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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, October 11, 1901, Image 4

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Publlnliorl Every Krlduy
A. H. IChadu:, Miiiinging Editor.
A largo Jiepublieiin Club, known iih tin:
Koosevell KeHibliean League, Iiiih liucii or
ganized in St. Tenuis.
In l!)02 Mfiitgonie.iy City Mill hold an
innneiiKe St rout Fnir tlmt will 'fitly eoinniein
ornti! the big crop our I'urinerH are going to
raise next year.
Vein may take the tier of States stretch
ing neross the continent from Kast to West
on a parallel! 'with Missouri,
IIIHftIIIMI tl . ... . . - .
miaauuKi in unci you will litid that Mh
EXCEPTION, Miuri is the only state in the
list that is solidly Peino-
eiiitie. We do not. Iielieve that grand old
Missouri will long remain an exception.
We have on our siihscriplion list many of
the very hest citizens in the county who are
deliii(iiiiit. We feel that il
cniicerniiig should only he necessary to
SuburlptUms. t.j, attention to this fact to
induce such siiliscrihers (o
promptly send us the amount due, which is
always shown on (he margin of the paper
AVe realize that limes are it little hard this
fall, hut these are small matters that should
he attended to, mid we will appreciate fa
vors of this Kind very much at this lime.
One of the brightest and inot ably
edited newspapers now published in the
State is the Missouri State
Kcpiihlican, published in St
Louis by Mr. 13. ('. lJioeke-
ineyer. We predict that
Mr. Hrockeiueyer's iulelli
gence and energy will make for the Kepub
lieau a great future. Missouri lithe lil'th
State in the lTiiion, and practically half of its
voting population is Republican. We have
ample room forever Republican paper now
published in the State, ami by a united and
harmonious effort, we expect to laud (!raud
Old Missouri in the Republican column next
Mow becomingly the persuasive air of
innocence hovers o'er the sanctum of the
The Republic's. -with what an air of holy
nii. horror it perforins the dnul
le cross act of holding up its
bauds at the awful spectacle of Chairman
1 Akilis and the boys of the Republican partv
who had ollices stolen from them in Missou-
n, making a trip to Washington for the
blood-curdling purpose of helping in a ipiiet
way a tew iriemis to get a stray appoint
ment now anil then; and at the saint time
holding down its ancient skirts to hide the
skeleton or Cronin, Uutler and Wells pick
ing the llllhy skeletons of Xesbit law vic
tims and Supreme Court holdups'
Of course Kerens and Akiim are en
gaged in a deadly feud, otherwise, how
could the Republic distract attention from
the raveling intowhieh the (ilobe-Deinocrat
has picked the Auditor's reports?
Of course the Republican "outfits," as
thi) Republic calls tin are the only people
n wido Missouri who want pie. Dockerv is
.a.n.iiui, unjiviisillg DlCSSIUgS ; WellSISIl III)
Tim Globe-Democrat has driven the
Democratic administration into n Santiago
Uav. and is watchiutr the narrow channel of
escape so closely that the enemy will have a
Harder tasK in eluding tlie gutw than Ucrvcra
had on his fatalJuly morning. The accounts
of the State are in a bad shape. Auditor
Allen can't fix them. Political Review.
he needy multitude ! Had .lack Williams is j"'7 ,d
. t iw.,,1. i.., ii i! . ..... . "as made its elu
l"t iiii noriiiy ine lllieant. wluwn n .,i.
lurks have an example of Christian forli-
iiio, ami tne olar Walkers have aureoles
frighteoiiMicH-, growing like Malam's cars
fght out of the tops of their heads.
in the name of ordinary horse sense let
Xext year the following County oflicers
are to be elected : Representative, Collect
or, Probate .Judge, Prose
cuting Attorney, Sheriff,
County Clerk, Circuit Clerk
Recorder, Treasurer, Coro
ner, and three members of
the County Court.
The Republicans will nominate n ticket
composed of honest capable and active men
for these ofllces, and it will win.
"The republicans were never better or
ganized in Miss iiiiithau at the m-esent lime.
Appreciating the demoralized condition of
the democratic, party, and amused and de
lighted at our heretofore trusted leaders re
pudiating the silver plank in the Kansas
City platform, they are more than ever
hopeful of success, and are working valiant
ly, night and day, to this end. A call for a
conrerence or tliu republican editors has
been recently issued, and meetings in every
congressional district, for every month,
from now on to the cud of the campaigns in
1!)0'2 and l!ll)l, have been arranged. Yet,
with oiiroivn inactivity and indifference, ami
with the cneiiiy delimit ami determined,
Pockery, Seibert ami Cook think it "unwise
unsafe, and fraught with grave possibilities"
Tor democrats to meet in peacerulasseniblairo
and confer ami discuss the wavs ami means
or holdiiijr Missouri in the democratic col
umn and electing a successor Senator Vest."
I.on V Steiiens, in IJooncville Advertiser.
Real and Personal Property for Sale.
Wo have decided to open a
column In our papo to the ndvcrtln
mcnt of real and personal property
for sale. Wo havo arranged with
Mr. C. L. Clark to handle tho
business for us and contract may
bo mado either with hlra or with
tho editor of tho paper. Wo ad
vcrtlno your property nnd make
every lionorablo effort to sell It.
If wo aro puccernfut you pay u
tho amount agreed upon when tho
property is piaceil in our Hands.
If wo aro not successful you aro
not nt any expense.
Wo also attend to renting houses
and collecting rents.
Olvo us u trial nnd sco what wo
can do.
I Li) acres, 2 miles of thin city, 75
acres In cultivation, balanco In
grass and timber. Land lays
fairly well, plenty of water and
fair houso nnd barn. Will bo sold
at alow flt?tire. l'nr furthor nnr.
tlculiira nnd price call or write.
100 acres .1 miles of this city good
houso and barn, all necessary out
buildings, lino young orchard.
Land Isextry good noil, some bot
tom land, nil lays well and all
can bo cultivated. Price given on
Good I room home one lot well
loented good repair. Will sac
rifice at $100.
ron kxciian'Oi:.
Arm nronertv. will Itmirnvntl
i ... i
Just outKldu city limits to trade for
simmer property, closer In.
Several good houses to rent.
For rent, good U-room houso In
good lopnlr, one aero of ground,
good out buildings, barn nnd
The delay in the appearance or the of 11-
cial statement or the state's finances is cer
tainly inexplicable, if this
AUDITOR'S weie not true, some exnlan-
l)l:LAYI:l Ul- utioii nf it unnM .!
" nave iieen nuiile. Such a
loii'' vilhlioldini: or inforinu-
tion which the public has been led to be
lieve could be furnished without trouble or
Inlay is arousing suspicion even uinonr the
most prejudiced of the partizans ol the par
ty in power. There is general l'ear among
men of all parties that there have been dis
creditable transactions which the delav is
to cover up rather than expose. The hrine--
ing of an expert iiccoiuitant from the east
to verily tlie findings ol Auditor Allen is in
itself alarming, indicatim:. as it certainlv
. . ... .
does, that the auditor's olllce has got be
yond its .lepth and is not capable of deal
ing with the situation disclosed in the books.
.Missouri State Republican".
openly char
months ago the (Jlove-Deiuocrat
.1 . it .
nun discrepancies in
State hook . keeping ag
gregating millions of dol
lars were shown by the
State Auditor's renorts of
the past thirty years. Shortly nftur thesu
charges were first made it was announced
from .JolTorson City that Auditor Allen was
preparing a statement, of the financial i-nn.
dition of the State covering the past thirty
years, which it was announced would soon
be given to the public. Davs nascd into
weeks, and weeks into months, and vet
Auditor Allen's report was not fiiHlw.,.,
itical philanthropist illstrilmtiii- charity to ' "u'1""",' the (5 lobe-Democrat has
.lioneedv innltim.!..! it,i . i..,.." n.M,..: ... roiteruleil its charge from (lav to daw Jt
Republic ijuit throwing stones when the! v
,u 1.,.....,.. ..P i .. 'I IS
iiirges more specific ami lum
referred to the book and Ilium U'lmni trim
diserepencies may be found. The news now
comes from .Jefferson City that the State
Auditor has a linn of .New York export
going over the books to verilY tlu.ii-
When the books get in such a condition that
located, rent cheap.
A really- healthy woman bu lit.
Itlo lulu nr iiiMimr...! .. i...
, ... ...v. v ..t tn.T
niemtni.il ihtIimI. No woman
iieiili to li.ivo nny. Wlnu of
Cinliil win uulckly rellmo i,0,0
niartliig inctolnial palm nnd
II) ilrn-'irliiL' lipml. .....i
Wo nclics e.m by jjlll,,,, ,,f
Iho womb niul Irregular mone.i.
lias lrou-lit permanent relief In
1,000,000 women nho u(fcml
over)- month. Il makes tho in.
tnial organt ttrnngmid licallliy.
JH llio iriiMon niailo !y Xa.
lure to cho women nll.-f fm...
Ilio tcrrlhluiiclivsniid pain which
Wllit n many liomei.
1 1.... I """"""".i-.. Ocl. II, icoo. 1
Attention! Attention!
To the Voters & Taxpayers.
The St. Louis Star
Accepts the invitation of
Coventor Dockery to ex
amine the Hooks of tho
State of Missouri.
I Ha ye the State Funds
Been Properly Hand-
A Slock ol W.lrhn, Clark. JewHrjr,
rillrrrwarr, Rprcliotci, CMnirri anil
Mutlcai' In.lruin.nll on llaml
Minor Arlnnlly I'llUil To Tl.r tyro
Watoh, Clookond Jewelry Hsparlng.
Work (iMrnntml otl.f iclnrf.
Tot Causes Night Alarm.
"Ono night my brother's baby
was taken with Troup." writes
Mrs. J. C. Snider, of Crittenden.
Ky., "It Hcemcd It would strnnKlo
oeloro we could (jet a doctor, mo wo
Itavo It Dr. Klnir'a Now Discovery.
which Ravo quick relief nnd per
manently cured It. AVo always
keep It In tho houxo to protect our
children from Croup nnd Whoop
itiK uouuh. It cured mo of a
chronlo bronchial trouble that no
other remedy would relieve."
Infallible for CouuIih, Colds,
Thront nnd Lung troubles. (K)c
and 81.00. Trial bottles free nt
Cason's Pharmacy. j
An Ingenious rrontmont by whloh
Drunkards are Doing i urotl Dally
In Upltoof Thomiolo, I
No Noxious Dots. No Woaklnn of.
thaNorvas, A Plnasnntand Post- !
live Curo fortho Liquor Hnblt. )
llli nuw (tnirrolly knonu tn.l under.'
Ktood tlisl OriltiL.tin.. I. a .tl. I 1
wraknr... A hody tlllrd Willi ..,I.ud. n,l WABASH TIME TAHI F
ntn complMtl lllrrrd h, ri.dlc.l ' . cv,,l.7 ",J , T ADL.r ,
rr..iltrgnnlldolor,l,l,ofntulrlliliiK ', " !' ' . ..
undVr.illniln.il.l I .i 1 Ar...i.i. t rrlnhl.
Ili.rr.vl.ulor.mnxlcu.. Hnffrr.r. uy I' 'M"U ' , li"m if'""
now cur, C.c.n.rlvc. l,, w.tl,.,.,. puitfS" ", f - " '", V J '"
The JJesiilt or tho Investiga
tion will he Published
fill mil tlil ('.iii;hih ii mi .Mull to
"1 I mm 1 4 Mill'
"I. I.oiiI. ..i.r. il. Ixnl. Mo.
Oslr . .,
I.'nrloird find f..r wlilcli aend
lli lll)t and Sunday Hisr r'.r tlirco
lnonlli lo Ihr nddlrM lirlnnr.
wnndrrrul-lliiniiiOulil Curr" ithlrli In. I
l.rrn n. ifcclrd .n r ..i. . "'"""'"y
aludy nnd Irr.lnirnl ot liirdralrn. Tlie!
Wllilul u.r n.Tordln); to dlrrctlon of M
Hondrrfnl duenrtry I. m.lllrlr "". Wil.lllf
. . ,n" n"'"" "". BO I Monlmmrn
iliM.Ism sM.'iiini
n:.VS in Ml i in
Cm. Acci.ui.
a.m . in 'ir, in
ii in ',: Ha m
I(-:.T a m
1 1:10 am
11:31 am
IJiiOi m
plenty of fruit for family use, well EZtZ.ZJ.'Z. .T ! i 1
"- i 1II..I. HI "l.M ... u Jk - ...
1(1 in am
ll:m a ta
1M p la
; Go To
Thn binl In tlu. i.i. mill .fli.in
you want n i;nod horse, or n
I t LV. , r" V'J r M-iuo tlino.
i nun. i
I iV"" l-irn "l.'l
l.la ami n..l.i ... .
1 1 lilc'.taboltloot V.
I 'urnf,,,a,iiftrne
, .hr ...
"o lie.
" .1 I
Ifr.-IKr-ir ijlvfn . i .ii.,.'. i ...IT.
lldarlnri...ill.l.. ' -
M. A. Vourr. I
i '..I nu.nxt,'a,Tetin.
n.l. ..r iir,.L.,.i-1... i . 1 '"H" '"'I AM I' '
and i.,,rl.Ut ,;,,. "" ' Ju'", 'M ' '
WhcCiirr V.mr llu Ul! Children ' L- V. ,
Cute Yimr P.tlie..!! This rr, irdy li In ' ''. "I"'-"..trr l lt
n n.n a noMnim but I. for V '." . 'V "V' ?
dl-ra......!,. .Klllrully 1"!' 1 ln- ''"'' ",,'.'-onl' "'
r.urJd UMt It I. Uioro, Bkly , ,r ' M,,J..",1"i?, "M ' "V " ' P: ,
and nlc.nt In lli.ia.i.. . .1... I. i.. ' l" ' ''" Mt 3.W
Jilvcn In a cup of.,,, r roifco wlihoui I ., ' '"" ' . ,'1m"!,!,:1 f - '''I"
kn,.,lrd.,.,fll..pcr.o., i.Uinr II. Tlioii' I i nrr'4'l'ir '" ":" 7:00
f lri,.,k.rd.l..,t curnl. L7.Z'. '''Jl-'
Willi Mil. lincilrx rrmrdv. an. I a. .n..
mnrr havo dcrn cured and made Innprratr
i inc-i.iir-" aiimiiiuirrcd lij
IntinRlrlrm'a and rrlatlrra wltlmut itirlr 1
knnHlrdiiFlnrotTrportra. and brllcve Ii
lay that Iticvill.roiidniirdilili Unit ol their
( on n free will. Ho .Not Wall, p.i not he
ll.lllll.il I.V ...I....... ...II .. . t
i ' I - "ii-auum "llli T
prni riuent." Ilrlte nut the dlaeate at oure . f
and f..r all time. Tho "llnme fluid Cure." ; P
la told at the extremely low prlr- nf One
Kollar. thus placing within reach of ever).
iirnimeni mine nnrciial than nth. , i wniu a rnim norse, or n
era co.llnz i:.Mn ;ji. Cuti ,iirarii.,n. ' jl uood rle. His liorxna nml rlmi
company each package. Hperlal advice l.j ) can't bo bent.
kllledph)alclanavheiireiiietcd wlihoui ' 'Always ready to neeninmo
extra chaw. Hent prepaid to any pail ol ft dato you prompllv.
Ihe world on receipt of On. foliar. Ad., ? HionetJ, , ,
dreaanept.VOU.Kdttln II. (Hie, Com.i' B. L. ZWART,
pauy.itMand SB1 Market Street, fhlla t l,r'!lc Stable MotllKnmery,: Mo
.icipiiia. .vikij,
Montom3i7 : County: Bank. J
Mo.NTUIIMKIIY Cm. Mn. 1 wa
CAPITAL, - - - 522,000
Heat Market .ml Packing House, i
Kre.li llir, Cork. Slult.m, llreakra.l
llai'on, Krcli I .art, hlo. UrcT bju- ,
aane. t'orkSanaK 1
Market t'rlie l'ald lor llntrher. Mtoek.l
vJiihs houses or Democracy expose the uuVT7 l'al1 '" ux,,orts tnm Xuw'
'Wliilious ciiu.es known to polilical wnrfuruLV"" , l,mv" ,huir ,ML'xmwi'y we subinitthat!
j the iirice imi.l lor sui.reinacy in St. Loui t.,,l"ff.,U!W,(Ml ,s 11 f "'hninistrat-'
, Akinsaml Kerens are no nai.its, l,,""1; " 's "ot in !
adi.oi.nd Oot kerv nnd Cook and Franci! tl,!,t ("u M!t l n.en should have a life,
jd Wells ,,, give them cards ',,,..1 spades ; " t,,L' Slntu ottevn-
,UieI)ovilH-a..,e and easily rake in the I 'V)lm.,,(:'1'ils ils wuI1 ls l'"blicai.s are of
i'oIitiealU'eviaw. tins oj.inum, and their views will find ex-
. ' liression at the noils next year.
Hall's Croat Dlscovory.
Due Mimll IhiIIIh of IUU'm Rriat
Dl-i'im ry i-nres nil klilnei nml lilml.
iter Irnitlilix, ri'iimvea uruvid. curea
illiilielr. a.'iiiliial eiiilliiiia, weak nml
Ihiiik liHi k. ilieiiiHnlUni nml nil lrrc
iilnrlllea nf (In. kldneva nml hlmliler
III 'icilli lnri. m,,! ..Ollllill. rei.lllal.a
lilsililer irnulile In riiildren. If mil
iiiilil by Wiiirdriiillal will he m-iii hy
mall iih r.e'lpl of $. I) unit lint.
I" l two iilli.' treat I and will
cure nut ihh hIiiivi- iiieiillouml. )r.
K V Hall, aolo IliaiilllHrlltri.e i n
Unit 029 SI. Lmil... Mo. Semi fur
teMimoilUlj, 8il(l lay nil ilril"t. tf.
Me.lc.., Mo.. Sept. 19 1901
Thla la In ci-rllly Hint I linue I ti
cureil of kidney nml lilmtilcr Irotihlo
hy llin in. nl the Texna Wi.niler,
Hall's (irenl lNcmcry I run iliccr.
fully roi-ni .'ml It tunny one auf.
i'-riii(r irom Unit ili.esae Ymiim
,r"ly. T II, OWINOS.
3 v . m ' MI BUT
I. A. Thompson,
Olfire In l.'iiurl llouii
Crowe and liuldife IVork n Specialty.
rJ-oincniH riunnira nfiii.nn.
Oaaon's Pharmacv un
der the Opera House aci
curucv. carotuliv sfllfip.torf
drugs, moderate charges
lriirmH iin.l Clly I.rt.p.ri.v i.ii-miiI.
I'artle. de.lrlni. llielr Uii.t .linrit&. 1
without coat In tlicm innat Hat alillln I.Aror. i
cataloitne la laaurd. OiDcn mer Uuloi
Savha-ii Hank. Mnntirnnicn Cllv. Mo
Through Servics
- .pty Cents-
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
"Dlocsts what you cat."
A I U druj ktorts.
2S Dttva 25c

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