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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, November 22, 1901, Image 8

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l-'rlday, - November 2c, lool.
cupv one Year In Advance $1.00.
.! (1 Months In Advance 60c.
Nindivlllo SluctfiilB.
, dumber your houecM
lliilcumb mile tomorrow.
Go 10 tho cuun home tonight
.:. II. Williams' child In Mill
et) Kick.
Ojioru house tomorrow livening
u nilil.
inking, tnuttlo, mirth Nnshvlllo
aliool entirlnlnment next Wed
Ml.iy evening.
( V. 12. Ki ni.t r Is vlnltlng rcl-
la I'llllUII.
r O. l.owirj, world', challenge
itilt.ictl lorncttnt.
Juhu brown, 01 Joncsburg, wiin
1. this city Mommy,
iv lllliim Wlinf , hi New Florence,
vim 111 tin (i eil 'limsdny
John Ji'lluis, 11. 'ow Florence,
vit In thin cit.i Ntcdncmlny.
'tuin Itonnu.r, ui Mnrtlnsburg,
vlmted Irk'iKU lit ti .Sunday,
ll InutJitii, i.iiiiH you, don't go
to fci'u iliu Niihliviliu Student.
Mian Undid Muwnrl of I'rnhlhl
tluu Hjicnt bunuuj In 1I1U city.
I). 11, Sailor loiijiped 11 carload of
cattle to Hi. l.iiUiH Monday night.
ItcpreHcntntlvit Muliry, of Well
villc, wiih on our mkti Wi-tlnm-Uny.
sen thu pror.tui nir tlui chnol
entertainment in-xi Wctlucndiiy
Mm. Dully iuk iiididiiy for AN
ton, III. to vill lier mm and inmll
H lew WCf ltH.
School children'?, matlnco Satur
day nt2i30.
Joo I'olndcxtcr.of MlncoU, wan
on our Btrccts Monday.
Dr. Hcllim.., mill lloinur l)n
T.unon of .Mlililk-uiii Wcru In Huh
city Monday.
J. I'. Ahnmii m I'riccit lirnncli,
wiih In thin cliy loiuiiiy mill matin
tllU OllU'U II pll-llt-IIUl cull.
MIhn Cnrrlu Kuiiziu returned to
St. I.ouIh Monday idler two wccUh
with rclnttvcH nt iIiIh pinco.
Mount. Kd iinu trunk Uriiven,oi
St. I.oihm, -.pent humliiy with their
parentis Mr. mill M11..H.W. (IruvcH.
Itcnd tint Mil h 01 thn city or
dinance publlnhed in tlilrt paper
pertaining to coiiiugluuH divcuiiCK.
William llnio, rfiiiinml children,
Of HcllllowiT, WITH till) gUUll ot
Dr. nil iih mill fiiiuily In thin city
Minn Stella 1 out leiurncd Satur
day to her hoinn In Muhcrly, after
a pleasant vlnll with her brother,
H. 8. I'atil, and fiimlly,
Mcssm Kd Aiuiiiir, Jamc Price,
Olbtuiu Woodward mid Claud
Kowlc of Muxieo, npent 11 fuw
hour In iIiIh city Sunday.
A number 01 our citizens will
dart .Monday for Southeast MIh
Huurl mill Arkiiu.uuirthclr annual
hunt. Here's to their huccc-m.
It. S. McCnll lull Munday night
for f-ieiutlu, Wutdi., to visit IiIh
brother, Charles. Ills wlfu nceoiii
pnnlcd'hlm us lar iih Kansas t.lly.
Thu High HCiiuo. louibitll team of
this city will play theShonu Acad
emy tcmn of Muxieo at this place.
Hi.uikHglvIng ilnj. Ciiiiiu called
nt 2 o'clock.
Klsewhero in una paper will bo
found some 01 ihu oectlon of thu
city ordinances pertaining to con
tugioiiH diseases Head them mid
iiuinply with them
Now that Chips Pearson and
Howard Kills are to own a railroad
tlioy will bo s.i stuck no that thei
will let up on asking subscribers to
"jrlngin that wood you promised
iw." Intelligencer.
Mrs. Lena Ijiiiiicii left yesterday
for her home In Columbus. Kv.
Siio was accompanied homo by her
bMut, Miss Kntherliio Vardcmnu.
Mall and Kxjiress.
Mrs. Oarnctt has many friends
Will Knox, of New Florence,
was In this city Monday.
A. Hnari cama up from St. Louis
Monday to remain it few weeks.
Don't forget the school entertain
R. II. Williams spent a few houri
at Oamma Tuesday.
J. L. -Jones, of Joncnburg, was In
this city Tuesday.
Ocorgu Ollchrlst was In Wells
vllle oil buslncsM Saturday.
Tom Kelly, of Mobcrly, was
...UI 1.1 1.. ... 11.1.. .. 1
V. Ill 1 1 11 ui. lllunun ill nun piiiwu
When n you..,, eouplo begins
RdiiK togctner it Is a "mash,"
Wliuu thty fiill'out It Is 11 "clash,"
when they make up thoy nre not
Usuully so "rash," but when they
tio up It Is "hash," and when they
uj for ,1 dlrorco It Is "smash."
Mrs Kluer Wilson, ot New Flor
ence, was visiting In this city
I'rof. .1. wTout Is and wlfo of
ndlllowcr spent Isat Sunday In
this city.
Mrs Nnt Worley, of New Flor
ence, was shopping In this city
Mrs .1 M White, returned to her
home at Dnnvllln Tuesday, nfter
two weeks' visit with relatives nt
Will Jones, of Mlddlctown, wni
on thn streets of Montgomery
AdinUsloii 10 ami UOa to the
school entertainment next Wednes
day evening.
H. 0. Whlto left Monday for Col
orado, where hu goes to make Ids
future homo.
Mrs. W. W. Worley went to
Wcntzvllln Sunday afternoon to
visit friends.
W. W. Worley left Sunday after
noun for St. Louis, whern he spent
thu week buying goods.
After this week you will llntl us
In the Uptergrove building, down
stiilrs, throe dooru southeast.
Mlsnes I .aura mid Kllcn Wells, of
Price's llrnnch, urn visiting their
Mslor, Mrs. l'ltmnn Hensley.
"Undo Joe" Drlskell enmo over
f om Mlddlrtown Monday and
spent thn dny with old friends.
Mrs. Laild, of Term llaule, Intl.,
nrrlved Thurdii,v evening to visit
her daughter, Mrs. (1. II. Utirton.
Hob Drown, of Denver, Col.,
shook hands with n number of his
old friends hero Saturday nfter
noon while en route to St. Louis,
where his wlfo and baby am visit
Thn Thanksgiving services will
bo held nt thu llatittst church on
Thnnksglvlng day at 'Jt.'IO p. ni.
Kov. Thompson l'enn,of thn Moth
odlst church, will preach the scr
Joo Onrri lt mid family left Frl
day fur their liomii near Portland.
Mrs. (Inrrelt and the two children
were Just returning from a several
months' visit to her parents In
Denver, Col.
I'd leave my happy home and
enisi the deep blueseu,
Kalherthnn be without Chnrley
and my Hneky Mountain Ten
Ask your il"'fiii.
lllshop ii.im 8. fu tilo will hold
services In the Kplcopal tihurch
here Sunday, November 21, at It
a. m. and 71.10 p. m. Kverybody
Ilrlngs attractkenen to listless,
unlovable girls, making them
hnndsome, nvirrlageablo women.
That's what Hneky Mountain Tea
will do, .Tie. Ask your druggist.
Misses Martha and Marie Jones
very royally entertained thu fol
lowing persons at dinner Sundays
Misses Lora Mudd, Leola Fnulenn
er, Henlon McCnnne. Iva Hensley,
I.aurn Hlsk and Kmlly Graham;
Messrs. Frank Palmer, Durnani
Slsk, George Jones mid Alex Gra
IntereMlog Kcadlnfc.
Wo liavo on Imnd n supply of
.literature descrlptivo of various
sections of tho West mid South.
It Avill mako Interesting reading
for thu long winter evenings and
will bo gladly sent on request to
Gen. Agt. Union Pacific n. It,, 003
Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. 2t
Mrs. Mnry Jono Crawford died
November lfi, nt the residence of
her son-in-lnw, George Love, near
Wllllnmsburg, aged OSyenrs.
Threo children survive her, Mrs.
George Lovo nnd tho Mrs. Colo.
Thoso who knew Mrs. Crawford
entertained tho highest regard for
her nnd mourn dcopiy her depar
ture. Tho many friends of the
sorrowing rolatlvos condole with
tnem in tnelr sad bereavement.
Mrs Hast, of New Florence, was
calling on friends hero Tuesday
Ho sure to attend thu school en
tertainment next Wednesday even-
Miss Uerllu summers was tho
guest of friends In Junesburg Inst
F. W. Schneider, of Amerlcus,
made this oillcu 11 pleasant call
Henry Covingtuu shipped two
carloads of hogs to ot. Louis Mon
day night.
No mutter w...u .. girl's political
creed limy be, uno mwityn wauls
protection. hx,
County Clerk Pitman Hensley
uiul lutillly were tunneling with ll.o
measles this wees.
Tnu ot. Josupii limes says "llu
UUtes will bo thrown wiuc o,.eu
when 1 no ltepubilcau euitors
MlUdlclowu Is niiead ot Mont
lioiuury at leant 0110 point. 'Ihu
buiiooi ot inal town buusls it banket
bull leum.
John Itolcuuib will hold u public
sulu ot peroii.U property at his
renideueo III tlio uoitluveslern pari
01 town tomorrow (riaturday.)
.Miss ltosu Iinu came up lruiu
Muiit,oiiiery Ltiy touay to attui.d
llu SlniKeniieulo Clul) tuuighl
which meets with Miss Mituiiu
w'miiicu, luiuliiveiiecr.
A thousaiiii Hangs by II niu
done fur oilier mu.i iiiosi tnlut,
(I j one. W'u lelur to HocKy .noun
tain Tea iiiuiiu 0 .Muillsou .Mem
cluu Co. Iloc. .ink i our tlrugglst,
'.. C. HulgHii mnl wife, of Pal
inru, In., wcru 111 the city luri
week visiting his uncle, M. II. Hid
way, whom lie hud not seen for
forty-four years.
"A Trip Around the World"
given by tho Indies of Ihu M. K.
church, South, In Mexico Inst weuk
wits something new In Ihu way 01
cuurcli entertainments, it has been
suggested that it bo reproduced by
thu ladles of some of thu Montgom
ery churches.
Several of our caucus had thu
pleasure ot meeting Mrs. Carrie K,
Nation Saturday afternoon when
she panned through our little city
on No. 0. No doubt If It had been
known that she would pass through
tiultu 11 number would have greeted
her nt tho station.
If you nre suffering from drowsi
ness In thu dny time, Irritability
of temper, sleeplsss nights, gener
al debility, lieadaelie, sud general
want of tone of thu system, use
Herblne. You will get relief mid
dually n cure. Price ftO cts. At
t Ity Drug Store.
Martha Washington chapter O.
K. S. had n very enjoyablo meeting
last Friday evening, nt which tlmo
Mrs. Nellie Copulund was Initiated
Into tho order. Mrs. Dr. Tucker,
Mrs. Crandall and Mrs. Ovcrstrect,
of Montgomery, n.islstcd In tho
work. After adjournment tho lodge
hud lunch. Martha Washington
chapter Is in a nourishing condi
tion, nnd they have, a candidate
almost uvcry Friday night. Hoc
If you have sum 1 liio.it, soreness
across tnu unck or shie, or your
lungs cfel sore or tender, or you
are threatened with diphtheria or
pneumonia, apply Dullard's Snow
Liniment externally, and usti Hal
lard's Horehound Syrup. At City
Drug Store.
Ilomcsctkcrs Uxmrslons
On tho 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of
each month the Union Pacific It.
H. win mako special low rates of
one fnru plus $2.00 for tho round
trip from St. Louis and Kansas
to principal western points. For
rates and further Information ad
J. II. LoTllltop. Gen
Note the big sign on the brick buildinc: ncrws the track from
2 Wabash Freight Depot 5v-
Buys Sells
Grain, Flour,
Produce, Feed,
43. It is the best and most convenient place in town to trade.
Don't for;get we exchange Snowdrop Flour for
wheat. Give you such a good deal you wil).
want to come to us always.
Alwwaya have plenty of corn on hand. Thu very best as cheap as you
buy inferior other places. Will make special low prices on car
load lor.M.
It will always, pty you to trtdoat
Emil H. Algermissen's.
Kldnej Trouble Mito Ton MlttriMe.
Almost everybody who reids ths news
ptpen It turn Is know of ths wonderful
cures mtaa ty Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
ths creit kidney, liver
snd olidder remedy.
p 11 ma creit mtai-
ci iriumpn 01 me nine
teenth century; dis
covered slier yein of
cieniiiic rexircn cy
Dr. Kilmer, the eml-
I will hu at Ithlneland WYdnr-H-day
nnd Thursday of each we.'k
for theprnctlcMif ilcntMry. TIioho
needlnp; dental wnrlc dnne.cnll nnd
hen me, ROtlfifnctlon itnnranteed.
Dr. Jacobs.
HucrMorlo Hr lllll.rd
Cnlllornla, j
Thoo whocanlemplntn ii)eiidliit;i
the winter ninnlliH In frnlirnrnlii In
ur. Kilmer, the emt-1
nent kidney end blid- lecapn the rlRornUH climate of the
der ineciiliit. end It nn.Un i..i..u i,..i.i ..inn it,..i.
wonderfully tueeesjful In promptly euiln , , ',, , .
lime Uek. kldnev. bUdder. urloield iron. !"lp HH enrly iih iiiiBHilile. Thn
blei end DrlcM'i blseue, which It the wont Union I'aclllu In the (liilekent and1
,8,DrKr.mVsw;mV.Root U. not ree-l"'0"1 Wo '"" " f"
ommendedforeverythln(butlfyouhivekld' Uno nf lnlerrstlnt; deccrlptlvt ! I r
riey. liver or Biiaaerirouoie it wm tetouna atrR ,,,! w ju Klnd to mull Nun
lull the remedy you need. II hu been luted , . '
I .. 1 1- 1.... . . nil on rfnitnul.
iniominy wiyi, in nospuii worn, inprivue j.....
.fiiim k. i.v.n. i.s rr
u Tiir
pricllce, emonr the helpleu too poor to pur- 1
chtie relief end his proved 10 successful la
every ctse Ihtt 1 special irnnfemenl hsi
been mide by which ill retderi of this piper
who hive not elreidy tried It, miy hive a
simple bottle sent free by mill, alio a book '
telllnf more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out If you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When wrltlngmentlon reidln j ihls generous
oner In this piper and
end your address to
Dr. Kilmer U Co.,Dlnc
.1. II. I-oTIIltoi. Oen. Al'I.,
00.1 Olive .t.,Kt. Louis Mo.
11 Mil Scrttlc .'nr.
TourlM Car via Siiulherii Route leave,
k'aniai City every Wednesday.
Old pnperN for hiiIi ot this olllce,
l.rio per hundred.
himlon, tl. Y, The
lir iliei are sold by all good drugglsta.
rerulir fifty cent and no.is..miuH
An rronnmlril. ilri.siit and cninlortihle
yn rrathlnir lhi I'arlllr l:oil in the
I.slrai Imprnvril I'lillmnn TourUt Can.
writ ror Infonnitlon lud lltrralun to
J A, Kmin, tl MM I'A Kannt'lt, Mo.
Joint Sir iiiii in, 0 I. A Cnlrac, III.
r 11. 1. -
tj'l e
1 I.-
Spr.adi I.Ike Wildfire.
When thliKjH nre "the hoot" they
hecotno "the lieit mcIIIiii; " Ahrn
' ham Hare, a lendlni; drtiKitlnt of
ilellvlllc, ().. wrlten: "Uleetrle
, .. ' IHttcrH nre tho bent Hidllng hltlera
" u iIhnvi.hanilledln20.vcnrH." You
..1. ...11 (, .rtenl.knnw w, ? M((t (1,B(,11KCH
.i.s in. ..i- 11. low iih: . . , .
H' uif'UH-in t 1 na'iiirit.ii int:4
1.1.1 I 1.1 I I
.rn 1-1 ot I KI,!CtrI HlttcM toned up thn ctom-
jnch, rcKulnleH thn liver, kidney,
nnd bowel), purlflcH thu blond,
iHtrenuthenH thn nerven, henen
ctireH multitude! of innhtdlcx. It
(oifti dimi iii.'.niH ilieiieeuimi- builds up the entire Hynlem, I'utx
lalloii ol uiihii miiiiir ilint Hhould new life nnd vltror Into nuy weak,
b. tl 1 -flui 1 1 dully, and tuilenu elckly, rundown man or
thin l iloii" llu foul inalter Ih nb- I I'rlco 20 centH. Sold lit
.orbed mid iioIkoiih the .vntem. i l'hnrnincy.
Uho Uerbilie to brills nliout re(ii-1 . . r 1 r
larlty of iliu bowel.. I'rlcuSO cts ;
At City DniK Store. jjMw'a..rtj)wii(ivwwaji4w
1111 ni t. 1
111 '
Ileal li.iif i l.. . in Auent,
S..VI-.rit Wdlile, Mo.!
Lion Coffee
1 11 16 ounces of pure
roffee to the pound.
Coated Coffees arc
y nliout 14 ounces
i'f coffee and two
1 ounces of eggs,
nine. etc.. of no
' 1 value to you, but,
t' money in the pockc
of the roaster.
ji W
HqII'b Grout DiHcuvory.
Dm iul 11 1 ui llil'. (...ni .tj
Ill.cnurt run- n.l ki.li.. mil l.lml. "
dr tr.iiii.l'. niift. v 1 t t, riit!!
.Ilrthfl.- ..iniiMi .. 1 , tti ak nml 1 1
IMIII l.'kM lliMMm I ' l llllj.
lllHrlll.a i Hi. kt.i aildfl
III l..lll lit I. H .1 llflllHll.lf
I1U1I.I.T 11. .ill. I . 1 . ii 1 ! I,
a.ilil hi tuur ilriivu il I..' ..... I.
Inall nil r t'-l.i 4.1 11 , .man I...I.
Me la I w.i in. .nili.' 1 1 i'm in .1 mnl 11 In
niu nut i-a. hI.w m i..t.,..i, In,
1'J V llttl. ..ii- tiim.ii.'.i iiiinr I tl.
1 S
OlTKItS Hh Klrnt lllock of Non-AHsegsnlile, fully paid, ono
dollnr par value Hhiirt-H, until further notlco nt 3 ccntn per shnrc,
cumIi or 3 1-2 coiiIh per Hhnre, on tho InKtnllmcnt plan.
H'.x G.'il S 1 1.. M.
lii'luniiiiMa S.'l.l lit nil
. .M.il 1..1
IniKUi.i-. tl,
1IKI iliarra at .'I I.'.' rrnta. .lon, (1 00 per
ft" " :i 1.2 I W 1 M '
,vi ' a l.i m Hi "
Htm "31.J 5. 0 -' hue '
a. irn ' "ai-s " iii.nu lo.ii
aw :i i.a imo " two '
roa "in.,! smm ' sii) "
niilll paid.
Ml'Xllv, Mm,. .l III I HI) I
Till' i In r.Tllll 11 ni I 1 am- I ... 11
fined nf Itldiii) 1.111I l.ln.l.h r liimlili
In Hi I.-, mi it... 'i.- ,!,.,.
llnllV (irenl DUinifrt I iIimit.
r niiii. ii.i 11 in ,.
I'tIhi Irnm Ihal ill.. Hot'
Joseph Plory (Sec'y La. Purchase Exposition
Commission) President. Ohas. W. Walters
(Formerly Supt. Pacific Express Co.) Vice
President. Geo. O. Rodgers (St. Louis Miss.
Vallet- Transo. Co.) Asst. Secy. -Continental
'"! Bank Building St. Louis, Mo
Wabash Low Rates.
IInnie-C!i.t.t..pu l.v..i.ul..a iint.
nnn A. . . wv...v.o ..iiiih nun,-
u.m uutont., at. LOUH, MolelH will bo sold the 1st nnil :i,wl
Send ten cents In stunins for i TuesdoyH In November nnd n... S
COIIV 1)1 till. .nnlh..r.. llnAt.l.. -I I I...- ... .... n. t . . - 5
w-,..w.i . uuiiu rife - i to niu lerniories mm
cook uook, containing two hun.
drcd receipts-address as above.
Ifvouwnnttn make money 1 n big nfe,
Company, do not wult.
Oil nnd Mine
Call er Write
C.L.CURK Agent,
many of tho states for ono faro. I MonteOlTief City, MO.
p,U3 two dMt-
XT.8 M. j!

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