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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, August 02, 1901, Image 6

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jJl 'TheTribunb
HUimcitiiTioN l-ruci;:
One. copy onoyoor In advance 81.00
Ono copy 0 intintliH, In nilvnnc, OOo
131 Henn, 0. T., July 10.-- Tho
women" nro ta!ln;r n lee Interest
In tli- (real American lottery to bo
pulla;l oft ll!l'lr tho nuipleoH of
tho feJcr.ll uovcrnincnl on .Inly 20.
They nro ooinliitj from overy wc
lion of Ihe country lulnlto iicliiinco.
Governor Itlcluirtlx cMlinntcN Hint
nt lt'URt 1(,,TI women will havo
re(;Itereil. TIiIb lollery hcIhuiio
nppenU lo thi wom"ii in stroiiK-
ly iih to the iivmi. A permn
ilocnn i hnvo In out no it oont tor
his tld uiiIchh lie ilruwit n quur
ler tiet inn of litinl. Mint InltcricM
rcipilr- t-nh In uilvnnco for the
tickelh. I tut lite I'ovtTiiincnt In
(micron Ilk pntroiiH. It cvlilcntly
Iiiih morn fnltli In IU citizen limn
It rill "ii have In each other.
Women, llko nnyotut cUe, nro al
ways ready lo try nnil ftel miiiio
tlthiK ..r ,', nothing, Th" Hiimi)
uplrlt Unit KiilileM tliein In iiinltliiK
it run for n liir'nln ilny nto
prompt lliem to I'ome lo 131 Iteno
iiikI l'ort Sill mill put llielr minion
In lite lottery wheel.
I'mimIiI.v otery Mate nnil terri
tory In tliu Union In reprconleil
Jicp- by odd or more women. Of
courtc, Ihe great body of tliem nro
from Olcliilionm, Iniliitn Territory,
Arknniuit mnl Texan. Mnny elly
Kir'. nre on lint urnuiul wnllluij for
tin lottery lo lie ptillvit -oil They
nre oil looker mnl line ilreH
er", too,
Ki, 11," Wnnl, who niivt her mU
ilrenH as I'yrt .M.iilltmn, In., tolil
Hie rcj,'Utnitlmi clerk that If hIiii
ilrcu-i claim hIio wax iolui;lo Mart
n liorce r.ineli on It, .My fnllier
Ik n hor-cinini In lown," Mild ohe,
"mnl I prnpote to lio n horncwo
ninn In Oklahoma," Mint Wnnl l
n vlvneliiim little (;lrl, mnl her
Hrentest (lllllcttlty, If Nile locoti'H In
tliN I'ounlry, will In; lo Mnnil olT
matrimonially Inellnileil younn
.1, II. Davis, In charge of one of
the lioothx, reKUlereil mi old wo
mini from ArlmnxiiH Die oilier tiny.
Her iinme wiih A inn titln Wheeler.
Sho K'nve l'ort .Smllh iih her home.
"1 nm the Neveiiti-entll one In onr
fmnlly lo reKlMer for n eliilm In
tho new country," miIiIkIiii. I Imvn
Mxteen crown lioyn nnil everyone'
of tlieinhimrellerel, Tho fiiml
ly miirht lo u't hevernl elnlniN out
of the liuneli. ilon't you think?"
Another clerk lit the womiin'H
booth tells it pathetic Incident. A
prelty, yoiuii ulrl cmnu Into the
booth to rculidcr. Shu wiih only
IHyrnrn old.
"Aru you married?''
"No, lr."
"Aro you u widow?"
"No, Mr."
"Tim hend of n family?"
"No, Kir."
"Under whiit provision of tint
Inw do you neck ii honientcnu7"
Tho nil I colored up. Shucrinvil
cd down Hie lumps In her throat.
Sho liotltntcil. Tears boi'iin to
trickle from her eycM. .
"I nm it mother."
"Tlmt'ii nil rltjht," tuilil thu
clurk. "hero U your rertlrtcatc.
Dinah Wllllamx la tho namit of
n Mlsidppl ncro woman wlioeamo
up to take n claim.
"Married nowV"
"No, Kah."
"Yon, 8iih. I havo burled nix
"Vou nro certainly entitled lo
rcRlhlor," Hiihl tho clerk, huudloK
over n cortUlcntu.
"I want to rcRUtur," nnld n bin
muscular woman who K,l'o her
immuiiH Mrt, Kllznbcth Snyder, of
tho Chlckimaw country.
"Aro you married?"
"Vt'B, air."
"Iluhbaud dead?"
"No, sir,"
"No," IndlKiinntly.
"Yon enn'l rcRlster, then."
"Oil, yen, I can."
"I nm tho head of tho family."
Then to pruvo II Mio brought
her withered up, crippled huabaud
to tho front to prove that sho had
for mnny ycnrn by
nmnll ittock rnuch.
Tho clerk reentered her. Tho
chances nro that her huabnnd who
itwnro ho wiih dependent upon hlx
wlfo for KUpport nlo reKlitered
Homcwhero o'w, ulthouuh under
law ha In not entitled to n claim.
Ucorc;o II. Ilrown U ndvcrtllni?
in the local pnpern that ho wants
to form tho nciualntnncu of a
(jood looking yotitiK Inily elidible,
to rcttlxter, with mnrllmony In
view. Drown lias rcdMcrcd, but
for fear ho will loovtoot he. I will'
lni to marry n fair damsel pro
vldlnt hIio drawH u yooil quarter
Tho relittratIon clerki miy hey
nro Niitirlled Hint n vat number of
I'lrln under nparn h wearing f iNo-
ly to their linen in oiler to reen
ter, o noxious aro they to net n
chunk of land. Hut they will
looso out In the loni; run, even It
they do dniw a elnlm, beeau thu
In ml department of the govern-
ment will Imvo a force of np.t ial
men nt work In tho new country
Immediately after tho opening to
ferret out all f ramie.
MIhs Mabel DlKU', the noeom
pllxhed duuehterof Mrn. Annie I,
DlKKH, xtate librarian of Kiiiihh,
Ih coinewliat KuperxtltloUH. At
homo xlte wear an opal rim
Sho look II oil when xhe Marled to
KI Iteno lo draw for n claim,
for fear that It would kIvii
her bad luck. An nIiu stepped off
(ho train here nIio found it ruMy
horno shoe. Slut Ih holding onto
It. Shit Nn.VH Mm feel certain
now of wlunlnp; n homo.
it.' w
Tliu most popiilnr political
tliu went.
TH E"-
A "Wkkki.v Ma(ja.iiiu ok Hkpl'iii.ican
Politics duvotud untiruly to tliu intur
u.st of (In Kupiililicuu l'nrty, espeuiully
in .Mi-somi.
Iltintlsomty Printed ami lllustrntetl.
Sixteen Ably Edited Pages.
KnilorM'il mnl imuil by tliu Clittiriiian
of tliu Kupiililic.'in Stutu C'oiiiinitk'u.
Owned mid ptililMiud liy nutivu Kupubli
ctiii w()rkt!iri.
Siiixcijili'itn I'rict: $1.00 pn' Vein:
mid Thi I'm.iTH.wi.
lo iiiiv'nddfuss )iiu
Ki'.vir.w will liu huiiI
H'iir for $L"i().
Siiinpit! copies will liu hunt on
(ion to this offiuc, or to
l.iNiir.i.i. IIoti:i., St. I.ouik, Mo.
MonlKomery City, Mo.,
IMItor Tiillil'Ni:!
Menr Sin No doubt mnny will
wnut to henr from my crowd Hint
left Monltjoniery Saturday, .Inly
Until. The crowd coimlnted II p"r
Nomi. The Wiib.tHli put iih Into
KnUNiiH t'lly on tlmoi tliere wo
boarded the Hock IManil In ehart;e
of Conductor W. ll.Thomnn,lenv
Inp; KiitiHnt City ntl;r0 p. m. mak
inu; uood tlmo until wit got to Mc
I'nrland, KntiaN, where they meet
the Omaha train and trnutferrcd
mall. Till train belli)' late, delay
ed UN nearly I bourn. Morning
found iin nt IIiIh place, then wo had
n lino view of the Grant hopper
Mate, which In Iho predict coun
try I ever looked at. In tr.ivclltiK
over the I lock Inland route they
piiNN tliroui broad prairie- that
Mrctched elenr to Hut liorl."iie,
dotted wllli linn farm Iioukch and
baniN In every direction, lurco
henlHof Mnek In pit'turcH could be
Neen, with wind uiIIIh hero mil
there, pumping out cry.ttnl water
to the while faced and Durham
cattle. Thoee Nli;htH on ellhur
Hide, kept the crowd'N HplrlUbou.V
ed no. Occasionally Home one
would Nee a .lack Itabblt, and tint , CUrilCV, Carefully SOlGCtod
bnyn would yell to nee him run. ! drUg8, DlOdomte Charges
in every few bourn loaded down A Model Aildrnln County Hnrm.
wltli people, nnd even they aro on
lop of tho coaehcH. IJvery train .m. I lmi.vmr.il. Courier.
cnrrlcHthem out to Its fullcM. enpa- unc 01 o " ucatlful InrniH
cllf. Yet there nrellinuimndH hero.,1" tllu Stale of MIHourl U located
Ono could not help but notlcit how' nhn"i 'wc'vo Milieu north of tho
Conductor Tlionitw dlschnriretl IiIh ' cU' ot Cenlrnlla. its owner, Mr.
dutluH with ciiual rcKiiIarlty nnd . Thompson, who whh formerly j (1m, ti,e,,iveN
Juntlcutnnll.tlioltockliilniidNtiro-;"" "I'arco no i om1( w, llxc,,.
ly much of ii;ontlemiin 111 Conduc- "'" r expeiiNo in mnKiiiK huh Chapel cxerelNCH aro conducted
equalled only by a very fow of
tho residences In our larger cities,
having nil tho latect Improvements
nnd everything else to bo pro
cured that would add to case and
Wo henrllly congratulate Mr.
Thompson on hia success In tho
pant and hope In thu future that
prosperity will look down upon
him with no unfriendly eye.
Moral Influences at Missouri
State University.
A UnlvorMty, nlthough It it a
plnco In which much freedom of
thought In cxercUed, Ih not Mich n
terrible, plnco iih mono nro occa
sionally Inclined to think, l'rcc
dom of thought nnd action doet
nut ucccH.inrlly leu! to dlnsolute
neitn nnd infidelity, but rather to
tho nppoMtc, hh statUtlcs nIiow.
1'or example, hero nro a few ob-
NrrvatloiM madn upon our own
State University at 'olumblai
lo Dcgln with, more than .11) per
cent of the HtudentH in attendance
during the school yojr of 11(00
11)01 went inemberH of churches
The course of Mtudy In niicIi nn
to rcipilre thu cxercUo of every
power of the rtudout in order that
lie may iict-ompllMi It Hntitfnclor-
lly. The tent In ho hcvito that no
Mudent who does not diHclplIno
hliuxelf rigidly hat any chanco for
honorH or oven of good Htaudlng.
So only Hut HtudentH who load
upright and lionerublo liven can
win In tho Mrugglo. It does not
take ii bright young perron long
to hco thi.
Tho Ncntlmcnt throughout the I
lnxtltutlou It that tliu dlMiomtr
ablo student Ih not worthy of thu
respect of loyal HtudentH. In tho
department of nthlc IIch they nooii
f-eo that tho men of clean and
puro liven, the fellow who iIIhcI-
rlgldly nro Iho
tor Thomas, nnd ho for I , , mrm an lueni one. lonnyup-io-llioughly
repaid for my Ulp, nnd;,'"' 'a"-r or nny ono clso who
overy member of the crowd In ro- j lrc!innco might be pnsMng nlong
paid for bin trip. So for thin coun- ( thl ,nrm cmM nut help from nd
tryl far nbovo my oxpectntion, mlrl"K HtirroundlngH, nnd
nnd think UiIh will bo thu coming ,,ll"k llmv much belter oil would
country In tho future ThU land Ih ,,u "llr Mlnnourl wero it literally
fertile, n rich loan noil ndnptcd to wllh niicIi phmtallonH, linv
nll klmU of grain nnd tock. 'll'K n" Hm latcHt ImprovcmcnlH
Thero HceniH to bo plenty of '"Bti Ullt '" lcn,,i "
NtreaniH, and water In good, belter "K-''1 ' " worthy a gentleman,
than I exnected from what I heard 1 nH ' "lujcct of thin nkclch. Mr.
of It. Ah thin Ih going lo MInhou- Thompson's farm comprises noiiio
rl I will Hiiggcrt tit, overy reader
that they will havo to bo hIiowii,
just gel a ticket lo KmiHiiH City,
then to 131 Iteno over the Itock In
land and hco for your nclf.
It Ih as dry out hero iih In MIkhou
rl nt present. W. C. NlM.so.v.
Later news comes that Mr. Nol-
I noil lias succeeded in securing a
j Oason'a Pharmacy un
' der tho Opera House ac
dally by nome member of the fac
ulty, and to theso any student who
wInIich may go. Tho Y. M.C. A.
nnd Y W. C. A. together havo
membership of over 1M0. Tliu
Christian people of tho town tnko
grcnt Interest In thu we! faro of tho
r.mtl.4 Auxlrht Coustrr I" Whtoti
.irovt't strict protoctlon of game,
. t which the ponchtr U punUhM
fevpic y, proilucei atouniling re
in Austria tbor hta Jt l"
rlit.l the iuramiirjr of th Kam
. d diirlnit the put eon In th
t royal g.imo presfrves. It shown
tlcrn wfre killed 3.33 rd der,
romaon Europcun dctr, 9.2
, 2,973 chamoI,t.397,n'; tnulr
r:,191 rabbits, 1I.87S "aufthnhnc"
to which our wild turkey beam
- it rrseinbUncc), 11.751 xrouiat.
blackcock, 1,387,4:1 phrasants.
"fwliMii, W.167 wild eeeje and
31 licarn, tl wolves, 10 lynx,
foxes. 23.3C0 martens, 1,707
-a. 1.018 otters, 6,128 wildcats'.
'-er, 1.22C eagles, H0,70fi owl
"11 miscellaneous birds of prey.'
t ?n name drive In the cora-
tmnll duchy of Stolbers---'-ds
324 red deer were shot,
1 cii"imtin deer. 120 wild hogs,
- t. 3.BM rabbits, t auerhahn.
-int 4,200 smaller fenthfretl
d 3 wlldctts. On explanation
vondeifnl ttcilth of gsmo ex-it.-o
thickly sMlled conn
's that It Is not tho law only
' rves to protect tho nnlmals, l'ab-'-
hss been molded by een-
in'o nn attitude that Is
condemnatory of poachers. In
:iy nnd Austria n isiarher In
"came thief," and n "gamo
" l leoVeil upon Just as If ho
- thief who steals nnythlnK clso.
foi'lsl '.Niycolt rules not only
-i littler lass OA, hut anionK poor
. This fact ndded to the storn and re
is"I"m criminal punUhment that
-"- the ponehcr, has reduced "atno
illm" to ii minimum, nnd only tho
-t desner and r-ck' is dement of
" popiilslldn lncllr.es to It. In ml
,, there Is practically no market
- a poarher to sell his same. Tho
"It la that there are. few ponrhcr
. v,u. ,( (hn fcw nr prn.
st nny time to flrht hard for
-I- liberty, and no year pssscs with--,i"
(iro-es of battles between theso
" m. who nre cood shots ns a rule,
t d the Eime wardens nnd foreitera.
" - Ihcro Is no ilnurer of prnsvru
""n for n forester who kills n "gamo
! H t" In n nirht tho li.it tie often In
I fMitht nut to the. death, and In many
riM tinneher nnd forester havo been
. .,, , . , ,i,,r )V invns killed
"-fii ether. N'ew York PreM.
When wo ucareil Iho western edge
tho golden wheat Holds met our
eyes, nnd Ihlslnteriftedtheerotvd,
for 'you could see nothing but
wheat us far iih your eyen could
carry you. Hurpilry at the nt'i
tlonH along through thin wheat
belt which extends far Into Okla
homa, told iih that tint yield runn
from !J0 lo II) bushels per aero of
No. U wheat, of course when wo
crossed Into thu Oklahoma wo be
gan to look for Indians, and sonic
were shuttle about teppln;; off,
but they have gotten used to the
Hlghtn now. My crowd nil regis
tered yesterday evening, Ural their
own papers ami then each had n
HoldlerH claim, which thoy regis
tered uslo, making n total of -J
claims. My crowd aro all con
fident ot getting n ItX) acres of n
line land iih over a crow flow over.
Tills Is a line country nnd several
thousand people will get lino farms.
We havo our tent stretched on a
main street in Kl Iteno nut in tho
resident part, fortunately wo found
a gentleman who allowed us to set
up in hia yard, which makes our
tent n little private. Heno Is a
nice town of 11,500, many line build
lug and stores, The dally paper
this morning states that 11,(17.')
registered yesterday, but I don't
vouch lor tins amount, us I nm
sure my crowd was not counted. I
was nround noino or tho registering
what provision of tho places nnd they were not crowded
nnd don't think that thero wero
near tills number registered.
Tho Hock Inland road Is doing
n wonderful buslnoss, train load
ofl.. In...1 f t....T. ... .
parncd tho living for tho family trip. Passenger trnlna nro coming
12,000 ncret'. Ho has ono of tho
finest pieces of com this year in
North Missouri, being 100 acres in
tho tract, nnd should Divine provi
dence nee fit to change tho nccnes
of tho last few days and send forth
noiirtsnmeni to tne tiursty npearsi
of corn, lie would gather an abund
ant harvest and would reap no lit
tler gain for Ida labor.
While ho devoted some space to
the raining of grain, ho does not
ns It Is reported Hint ho now linn Si
i r.tu i i ..r i.... ..i .-.i ' W
cattlo on hand. 1 S"';
Ills homo Ih of modern structure
nnd a delightful mansion, being
i ' t. ri
which Ii n r
ir Mint -in t v t
Ira -r ,iiic-
Ivtniijiuu gj ft
Ntiw yuiik a nio nuYnn.
MtllWI I W 'TH fI vM ITtHRIlUllir, (M HOW
WlfUilMI,ft4Vrtl(ti Ittfcttti4Tr4.Wik,"
l) Von Wnnlto Kuril i Ikaiilifiit W'utch If mi i
Lilllc Hint: mnl vnvrijij will Jccomplixli tin; Itemill.
Vlmt In lie inline of thin (iriiiitf'nf ItVilei.
r.'lirn ii mi II frrr nf
'm rue ii'Hi cri'ry tn
SiifhcrllH'i'M fn 77i,
Wrt'hlii .mirii'if.
ftft-rii titritii H'it of
Cmi'ie lellli rvery til
Siihnvrlhcrn tit 77u
ll'crl.ly .foiimnf.
fllll? DPflPnlTinM Any Iwy or iflrl who will secure ror in 'IVm ub
UUlt ritUrUJUlUll.crlptlon to llie i;H.. City Woekly .lournsl t th
regular ubserlptlon price of'ilc or year, makluir n total ul fJ,r0, and tend Ui
the names and addrcsws, tuiivllirr wills the money, we will mill to hlin or he
poiliKc prrptld, ono "ticllpao" watch ns dtucrilied belutvi
I he lA'llpsa" witch t a ho until (Ian inol.il fliilih; stein wind and item set
npcu lace. The Kellpse" U u wstcli that Is a credit to rtnyune to carry si a time
Now, boys and girls, here la your chance. See your neighbors, your frlcnda
your relailies, and get them to subscrlba for The Weekly .lourunl. It will only
lake ) oil Utile while to aixure a Mat often subscribers and ctrii'lhts btiautlfu
watch weaiiuro yon is well worth the effort,
nnkeyour remittance by Money Order or
Draft nn address nil communications to"
(' Mnila. MjsUnla rharrosL
. i.j -
ffl Ots. U. 1 Pilut Offlcs. WASHINCTOK. D. C.
At aS tfmg ttorrs.
2 Dtmt lie
Til Vnrlntt 'tf llmrttnenla fUiind
n.nno.nnii liih im (or Suim.1..
Tho niRRPitlmi that thrro should bo
estubllsheil ft department for the pur
chase ot supplies for all municipal de
partment, ns there Is one department
for the pay of nil municipal officials,
n eecnnd for legal xuldancii to Ihn
viirlniia departments and n third for
the scrutiny and correction ot their
nccounts, la not n noM'l our, but It
rails to notice very forcibly tho extent
to which Xcw York, under conditions
not always favorable to Its tax payers.
Is n largo purchaser of sundry mip
plica, which If procured In bulk by uno
department, would probably ho ob
tained on much better terms. Tho
supplies of nil kinds needed for 'ho
department of I'ubllc CharltUa this
rnr will cost 17111,000 In Manhattan
1 and Tho II ron x. I217.00O In Hi i tyn
1 mid (pieeiu, mid 112.000 la Itlchraonil
n total of J 1,0 1.1,000. Tho supplies
required by tho board of education,
nil borough, amount to a little moro
i than this tl.u:s,ooo this yonr. Tho
suppllei needed for tho !cpnrlnunt ot
correction nto to tho amount nt
1 000, for tho potlco department 131J 000,
and fur the department of buildings,
llghtliiK iiiid supplies, (100,000 for
I .Manhattan unit Tho Ilronx, 1140.000
for Ilronklyn, and 130.000 fur (Juteus
'and ltlchmond, h total of (300,000, ex-
v. (iiibiYu iii iho BiippiifH uci'ucu iur ur-
' inorlea. ulilch ennin nnili.e flm limit nf
I this di'partinrnt, The lire department
buys durlnR n year supplies to tho
,11111011111 of (jOO.OOO, tho department ot
street cleaning supplies to tho
amount ot COO.OOO, nnd n inodeat (a
Itlmato of tho total number of supplies
, purchased by nil municipal depart
ments (In tho uecounta of some ot
them the cost of supplies Is Indlatln-
gulshnblo from the labor employed In
I their use) Is (3,000,000. A sum so
largo otTois mnny opportunities for re
duction when purchases aro mndo nt
wholesjle, hut the present system Is
for each department to purchase sep
arately what (supplies It needs. New
York Sun,
kidney Iroublo.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Klducys Make Impure Blood.
All tho blood In your body passes throurh
your kidneys onco every three minutes.
I ha kidneys aro your
blood purifiers, Ihey fil
ter out tho vasts er
Impurities In the blocd.
II they aro stck or out
of order, they fall to do
their work.
Pains, schesandrheu
matlsm como from ex
cess cf uric acid In the
blood, duo to neglected
Kidney trouble causes mtlclr .inai..u
heart beats, and make niu fi ,,,. i.
they hid heart trouble, because tho heart Is
over-worklne In pumplnE thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
II used to bo considered that only urinary
troubles were to bo traced to tho kidneys,
but now modern sclenca proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases havo their tecln
nlngln kidney trouble.
II you are sick you can mako no mu'.'ke
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mllo.
and the estraordinary effect cf Dr. Kilmer's
btvnnip-Uoot, tho great kidney remedy la
soon realized. It stands tho highest for Us
wondetf ul cures of tho nst distressing cases
and Is sold on Its merits ft-'1.''
by aNdiucelstslnfllly.firTf5r!?PS
cent and one-dollar sl-KilitipHK'W"i
es. You may havo ailiaiPiiiH
aamnia tattta hn mall .. . .....
iree. aiso pampmet telling you how to flndl"a n'uu u lu,u. won maynit
out If you havo kidney or bladder trouble. ' devor Inflict It on another spirit. Then
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer Us woak Is done; It will never search
tc Co., Dlnghamtnn. N. Y. thy wholo nature again.
Origin or l.tlr. -it, K."
Tho Icttera "O. K." nro nn nbbrovl.
ntcd form of Indorsement, approval or
commendation. How they enmo to bo
thus used Is hero explained. In tho
colonial days of this country It was
generally conceded that the best rum
oud tobacco were Imported from Aux
Cnycs, In San Domingo, and henco tho
best of anything came to b luiown ns
Aux Cnycs, or O. K. Tho term passed
Into genornl uso In the presidential
campaign of 182S, when tho supposod
Illiteracy of Andrew Jackson, tho
Demorrntlc cundldnte, was condemned
and ridiculed by his Whig opponents.
Seba Smith, the humorist, started tho
droll fabrication that Jacksou Indors
ed nil documents sent to lilm for bis
approval with the letters "O. K" un
der the impression tjtnt they formed
.he Initials of "OH Koi :ect." New
York Weekly.
A Utile Smnnn.
Strive, strive, my to"!, to bi inno
cent; yes. beneficent, Dqcs nny man
wound thee? Not only forglvo, but
work Into thy thought Intelligence o
UKt rtnfi T,ct-I

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