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VOL. 10
NO. 8.
Military Company for Montgomery City. ' tjioo. ih.' wen entertained
Friday cvenlnir by Miss Gertrude
Thoorirnnlinllonof a military compnny at this placo, to bo fully shnt) nt )lcr ,caulltul homo on
.tnthnrltiftfl. A rnmnftiiv of ho mo T0 or AO Younif Hllllflo men In
II tho comprint, ih organized, ft nuuao.o urni nan win uo po
.......I Vilti wilt lin tin, nrmnntnt headnuartcrs of tho comtilinv. mill
meetings for drill will bo held about ononlKht In each wock likely
Tuesday nights. Tho duties of tho mombors will not Interfere with
individual buslnoas, nnd dlscharKos can be procured nt any time on
cliniico of residence, or on nppllcatfpn approved by tho company olll
cers. Under the law the company offlcors must bo choson by ballot, a
two-thirds majority being nccosnry to elect.
Thocoinpaii If orjnnlied, will becomo ono of tno companies ol
tho Fourth Uo(;linunt of the National Guard of Missouri. Knch com
pany of tho Xnttnnnl Guard has Its expenses paid nnd receives pay
In n'ttcndlnir tho State Encampments of tho National Guard, which
nro held In some clly of tho stnto each year.
A meeting of the .voting men of Montgomery Oily nnd vicinity
will be held at tho l'robitto ttourtroom nt tho Court House, next Tues
day nlirht. Dee. 10, at H o'clock which time tho matter of organization
will bo dcllnatcly decided on. livery one desiring to become a mem
' bcr of the compnny Is Invited to bo present.
This Is a splendid opportunity for Montgomery City nnd should
bo tnlten advantage of nt once. Very respectfully,
A. V. I.AVFKHTY, H. Si. JACKH, It. A. llAIll.KY,
I!. It Munh, .lou.v ll.non, (.onimlltcc.
Hnrpcrttrect. Tho guests wcro re
quested to arrive nt as oafly nn
hour as possible nnd each one
found nwnltlng theni a largo plain
of candy. Knch vied with tho other
In who should havo tho must beau
tiful candy, nnd somonf the young
men ot.peclnlly had theirs In n lino
condition. After every one had
pnrtnken to their henrts content of
nuts, fruits nnd enmly, gnmes were
the chief entertainment. Thoo
prcscctwcrc: Misses Miriam nnd
Klhelt Owlngs, lllaiichn Gove, I.u
die Washington, FriinclH .Ionian,
Denton McCniino nnd llesslo Pal
mer of Columbia, Messrs. II. S.
Jacks. Horace Knbourln, Artie
llnrnes and T. .1. Woodson pf Col
Tlio W. '. T. U. hold Its monthly
buslnoss meeting with Mrs. John
r,.i,....i Mondnv nf ternoon. This
proved an Interesting nnd proutn-iTschnrner, of La Cros
J.i it,. T.lnns nndworkwere i took I'laco yesterdny ev
.ii. ,1 nnd iilans for executing , o'clock nt tho homo of the pnrcnlH
. i. l,,,i,.illntelv fid. I of tho bride, Col. nnd Mrs. K. II
Lt,.lho buHlncvs session Mrs. Ovorstrcot, of IIKI Morgnn street,
In Society.
Tho marrlngo of Miss Knthnrlno
Ovcrstreet to Mr. William 1.
Crosse, V Is.,
onlng nt 7
Ovcrtroet served rcfrosnmcnn,
consisting of delicious wnfers nnd
chocolntoto which tho Indies did
ample Justice.
Hog Sales.
J. W. Wnld will bo nt tho stock
pons in this city on Mnndny nnd
Tuesday of each week and will
buy your hogs nnd pny good prices
for them. He bought three car
loads Monday nnd Tuesday nnd
shinned Tuesday night. Wo give
below some of tho sales t
Dr. Michael Durnain, of tho
8 I'll ll.nairy
t w. T. Cari.r
10 K. T.I.
S 4. II. li1
to Win. Wlrh
4 Oeo. Upl.xrov.
W. Stewsrd
H. t. UrllD
Tom arstt
Dlcli 1'olnJfitfr
It llanVIn
Chi". Kr.lt
. L. llrlll
4 II. Harmon
J J. W. Lynch
11 .8li.lton
fll All lUmlet
Vnr luiriis. cuts, bruises, lacera
tion, nr Inlurles of any dlscrlp
linn, nnllard's Snow Liniment Is a
.,.,.r.it7n remedy. It never falls
to do eood. and so promptly that
that Us wonderful curative proper-
tl-s freauently create surprise,
Price 25 and BOets. At City Drug
Tho Central Missouri Teachers'
at Washington, Mo.
on Nov. 29lh and 30th was well at
(ndnd and full of enthusiasm.
Thn.n attending from this place
wero, Messrs Illgglns, Majors and
M.nlv Hudson, anil Miss noma,
Tho association adopted rcsolu
tlons favoring the now school laws
and compulsory attendance after
a heated dobato on the lauor.
Mr. Mnlnr read a DADcr on II. S
Laboratories which was well re
oelved, and Mr. Hudson carried off
the silver modal at tho contest
Saturday evening.
W. L. Owen, our popular tomb
tone man, has sold hi. business
at this place and will move to Mt.
Vernon, 111. Wo are sorry to lose
this estimable family from our
The attention of'tho young men
of Montgomery City nnd vicinity
Is directed to the enll on front
pnge of thin paper for the iirgnnl-
ratlim of n .National Guard Com
imny nt ttiN place. Wo trust Hint
this company will be organized.
'Such n company would nITord nn
opportunity to the young men of
Montgomery und tho surrounding
ciiuiimiulty to obtnln n good mill
tary training without expense and
It would bo n cr.dit to our city.
R. H. Bailey & Co.,
! ! 'r ""I- I? i
Farm Lonns Negotiated
$300 to SI0.000 at S h2 per cent.
Wo Want a few Good Forms. Offlco undor
Opera Houso, in roar of Cations Drug
Store, Montgomery City, Mo.
Call or Writs.
Ilgrlm Congregational t hurch of
llclatlng. Tho bride, who Is n
beautiful young lutly, wns attended
by Misses Gretchen I.ehrklnd and
Nelllo t'arpenter ns brldesmntds,
whllo Mr. Tschnrner was accom
panied by Messrs. Curl Nlederlau-
ler and Ora II. Mnnhnrd ns
.... .
.f.inmuni.in llltlr lltlfl V 11 1 tit Wfm '
the color tones used throughout the jO'-ln K. N- ;. wh ' wns with
nrrangemenU, both In tho lloral ' ' " "J"""""
decorations and tho gowns of tho nl I"ttsylvnnlii, n., Mn - l2
.... w..,r (and who Informed him tliat the last
G. T. Minis, of this city, a few
dnv ago received a letter from nil
old comrade who now Ilvi nt
Uliuuniuuiunt . ..i- I".. ......w, ... in.. I
tho ceremony was performed wns I ro-iiun.n oi iniuin, , vol., n,ui t ot been for mo
alldonolni.ini: roses, which were h''1'1 ''' J,"m!'l,,wn' N' ,,VJu,m Murrles nnd tho Indian,
l..,.,tlf..nv nrrHnired. and used -' lm 11 r'dulioii wns adopted to h , t w,.9l.. wouW
will. L-rent profusion. Portieres of t r1,1 nomimentatSpotlsylvnnla! ,pt.t0 mlr(.,..
smllnx veiled tho doorways, nnd l" ,,,,",lm',,,orMo tho d,,'u nnu l "Stuffy" seemed to bo n
sprays ot Southern smuax were
fastened to tho curtnlns, giving de
cidedly the nppenruiico of a spring
bower. Oidy the Immediate fami
lies were present at the ceremony
which was followed by a reception
when the brldo nnd groom received,
assisted by Mr. and Mrs. John
Tho brldo wore a becoming tol-
lotto ot white Loulslno silk, tho
back made with a plaited daslgn
extending Into a graceful court
train. Tho skirt was entirely of
Hue hand tucks in front, and the
low bodlco had a yoko and sleeves
of embroidered chiffon, outlined
around the tho shoulders with
a bertha ot point lace. The tullo
veil was held In place with whlto
plumes and she carried a bouquet
of lilies of the valley. Tho brides
maids were gowned nllko In white
silk veiled In pink moussvlluo do
sole, and made with elaborate tuck
ing aud Que necJIo-work. Tho
bodices woro made low with a
square effect und trimmed with
bands ot Venetian point lace ap
plique. Tho sleeves were to tho
elbow and shirred. Medallions of
Venetian point lace formed the
trlmmine of the cntlro gowns. Soft
girdles of pink Loulslno with long
ends falling to th) bottom ot tho
demltralnes, and bouquets ot L
France rotes, comploted tho pretty
After the reception Mr. and Mrs.
Tsoharner left for tho East. They
will bo at home to their friends af
ter January I at La t.'rosse. Thurs
day's a. d.
The brldo Is a ulecn ot Mrs. D.
Sunlhen, of this city, and Is well
i known hero. Tho TlllliUNE ex
Tho Lttcrury Society of Crnb
npplo school Invited the pnlrons
nhd friends to bo pre-enl nt their
inciting mi Thanksgiving dny. A
number of the patrons nnd friends
attended. At 1:30 a. m.thn society
was culled to order by the presi
dent, Andrew Campbell. Tho
'minutes of tho previous meeting
were rend nnd approved, nfter
which n motion wn made nnd
carried that tho society dliipensu
with I heir regulnr order of busi
ness nnd proceed with their litera
ry program.
The program consisted of np
proprlnto recitations nnd dlnlogues
Mr. Goodrich iixpresed his exact
feelings nnd Inclinations In the re
citation of "Ills fnvorltu month In
tho year". Ho not only told those
present, what ho was, nnd how ho
felt, but highly entertained them
In tho way In which ho told It.
havo been
ineniofles of thelrcomrndswho fell (, )oy njl(,
In that baltlo. The oxact spot
whi'M I lie battle took place Is now
known as tho "Illoody Anglo."
Grunt In his "Memories," Vol 11,
jmg ZY1, speaking nf this battle
snyi-: "luoiitt place a tree, eighteen
Inches In diameter, wns cut entirely
down by musket balls." It Is said
that afterwards eighteen pounds ot
lead wns taken out of the trunk ot
tlm I no without turning it over.
flr.-st Luck of an f.dltor
"Fur two years all efforts to cure
IZozcm.i In the palms of my hands
fnll-d," write Editor II. N. Lester
nt Syracuse, Kan., "then I was
wholly cured bp Ilucklen's Arnica
SaWr." It's the world's best for
Krupllnns, Soros and and all skin
i"ufw. Only 25a at Cason's
. much
his flogging nnd
tho lo of his Thanksgiving cook
ies. Tho program whs good
throughout. Alter tint adjourn
ment of the society tho black
boards wero hauled down nnd
placed on tho dck where they
wcro covered with table linen.
Tho ladles thou spread their
Thnnksglvlng 'dinner, thu nppro
prlnteness of which could not have
been inoro exact. leo cream was
served'tiutil it wasn't good.
When we hud snout some two
hours In social enjoyment,
brokit up and went homo. Every
one wis warm in his praises of the
hospitality otlhe peoplo of that dl
Co-operation of teacher, and pa
rent bring about such good things.
A Ouerr.
roii tiii:
From Dfivm'iiT 2 lo l, Inelmlve,
tho Client 11 irk WUtid Iliiute will
sell excursion Mtrs to Chicago f r.uu
points niM nf Missouri rlcr nnd
west of Mui'.v.lim mi-1 Wilton nl
rale of ire fnre plus for round
trip, with llnal return limit leaving
Chicago DiNvmber.S, 101)1. There
reduced rates giro n splendid op
portunity fur n cheap trip to Chi
cago to attend this grenl Kxpoi.
tlon, which In Intereit nnd In llio
number and excellence of exhibits
will surpass any of Its kind ever
held. For full information consult
nearest Koch Island ticket ngelil,
or nddress JoilN SkiiantIaN,
2t CI. P. A., Chicago.
Money to' Loan.
From V00 In S.V),fm), at fl per cent,
for ten yenrs. Pnymentn ns low ns
S20 enn be mnde nt tiny time. In
terest payments April 1st of rneh
yenr. Weteni money.
Ileal I'Mntii .V Loan Agent,
H-M-r.t Wellsvllle, Mo.
They are Comlnjc.
Tim most omln."it Ulentro Med
ical Quaker Sn"lalUt In tho Unit-
(1 Stales wltl be In Montgomery
City two days, Friday nnd Satur
day. Doe. 1.1 and 14. They will be
at the Hob C'arnther Hotel, and In
order to ndvcrtlso their now system
of treatment to all tint call on
abovo dotes they will give ex
amination Advlee, and all Medi
cine necessary to complete n Cure
Free. Don't f ill to s.'e them as a
visit costs you nothing and may
snvo your life. They treat nil
Chronln Dl-eas.-s.
Wnfrn.. tin J. V. Mlllsm llr Com
ptnr, s rnrpnrallon iluiy orifanly id nnd t.
UtlsKundrr I lie lnwtol His SI its nf Mlf
.uurl.li) In rrrulu ilcfdiifKil.l it.tfd th
tint day of Hrptemlirr. Iui. and rucordnl
In His llrrurdrr'a ulflrf ul Monlxoiurry
tniiulf, Mli.oiltl.ln llnok l. alp.gelM.
rnnifyril In .lo.pl. h llnnnvan, lru.t-p.
Ills lollnwIiiK ilr.rrllir.l rral rltr, all II.
als In Ilia I'oi.nly ot MonlS"ineri, Jud Stair
of Sllnmitl.lo.wlll
Tin- tnllunln ilracillml l.la nrpar.
rrltof xroundi will, all lmprn.inrnl.
llirrmn.innlaliilnK trn and nrirrnunr
li.i.idrrdllia arrra, hmrs or Ir.ai lif InK
llirra.l lulfnf Hi- rail hall uf lbs
linrtlirait iiurlrr of Ilia aoulli, al quar.
Irr r arrllnu nn. In Tim.nlilp 49. north,
nrransefi. wral. In aald Munlpmirr.,
I'ni.ntjr, liniiinlnl ra falliiwat IIi-kI...
lilnir at llie uorlliraat run.rr l Ilia
aot.llira.t iputler nf aaldipftl'in Ih).
Idrnre wr.t In a point on tlir mirlli llns ul
ald i.lllifa.l.la.trr, s dlsiamr of 3.TI
frrl and S Inrlira to llir unrtlira.l r-irurr
of s Ipii arrs tract ol Unit add'il lo Ilia.
"Fair llrmin.l." In IS'JI fur Ilia pi.rpuii.
ot s kite tl-aprd Irark) llirnrp amitli
alunit Hie raal lino or ald IMII adiiltlim
lo a.ld yalr llrounda" In n ilnloi.
Ilisnorlli III. til Ilia lanilaol llltlrr,
and on tlir aui.ll. Ilni ul tlie .iir li liali
ill .aid amillira.l ilM.tl-r iira-.'11'in !!(
ttialirrra.t all lirl ami Ihi. Ii.rhr.
aland ids itnrili Din ot ajld llsslrr
In Hip aui.llira.l rurnrriil tt a- uo.lli
alrofaild atiiiilira.l pii.lrr"! irllon
1. llirlira imrlll 1 .11 1 Iral In Ilia P'ara ol
lill'll ,ahl nil 1 r) atli'l n a in ids in
III. I III an Ilia lie pallil.lil I , I I lain
priiiul.i.) liulii It. a.lil I. .11 ilrrd df.
...Iliad, win! Miirtraa df land lia. Iirrn
liladt In llm pu). unit id aan. . i-l slid
lit- .alii- I, .urn due m d pal ii'ti , aod
lllir.raa .iild .l.l.rpl. M. I'uIimi ah, Ir.la
ri liaini'il In .aid mill il.nl lia. Ii II al-d
ii'krkill- aaldlr.l.l and nln ia III
ririull I'u.i.l ul .M.inlf ninrl l iuniy,
HI.. i. ml, ul il. irst.lar .VinriiOir, I IS) I
Inn., al llir i lly id MiinUi'.iii I) and
on .Noii luli.r tt, IVUl. did. In idiler rn-
Irtid ot neurit, appoint Id u.n.fiIKn
il Cut lirllll- I. t:ia.V, aa II... Ir tn !
rri.lr ill llll.l alurr.ald III Hi plsrt
and alaad uf Hi .all J" I'll U. Ihuia.
tan, and I, Ilia nld Cm till it. I- Clark',
li,ii- duly 'iiiallilad aa ami. Iiu.lae.
Nuiv, lli. irlurr, al Hi riipir.l id Ih.Jlf
yal li.ililrriilaild iml. and liy rlrlueof
Hi tir-v Ul..ii of aalil l.li.t ilrail.ssd
aald milrr of ini.rl niirnd r rrmr4 si
Nfuri.ald. I Hill ul.
Monday January nth, lool,
lirtivrru Ill liul.ra of III.) u'vlnrk in III
raiMMin aud lit o'rlocl. In llir altrraoon
I lliat ilir. at Hi I roii I il- ul Ilia Court
IImii.p iu lin- Lily nl Muuixou.ri). Moot.
Kiiiiir.) rutin. y, MI..UIHI, aril al puoi.s
ni. Ill- tu Ihr hlllirat liluilrr lor rsali, lbs
b.n..l'.cill.fj raal r.lair ! aid.ly laid
r and l.ilrr.at, and llm rip.u.aolas
rrl.lll.a llila I.U.I.
41 CoHNSLICa I. t.'UHK.Tlililrr.
The Up-To-Date Holiday Stock!
M.sli.arTCIlT.-ri"l t..day Is Msj. j conrfttula,on,
.rd8as4Msdarl H.mbir. 2
IaIUe-rsrl say is F"i
rinl Ms4ty Is oambr.
S.alianary Clly.-Tlilnl Mssdiy Is Js.
Asrll. sly as4 Oel.
Dastllla-rint Mss4.t Is Marah. Ja.
gapl. ssd lire.
Msstgosiary Clly.-rirM Mosdiv l Mak,
ust, Stpt.. sad tlaearalitr.
l)avlllt.-rint Manday Is Tab.. May
AUfual aod Nov.
Tho M. W. A., elected new offi
cers Wednesday night as follows:
J. A. Harrell, Consul; James Has
ler, AdvlserJ W. L.Gupton, Clerk j
J. P. Metxler, Dsnkor; Ben Hey
Ing, Escort; Will Hill, Sentinel.
Hon. C. R. Ball who had been
with the hunters In Butler Co.
for several days returned to hi
homo Wednesday.
I am now retidy to fill your wautH with
Just What You Want For Christmas.
The Elegent Stock Of
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry i
The Prettiest Stock Of Fancy China In Town, 1
IJeantiful Line Of Silver, Ebony and Pearl Novelties,
Pretty Line Of Gut Glass and Silver Table Ware.
Genuine Ebony Toilet Pieces and Manicure Sets, etc.
New Creations in Bracelets, Brooches and Neck Chains.
Popular Selections, . Popular Prices.
Call In And Look Through My Stock.
No Trouble To Show Goods.
V XnriT. The Jeweler.
It A. VUVa I , i I
I'd li-uvri my haiiy home and
urois the deep liluuspe,
H.itlii r than be without Charley
mid my Itucky Mouutsln Tea
Ask your druuRlst.
i ...
A thousand thing by It are
done far batter than most things
do ono. Wo rcfor to Hooky Moun
tain Tea made by Madison Medi
cine Co. .'lie. Ask your druKifl.
Haifa Oraat Olscovury.
tiu .mall tiutlle nl Hall's Oii'st
l.l.eiitrry iurr. sll kldits) sutl blsil.
ilrr triiiilil., r-iiKiti" K'lrli curia
lllal.rl. rliilual rl..illla, Msk ami
Isms liaiia. ihriiiuall'i'i snl all Irri-fC-utsrlllrs
nf His Lliltisia an. I Idsildrr
III t.iilh inru suit Wiim-ii, rulal.a
blaililrr IruuliU. In ehiii). If not
ul.l liy ruiir ilrii(.l will .si y
lasll oil rtcrlpl nf l, iu .Hisll hiH
tls I. Iwn moulli.' trsl..i-.n ml will
curs suy ens sbuve iiirin (-I. Dr.
K W. 1 ss.lt. sols iiisiiiilaiturr, I', O.
Ilex Itl. St. Uula, ,Mn ml lor
Ultisioslsll. Sold liy all ,i ;.i.t. If.
Msilcs, Mo., S-n. is IW1
Till. I. to certify thsl I liai.ti liecn
eursrl of kldusjr sud Ulsil'lar iruuble
by lbs u.s ol Hi" Tela. Woioler,
llsll's (Srasl Disoovary I cheer,
fully r.csniDiesd II lo suy ons uf.
farlog from Ihst dla-a.r, Yours
truly. I'. II. Owimos.
WsVm Low Rat.
Homa-Seekeri Excursion tick
eU will ba sold the 1st and 3nd
Tuesdays In Novemhur and De
cembtr to the Territories and
many ot the states tor one fare
plus two dollars.
. j - . .
r ' - ti
Arm'Tni The TRIBUNE is now in the AT'OFMI
MU V JtVJLJ! IlntPbrnvp' hnilHinff down stairs. i-ViW V JVJ!
j-j . w o

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