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NO. 12.
A surprise j tarty was given at the home
of Clini! Kstis, near Hcllllower, l'Ynlav night
Dee. liS. and all reported as having a good
time, although only a few heing present.
(ieorge Downs, wife and family left for
their home in Texan Monday, after a three
weeks visit with relatives and friends here,
at Camma and in Pike county.
"Have a good business Christinas week?
One husiness man asked another "Yes it far
exceeded my expectations".
"How aliout the year's husiness"? Sev
eral thousand ahead of last year". And yet
they ask what is the matter with Montgom
ery City.
, make the trip to St. Louis in exactly four
minutes and 10 seconds. The air ship may
he ahle to lly in 1(H) years from now hut the
hest prospect to annihilate space is in electric
ity, compressed air and the vacuum tithes.
hellers, papers, etc.. will he sent from
New York to San Francisco in one hourand
every farm house will have a vacuum tithe,
dropping mail into his home in II seconds af
ter it is mailed to hint. These are not mere
idle fancies, thev mavhe more than realized
when this century draws its mantle ahout its
I lowed and aged form and lies down to sleep
with the silent centuries of the pa-t, Dec. Ill,
There are too uiaiiv things to he said
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Maiipiu gave a
party New Years' eve., which was well at
tended and all had a splendid time playing
and watching the old year out and the new
year in, after which they departed to their
homes conscious of having watched one year
out and another year in, and all witnessing
closing of the tilth ceiiturv and birth of the
The Misses Clark entertained a few
friends at their heaiitiful home uearthis city,
Tuesday night. Those present were: Misses
Emily and Martha (iraliam, Lucy Xowlin,
.Jennie Hudson, and Miss Kathcriue Deen
of Mexico. Messrs Woscnberger of High
Hill, Harry and Christy Clark, Harry .lacks
and ('has. Minis.
I'. K. Kraft gave a liirthilay party at the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Kraft Saturday night, Dee. 'JOtli. fiitines
of different kinds Iteiug played, and then
those present were treated to refreshments.
TIiom! present were: Misses Lillie and (Sladys
llroMi, Lclia Iltuer, Mollie. Kuiiita, (!er
trude Kraft and Kctta Maiipin. Messrs. ,1as.
Maiipin. Herman Kraft, Louis Fuhr, Claude
Cahall and Kdgar Aldeion,all spent a very
pleasant evening.
You can sav "Sheriff Wilson" now and
"ex-sheriff Mc'Call," Mr. MeCall moved
out of the jail last Monday and Mr. Wilson
moved in. Charley is wearing his ollleial
honors with his usual hecoiiiing grace while
Holt is just, as jolly as a "high private" as he
was when he was "high sheriff.'' Holt made
a good olllcer anil we ltelieve Mr. Wilson
willtiyto keep the standard just as higj
while he perforins the duties of the ollice.
The Titim xK welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Wil
son to Montgomery City.
We who saw the l!)th century fade into
the silent past are considered the "lucky
third generation," of the sons of men. The
child horn to-day dies before another century
gifts here. Perhaps niuotenths of those who
are horn thirty-three years from now will
have fallen asleen before another ceiiturv is
born. The few who linger till the lapse of
years ushers m the dawning light ol tho'JIst
century will he only those possibly, whom
the love of Cod has blessed with the three
score vears ami ten. Hut those who are
born hi the "third third" are the "lucky
third generation" and, as the world wags
ami Providence through nature metes out the
measure of a man's life, a big percentage
gets to take a square look atone end of two
centuries without wearing eye-glasses. This
is a kind of special privilege that nature be
stows upon the favored few at the expense
nf the niaiiv. but the many can't help it and
the few do the hest they can to bear the ex
Oim hundred vears from now our errand
" r
children will read with loving pity and great
onminisseration that it tooK tw two noun
and thirty minutes to go from Montgomery
Citv to St. Louis on the cam. They'll like-
iv nut on a hood of condeuccd air take a
scat in a shuttle of a pneumatic tube and
Mlt.t--5T0NI:5 01' Till'
The farmer In IhOO plowed his
lntul with n wooden plow, sowed
tho grain broadcast by hand, mid
when ll wn ripe nil It with u scy
the iiml thrashed ll on the bam
floor with n Hull, The enormous
crop of to-day are made possi
ble by agricultural mnehlnery.
We produce more thnn two bil
lion bushels of corn nnniuillv. Our
cotton dominates nil markets, be
ing Ki per cent of the world's total
crop. Texas alone produce more
cotton thnn nny foreign cotton
proluclii(; country. Our tobacco
crop Ih Ave hundred million pounds
per annum. '
V III!, flm rli'luiul I'liilliln III itui
about this newborn century, but these are wrM ,,, (lu, mmilllU f mi"r ,nnU.
said that we may muse on the greatness ofjlngcnpltnl wo Maud Hrst among
human achievement as man travels up t,- nations, with i,(hk),(hk),ikhi. with
ward the thoughts of Cod. lop?' TlZTZZ
I produced tl.OOO.lXH) tons of coal,
According to reports received bv Dr. Mc-i0'"1 ,,f )hlH 'lntliy IO.ihw.ooo tons
,,, ,. ' ,, . , lef.tue from the mini's of ureal
hlwccnndby Doctor ( . It. LlkiusolOark, rlluln)tIu, lJnIu.d St(lt,.., pntf,.
Mo., president of the State Hoard, there is , butlngonly 200.000 iohn. To-day
small-pox in ninetv out of the 111 countries 0m world's output of coal Is r,oo,-
of the state. Owing to the absence of anv 'i"""' wl m,r """'"
, . . , II I tf,iHM),iMs) tons.
mv ic.piimig cases... vurmia io ..c reponcu. - . ,11.i t., the
there is no way of telling to what extent the farmer: Three hours of a man's
disease prevnils in the 121 remaining counties, labor was required to produce a
hut its snread is believed to have been L-cner- 0,l"nvl w,",,,t ' ,0-""
the time required Is only ten intti-
..i i.... i t i.'in
ai since i.isi iiiiiisi, i iieie mis nevci uioie .., i ii. n,..
smallpox in Missouri than there is at present" of the labor needed to create that
said Doctor MeKluce, "and it prevails to bushel has been reduced from IS
such an extent in tliesoutheastern and Minth- '"" '' '- n-
weasten, parts of the state tha, . have written JJ
to the (fiivenuT asking for an appropriation ism that the iirst nnieiieal i-.t
of S2.",(K)0 to enable the board to better com- was made over a lino hctui-cu
bat the epideiiiic."Thc disease has nourished W"""'""'' "'" llltlmore. eon-
to a great extent since last August and has .,.,, flir , ..''
incivascd enormously sinci; the weather grew I sou there were one hundred thou'
cold enough to require the windows mid " ll" operation
doors to be closed. In the poorer classes of "'.'"
. i ; . . .. . "'ill ullet. About one million
houses, where the occupants luiddlo logelh- u.nni. IlIU ,. IV win, .-wtv
er, the spread of the disease is fearfully rap- any In iliu year.
and the approaching cidder weather, which The (Irct Hiibmarlno cable was
will render the conditions even more favora- V ,'""' ",, '
. Channel. Now there are one hint-
hie for its development, makes precautions dred and suvenly thousand mil.
absolutely necessary for the general public, ofhiieh cablex, and the number of
"The disease exists mostly along the lines id' """'K"'' niirixiiniit' six
railroads. In counties where there are norail- '"""h'ZwIfe of 1'rcHldeMt.loh..
roads, no sutallpov has been reported, except Adaum traveled from Philadelphia
ill eases when- lumbering or mining camps t Wanhlni:ton, In November, ink)
afford favorable conditions for an epidemic Ml""n,1 .'' J'''"icy by HlnKie-
ii i i i. . coaen, ami ihook ner a wcck. rim
Most oi the variola has been brought into ,,,..... ,H ... .
the state from Arkansas and the Indian Ter- three hours.
ritorv." In Maries count v. it is said, circuit 111 Oioxo days ciaKe-i-oaiheH
court adjourned at Vienna on Wednesday ,,rn,h." I"1"1,;t rI"''!'1l ",";"ya',1,",
. , . , . . J Itnown, and thn Indians described
lastweek, having been m session only two tUvm Ul wonderhiK admiration as
and a half days, on account of smallpox rag- "cabin on wheel."
gill that county. The population of tlm woild In
! I IsOO was about (110.1X10,1X10. It Is
... . .. ...... now cdtlmaled at l,.MHVHKVKH), but
.lust as tien. iMtzhngh Lee finished Ins while the number of human beliiK
address before the New Knglnud Society, in on the cnrlh has Increased Xi per
in St. Louis last Friday night on the subject cni. their cohesion has become ho
i. nu .. . ... ... '. i v ' much closer thut commerce has In-
he America. Army and Navy," (.en. ,..,.,, ,,an ,.r ,llt. ,,r()m lh(I
.lollll . Noble, a rnion veteran and exchange of u few articles of luxu-
foriuer Secretary of tin; Interior arose and : ry, carried on the backs of auimalH
said: "I love America! I love the American "r '" "'"w-""'"".' vcsscIh, c.m-
, , , , , inerce has expanded until ft In how
spirit! I love the man who has the courage ,llt,rcllll ,.H tll(1 lllctH ,)( ul
j.. . i I r... .1 !..!. .. . I !i il... . ..." ....
ui suiini nir inu uiiliis in: hues ii-ino mail.lamlit ami climes, utilizing tliu
who will stand for his principles! "I know
you believe the way you fought. (ScneralLco
and I honor you as the highest type id' Amer
ican manhood.
A remarkable coincidence is shown in a
comparison of the census returns of Columbia
and DeSota. I en years ago the latter town
has just forty fewer residents than Columbia.
The increase during the decade has been 1 ,U,"I
in each town. So Columbia is still forty ahead
of DeSota, as it was in 18!)0, although rela
tively thclatters gain is the greater.
The jam of of fice-seekcrs at Jefferson City,
it is said, will be the greatest in years.
Those who ure not in the push might as well
come home. It is only those who were active
in whooping 'em up for the lucky nominees
who stand a show at the pie counter. Lincoln
Co. News.
swift moving train by laud and the.
scarcely less swift steamship by
Tho first steamship crossed the
ocean In Mill. In IIMJO the steam
toniiUKu Sifloat Is mer i:i,(XX),(XJ0,
and tho rislllni; tonnage over II,-
(XXJ.fXX). Tho llrrtt vessel from New
York to China required fifteen
months for the round trip; now ouu
may accomplish thn journey both
ways In a little over a month.
In thOO a trip to Europe occupi
ed over 4 month, nnd was very
dangerous; now It Is a holiday ex
cursion of live days, nnd ah safe as
a trip by rail. A century ago men-
hqkcs of hutilncsH. took a year to
reach tha Orient and obtain a reply.
To-day only a few hours, or oven
minutes, are consumed, thanks to
tho telegraph.
Tho population of tho United
States a oWury ago was 5,308,18.1;
to-day It Ik approximately 70,250,
000. In 1800 the area of Uncle
1 Sam's domain wan 827,(111 square
miles, nnd It extended only from
the Atlantic Ocean to the Missis
sippi rler. Now, Including the
newly acquired Islands, It Is Jl.tllTi,
IMX) square tulles. Have for the
annexation of Texas, all of this
additional territory has been ac
quired by a series of purchases,
the total sum paid being only !!,
000,000. The territory northwest of the
Ohio In INK) gate returns of a pop
ulation numbering l.",:t(C ; Missis
sippi territory reported H.S.M), and
Indians Territory l,M7.ri. In New
dorf Astor probably come mxt
wfth over 9100,000,000 npl'ece.
These great millionaires eonnot es
timate their own riches within a
margin of millions.
The poor man to-day Is far bet
ter oiT than he was Is IbOO. lto la
freer man. Then ho was simply
a laborer, without social or politi
cal influence; now he 1ms both(
and his voice demnnils attention.
In those days the wages of a car
penter was (VI cents a day, of a
shoemaker 7.'l cents, of a black-. Att
smith 70 cents, of n shipbuilder eJ
York state wire enumerated 20.lll.'l I cents. Tollers In the Melds rcccW !
slates, ami in Pennsylvania 1,71X1 jed from 2." to 10 cents.
The United .States government
took formal possession of Wash
ington nx the cnpltnl of the nation
December 12, 1S00. The beautiful
city by thn Potomac, which to-dny
has a population of 2Sd,OI0, wai.
then a wilderness. Thcrti was good
shooting for rabbits and quail
wlthlh u hundred yards of tho un
r 1
There were In the whole United
States a century ago l,(X)2,0;n ne
groes, whereas the number of them
to-day If about S.OiMI.OOO. Though
they have multiplied so largely,
the proportion they bear to 'ie
white population Is only about
two-thirds what It was In I Mm.
In that year there was a Itepre- j Mulshed capltol, and Pennsylvania
sentatlte In congress for every ll'l,- avenue or nearly the whole ills-
000 people; the present ratio (Mill tance from the capltol to the prrst-
ceuxuMj is one lor every I7.l,lll jiiciil s House, was n deep morass,
penpls. There are 1,MXI,0IXI more covered with alder bushes. Then
males than females In the United ! were In the town eighty-four
States at the present lime a con- brick and III frame houses. Only
ditlon of alTairi due mainly to Im- i tlm senate wing of thn capltol had
migration. been erected, and at first the He
An American product which to-' preseutallvii were crowded Into a
day has a w Icier sale probably than 1 """" bitended for Kuuato ofllclnls.
any other namely, petroleum Ireasiiry, n small structure on
was unknown In IMXI. We cxnort ' 'i 'rniT ' Om lot occupied by
a million gallons of It annually, 0i present Imposing Treasury
nnd It I curried wherever a wheel i building, was the only departmen
can roll or a camel's foot be plant-j1'1' ,,,l'",, as yet erected,
pit. Chlnnuses Immense iiuautl- 0ie presidential mansion.
ties of our petroleum. The cara- nlch wn of sandstone nnd not
van on the Desert of Sahara go 'then painted white, neongriwmnn
laden with astral oil, and the ele- wrote Hint If'was bullttii bo look-
pliant of India are burdened with ''d nt ''.' visitors and strangers,
"slaiularil while" In eases.
and would render lis occupants
Illuminating ga was tlrt used l",'tlM of rl,ll,,,,1 with some nnd
In Oil country by a citizen f , "t Py wllli others." Mrs. Allium
l us ursi misiress, sain in u teller ici
Newport, David Melville, In INXI,
lo light his houe and the street In
front, being manufactured on hi
own premises. At present .S0,lon,
txxl worth of the product Is sold mi
ll tin lly.
The library of congress was es
tablished In IS00. It isuowlhe llh
lur...... ....ll....t.... I.. II...
....K.r.t ' ll'lll 111 ,1111 1,111,11, .1 '... I.Mflt, ulv.l. ..
...uprising 1,000,000 printed book:'""' 7 ' . " , .,"
and iiamphli'ts. 2'II.IXMI nieces of
music and 10.1,20m law documeiils.
her daughter: "Not a single apart'
incut I lluNlieil, and thn grrAt
uullulsiieil iiudlenee r- om (the east
mom) I miilcn n drying-room n
to hang up thn ( lollies In.
Tlm Sixth f.'ttngrcss," which mt
In Washington In 1HD0 comprise)
thirty-two Senators nnd 112 lie
In IMXIeach presidential elector
voted for two persons. The candi
dates receiving the highest vote
beciime president, and the next
highest vice-president. This ar
rangement wa allercd lo the pres
ent method by the Twelfth Amend
ment, rntllled In ISOI,
In ISOOwohndlvifnty-clghtMnto
banks, wltha capital of S2l,.'IO0,O0O.
These Insllliitlous hail 9t7,r00,0M)
In specie In ttelr vaults, with notes
oiitstamllng that represented XI0,-
Mxyxx). To-day I here are In Hie
United Stales I0,:S2 banks, with a
total capital of. SI,02I,72S,II7.. Their
deposits reach the enormous ag
gregate of b7,:i.ll,.',M.I,2JU, and their
united resoiircesare SI0,7H.",Sii, 1 1 1,
There are no figures to show how
much money was In the country a
century ago, but at the present
time the actual cash In circulation
amounts to 820.50 for every man,
woman and child In the United
Hold, of course, was rarely seen
back In IhOO, whereas at thn pres
ent time weliold Justabout 31,000,
000,000 worth of that precious me
tal. (ThIs nation has more gold
than nny other.
Up to 1820 about two hundred
and lllty thousand Immigrants
ciime to our shores. The record up
to tho end of 1000 Is nbout eigh
teen million, of which number
nearly onu-hnlf were from Ireland
and Germany. Ireland Is tho only
country that has suffered depopu
lation during tho century, having
lost about half of Its people, owing
chiefly to famines and evictions.
The richest man in tho United
States at tho Intter end of tho 18th
century wan George Washington,
who wasjprutty nearly n million
aire. Probably tho rlchott man
to-day li John V. Rockefeller,
whoso wealth Is reckoned at $300,
000,000. Mr, Carnoglo Is supposed
to be worth 1200,000,000, while W
K. Vaaderbllt and Wllllanf Wl
I gress was ninety Senators and a.Vi
rONCi: DliC. io. M
.Icn'iaiso.v crrv. Mo., Den. 22. J'
In answer to n request fromdov- J'
ernor Stephens, Attorney (lenernl v
(.'row today rendered an opinio)
. 'an
Sf -Hi )-'
on the iimemlments passed ill tin
last election. He hnld'ilhat the a- e'
mendmenls b(;cnnio operative on
Dee. 10, I1HI0, hen the ollleial vot
was east up by the secretary ()'
Slate, Such pints of the amend-10"
iiient arn self-enforcing becatni
operative on the above dale. Tin
following 1 part of (lenernl CrowV
opinion on the third iuiiciulmentt,fttJ
"A to amendment No. '), rela'i'g
II.-.. Itivii.liin nf li. ml i.ulnlii iiii
mortgage thereon unnoiiuclug
principal to bo applied ln nssost)
lug, the siiiiim Is, I Dclleve, a pro
lilbitlou against assessing the In
teresl of the but rower In thn pro-"
perty higher than tho nssesHeclJ'Jj
value of the encumbered propel f
less tho assessed value of tlm ill 95
of truil or inortgugo.
"To lllustratot If the whole
estate were assessed at oue-t,
its actual value, or $1,000, and
mortgaged for SI.200, thcr
mortgagu should lie ad nt'
and thn land nt 81,000, loss
SJIIK), or yi.COO."
"An editor Is a millionaire '
out money, n crongrcssmnn v,
out a job Is a king wltho
throne," says un ezchungu,
contracts without a snwor hat 1
builds a rond without a spl
nail and faruiH without a plo'
run a butcher shop In tho i
nllstlo world deals out brains 14,
for conh or crodlt. Ho lores ,
who advertise wlthhlm as a 1
cr. The editor la a likelier, J
ycr, a preacher, and ho tcj. f -u
truth out to savo souls anaivjy. pt.
loit lilmsolf . He heals the .n rs
ed, cares for tho dyln( ajid r(li
mo ponsning, anu scarves IK Bt'J
when a ham sandwich wor
him from the jaws of dr tlui, ''ri
I V'-Ss

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