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The Tribune.
Published Eyory Krlcluy
D. W. MA.JOH, Kiimuc.
A11T1K H. KEADLK, Local Kiltinr.
Tkiimk $1.00 per Year in Advance
Pearson, of the Mitltllutowu (Hups, put
on his funny cap lust week and commented
ns follows on thu Wellsville Itccord:
"Herd is a AVcllsvillc Kccord:
Hought'cr, Ktin'er,
Stopfer, Lcft'er. Taylor. ' '
Mrs. Dnnl;it, of Wabash, lud., lias re
ceived from Mark Manila a check for $2,
being payment for three dozen iiW feet
which her huslmud allowed to spoil in her
absence. Mr. Diuilap was attracted from
home hy a campaign hand which passed on
the day Mr. Uauua visited Wulmsli, and the
good wife Kent a hill to the scnutor.
It is claimed hy the Kansas City paper
that Kansas City was a "Dry Town" last
.Sunday and that not one saloon wan allowed
to run a side or hack door open. Mrs. Nat
ion seems to he getting in her hluff on that
wicked city and on the Police Co nuiissioiicrs
too. She threatened to have the whole
gang from Mayor down, impeached for mal
feasance in offee, mid hence the dry day in
Kansas City,
Hryau is hilled for a speech in Cameron,
Mo., on May 1 1, ami an admission fee of
'2T cents will he charged for all who desire to
hear him. It is riven out that the gate re
ceipts will go for the improvement of the
( ameroii park. It is not stated that sub
scriptions to the Commoner will also he re
ceived at the gale. It is also thought there
is "millions in it" for park improvement in
This week's Titiiu'Ni: contains an article
from T. !. Akins, chairman of the Kepuhli
can State Committee which thrown some
light on the policy of the National adminis
tration in regard to Fourth class postmasters
and their chances for ic-appniut incut. The
article is worth reading and will set at rest
all uneasiness in regard to to the plan to he
pursued hy cueh postmasters in securing
I'Mitor Chris IVarson, of Middlelov.n, is
a inemher of the grand jury selected to in
vestigate the cases of the Warner brothers,
the Colli) ease and the hurniilg iT the Dan
ville court house. Judge Hughes cautioned
i'carsou along with the rest of the jurors
not to talk too much or to "tell tales nut of
Hehool," Hence hre'r Pearson will not he
expected to say very much about this term
of court and its doings.
dudge V. M. Williams of Hoonville,
who prepared the Dockery franchise hill,
says there is no necessity for additional ma
chinery to assess franchises and corporations,
lie says : "They come under the same law
which assesses cows, horses, sheep, hogs,
lauds and money, and these laws are ample
in uvery way." Judge Williams is conlident
that the law framed will he f uiid sullleient
to tax franchises and corporations. Fulton
Kx-tiov. Lou V. Stevens: "Free sil
ver may not lie the paramount issue in the
next presidential campaign; indeed, we may
hear out little of the question, and it may
uotlieau issue at all, organization cstal
lished hy the free-silver advocates will con
trol the national convention, and any effort
to side-track them will prove disastrous in
November, Midi. Mexico Intelligencer.
Hold on (lovenor, you had better do
some cold hard reasoning with Dave Francis,
Holla Wells and the rest of the sound money
fellows before you say too much. Iletter
squint your eye on Dockery too. he is Mime
what of a sound money man himself.
Frank James had a signed article in the
'Si. Louis Star the other day on the proposed
parole of the Younger hoys from thu Still
water penitentiary, they having served 2."
VI'HI'tf of llwtn 1 1 P.. ..Mill .mm. Il.i ..f 41. r.
... .,, t-. vwiv . .11; -..ij r
Younger have suffered enough, this may
,he true, hut it is not good argument on
which to base a hope or a claim for the re
lease of such notorious criminals. Criminals
are not put behind the bars simply to make
them suffer, hut it is done to keep the crim
inal from committing other crimes and to
deter other would-be criminals from com
mitting crimes. Perhaps the demands of
justice have been met in the Younger's case
hut no state can be too careful in extending
pardons to the princes of criminals who
murdered and robbed and terrorized a half
dozen states in which they plied their unholy
and unlawful calling. If the Youngcrs are
released it should be on the ground that jus
tice has been meted out and not that they
have suffered enough, for suffering is not
demanded in the U. h. as a penalty for crime
The New Florence Leader wantH to
vote on the court house proposition again
and suggests a plan that seems to he outside
of the law governing such cases. The Lea
der wants to have the proposition voted on
in a way to choose between Montgomery City
and New Florence, and that each of these
two towns execute a bond to iruarautee the
county against any cost in the removal for
buildings etc. If we u iderstand the law in
this matter, the proposition to remove cant
he submitted again for six years, and if this
be true, the Leader's suggestion amounts to
but little. If after six years have rolled
around, the Leader wants to put up New
Florence nerainst Montgomery, it is possible.
perhaps, that the contest of ballots might he
indulged in and the people allowed to choose
as to which of the two places should have
the county seat, hut we have serious doubts
as io the legal ty of such an election.
inr;ii school.
The commencement exercises of our
High School takes place to-night at the Fer
guson's Opera House. The exercises will
consist of Orations by two representatives of
the class mid an address by Dr. Woodward,
of St. Louis. There will also he choice
vocal and instrumental music. The gradu
ating exercises of the (Jranimar School took
place last night, a full account of which will
appear next week.
The graduating exercises of the Lincoln
Park School will he held at the Opera House
Friday eveninir. Mav 17. There will he two
in-aduntcs and in addition, there will In
some lirst class vocal music etc., by noted
singers from Moberly, Mexico and other
points. A full program will appear next week.
The Minnesota legislature last year
passed a law making it. a felony for a hus
band to desert his wife ami family. The
county board of control in whech St. Paul
is located have instituted proceedings in the
courts making requisition on several differ
ent (Sovernors of other states for recreant
husbands wanted there. Thirty run-a-way
men are wanted in that one county and some
interesting legal complications may arise in
bringing back these erring spouses. When
the run-a-way hubby is cotight he can take
his "druther" live with his wife or go to
the penitentiary.
The History of Wall Paper
Goes hack to the time of ancient Egypt. Its. ma
chine era began in Europe in the 18th century,
although two centuries before, wall paper was
made hy hand.
In those early days the original designs were
reproduced year after year. To-day a design of
any certain pattern is used only one year and no
pattern gets on the market a second time.
We handle our stock so ns to get the UE.ST of
the NEW Things every year and have few of the
old designs left over, those designs we close out
at very low figures.
Our 1!M)1 stock is Large and built on 20th Cen
tury ideas, New, Choice and Reasonable in price.
G. E. Muns & Co.!
UlfC Election Next Year.
Missouri will not hnvo lo wait
until l(K)t for mi Important state
election. Ono will be held In Nov
ember of next yonr which will bo
preceded I) ft campaign nlraoat iih
lively Hi those which clmrncterlie
tho presidential yean, mid unless
present Indications nru wholly mis
leading, the outcome lit not unlike
ly to bo considerably dllTerent In n
political wny from what it has usu
nlly been heretofore.- Onc-hnlf of
the stnto senate Is to bo chosen,
nnil nil of the members of the
house of representatives. The
General Assembly thus constituted
will select n United States M-mitor
to succeed Senator George O. Vest.
Sixteen members of the federal
Iiouko of representatives will be
chosen, Includlni'ono from tho new
district In Southwest Missouri. I w. A. llanna.C. C. Melotyre.Pr. Mum, 4.
Three members of tho Supremo P. num.
court will bo elected, tho terms of ,U" : S,rnu'n
.lude;e Thos. A. Slierwood, Onvon .mmiNoox!
1). Durness and Lcroy II. Vnllinut !: p. m. I'rnyrr-Ulnut-llu.lut. ,-!..
expiring. Three other state ufll- lion i.r lirlrgaira totlie Aunual Cou-
cers, n superintendent of public'
instruction to mirceeu Vv. T. Car'
Montgomery, Mny 13-15, IDOL
Opening ilrtuion May 13,S:00 p. in-
C. O. Itiotford.
SiM . i l'rajrr
0.04 Organ'mlon .. . Iteporta oft'aatora.
1 1 rO .ffermon
J. 17. Klmbrttl.
3.00 Minute lltittoraa-SrlretlDic plare, for
nextreialon A Sunday .School !
jrur and l'rayer Meeting In tarn
rliurelilu the Jl.lrltt.
W. II Uvtellln, J. II. J.icV.oii. A. S. How.
Ir.. A T. Ilrlll.
I'. Crraap.
SiHa.in.-Crayer-Minute llnilorii-l'utl
Col leel Ion..
f.OD p. m
r!nton, nnd two railroad nuil ware-
Mlt n. A ChrUllan rlmrcli mut lie
W.U lllrf. II. K. Illmle
This paper does not like to criticise the
doings of ourcity fathers, butiteertninly does
look unsafe and unwise to allow the side
walks in so many parts of the town to re
main in this present deplorable condition.
One cannot make a trip from the Opera
House I i lock to the college public school
building, on the side-walk without, passing
over section after section of the most hide
ous walks, and absolutely dangerous to all
pedestrians. Sehool children, church goers
and citizens generally can take the middle
of the street, hut there are times when it is
not convenient to walk there. Several of
our nearby towns have on hands, now,
damage cases to tho amount of several thou
sand dollars and it would not surprise us to
hear of one against this city any day. One
fourth of the board sitle-walks in town are
positively dangerous to walk on in broad-day
light, not to say how they are of nights.
house eommlshloners to succeed film Mee.ure or Obligation In (Jlrlnu- to
T. J. Hennessey nnd Jo-eph Illee, ilin
will bs chosen. In addition the! J W lt.id.rr.jp Smith.
election will decide the fate of lhr lMl;r Autb.Hi,r.,..i
elKht mncndmcnl tothostnto con- V rt itoilrr, I. M siimincn. i: c sm. W
stltutlon, submitted to the voters j L CuMlngi.
by the Torty-tlrst General Assent- ! I'vkmivi
bly. Ileslde all these matters, n'sjuup in. Srnnon () onsnt llir Mluloni-
number of county odlcers will be! ry rrrurlei.
chosen In ench county. Ex. ' W A lltnna
1 Comtiillire on I.lrrntr ami AJml.iion,
"Our little irlrl wns unconscious l'Crewp.0 0 lllll. W Itooler.
from HtrnnKulntlon during n sud lnv ,,ctI, gll(IcrlnK (rom
den and terrible nttnek of croup. Oypcp..ln for the pnt twenty
I quickly secured n bottle of One yonrs and have been unable after
Minute Cough Cure, giving her tTyK prel,erntl lind phynl
nree doses. Th0 croup was mas- elans to get nny relief. After tnk
ered and our little darling speed- ng ono bottle of Kodol Dyspep
lly recovered." So write A. L. Ma Oure 1 found relief and am now
npai.or.i,uneler, .Mien. Cily Drug better heath than I have been
for twenty years. I cannot praise
Kodol Uyspepsln Cure ton highly."
thus writes Mrs. C. W. HobcrtH,
Xotli Creek, Ark. City Drugstore.
Dan Hart of Danville, was hero
the foro part of the week as ono of
the special grand jurors.
"SomethlnsNew Under The Sun."
All Porton bate trlf J to cure Catarrh u7
the um- olpoirdrr.cld saara. lolnlrraaod
drujra la pte form. Their powdrrt drj up
the mllcuoui meabranrra ratirlnj tlirin lo
crack open and Men!. Tie powerful arlda
uaedln the Inhalera hare entire! r eaten
awajr the aame loemliraneea that llielr mik.
era hare aimed to cure, while paatea and
olotmenta cannot reach the ditcate. An old
and experienced practitioner who haa tor
inanr )eara madea cloe aludr aud apeclal
Ir nl the treatment of Catarrh, haa at laat
perfected .treatment which nhen fallliful
ly med, not only lellrea at once, hut per
mantlr curee Catarrh, by rrnioilnjr the
caue. atopptn; the dliclinryfi. and ruling
all Inflammation. It la the only rrmrdy
Lnowo o aclence that actually reachea the
afflicted partt. Tlila wond.rful rrraedy la
known a gnufdra the Onaranlerd Catarrh
Cure." and la anld at the extremely low
price of One Dollar, each pack? contain
lujclntrmal and external medicine atifH
elent tor n lull montna Ireatmont and ctrrr
thtna; neceraary to Ita perfect n
MntifHea' la the only perfect 'alarrh Cure
ererniade and la iiow reroxnirnj aa the
only a fe and rltlre cure for lhal anuoy-
Ineand dlauntlnK diteaae. It cure all
Inflammation quickly and perma ently and
la alwi wonderfully itilrk to rellere Hay
Few or Cold In the Head
Cttirrli when nnleclrd ollen lead la
CMuiiipilon "Snufllea" will re yon If
)nu il.e it at once It lano otJIoar) reme
dr but a coiaplele treatment whlcti u poa
liltrl KUtranteetl to cure Catarrh In aoy
Innuor iae If ill arcoidin lo dl re
lion which acromiiany cacti piekaite.
Iion'i delay but tend for It at on e. and
wilie ul nirtlcii'iM a lo vour eon lltl.i,
and toil will receive nerlal ndvle fromllie
dlfuvererot tlila wonderful reuirjy reitird'
IMjr your ce wltlioul rit lo )mii lirtonu
thereularnrlreof Snufllra the - tin r-
anttrd l.'aiarrh Cure
Srnd prepaid 10 anr addrr." In the UmII.
eil Siair. or Cjuida on rrrtlet f One
lloll.r. Addrr.a Prpi A OH IMwIu II till-
mp.nr.r.no md itli Market "It"!.
rninilripiila. A-Ujl.
CI.AKK iS: tt.
.n. .i I'rtipur I -(
f i.-tri. Nlnritf V tii t,os,
l'4i-tl 'Irmrfiii; Itielr land 0wnird
rvltlioul in it in i lift (i mutt lUt miii hclor
rai-il.iutt lm i4UrJ. Olflri orr I'nloi
i.e.iry v ilsonr':vJri:Vr
Idrl Nu. II. he lit llalillilrt'inUli N'n III;
Gril il.ui lllrd hy ilnhle Si: il'j; ...ini
lam 1'ann) lit UiMiMriiuilaii Su, KJI. Tula
linriii I. bred lu the purple, fur rr, aiie
and eiintiirutallon iu. Imt few nill,l. ilia
itiita are Ure and atninif. icihki r r rnd
ami farm Mull..
liilllt? lv()S5? dn'datiib'i TMuil''i
lltarnlau.Ier. lm In I'laita; 2ml dun H) old
lloi'k.it third dam hr Jaik Ihmi.ln.
broinrlit to Mixouil b) In. Ilrri.d o li.'iii
ICrnlurW): lot ih In this, mi.ii in,,, t
haml. Iiluli Mrlflil ItKI hiUih.. Willi S
ij)a work utid.r .ad.ile In.t .M.tn.he won
mie llr.l atid Iwo Mend In koimI nunpaiiy,
making Itirre allow . lie haa the Imm of
knre actl.in.aml will make u !r. al .how
Inure ilil fall. A child or lady ran ildeor
Prince Albert 7,' ,s".7,,,:rJ.
rolor real blow i. 111 hatide lill, Wilifbl
lfi Miund. jrood brrnlrr ainl ure lnaU
I 1 1" L w ,"u ,""r head of fiMid lllark
0 u rvs.,rk.. John Siniin. the Itne nrky
Jick ai llie bead; wh.i I. loo well known to
ray murh alHiiu. Km premium imiie. ami
llr.l.rlata iiliiul icl. be l I. me trad.
1 be othrr tbne Jirka are all nred l hmi.
pamlui ahowrd hi. flr.t roll. Ii.t till and
lio.k flr.l rlblxili oil h'.re muU -..ll ai ilm
Sloiilt er CH f.lr. The .'liar two are
f finally good
Ti:tt.Ms (IK mil.
Henry Wll ii
llillle Ito.r . l
rillire Ally II H
Jarkl. ., . . s
To III. urr i ol: lo H tea .la) r. M. .laud
IIikiiI for ara.i.n iiu.i.ry lone till, wirli
lllarela patlrd with unlr.i .errlal nLrrr
luerllnvle II ( XUMIC" -lN.
tuAnniial primluiiia aa u.ual.
Jf '.'tk'f Aii.an 'aiia,f iAi, ...i.i.j,,,, lftl'S'VfOv''
t Ici2 Cream
Tuttle & Jaggers
Are the Solo Agents for
& of St. Louis.
They are now ready to rervo ICI2 CIUJAM at nil times. They
are nlso making n Specieity of Omfcmnn's
:; asso rt h: d rickcr bam ,
l Which cannot bo equaled by any other llrlck Cream on the
J Market.
j These ore our Hpeclaltlcmind from the big run wo hnvo hnd on
j them, tltey nro very popular.
'? Ice cream nnd enko only l()c. Wo will nlso sell Uulk Ice
Crenm ns clieap as anybody.
Montgomery City, Mo.
n?-i$iH!f iili.S 4ixan)ifiVate ..?.irr.Mi l .1.,.V...VJ,J). 0 j.i.j
Al 'n ilUta. X Oaara 2Sc.
I liavu 30 HEAD of Tliorouglibrc.l PoliiiKl-Cliina
ngslorsule. 'l hcy will weigh Iroin 100 pounds to luO.
The entire herd is registered iiutl with each pig, I furnish n
These are all very line pigs and it will he hard to heat
tliem anywhere, t.'all on or address
tie 5 Minute Dreakfast
, lilt IX llltKAP
I'nrlna llll. M. u., j.
Dont Be Fooledi
iHo miitTiii vein iioooca
IOt woiihlct laniaticas o
.TEA . .
To rruUatUt pibllc cM
irtark. prlntri oncttry Pick
iKmaaJ ht cenuln.
t Of ft! hv aall rir...I.M
I Dyspepsia Cure
1 n: x a .
uwvsis wnatyoti cat.
, nV. m1?1'1;' (lKt'5'" 1,10 food and uldH
D. ID. Baker,
tesla. Jnnlnr'ilcarufn3
Dnnville, Mo.
nil other reault.anr imrJ?.e. :
. Prenored hv r rn.:. ""-"''KCSllon.
, , ' ""ow-.cljleaBO.
.CTrflmna nmi

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