III thlsconuectlou
It Is worthy ol uole that Lesueur,s
Manual ou page 444 glvca the same
figures and alsq on tbe saino page gives
tho bonded debt of the state as over
eight million.
Now again we quote from Dockery
Selbert'a apeech:
''The extremely satisfactory reduc
Hon of thn bnuded debt bas been
undo unon a reduced ral of taxation.
The state's certificates ol indebteduess
due the school funds nuw call tor $4,-
393,839.42 Ihe Interest of which goes
lo stiimort the statu tiulverslty aud
our public school system.
We bave showed that mora than
two-thtrds of" Ihe debt reduction has
nottom from taxation, and now let
ns see a lo thn school fund. A a before
slated that fund was created by tbe
liepubllcau constitution or 1865 aud
was invested In United State bonds
aud tbe Oeneral government paid tbe
literest lo the state and that luterest
largely supported tbe school. In viola
tion of tbe constitution, which still
provides that that fuud aball be accur
ately Invested and sacredly preserved.
trie, entire luud ha been arwnlaud In
stead of a fuud. there Is a debt lo that
amount lo pay the Interest on which
Ihe people of the state are' annually
taxed, and some of tbem aro deluded
lulo the belief that they an- receiving
stale school mouey from tbe Interest
ou a fuud. Tbey will lx enlightened on
that point by reading page 140 ol fbe
Sesslou Acts of 1883, By theu referring
to page 12 of the session Acts of 1889,
Ibe readtr will discover that the sum of
$500,513 93 Is appropriated out of Ihe
slate Interest fuud, annually raised by
taxation to pay Interval on these terll-
fkates of Indebtedness, which aro the
ouly evldeuee remaluluglhal tbe chil
li rrn of the state eveu had "5 fund
securely invested and sacredly pre
served, ouly the Interest to be used for
the support ol the public school." if
these funds had rcniaiued a the lie
publlcau constitution provided, Invest.
ed In United Stales bond, the general
government would have paid Ihe Inter
est slid luauy million dollars would j
have been aaved to the tax.payera ol
Ih state.
Mr. Dockery boasls that his parly
haa reduced the rate of taxation, hut la
careful not to say It waa lu obedience
lo a positive commaud ot tho coustllu
tlou, yet be does uot tell you that tbe
same year that the rate was reduced
ten ceuts ou each hundred dollars valu
ation, that all farm property was ad
vanced lu valuation twenty cosst
every bundrei dollar. 'Vjsxi
taxes its
imiravtfiwivrrsiatiT;i-j-."iiVi ,,rii.i ,1.1 rfrr an inner rxnensraoi n
"was 26'A354,0S2,Jivbeu'lbey weiu out lialr. ovonimenl aud yet ilr, I)4nJKry'rC
ni f'onrerojxtis yr-llr JM nsd nrar-f. r " wwa wa SSTS-,
ly doubled, fu 187a the valuation V.J'llf""' MUr more money rnhni '
$556,000,000. On thla assessed valua. rl'ool" purl"" lu 199' limn nil
Ion the party i-ouducted Ibe affairs ofl revenue for nil purpose for tho
slate, aud paid od llfleeu millions or. precrdlng two tearrf
11 mil txt ooscrved mat according
to Mr. Dockery' statement aa In tbo
amount raised lu 1871 bv the Itepnb-j
lleaii for achool purpoao.lt was more
than double the amount Selbert stales
was annually raised lu 1897 aud 1898.
Thla waa done on a slate valuation ot
less ihau half ot what it Is to-day.
No iv again a t? thn reduced rate of
taxation of which Mr. Dockery speaks
If hi statement were true thai rail
roada wen wnrlh $69,000 a mite In
1868 as be atatea when he saa 680
mll-j were worth 47 millions the valu
ation nr property iu iho alato If hon
estly aeaed, would have reached
tbo constitutional limit ot ulhrhiiu-
!retl million dollars more Ihau 10
ear before the reduction hu speaks
debt. How ou earth did they do ll? dis
economy which la comparison with the
democratic exlravagauce which has
sIiich prevailed, was little short of par
simony, aud before I have done with
Mr. Dockery I will prnro It lo jou by
llgures from Democratic reports.. I do
not know what the books show, for
onlv the ring bas ever bnd access to
them lu Ihe lust twetity years. Up to
wltuiu a few yeara the audltor'a reporia
gave a tablo of receipts aud cxpeudl
lures for many years. Of lale tbla table
baa fieeu omitted, but the tigurea are
obtainable, but belore proceeding lo a
presentation or tbem 1 waut agalu lo
quote from the Sclherl-Dockery speech
Hut, my fellow-citizens, this is uot
of. the splendid financial' record of
1 democratic parly. On January l,i
1873, Iho cash capital school fund ot '00K I1"""'-
tbe stale amounted 10 $2,670,100; ou Again I quote from Mr. Dockery
July 18 or the great preseul year It g. and th ilgurc3nro Selbct'tV
gregalrd $3,158,000. The Interest upon , . " , . , ,,
this handsome cash endowment fund. Eight J'cnrs of republican rule
larger than any other similar luud of , prior,to democratic afcendency In
any slate or th republic, goes to edit- 187U cost tho tax-payersStOl.lO
cale our children. morn for n'rintlnr thn lima tr.A
I'he seminary fund, the Interest of.n,,rnni. 1... .., ,n,.
which Is used lo support Iheatate mil. ,,. ..j.ou.. . . 1
verslty, haa also been Increased ,r011, purpose under 23 yeara ot,demo
$208,700, as it waa on the 1st of Jauu- cratic rule. .
ar1873, to $1,235,834,42 ou th I81I1 During 1867 nntl 18158, tho lust
ol July lasl, Thotolal amouut ofinon.l vr-nrs of (Invprnni- T."lntrt,or'a n,l-
ey raised by taxation from all sources ! ,nltrnnn tt, r..,,,tiA 1..
o malnlalu tho public school aystem ; j '" " " r ' . " V?
In 1871 was $1,687,575. The IOU,Pnucnio,ouMw more tor prtnt
amiiuut raised forthiapurpnso iu 1899,llnt copying nnd distributing the
under democratic rule was$7,078,021,-! laws and Journals than was ox'-
84 nondod diirlnn-thei Inat. twn vnnwa
iu relulation of this remarkable 1 0( Gov. SteDhcn'a admialBtrntlr.n
ataietuentlreferyout(ipage7ofSeI..lor the same oblocU. That Is to
bo.ts'laal Auditor's report, where Bay.thoropubllcansexpendeamoro
cash school ruud Is stated as but $923,. than eight times ns much money
10. It Is possible that caudld.te fcr(Ior this purposo In 1807 nnd 1S0VS
governor does uot know that Ihe . than tho democrats did in 18S0 and
school fuud lias been dissipated aud J00C1. A like favorahlo exhibit Is
apeut and Instead is represented hy,a disclosed.by tho official records In
dcut, wnicuuuue.-tno constitution pro. (nvor of dcrabcratlo management
vide that the houded debt shall he h, tho expenses of tho general as-
paio, ami wneu exiiugmsueu, 1 no tax 'geinbly. During tho eight yeara
auiborized for the purpose of paying' 0f republican nnd liberal repubU
o the stale debt shall cesae to be as-.' can rule prior to tho administration
sessed. (Sert Sec. 14, Art. lOof Ibedou-JofOov. Woodson, the pay and con
stitution.) Secllou 44. Arl. 4, absolute, tlngont expenses of th legislature
ly prohibits the legislature from creat- j amounted to 81,511021.18, while the
lug an additional debt, heucc It must expenditures for tho same pur
concluded that the Act ofl883 Is uu-!j)Og0a under aayearB-of democratic,
constitutional aud void. Sec. 14. Art, j control worq $2,825,503,12. That Is
10 provides that uot less than $250.000 1 to say, the nverago annual expen-

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