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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, January 04, 1901, Image 7

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World-. I itlr f-eoiils lletlr to Se.thsMI
IIIU llr-rrtvo Heller Utirl To
HapurrM Mors Doctors.
Jefferson Clty.Dcc. 31. World' fair
people will work for a good appropria
tion for tl.o mlllllo. Thu mili
tia will bo mi Important port of tlia
fair. When the building of tlia Chi
cago fair were dedicated there wo n
Brand military display. Troops were
present from almost every tnte iu
the Union. Missouri uai there with
one regiment. When the Chicago fair
was opened there won nnolhcr grnnd
display. The inllltln of Missouri U In
a bad way. It In worse off than It vtn
when the wnr with Hpnln broke out.
There It not much doubt If the mili
tia of other males had been ns poorly
equipped us Xllssourl's, and the Unit
ed States army and nnvy on the same
sort of war footing, Kpiiln would haT
licked Uncle Sam us quick as a hun
gry pup would a greasy skillet. In
those days Missouri's inllltln could
not have stopped n dog light, lis
arms were mora dangerous to the men
than to the enemy. At Chlcknuinug
Missouri's men were hntlrsu, cn.ltless,
shoeless, and not a few wore blanket
to hide their nakedness. A militia
can not lie created In a day. tit. I.011U
will ask the legislature to impro
priate 1100,000 at this session, which
will Iki used during the next two
years In encampments, drill practices,
and In other ways calculated to build
up the Institution. It Is not the In
tention to Increase the force, but to
make It better. When the great
World's fair nt St. Ixiuls Is opened
thu grintcit fair the world has ever
seen when the soldiers from Massa
chusetts, New York, lVnusyliitiila,
Ohio, Indium, Illinois, mid other
states march, every man well
equipped, and Ihen when Missouri'
boys- Urnud Old Missouri pax, with
the governor nt their hi'itd.ulth bauds
placing, und Old (llury's graceful
folds hlllonnl oVr them, every Mis
sourluii cm feel proud, nnd whoop It
up to his heart' content. .Members
of tho Merchants' exchange, tin- Mini
Hfnrlurrr' nsiiK'Inttoii und other com
liierclul bodies will Journey to .Idler
son Clly nnd tell Ihe appropriations
eiiuimltteu what they mint, und they
expect to gel It.
An elTorl will lie made by the people
who bcllci.' In "direct legislation" to
rerun' legislation fnvontbli' to their
pet theory. They want u constltu
tlouul nmeiidineut providing Unit
when ten tier cent, (or liny per cent.
upon) ot Oil' people pennon
0e Is an Appllsnee fete Corn Shell-In-,
Another l.evee sad tlis
Thlril n t'aLiliNae 1'ulltr.
In the cut nre shown three devices oi
widely differing application, but nil art
cry practical. A is an appliance for
corn shelling on a small scale. A piece
of board about two fret long Is nar
rowed down to about one Inch nt one
end. Near narrow end, on under side, a
strip of hoop Iron Is nailed with edge
of strip projecting one-eighth of n
Inch and turned down slightly. Cut
than board Inverted to make this
plain. To use the shelter, sit on board,
and draw ear of corn up across Iron
strip, using both hands.
How to moke a useful lever for pry
ing out stonri, lifting timbers, etc., Ii
shown by II In this cut. An old horse
shoe Is heated and the paints hammered
together n little doner than usual. The
shoe Is then bolted on the large end
of ft stout pole, ten or Incite feet long,
with the points projecting nbout one
half Inch,
A handy little deitee for pulling cab
bage, etc., la shown by ('. I'ten light
forked stick about four feet lung fur
the Icier and a smaller forked stick,
or limb, one fool long, for support. Ijiy
the long stick In fork of short one, and
tie together with string as lllustralid.
Tnek n small rlcAlorcrttssptrccuti fool
of fulcrum stick to prevent Its sinking
Into ground. The forked end of lever Ii
slipped under cabbage, nnd pr.lng
down on the other mil dors the work.
This will sate n great dralof tlmewhen
In use, and can be made In flic minutes,
-J, fl. Allthnuic, In Ohio I'nrnirr.
I'll I'l'i i-im. v j I" - - I ,
n (."'"'! UM,li OI III.' pen,.,.. ........... , BP Cll, ,,,,,, Ten Tl.e, On II.
that u certain incnsiiri' or Idea be I VtrnA r chrrhnl l.r
inaili' n law, nun mi .-is-vi... . simple Menus
I'lini-u, ,,, - i j
Is an Important symptom of Kldm-v
Trouble which Is frequently overlooked
Pain la the back, scalding urine, ner
vouinel and general debility also Indl
cato tlia presence of this deadly disease.
If any of these symptoms arc present
let a quantity of urina voided In the
morning, stand for 13 Items und lookfoi
sediment In Imtlom of vessel.
Uday is fatal. Don't wait.
will rare any rase of kidney trouble and
tho symptoms arising therelrom under
o forfeit by a responiiblc company.
This Is a boaa-fnlc oiler.
Mltsat ltl AMD 1I.I.IXOIS
l-etr-lt rsrro Sr HIU.Nr.lUIW. Is willlst IS'-.
slf t. etlwtt tumped lutrrstet esirliipe.
Mrs. J. K.Arn'lmnr.SllW IlfJSUl..u,lr, Mo.
llri. A. B. vvlMers, I'orlrr SI, tlofcsrlr. Sin.
Mr. Ntthotis Nellie. rU.rMslrr, Ms.JI'llls.Uo.
Mr. Juts I Atrsr.bviCsrurl'U Clinton. li.
Ilrs.T. Alton, rail Csss An, St. lls. tin.
tl.l'.tlr.sn,tlieil Ati-Winlfiu, ill.
W. II. ntMi,renlrlls,lll.
llr. C.A. lllu,vil..nAv.,.t mhsi.,aitrltni,lll.
tin. A. J. Usaan.tUS. Msrilisll U I'srls, 111.
), c.ttndi.li. TOP I !.! su I'sru, IIL
Morrow's Ktd-nc-oldt nre not pills,
but Yellow Tablets, nnd sell at fifty
cents a box at drug stores.
mill If tb majority of the
people votn "jr. then then1 l n
new law. And also that nil measures
iiussed by the h-gUInliiri- an- not bins
until II innji'iliy of the pli' tote
",i-s." They lime headquarters In Jef
ferson Oty, nnd i-ti-ry iiumhIkt of the
legislature has ii-i-clnil u number ol
their circular letters explaining tin
udiautage of the .vsteui.
The veterinary surgeons also wnut
legislation. There are entirely ton
many borne doctor In the country to
nilt the fellows who have utteuded
veterinary schools, and studied bolts,
glanders, wlnd-colle, etc., nnd they
want a law that will prohibit on one
without a diploma ndinlr-.Mcrlug med
icine to horses, mules nnd Jackasses.
Under the new luw. If the old brown
mnrc or the Juck mule gets sick, and
"i'rnss-lljcd" .lake, the horse doctor,
m'.-inmends pepiicr water nnd usa
foctktx In liberal doses, tho wild
Crors-llyed" Joke, horse doctor, can
lie arrested and lined, nnd very likely
lniprtsoueil,"uecordliig to the statutes
or Missouri," etc.
The real cstnte men do not like the
new nmi'iidment taxing mortgages. It
Is said that n iiumW of them culled
on Mr. Doekery when he wus In Kt.
Iinl. recently, and explained to him
how the new amendment would miiku
It Impossible for them to loan money
nt C per cent., anil while the new
law would undoubtedly Increase the.
"taxable wealth" of the rich man,
the poor man would pay tho taxes, or
he woudn't be iiceommoilated. In Kt.
Louis money is loaned nt 8 per cent,
nnd when the "owner" of thu pro-r-ty
presents his tax receipts tho owner
of the niortgago makes him n pres
ent of S per cent. orT the Interest, so
In the long run 6 per cent. Interest
prevails. The saiiiii law ill California
(the Missouri law Is said to be almost
'u duplicate) works great hurdshlps on
borrowers, Is Is claimed. Thu pre
vailing rule of Interest there Is now
S per cent., whllo before the law went
Into effect 0 per cent, was nil that
could be expected. Ilvcry member ot
thu legislature lins received letters
from eastern firms stating that un
less something was done they would
scatter their showers of blessing in
other localities, and lcavu Missouri.
A tlnanelnl llrm nt Qulncy, 111., has
taken thu lead In the campaign of ed
ucation among thu Missouri legisla
tors. The llrm claims lo have louncl
$7,000,000 in this Milt i", and If their
clients are compelled to pay taxes ou
their mortgages, they threaten to
(iov. Stephens wnnts to scu strong
libel law enacted, He Wile res thu
newspapers (not all' of thJin of
course) are, too free In their criticisms
of public olllrlals, nnd that they do
not always sail close to the beauti
ful shores of Truth. "I would make
It a capital offense, If I had my way,"
the governor la quoted an saying, "and
let the sheriff take the guilty man
out and shoot him." (Of course the
governor means the newspaper man,
and not the official.)
Gov. Stephens has built a house
Jefferson City, and will reside here.
....... W
Durlng the times of rain much dam
Ige Is done to flrlds nnd roads by
washouts. The continued rains loosen
the soil, and when tho short, heavy
showers come the rush lit water tears
up the loosened soil and carries It
away, and In this way deep ditches
are torn In summer-fallowed flrlds
and In fields under cultivation. In
the same way roads, especially hill
side, are badly torn up, causing dsn
ger to travel nnd much expense for
repair. There Is a simple und effec
tive way both to prevrnt this dnmage
from going brjond control nnd to re
pair It, no matter how large the gut
ter are. Take lino hay, weeds, straw
or even briers, if not too huge, and
scatter a few handfuls In a place In
the bottom of the washout. Put
stones on this, to keep It In plnce.
Twenty or 30 feet farther down
stream put In another check like this,
and so on throughout the washout.
Of course, If the gully Is larger and
much water comes down It, more hay
and heavier stones must be used.
The Idea Is that these checks slacken
the speed, and hence the tearing
power of the stream, and also hold all
sediment. Dams put In n deep wsah
oul 30 rods long In a wheat field In
tho fall, at Intervals of 30 fret or so,
caused the filling tip of the ditch by
spring. Deep nnd dangerous wash
outs on hillsides on the public high
way con either be prevented or rem
edied My check of the above kind
properly put in and looked after
from time to time. The usual way of
dealing with these hillside washout
Is to let them go until the hill be
comes Impassable; then make n Job
of grading, etc., at an expense of
from $30 to $30 to the county. Here
a stitch In time would save 00. The
washouts In dam of jiond can ba re
paired In much the same way. Troy
(N Y.) Time.
A. Kent anil lrelileill- Hueernsf ul Wy
of Securely Urnnlnsr n Cornsr
Fines 1'ost,
The wrong way to kttp the strain on
a corner pott of a w Ire fence from pull-
Germany publishes about M.iKiO
books n jeat, Trn' ee U.tvH), Italy 9.MK),
Knglnnd n.n. ii, I iwlnt Matin J.' IK'.
When the smoke bells are suspended
over gas humeri, to shield the filling.
It Is bettir to hale tlirm come ns low
os Hitlli!c. but not closer than IS or U
Inehis to the tl.llue.
The first lire engine innile In Ikistnn
was built b David Which r. a black
smith. In Ncwhur.t, now Washington
street. It was lllnl at a lire August
SI, Iti'iJ, and found lo perform extreme
ly well.
The twentieth rrntiiry will have the
greatest number of leap jears possible
SI. Thcvcar llltl will be the first one.
then every fourth jenr lifter that, lo
nnd iiieliiiliiig the jcar Soon. l"i binary
will hair thr.u nilu s thne times, In
In 1811, .100 inlli s of eorlh about New
Madrid, Mn., shook constantly for
months. I.nlies were formed and in
terloutly ilinlnrd. Mud shot nut ol
fissures as high as the topsof the trees.
These dlsturlisr.e eenseil suddenly nl
the moment or the grrnteurthquokenn
March SG, 1st;, which rfrstmjed Car
ocas, In Yeneruela.
A stranger, on walking through the
street of China for the first time, Is
puizlt d, among other things, by the np
pearance of Jars In various position on
the roofs ot I h homes. A Jar placed
with Its bottom end toward the. street
Indicate that the daughter of lh
house It not yet ot uge to marry. At
soon a she ho developed into a mar
riageable maiden Ihe Jar isturnrdwlth
It mouth to tho street. When thr
young lady gets married the Jar It re
moved altogether.
too Hewnrd S1O0.
There has been placed on the wnlls
of the federal building In Huston a pop
trait of Ien, John M, Corse, thr union
commander ut the battle of Altoona
Pots, On., where the phruie "Hold tli
fortl I am coming,'" originated.
New York. Jan. 2.
-tetrs.... t Ti tit i
iv-,.il ivr;i
l!i U 1 VI
ill.H SU
.... II vi's
i .... VI .1
I! 01 U II ou
I Zt
3 Ul
3 to
Doaltttr A (Irmlniitts
'" '' """c ",m " """; Th. resJers ol llii. piper will be nles.ed
Blouchy Slocsm ever got dnt llarvordl 0 c,tn n.it tber Is t least one Jreadr.i
rollrge diploma dot he carries around dueaie that science hat been able to cure In
In hta pocket? Dover t'lnk he stole lt? U Us tlspet, and that Ii Catarrh. Ilall'c
,fv" nl'Von-ve'a.rn ' V iVl Si" lb? ! "u'SS
vacuity uv his conversation I t'lnk; Mp. t ron.lltiitlonsl disease, tenmrei a
Le mutt her grniliiated from Harvard romtitutlonal treatment. Hafl's Catarrh
on' got It natural. He ain't bright Cur Ii taken Internalls, ailing illieelly
ri.oi.ih ter git It any oilier way.
tlnlher Urns,
"Did the old skinflint give ou a re
ward for returning his pocketbonkV"
ntked the policeman of the Utile news
boy who helps anppitrt his mother.
".N'nwi he tried ter make me pay fur
dr ndvertlsln' 'cau 1 didn't return dn
stuff 'fore I k hn wed who It b'longrd
to." Detroit e'ree I'rest.
IISVMiItirrnllnu Ills ItiitectAI tons.
"I suppose Hprlgglus iinticlpalcs a
lot of money from his scheme:"
"Well, he's trying to sulk-plate It!"
"What do you mean?"
"He's trying to burrow money ou
the strength it what he hopes lo
inuke." Puck.
How lie I'nwKlil.
Dukane ltefore wnr wns declared
Hninint was very nnsluus to light.
(losw ell Well, he fought all through
the w.ir.
"Did he?"
"Yes! he fought shy of Ihe recruit
Irg olllcers." N, Y. Journal.
Worse limn llrrtlli.
Junes Why did )ou buck out after
volunteering to lead Hint forlorn
hope? Are you afraid of death?
Smith No but I don't enre to be
known ns "Fighting Jim Hmltli" all
the re it ot my lllc I'uck.
llie rstiilus nnil l.luhtnlnK.
The action of Ihr dj iiumlle t-iulsrr
Venn Ins lias hern likened lo lightning
"It never strikes twlre In the same
spot, breniiie Ihe spot, after the first
shut, Isn't there!"
I'rlliilltve lliiMillnn.
Marin llnse. strrd elshl leal, tval trllins
llUii-i acid srvin, about llie niakitia of the
uurlil "And A'l.iin wan the lift brills'
irealid." slir Slllii'llliiiil. sulrlillill "Nl
ii u.i awfiitli' Iniie.v fur hitu. slut one dav.
nliin he was ss!rili. the Uitil tiH.k a tils
nut of In side stnl invite s vom.ui out m
it -o Alton nuiilil lisve s nun. I lo pur
...ii. i '
"And wain'l Adam s'rrlMilt" silnl
D.ie. , ,
"huri.Hseil? Why he was lu't lukleil lo
death' ' said Msne llne, rrstalirally. N.
i . t oinnieii -a' viivetu.ir
Try llrnll,t Tr llrsln-OI
Ask sour criK-i r to-day tu show Vdii a nvrk
Ke of IIIIAIN O, the new fund dunk 'list
takes tin' h.are nf retire. The i hililrru may
ilnr.k H without Injury ss well as the adult.
All wlm try It, like it. IIIIAIN O U, tint
mil seal hriinn nf MmIis ur .lava, lull It it
made frnm pule grains, and the uiAit delicate
ttninath mi-ivi-s it wltbiiul ilislnss, 1 the
i.nie tit i (.llie. lie. Slid V.V.ts. I tr pikai;e.
bold by all ciomt.
At the Door "Her, lilt! Iy. Ill Pv
you leti cents to ilmvel oil the snow." On
the fide alk "Ve will, will ye? An'wul'll
wr euniiie not Irr snipe )r Hid a snow
bslll Indianapolis Newa,
1'rrruu rniri.i;s4 Drrsiirudurn tho fast
est and hnslitrst colors of any known d)
stuff. Mold by all druntisli.
Falker "Where did you letrn that ntw
piece?" Dmliter "It Isn't a nrw pirre.
The plaoo bts hren tuned. Indianspoot
The Ornrular I'nssensie lllve
(.'(ilactor Tip nit, llets
Left Itltuarir.
upon the blood snd wucutit surfaert of the
aiitrm, thireby destmying the fonmlalioa
of the dunce, snd living tho palitnt
ttrensth by hmlJinj up the romtllutKin slid
stiUlinK nature In doing its work, llie
proprietors hive to much faith in III cura
tive powers that they otfrr One Hundred
Italian for stir etie that it falls to curt.
tSrml (cr list ol testimonials.
Aihlrrss r. .1. Uhcney a, uo., iv.eao, u.
Sold by Dniiiristf. Mc.
lltll't l'timry 1'illt tre the Lett.
Little 1M to fllnnil on,
A sefsntlit his nnw srlsn wlin deelsret
the (iulf ttrrs.ni it t myth. If trlenerron
linnet Its devtstillnf wty we thill toon
lure nothing I'll to rung to but rsotrrie
liitiiuiiism tna lae tignineinre ol est tritki,
a. l, i-ress,
Tlsere Is a ('! nf I'ennle
Who sr Inlured br the use of eolTre. Ile-
eenuy mere nil i"'n pisrru in su ineiro
rrrr stores s n iw nrrMlition rilled
(1UAIN O, reade of pure grunt, that takrt
Ihe plare cf eofif e. Tbe most urlirate ttom
si ll reieivea It without distress, mil hut few
tan tell II from retire. It don not nt over
I at much. Childrrn m.-r drink It with
great henrfit. 1.1 rtt. and 23 ett. per pick'
age. Try II. Ask forflltAIN O.
I'rrlU f t'lrlllssllnn.
If we tre driven to Ihe hirj lahnrof open'
in CTSirrs inr llie wise 01 sioiuins
servsline snd to milking cows to krrp eietr
oi lerniaiuenyue ti isrviiirniiiiaiiiiriiigiirsi
eivillration hit not lightened our huidehs.
nut rattier stiiiM to them. Iiy the wsy,
Of the U.S. Treasury Recommeiw
I'r l.lenenjrii Jordan
Dr. Llewellyn Jonlan, Mrdlcsl Kiajolsse
of U 8. Tretsury DiptrtmrnN gridutte f
Colutnhis Coltrce, and who served tan
years st Weil Point, hit th following U
tty of I'erunt.
" Allow me to express my gralltuda
to you for the benefit derived from
your wonderful remedy. One abort
month has bronchi forth a vast chant
and I now consider myself well man
alter month of suffering. I'ellow
sufferers, I'erun will cure you."
Catarrh It tystcmic ditette cvireM
only by systematic treatment. A remedy
that cures itlirrh must ilm directly tl
the i!rprrrd nerve centers. Thie it wall
I'eruna dots. Verona Immediately laflgor
ales Ihe nerve renleit which give vitality Ja
th imienua mrinhrtnet, 'Ihen etttrrh dlft
sppesrt.'lhen istirrh it permanentlr cured.
I'rtuns ruirt rvtsrrh wherever Incited.
I'eruns It not a guest nor in etpetimrnt II
le in absolute scientific certainty. I'erun
lias nn substitutes no rivals. Insist upoa
having I 'rums.
A free book written by Dr. tUrlman,
nn the suhjcit of catarrh In Its differ
till nli.isesaml stare, will be sent free
to any address by I lie I'eruna Atedl
1 .1 .V. .'..I .11. In
embalmed lieef hit rooe out of fashion,
hasn't Itr Detroit Tree 1'rru.
Ileal lur Ike tlnivelt.
o r.ivltrr whtl alls )eu, headache tn a
ranirr, uu will never gel well until lour
liowelt are put right. Casratetshelpiisluir,
rure you without a gripe or pain, produce
easy nature! movements, rust )nu Jus. 10
ernit in situ geutiig lour nrsiin nsrs.
Casrarrla t'andy Catliaitir, the urniiinr, put
ut in inriai Holes, erery laniri list - t t'
etamed on it. Ilewate of imittliont.
A lleseiitlilnnee.
"Isn't our gincer somewhat eccmUlc!"
Slid Mr. Knseiis In his u .fe
ves an.i even i,.i i.ri.ii.iaii wiijii is TO ll ,. A(ill -.n, l
ChVouklc-TVlegTsph"' "," In lUMmin's I... -I unputment Dr.wlnf
IK'Oni ItH'FilTJ. it'"l I l it'll UUU
1 f
d'ln '
dla- h
'cr- 4J
BMt. I
n- ' I
'H tj
In .1
I i i
- i
The Ileal I'rr ser llill.m Mr rlilllt
snd l-S-verlaliltln nl (Inovi.'s TssTrir
ClIlil.'I'oNia Ills llniplylrnuundqilluluelii
atastelcss form. Nucuni-unpny. IllTeUu.
Tes--".Ittk tried to kiss inelrnt night."
.Test "Indeed? (If rniitsr you nsistrd?"
Tr- "iVrliinlyi every time." 1'Iiili
delplila 1'iesa.
To Cure a Cnlil In one l)r
Tke Ijvtallrn llrniiio(,'ululiinTnlilets. All
drugglsta r el und money If II f hIIs tocure. Xc.
The Inghrst order tint wts ever Institut
ed on earth it the order of fillh. llrury
W'srd llierher.
I'im's Cure la the best medicine we ever
uied fur sll slfrillniit nf the llirc.it snd
l-inis. Win. tl. r.mlslry, Yanbuirn. Ind,
Teh. 10, ll0.
t'O'l-JIIN M
I l.i It'll-H il.. I Wniul
Mll:.T-Nu. i i (t-.l
l.-JII Mi,
U.VIrt- No. 2
I'UIIK-Mtis .New
Oii.s ami IK-Kers
UAI.Vr.K-d.ir llM)
llniirl -l air lu Cliuleo..'..,
mn,i;i'--'uir in (.n..ii..,.
1'l.ul Jl I'ali-m iiit-wi...
OllK-r llrinlua..,,
wiii:at-Nu. i lu-it
L'OIIN-No. 1
O.VIri-.Nu. t
HYi:-No. :
TOIIA .l.'O-l.uus
Li ut Hurley...
IIAY-Cloar Tlniolhy
mill isii-Uhuiee u.iiry...
liAi.'irt -ii'r Jin)
I'uUlv HtumJarUMt-ssliisw)
LAHU-Cholcu btinn
CATTI.IJ-Nallvo Hlcer
I H X IK I 'nl r to Uliolcn
Hiii.i:i'-r.iii to i.'iiiiico.,,,
T'l.UL'lt Winter I'uunn...
Hprliiir I'atuiits,.,
WllllAT-.No. a HpiirK
No. 2
COUN'-Ko. 1
hath No. i
I'OltK-Miaa O- II
CATTI.IJ-N'atlve Htnrs.... i Ei I! JO
IIOUM i-uir m v;noi ii...... sou vi sw
vhi:at-nu. ! itwi ;o
oath No. : wnttu ei :t
CUIIN-No. i .v li Zi'i
Pt.ntMl-ltl.ili tirade HI II I'M
;(IHN No. i wlH1l Li
c i.vi K Wmturn SI r 31'J
1 1 r '.llini-e ii im ii is irj
I'l)lllv-Hi"ii(lur.l Mi-is .... li 2.'i 0 12 M
UACUN-Hhou !Mb HIJts... HiH S'i
UO'n"ON--.vllddlm! It's
i.iji. 111V I I.I.I..
WIIIIAT-No. 2 Hod H it 71
,'IHINV No. 2 J7j;i 314
OATH No. 2 JIMt K'i
I'OllK N'VrMes. 11 VI s7t2 2i
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Ing It out of the ground Is to load it
nlth a quarter ton of rocks. A neater
and more successful method I to run a
cable pf ulre from'the top or the poat to
a stone anchored In the ground tlx or
eight tent from lit base, In a linn with
the fence. Tluit will call for t oat each
cort er. Oruugc Judd Farmer.
"The mm who give me lint," ttld th
conductor to tbe only ptsseiigcrin tlmctr,
"mut liave thoulit 1 wit a thump."
'Ihr pissrnrrr ruimiird Ihe lead fire
cent piece with s smile, ta)t 1'iuk.
"You're itui k," he iiid.orirularlr, "Un
less," he iildcd, unscrupulously, ''you rtn
piss It ol!."
"I wouldn't do tint," relumed the rrm
dueler, poliilnr.g the bogus coin on his eott
ilrt-ve. "iliildrs. nu ore would tike it."
"Mot iione, hut you rn.glit slip It In
smorg two or three good ones," suggested
the piiMiiger,
The conductor shook hit held virtuously,
at the car begin Infill up.
An hour later the tr paseeriftrr flihcd up
some small ihtnge to buv cigir, snd the
lost thing he saw wit o lend five-cent piece,
"1 gave liini ipuilrr," he mused, "iml
he give me four nickels In ilmce. 'Ih
rain," ho added, still musing, "who gtv
ln tint, must have thought 1 wit
A Soulti llsUiiln .llollier ami Her LIN
lie (ilrl llliirraa Their (Irnll
luile In n Upen Letter.
Foliom, Cutter Co., South Dakota,
Dec. 31, 1000 (Special). Mrs. II. I).
Hjdc has given for publication a letter
expressing her unbounded gratitude
to Dodd's Kidney Tills for the double
cure of henclt and little dsughter.
Mrs. Hyde has been troubled with
pains In her heart for over three years,
and for a long time, her little girl suf
fered from weak kldnr. The grate
ful lady docs not rccm able tn find
words ttrong enough lo exprett her
gratitude. She hot written the follow-
I cannot tsy too much In praise of
Dodd's Kidney l'llls. They ore the
greatest kidney and heart medicine I
ever used. I hod been troubled for over
three jear with a tevera pain in my
heart, which entirely dliippeared after
I had token a few doset of Dodd a Kid
ney Villi. I olio gave them to my little
girl, whole kidney hod been weak,
and the commenced to Improve from
the very first doie. Dodd's Kidney
l'lll are certainly a wonderful medi
cine. I would be plcorrd to bore tills,
my statement published ns I feel It
my duty to let others knn-c juit what
tbe Tills will do for them.
Dodd's Kidney rills always cure. 50c,
a box. All dealers.
Courtesy It o duty pnhlle serrtnts owe to
humblest inrniberof public- lird l.)l-
Dyspepsia It the bane of the human tyt-
lem. rrolecl yourself agimsi Ittravagctby
Ihe use cf llceiiiaii't PipiinO'iitii.
The Indlanttio'.t cat conmmeri ctnntt
herhtrgrd with Helling toy red-hot ttovrt,
l-sra.sM ni din , d with the relehrttec
I )pen Top t ar "Chililitii" for Dhservitloo la
llie .viouiitallit anil laitnna sim iouingv.ar
In ll.M Trnm...
' . ' . . . ' . ... , , .., m i
, ileuglilliil irip m .n mis sun ,n"e n
Circlo Touts in Ihe lirpiesottheSoulhof
Mrirca end s Vint tu the lluinrd Cities. iull (,
All exclusive- feslutrs of Ihese Itineraries
of lel'Utely tttvtl snd long stopt 'I liefpe- tr-
etvl 'Main tttrtsTurida), Jsiiutry S!, from 'bv
Chlcigo, . .
Tour or I'uerlo men. vni
Hpeetal rullmtn CarsIeiveChiejgiiThnrt- iv.
day, .liiuury I7,nd 'I huisdiif, l ehruary 14,
tt litis"! a. in., ciuiiieiling with Ihe tptemlid linen-
slrsinslups I'.mce snd Hin luin silling ,
fruin New Yolk IhetMuiid day following.
IndivlJiill Tirkrlt sold lor other silling hi'
dates, allernatc Saturdays.
Tlrlsela liielmle All i:siense Rverr .
IV here. ''
These select limited piillrs will b under .I'flonl
the special iscoit and mtiugiinenl of 'lh.
Ainie,n T.iri.l A ,n 1,1 in,,. It.Bil f Umn. -11 o'"1
.-..-. T -.-7-. ,- .
bed. Ilineml .Minigrr, lll Jtliniuettti iu,u
liiiiiiung uiocaro.
rail l.tiiin-
bell, Ilineml Maimer, Hi! MinjiirlU
milling, Lhiraro. '
Itineraries. Mint tnd Tltkett can lie hid
in tpiilleation to Agrnts of the Chlesgo.
Milwsukee . Ht. Paul U'y.
The .llnrelira, 1'eelinps,
Mn. rrniidlelgh-Yrt, my dsuglilerpliyf
the pltno by etr entirely. A
Mil. Kesdouglite-- Indeed? Hnmetlmef
It soundt to me is if the were unrig bet Icxn'
llallimor AmcTlcin.
tot iniaau uo u mi area.
m LA'
Over Thirty Ytare
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
The factory of the Waltham
Watch Company is the largest and
most complete establishment of the
kind in this or any other country.
Waltham Watches are the most
accurate pocket time-pieces it is
possible to make.
" Tht Ptrfcdtd AmtHcan 7tUh", an ittastnlcd book
of Interesting Information about watches, will be sent
fixe upon request.
American Waltham Watch Company,
Waltham, Mass.
. Illl
li wiit
I .Hot
y m
mppj unti;
d, II
jl M.
e 1.00
, Mr.
i - .
isimc" vis
Pstrldt. wl
hero Ih no
Ilrothrr ,
oy oui oi -i
ana ibsup J
idnetis ou J;
iswis.r til s
IiIm con- jjx
il and hec'f
t Invest-
OH ft
M i I I V MtICK oi.li.loru
Wr. 1.111-HthlttrMi. H'AHll NUTON. I.C.
llmaeli fflcii ctiicttgu, ulu4 liki ImUkIL
Isms. Sank I iMilmslsls s.rt III a. lrtiri e an A S
-rs. nr. il. ii.uHtiu't toss. us u, auut7r's ,"n.
A. N. K.-n
T-.li i
ir January
WIir.M VUITIKO TO ADTKKTI) t0 httndl":
plt !! that fa saw Ik Advl . .
ttsi m this mhi. f itno iron I
i pi" orgajjJ
have hlsl

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