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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, July 26, 1901, Image 7

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y -toatlnued, as ho quickly turned nml
led that young lady iiwuy, "Iwo u(
my staff, desire to It presented. May
I hare the pleasure?"
There viuii no mistaking the yener
al'a disapprobation of the offlclal
head of the sistcrhoiMl an represented
on the Sacramento. Though he and
the i . of uniuuscular uiunklud.
A uiiriniv panel opening In one of
their ilotirK, two feet aboro the
(round mid on little hinge, of Ita
own, pate menus of passage to house
hold servant and, when pressed for
time, to Mich uf thrlr superiors a.
wnulil comlrsccnd to step high ami
i Ilie Micrumrnto. Tliuugli Tin and ... ,
his officer, rrmnlned aboard an hour, ' . . ' '
entrance were .tore rooms, servants
not once ugatn would he look to
wards Dr. Wrll. or seem to eo any
of tin- party but Miss liny this, too,
despite tlm fact thai she tried to ex
plain mutters and, pour )l on such
troubled uatcrtf.
Copt. Hull sent .up 'champagne to
the distinguished fjRirly. and Minn
liny iM-ggo! In Ik- cxV-ltsi-il mid slipped
a ti ny lo In r Kind-room, only to be In
atantty recalled ly oilier car,lrr
I'nl. and MrK. I Iri-nt , other old friends
of her father nnd mother. She re
nieinlierrd them well, nnd remem
bered hating heard how Mra. Ilrent
hud hrnvrd nil oppniltlnti and had
Marled for lliing-Kong the day nfler
tin colonel steamed for Manila! nml
thrlr coming lth most hospitable
Intent only udiled to the poor girl,
perplexities for they .buttered net
ennics upon her and bade her (fet her
luggage up at onee. They hud eome
to take her to their own roof. They
had Krrured such n quaint, roomy
liousc In Prmlln right near the bay
tdinrr. nml looking right out on the
I.iinetn and the parade grounds.
rooms, ami i-iirrlngc-room, and oppo
site the Intter, towards the renr, the
broad .fairway that, turiiliiff upon
Itself, led to the lltlug-miiins on the
. , . .... iiirni -i
upper ''- '' "roan saio n a, couli, , n fiw iouri rnr) d
o -a.i 01 Mir ..airs urmg ...un-... o , . .....I.. .., ... nlUcrr.
ilr. Muyvi ;ot that U ,111 -11 11..
faee?aml bint ids eyebrow.?"
And then it trumiplred that Mr.
Htuyvrsnut hail been a frcipieut and
assiduous ealler for n whole foit
night, driving thither utmost every
llut Mnldlr was oddly allent an in
the episode of the fire on the train.
She laughed 11 little about Mis. Per
klna nnd her pretensions, but to the'
disappointment of her hostess could
not lie dmun Into talk nbout that
tall, hnniNoim- ,'ctv Yorker.
And what seemed ht rimiff to Mrs.
limit linn Ihat niiH, when Middle
lor llnildy In the Hay hoinieluild wa 'hack of where the eolimel Mood at
1 tin- -liillni-i-Mt nf tltlr.. ' .... .I.. I... I... ..I.-)-.
illnlngrooni on Mate occasions, nnd
Ita northward end n the parlor.
Opening from the sides of the anion,
front and rear, ttcre four Utn;
roomy, lillii-elllii).'ed eliumbera.
Orrrlookliir ami partially over
himtfliifr the Htreet nml extendliiK 111''
lenifth of the Iioiim- m a wide In
rioted vernmla, well nupplied with
tnblea, louuulnir elinlra nml couehea
of bamboo and wlel.er, Ita lloor eov
rred here nml there with Indian mi;-
Ita aurroiimllui; wnll-hli;h rnHInf
wlrea, arrlilii),' by nlmoal every ,
atramer from the atntea, nnd have
happy ehala with Sandy every lime
he eould eome ffiilloplui; In from
I'nen, nnd wua Inking delight In !
walililii I lie parade nml revlena on '
the lliiKiiiiikivuii. 11 ml llalenlni; to the I
evening' inu-le of the baud, Stnyve-
rant had retiM'i! to eall. 1
llnil Maldle mil Iced It? Mra. Ilrent 1
wondered, na, eoniltifr In from her
eonferenee with the Iioiim- of eoiu
I1111IM, ahe atood 11 lufimelit nl the
1. 1.... 1 ..t.i 1,. 1 ... . .... 1.. ..1.1.1.
11 1 1 . ",r""" ,1 "', , I door-wav trnrliik' nt (lie Irl. hu-e
I .1 1,1 ea.lly the frnu.ea of the wlni I . a hn.l r.llrn to the floor ami
! of trah.lueent .hell., aet In Utile , , , ,
I ' ' " " - " V I Hda. were looking fur out nero. the ,
, b bn.la lb,, eveluded the ll:..t and f( J ,, ,.,,,.,.,, ,,. '
lare of ,n',l.'y. ! ..f Old Manila.
1 Willi bot'i thrown lue . there ,, ,.. !, ,, .
n.. . 1 ..1 i. ..I..,. 1 in, 1 .1, ! aprenil all iinolHlrueled vlev of the ! ,i. 1 ,i. li i '
mint not leave her e pnnlon. They I""'"' (.'round even In Hi.- edXr of . , , ,,,, ,, r,.k,.t f
bade her .end for Mia. Porter, nnd Ihe dlaliint jiln. .and here It una the , ,,,,.,.,., f(irl,.,i ,. lf pi,,!,,,,,,
Ineludeil her In their nrni-!iearled hiiu.iehold .at lo wnteli the milltnry ( ,.(,., , ,(,. ,, ,).e
Invitation: but by Ihe time Maldle 1 eereniimlea. to receive their kui-.I.. , .(,., ,nri.,.,- in front of the!
wn. able to Kel n word In edijewlae i' '' rend or doe lhtoiij(hiiiit the ,,,, Sn1v , hN nllt,,., .
nil her own ni-eoimt. nml lieired them unmaier noiira oi ine nn.v. 1 ampo , )nf ,lH1p ( ,ih !,),. ,! rr.
to come and llleel Sira. Hr. Wrlla and o'-i'iKiiiiiKajau wnawrni uir iininea
the lied t'roaa .Ulerhixal. they 1I1- railed Hint martial lint In the alrane
miirrrd. ' burbnrle toueue that delli-hta In "le"
The Renernl. In Marlon, brief nl- nil "air.." In In-" and "inu.-a." even
.cure, hid expreed Ilia opinion of , lo repetition and repletion,
that nlllrlnl head, and Ihe llrenla had , And here one .oil, tiaiimi Oe-
evldentlv accepted hi. vlewa. Then tobcr afternoon, with n lljrnl breere
the "loilnee.t" of title.,
Mutdle turned a languid head on
her pillow. "In the upper drawer
of the cabinet in my room, I think,"
aid ahe. "I remember Mra. llrent'a
examining It..
Sandy went In aeareb. nnd prcaent
ly returned with the prlie, n abort,
blK-bnrrrteil, powerful little weapon
nf the bull-dot; type, .ending a bullet
like that of n Derringer, hot and
linrd, warranted to ahoek ami atop
nil ox at ten ynnla but lulaa a barn at
over twenty! a woman', weapon for
defeuae of her life, not u tnrget pN
tol, ami Sandy twirled the alibiing
cylinder approvingly. It wna n
glrainlng toy, with It. Ivory .lock
11 ml nickeled aleel.
"INcry chamber crnmiurd," .aid
Snml.v, "and aure tn knock .pot. out
of nnythlug from 11 mnd dog to nn
elephant, provided ll hlta, Heat keep
It by you at nl'lil, Maldle. Thcae lm
Uvea are mnrveloua .ueak-lhlevea.
They go all through Iheae rain
aharkle upper atorlra like .0 many
ghoat.. No one can hear Ibeiii,"
Then, when he took Ida leave, the
platol rriimlncd there lying 011 the
tiible. mid I'muk, coining In to arc Ida
moat Intere.llug patient Jtiat na Ihe
band nna tronplnif' back lo Ita poat
on the right of the long line, picked
It up nnd examined It, mu1e upper
Inoal. with profe-alonnl approbation,
"Voura, I ec, Mlaa llnyi nnd friini
Tour fnlhrr. A limn hit bv one of
Iheae" he continued, iniialnirlv-. and ! K"'blene.l HI. be,
parade. I. he another maah?'
Marlon took the envelope from the
outstretched hand, drew forth n lit
tle rartr-de-vialte on which wan the
Tlgnetle portrait of her own face,
gave one quick glance nnd dropped
back on the pillow. All the briglit
and over to the First llcl-rre hoi
pltal, whither he thought the victim
had been borne, but no civilian, with
or without Ilia, had recently been ad
mitted. Inquiry nmong cAnvateaceut pa
tient and .oldlera along the road
without remitted at laat In hi. find-
color tied. The picture fell lo the ' Ing one of the party that carried the,
floor. "Con ,v nil find Sandy?" wn.
all she. eould any, na, with Imploring
eye., .he gnetl Into hoiieat Ilrent.
natoiii.lieil face.
"I can, nt once," anld Sluyveaant,
who had rlaeu from Ida chair at Ihe
colonel, remark. With quick l.-nd he
picked up Ihe little card, placed It
face duwmwird on the table b(v her
aide, never .11 miirh 9. giving one
glniire nt Ihe portrait, ami iiolaele.a
ly left the room,
Vinton and hi. nPleera Iniully lieggrd
Mr., Ilrent lo phi) cliaieron and wr
.uade Mlaa liny nml Mlaa Porter lo
mounting, had cantered out to .ee '
the parade. Mlaa I'erkliia had d-i
clarcd on the occasion of her third
frultleaa call thai not uiilll Mia. liny
ent for her would .he ngnlii nilluuit ,
heraclf to la- .utildied. So there I
scented 11,1 Iminedliile ilaut'rr of her I
reniH-nmiiee. ami el Mr., Ilrent
hnd given Igmiclo order, lo open only 1
the imuel door when the gnte bell 1
from tin- bay tempering the bent of
the .laming .uiiah'ue. reclining In a
broad hamlioo enav -chair, ant Maldle
nr.'ompany them In their nne white Way, now ipilte conrnleacriil. yet not 1 clanged, nml lo refiiae nilinlaahm,
lailueli In a xl.lt to Ilie ailmirnl oil Ilie ' vet reatorcil In tier olil-tltue xigoromi , ,,rrn , . ,rre-,vnr. lo a eertatii '
flag .hip. and anld nothing nboul olh-' licnllh. mprliipnle caller lieaiilea Mia. Per- I
er. of I'm- order Her liti.tc-a, ihe eolonel. .udable Un. J
The Iden of aeclug Dewey on hU f,-, 1WI. ,.t -i the back gnllrry , Three da), previous there hnd pre.
own ilerl nml Mug .linwn nit over 1 trading to the kit. 'lien, deep In conn- , .cnled lilin-elf a .vouiig mini In the ,
the Ol.vmplii! Wilt.. II nn. glorloual ,r .r I'jllpino inajonbitnn and ; wldte ilre.a of the trnple. and 11 hat 1
llii' la. liny fullered her rrfii'itl, ,cr Clilnra-cook, .enltor. who had f fine Mutilla .trnw. 11 voiiim 1111111
11 iigulual Mia. Porter lniiloring ; .,. ,u. iriilin il nml reall.v meded ! who would not .end up til. card, but I
no Itiotritclloii. iiinl roe Dial mnlter , very Mexlcmi SpniiUI, n.l.ed for
got but tlt'le. foe Mr.. Ilrent. Minn I- , f. tv. Ignacln aenl 11 Im.v for Mr.,
edge of Ilie Spiiulab longiie win, even Urcnl, who came ilnnn lo r-eou-lea.
limn her eoniiiiiind of "Pid-ln" ntte-r. and Ihe vouth reltcrntcil hi.
1,11. e many another man', that .urn
tner and niitiimn of 'in, Mr, llcrnrd
Stii,vcaiint'. one overwhelming ambi
tion had been to gel 011 to Manila.
The enforced .ojoitni nl Honolulu
bad been, therefore, 11 bitter trial, lie
had reached at laal the objective
point of Ida soldier ilealica, nnd with
nil Ida h-'arl now wlalied hliuaelf back
on Ihe Sacramento with one, nt least
or nn. ll nt ninal? nf Hie Sacra
tiiento. pn.aenger.. The vuvnge had
done much tn .peril hi. r'-merj-.
The cordial greeting extended by his
pciiernl nml coinrmte nfllcer. iad
gladdened Id. heart rleaaant ipiar-
fingering the fill leaden bullet.. I V? "," " "rr
"nould drop In hi. Irnck.. Do vo, ,1,rl,r-; 1".",,1' , ' 1'!" 1, ?"
keep It bv vo.i?-H.Iv.r '! ",IU f"r r
"I? No!" taiighrd MnMle. "I'm , , ., . ,,
eager to get to my work healing- 1 ,"' "'ft n.aiiranee that Mn
not giving gunshot nounds." r "" "" " I''"""' "n," ,'" "f
"Vo.. will hnvenb, ant lime. ,v ! n '""'"1'"-' ,""!"" In.ml """ ."".l"
dear young lady." .,,1.1 .1 ...fj Ihe fever had run I. en, ae. b.r eon-
.lowly, na Iivfully repta. Ihe nle.cei.e,- would la- rapid, ' "
weai-on on Ihe t, bv her aide, "and ""'l-l'.v In the l"l''" '
-o!por I.,. If I read Ihe algn. "'"'W ,,r '' '"'
aright. ..n,re niu.l gel ,0,. thor- "I"-'--1'1.', r U I" ,,,r
.Highly well la-fore ,0.1 begin. Ah! or'n,f l", 7" ';
What'. ll.,.l?Uhf. Ihe mnlter over1 wln' " ''V,"." '' " t 1 1 -there?"
he liwlly naked, II na. a,".""";. Ki '!" U''" ' ,hl" L'
1 , . . , 1, 1 devol oil. Once, l.n I xlremcun ills-
fad of Ihe doctor, ncvei In permit , , , . ; ., , .
1 1. i , 1 .11.1. tdatcd n keg of Malaga grnH-.iliily
hliuaelf lo aliow Ihe least ha.te or ex- ' 1 , , ,,, , " , ' 'r .',
.. . ponileied with cork, nnd several
, . . , ., 1 lioinid. of Iheae did Sllivveaulll levy
A .mall opera glaaa .IimmI 011 the , .,i... 11. .....1 iu.i..,.
.Ill, nnd. cnliulv oljii-llng II n h. ,,...,, n.r ,) t.-.l
-eie,l. rank had p,ckcd II up nml , ,M , , , ., , ,,,, .
leveled 1 1 lonaida the front nnd ee.,. , UnM , ( ,,,...,,.,, ,,,,,
terof the line Jtiat back of where the . ,,. '.. lfll M.ri the
Then Stiivveaaul declared he
didn't feel up to It.
The ircneral wenl tilT to the licet
nml Ihe llrciita back to Ihe ahore
vvllhniit the girls, itul lo Ihe course :.h. Nererllie1ea.nelllier Ignarl.i request,
of Ihe afternoon four more ollleere , ,inif sm-.x- nould fnll I ,1 In 1 ,
enme to tender lliclr .ervlee. tn u-cnae or .mile brondl.i In Ihe
"Hilly Ita) a iI.iiikIiIci, nnd none, not iM.r naaenl 'lo tier everv prnpnal
even a lin-pllul atennrd. came lo ,1a i, , , Mllt. ,. f ,. (l'riclea of
mi-.-ht fur Ibe lb .1 Cross, nml by aim ,,r , ,,(,. (uWl ,) )mu.,, m
donii Maldle llaj I.111I every nwiirnuiv hupp;,,,.,.,, r,. , Ju.H,.,.. religion
that the moat popular girl nt I lint nlll p,.,Vi ,.1MI, .,t . prumntnl
liioiiicnt In Miinlla nnuy circle, waf thnmi,,',,,! Hi Inl.lUli: 1, nl bv
Hie len-t populur ulHinril Ilie Snrni- , m,v,.r .,.,.n,ti,. 1,1 dltT-e ll!i the lad'v
nieiiln. nnd Kale I'nrler cried heraell . lf i,,,,,,,., q- .minnrd up-
In sleep nfler 1,11 niil-nnd-nul aquab ,.,., (h.-refore. nml (or Hie
ble with iwn of the band, nml Hit f,.w ,,,, ,,. (,.,. ....,,.p.
eiiu.h.ille u.aerllou Hint If .lie were ( , p,pp!m. .cein-,1 .nni,-
XI...I,... II.... .1... ......1.1 ...,t ll...... nil . . ...
nould cut theni j tliliur nlmoal My We. ami Mra. Ilr.nl
una III ie-'itdes over the reiiiar! aid
(III lies if S'lillt'ali-lriitlieil M'-in,l!e.
There bad been nuxtoiia iln.i . ilur.
Ing Mi'ldle. Illuea., The S.ienilueiv
Marlon liny .he
ilciuf and go live with her frlemb
Hill when Hie morrow cninc, nn
It lo be nimil, red nl Hull Mlaa Ita)
b'ld ileveln-,l ti high fever? Wna It
not characteristic thai la-fore noon ,
from the nl'leinl h I itoun, from Dr
Wclta In I lot He I'ellows, Ihe moat
diminutive nf the party, there liver' 1
not a woman of their uumlicr whr
wn. not eager In tender 01 ae
and III de.ln- to la- at the aiilTiw . Snndv. Iroom-r. bore her rrelln
l-,lslde7 Was It not liiimllk,. I tin I rlix...,,,"r over llu- side Into Ibe
Kliivcaniil. who bad ahunned tin j nllm.,, , llf ,. I,,,,,,,.!, . wnlb
kls.erhood for da.va. now t-ougbl the ,Mf nln,i,lim.,.. llm f u,,. ,.
" " I"' aeoriied 11 111' lla p,tr. llt . rv r
begg.,1 for tiding, of Hie glil lie , nl)nr( f,r ,,.. ,, MrM
Ilrent nml Ml.a Porter, t-niiilt nnd Ihe
An old friend" naa all he nould
say In rcapotia, to her demiind for
lit. uiiiiie nnd iiiirpowi. ,s,., put titni
on", anvil, ir Mia. Itay nil. .till Ion far
from ncll In see uiivImhI). U1e I1I111
cnll next day nbeu Ilr. I'liiul. nml her
hiisbiinil, .be knew, wuuld irnbnb1y
1h- Hut,-, duly imlilled Ihriii, nml
I'mnk met mid received Hie caller
nhen he came ami sent bin, nnuy In
.hurl order.
"t he man la 11 crank." anld he, "nml 1
I .hull have bun nuli'llcd,"
'I'he colonel naked thai one or tvrn
.of Hie soldier police guard .hoiild ,
be .cut to the ho, lac to look after the
alrnnger. A corpornt cam, from Ihe
bun in-1. nroiitid 011 the
colonel coiiiiniindiiig .at In .addle.
A lively aclillle mid coiumolloii had
Kiiililenly begun iluiong the groups of
.H'clnlorj. Mlaa Hay, reclining
chair wn. . placed Ihat by merely
raising Iter head she eould look out
over the lleld, Mrs. Ilrent ran tn
... . ...,,.. r0,ipnl)i
o 1111.1 iH-e.i oriicren nnuy. inn ' !,,. iiimI It nn. nfler nightfall
nine paiieill mil 1. nrn.-r.-iii .,. . ..,,, f,),.,,,,.. ,,, ,.
nahnre. Dill Ihe chief qniirleriuaater M , M.rllln, . i(,Im,. 1(,
aenl Ida cs-rlnl Hteiim-laitneh fur '
"Hlll.e lla.v. ilniigliter," Ihe chief sitr-
Hut Ihe
M-r vibe .ii.ii , . 1 1 ne iiiaiuni in irporni iari-
aervle ?"'" ' "," . ed fnrnnnl In look nl hi... Ihe .-..Her
luTer,.-! ' 'J I"' '" 'V""'V. L" "'"i',"'1 ''''' l ' t dark,..-...
legend "Mr. (iennit Stii.vveoiiil. One
lliiiiilrrd ti nd Sixth New York In
fimlr.v Volu iileei..' and much nere
they ndiulieil 1,11 111 rlttili but that nu
In Hie curlier day. uf M.ildlc'a rim-vnlcacem-e,
mid Dr. Prniik altuul. Ids
1 1 ,t. 1. ....... ,...,11..,..
nhere the e.,1 1, lleld gla.,.-. hung , ff , yu, ,.M, , w ,
In their lea hern and Jnlne.l Ihe . W( ( , ,,,,,. ,.
doe or nt I t. gnller, rail. f u , (,((Jn, ,, ,, ttl,.
'Hirer ialr of e.vea nere galug ,
flxcdl nl Ihe point of dlsturlsinee. j11n.v ,,. ,r ,,. Mllff , ,
nlreaily the center of n .urging crimd , ,.,.,.,,; Vml ,l. uulni.iu
lav.. II was the liilermUaiou, II,.
vel lo come, There
III. ui for "love ..lid sighing," ...id
St.i.vveauiit did bnlli, for Ihele was I
no question the poor fellon hnd
found hi. futr, ami ,el thought II ,
trembling In tin- bullion-. ,ot one
look or word of her. fur him cnulil '
Sluyvcau.it recall Ihat nn. more I
wlnauui.. nnd kind 1I11111 lliusc I.--
.Inncl 01. oilier men, Indeed, had 1
lie not aero
nlu.t ben.uliig cordlullty ami delight ,
she bud ...el and welcomed one or
October had nunc ,111, 1 the rnln
season wn. going, 'ml still the heat
of the midday sun drove everybml.v
within door, except tin- Irrepressible
Yankee iiohllery. lelcased "on puss"
from nnttlne duty at Inner barracks
or outer picket line, and wandering
alauit this strange, old-world mrlro.e
oils of Ihe Philippines, reckleaa of
time or tciupciutiirc lu their deter
inlimlloti In ace .-very thing there wna
tn la- aeen nboul the nl.llom strong
hold of "the Dona" In Aalatle nate.h
Along the narrow .Idenulkk nf the
Kacnlln. nlreiiil.v boril.-icl by Atner
Icut. algnsnud snloous- mid mi
moat devoted of army dnetni'. lo bear
her eninpany and keep Ihe fan. go
hi, Mit'illc's pro.-rress hail Is-en
ratl.ci- In the unlure of n triumph.
So nt least It had sccim-d In the
austere vice president nf the Patriot
ic D.iughtrrs nf Ainei-lcu. who. lis It
happened, lnoked aou In aeiere jllaap
proiiil. She had asked foe thai very
nmhiihii.i-c ll.nl very daj lo enable
Iter to make the rounds nf reglmentul
hospitals In Ihe mil ly In r suburbs,
ami had been pollti U but positively
reli.se. 1,
lly Hint time. It seems, this moat
ene'rgclle woman had siiis-eisli-,1 In
nlleiu.tlug .tit otiiw-s lo uutlioi-Hy lit
lie wn. lull, .Inenv, si ly nml had
n SOavurd aarl before the littte
gunrdaman, stout nnd burly, could
.queee lulu the street. Then the
lattera about, up the San Luis only
.erved lo alartte It.,- senlrtes. lo spur
the runner, and to exelle mid ngttnto
Dr. Prank wn. dlsgiiali-d nbeu he
tried her pulse nml temperature half
uu hour later 11 ml ...Id II. lug. In the
corporal not sir let ly uiilliorleil by
the regulation.. 'Ihe episode mis
unfortunate, vet might soon huve
Ik-cii forgotten but for nue hapless
circumstance. Despite her unuounce
incut, somelhlug hud oiercome Miss
Perkins sense of Injury, for she tiad
stepped from a carriage directly In
front of the house ut Hie muiueiit of
Ihe ,H-eu.reuee, wn. a niliiess to all
that look pl.iee, nml Hie llrsl inn- In
extract fro... Ihe curpnrnl Ida vcralou
1 nf Ibe .ilTnlr nml his thcnr.v us tn
, 11
1 r.-Tl .i .to.
1 it. hn fhft :
.trickcii man from the Held. He had
come to, said the volunteer, before
Hiey had gone quarter of 11 mile, had
' eoused his head In water at n
; hydrant, rested .1 minute, olTerrd
tlirni n quarter for Ihele trouble,
I buttoned up thn tight coal that had
tiee.i torn open In his struggle, nnd
nervously but posltticly declared
himself nil right and vastly obliged,
hnd then hailed n passing rnrroinatln,
and been whisked nwny across the
, moat and dranbrldge I lit ci Ihe old
ellv. There all" trace was lost of
Untiled mid troubled, Si uav vesu.it or-
drred his conchilinn lo Inke him to
the l.iiueta. The crowd tiad illta,.
pea red. The earring,-, nere nearly
all departed, The lights nere Inluk
ling here nnd there all oter the
placid bay. It na. .HI! tienrly 1111
hour lo illiiuer-tlme nt the gcii--eal'.
tucss. ami tie wished tn In nb.tie to
Itiluk oier matters, to hear Ihe noth
ing plush an. I murmur nf Ilie Utile
nates, mid Sluvesuul vnucil In hi.
wrath ami vexation thai Satan him
self must I., luaiinglng Ids alfnlrs,
i for, oter nml 11 bole the longed-for
' melody of Ihe rh.vthiulcnutcr-.. hewn.
halted by Hie Ihis-niw slrl.b-iiclcN of
1 Mis. Perkins. nhu-, llrst wonts gave
I Ihe He lo themiltes,
"I'm all out of breath, and an I, el
I up ruiiulii' nfler .ton I cnn'l talk, but
I I tins just hound to see (tou, nn' I've
, been In yimr linns,- .0 oitrii Ihe sol
diem l.iugh nt me. 'I'lioae young men
tinteu't aiiji sense of ib-ccncy or re
siled, but I'll teach "eni, nml you
see thev'H slug amithee song. Where
! can ne all ilonti?"coiitluiieit Ihe lady,
her words chasing ench n.her. heels
In her hrral Ideas lui.le. "These Iny,
ttniiblesa M 1 1 , i -1 1 ullleers lake ctery
seal ahiiig heir. Wh.t, here! )n,ir
' earrlnge still do, an' Pie got a Hum
snrni Ihlug. In s,iy!" ("Ili'iiiiii le
lin-rclfiil." groaiii-it St") t.-sniil to tdm
sell.l "I suit Jin, .lilting, mid I Int.l
hit eabmiiii lo cut, I, .ton If he hn.l to
ling the hide HIT tils tiorse. riime,
nri-n'l .von il.in't .ton mini in sit
don 11'.' I ,t,. nii.vlintt! 'there's un
coiulorl In i.ij cub. Here. I'll dismiss
ll mm. Vnu .-mi Jail tl.op me 111. Hie
tint Inline. ,tnii knovi. I'm lltlng
llutt.l Hie Cllllc Ili'lil 11 few 1,1. M-k. Ibla
side nf you. Ml Ihe soldiers know
me. and If ll.ey hail their say It
wouldn't be Hie aliick-up Heal Cross
' Hun, tllrllng il Hi doctor, and lltlug
j high uu the dalulle. our folks sent
I nter. Tin- buy. nr.- nil right. It's
..tour generals Hint luiii- tgunreil Ihe
P. D, A.s, ami I'll ahntv cm present
ly 11 but it miss Hicv'ti- mi.de, Wnlt
Spanish nnr mis oteri the I'lliplnu "" r " " ""; ,r,,r ' ,""r
ttllS lllllllll.al.t I , ,r.
woman 1 11,11, ig.n u.ig.H ne lltrr.nr.vl '
liiniim-,1 Stu(t tesiiul as he meekly fid-tnm-,1
In the tilth open iii!fmr mid.
with n sh'tiT, iisslaled tils lingular
visitor lo a seat.)
"A ke.tt" she shonli-d, " ley,
eueheru! Nn uulei-e m-.s hot. Mu
1111 1111 1 Oi-Iiii! Ha In-, eiirhern? Oehnl
N'uiv ibill'tchetv Im' It lull's lute In
ner men, iiiueeii, 111111 t , ,, ., .. . . .
Jmlntm v.vrt ullh ,"'lr Ht'K-. l'vV I l.inly, I
'riniiik .N'mu u.'II, Jtml nit ilmvM,
Ih'i-h cftnirntlrM
.. 11... it.
riMin III III' I I'lnit linn 1 mini 1 i.m iiiii . t t . m
. 1 ... ! In Mloli'l iih If I uti 1111 i.llln'p
r. of Samlv In "11,.. '"i ''tu . '" " "J"'
Polul. had found mean. 1 ' V.T . Z"", ' '- ' ,', v '"'
deivd eien more tliaii usually piecar- I thl, co.nmmidlng general declined In
Ions by Amcrlrii'i drinks, the. blue- ' he further mnllence. llu- sitr-
miirieii noys nn -mi. "I""-.-.,.-.,. ,, v,.,u.ri IM, uit,.i order. Ihnl
corps iiciiii-i niier.. 10 in. ,- ,,, ,1 ),,, ,,,,,, , , I1I,(.P ,.
tiient she tin. ilrltlug ntvny tnwards
nmrtelliig much tn llud 'ItvlM tin-lie
mid Ivtn the shunter, up lu nil the
shout nut eumlueteil. as were the
bars, on Hie American plan, while
from sunic, still mure oriental, the
sun unit the shopper both were ex
cluded four full hours, beginning nt
South nf the walls and nutttnrks nl
Old Mnnlln mid east of the I.nncla
lay 11 ll ron 1 1, op. -h letel, hounded on
the smith by the suburb uf I'rmltu
I In the inlilst nf the lung row of
Spunlsli-hillll hiiusea extci'illng from
the buttery of hug.' KruppH at the
bay side, almost oter to. Ihe.dlaguuiil
avenue of the N'oueiln. stood the
very coy, llnely furnished lnmr
which iind been hired na qiiniters for
Cut. Ilrent. high dignitary nn the de
partment staff. x
Ms loner stnr.v of cut stun-
pierced by the nvehed drlvvsr
through which carrhiKes rnlered 'e
th." patio or Inner court, nnd, n .
thn tenets of Madrid Ihe queen of
Spill. I posseased of nil pei nuial
ineiins of locomotion, so possibly to
no Spanish dan f high degree may
be attributed the ib-slre, even though
she have Ihe potter. In walk.
o other portal, therefore, either
for entrance or exit, could tie mind
at the front. Massive door, of dark,
heavy wood from the l.uron forest.,
.trapped with Iron, swung on huge
hliigea thnt. unless well oiled, defied
she be not admitted to tils Inner nf-
tlee. Hie deputy ntrpeiin general hnd
asked for a cntr.t lo I crp her off
hi. premises, the .ei.trle. ill the llrst
t-nl Kfcoud rcacrtc hospital had in
structions lo tell her, nlsu politely
li.ll pnltcl,t, thut she ruiild mil Im
ndiiiltted except lu visiting hutirs,
when Ihe surgeon, a slettnrd, or -and
lien mi. "Ihe uiusi uukl.ulcst
rut nf nil" some of the triumphant
lied Cross could receive nnd ntti-nd
tn her, for nl Inst the symbol of (le
11 , x 11 had gained full n cognition. At
Inst Dr. Wells and the .Islertionil
were on duly, comfortably housed,
cordially welcomed, and pre.uuinbly
'Ilie ulUi-lnls remained In blissful Ig
nurr.nce of the tremendous nature of
the clyirgc. laid ut their doortby Mis.
Perkins, and Middle liny, whll't duly
Informed of Ihe frequent cnlls and
kind Inquiries of tunny nn olllccr, and
paimltted of laic to welcome Kand.v
(". little talks, had been mercifully
spared the infliction of the prraotml
visitation thrice ntlclilplril by her
fellotv-traveler on the trnln.
"I don't bellere you were ever in
timate frlri.il.." said Mrs. llreit "and
that she. nursed and cared for you
In the ear. when you were suffering
from shock nnd fright because of a
fll-e, That, what .lie says, though
What wan It, Maldle? W it there
the Xoaleda, the direction Inkcn bv
the fuglllte, fast as her coiichmnu
i-riuld whip Ids piuilcs. the original
purpiis. of iter call pls-uultmcd.
As In duly bnuiid, bnlb Mrs. Ilrent
and Dr. Prank hud lold Saud.t of this
.tilil affair. Mrs. Hi t described the
Httnuger us tall, .lender, sallow, with
big calculous dark c.tca that hnd 11
wild look lo them, and n sernggly,
fuzzy bcni'd all oter bis face, us
though he budii't shnted for long
neck.. HI. liu..ilH-of course, she had
lii.rt1eiila.-ly noticed lib liuml-i tthiit
womii.i doesn't notice such things?
itere slim and while, lie hnd the
took of a iiiiiii vt lio had been long tn
hospital; w"ns pi-nlmbl 11 recently
dlaeburgeil piilleut, p,'rlu,,s one of
Ihe mmiy tiicii Just now gelling their
home order, from Washington.
Honiebody who serted under your
father, perhaps," sold Mrs. Ilrent,
souHilugly tn Marlnn, "nnd thought
lie ought lo see ynu."
"Somebody who had not been 11 sol
dier nl al." said she to Suiiily. "lie
had m-lthcr Ihe look nor the inauuer
nf one." And Randy marveled a bit
and decided to tie 011 piard.
"Mnldlr" he had said Hint after
noon, ls'fore riding nwny, "nhen ynu
vet out next week we must take up
pistol practice again. You lsnl me
nt bettvenwiirthj but yoe can't do It
now, Oot your gun anywhere? -the
one Dad gate you?" And Dad
ATAt.L iiANiinoMK YtiiMinprimiii
nf soldier, off duly, ublitlous now- to
Ilie fuel Hint the band na. playing
tin. "Slur Spuuglcd Haulier," mid
I hey ought to be stnmllng nt ntten
tlon, hats olf, ami facing Ihe ling a.
It came Hunting slottly to earth on
the distant rampart, of the old city.
Dladalnliil nf outside attractions.
Hie adjutant enme .tnlklni, out lo
the front lis the .trnln eeiised. mid
his shrill tulee tins heard turning
oter tin- piii'iide tn I.U rnmuuimlcr
Then the .urging group .reined to be
gin tn diss, die, ninny follonlug n lll
tle knot uf men carrying nn their
sliimldrr. mi apparently Imtuimutc
form. They muted In ill i illrecllim
pf the old butauti-al gurdcu, tnwards
the I-'siado Mayor, nnd so nhaorlH-d
vtere the three ll. trying In fiithn.u
the cause nf the exeltemc.it 1 tint Ih.-y
ttere ilt-nf tn Ignneln. niiliuum-emcut,
A tall, handsome, most ulstliigulahcih
liinklug tilling olllccr stood nt the
wIm- doort uy, dressed cap-a-pie in
snowy white, mid nut until, nfler a
moment's hesllntluii, lie stepped with
in ibe ruiim mid niiH iihnnst iipnu
them, did Miss Hay turn nml see him
"Why, Mr. Stuytemntt" win all she
said; but the tune wan enniigh.
Mrs. Ilrent mid Hie itnclur druppeil
the glasses nml tthlrled nboul. jlolh
Instmitly noted the nceess of rotor.
It had not all disappeared, by ui.y
means, though the doctor had, when,
ten minute. Inter, Cut, llient rniui. In,
At the n.ument of 1,1s entrance.
vlou sly to see her, Jusl before that
untimely llliii-vs claimed her for ll.
Parqiihar of the rninlry, wlon of
a Phlliiilelphlii family well known to
tin. Stuy tesniit. of Oulhain nml
"I ml ting In the same class," had
come oter from department hcnil
quarters, tthere he Iind n billet a.
engineer nlllcer. In call on Stnyve
unlit mid to cheer him up mid con
tribute tn his cuiitnleseem-c, and did
so nfler the inauuer uf men, by talk
ing on nil milliner of topics for near
ly nn hour ami winding up by 11 dis
sertation on Hilly Hay', pretty
iluughter nnd "Wnlly" Poster. In
fnluntlon. Piirqiihitr said It was Hie
general belief Hint Maldle liked Wnl
ly mighty well and would marry Mm
vtere he only In Hie army. And Sluy
tesni.t wondered lion- It mis, in nil
the year, lie had Minn 11 Pnrquhar
and coiled hint his ladng n West
Pointer and In llu en'vniry, he hnd
lieter renlly illscniereil whit! a bure,
what a tvearlsuine ns., r'arquhar
could la.
Then Jusl ns Mis. Hay nas report
ed silling up and soon u be uble In
"sen her friends" with 11 lint .lulling
significance did Mrs. Ilrciil an nssiire
him!- wlinl should Htiiyvesaiil. gen
eral dn but select Sluytesmit hliuaelf
tn go 011 a vnynge of dtseotery to
Hollo nml beyond. 'Ihe euininmullng
general wanted .1 i-nuipi'lcut nOleer
ttho spoke Spanish lo luiike u certain
line of Intesllgntlou, He cniisultiil
Vint mi. VI11I mi thniiiilit nnottier toy
ng tin- tery thiol' fur Htuyvesmil.
nnd .0 suggested his inline.
It act the Ilii-kh-sH nolhmulte
nttny Just nl Ihe time of alt others
Klnyvesmit, sealed dose to Marlon's , ,w( wished In remain. When h
reci.iiiug-ciuiir, mis, w.ti. nil the Hoc
tor'a nu. Ion ami curiosity, examin
ing her retnlter. "Itnther iinlky- for
n pocket-pistol," he remarked, as,
raZi ilottiiitard, he essayed lis In
certlon In llu gaping nrlllrn nt Ihe
tight hip of Ids Maiilla-miiile, flapping
white trousers. It slipped In without
a hlleli.
"What wiis the trouble- out there
awhile ago?" asked thn lady of the
house of her llegn lord. "You saw- It,
T suppose?'
"Nothing in t. eli . Man had a fit, and
It took four men lo bold htm. Mntdle,
look here, Capts Kress handed this
to me-'inld they picked It up Ju
returned, within n doen days, Ihe
1 llrst thing wn. to submit Ida written
report,'" nlready prepared aboard
ship. The next nun tn report him-
I lelf lu pel-sun nt Cnl, limit's, to lw
nsked Into llu presence of tin, girl
In luted 1.1 id longed Hi see, nnd, us
, tins been told, ushered out almost
" .m.ncdlntely, self-detailed, In search
vf Saiidy,
! lie lino found the lad easily
miugh, but not so Ihe in&n wllb the
'lit. whnm. for reason, of hi. own
Hid from what he had seen nnd
icnrd, Stiiytesnnt wan most anxious
j . overtake. Ills carrluga whirled
fc rapidly pant the parade ground
No iv,
what I vviinl tn see. ton nlsu.i H" 's
this! Your general has put me ol?
nne way nr uiiuther etcry ll.ne Pie
called IliN last two weeks. I'te al
ways t renin I Mill politely, but for
some reusoii heH lifter see me now,
nnd yet Hiey iitmii-t ran nfler me nt
llrsl. Xott, you run tlx l cnsy
enough, and you do ll unit ynu won't
regret It. I only mint him tn listen
In me Hirer minutes, m.d Hint'. Utile
enough for iinyhudy tn nsk. Ynu do
II, ami I cmi do a good deal more fur
ynu than you think for, un' I will
do II, ton, f certain Huple don't
Heat me better, It's something
you'll t Iiii I. It me foMii'ghllly later on,
If you don't now. I've hnd my eyes
open, lieutenant, tin' I see thing, an ,
I Iii-iii- thing, an' I know, tiling, you
mighty little suspect."
"Panloii me, Ml.s Perkins." Inter
posed Sluytesmit nt thin juncture. Ids
lierte. airly twitching i.tulfr Ihe
hI 111 111. "Let us get ut the unit Iri s on
which you wish In speak to inc. Ma
late, cochero!' lie called to the pyg
my I'lllpliio ou'll.e hint. "I mil great
ly pressed for lime." he ndded, lis lb
currliige whirled iivtuy, Ihe hoofs of
the pony teaiii Hying like stiiitti.s, the
Instant the Utile .camp, were hrailrd
"Well, what l waul niiistly Is to are
the general, lie, go I lutlueuc Willi
(leu, llrnyinii and I know ll, nnd
thevse tied Cms. people have poisoned
tils curs, llterybody'. cam .rem to
lm Just now ugi.lnst me mid I can
get no heiirlug whatever. I'tcrythlng
vi(s nil light at llrsl, lltery thing
wo. promised me ami then, list one
mid ihe. . another, Hiey nil backed
out, mid I want to know why -I'm
bun. id tn know why, mid they'd bet
ter come to me and make llielr peacn
now than wnlt until Ihe paper- and
the P. D. A,', get ufter 'cm, a- they
will -you hear my words i.i.tv -mey '
will do Just us soot, un my letter,
rrarli the stiiti-s. You're nil light
enough, I've told them how you
helped with those poor boy. of mine
aboard the train. Had xvny they'd
brm In If we hadn't been there, you
ami I, Why, I just, canvassed thnt
train till I got clothe, nnd .lines, for
every one of those poor burned-out
fellows', hut Hicro vould'nt anybody
rise have done It. And nursing?
you ought to liuvt Keen those boy.
romc to tlm 11k me the day 1 went nut
the Vresldlo, an' mostjrrled oin

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