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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, September 27, 1901, Image 7

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Recent Pa-ath.
Daniel K. ilnrtyn, chief nlRht op
erator for llio Western Union Tele
graph Co., nt Kansas City, at his horn
In that city
J ,il rkhlosstcln, well known In
br Aery circle, in St. Loul, illed at
Colorado Springs, Col.
John Vlynn, a well-known cltltcn of
I'otosl, aged 78.
William Stanley, the oldest natlre
born citizen of Carroll county, near
Carrollton, aged 70.
William F. Kerdotff, Sr., aged ,
Vromlnent at Icxlngton.
Kseltessrat at Iprlaca.ld.
Kred 1'. Young, proprietor of
trunk factory at Springfield, win
roughly handled by a crowd of men
because ho expressed himself a glad
the president waa shot. A croud col
lected, but Young was released lw
fore he waa seriously Injured. Mr.
Tlcknor, who had praised Kninm
(loldmnn as n noble and patriotic
woman, was advised to Irate town,
which he did. Leon Csolgosi was
hung In rfllgy on one corner of the
bell tower on the public sitiarc. Af
ter hanging n short time the efllgy
was burned.
Ktrlbr Asiilinlfans Red.
Springfield capitalist hate teased
eight farms east of 1-aroar for thrpur-
pose of prospecting for oil. Iwu Onya
of drilling by Aurora men reached n
depth of U0 feet. At 20 feet from the
surface ft tied of nsphaltum was
reached, which proird to be SI fret
thick and of splendid quality. In
citement In the vicinity prevails. The
runinany will drill 1,000 feet.
will I'lKht A.arehr.
A society called Societies Amercae
tins been formed, with headquarter
of the national secretary In Joplln,
Iho purpose of which Is to demand
the deportation of all anarchists from
America, and the cessation of all for
eign Immigration. The secretary of
the society states that the names of
members will remain secret.
I.W.4 l Thrr. Cts.tt.rle..
Mrs. Mary Monaliaii died In St.
Coals, n few days ngo, nged lot years,
fshe was born In County I.lmcrlck, Ire
land, in 1707, und rnmo to the t'nlteil j
States In 18(11. Her husband died 11
years ngo, nged 67. Mrs. M.mnhaii ,
was not III, simply passing auay fruiu
extreme iige.
Their C.astractlaa V.rr Material!)
llcdar. the Dsssrr at Ureal aaat
G.a.rat Caatfaa-ratloaa.
It Is generally recognized through
out Europe that the construction of
suitable lire lanes throughout the for
est conduces more to the prevention of
great conflagrations thsn any other
Institution. These serve as tsntsge
points In the fighting of tire and often
In themselres are sufllclent to prevent
Its spread, lly means of Are lanes the
country Is cut Into parcels and thi
danger of great conflagrations very
materially reduced. These Are lanes.
In order to be efficient, must be wide,
clean and well cared fort otherwise
they are of little use.
Fire lanes may be constructed at
slight expense. After the wood Is cut
It Is necessary to plow three nr four
furrows along the edges and then to
burn ovrr the lane at times when there
Is no danger of setting Are to the
neighboring woods, A Isno JO feet In
width would be quite efllclenl.
The scheme which 1 have to suggest
Is that these fire lanes be constructed
and kept In order In n nay slmllnr to
the construction of state roads, which
have been so popular of late. In this
way no terrible burden of expense
resta upon anybody. The Individual
i - -
me I'opalar Theories liiplnded fcf
lawatls.tlona of the Acrlcal
taral Department.
Recent experiments of the depart
ment of agriculture show that frulta
tn general contain remarkably little
itult that Is convertible, when eaten.
Into muscle and blood, llauatias and
grapes have about two per cent,
while apples, fherrles, strawherrlr s,
blackberries, cranberries, lemons and
oranges are able to lay claim to only
one per cent. this, too, when sklna
and seeds are put aside. On this ac
count, such articles of diet are obvi
ously 111 adaptrd to sustain human
life, though they possess great medic
inal value and contribute much to
Frulta are, however, relatively rich
In sugar and starch, and hence are
useful as fuel to keep the body ma
chine going. Ilananaa have 37 per
rent, of these material, graprs 31
per cent., apples Id per cent., cherries
and cranberries II per rriit orangra
nine per cent lemons eight per cent,
and strawberries seven per rent. In
this case, os In-fore, only the edible
portions are considered. Illackberrlra
and grapes have two per rent, of fat
and the other fruits mentioned con
tain one per cent. Watermelon pulp
Is 03 per cent, water.
Among vegetables Lima bean have
the highest food value, containing 33
per cent, of nutrients. Hwcct pota
toes come next, with 30 per cent.,
green pens next with 33 per cent.,
white potatoes next with 31 per cent.
i and string brans next with 13 per
cent. (Ireen sweet corn has 19 per
I cent, of nutrients, beets 13 per cent.,
turnip 11 per cent., rnbbagr, cauli
flower mid spinach eight per cent.,
eggplant and lettuce seven per cent.,
I tomatoes and asparagus six per rent,
1 and ciicumbera four per cent. Dry
I beans or rice are about the most ceo
mimical of foods one can buy. con
I tattling as they do SH per cent, of solid
' nutriment.
1'lsli has very high food valnr, In
1 fact, Is very nearly as nutritious n
I rhlrkru or turkey. A pound of eggs,
on the other hand, yields only half as
I nnirli nourishment u pound of lean
beef, notwithstanding n well-known
popular theory.
WIseonstB Farm Lands.
The best of farm lands rsn be obtained
now In Msrlnetle County, Wisconsin, on the
CMrsio, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ihlliray, at
a low price and on very favorable term".
Wisconsin la noted for Ita fine ernna. evt-at.
lent markets snd healthful rliniite. Why
rent a larm when you can tniy one much
cheaper thsn you can rent and in a feir years
It will be your own property. For particu
lars address F. A. Miller, fleneral Passenger
Ajent, Chlrafo, Milwaukee 4. St. Paul Had
way, Chicago.
Aataerat ml the Tahle.
The head waiter at the Cliff house, Mail
tou, was siren a smoker the other nltht and
fine (old watch. The dial InfulthfdoflieUl
responded appropristeljr and with diinlty to
the presentation speech, lie then lilted his
hand in token that the audience was at an
end. Ills guests departed and th great
man was slone, Denver Post.
not II Mil tip to the alleged
The lluud llnmla Hulileel Involve Ilia
I'r.ilileni I' I dual and Ituliltnlile
I 't'nvntlon.
Wnnta lerietnnl ..p.ict.
Vt.-lmlna Wfli..f tin lirmilfllf
ngnlnst l.I brother-in-law, Alliert i hencllteil lucrcuy pays part, xne conn-
.. s a . ..a .!,. nnntriaar tiapi ntitl hi tat- 1 1.1V ft. t lift
Henry, in i. Louis, or .iuiii-, v - r . l ulled Htnte. has rendered
him ni hi Sffl tb nrst state to unmee.sary. ... some ev-,t. thee,.,,
mpimri mm nnii ins niiniiy ior viie , radical steii toward the tin- struct on if hard mails, nil.nralra of
remainder of Weber's life, nod hat """J "'l.'. ..V',?" ' ' .. ." I I...M iln.i liv-r. n.-li.d
jir.iirincni u n.-r miuih: ihk.iuj t--. - -
Th. state aid law iir.irldrs that, mi lie-1 u stage III our history when lH-tter
i tttlon of the owners of two-thirds ot
the lauds bordering any public road,
not less than a mile In length, asking
that the road tie Improved and agree
ing to pay ten per cent, of thereat, the
Ask fur llei.vi- Unionises,
Mary Schncll has brought, suit
ngnlost the St. Louis Transit ti.
(ttrcct ear company) for $33,000, for
Injurie which she alleges she re
ceived by Ih-Iiik struck by u fur.
l-rolmlil)- .rr ltrn! Proverl. VII,
W. T. Menchln. of Wnverly. III., re
ported to the HI. Louis puller that
lie wan drugged and robbed of
by n strange woman he met nt the
St, Louis union station.
Ilr.miird li. u Well.
Knrl Clunker, sK years old, fell Into
a well, nt I'hlllli'olhe, unci wns
drowned. The boy had been scut nfler
a pall nt water and fell through a
bole In the floor.
TI.e lli.llrt 1-lnllrnrd.
tleorgo Mcdlhrny and J. I). Wilson,
a M. Louis Irniisit Lu. rniiilui'tor.
Although the rnptd growth of rnlt-
country hlghuiiys are iieees:ir.v to.iiir
' roiiiuirr.-lal nmi iigrleiilturiil progress,
i runners, us n ehis, are not eiithml
I asts over the good run. Is tiioiriiirnt.
They feel that the expense ! them
.nimli. ndlnlnt- &lmtl I m Urn t hi t.m d. wiiulil be LTi-ntcr I In. ii the triilus. In
lone-third of the expenses to be borne ! the prnlrle stoles of the west, wh.re
by the state. If the road Is brought to ! there l little or nogrnv.-l, the cost of
the standard fixed by the state cum
nilsilonrr of public roads, and the lull
mice COS-t per rente-by the rnunly.
The state's expenditures fur such lm
nruicmrnts In nny one rar nre llni-
I Ited to $150,000, while the county li lim
ited to one-fourth of one per cent, of
Its assessed valuation. Slurc l'.'Jj the
applications for new roads have been
far In excess of the limit prescribed by
II seems tn me that it would be a
simple process to extend this system
to the construction of fire Iniirs, It Is
foolish to talk of forest culture until
fires are reduced In nuinlxr. For this
fought a duel on mi owl rur, utid a purpose fire lanes nre rasriit.nl, and
bullet fired bv Wilson llutteiiril un I this Is the only scheme I knuw of
Minilvrny'K skull.
Miot a Woniua.
.Mrs. Kiito Perry was shot und fatal
ly wounded on her farm, six mill'
south of Miilisllcld, by A. II. Weaver,
a neighbor. Weaver surrendered to
.Nnllimnl lti.nl fur llnnett.
First mitlontil bunk of Monet t lull
been nuthorlrrd to begin bulnes;
rnpltnl stock, $SO,ou0: P, J. Inlanl,
president; ('. W. Lenlinrd, rnshlcr.
Marrlrd I'lllr Vrnra.
Mr. ntul Mrs. A. It. Pntlerson, of
Nrin.ln, celobriite.l their fiftieth wed
ding nnnlversnry. Tliey liu teslded
n Xeviida for over thirty jenrs.
titenlii I.Mliudr' Hunted.
A strum laundry at Salisbury,
Charlton county, belonging to A. T,
(Snlleinore, wus destroje.l b.v til c.
Ln, lusiiraiiee, $1,000.
1'nll riuwlnsr.
Tha rrecut rnlim tliiouglioiit the
statu have jiut the soil In excellent
condition for plowing, and this work
la ln.-Iug rapidly pushed.
Illrl Kill- Her. elf,
irt)ia llogoii, aged It, committed
iiiiclili- In St. I, null, because her moth,
rr Molded her for not returning homo
from work promptly.
Department More rnllurr.
"The Huston," n St. Louis depart
ment More, 1ms failed, with small ni
acin and u list, nt creditors na long us
av search warrant.
lln rlrrlnuslv Inlnred.
Fdwnrd Wllhlte, aged 10 years, wis
seriously nnd probably fntnlly In
jured, a." few dnja ago, while oiling a
irusher lit .fopllii.
Addreaard III. atlld.llta.
Mojor .1. A. Iteed, of Kansas City,
nililrcsvrd tlio stuilents of llurdlu cul
lege, Muxleo, in the concert hall uf
hat Institution,
IVII rriim n Drldiie.
Henry Walters, a painter, fell from
the trestle work of a bridge, iii-nr
Marthnsvlllr, Warren county, and na
lostautly killed.
which seems practical and possible.
Once Institute a perfect system of fire
lanes under eoinbltied stale nnd local
control, nnd the number nnd severity
of fires will be reduced to siieli an ex
tent that t lie evil will, I am certain,
gradually fade away, nnd modem sys
tems of silviculture will grndunlly
creep In as the value of wood nnd land 1
Increases, said Dr. John lllffotd liefore I
'he Xew Jersey Horticultural society, !
Til. lllKheat-l'rlrrd llnller. I
Separator butter commands the
highest prices on every butter market
In the world. It stands best for fresh
consumption nnd best nfler long keep
ing. The best "trade In every locality I
can no longer be supplied with any-1
thing else. Hvrry denier nnd utmost !
every consumer rrrognlrrs lt- uniuck- j
tlnnable superiority. Almost every
butter prize nt fairs, cnnirntlnns nnd
exhibitions now goes tn the sepamtor
mndc entries, and this Is Invariably the
case In nil Important contests. Sep.
ariitor-mndc butter scores from five to
twrnty-fltr points higher than the
most carefully made gravlly.tystetr
product. National Itural.
True i:eonuii- In Itu).
the Improvement Is greater than In Ihr
east, and It has not lieen safe there fur
any rural leglnlator to proclaim him
self un advocate of good ro .iU. If the
cost of the Improvement, liouevrr,
were dlstrlb.lli .l according In the ben
efit received, as Is supposed to be Hie
theory upon which city pavements nre
laid, the farmer might see thequrstl.iu
In a dilTrrrnt light. It l claimed that
the largest bruellt from good country
roads would Inure to I ho owners of city
proiierty. The change would mean
mure visits of the farmer to town and
morr business to the merchant.
In order to win the farmer's coopera
tion III Ihr movement, therefore. It Is
held that he should In- made to under
stand that he will hi-nskcil tu pay for
good roads only to the measure that
they benefit lilm.nnd thatelty owners.
Including the holders of railroad mid
othrr frnnehlars, will be required to
hear Ihrlr lull share of the rxpeiir.es.
The good roads subject Involves, as
most others do, the oiie sit equitable
taxation. - ItiifTnlo Courier.
Yaa Caa lift Allea'a Foat-Gaae mix,
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmsted, U
Hoy, N, Y., for a FHKK sample of Allen's
Foot-Kair, a powjer. It cures sweating,
damp, sitollen, aching fret. Makes new or
tight shoes easy. Alwsts use It to Ilreak In
New Shoes. At all druggiats and shoe
stores) 33c.
he tlell.v.d Ills.
Wlgg She Is very susceptible to flattery,
Wsgg I should say so. I once told her
she was ss sweet ss honey, snd-would you
believe It? the ery neit day she had kites.
Philadelphia llecord.
What is the use in employing some one
to do your dyeing for yon. II you use
It Just as well as a professional.
That Hired tilt! Again. "Do the Smiths
keeps gill!" "No. They hire a good many,
but they don't keep them." l'oiUJrlphu
Evtaing llulletin.
I am sure Plan's Cure for Consumption
saved my Ufa thrcci )ears so. Mrs. Th"s.
ltobblm, Maple Htrvct, Notwkh, Ji. Y,,
Feb. 17, lKJU
No man has a right to hunt bsrgalns In
friendship. It you cipert a dollar's worth ut
friendship give a dollar's worth o( friendli
ness for It. -Chicago Interior.
Cheek Th aTTatr Coaah
With llovsle's Croup Cure. Nooplura. SOcts.
lerelr l.andmarha.
Fanners who form na their father
did nre inrrrly landmarks to measure
the advancement mnilc In rccentyears,
That there baa Ih-cii great progress
undo lu all departments of agricul
tural and horticultural work, inclun
lug live slock of nil kinds, fnrm
sanitation, nnd the. tulnplntlon of
menus to ends I n conspicuous fact.
When we see u fnrm deiotcd to corn,
cotton and sweet jKitnture, the well.
with 1 mckct and windlass It'll yarns
from the house, and tlie kitchen and
eating pliico half that distance! the
t urn on one sldu of the lane mid the
cow-lot on the otlnrj tho woml pile
III front nnd it little to the right of
the dwelling; with draw-bnra Instead
of galea nt every pasnwny for ve
hicles, with n few scrub cuttle, horses,
hoga und fowls to complete the land
wnpe, wo know that the genius of
progTes luis not en I led at till fiirni,
or, If she did, was not Invited to stop
over- Farm and Itiinih.
Jacobs Oil
bull all recordi tint ilwajt will,
dfe Sprains
WuhaMt t
Ifa lticbt
na til
Acts like
The economy in usinir,
Dcvoc ready paint is in re
sults more than price. It
covers more and lasts longer
than lead and oil, two to
one; ten to one of some paint.
Ubc Dcvoc; and figure cost
by the square yard, or year,
not by the gallon; it's tha
cheapest paint made, figured
that way.
Ask the nearest dealer for Devoet
Insist on having It. Our pamphlet oa
pslntlngfreelf you mention thl paper.
Little Liver Pills.
Mutt Bor Signature of
Am Paotlaslls Wrappar laslsw.
Washington, Intl., Sept. 23r.l.- There
Is at present Iltlngnt I tit) ' llth street,
In this city, n most remarkable mini,
Un is llcv. (,'. II. Thompson, nnd he
rnme to Washington from Utile York,
1 ml., u short tlinu ngo,
Itcv. .Mr. Thompson spent tuuiiy
jeurK ot his long and useful life a n
missionary mining tho Indian of the
West. The great exposure and the
drinking of mi much bad water
brought on Diabetes, mid nt Wagoner,
i Indian territory, ho wu struck down
whllo preaching.
Physicians, one ot them n Chlcngo
sp.clnllst, prou.iiiiiied hi i-ase hope
less. Dod.l n Ivl.lney rill were rer.uii
inrndrd, and na n Inst resort he tried
j them He wua completely cured, mid
I restored to good health mid his casn
I mid It h euro has caused u seiisutlon
I among the physicians.
II Can lie rilled ill Hie I'nlcli nnd
AV lieelrd Its ( Ita- l-nature ur
(lie llnriiurd.
The rack shown herewith enu be
filled nt the fodder patch and whirled
to the pasture or Imrnynrd. There It
strrjsrainqTr-yrVJ J
r , i
dcwakc or iruTsnoN) uorojt tAoe nuts.
JhowinoFull tirve, of Garments find Hota.
sA.ai.TOWtg CO.. BQ3TOW, pf A. 40
-v T.IVV"rm-
Tear aaaall aaa a aar
take aa aafasw
roil HUOUtlttt.
ltftt I rarely TefstaMya-.?i;
an't SMvar -mi
tth Arte tad Fern an4 teevaMtat
your 111 when Yucatan Colli Toast
(Imr-rOTSd) will cure you.
Vacstsa ft sn lieaaat assa'lrlas. Ms
Sacniala Is prtmU4 M Ike Dacasgsj.
II BcutrsUiM lb taalsrlsl eelaoa
Ml lone up Ui wool system.
Aikyourdeak for Yucatan ChM
Tonlo (Iraproredllthebsiat got n
nska Mm send lor II, don't accept a
utstltuu. lite to cants a boUl.
Mads fiptr l-r Tbs A raarlean rtisf
issAataua.n avsDsvussa ana.
World's Motl Woodfitul Retort
lor lleiitb, Rttl aad rteiiurt.
R IsinPTi. 1 imsT , Pi, s.ifit.( wn't rrnns ttwrmwwwt
t.-r l-Mmtll.l li- ist lllulil4 tftatf.n hihI ul
iDissfWMiicn, uums
C. 8. Crane, R. P. A.. Wabash It. R.
V u ll'f Wtt Iran
trif, crt U Ihe mrncc
(fom It, urtd rofitcnlule It to
lite utfermoit. In in uuntcof our
ttKct Hit re it nil It c nutr.ilott uf mtnjr
tonnlf.r Wtt, Tofrt morchutiinif ni
tu the uuitCQ U Im(oitt1e.
1.11,1 .y Atlat cl h WiM. whh
new ii.ii, tlie till intliM. ttnl ny.
?.n) fur lo tti. In itimp. Our Hooli
lrt. "Mow in Make Uood 'ILinji to
Jjit," mallcil fitr.
Libby, McNeill & Libby,
1 1 "VtdPVX
3 " A
V Sawvtr't
ftfftirtl coRi(lH tifWtanrtkMi M IjsTI It rtdvr Mv4
lituiioK)rkVkt for iilr. 1U runvtriail
Into Mtakliitfrittl, i:?arr lurMPRl wbp
rk t cd w ii i r r v r imi r.
lj.sk fur I
irrwfiWWUsiwlh l.tritU
II. M. UWUH A SON, Mtrfc.1
v-ar smisBj xt . . m
IT flMPF WITH Rlfi &-.0
Ho krli our louiiry MtilurtM tri(ht iUrr IIS
per week n. riiMnvrtt yrttr't rsnimcl. wrcklv
rays WXurnUh bunk rrlrrrnifiotour relUMI
Ity, MtUki MHJ.IO., pfta t itKt UiUJII.
Tnanp Hilt, flrlatm will
IDffllll, 1-
a.fa.1 l.sals.i
(UVlUllV UL1A,
Ortnli. Ispiltr mlth ihm nsroav
liiol.t fsii n
li.pansnani li.u.
SO WSII. air.fi,
I If yoti do you should tend your name and iddreti on postal card for
Is III m A ,i,..,ik.. ... I. .1 ! M. . 1 . i. . . . - , i f i rt... ...a
iii..iiHivi.iiiuu.viivfcaiii, ihkuiiikiciii wiiivucaici inica, cuuik;uii biiu
Ammunition, and contains much valuable Information. Send at once to tbo
Wlnchoatar Mopsatlng Arms Co.,
Now Haven, Conn.
(irkxn roDimit n:i:ti ii.m-k.
ran lie huns up njfalnst the fence liy I
the hoohs at the hack. Make the ruck
There Is only one sun- ny tu save i of tlirtr-ltirli strips .if li.inrd and cut
hay, and that Is to malic snmrlhluc
else take the Jilace uf It. The man vvhu
saves It hy feeding scantily Is nut
really saving; anythlnj;: hut the uinu
who uiaVet corn fodder that he usually
nattes serve as hay Is savlnjr hay anil
maklnjr lnoni-y nn the transaction, If
cornfodilcr Is tn take the !ner nf hay
It must be pood fuil.lrr. It must h
rut at the right tlinc, curr-.l In tlie rllit
way and kept ifood until It Is fed,--National
Ileal.lt fif prn Ilia; Teala,
At the V.rmont experiment atutiau,
sprajlnif polntoes-durlne; ten years, of
uhlch an account Has kept, showed u
jlclil uf -'JO husheU per ucre fur the
sprajrd potatoes a'ulnst 173 liushels
uuspnijcd. .Spray Inirpotatiii's shou.'d
be directed nfralns-t both disease and In-si'clM-
The remedies may and for econ
omy in apply iii); should he combined.
When Paris frrcrn or I.ondnn purple
U used separate from bordeaux mix
ture a little fresh lime added will pre
vent Injury to tender plant.
the uhrvl fr.ilil n plicc of hurilwoud '
board.- Orange .Imld l-'ariucr.
'Die t'.ivr V hleli l-nia Heat,
Durliifr the flu- yenra nf cure fill in- '
trstlKllll.ill III regard In the cost nf
production of butter between cows j
spurc und angular lu form and eons
cinrjlui: roitsldernbh' siiperfluoun lis- i
sue, our records show that In crery
Instance the cow that curried the
K-ust tli-sh c-linrireil the least for but
ter, mid Just In 'so uiui'h n .me cow
was a little smoother and plumper
than the other would her butter
product cost more than the oth.r. It
should bj borne lu mlnil that tha re
sults are from .iccuinulatrd testi
mony, showing tint only that crcry
day, every week, every month, but
during her entile lifetime, the spare
cow- Is better. That she should be so
much lielter Is almost Inirrdlbie,
strong and uniform n th.i rvldrnca
Is. I'rof. Jfueehcr, lu 1'urmera' He-rltvr,
v xmi rw -m
25o. 50c.
Minfi all bowel trouMrn. M)pruillellln bllloua
I III II L nr, IimI brmth, hnti blood, wind on the
1 1 II ll r wl'iiiinrli.ttlonlrtl iHiwrlw, foul moiilhlie m4
UVIIb srhr,Inrtlkzrfttlun. plniplro, palnti artrr rat
Inf. lurr trouble, nallow roniiileilon and dUnlneaM.
lien i onp Itowelddnn't moe reicularly you are Kelt in
fileh. CoiiMtlpailon Ul I In more eotile than all oilier
f.letiAN tnicrtlier. It 1m n Mtnrler for the clironle all
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