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NO. 26
Republican Ticket.
Fori'rciKleht Wllltnui McKlnley.
For Vice I'm. 'I'lirmlore Iloo8vell.
State Offices,
For Governor JO&Kl'II KLOIIY.
For Went, (ovrrnnr E. F. ALLEN.
For Sec. Smif-W. L. I'OUTKIIFIKU)
ForTmurer V. 8. FLEMING.,
For Auditor V. K Ilt.CKUAUM,
For Attorney Orii.-S. F. O'FALLON
Rallroml kihI Wurr-'l
houe UomiiiltrineT J C. O'.CUOUSII.
For ConareM Oth DUtrlot,
County Offlcos.
For ItepreieuUtlve CIim. E, Stewart.
For Collector funei K. ltoditr.
For rrottcuilog Attorney A. 'Y. l.(1trl y.
For Aif.or Jiinm F, Anderaoo.
For StierlfT .1. II. Jolimon.
Forru'ifloAUmlnlitrator F.W. Schneider.
For Treasurer. I). I), Maker.
For Coroner U'. O, V. Stephens.
For JiiJce lit Ulitrlct A. J. Day.
Forjudge 2nd dlalrlct It.J.Monnlg-.
lKutre J.K. Dickey.
Danville Kll Detliel.
Montgomery 0. W. i'lppi.
I'rnlrle J. T. Kltnuerlnln.
Upper Ijiiilre I. II. CUrkion.
Mr. Graham our county collector,
will rcciovo your tax on tho school
fund lnvcstmed In certificates of
indebtedness. A flno Investment
gentlemen I Push It along.
If Missouri had a fow moro
tobacco warehouses to sell at $132,-
000 each tho tax-payers would have
a merry Unto paying tho 0 per cent
interest thereon.
Tax-payers, get your cash out
and pay Opur cent interest on your
state school fund Investment. No
wonder Davo Ball sworo at tho
stuto houso gang.
This paying 6 per cent Interest
rn n tmln I (tin frrminrl In n frrimf
financial schemo and Over- 300,000
good democrats have endorsed it
In .years' p'and'overSOOOOp -will
ryilKCiy onaorso it again.
Who got the $i-mllHona of tho
school fund? If any tax-payer in
this 'county will come to this ornce
andexplain that question satisfac
torily, we'll publish free of charge,
his explanation
"Chips" Pearson Is making Bomo
grnvo charges, or Insinuations,
against Bear Creek and Danvllla
township dcmocaatlo candidates.
If Chips is correct corruption and
boodles must have run rampant in
tho democratic primary. If thoso
candidates bought tholr nomina
tions won't they try to buy tholr
elections? Will Chips answer this
Walk right up, gontlemcn, to tho
collector's wagon and pay your
tax on your perpetual school fund
that Is now invested In certificates
of Indebtedness. You, your chll
PLAIN. Deception Rampant.
Tho TninUNE may bo wrong in
its position on tho loot of tho
School Fund bund, but It Is not
wrong willfully. It Stephens, Sel
bcrt nnd Carrington toll tho truth
In regard to tho fund, then tho
Tribune's position Is correct "that
the fund has been used and a cer
tificate or bond issued in Us place,
on which every tax-payer in Mis
souri pays tho interest instead of
rcclcving interest."
"In 1872 tho State Legislature
found that tho State, owed tho
school fund about 8000,000, and Is
sued a State (certificate of indebt
cdnes" to tho school fund, a state
bond bearing six per cent and fix
ing a deflnlto date of payment.
This recognized tho stato's obliga
tion and put it Into tangible
Hero Carrington says tho State
owed tho school fund about $000,'
000. How did It owo it? Bid tho
State uso tho $900,000?. E vldcntly,
yes. Did it pay DacK tno moneys
No. It gave a "stato certificate of
indebtedness" bearing 0 per cent
interest,-which you and I arc taxed
to pay ovety year. No democrat
deniest his.
"In 1875 the State Board of Ed
ucation, under the authority of tho
constirution, sold its U. S. bonds
and purchased btato bonds. Uon
slderine that U. S. bonds were
abovo par, and Stato bonds below
par, tnnt tno stato Donas ooro a
higher rate of interest, this trans
nction increased tho permanent
funds about 8 100.000 and the annual
annorilonmcnt to the schools more
than. $50,000. Another.f act .worth
consideration, hero is that tno MMe
sh6wcd Its faith In its own bonds
by Investing Its permanent school
fundslnthem. Tho result was that
our state bonds were soon at par
and havo never slnco been below
Carrington says tho abovo trans
action Increased tho permanent
fund $100,000 nnd tho annual ap
portionment $50,000. Carrington
Is correct In this but ho does not
go on to say that tho stato used up
this $100,000 for current expenses
nnd then collected $50,000 tax
each year from tho tnx-paycrs to
put into tho apportionment fund.
Beforo tho snlo of tho U. a. Donus
tho United States paid tho Interest
and not tho tax payers of Missouri.
"In 1881 tho State Legislature
directed tho lssuanco of n "consoli
dated cortiflcirto of Indebtedness"
In lieu of nil school fund securities.
Tho stato bonds and tho previous
ly Issued "certificates of Indebted
ness" two forms of securities to tho
school fund but of indebtedness by
thn state, wcro cancelled.
This "consolidated certificate of,
Indebtedness" Issued uy nutnority
Br. Oeorgo L. Miller, founder
of the Omaha Herald. Bryan
Judge Eleaicr Wakoloy, tho
lcapcr of tho Omaha bar. Bo
cause Bryan Is mistaken about
tho Philippines.
William A.Paxton of Nebras
ka, who twlco assisted Bryan's
election to Congress. Silver.
Thomas B. McPerson, Presi
dent of tho' Omaho Cattle Loan
Co. and cashier of tho Union
Stock Yards National Bank.
Bryan's election would causo a
Euclid Martin, of Omaha for
years a leader of tho Democrat
ic party, formerly Chairman of
tho Democratic State Commlttco
and Postmaster of Omaha under
Cleveland. Favors the present
(tablo currency.
Edward Riley, of Omaha party
wheelhorse. Bryan's failure as
a prophet, and prosperity.
F. B. Lawrenc,- President of
tho Lawrence Shot and Lead Co.,
Nebraska, has voted Democrat
ic slnco 1801. Wants stable cur
rency. E. Wyman, Shclton, Neb.,
Populist member of Legislature.
Will not fuse with tho Demo
crats. Oeorgo E. Prltchctt, Nebraska,
n lifelong Democrat. Money
B. T. Fnrnsworth formerly
Democratic city attorney of
South Omaha, Nob. Because
Bryan has been giving aid to
tho Phllipinos.
Jddgo W. D. McIIugh, leading
attorney, Omaha. Bryan's fail
ure as a prophet.
WarTen Snltzlcr, Nobraska,
nominee of tho Oold Democrats
in 1897 for Supreme Court Just-i
ice.' General principles.
Charles W. Lyman, President
of tho coramcrdial National
Bank, Omaha. Always been a
Democrat. Is against radlcllsm
as represented by Bryan.
WllllnmF. Wapplch, resigned
from Douglass County (Neb.)
Democratic Council because ho
could not endorso the Kansas
City platform. Democratic party
Is popullstlc.
W. L. May, cx-Stato Fish
Commissioner of Nebraska.
Voted for Palmer and Buckncf
in 1890. Silver.
Leo W. Spratrcn, Omaha,
prominent worker In tho Demo
cratic ranks. Silver.
E. L. Stono, of Dewey & Stone,
furnituro dealers, Omaha. Pros
perity and believes in letting
well enough alono.
William M. Bushman, leading
warehouseman, Omaha. Pros
perity. Dr. George Tlldcn, Omaha,
Democratic worker for many
years. Silver and tho Philippine
Henry W. Yates, President
Nobraska National Bank. Many
years a Domocratlo worker. Be
lieves in letting well enough
Dr. H. Chambers, Fremont,
Neb. Active supporter of Bryan
In 1890. Bryan's predictions in
1890 camo untrue. .
N. J. Pascoo, Dodgo County,
Nebraska. For twenty-five years
a Democrat. Expansion and
sound money.
Julius Bcckman, Fremont, Ne
braska, a leading businessman.
Bryan unsafe. Is satisfied, with'
down to tho day that
Gailol blows his horn, will hnvo
to bo taxed ou this school fund In
vestment atX and 0 per cent, until
death shall bring relief.
dren. vour grand-children, your
great-grand children ana nuyourjofthu stato just as renewal bonds
is slimed by proper nu
thority nnd bears tno scai oi mo
state. It has n definite rate of In
terest und falls duo nt a stated Umo
niul lu tho stale's nlediro to nay tho
Kducatlou, to uo
Tho "Standard" man has at last
found out that thoVriunuNE is hero
and that It Is tho recipient of Mark
Hanna's slush fund. If thoro is
one thing moro than another that
will throw tho "Standard" Into tno
buckeyes or blind staggers, It is
the success of tho Tribune or tho
mero mention of Mark Hanna.
Dear lirother Jocks, Mark can't
hurt you, wo won't letlilm hurt
vou, but you had better keep a
sentinel on tho walls of Zlon to look
out for tho TmnUND.
Will tho Standard rlsoup and
tell Its readcrs.how much of the
state school fund It. gets for pub
lishing tho proposed amendments
tp tho stato constitution? Our tor
payers can then form an estimate
as to what tho pooplo oltho stato
have to pay in 111 counties to
domocratlo editors to get to road
these proposed amendments to the
widen are nearly i
Ktntn Hoard of
held In trust for tho school fund
$2,009,000, It Is, to all intents, and
purposes, a bond, and is just as
securo as tho state lsresponsiuio
Hero Carrington speaks tho truth
nnd says that tho 82,009,000 is to
nil Intents and purposes -a bond
With A deflnlto rate of Interest.
Seibort swears that tho stato
school nnd seminary fund is 81,
138,032.08. This of course, includes
th S2 '100.000 named hero by Car
rington. Carrington says tho debt
is a bond bearing interest,
Selbert swears In his report of
tho bonded indebtedness of tho
stato that "His only $2,312,000 In
option bonds bearing 3 1-2 per
oout lntoroat." Now tno scnoot
niul seminary bonds amount to
81,138,032.08 drawing f and Opor
cent interest, ami yet aeipeii. my:
nnrl uwp.irs to it too. that thi
bonded debt la only $2,312,000
'rhn Triuune denounces this e
docoptlon or a. fnlsohoodon tho
part of Soibort but not on tho part
nf PnrrlniW in. Gnrrlnirton comos
outsqUarHly and says that It Is n
bonded debt bearing 5 and 0 por
cent Interest.. Tho question Is
now, whul beenmo of tho 81,1.18,-
Dennis A. Hayes, president of
Ureon Glass International Aeso
elation I hope for McKInlcy'u
election from tho workingman's
standpoint. I am an expansionist.
Gen. John C. Black, of Illinois,
to McKlnley.
Springfield Itepubllenn.
This is tho time when pooplo who
believe In sound money and good
business conditions should stand
together. Many of the free silver
republicans havo returned to tho i former pension commissioner Ex-
ranks and many democrats will pansion nnd favors supporting our
voto tho republican ticket because men in tho Philippines.
they bellovo In expansion nnd do- i Gen. Paul Van Der Voort, No-
Biro to maintain the prosperity now braska, formerly national com-
rclgnlng In our country. Wo i mandcr of tho G. A. B. Sound
could mako up a rooster of thous- I money.
nnds of nnmcs of theso people. Gen. E. M. Itosser, Vlrgiuia ex-
Hero aro a fow of tho lenders and confederate Sound money,
what they say: Ex-Mayor Abraham S.Hewitt,
W. M. Stowart, Nevada U. S.I of Now York, formerly congress-
Senator McKlnley promises bet- man Wants stablo money sys
tcr administration. Bryan preached , tern.
Mclvilo E. Ingalls, president
"Big I" railroad Wants a contin
uance of prosperity and sound
Wm. It. Grnco, ox-Mayor of
Now York, and ono of tho lending
merchants of America Sound
money and expansion.
Chns. S. Falrchlld, New York,
ox-secretary of tho treasury under
PreGldent Cloveland For sound
Judga W. B. Hornblowcr, tho
eminent attorney, Now York, nom
Washington Letter.
f Krom Cur lrirat&r Corrtcpondent )
Washington, Oct. 8lh, 1000.
Republican apathy is now a
dream of tho past, Tho campaign
Is in full swing all over tho country,
and from almost every state comes
tno samo story republican activity
and determination to win by a
larger majority In tho electoral
collcgo than in 1890, and to elect a
majority of tho House. With tho
coming of republican activity tho
doubt about Congress there, has
never peon any doubt tho election
ofMcKInloy nnd Roosevelt dls-
upuenred like frost In tho morning
sun shine. As in 1890, the business
cleilent of tho country is with tho
republicans, and no candidate
solidly supported by that clement
has ever been defeated, It was be
cause this t-lemcnt refused to rcc-
gnlzo tho danger that there was a
doubt about Congress, but It is
now thoroughly aroused and work
ing harder every day, and assured
victory Is In tho air. The republi
can majority in tho present Houso
is 13 und several republicans from
the South are certain to bo succeed
ed by democrats, owing to peculiar
conditions and laws, but for every
seat lost in the South, tho republl
cans will gain two elsewhere, and
their majority In tho next House
ill be larger than in tho present
Mr. John W. Langley, of Ky.,
Appointment clerk of tho Census
Bureau, is in demand as a speaker
at political meetings in Washing'
ton and ncarby'places. In one of
his recent speeches, Mr. Langley
said: "Kentucky "jras. tho first state
to win a victory oquarely on tho
round money issue. With the aid
of democrats, men loyal and true.
but men' who put principle above
nartv. Kentucky war swung , un
line tor PreMdont MoKJBty.tJfFJ 1
mount In spite ot the bugaboos and
straw men, the followers of Dryau
nro shoving to the front, that will
"Chips" on Politics.
The Wcllsvlllo Record should
consider that perhaps all papers
cannot uiomach political garllo
like It can.
Figures wont He, but somo ot
thoso thrown together novr ns elec
tion returns nro going to bo woo
fully mistaken.
From now on, that hoary headed
otprcsslon of prejudice "voto'er
straight" Is going to servo again as
Politics Is now warming up a
little. Occasionally you hear two
men tcnrlng the bono out of each
other and convincing nobody.
Wonder If tho New Florence
Leader would tell the people
whether Danville township ever
was left off a ticket since the Umo
of Adam?
Tho New Florenco Leader, is
probably partly deaf . Say, Leader,
The Montgomery Standard wants
somo spell binders sent into this
county to savo tho democratic tick
et, ank incidentally to sugar coat
tho New Florence part of It. That's
right; It should bo Improved In
tasto or else spit out.
Why don't the democratlopapcrs
pf tho count.C publish tho ticket?
They are all running the national
and state ticket? Haye they formed
combine? It Isn't fair to thoso
candidates who announced and is
doing tho newspaper more harm
than good. Wcllsvlllo Record.
Tho Record knows why they
don't. It that paper chooses to lick
the boots that spurned It, that is
certainly its privilege ; but has no
right to demand that other papers
pursuo tho, same course.' The i
didates had l
t (
io iVvfmxmmBmieJii -..warn
mm Miii if
treason in oncouraging tho Hll-
plnos to resist.
Leo Mantle, Butto, Mont., ox-
U. S. Senator Bryan would do
grodo tho Amerlcnn flag.
Georgo Hoadlcy, Now York, cx-
governor of Ohio McKlnley Is a
better man than Bryan can bo. 1
Jnmos II. Eckels, comptroller of
currency under president (Jlovo
land Afraid of frco silver and
against Brynnism.
W. D. Bynura, ex-congressman
and idemocrnt, Indiana Favors
not be solicitous about the' welfare
of moro progressiva candidates
who unfortunately happen to' be
carry tho stato for McKlnley again handicapped vnia aeau weigms.
this time. Therols a biblical in-J "Is not Its fault
junction against false prophets. A . """S';
fow extracts from Bryan's speecn-, s ...
. . .. . ... , ...in i this vnnr. There aro some uood
es during tno last campuigu win " , , n , l i,
conclusively prove him a false! men on the ,nPb ".
TVi fnrt wl l lose h m I Ull luiuuwiau "H
sound money nnd scouts tho Idea i innted for Supremo Court bench
of "Imperialism." ; of tho United States by President
Col. Oliver C. Sabln. formerly , Cleveland Afraid of Bryanlsm in
secretary of tho Silver Knights of nil Its brnnches
America Tho probont money
stnndard has proved tho best. Is
an expansionist.
W, A. Poffer, Kansas, ex-U. S.
Sonntor Bryan's action In con
nection with tho Philippines is
W. E. Ingllsh, Indianapolis, ex
coucressman and son of the dom
ocratlo nomlnco for Vice President
in 1880 For expansion end sound
money and for supporting an hon
est administration,
Joseph H. Outhwaito, of Colum
bus, O., ox-congressman and a
leader of his party Want sound
money. Nothing in Imperialism.
Hon. J. Storllng Morton, Nobras
ka, cx-Presldont Cleveland's sec
retary ot agriculture. Against
Hon. Jumcs E. Boyd, tho only
domocratlo governor Nebrnskn over
had Imperialism is imposilble
and free silver a mistake.
James M, Beck, United States
District Attornoyof Pennsylvan
ia A man is of that party with
which ho sympathizes, whatever
ho may call himself. If, therefore
ono believes In free silver and In
hauling down tho American flag
In tho Philippines, ho is a Demo
crat j but if ho believes In honest
money and In tho supremacy of
tho flag In our territorial posses
sions, ho is a republican. Between
thoso I had no hesitation in choos
ing. I nm no longer a democrat.
I nm n republican.
Frankfort, KY., Oct. 11. The
Democratlo and Republican antl
Qoobol factions on tho conforonco
cqminlttoo nppolutod by tho Ken
tucky Legislature to adjust tho
disagreement over an election bill
to tnKO tno pinco ui i au uuvi
late constitution,
s ways voted down. Of tho sovon
Mi' u' proposed this year porhaps ono or
fjb two may carry; tho others will
B&v- ' f!s ' A ri v ' Sj v,.' J. 5,' ,
votes In Kcntuskey, nnd tho elec-
torlal voto of tho stato will bo held
by a safe majority for McKlnley
and prosperity."
Hon. Henry A. Castle, who pre
dicts that Mr. Bryan will not get a
slnglo electoral voto from the Mis
sissippi river to the Pncillc coast,
north of Missouri, thus condensed
tho political Issues: "Thero Is ono
paramount issuo and only ono. it
Is sound money, and it is futile for
the democratic party io try to bc
litllo or becloud It. It is prosperity,
and all that that means, and law
and order, against untried, unprov
en, nnd fallacious belief. Tho sil
ver question was settled four years
ago, but Bryan was obliged to force
It forward again or lose tho populls
tlo voto and ho would paramount
It immediately if ho wcro elected.
Postmaster General Smith open
ed n sneaking tourln South Dakota
to-day which will take in prrts of
Kansas and Nebraska, and will
last tibout two weeks.
Tho betting odds havd advanced
from two and ono half to ono to
thrco to ono on McKlnley, both In
Washington nnd Now York, but all
tho Bryan money seems so have
been exhausted when Boss Croker
made his bets for effect, several
wcoka auo. If tho news from all
over tho country coutlnuca to in
crease io favor of tho republicans,
tho odds aro likely to bo oven
greater beforo election day.
Tho buslnoss of tho Postofflco
Department show, unfailingly tho
condition of the business of tho
country. Tho figures for tho fiscal
year ending Juno 30, just complet
ed, show that tho uusinoss lor tno
year was $1SO,000,000, or 33 1-3 por
cent moro than that for tho last
fiscal year under domooratto rulo.
Tho deficit In tho postal revenues
is steadily decreasing, having been
a million and a halt loss than for
lata for a Rspublicau are virtually
approving tho principles of the Ke-
pnbllcan party, Imperialism, tho
growth of trusts, the gold standard
etc. Montgomery Standard.
And if they do, they will endorse
tho "Principles" of tho Now Flor
ence democratlo boodlers negro
vote-buying, ballot box shifting
with white republican votes, buy
ing of individual and "club" dem
ocratic primary votes, and swap
ping off other candidates on tno
ticket. It would seam a It tho poor
democrats wore 'twlxt tho .'devil
nnd tho doep sea, doosn't It? It Is a
bad stato of affairs, and enough to
mako an honest man disgusted
f ;i
Democratic Bets.
JclTeripti City Republics. ,
Tho boast of tho State Capitol
ring that.Dockery would receive
75,000 majority over Flory( dock'
not seem to meet with the approval
of a numbar ot local democrats.
In the last fow days soverat, bets
have been made, somo by demo
crats, which indicato that thero Is
a lack of confidence in the alleged
statements that Dockcry would
carry tho Stato from 50,000 to 75,000
majority over Flory,
Ouu democrat bets $50. ovon that
Dockcry will not get 30,000 mora
votoa than Flory. .Another, $50.
oven that Dockery will, not havo
25,000 majority. And still another
S100. even that Dockcry will not get
25,000 moro votes than Flory. And
still thero aro several other gen
tleinon whp nro vpry anxious to
get hold of bets along this Hue.
Inw. failed to uirreo. and to-night
1'bo passed. was &i,su i, io.c-.
Rov. Palmer, of this city, spokq,
lost Saturday to a wollHUod houwv
at MIddlotown. Those who attend-,
od say that Mr. Palmer made a .
good speech nnd had a much, larg
er, audience than tho democratic;
speakers who precoded hlra. Mr.,
Palmer Is ono of our brightest:
colored men and few speakers' can
equal him in his support of Mc-
ley. , . t l J
. 1 v wvfin

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