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... VrTn iTii nii ffi tVtiTTr Virr; , ,. - .r N . milt a w ,
vvu.. u, ri LiCK, v,pmiioi reiatvii the -utorv Ix-tw.-Hn 1 1 u
unit ii.
Jf airtxiaw now. Urn iAfi. "vi.i..' 3i"i
Jfep gjlwtt tie J6)i on IfonHiulifo.iw. J,'
Will Mr.JJrynn tinnjci' nil tliQeirs
......n , ! nnu a m;jt io sroho or
(6 Hill Plidpa lo suck ami hitlo the hIioIIiiV
if vou wiiiit. to kpi!i ikftutAl
thing worth knowing as news you nhould
read ,tliu Tin iiink. SulMCrilM! now. Vqrtv-
eight columns of liouic nirifc for onlv .One
IV. II...
i jyuii.ir ii ynuY.
Senator Shouji lam wittt'ii fwiids.'in
Washington expressing strong hopo of a re
puhlicali. victory in Idaho, and. similar letter!
are iieing received trom Montana republicans
eonccnung.tliat utiito.
" llllli fr'i.f ,
Common Sence.and not PrejudWfihoiiW Decldi
Assistant Sccrotary Jf eiklejohn , nqw act
ing as accrttaiy ot Var, returned from a
short campaign" frip in Nebraska, his homo
state, fCVoral'duvH osro. He tJiivs Uim-n a flu.
Btronc:esiJ8ortof a drift throim-boiif Hm ntnt,
Qwing to tliq great prosperity of the farmers,
vai-u tne repunncan party, and that every
I'MljoivilbM' poin.ts to the stute going re-
i,y a goou majority. Mr. Meikloiohn
v iii-iMiioiii iiual nuuiv jiiiu re
work imtho campaign,
been :m
rr.flfryau is managing his .own
L'H one ttlcvor cartoonist maki-s him
l say," t am the democracy", has
wrout in Vashmirton for some tim.
otn, uoii Ai JA, ICosspl.aniliana,
is common talk about fim hnn.l.
(inat'ters .of both linlitiivll fmiimiffnnu fl.of
MtH, jdciuocratic campaign out of tlw. Jiaiuls
Evlicnce .Should WWeighcd.
Moilfgou'lei-V C'itrl)eO)laillld rnntwnni,
cry bounty people have heard Col. Pat
IPyer apcalcmany times and on maliv diff-
eiX'nt'bceasioiMfand fhev nbvnva lauwt.rn.',i
si)Gcchesi too,' But the sptKioli delivo'red'hy
him last Saturhay afternoon at thepoourt
house in this t-itj was one, of the Verrbost
.....1 i - -v o
II1IU miVC VQl. JJVCr It Ktl U1lt-ll1nl lllnnn in
the affections pfdiis host ofiHdmJriiitf fViim'1
1'atnotism, and uhse Rsh Iovo of niimit-
broathed from
urood for, 'brotliiirhnnd f
... ..f.... . '11..!,.,.
wiu ouiil iu iiiimu.
ol. JJyer began his speech, by saying that
no was a candidate fdr no 6IHeo ; ihut lm
wanted no. ofllce. and-hvliat hrv wnnhl mV
Tl I n ' ... . - . ' "V". J
would oe iroin unsellisli InOtives, that' when
ho should be called upon to give an account
of himself before the. Groat. .Imlm, fn,. i.
deeds done in the body, he could say : "I have
Iflllfriirfl trriil fi.rlit- I 1....... I ..: .- .1 i. .
. 0.... f,"" "t,'", i n.nu iiiL-u logiiy wnat
is right j I have tricdto. do what is right."
Ho then told how ciiref'ully the jilrors were
selected who wcrcto'try an insignificant case
Wliero only a few ceuts were at otake, be
tween twO citizens. If anv iuroi-fihitnh th.if
ho had Already nuide Up his"inind on the case
6l WaS.l)l'oilldic((l'iu till, innaf fnu 1 ..uk'.
. ; j 1 ..w .Hf7b iiniuu UIHICI
ot(tlio-conteiHlmg part;csf tljiidgo prouijiU
Colonel related the -storr tx!tw.n tU hi'
t . e rm iff. , ' ' ' "
1)1 1 U1HJKH 1IIMI I .lYItTPI-'H UMruUt- 'IMtA
.mj -p;. '- ! i j . ...... mm
'agent aked (lie fanner what 1 "i;.,
.peachoR AMd, was..told.Sq ccntst.b"HHhl1ir
agoni, imm toid linn he could git fit a iHHihel
for-tbeni in Xew Tork, Tfie.old.ftnnor Jd
.Yes, and if f had a basket of wafer- hi,h---ll
I reckon J could git,$'I, a gjuse forJti jp .
t Jinmcdmtely laftcrhis epwjchrhwool.
Ijjer left for Xewl'ioreiice whernWin iiinil I
r Ii -
dkjiijoiw folly, IlHHiteMmito pooml' J4ot
win in uw. Kig; ertr.nwljyttwj him; nd .
then' got jlowrf oil lii kiwm U, Bd f
!to?bfa;j three Mfanuwi nUwil-' '
trrd,flyup, nl4lK)i( mumu Wkw;'
Wfwls, without thoiichta
'- dud.tihaekelfdrd's
Prejudice and Revenge to beclde the Hallot.1"
Ante-Deluvlan Scarecrows. ' '
Hon.- DoAevV. Sbac.kf.lfnr,l
man from JJlands district, sooke nt the ..n
lirumn in iliiu V;.. ...
...'. .v...-, mnv U.lltllll.lV.llliriir. 1111. Till
evils oMuipcrialism and mitihirisin., This
wastne iirsL tinc tbatIr. Shackelfonl evor-appeai-ed
before a rontgomcry county audi
ence. rl ho Democrats were out in fmf n'ml
also the Jej)iiblicans.. C'onsideinliTe intercut
attached to the, speaker in as much as ho was
somewhat noted as the sui-piwm' t i?;,.i',.,,.,i
Parks Bland and also a political nroduct vof
Sov. Stephens I
Pen3onally,r. Shackclfoi-d is'a verv
pleasant ninn. but us a mcrtwn- t,. i? i
Ulandandosa product of .Gov. Stephens
go' Judir'f3l)ackelfdnl,si word Wvi.li
w........ t.i3 Klf7ltlMl.rjlLfm.nl' Tffflr-U- lMHUiirtll
o tattw;" iMit tlwVrfll liewr: rWott- th
heart nf tlio
- l " Z F ST"!4', "WW- "er
L LWlW tolllcwiu gl .
Juhiw.tijiawir.. o t. , ' ' '
r ' ,Jllfe.Hl'oke)ford kwyMylids not
approve of all of tlitf"ctB of i& fafw pr
ent, G"ov. ytojiliciwfbut ou. (Jiiiifc .trim he
is runnhigof-qflit-e oiv a,pWtm4l.U .tiy
"-We endo-rw theiiihVf.tWi
Mejihens.'-- Gpv. SteplMjtf,il the W- ,:
bitlaw a;id the:.StilfMwayTriit 0
convention did. not ."rinrki
dorsemoht htif'it-!iftlrini. a? j
lirj-an eaul to the conventtiirTMtiiV ,1
to 1 ordlw nominate sonuintlioi-
i., . . . . . i r r -:t:"
no jvus nonunateu on iti to 1 m the imii-h.
U174.1IIB. iu iiiuabura.up to wnat, lna brethren
inlthoaitU phoiiljl, QXC& tilt, liis.1ik-'
'thren'liera are iiot..a.rryle, iVuok tin Mjr
no iB iiouunarcu on iii to 1. m U19 jhiih
nioiint issue, and wo' give htdowwlwtSliiick,
clford said about free lh'er: 1
Those. familiar, yjth conditions in, Kon
vtui)ky b'elievtf that' the electionof lion. John
G. Carlisle, who was Cleveland's Secretary of
Treasure, to bo President of the Aew York
Lawyers'' Sound foney Club, which declared
in a resolution "that in our opinion, tho defeat
of Itrynn and Stevenson is essential to the
permanent and cllicieut maintenance of the
gold standard of value in this country," make's
it a dead certainty that Kentucky will be car
ried by JleKinloy and Koosovelt. It is ad
mitted by Kcntuckians who are supporting
Bryan that, Mr. Carlisle has a tremendous in
lluonce with the rank and lile of the demo
cratic party in tho state.
parties. Avoteca5jtaccordin"-totbniii-niiiili.(, ....- !.. .1.1 .J' 1j ...... v:. '-Wjfi
- . -.J---J f iii.ii,. tj, ...ivjijiiTij? vn ntrni. jii 0ik;iiiiiup uja
of JO year ago, rogaroVess of tho present evi-J X.ibitfPoiieo law by wliiciriie, tlio Govenn
denco in tho present jioliticinl issues, was CMI1 j,",,, nHIst ,; t tj,0 p();t.c (-0
St. Louis and
city's policemen
Jhit a vote cast this fall accordiiiL' to
siouei-H of
tho evidence iu the caso, unsullied by the nv- l ,,;,,( 'j,
..r , i .. . . , 1 1
D. S. PUAOa.
Republican Candidate (or Congress In the Ninth Missou
ri District.
lion. I). S. Flagg, of Louisiana, Mo.,
who (is pitted against. Champ Clark in the
race for Congress in the .Ninth district, was
born in Littleton, Mass. Ho was raised on
a farm, received a common school education
and later attended school at Xew London
Academy, at "Sow London, X.'IL, and also
a scientific nchool at Philadelphia. lie left
homo when 1 1 or 15 years of age and worked
as clerk in a grocery storo in Boston for
about two years. Ho camo west iu 18(5:5,
and was sworn info government service at
Chicago tho same year (quartermaster's de
partment). Discharged at Xiishvillo in Mi"),
ho returned to Massachusetts, but came to
Ceiltralia, Mo., tho same year, remaining
there till 187(5, when he located in Louisiana,
Mo. Ho has since been engaged iu tho lum
ber business. Ho has been chairman of tho
Itepublican County Central Conunittco of
Piko County two tonus ; a member of tho
State Itepublican Committee three terms,
and was a candidate for State Senator from
tho Eleventh district' in 180(5. Mr. Plagg
;wa&' man ied September JS80, to Mis
iSora Pollock, daughter of tho Into Joseph
Pollock, of Louisiana, and htm four children
two boys and two gn;W.,4 . i"
would be a vole cast
judico of :57 yearn ago
for right
The speaker then told how in 1870 ho
cut himself loose from the prejudices of the
civil war and voted for(Grat. Brown for Gov
ernor of Missouri and the enfranchisement of
all citizens who had taken up arms against tho
Union. He believed then that tho principle
was right and now, .50 years from that time,
all voters, democrats and republicans alike,
said it was right. It was a Republican Para
mount. Issue then and it was to-day. II did
not. change every four years. Imperialism an
Militaryism in '(58 ; Grcelcyjsm in '72; Tail
Beform in '7(5; Tarfff Reform in M)12; when
Cleveland was elected and both Houses of
Congress were democratic and the awful dis
asters that followed. Banks broke, business
disasters, tramps and soup houses everywhere,
I . . . 1 . 1 A . L . 1 i
nouns soiu to gcr. inonev lo run tlio govern
ment, 2(50 millions of debt shouldered on to
the tax-payers, and then come free silver, AY
.J. Bryan, etc, all paramounted to "beat the
band," and all went down like the famous
"McGinty to the bottom of tho sea," before
tho ballott of the unprejudiced voteh And
now, in these latter days, another new double-
headed paramount issue, "Imperialism and
Militarism had arisen in Hie polite cast and
"Free Silver and Imperialism" in tho west.
. This was done to catch-votes. The fellow
in the east, who parted his hair iu the middle
would vote against Milit arism. Tho follow iu
tho west who didn't part his hair it all would
voto for free silver. The Irish could vote
against the secret alliance with England and
tho German could voto for tho Boors of South
Africa ! But tho unprejudiced voter, bo ho
democrat or republican, would Volo liecording
to reason and evidence on tho present issues
and when the votes mo counted iu Xovembor,
ho believed that right, would prevail, tho prei
dent would bo sustained and AYilliahi McKin
loy.nnd '.Ioo Klory woujd bo elected. ' The
citizens of St. Louis have to pay all the
hills, without the consent of the govern
ed and then argue that tho President of the
United Slides has no right to enforce the
laws which be has sworn to uphold, must be
illogical or else he is practicing to deceive.
Either horn of this statement is irrational and
illogical. Stephens was' wrong iu signing
the vicious Xesbit law. Stephens ie right
iu enforcing the law as ho took ;( solemn
oath to do. Cleveland was right in appoint
ing a Federal .Judge, Cleveland wa,' right in
enforcing tho law he had sworn tit enforce.
Judge Shackelford yellows it too. Judge
Shackelford knows inore than ho tells some
times. He tells lis than he knows and be
lieves sometimes, j
His discussion of Imperialism and mili
tarism with illustrations from before Noah
and Flood, at the time of Demosthenes and
and. Phillip of Maccdon, at the time of .Julius
i i.:.. i i t. . .
viiuxur iiuu iii.s juunau jjcgious was larieteh
.... i
i-.nAjuKiwi urn hist.
Many siiosenpnons havc-jStHind their way
to our ollico this week. Many more people
than we expected have sent us a dollar and '
told us that they wonted the Tiiuirxi:.
1,Tfi.U. ' 'a thank everyone for the
courtesies extended and whenever wo can re
turn the favor Ave will gladly do so.
We are making the Titmi XK better
every issue. "Ve feel that it is the best paper
in tho county. Every effort will be exhausted
to please everybody.
Our subscription list is growing,, our ofliee
force is kept busy from morning till, night.
o work two or three nights every week.
Job work is coming iu moro than it over has.
To sum it all up we are encouraged. -4. ;
AVc ask tho Republican party to otaudbv.
and support us. Send in your subscription.
don't wait for us to ask vou. f" ,-'
We" aslc the people of Montgomery
county to support us and we assure them that
we will support every measure that will ad
vance their welfare and happiuess. ,
"We will thank, in advance, those who
will send in their subscription before the ue.t
issue. iteineiuner jm.uu n year. &cnu .lis
edand puerile Tho shades of ante-flood , that dollar and you will -ret mom foi' Vou'r
prophets and ghosts of Greece and Rome money than you have cvcrTCceivcd.
may satisfy Judge Shackelford's idea of Our first subscriber to (4 Tmhu'W
sublimo argument, on present political issues
but to soino, of us they aro the height of ri-
G. T. Minis for which he will'please accept
our thanks. .
Tho Missouri Clerical. Grab.
In fsomo pungent remarks on tlio
nrmy otnujierlhious clerks thntijur
roundedtho Missouri JeRlslnturv nt
tho li8t session tho St.'Pmil Pioneer
Pressu'ves nn Instructive contrast.
Tho number of clerks nmlelnnloyes
provided for Itself by tho .Missouri
legislature last year was ,03, nn
business as tho Missouri body, was
less than flfty." Tho Minnesota
leglslntiiro employs only one-tenth
as niany clerks nud assistants ao
wero on tho pay roll of tho Mis
souri legislature nt an .average sul
nry of sa.50 ri day. Last year tho
members of tho legislature drew in
pay and mileage 3132,310 But
nverngooi more man s.x ioroaen thcy d.stribuM to their -103 Teln
senntor and Hourly two for each !ii, ,.a ,vni.,. (ji
...,....,,v. . ... ...,...,.. be 0irk8 or emnlovi'S. S2.2.Kia .wl
XT I 1. ..-.... ,1 ... . PP1... . ' '
I.,. . )- iBIonil Mta tho heading of
i ciiii, imijuc juMiy rumurKs; "jiow
little, such n forco was needed may
bojudged from tlio fact thatlho
totnl number of olorks, xtcnogra
pliers, messongqrs and pages em
ployed by the legislature of Min
nesota, transacting just as much
"contingent oxpensos."
It takes ton legislative clerks in
Missouri to do tho work of one in
Mlnnosqa. But as a matter of
tactj soma of tho clerks in Missouri
to do but draw their salary, anj
that was given as n part r j je-.
patronage that tho member ioftfto
senate and house fixed up s ft ,
dlbtributionnmoug'ther JS0jvca j
family connections, f tthnit r...
editor xettl :tnri to. lho M, ,
dcmoctalla pntfo m h fl
this passngus "V oco'iiprniiiIr.
peon'lo ot MlssoS S .
cent progrew made b.v the stafil
under demorraUo rule. "Vo lndo?se 'L
l.h, .0,lM""'cnl ""J buslness'llko
nduilnlstnitlon o GoTernoVste h
By putt aft- toughs tho i)im f ot
hp clerical gtT- thd domocmt?o
Platform, the J ?S
,0ver appeared nt tho state capl- ffli1?.!! P
tol Thero' was nothing for thim .bllMouri, ;" uo,it party hv,.
1 1 !

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