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r. Jmala- MrCnrkrl, nt Omaha.
Jlb la W, llat Nat Too Old
la Learn t llrnil.
"Urn. Jennie McCorkrl (colored),
njcl (IS years, la nltrtidln night
Kchixil In Omnhn, Nrl licr iinrpoio
lit-ln- I" learn to renil.
"1 "tint to go to llenrrn wlirn I
ttlr," she says, "anil If I'm going to
tin flint I've got r,'0, Die llllile.
Hut I never lenrnril to renil vvlicn I
waa little, no I've got to lenrn It now.
All I'm going " school for In to learn
1o rr-ail the Illble. That's all I want
to know,"
Wlint In true of Mra. McCorkel la
Kino true of Mrx, l.lnnlr Copeliind, 60
jrnni old, nnd of Itriijiiiiiln .loncs, 83
jean, old. All nre inemlrr of the
colored colony down on the river hot
torn nnd nil are attending the night
vrfmlons of the Cnss school.
They Ik-kmi three week ago, nnd
thus far hnre lenrned the nlplinlict
find to rend vvonla of two nnd three
letters. They don't euro to learn to
write. Arithmetic In not In their cur
riculum nnd tliey contented to learn
pclllng only when told that they
could not welt read without It, An
IrxMiiwiks they ue Wide, of which
rncli lina n liiiiidKomc volume, linninl
in leather, with Index and ni-rfrtnal
"Ignorance la the curc of floil,
1tnowlede the wine wherenlth we
fly to llenten," la n favorite ilola
tlon of Mra. MrCorkel, nnd llioiiKh
lier teacher linn freiiiently told her
Dial I liln la from Khnkeaiienre nnd not
from the lllhln tier nntner Invnrln
lily la: "Well, if It ntn't In the llllde.
It iniitht to lie there. It'a true, any
There are to implls altogether In
Ihe school nlleuded liy tint ancient
trio, their apes ratiRliifr from aeren
to BS 3 ram. Alt work during the tiny
unit study nt night. Mmea. McCnrkrl
and Coicland take In wnnlilng, while
moat of the younger onea are em
iilotol na raali Rlrls, iicvvslmra or
tnemenRer lioya. Due of the little
trlrta, who Uvea Just ncrosa the atrert.
tina licen auoiiiid liy "Aunty" Me
Corkcl n her apcrliil protege, and
when the latter gela aleepy, na alie
oflt-ti iloca ntmiit receaa time, "aunty
rocka lier to aleep, alnglng to her one
of the ipinlnt pmntnlloii chaoti
King KdrvarcTa Yoaarteat Danahtf
Thoatjli aim I'tivrrd, llaa Had
I'relty Lore llomaaee.
What Princess Ueatrlce was for
many years to Queen Victoria her
closest friend and conlldante, tha
youngeat daughter of Kdvtard VII,
one of tha late queen's numerous
namesakes, will be to Uueen Alex
andra. Victoria disliked Intensely
three things) gns, eats and old maids,
and It wns n source of extreme an
nnynnce that the Youngest, cleverest
nnd least plain of the Wntrs girls In
sistetl upon remaining unwed, liul
the father and mother of the willful
young woman, whether they alietteil
her design or not, were nt lenst nc
quiescent, nnd It la a fact that she
had n much more generous provision
lenrned many years ago down In "01'
Vugliinc." Then, when rehnul la dis
missed, she rnrrlra Ihe child Itcroaa
the alreet to her Inline uud puis her
1o la'il.
A moat kindly spirit nt friendship
vxIstH lHtweeu Ihe yiiuiig nud old
pnplla of the school. They mlng-li' to
j-rtliir on terina of perfect eipiallty
uud the guinea of childhood they piny
px-iir to Ik enjoyed eiunlly by both.
Thu younger pupils do not I nun t the
older onea with either their age or
color, nnd, on the other liiiml, the
older onea luke no offense when
aciMclied by the younger onea In their
.Iiiat at prerrut Mrs. McCorkel Is
studying from rsntma, large portions
r which alie can repeat Iroin mem
ory. "O clap jour lianda, all je people,
anil about unto lod with the voice of
triumph," la one of her favorite pas
tuigea. The sentiment aeema to ap-
pcnl to her.
Hlic Is nble to rend It when she
era It In print," snya the trncher,
"but when I triiuspnae the words shr
srcU ronfused, Bileut letters nve nUo
a. grcnt bugbear to her. I'nr example,
be enn't iinderatnnil why 'psalm'
nhoiild be spelled with n p, ns, I dare
nay, few others can. lint she Is gel
tin if nlong nicely, nnd for nil thnt I
can see she la making about tli
same progress as u bright child of
nix or seven years. She Is certainly
thn most devout soul I ever saw. The
Illble la her law for every act of her
lire. Chicago ( lironlcle.
JVIee Wny to Cook Turnips.
All excellent wny to cook turnips
is tn cut half n dozen of the'.u Into
thin hllcrs, nnd boll IS minutes. He
move them from the water, nnd after
draining place In n linking dl.ili And
pour over them n half-pint of clear
wonp stock heated nnd seasoned with
lt. cayenne, augur nnd nutinrg,
Ilake until lender, and baste from lime
to lime with the stock. If the tur
nip ure old It will bo necessary tn
leave them In the open nbnut 3D
minutes. Serve mi a hot platter with
the pan gruvy, tn which have been
added butter and flour to thicken.
Krr.li Rssa llo Not Float.
TIic freshness of egga moy bo de
ternilncil by placing them In water.
Ji stale egg floats, but a ncvv-Iald one
sinks to the bottom.
Tin: rittxensH victoiiia.
Splnslr Iljiaiht-r of lh Klric and Quttn
ui urrst utiuui.1
made for her than either of her sis'
tcrs enjoyed during their girlhood,
1'rlncesa Victoria Is 32 years old,
nnd hna lost the girlish prrltlness
vvhteh she oncei ovvned, Hhe has an
nrlktocrntlc face, but her features
lack animation, and the general effect
Is rather henry mid dull. She Is very
rrserrrd, prefers books to balls, nnd
n tpilet country 1 1 ft, with dogs, horses
mid n few chnven friends, to the gay
round of society.
Ther Is a romantic story concern
Ing I'rlneess Victoria, which purports
to account for splustrrhnod. It Is
said that she fell madly III lore with
a handsome young Indlnn prince who
visited the l.ngllsh court some years
nge. The dark-skinned I'rinee
Chnrmlng was amiable, enlightened,
highly educnted and fabulously rich,
ami he returned the princess affec
tion with nrdor. lie wns enter
tained nt flnmlrlnghnm, nnd In the
course of n walk In the garden found
an opportunity tn propose tn the
young wniiinn. She accepted him, pro
visionally, of rourse. A princess enn
do no more. The prince of Wales fa
vored Ihe nlllnnce, but the princess,
n remarkably proud woman, by the
wny, opposed It bitterly. The tpieen
waa also ngainat the hirers. However.
Itwasnntdceinedwtse to refuse point
blank so powerful n ruler, even If he
were of n subject rnce, so he wns ad
vised to return tn India and let the
matter be discussed by the princess'
family, lie wrnt, nnd within n very
short time died n victim In the
plague. The members of the roynl
family not dlrrclly concerned breathed
sighs nt polite regrei mm limine re
lief. I'rlneess Victoria sufferrd deep-
Ir She hna never been very strnnr
since nnd hna nppenrrd but little In
society. She wished tn become nn
army nurse, but n princess Is denied
the solace of hard work, which lint
done so much for aching henrts the
world over. She wears always n soil'
venlr of her prince n ruby rlnc,
which was brought her after Ml
denth by n servant.
lately gossip lias iH-iroinrii ner it
I'rinee (leorge of tlreece, hut there
has la-en no otlleial announcement nl
the enu'icemenl. If she remains nn
married, her long seclusion "III have
In lie broken now. The pomp nnd
inngnlllcenee of IMwnrd's court will
force her to lake her proper place ni
the only unmarried daughter of the
house. The queen. It is well known,
suffers from deafness, and shrink1
from nil except Imperative public da'
ties, so that Victoria will be called
upon to represent her mother nt
I'rlneess Uentrlce did so often the lade
queen, Detroit 1'ree l'rrss.
If you bestow a favor, forget lt
If you receive one, remember IL
Chicago Dally News.
Every owner of n dog says It won t
bite, except nt night, when It Is very
fierce Atchison Olobc.
"Prof. Thompson snya that electrlo
cars will travel nt the rate of 100,
miles an hour." "liy gum, lt'a hard
enough to get 'em to stop for n fel
low now." Cleveland l'lalu Denier.
'That friend of yours must spend
Ms whole salary for tha clothes on
his back." "Oh, I don't know! 1
have heard that he gets most of his
clothes on his face," Indianapolis
The Absent Friend. "How well
Mrs. (HIlwMr.'h holds her ngel"
"Isn t It wonderful? You would not
think that she was n day nrcrSO, If shs
didn't try to act lis It sho were 01"
Indianapolis Press,
'.So, I won t give you n piece ol
my tipple," snapped his slater, "And
who wns It," thn boy Inquired, re
proach fully, "that spoiled the pinna
so you didn't hnve to practice for a
week?" Philadelphia Times.
"Vour town," i;ald the Chleagonn
"la called the 'City of thn Straits.' 1
believer' "Yes," replied the De
roller) "and yours, I suppose, might
be known ns tha 'City of the
Crooks.' " Philadelphia liecord.
A Melhndlst critic, wishing to put
tils bishop "In n hole," or, ns Dr,
William llverctt would sny, "to de
posit him In n cnvlly," askrd In open
meet Ing whether or not tha bishop
cnuia tn the osifcrenee In n Pullman
cor. "Yes." the bishop cheerfully
replied) "do you know nnv coaler
way?" lloslon Christian lli'glstcr.
Johnny (lo the minister nn n visit)
"My father says ho never heard
such n stupid sermon ns you deliv
ered Inst Sunday, lie told mother
so." The Minister "Did Jie7 And
what did mother sny?" Johnny
"She said It didn't begin tn bo ai
stupid as your talk when you enme
hero on a visit." lloslon Transcript
slarlllna llevelnimienl of the fta.
Called View Wtaiiniiliiind .VmiinaT
Hie Wives nt Merlin.
flrrmany has of lute years been the
stronghold of lunscullnlly. The tier
man women have been held up na para
gons of all domestic virtues nnd stead
faslly opposed to new uiiiiiiinhood.
lint even tn (icrmany the thronn nl
man la shaking.
llerllu now has nn Association of
Married Women for Ihe Control of
Husband. The constitution mid by
laws haven't been made public, nud thn
meetings nro prlvntc, but the name
nlone npeua broad vlstna of specula
tion ns to the function of thenasochv
Presumably Ihe women will nil read
papers mid compare experiences, and
the discussions will tuke on n remin
iscent mid nnccdMal chararter that
will make them even livelier than a So
ini.ls election day.
Of course, American cluMvnmcn will
look pityingly nt their Teutonic sla
ters' effort to throw oft the yoke. Or
ganized effort toward the control o(
husbands Isn't necessary over here.
As the Wonderland lied Queen would
say I "Oh, we passed that long ngo.M
Each American woman controls her
own liusbaml with an ease that leaves
her time nnd'cnergy for problems more
vital. Still, the (ierman women havo
-nnfle a step In the right direction.
What the feelings of the (lcrmnn
husband nro when he sees his wlfset
ting forth ton meeting of the A.M.W.
T', C. II, Is beyond conjecturing.
flnmanlln lllllorr at laherllrd
niches Nnvr 1'asseaaed hf Ike
Kmpresa I'rederlrk.
firrman papers state that one nt
tha chief motives of the king's recent
visit tn Empress Frederick Is con
nected with some alteration alie Is
making In her will, especially with
regard tn the disposal of the hand
some fortune she Inherited from
Duchess de Onlllern, nn ercentrla but
eotossnlly rich (lenoese lady. The
duchess was the coheiress with her
sister, Ditches Melsl, of the ancient
bouse of llrignnle Kale, sn Intlinnlely
associated with the Italian career of
Van Dyke, snya the London Chron
icle. She married early In life Duke
Ferrari dl Oalllcro, whose father was
rich banker nnd miser, who wns one
day found dead In his secret cellar
surrounded by his enormous nccumu
latlnn of gold and silver. The subse
quent mysterious murder ot n valet
attached to the service of the duke
rendered (lenon Insuppnrlnble to the
young couple, nnd they left It for
good anil proceeded tn Paris, enrry'
Ing with them the greater part nt
their fortune.
In tlioie dnys South Africa and
Mexico were tha "Africa" of the
llnnnelnl world, nnd the (inUlcrna
speculated largely nnd soon nmasscil
nn Incredibly large fortune, which
they spent royally and with, n lienev.
olenee only loo rarely found In mil
lionaires In 1RS0 JC 1,000,000 wns pre
sented by them tn the city of (lenoa
for the enlargement of the port:
every relation and old friend wns
handsomely pensioned, mid later nn
oilier i;1,ooo,ikio wns spent In the
erection of n iiingnluYcut hnipltnl, n
monastery for the lienevolcnt In
puelilu monks, nn nrplinnngn nnd n
retrent for old priests I hen the nn
cestral palace, the superb Pulurxoltos'
so, with Its wonderful collection ot
pictures, especially of Van Dyke, and
Its library were presented tn the city,
Equally fortunate wna the city ol
Tarla, where, the name of flalllern Is
still synonymous with mngnlflrcncc,
Empress Frederick was ono of the
duchess' most Intimate friends, nnd
when her death occurred she left her
majesty nearly n quarter of a million
of money. The only son of this lie
ncvolent couple refilled to nssume
his title, nnd became n Christian so
cialist nnd known ns plain Slg,
Ferrari; a granddaughter, however, Is
the present Princess Ilirghrse, The
tnunilirenen of tha (Inllleras was not
confined to public, charities, but their
private benevolence exceeded that
which has made their namo Justly
famous and revered.
Thanks Peruna For His Rapid Recovery
From Catarrh.
HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRSlC ailiBsklllt!
Hon. 8. H. Matthews, ex-Unltcd States Marshal of Mississippi, In a recent
tetter to The Peruna Medicine Company ot Columbus, Ohio, written from
Hazelhurst, Miss., says I
mm happy to tay that I am cured ot catarrh and need no
more attention from you. It Is a great satisfaction that I am able to
write you that Peruna has In my case done all that you claim, and
that I will need no more medicine."
Hon. J. I'. Crooker,
Hun t lluffslo, H. Y.,
Public Schools,
The great multlfude take this rem
edy without any other odvlce than
the directions to be found upon the
bottle and In the pamphlets, Thcra
ore those who prefer, however, to cor
respond with Dr. Hartnian durlng
thclr sickness. To nil such he will
make prompt and careful answer
without charge. v v
Hon. J. F. Crookcr, of Buffalo, Jf. Y.
who was for years Superintendent or
Schools at Duffulo, In a letter dated
October 10 write!
ii have been a suttcnr from ca-
tarrh six or
seven yesrs, and
after trying many
remedies was In
duced by a Mend
to take Peruna.
The results have
been highly satis
factory. I take
pleasure In rec
ommending Pe
runa to any one
suffering with
catarrh, as my cure Is complete."
Hon. II. II. Dovlncr. Congressman
from West Virginia, In n letter from
Washington, D. C, to The Peruna Med
icine Co., says the following of their
cdtnrrh remedy, l'crunai
"I Join with my colleagues In ths
House of Itcprcscntatlrcs In recom
mending your excellent remedy.
Peruna, as a good tonic nnd also aa
effective euro for catarrh."
Mrs. Mary C. Fentress writes from
Paradlse.Tex the following! "I think
I can say that your good advice and
mcdlclmt has cured me of chronic ca
tarrh. I have had no pains In my head
since I hnve taken Peruna. I hav e been
In bad health ever nlnce '59, and have
taken a good many medicines which
were only of temporary relief. Peruna
Is the cntarrh cure. The Peruna
stopped my cntarrh of the head so
that 11 did not become chronic, and 1
am very thankful for Dr. Hartman'a
advico and m'edlclnc."
Peruna Is a specific, for nil catarrhal
diseases. It acts quickly and bene
ficially upon tho Inflamed mucous
membrane thus removing the cause of
Catarrh Is catarrh wherever localed.
Catarrh is essentially the same every
f lere. The remedy that will cure
catarrh In one situation will cure It la
all situations.
If you do not derive prompt nnd sat
isfactory results from the use of Peru
na, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giv
ing a full statement of your case and
he will be pleased to give you his val
uable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President ot
TheUarlmanSanttarlum,Columbus, O.
WW jnTTITTTnTT I l.tlMatSataasVaalL. -fsW
From Monday to Saturday at every
turn In the kitchen work a Wlcklcss
Blue Flame Oil Stove wilt save labor,
time and expense and keep the cook
comfortable. No bulky fuel to prepare
or carry, no waiting for the fire to come
up or die down; a fraction of the expense
of the ordinary stove. A
Oil Stove
will boll, bake, broil or fry better than a
coal stove. It is safe and cleanly can
not become greasy, can not emit any
odor. Made in several sizes, from one
burner to five. If your dealer docs not
have them, write to nearest agency of
llenril Tlienl, Anyhow,
A musician nnd Ills wife were on
their wny home from n concert, and
were overheard discussing the mer
its of the entertainment,
"It set my truth on edge," the hus
band sntd, "to hear thu orchestra
playing 'Yankee Doodle' nnd 'Dixie'
nt the same time. Tho idea is ull
right, ot course, and even commend
able from n srntimentnl point at
view, but the two pieces, when played
together, nre full of discords."
"Hut didn't you notice," wild his
wife, who Is something of n musician
herself, "that where certain notes or
passages would have been discordant
they were omitted from ono ntr or
the other, and left to tha drums?"
"Of course I noticed it," be testily
rejoined, "but I could hear the tils
cords in my mind Just tha sumel
Acht" Youth's Companion.
Joke ii the Committee1,
Ilobbs tlood Joke ou Xobbs.
Dobbs What?
"llo went to look on at a masked
ball. Committee saw him and gave
htm price for wearing the funniest
mask." Baltimore American.
The best and most reliable time
keepers made in this country or in
any other.
" The perfected American watch", and Illustrated took of
Interesting Information about watches, tvtll be sent upon
request. American Waltham Watch Company, Wat
tham, Mass.
In 3 or 4 Years an Independence Is Assured
If fOtl (l(vl))riiur homt
in fttr tftrurj tb
UM of plciiir. Itlua
trAUHl iatuitltU sltinc
lti-rtnrt nf favrmvr-t
wbn bTA biennis wt-ftlibp
In rnlft( m ht. rton
ornl0ifa,ic ana full
lnforTnijrif torvduv1
Tat.tWM rVMCID t laM
W.. fr of co-t. r rKPiKV.rtutit.uflmrtitgfS
tlon. Ouiw, CD-f1l U. J, IIUOOutlTON. IIXJ
MoDirtntM-h flit i Chli-ftr-st J. . t'HAWfottp. hi
UounT.JDli rwurlJl(i..lB(iiVai(lCul.
I BPd ui-ftfl ror-lpl nt isms will Mni von a I
it i Dim
1 1:00 Plus Sirrst. s,. r-i. ,,
S3 & $3.50 SHOES S
Tha real worth of mr 1100 n1 tU.IW thwi fnirtrel ittl
cthrinkl4 Wtojivw. Mrfl Mil lit K.lf Liu cjuiqoI Lx
fltnlltwi at any riicc. lie.tln tha world for turn.
1 rnnba Mntf mmrm wrt'i Bum hr. OiMMlrpar
U I II i-1 ihnn nmy lhr - nuf
tMrvrlatliowwrlJ. 1 wtltM.y l,VOUlway owwwliacan
urw ituil my iuitiii U wt Iru.
(Hlctll Is. DoNglM.
Tk w 1wllwll IiuUt on haling Ytt U Irouslaa Bbort
with taint and price itampM on IkjUolu Tourdrurr ihnul.l
ff p them t I Klra on diulir oicIuMi rMio In eatb town. If
tia tloft mil kp Uim and wlti not rot them for you, onlcr
Ulrwt from factory, rnrlolm price anl XVe. intra for rarrUire,
Over l.tW.iKX) allil.tKl wrartra, ? Hprin Uatalotr free.
rMi,cw-ri7uuM4MisJir. W. L DOUuAS.Brocktoa.Hiu.
"Nev Rival, "" Leader," and" Rcpemtcr"
IstUI upon hivta tbera, tilit so crth.nl ind fou will (it the bit ihcllt uut mosiy cia bay,
8--SH!iH!i!l!iLln9j. I
mi siioiiT Usic' ii-rwr.i-t ?
St. Louis and Loulsvlllo. 1
enoiii.il insist uros uavinu
a, n. ic.-n
pin... .lata Uut -on mw b. Atlrcrtl...
aatat la lull paptr.

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