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JiKL j
Will somo ono bo kind enough to
tell, us what became of tho cash
school fund?
Whonovcr a heretofore democrat
lo statu or county bccomos doubt'
iui, mo wnu of dcspnlr In Mnrk
Ilnnnn's money.
Is there la any other net of human
being on God's green sod that
would pay 0 per cent a year on
cash and lan-ls given to tho public
If the fait that government bonds
on hand were about to run out
Justillcd selling . them, wouldn't
tho fact that tho government would
have traded 30 yenr 1 per cents for
thoso expiring, hnvo Justillcd that
If our loss 81,(550,000 had been
converted Into thirty year four per
cent bonds wq would havo tlrawn
over 3150,000 In Interest therefrom
and would still havo that 81,650,000
only Jt would bo worth 81,850,000. I
It took good financiering to beat I T
the Missouri School Fund out of
8250,000. (
By tho way that 8250,000 is Just T
tho sum democratic papers say'
Mark Ilanna is going to spend in '
Missouri this year. Wonder If
Mark got that money and is now
going to pay It back?
investigates it thoroughly becomes
converted. I
fjj i .nno'. 1 --.. .
' . - t '., . .- . X
is ieic oi inoso uonus opons, us
mouth and swallows Itself. '
Wonder why thnt "confidential A
agent" in the bond deal didn't sell )
Air. Shannon a gold brick. I "
Suppose tlmt Judge White, Judge Oliver ai,d
Judge Ellis should call in all the loans of our -county
school fund that are now loaned out bringing in
an annual interest of ( or 7 per cent and should
spend tho money for other current expenses of the
county and put "certificates of indebtedness," writ
ten on "good parchment paper" bearing tho seal of
the court, in the vaults of tho Union Savings Bank
and then levy a tax of (i or 7 per cent on all tax
payers of the county, on tho amount of the said cer
tificates of indebtedness and. make us pay it, wquld
wo .Republicans and Democrats, say that our Honor
able county court bad done right? Xo, by St.
Patrick and all the thistles of tho Emerald Isle, Xo.
Then suppose that Alexander Mudd or some
other big hearted philanthropist should give to the
county school fund $0,000 to be held in trust by our
county court, and loaned out at 0 per cent, the in
terest to go for the education of the school children
of the county. And suppose (if you can) that our
county court should spend that money for the cur-
rent expenses oi tho county and paddle on us tax- M
payers "certificates of indebtedness" to tho amount
of $0,000 with an annual tax of 0 percent on $0,000, If
or $:5G0 each year, wouldn't we all howl V Wouldn't if
our Democratic brethren swear bv all the Saint in II
the calendar and all the signs of tho Zodiac that they li
bad done wrong- V Can not most of us see tho dif- If
$.'i00 a year and paying a js
XT , .
im" niremion is called to tho importance of the iron-
w..., ivuq neiu in tins county on Ttiesday, Xov. (,
.". an jo.;o mere was n general depression and stngmi
iimiilmtil- At... fT..!i.. 1 Li i rtti
""t,nuiii. " unueu amies, rne same
jear ine Jepubhcan party nominated for President Win.
McKinlcy, and by its platform promised the people pros
perity, a good protective tariff bill, so.und money and good
government. Upon these issues Wm MeKinlev
nl..nl.l "X 1. t . .
v.uuiu., ciiny iour yearn Have nassed and we ran ;if.1
say that every promise has been faithfully performed. Since
jo:;o. nowuver. mm iuunRi 1, ...... ............. t t.
7l 'i 1 u,,r' 'uy oeing
x "ev ui luiur resuus oi me Spanish war, hut they are
......M,v .to, mi nnieii mo rresiiient is not responsible and
i urn tit Im li'iiwll..,1 .....1 .i....u ...:n. i... r . r.
" """ - "hii ny congress and congress
alone. Therefore we believe that the people, wjll unqnes-
...iiiiiuj inuiy aim enuorso the present nrosnerous and sue
fill adminintration of President McKinlcy, being full.,
ference between receivin
tax of $1500 V
The managers of tho State sSchool Fund have
done all these things and they tell us it is "fine fi
nanciering"! Governor Stephens ("tho sapient
son of sainted sires") says this kind of a deal is a
great thing when you once understand it. ' The St.
Louis Itopubli'c says "the same fine breed" of Dem
ocrats, Dockery, Cook, et. al. "will coiitinuu this
jn.'iurioiiii)uiiiess, anu-yei e:n i vote tne itepuhli-
old ndage :
"Let well
cess I
Hatislied, content with following the
enough alone."
Jlut with the citizens of Missouri a very serious issue is
at hand and we must face it or fight it, as becomes our
fluty as law-abiding citizens and tax-payers of this State.
We cannot shirk it. For 28 years the democratic party has
been in absolute control of this state, and during its con
trol it has totally disregarded the wishes of the people
aud mismanaged the affairs of the state. Instead of obey
ing tho Constitution and complying with the laws, it has
built up and erected a "Dynasty" controlled and manipu
lated by the so-called Itail Joad lobby, in this state, equal
,NO. 2
Montgomery Prohibitionists.
Tho Prohibitionists of this coun
ty filed their petition with tho
County Clerk, and so will bo on
tho offlclnl ticket. Thoy will con
duct an nctlvo campaign until tho
election, having gonna and sneak
ing at the following points, viz:
Friday, October 27th,at8:00p.m.,
Nvousvmo: Saturday. October 27.
1:30 p. m IIddlelown; at 4:00 p.
m. (Inmna; at 7c3 Ci-in. Two
Mil . 0'nMondiv nlciit thev will
bo at Jonosbiirg, on Tuesday nicht
atPrlco's.Brnnch, and on Friday,
thoir "Flying Column," tn which
will bo C. E. Stokes, their candi
date for governor, will bo at Jones-
ourgaiuawa. m.j High Hill at 11
m.j Now Florcnco at 2:00 o. m.
and at Montgomery City at 8:00 p.
m. On Saturday they will bo dtf
Mineola at 1:30 p. m., and nt
Danvlllo at night. On Mondav
night beforo tho election they will
hold a rally at WelUville. The
Gamma Quartette will bo at most
of theso meetings. Tho lenders ot
tho party expect to double their
vote in this county, and to poll tho
largest voto in tho history of tho
party1 In tho state and nation.
f I
can ticket, why, bunt squirrels on election day.
Shoot quail, milled grouse, (lucks, geeso, snipe or
liny old thing. ' Fish, pitch house shoes, "shoot
craps" at one cent "antio," or play seven up and
we'll do tho rest. Anything will beat voting a 0 per
cent tax out of all our pockets.
if not more powerful and offensive than the "Dvnasties
I. !.. it' ... J
umupu, 111 me oppression or our citizens.
Tho State Constitution antl'statnte laws provide for a
levy ofl lie on .tho. $J 00 valuation to pay the general ex
penses of the state and 10c for the payment of bond debt of
tho state. Instead of complying with the law it has taken
tlie whole amount of this tax levy to pay its oxtniva-ant
expenses creuicu iy it, and in order to cover, its rascality
ijj lining ino, people ociievo it was comply
constitution.. ; in reducing tl; btat am
Champ Clark's Opponent.
D. S. Flagg, of Pike county, tho
Republican congressional nominee
gainst Champ Clark In the Ninth
district, is making a vigorous and
vote-winning canvass. Big audi
ences aro greeting him at every
point, and oven tho friends who
expected most of him are agrcca
bio surprised at tho strength and
eloquence of his presentation of
tho Issues ot the campaign, plain
business man as ho only claims to
be. Their standard beamr wu.
I wisely
Why was 2 per cent more paid
V W f 'fVVt'!'! WW'!.)!i''!'!'r!'r!)TVVTTT
for Missouri bonds bearing tho
same rnto of interest with only n
short tlmoto run, than tho now nnl flrnmmnr. WnrwI nWr llt
An Honest Confession of 51ns
Issue could bo had for with a much
longcstlmo to run.
Uet the Stnta House ring wish
that little word why was eliminated
from tho English language
It is now evident that not only
tho selling of thoso covcrnmcntl
James Kelly Poo, of Ccntrnlla,
Mo., editor of tho Ccntrnlla Courier,
spoko at the court houso in this
city Tuesday night. Ho wns pro-
bonds but tho buying of thoso ' ccdcd hi' n polttical diatribe ron
State bonds was a prlvntospccula
lion. Now who got (ho rnko
on? Tho tax-payers of Missouri havo
been robbed of 81,500,000 in a llttlo
over 25 years, and tho school fund
of nearly 8200,000.
What, can we do with a thing
drawing interest from our bank
account, yet wo can not sell it
neither can wo legally get rid of
This year tho domocratlo minori
ty will havo a chanco to do some
thing by way of investigation. '
In every state In tho Union thoro
is only a penalty for not paying
taxes but Missouri is more, pro
gressive Wo poor Mlssourlnns
pay a ponalty If wo don't pay oui
taxes and ono if wo do.
Tho good people of Missouri
havo at last been shown, Wntch
them on tho Otli.
Tho population ot Missouri since
15)81 has increased 27 per cent.
Our assessed valuation for tax pur
poses '13 per cent. Tho oxponicg
of tho different dopnrtments of tho
stato government has increased
250 per cent.
A business administration, ac
cording to recent developments,
means to hnvo tho Ualanco coming
to tho Individual account.
Don't forget wo want to cast' our
optics ou thoso books)
Wonder how long It would tftko
to count tho cash at Jefferson
dcred by Miss Woodruff of Mineola.
Tho Democratic Central Commlttco
wo suppose, billed Miss Woodruff
with Mr. Pool to attract n crowd,
and tho schemo worked fairly well.
Tho party Is surely in a bad way
when It has to call for tho women
to enter tho arena of tho pollticnl
speaker to arguo their cause for
them. Wo wonder If thoy whl let
Miss Woodruff voto ou election
day I Wo know that tho democratic
party platform stood for divers and
sundry things but wo wero not
nwnro that it stood for woman's
suffrage Wo mention this, not to
crltlclso their platform adversely,
butrathor to commend them, for
hnvlng in it something better than
Bryanlsm, although It is not para
mounted. This brings us to Pool's
speech. Artlclo XI Sec. 0. Stato
Constitution snysi "The proceeds
of tho sales of anv lands or nthnr
proporty, which now bolong orl
may nereniter uclong to said school
fund, shall be Invested in tho bonds
oi the btnto. of .Missouri, or of tho
united stntos. Every
call them a debt and docs not in
clude thorn as a debt. Yet wo aro
taxed to pay Interest on them.
In tho last Legislature tl)o Re
publicans Introduqed a bill In tho
Houso to havo these certificates of
I ndebtcdness acknowledged by law
as a stato debt, so thoy could lo
gully bo paid, but tho democratic
members tabled tho bill. Tho
.domocrntic'party Is now on record,
first, in tho legislature as refusing
Co cnll tho certificates a debt, and
second, in their state platform.
Mr. . Pool went after tho trusts
with a sharp stick but ho failed to
tell Of tho Ico Trust Jones' Cotton
Ball Trust, tho St. Louis Transit
Trust, etc. Mr. Pool did not say
that his own party prior to tho war,
saddled tho railroad bonds on to
tho state, then plunged tho stato
Into civil, war, which ruined tho
railroads to tho extent that thoy
could not bo sold for half they
wore bonded for. Mr. Pool has n
raro faculty for forgetting tho sins
of his own party in thoso awful
days of civil war, but ho can re
count, with apparent satisfaction,
tho alleged sins of tho republican
pnrty who guided tho stnto In the
troublesome days right nfter th
war, Mr. Pool's grammar, or mother
tongue, was very much at fault,
cratic politician of StlXouis" made
now. not a Vestliro Ot tllO lieniIUIieMf;rBo)irH)l-iiV?'uik't;uAl-JalKWCttla emtrt,hmmti-ibi
liiul remiliiirt, and ayhilfhoniitmg ' of fin villi' tio',Jari-cit P'nort laat'Situnlay'n4ght.andrta
JL i ..i ... ii... it..!... .. . ' I thtt course at his remark mirf ?
ii iiiiiii ui iniy miiiu in mo union, jc lias in reafitv t ,. . 7 7 .
called tho Jefferson club. You
probably know by reading tho pap
ers that I an! president. It Is 3,500
strong, tho largest club over fann
ed in Missouri. It is organlicd for
tho purposo of wrestling tho city
from the Republicans and wc are
going to do it'on tho sixth of No
vember if wd hnvo to Steal It."
Canton, Mo., Nows.
according to tho criticism of our
dollar of ' Bclu)o1 BItlst who nRu-a mnny 8ln"'
Stato school fund (savo less than lnB blunders In hl.s speech.
$1,000 now In tho stato treasury) ;
has been used for somo other pur-'
posos and u certificate of indebted
Thomas Collier, an undo of
Chnrloy Crump, nnd Arthur llug
...... i,. n... A..
nnuu on vvh rh nTn I.Tml A . ' '
' ' . , ., , IMr. nnd Mrs. Crump last Wcdnes-
cent, put in the place of tho fund. ,Ja and TMa Mr Color
Is not U.lHavlolatlon ofthonbov0!wa ou hU , hom ftt
article 6f the const ltullon? These ( QntrUo K d Mr R ,M
certificates Mr.Pool knows are not WRS j.J 'hu homo ntp8.
bonds, ns 'y can not bo bought Louo,,
or sold. As they aro not bonds
they can not bo paid legally. TJiel It ls.tlmo to show up each fund
domocratlo stato platform does not for Itself,
nolle, it has increased the values of real estate and no
sonal property in tho state, and at same time reducin- the
valuation of railroad property. It has persistently refused
to assess ana iax ranroau onoges across tho .Missouri river,
i which are separatiuiind distinct corporations and which have
cost from J.IOO.OOO to $2,000,000 each, claiming they are a
part of tho road beds, thus depriving the counties, cities
and states of a large revenue. It has refused to tax fran
chises of corporations or to pass laws by which' the same
could bo taxed. It has created the largest trust in Mis
souri tho St. Louis Transit Company of St. Louis which
has exclusive control of the street raihvavs in St. Louis.
Jt has fastened upon tho people of St. Louis and Kansas
City a police bill, not for the protection, but simply and
'solely for political purposes. It has also passed the Xesbit
J3ill, which applies to tho city of St. Louis and Kansas
City, thereby placing under the absolute control of the
Democratic ring, all elections to be held in those cities.
In its platform of 1000 it advocated "1101110 rule aud
consent of tho governed" for the "little brown Filipinos"
and deny tho right of self government to the citizens of
St. Louis and Kansas City. It has endorsed the present
administration of Lon Stephens while its candidate, Mr.
Dockery, admits its uncalled for extravagenee. It declares
for a free and fair ballot and by law seeks and does control
tho entiue election machinery in St. Louis and Kansas City.
Jt takes credit and claims to have rctluced the state debt to
2,500,000 and yet admits that thoy squandered the
money raised for that purpose and robbed tho school fund
Vf 1,5100,000 in order to pay the same. It boasts of cre
irting the largest school l'und;Of any state in the Union, and
itV the same time admita that It took these funds to pay the
state debt and in place of any interest-bearing funds wil
have state scrip on' which the tax-payers are paying u nndO
per cent interest. It howls and rages against trusts and
jet created by law tho Street Car Trust of St. Louis. It
congratulates the tax-payers on tho low rate of taxes, which
it quietly and securely increases the valuation of their tax
able proporty. It openly pretends to fight the railroad lobby
and theft sends the "king of the lobby" as a delegate-at-largo
to its National Convention.
The above is a sample of the grievances with which tho
citizens of -the state have had to contend, and clearly show
tte insincerity'' and inconsistency of the democratic party
in this state. AVo therefore appeal to you all, regardless.
vof party, for redress. Is it, not tijno for Missouri to change
her administration'!1 "Won't uiebango be heu(oial to the
tatoV "Wo heir you to cahulv und carefnlK- think- mw
vlitid consider tho question witli an unbiased mind and free
irpin partisan bias, and then, on, .Nov, (J, 11)00, vote for a
chahiroi voto fbrJoo Florv nnd ilm imtim Ui.nnl,i;,.n,
State ticket, and voto for a change ii, tho Legislature and
v'hv your county administration, thereby repudiating the
nosses ami loony who nave, liven in power so long.
1 '
Prof. J. II. Frick and family, of
Wnrrenton, visited H. Js Lanton
nnd family of McKlttrick last Sat
urday and Sunday. Saturday
night tho Professor mado a very
interesting speech to tho republi
can club, giving the. club some
good, strong points and encourag
ing tho members for the, coming
election. Tho speaking was well
attended and the best of attention
given to tho speaker. Prof. Frick
Is n strong republican and enjoys
speaking for tho interest of his
country, its flag and its honor, at
home and abroad,
Robbers' In Town.
Last Wednesduy night robbers
broke Into Hiram Barnes' saloon
nnd played a free hand .with
Hiram's choice drinks, fine cigars
and slx-ihootcrd. Tho robbers wero
evidently a cholso 'lot of doves as
thoy did not take everything In
sight but mado a careful selection
of stimulants nnd 'sllycr mounted
revolvers. They wero very much
remiss In their courtesies to tho
night wntch as they failed to notify
him of cither their arrival in town
or their departure. Neither did
thoy mention to anyone their re
juvinatlng refreshments but loft
an open window to tell tho story of
their "hot time In the old town."
II. W. Sheets, who formerly re
sided In this city but for tho past
low years has been located in
Boulder, Colorado, is horo this
wcok to attend to sorao legal Vu'sl-
n.8s. Mr. Sheets will bo remra
bored as Deputy Sheriff under
Sheriff Bud Orcnnan several years
Sheriff R. S. McCull went hror In
Troyliist Wednesday to sell some!
mnu as iruBicc. .' ;

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