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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, October 05, 1900, Image 2

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hla Way in St. jrfrtils .'whcrehj liopM,
t flim empmyriretiii u
' clAdfc iJnViiUoii ft'lMlliig (it
prank Clare's Sunday
Qui p a number fioin Wfl went to
Montgomery ' City fUfurday to hear
I'M. Dyer 'k(MMlcr '1'he.y rrfii vqrj
MthimUMteitomtliir. I
Hon!, In w(c nt'Jttft, ViiUm,
, ten pouml girl,- ji
wek;wllh Mm: l)r,'Ulr
Ciiele .Iciiiil AlnleMOH Htltiiflril 'llir
speaking .Moiftgomery iSattirilny
and fro' there I.e. went lit Si., Luiif
toapeilil ten'; days. "
Dr. Clare t attending the, $t, Konla
fnlr thlswrsik..
e heer- many favorable ennimenlfi
on tntiwirttB ejfjhe TK?t'SE nnd
all Join "iu.t lie. jmtllflloii Oml It l
lite coming newspapers! Munlgomrrr
wl'.li otiiul retpublloeiiOoclrliie It will
We HNlefs'tatirt i.Mri LoveliicM'wIl
1 soonalarl a blaektmlth shop her. We
rv in vp, w,aH?nJiie nnu, nu uniiui ei
plififlt5"fe't patronage, for-tJin 'ho,
hers) Ihi beii clot oil for sr'veis)
There seenis trt bt it great deal ol
Intern: tntrii here liMhe, county seal
rnmu'Af aud many are signing the
partition, - .. !:
"' ,rp. ala'l.to know tliat. Sloiil'l
'HWWr City Will have another sircel
ftlr belt year, foiyve all' enjotedlt
and OaiMiua boaVta of a'U umber, of
ribbons, '
,.J)w:k Johnson was here Saturday.
:Wm 'llolloway? bought' n line team
of 'mule In. Montgomery City ls
week, "
'MM nta Anderson baa. goan to
Moulgomery Oily 10' reside.
A million anofi halt yellow wjlloW
wWg Te. bi purclmiwd ,by the
gAMAfeHatltoad eomrany to be plant
4 uit bllh tiftui o( an mlATiWmfnt
mk. ot iuoAlaa, Cel., for.' .a lltRnca'
ot etsht, ttllea. to protect ,Um arobatik'
nhii 'ftpin-ftl""!" br. flitt
Alt Arm1 Mn Minf. r
atraed rawT'iffco may ba louud'lo a
country . in iate ot war1, and who' do
not belong (o the regular force of a
belligerent government, 1 Maetlosed
by military law.
i ArnDRnmic V
A ruat mh tou er ,tbt nain.
"Her drcssea WIU tweoiirton hang,
Her hat obeerrea" a atylleh aet,
.Bha-haa. Doodle ,Ior a pet-""
FraiiR tiempiter Sherman..
The Arm o( Twlat & Taltcta wa
proEiMstvc. conoquontly 6ueldernte. -So,
It being July, Will Merrlfell got
on at 1 tVclocK on Saturdays So dld
Iona'Wry. who was In tin. hiail ntAr
deunnmenl, and whp frequently camp
15-hlm In hl poaltlon na managor of
the,cloth dpartint, ,to match nm
plci of order gopda. On ono of thcae
occaalona ha, dlavorered' that Jonn Uv
ea in' ttio eain aaburb aa he did. He
found out, too, that they generally'
went out oi the, city at the aume hour,
on the aame train. Qn loirnlng'whlcli
his tplrlla roe like it toy balloon, To
bo urot Iona wsa a pretty girl. She
P08eed not only beauty, but dlatluc
tion. She hpld her slender young body
eo erectly, h apoko ao frankly, but
talso with auch dignified reserve, and
ahe wa so earnest; nnd to coaac(en-
,lloua in doing the "work intrusted to
her that Will Merrivcll forrot while
in ner prcaenre to glvo
It 'was only hla aenae of chivalry
which kept; hi rn' from her eldo. 'And
-all the Vay out ahe-
So deep vfno'.he 'l th ' rteflcloua
dream he did not. peWwm" the return
of the black-eyed Granger tjntli the
ia , ueaiue nun,
!.! ot SrBo.. Mr M Hncll.h
l)r. lliiniihreV Spefltf 'iiaiilur OW"
treatiiient nml curauf Ihu H?k mailed
free" on rcquoat Adijrw, Hum- '.
plircy'ii Meillclio i;iliimii)V New'
am Packing Hbuse,
"At9M Baklnff Fowdr9 pontalnlng
Bloiiu Xhmf rt Iixinrlout to healtn
, V. M
uii.'. u r r-.i- 7 . "
uiUiicsi. iiuuurs, Tvurm a i-air tjieat duty and attention.
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair- J nut. tben. Merrlvell wna extremely
auscepiiiiie. If ho bad (lot been1 to
auaceptlble It la quite' unlikely- that
he would have been confined with a
precious trust. And If he had not.
been' selected or the honor no- fcrrod
np6n him he and lona might never
have proceeded beyond the boundaries
whero the cburtealea of casual ac
quaintance cease. Indeed the did not
feel sufficiently familiar' with him to
mention the fact, of her Intention to
stay an nrir later In town than usual
on one particular afternoon, nlthouzh
she had come down to Merrlvell that
morning for six yards of lavender
broadcloth, to be sent to a lady living
In Arlxona.
"Jlot day," remarked Merrlvell. "It
Pocket Pook Lost.
.On the street of Mnntirmiiery !ty
friilny, H-it. 21, nu ),! Innhlciiictl
poeketbuok ivllli bill fnldnr In h
cculre llli iihiM! nl ,1 ( l'arn cm
tlm bill fuller. Mbi-raf rowaril will be
paid for .rliiiM.iil'nickcl bunk and
coiilrnlH l Clirllnplipr O.. I'nfs'im,
near Olney. Mo, Or lo I 111, office 2t.
Pure Bonei Meal.
We haro contracted fur the ''Anchor
Ilrand" Vt,r Meal, Call . .mB5f Win"S SS'to "Th irty T
samples and get prlcn.
r.T. Xuunelly,
Klred 'OlWeralevrij'la attending I be
oh ljuiii iair..iHi0 yeeK. ,
-1 George Sparks has a hanilnoiiio'iieiv
George Deck spent Saturday In St.
Louis where he 'Is having, Ala eyet
treated by a specialist
Ora Stlpp Is soon expected homo
Iroiu' JJortb J)akot?.Where she has
s summer.
eoutributlous for the Galrestoii sufl
eri, Governor Sayers'to-day gaye, out
Coal, Coal, Coal
Hard coal, Soft coal, Cjmltblntf coal,
call on A, I1. Cliarles. wheu ) oil want
any kind, n.'idel, Second' street, .west
of the rali'roHil.
tVIH bo out of my office from 11 a.
in, to 2 p. in. A. T. Ciiaiii.ks.
You cau get clean pure Ice at I.. A.
Kirn's. Leavn orders' at the meat
market or Telephone No. 48.
"DclUbtful!" assented Iona,
uut she did not enter the North-
weetern depot at her ordinary hour.
although Will paced up and down lust
witnout ,tne railing and watched the
great icatea until his train. had come
and gonf. Surely ahe would bo here
berore the next train was due to leave.
The thought1 of .sitting besldo her as
the train rushed out of the amoky city
into the beautiful green suburbs ras
delightful. He might even get' tip
courage sufficient, to ask to call I And
It permitted to do so. how kind he
would be to Dobby If only Bobby
would keep still about their little al
tercation, Bobby had atretchod a
string acrosa the sidewalk, Merrlvell.
For ffeme
' the follolug ulatenieut
"The amount ot money received by
me up to uoou September 80, for the
benefit or the, storm sufferers, Is $672,
47(1.29. This sum Includes $8,8o2&9
that remained in my hands of the
fund contributed for the relief of the
Brazos river valleysuflorers last year,
It also lucliides all drafts unci author
izations to draw and which are In
transit and are yit uncollected, 1
"This statement, It must be borue
in mind, only embraces moueva and
remittances that have been made to
me directly, and also amounts for
Which I have beu authorized to draw
"During the week'l will
, people of tho United Stales a full and
' complete Itemized statement of the
money that has come into my bauds,
giylug the uame aud source of eacji
f ioutrb'utiou, and alesthe mauuer in
f wbl'chlh5tim'lu total receivo by me
baa been expended and distributed,
.j. "Kvery portion ol the storm stricken
j district Is being provided for.
" Cfovcuor of Texas.
It, E. Ilrowu; formerly collector of
this countr.died at his home In'Kureka
last Sunday.
'i C. M. Johnson, of Gamma, starlit in
this week as regular subscriber of the
TiumiNK. 'e would like to have So
more from the Gamma neighborhood.
' d
Story'of a Slave.
n To bo, bound hatid and foot for
'-years by be chains of disease Is the
WOfst form of slavery, George D. Wlll
lams, of Manchester, Mlch7 says:1 "My
Mite baa been so helpless for five years
that alio could not turn over in bed
alone. Afleruelug two bottles of Iileo
trlc III tiers she Is wonderfully Improv
ed and'nble' to do her own work." 'i his
'supreme remedy for female dieeasea
quickly cures uervousuess, sleepless
ness, irieisucholy. headache, backache,
falntlug and dizzy spells. It Is godsend
to weak, sickly, ruu-down people. Curo
Ifuarauteed. Only fipc. Sold by City
Drug Store.
II. S. llakor, of Mlucola, wok In
Mont'goine.ry Cily, Monday on buil
neas;, ,
J, liV. Sturgeon and tnothervent to
-ii! (exbolant, Monday On litislncss be
foVey.uV.circult court. '" '
Certlfled Copy of firdtr.
Septe inbe.r term, 1800,
In the County Court ot slid county, on
the 'jMh dsyplljepteuiufi, moo, the follow
ing) among other proceedings, were held,
Now eomes Y. II. Graham E. T. llelismy
J. W. Welclou, John l'arkey, Ceo, II, Mc
Clure, II. V. Kauip, Joseph rortucheck,
O. W. Cuudltr.T. JI, ityan.J. W. Mason,
II, SI. Godfrey, Jacob Lew. Jf, It. Burnett.
O, T. Muni, F W. Schneider, It, J, Attep
berry, Jacob Murray. Yfm Maytum, E'
AYIndior, II, i:. Elliott aud other petitioners
In the aggregate number ot thirteen hun
dred and Ally, and present their petition to
this court for the removal or the Seat ol
Justice aud County 8ctorthIi Moincomery
aubmit to y rroln; u"nvlll to the nty ofMont-
livmvtjt aim ma jieuiioa ueiug suontiiteu
to the court and examined by the court, it
la found by the court that the petition sign-
ea ny miitrcn hundred and fifty nflhe
voters ol Montgomery county, and It ap
pearing to the court that thele are lc;
than t,!00 voters In this Montgomery cotin.
ty, ins apparent tome court Ihst the peti
tion is signed by more than ode-four tic of
all the voters In the county, the court doth,
tu.iciure.urueriuat a proposition to remove
the Seat of Jumlco and County Seatof this
aiouigoucery counly, from Danville to
Jlontgomery City, be submitted to the qual
ified vctcrn ot Montgomery. County, at tho
nrxt general election to be held therein, on
Tuesday.lhe sixth day ot November. lOOO-
And tho Court doth further order that public
nollce be given of such proposed removal by
the publication of a cerlled copy ol this
order la the New Florence I.eadcr.ln the
Jonetburg Journal, in the Mlddletown Chips
mine weiisrineopiic-xews.ln the Wells
llle AYeeUy lteeord, In the llhlneland Sun.
beam, the Sloutxoiuery County ltepubllcan
and In the Montgomery Standard, news
papers published in the English language
in asm jionigomery county, for five con.
seeutive weeka,the last Imcrtlon to be made
prior to the dale ol tho election, and as near
tuereto aspoaalble; and that further notice
of such order oftald proposed rejnoval he
given by posting printed copies of this order
Ju not less than three of the most public
places In each township in said Montgomery
cot niy, uoi less man u uays bclore the date
of the election herein provided for; and the
Sherlffol Montgomery county is orderedtu
procure printed copies of this order of au
election piloted la hand bill I oral and to post
tho same as herein provided.
J, I'. Henslsy, Clerk of the county courti
lu andfor said, couuty, hereby certify, tho
abovo and foregoing to ho a true copy of
mo proceedings oroursuld county court, on
tba dsy and year above wrllteu, as tbs
sarge appears of record la lnyoeice.
in testimony wuereot i have hereunto set
my hand andaflixed the seal of .aid court
si office In the city of Montgomery,hls23th
dayotSepteuihcr,JtKio. 1'. HknsLby',
6t Clerk'Counlr Court, i
A Thompson,
Office) In Court House.
Crown aud ISatdcte Work a Specialty,
nornc ix ciuuwics. noaniao,
Wm. CLanic. ,f, ulIZiKn
Savings llank.Mnntgonierv City, Me
ruunluit for the train, had fallen over
it and skinned his shins. Observing
the culprit, he had promptly grabbed
him and gven him chastisement brief
but offcctlve. Confound it! How was
he to know that the little red-headed
wretch waa the brother Of this charm
ing glrlt He would fall over strings
all the way from Melrose to State
street, If only .
"I beg your pardon, madam I"
His hat waa In bis band, and he
was bowing profoundly to a lady with
whom he had almost collided when ho
had turned'so abruptly In bla Impetu
oua walk. "
"Do not mentloii ill" cried tho lady,
who waa young and pulo nhd of -almost
tragic appearance. Sho waa
handsome, too, but evidently grief
was responsible for the. wild expres
sion of large black oyes and the pite
ous trembling of her lips sho wore
deep mourning. She was apparently
a foreigner, "But you will help me,
sir? I am In desperation. Two houw
from now I take a train to the West.
I came down here 'to make arrange
ments for leaving. At my hotel I
forgot some Important papers. I must
return at once and secure them. In
the meantime may I beg of you Jo un
dertake the care of my darling Bnow
flower? It Is a precious trust and one
which I would not confide to every
stranger, Is this asking too much,
Merrlvell the susceptible, Merrlvell
the callant, bowed still more courte
ously. "I am honored," he assured
her, "highly honorpd! Consider me
at your acrvicoP'
He felt Jubilant. This waa an op-i
portunlty. Now, when Iona Wray
arrived, she would see with what gen
tleness, with what tendcrneaa ho cared
for thla child pf a stranger. She would
appreciate all tho lovely depths of his
aympathy. She would be Incredulous
ol the etatonienta of that red-beaded
Bobby. Sho might even think Bobby
deservod corporal reproval. And,
when she passed through the gates
alone what a lingering glance would
she not send back to him where he
sat caring for tho child 'of a lonoly
young widow. He would aralle fadly
In answer ajnd sho would realize that
Ilnllntrs. '
fJOw"whetl thfjtormatlnn of a,crps)
of British amnions doer 'not nenm Mi.
f .!.., .1. u..i-,.t . 1 i -ilV' e
,,t , . T , " , , . J ri.im.Ui (1U1IUUV, M UlUUfTIl lUCIIient
,. are co cao'j; I shall now feel
perfectly snf abont ley llttlfi, darling.
I shall noori be back!"-
Then sho disappeared aud Merrlvell
found hlnuctf starlns: down upon the
big. covered bssket ahe haI thruet In
hla, har.d. Jtalk! What, kind, of n
game I lh!u? Itfr darHuS SnowflcW.
'eri .llerpr ou tntatl Was' the child
In tho basket .Vta'lhe child' dead?
Wan lie to ho Invnlved (n ,an ugly
mystery? Hla Men I" (nchccJ. A cold
sweat broke out oil- hid forehead. Ho
could foel If t'lcltllng down hU cheeks,
lie glared wildly around. He' sank
weakly down on the bench, never re-,
laxlng his grip of the heavy basket.
Should ho cut for. It and run? Would
hot that aro-iso suspicion? Or mer
ciful hoavens! Here waa Ion? Wray
now comlug ' directly towards hlm
and loosing' sweet as a rose In her
thin summer gown and big leghorn
hat. IJe was wllBly anxious that she
I'-oiild not a?e htm, but sho did. Sho
P.iurcd In some .astonishment?. Aro
you III?" sho asked. "1 have never
seen you appear so" shi hesitated
for a word "go , disturbed," ahe con
cluded. He staggered to tla feet, still mold
ing hard tho hahiMe of tho basket In
bla left hand and Jerking off hla hat
with hia right.
"No no! I'm all right at least"
Here aometHbi; In the basket moved.
Ho glanced down in a panic tonr.'t
bewlldored gaze followed his. Did
that contain thcmystery of hla pallor,
hla excitement, hla dlatracted air?
"It's It's alive!" he said In a bljod.
curdllnr whisper.
He hastily aet ,the basket down and
etrow back. '
"What's aitve?" gasped Iona,
"Her darling Snowflower tho
child!" he pant I.
"The child!" repeated Iona with a
shriek. "A baby in that basket!"
Her cry attracted tho attention of
the people hurrying for the traina.
Many paused. A crowd gathered augmented..
"Hero here!" cried a portly police
man Hastening up. "What's all thla
lt'a a child!" "It's a baby!" "It'a
tied In that baaketi" "Hero's a loop
hole for air!" "Who does It, belong
to?" "The man waa abducting itt
Th- crlea Increased In number. Ex
clamatlons ot horror resounded. A
couple of railway officials passed
through the throng. And meantime.
the basket rocked away on tho; bench
in an uncanny fashion that aent shlv.
era down th back of tho least Imagt-native.
i"I don't know anything r-.bvit It!"
fotested Merrlvell In an agonized
f'all. "A,lady gave It to me to hold
tintil her return. I "
1 Lowering looka met bla. A threat
cjnlng growl.aroae. . "
I that's all right, air!" grunted' out
a man apparently panoplied, with au
thority. "We'll attend to you. Officer. ,
keen your eve on thla feltnwf T nm
colne to open thla basket." i
He whipped out a knife bent down.
The curious crowd pressed clcser. Not
one ot that breathless mob moved as
the knife snipped snipped along the
taut lines. Suddenly the lid was
Jerked upward. There was a cry from
the basket not the cry of a child. It
was a yelp. A wooly white poodle
poked out hla head and looked In
quisitively around.
The howl that went up from tho ob
servera caused tho hurrying auburban
Itea on .the iron staircase to stand
afflin.l Tt.. t.l nnTlH.mnn In
, ,,,.,.. "' 'uu. ,, . ... - ,,,1T;rr---,Tvl.,",rj;-i-''.,"ii""
a bellow. He took hla hand from -'- " n mo uuera ""vi inuuci i iiiiperieciuiircstlon.
Merrlvell'a arm. Iona laughed through OI ln neignDornooa. nomo event of, "-v"''"m,c;i,icoiio.
her frightened tcara. And, Just when frcat P"'?' ' ,on 'he Ud1'' Pcr- . ASK YOUR DRUGGITS."
' -. - . " I
that practically llluttratea the fitness i
of women tor defensive warfare mav
profitably be? willed. It happened',) JJijaj MarkM
iu,.5 kuv uwiH.uiur wnr, at tue eeu- i v..i. ti...
mid klege Of, Biragosaa, which fell ( na-on, fresh l.Vrrl. Kto.' iiwc nl '
after a general aaaault led by'Marshal j . . 1,'orks,"""'
.tacrie on 'Fvb, IB, 1SU9. Tho h-rola--l,,tr,"t 1 1 w 'r IWtclier's Stock,
wax Auguatlna 7.nriioza, ami hor MON'TtlOMKItY ClTYt JlO.
valorem deeds, together with those of , . 1 ,
her banded rollcaguca, nta thus de-i "A.v W. LAPFIDRTY
lilted by a leading writer on this I " aX 1
ptrlod of European history! "She had AttOmey at LaVT 'and Mill MllC.
jved with nnshakon courage a cah. J ,., .,,..
aoa Cfar the gatfl of 1'atlllo .at the! v KTOille, In Tempi, lllcl'g). .
iorrnur kicgc, hnd h again lookW l MONTGOMKUY Ct'lY', 210.
fSleJJi-KI there when tho- .enemy re- ,, , ' .
turj.iriJ. 'See, general' sho aald to!
ralsfojf, when he visited that quarter.
. in ogmn wim my oiu iriena. Iter
hup and bolngis,truck with a cannon
ball ss hasorred his battery, ahcvcalnn
1y rtepped into his place, nnd pointed
the tun as he lay bleeding at her side,
'''-cqttently she waa to be eeen at the
fr3 of an nssaultln'g yparty, wrapped
U hrr cloak, aword In hand, cheering
rut the soldiers to the discharge of
tneir duty. She waa at length made I
prisoner, but, being taken dangerous
y 111, and carried to tho French camp,
ht contrived to escape. Then como
tieso telling aontcnceej "A female
corcis was formed, to carry "provisions I
and water to the combatants and re
move the wounded, at the head of K'V"!)?.,t.,?lc',y'ronore-T'vBU
which waa Donna llenlta. a lady of 7. f Z. , , , , , ,
, UH,,n DIV5V wfc v-hiivkhd I. i.ueu, umce over union
vr uuiiiub or cannon anot. .nut in ne- i &i"
tual combat," Southey, In the 'penin
sular war, writes eloquently on the
ratrlotlc devotion of these women.
Byron apostrophises "Spnin's maids"
In some glowing stanzas ot "Chllde
Harold," and he saw Donna Augusta
at Seville on the I'rado, where ahe
walked dally, decorated with rnedaia
and orders. Wordsworth probably re
fers to her aa tho "Boy of Saragoasa,"
in a toucning paragraph or hla casay j
on the convention of Clntra. She was
young and beautiful, "of falrv form. '
with more than female grace," and
Wllkle'a picture,, called tho "Maid of
Saragossa," ranka among the finest
examples of the second or Spanish
period of hla art.'-Loidori'Q.uceu. '
old"1 C
Is Sllll In iIm, ring at lh same
ainml .
Th Story or lh aHaup-TaUa!
Pertaining to the elevated scene of
Sir Charles Warren's latest feat at I
anna there la a 'satire legend which
runa thua, aaya London Telegraph.
.LI0urC"stonra You Ough
there gathered a notable band, of war-
While nttemlaug llio StreefKalr and
bcfcui. tue I'Vyou can get ibe pares
and bet groceries at the very Imvect
prices, c
We pay hijjheat M-
Jcet prices for all countAr
produce. t ' '
If. You
Arc Not One of
rinra and othara. In thm miii, nfih.
aKraTTJT.'suddSnly..t; eWmotbs f E
To-Becqmp On? Now,
pytnon put In an appearance. -A
youthful warrior, thirsting for glory,
sprang, forward and struck the roptllc
with some description ot lethal weap
on. The blow severed tha creature's
tall from Its body. The chief witch
doctor present reprehended the act.
and averred the python was the spook
of a warlike ancestor of the recently
departed chief. The creature, deprived
of Its tall, recovered health In time;
ami mougn aiump-ianed. Decarae aa- Ttnrrlflliiorti.i..ir... j - ,
a.w swsy.o. aununuus na j B H uii U litf l II 0 CXnUUSlCU (1 gCStlYO Or
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
lajr . . , 1. 1 , j saaH
r -BBBBasBaBasanB
they are, soon lent a willing ear, and
tho' atory became mixed up In their
own somewhat prolific spookology,
Certain It la this stump-tailed anake
or another of the aame pattern ap-
peara from tlmo to time. At every
pans. Hla tho latest discovered dices t
nnt and tonic No other preparation
can approach It In cfllclency. It in
stantly relieves nnd permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Fiatuluncc, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
the hubbub was at Ha height, a fran
tic woman burst through the throng,
She plowed her way to the bench, to
the basket, her black eyes flashing
"You are 1 fine gentloman to trust!"
she screamed. She had turned on
Merrlvell In a fury. "Letting those
horrid railroad men see my Sunflow
eri Now, they will not allow ma to
tako hfm In tho passenger car! And
I shall not have my beautiful little
love shut 11 " In the baggage carl I
gave him the tiniest whiff of, chloro
form to keep .him quiet until we should
havo started I went away to get a
trifle more. He would have slept the
whole way! But you you impostor!
You have betrayed me! You hare
aouscd my confidence!" She stormed
away at a wonderful rate. "O, my
precious pet I" she walled at last,
catching the drowsy canine to her
bosom, "it's astonishing that he didn't
try to steal youl"
"J I didn't know It waa a dog!
proteated Merrlvell weakly. Shoflutig
fiercely around. "What did you think
It war?" ahe demanded.
"Oak Park train a-all a-b-oardl"
bawled the starter,
Merrlvell and Miss Wray sat to
gether all the way out. They laughed
Immoderately. He was assured he
might call. He did In fact, ho is still
calling. To be explicit, there Is a
rumor that but this may bo gossip.
Anyhow, the girls In the mall order
department smllo .when Iona's work
takes her to tha cloth goods aisle. And
yilS fellow-workers are guying him
for taking down havajo blue, when sho
asked for sunburnt roso. At nil events,
these young peoplo seem to be happy
together 6n their five Saturday after
noons. Best of all, Bobby, by some
mysterious process, has been concili
ated: As a chaperon, telf-satlsflsd,
oblqultous, and decidedly superfluous,
be merits commendation, and gets
nlckles, dimes, and sometimes even
i '. I m'''.v- ,
. - -y: . T r4$'-'
;r. ,.w .0. , ,
'x toAfl
peared, It may Tisve Tiad something to
say about the relief of Jjidysmlth. or
the advent of sir Charles Warren. 1
Splon kop means the hill ot spylrg,
and was so called because, the Boer
Foortrekkers, flying from the British
law and restrictions, when they cross
ed the Drakensherg, paused at this
hill to spy out the savage land and to
decide In what direction they should
i;iiorniou Wna Su-i Lost by Sleknml.
Sickness comes htgh, as Is proved by
German records In regard to sick In
surance, which Is compulsory upon
worklngmen. Nearly eight million ,
persons in that country Insuro against
rlckfiess and in one year a third ot this
number reported alckness of someTtlnd
or other, tha average duration of sick
ness being seventeen days. Reckon
ing wages at 50 centa a day, this means
a loss In, wages alone in one ear of
mora than S22.ii00.000. Then, of
course, there always Is 'extra expense
connected with sickness, such as doc
tors' bills, medicines, Bpeclal food and
sometimes special care and mainte
nance. Tbeae records do not relate
to .Infants or to the old and Infirm, but
only to working persons during the
working period.
ValaHbte 1'rbbUs.
Between the northern nolnt of l-nn,
Island and Watch Hill lies a row ot
little islands, two of which 1'lum is.
land and Ooose Island possess a pe.
cullar form of mlnornl wealth, n con-
Blsta In heaps of richly colored quarts
rebbles, showing red, yellow, purple
ami other hues, which iro locally
called agates. They are used In mak
ing stained glass windows, and there
sufficient demand tor them In New
York to keep tho owners of ono or two
sloops employed In gathering them
from the benches, where the waves
continually roll and polish them,
bringing out tho beauty of their colors.
Don't Be Fooled!
me tratkot l Ixlna flooded
Willi worlhlcit Imitations of
To protect tho public wt calt
cspcciai nurniion 10 our trad
mark, printed on t very pack
v. 1 man a in pen ulna.
J'or Sal by all Druggist
Through Service
Fifty Cents-
1 If
"' 1

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