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Republican Ticket.
For I'reildeiit William McKluley.
For Vice l'rtt. Theoilore Kooievelt.
Stat Offlori.
For Governor-JOsEi'll FLOR.Y.
For Lieut. Oovernnr K. V. ALLBN.
For Sec, 6lale-W. I l'OllTKUFIKlA)
F'irTrcaurrr W.S. FLF.il INQ.
For Aiiilllnr W. K IlfEIlAUM.
FurAtliiiney Gnl.-S. F, O'KALLON
Rallrnnil anil Ware-1
home Commlnliiiirr ) 0. COHOUSE.
For Consreas oth Dlstrlot,
D. 8. FLa.00,
County OfflooB.
For ltepreteulatlve Cbae. K. Btewirt.
For Collector Jamee K. Itodgeri.
ForVroiecuiIng Attorney A. W. l.aflertjr.
KorAiieator Jimn F, Anderaon. '
ForKhrrlir-J. Il.'.lol'iiioii.
ForTrraturer. 1. D. lltVrr.
For Coroner Dr. (l.'W. Stephens. '
For Judge ltt Olitrlct A. J jur.
For J udge 2nd district it. J. Monnlg.
Loutre J.Il. Dickey,
Dauvllle Hllti Itethrl.
Montgomery a. W. Flppi.
I'ralrle J. T. Klmlicrlaln.
Upper Loutre J. II. Clarkton.
Republican Club meets Friday
night rit lho court house- at 7:30.
Republican Club will meet Fri
day night at tho court houso at 7 :30.
Republican Club wilimojt Friday
night nt tho court hoQBo nt 7 :30.
Republican Club will meet Fri
day nlsht nt tho court houso nt
II Mr. Voutacy should die In tho
court room it Is bcltovcd that tho
merciful Judgn Cnntrlll would con
sent to a contlnunnco of tho cade.
Four years ago plates wero Rl
each at tho Now York Bayou ban
quet : Hits year they aro 12 each.
Who nays tht country Is not pros-
tperoui. - - 'Ak.:"bj
iuNEnud any
. courtesies oxtended to Mm will Ire
appreciated by tho TnlSUXK. He
la jttlso authorized to reeolvo fend
receipt"' for isub'crl'ptions' to this
Weekly excursion sleepers leave
St. Louis via Koty Flyer (M. K. &
T. Ry) every Tuesday at 8:10 p. in.
for San Antonio, Los Angeles,
and San Francisco. First sleeper
leaves St. Louis Nov. Oth.
Regardless of campaign He (old
about him by democratic papers, I
know him to boa staunch friend of
tho laboring men of tho stabb re
gardless of polities, crood or occupation.
As tho pcoplo of Montgomery
I have always btcn a democrat,
but as times have been bo prosper
ous under Republican National rule
I am anxious to sco Republican
rule In tho Stato j therefore I am
what the republicans call a
floppor." But if wo find that our
bread has more butter on it when
wo flop it over, 1 think wq do well
to flop, I kno w wo have had better
times since I voted for McKlnloy
four years ago.
Joo Flory has been endorsed here
in Mobcrly, his Old homo, by tho
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi
neers, tho Brotherhood of Loco
motlvo firemen and tho Order of
Railway Conductors, and, in fact,
by all tho people who know him
except a few who wish to sco tho
ring remain In control of stato
affairs. Mobqrly gave Flory tho
grandest reception that over n can
didate rcclevcd in this democratlo
towil. It was, much blggor and
much moro cordial than tho one
given Bryan in '90.
Let us do Hkcylso all over tho
stato. on Nov. Oth and I feel safo in
saying wo t 111 "havo ancxccutlvoln
Jefferson City whom wo will Justly
feci proud of. A man whd has
wlll'powor and nervo enough to do
what Is just and right for tho pcoplo
of tho stato. Tho greatest sorvlco
A story was told nt tho Grind
Army ca'mpflro at Macon tho other
day that illustrates tho. dcathlcM
memory of a soldier for ono who
has done him a good tum in ad
versity. Paul O rimes was tho chief
cook at lho 'Democratlo barbecue
held in Macon In Scptcmbor. A
gentleman' who hid stood near tile
dining tsblo tho evening of ttrio
first d'' related tho incident:
"TV0 nftd been a tremendous
vrowd around tho tables sInc"o
noon," ho said", "and towof
night tho provisions had about rah
oat. A man wearing a hugo Bryifli
button walked up to Orlmos nnd-I
Importuned htm for a "hand out."
"Nothing left," said Grimes curtly.
"Como around to-morrow." The
hungry democrat walked away. A
few mlnutos afterward a tall, sol
dierly looking man, with keen eyes '
and close-cropped mustache, ap
proached tho table and inquired as
to chnnces of getting something to
oat. Tho old cook looked nt hlin
a moment and said: "Why hello,
captain) Hungry, aro you?" "You
bet I am, Paul," said tho captain.
"Ain't had abito sinco morning
and. I don't Uko to walk back, to
town. Tho least bit of grub would
illl tho emergency." Grimes fished
around and from somowhero in
At High Hill Tliund.y. Oct 18.1:30 p. m,
M New Florence Tliurtdiy Oct. 187:30 p. m.
11 Hod. 8. T. Avdelott.
J, 11. tlirber.
At Welltvllle. 7:50 p. m.
Hon, T. H. Hacklier,
lion. It, h, Johnston.
At Dig Spring. Friday. Oct, 10 at lsW p. m,
Hon. 8. T. Aydetott,
Col. Warner Lewis,
At Amerlcut, at 7:30 p. in,
Hon, B. T Aydntott.
Col. Warner Lewis.
At Mrlln t iflUp. in.
Hon, It- !. Jolintinn,
Hop, T, II. llucknrr.
At AHddletown at 7:30 p. m
Hon. It. L.Jolmiloti,
Hon. T. II. Uuckncr.
At MlnneoU,Slurdr, Oct, SO, at 13:0 p, m
Col. Waruer Lewla,
lion. It. I.. Jolin.lou.
lli.n. T. 11. llucknrr.
At I)anvlltnat7:30p. in.
Col. Warner l.ewla.
Hon. T. II, Uuckntr,
Hon. It, 1 Jolioaton.
At Jonnburit at 7:30 p. ra.
. Hon. Ym. llloebiuni,
' Hon. J, II. Oarbar.
Montgomery CI If, Monday OctSj 7:30 p. m.
' lion, Win. llloeuaum,
Hon. It. I. Jobntton, v jjtl
Hon.Tjn.illucl.n'er.'" "
Oamma, Monday, Oct, 36 ISM p. a'.
Hon. T.Li llui'kner,
'Honl It, L. Jolifaton,
At llelltffuwcr at p. in.
Ilou. T. 11. llucknjr,
tho depths produced a loaf of light , ?b!t0
. , , , ,. ii,! 1 rlce llranch V ednetday,
bread, a leg of mutton, somo baked 1Ion T UllclneP
potatoes ana a bottlq ot pop. Tno lion. It. L. Jobntton,
newcomer Bat'down and feasted' Hew Florence 7:30 p.m.
llkoiiklnir. tho two monohaftlnir! Hon T.Il.lluckner,
all tho while. After bZ captain I ,
the people of Missouri can render
tho laboring men of tho stato is to turn(;av0no mnn away mud B0
cast asldo pnrty prujudlco and voto
for Joo Flory.
If tho people, whom I lovo so
well, can not voto for our Joo, they
must not, for a moment, doubt his
honor, a thing I vouch for, becauso
I know lilm well.
Hon. It. I,. Johnnton.
tll.l. I 111 "i-1. . . I . si. l.nrt
had leftlftsked thowok why ho, lion, T. II. llucknrr
Hou, It. I. Jobntton.
At Jonesburc at 7:30 p. ro.
Hon. T. 11, llucknrr,
Hon,.I,. L. Jobntton.
McKlllrkk, lTrldar, Oct SO, at 00 p.tn,
Capt. Freu (Ircbenborit.
IIon.T.11. llucliner.
Hon, It. L. Jobntton.
At.lthlnelaad. si .7(30 p.m.
sumptuously' fed another Tight
afterward. "Comrado," ha said,
"that man who hn Jus left' is
Cnpt. O. C. Burgo, otho 0Vonty-i
first Iow.o., Ho and, I wero nt
Vloksburg but on dlflerwosldos ot
mo inireneninoni.,. ivit)iio?iy
ilS4aM'fjBOt Rq
There win be a Oat? el Temporrnce
prayef Ineellng, uneWTTie iiipervlaloa.
nl ih.W, O. I'. U? J H Flral rreaby.
terlsii cliureli,TtiuraUrn.MlM)C pet,,
3A.nl, 7 p. hi, Atlilri'l lo tiie prajrer
arrvleea' will be mi InlrmilKK pre
gMin of- i-pecial tiimlr, rrcllnllowl,
tlk. He. TIip aprelal n the,
prater will Im.f.ir llm anura-a of the
V,IT. U SUIe iMivrHti, In lie
lii lCwtw. Cliy OtJ, muht ,N'i"Jim1.
Kfi-rylio'l;' Inlt)-l in Oil- mwilinf.
A Letter Prom fir. Coffmnn
Mr. and Mrs. John Coffman, who
have been visiting relatives in Ohio
and Vermont returned lo their
homo in thiB city lost Thursday
after having boon away nbout.tivo
weeks. Mr. Coffman being asked
how things wero In the eAst replied
by handing tho Tribune a short
letter which wo print below.
Mr. Editor: As I havo been
questioned by sovcral about my
trip east I will givo you a short
sketch; I left hero Sopt. 13. ad
preceded through St.iLouls, De
troit, Montreal (Canada) a distance
of about 1C00 miles.
There is somo flno scenery along
this route. The crops seem to havo
been very good this year with tho
exception of wheat which was
almost a failure In Indiana and
Ohio. Work seems to bo plentiful
manufacturers aro doing extensive
Politics Is very quiet overywhero
in tho cast. Although there seems
to be a sentiment among Demo
crats as well as Republicans that
McKlnloy ought to bo re-elected
for another term. Still they say
(In on off hand way) "Wo will
have to voto tho ticket".
iItVould be well If somo of tho
old moss backs of Missouri would
visit tho cast and sco how they do
things back there.
nmsooro, unto, county seat oi ,r .n, M -0i,i,r th n ,,r hoi
Hiehland countv (tho countv in I were left, tho nrrnun of lho Imnrln-
whlch I was born, raised nnd mar- on-tt air finally becoming so great aa
ried) has ten mcadamized roads
leading into her llttlo city of 7,000
inhabitants. Missouri Marlvllle
say wo havonUho material to build
good roads. But Champ Clark tells
us wo havo n llttlo kingdom otour
own, which is true. Every school
boy that has studied 'iceograplair
'A rpr!.a Jak rtMl fprmnt Ht ,ta
A farmer named: Btiakoty Itrtac oa
'the Nebraa aide of tM Mlrt
river, had a remarkably Barrow es
cape from Inatan't death m Use reault
it An 'eiploaloH not of dynamite or
nlirogylccrls. but or tee In the Ulit
ourt river.- aeya the Mlnnea&olU
Times. Hacker was driving ocrou the
river on Jh lee bridge When about
the reater of tee milu cbainel he sud
denly heard an ominous rumbllnic
underneath the Ice,- and was not long
In deciding that aomethlug unuaual
was about to happen. Lashing bis
horses into a. wild rum be beaded for
the thoro, 'wlilcb he bad just reacted.
In safety when the exploiUa or tHtlew-""
up" occurred. It Is said bjr thetee who
wltncned the Incident that laeae bod
lei ot heavy lee In an area of about
a square mile were th'ronn' fully forty
or 3fty feet Into the air by tho force
of the upheaval. The phenomenon Is
said to have been caused by the sud
den and extreme change In the weath-.
er to colder, the Ice forming o qalck-
to lorco its escape In tho manner
Mated by toulpg hundreds of tons ot
fee Into the air as though It were
IU Or btattua ''a4 Vataabl ktvtyr
i tk T . .1
so long.
Joo Flory
r ' . , i.i
mcnunlion nis incnas uero nuuum
ask for Flory.
No greater tribute to Montgomery
coltnty people could be paid than
thnt thoy will rise tin Nov. biavy
After carly Forty Years.
After carrying a Union bullet
In his body for thlrty-olght years,
Gen, It. N. Rlchbourg, of. Mont
iromerf. S. C, has got rid of H.
He commanded tho Fourth Brigade
South Carolina militia, and was
wiiv. wnuiided at tho battle of
Frazlcr's farm, Juno 27, 180:
While charging tho brcstwOrks n
bullet struck him full In tho brcant.
Tho other day ho foljwj. pain In his
back, and that nlglrtlfio placed ft
drawing plai.ter on tho spot whoro
there was (nllnmaUon. The next
morning tho pain wns relieved nnd
to):ing oft tho plaster, ho found tho
bullet slicking to it.
minflcrtiowlioncM ,i .. ' nn 'ivl
v ... , . , navo emeu icncc rnii. jicji nv.;
UOgiey WHO iuuiuium .frt..,.( nr, nnrl linimn mlllilPU
on the Accommodation onglno horn I ,,h i, ynnkooB. abo-it Uio flrstf
.o J?ay that ho supports nlnn wj,o 'spoko to mo wns this Hon. T.
should bo all lho rccom-, BamQ Co,)tnln Burgo, and ho had on. It
with hoiHl;
After tlie&JSs
l'. WriitMm
lion, T. II, (luckner,
llontt. lrSibttooKH
At llljr' Spring l 7:.Hp. in.
Ctpt. Fred OrabanborHt,
II, Uuckncr.
L. Jobntton.
,lcn- (j p. o Fallon.
somo hnm, cheeso nnd stuff. Say I Monll,ollltrr uty ytll Nov. 2 1:30 and 7i
You may talk ribout whitL-wIuged n0. lien linttoll
nngels, but thore was novcr one Jll'llli otbertprakera of National repute
that. Why, the boys cried , "" """'I'" '" " l0 "T'ctcu.
abies and I wns ono of them,
are'mor'e than ten tmiis that
V.. MonWWfW.rV'
Louis. Ifo eaya this lias been thownIc.h lJ (i,e irefat iYy of the'
most jirosporous year in tho twenty country and the rnost ra ub;e as' n
years ho has been in tho business, gar. buildings and cifuinery, etc.
Hurrah for McKlnloy and prot.- , is b, en.jr.sed along the waterfront
perlty. JOHN CoFFUAN. by the addliion of twenty acres ceded
' uj me fionraionwvaiiu V. lavuu-
A WnlU Ann o. aette. A new arroocK is u .u5 w
i i! r ..-.r Mi l,liei,,i..!tructcd, a,ao a nev big wet b-iin.
i ,...... ........ , . ....... . i . ..Tin,
Do you suppose I could
thnt man? Not on your
In the supremriM(i..rtt(!Ii fol
Our Republican readers can do
lowed, section forgot section. :
within a diiv n million dollars In
fnml niwt mniiKV stiranrr llko an . im n i-rn.-it dual of frood bv HDealc
angel out of heaven to the rescuo'jln'g of what you read ' ill . tlio
of tho dostltuto. There wilt no . TiUDUNB, nnd aspoclnlly our hopto
thought of caste, class or creed, merchants advertisements. If ylm
A people had been stricken and Ueo our merchant's ads in tho
succor was needed. In full proof Trtiatrxn, when you go into ono.'of
of mail's weakness to stand against . tho stores, sny you.saw tho ndvo-
nrotlscd nature, ho aroso t thnt tlsoment in tills paper or you did
When you go to tho polls to vto
in November next, don't looo bight
of tho world's fair amendment. If
i.mi nm lnlr.rr.cri.il In tllll linbllllll-
w " . I.. Ill .....II f, 10 ,.ll,,W
ing of your stato and tho future ",r -
jiciniu iiiii ii.,,,.,. . mvj
Ill lr. bill I'M soil cook shout n fll
Kliinri-il tmee .pplrn at I Ills iiIIIi'h Mini
nro terkeep', "lire . iiuukIi. 1'hr;
ure mi iinkiKHvn variety !ttt Mr. Ilarna
Iim been expi-rlllii-iitiuir tillti tli
Inr tevrra! jrnra anil he fiuiN ll.nl
progress' of tho City of St. Louis,
you should not only voto for tho
K. G. Cogloy, our old friend ond
citizen, rises nbovo tho spirit of
prejudice and nsks hfs friends hero
tp.support Joo Flory and thowholo
llcnubllcun ticket. Formerly n
democrat, ho saw tho error of his
way arid had the manhood to say
what ho thought was right, Tho
following letter will explain his
M011ERI.Y, Mo, Oct. 13, 1000.
ft. S. 1'AUt. Montgomery City
FitlEND Rolla: Through you I
want to reach my old Montgomery
friends nnd talk to thorn ns neigh
bor talks to his neighbor and his
friend; not In tho spirit of pnrtlzon
politician of the day, but rather as
an old comrade.
I wish to say a few words tor my
frli-nd nnd the friend of tho masses,
in.. Tflnrv. our next Governor. I
know him to bo an honorabloman
fnllv mmllflod to 1111 tho high offlco'
ho asnlros to, nnd f&Uy ablo' to
break up tho ring that harbeqn a
wonanco to our good bid sTatoJor
so many yearst , ,
subllmo height which is beyond tho
touch of any tompest. True, thuro
were, ns thsro. alwuys havo been
and always will be, instnnccs of
inhumanity nnd plunder, but tho
offenders, when seen, wero shot
down with as much promptness ns
tho wenk wero succored. Tho
bright lights of our national dis
asters aro so strpng that the shad
ows hardly show, Saturday Even
ing Post.
Wo notice thnt lho Standard is
afraid that Flory will reciovo some
kind of nn ovation at Mobcrly. It
says his Mobcrly visit was n fail
ure, n thing which It knows posi
tively is not so. Mr, Flory upoko
In what tho Democrats call tne
largest Convention hall in North
Missouri, outsldo of tho larger
cities, and standing room was not
to bo had. WhlloMr. Flory was
speaking threo speakers at thrco
separato and distinct placos, hold
threo separate and dletl net ovcrnow
meetings. Democrats thcro ndmlt
that It oxecedod by far any politi
cal mooting over held in Mobcrly
Mr. Flory Is a brighter star In
Moborly's honvon of ostoom nnd
affection than wm Jennings Uryon
Mr. .iDockcry or any other man
Now it is only tho spirit of fairness
for tho press to report things as
vr"y are.
not sou It there.
We would npprcciato it if qur
democratic readora would say. rho
samo to our merchants. Tho mer
chants want to know whether you
tnko tho pnper'nnd also whctljcr
you road tho advertisements, 1
Wo hopo many of our Mentis
will sny when thoy go Into tho t.
Louis Storo, Gove's, tho CltylDrug
Storo or Algermlsson & SchoWrs,
riintyou "read It in tho TninujsEJ
Why Thoy Don't Oct Pat. ,
A Pennsylvania mnn, It is sold,
had flvo sons who aro called
"shadows" by their schoolniatuH,
owing to tholr emaciated and lutn
gry appearance Ono of tho boys,
whllo talking to a chum tho othor
day, throw s(?mo light on his. nAd
his brothers' lean nnd lank condl
tlons: "Father tolls us at breakfrst
time," said ho, to seo whloh can
finish eating lho quickest. At "
nor tlmo ho snysi "Now .boys,
who'll havo 5 cents and do without
dinner?" nnd wo each tnko iho
nickel. At suppor tlmu fittnbr
always sayst "Woll, lads, vho
will clvo 5 oonts forthoprivlloaoB
eating all thoy want?" rfutUvflall
olvu back'xho 5 cents. BcfortJwo
get nil wo want ho saysT'ysow
lads, wo'vo all had plenty,', lei's
stop or wtrwlll havo bad dreams."
amendments, but give it
support from now until after elec
tion.' Amendment No, 4 authorizes St
Louis to issuo S5,000,000 In city
bonds In nid of tho Fair. Tills can
in no wny affect Stato taxes.
Amhkdubkt No. 5 authorizes tho
Legislature lo npproprlnfo from tho
sinking fund a sum not exceeding
Sl.000,000 for a Stnto exhibit. This
appropriation will not como out of
tho current revonue, and will not
Increase taxation.
Tho World's Fair will attract
millions of dollars of capital to
Missouri and benefit all classo3
alike. It cannot bo hold unless
thoso Amendments carry.
Tho Amendments wero endorsed
by tho Stato Conventions of both
parties. if
The floebel Law.
From tho manner In which tho
domocratle election commissioners
hnvo stnrtcd out In St. Louis to
mnko "clerical Errors" by regis
oring republicans wrongly so thnt
their voto can bo thrown out ou
election day goes to show that tho
Goebcl law In Missouri Is to bo as
bad, it not worsothan it Is in Ken
Over 1000 of theso errors havo
been discovered by tho Republican
City Central Commlltco. A man
goes in to register nnd says No. 23 1,
Pruolnct 7. Ward U. Tho clork
puts it down No. 231, Precinct 8,
Ward. 11.
"Clerical Errors" ot this kind
aro shamoful and show to What
etxtunt tho democrats ot St. Louis
are going In to carry tho city,
warm' ll" "r" "r" P"'"'1"
nl. Tli saiiiplan uliowl i 111H mi
Mr. lltrn wa prejiarliiif li tlilp "
lliiulrvlllf, Alabama, Ha Me Nnrnr
eiMiipaii. wliii Ueire n piirrnatB in-'
rilit 111 propeijale ihe varlel.
Mr. llarnea ililppeil llie company a
tx'W npptt-a jtallirreil nun tear ail"
almiit lll Ibote (fnlliereil a low Ani
Iiici 'I'ht') will crrlaliilv he convluc-
eil tlmt thin new variety or iiaiurteta
apple U K."Si;r euouirli'' oviirkeitp.
Somo' business seem to hato to
admit that times are any better or
that they nro not making any
I ... ...I. 1 lU.4
money, yet tno pcopio khoh mui
thoy nro not in business for bctioV'
oleut purposes, and tho comforts
of life which most business men
uniov. is convincing proof that
thoy nro making money.
Even Nebraska is no longer
doubtful but Is lining up for Mc
Kiniev. About tho only States
that Bryan will jarry nro those
constituting tho solid South whoro
tho Declaration of Independence,
tho amendments of tho constitution
nnd tho doctrine of tho "cousentof
tho governed" nro grossly ig
Joteph Hail, of Florence, Colo ,
lieru vlallhiK lilt brolhor-ln-Uw J. IC
lludicera near town, Mr, Hall uaeil lo
bo a ilemocrat when he formerly lived
here ami alao voted for llryau lu 1890
hut an) a he will vote for ilclfliiley
ttila ear. He ays time are much bet
ler than they were uuiler Cleveland's
rule aiul aiiioueofllryau'a proplioatea
came to paaa that hetuaile m 189$, he
iloca not believe lu Ihein thla ear,
henco will ole for McKltiley.
la to be
begun thla year, ami matblncry, "ew
equipment and facilities to a vaice ot
more thai, tl.000.09O have bt.;a In
stalled w.L.Jn the Iaat few jtsara.
Modem wtttoda are applied ! 1 'very
department. electrical, hydiamlc.
pneumatic ynd gas power being In
troduced In Ui'o intereat of economy In
time and labor and ot better work.
tremendoua change has also been
brought about by the ortunlutlon ot
va1oif. w aing forces, with maater
heads, leat ihg men and foremen ot
various graJea. Including the money
appropriated tor-the new drydoek.
and the coat' of the new wet pasia.
which la being borne by the Fltehborg
.allroad, nearly t3.D00.WM la already
appropriated and available for Im
provements and. .advancement f
yard. This Inciadcs several uev uuna
lnga. much new- machinery, na elec
trical power plant, a new railroad sys-
trni and vara and (ocoraouvea anu
power cranes, coal landins plant, tor
pedo boat storage plant, and alao the
extension of the yards water front
and wharie. much ot which Is cither
done or now in progress. 1'he entire
yard la commanded by a commandant.
at present Hear Admiral Sampson, tie
la tbo general manager and d.-ectop
at all oUatra, not only at the yard, but
of the nation, which' Includes tho
naval hopual altd magazine at cnei
wa, tho niter depot at Maiden, the
construction work at South Boston
and Weymouth, "and all tho various
pay oaocrti, lighthouse Inspectors, hy
drographera and natal Xifticcra detailed
on apectal duty In the vicinity ot Boat
ton. ,
1 irlua Ot.t Itftnic Not.
The oidcat nolo in the posiesilon ot
the bank ot England t dated Decem
ber 19. 109r for ISM. In the bank
library la a note for 2S 'which waa
not preaented for 111 yeare. Another
la a note ot 17S2 for 1.000,000 tbla.
being the oldest extant tpealmen, only
tour notes for like amount over hay-..
Ing been Isaued.
hut 111 Itu.m
The alleged discovery ot gold-bear-. -Ing
ore In the vicinity ot Clalena, Kan., .
has not provoked the wild enthusiasm 1
that uiually attends tuch nnda. There,
Is plenty of exeltement and touch In
terest manifested,, but there Is not a
rueh ot prospector. . Thla ts to some
extent due, however, to the fact that
the prospectors have kept the location,
ot the reported find secret.

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